Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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9. Chapter 8 (I have a Grandaughter?)


" Mom Payton is your granddaughter, my daughter."

The look on her face was unreadable.

"What!? Wait no way." 
Scooter said shaking his head. 
"Yeah man how is that possible."

Usher added I looked at Shanel who looked down.

"Well you see four years ago we kinda."

"Enough bro"

Scooter said sticking up his hand.

"Called it"

Ryan said looking a Chaz who nodded.

"Wait you knew?"

Scooter asked he rolled his eyes.

"Dude it was obvious I mean look at her."

They looked at Payton who smiled her Bieber smile which made me smile.


Scooter said running his hands through his hair.

I sighed and looked back at my mom.

"Mom are you okay? say something."

She looked white as a ghost. She looked at Payton then back at me.

"I'm a grandma," her eyes got wide. 
"I'm a grandma!!

next thing i new she hit the ground.

i ran to her side everyone followed.

"Get me some water"

i yelled, ryan ran to the kitchen

"Omy gowd dawddy iz shew deawd?"

Payton said poking her cheek

 " Payton dont do that no shes not dead!"

I fanned her face.

"Mom, come on wake up." "I downt know dawddy shew wooks deawd!" 
She said poking her again.

"Payton Paige stop it!" Shanel said picking her up

"is she going to be okay?" scooter asked

"yeah dude she hit the ground hard"

usher added i sighed and turned back to her.

"Mom,Mommy Wake up mom!"
I shook her.

 "Lets just get her to the room "

scooter said, So Kenny picked her up off the ground and carried her to her toom laying her down on her bed. I looked at her sighing. I can't believe she passed out, I knew she would be shocked, but pass out? I rubbed my neck.

"Yo Jb, Shanel can we talk to you guys in the other room?"

Scooter asked pointing over his shoulder.

"Sure "
Shanel said I nodded and she sat Payton down,

"Payton Do NOT poke her"

she sighed "FIWNE!"

We walked into the kitchen

(Paytons POV)

Mowmmy and Dawddy wawked  into da kiwtchen awnd i wawked owver to miwss pawttie... er gwandma awnd stoowd infrownt of her fawce Hmmm? I KNows how tee wawke her uwp I woked awt Ryan awn chawz whow were tawlking nowt pawing attewntion awnd wooked bawk awt my grandma.


"Oh my god JB Man this is wow i just-wow!"

Scooter said pacing pack and forth i looked down.

"Yeah we got that thanks!"

Justin said rolling his eyes.

"When did you find out?"

Usher asked.

 "Like a while ago I guess"

He said scratching his neck.

"Dude why didn't you tell me?"

He looked at Kenny and shrugged.

"i didn't tell anyone, hell Ryan new before i did."

he said throwing his hands in the air.

"Oh god what are we going to do"

scooter said putting his hands in his hair.

"what are we going to tell the media"

usher added.

"Hell what are you going to tell your fans"

Kenny threw in. Justin shook his head I sighed looking up.

 "Look i- "

I was cut off by screaming.


"Mom" "Payton"

We all ran in and justin ran to payton an picked her up she was cryin obviusly scared

"what happened?"
Scooter asked as Justin soothed Payton.

 "She threw water on me!"

Pattie said pointing to Payton i narrowed my eyes

"Why didn't you guys watch her?"

Justin said looking at Ryan and Chaz they shrugged.

"Sorry man it all happened so fast."

Ryan said I sighed and looked at Payton.

"Pay Why did you do that?"

She sniffles rubbing her eyes.

 "I waz juwst trywing to wake her uwp!"

"I would have woke up by my self now I'm wet! AND MY SON HAS A DAUGHTER! Today can just go up from here!"

"Pattie calm down!"

Scooter says soothingly she huffed

 "Calm down what the hell are you crazy? MY SON IS A DAD, I'm a grandmother!!!!!!!!!!"
She said softer.

Justin put Payton down and sat by Pattie.

 "Mom look i-"
"How could- when did- how did this happen?"

i looked at him

 Well Er.... as i was telling scooter before you passed out we kinda-"

"AHhh I know that!"

She put her hands up at him. he sighed

"JB did you even think about ur fans or carer"

scooter asked he rolled his eyes.

"Man i didn't have that shit to worry about when we you know" he scratched the back of his head.

"and beside like i was to know she would get pregnantt when we had se-"

"Ahh don't say it please!"

Pattie said covering her eyes

"Well We cant change it now! I mean look"

He said pointing to Payton

"Theirs no going back or do Overs she here!"


Pattie screamed Payton jumped grabbing my leg i picke her up.

"MOM IM 18"

Justin yelled


Pattie screamed again.


Justin said rolling his eyes I sat Payton down.


I said trying to get their attention.


Pattie yelled i rolled my eyes 
"Its my daughter!"

I protested she rolled her eyes.

 "You're right this is all you fault!"

My eyes got wide.

"Me?? Honey Your son helped trust me!"
I yelled.

"Yo guys?"

Scooter said trying to get our attention.


she yelled back.


Kenny yelled this time, we ignored him.


Justin yelled we looked at him.


We both said.


they all yelled this time We looked at them.

"WHAT??? "

We yelled.

"Theirs something wrong with Payton"

scooter yelled

We looked over and she was shaking


Justin yelled We ran to her!

"Get her stuff from my purse!"

i said lifting Paytons head.

"Oh my God!"

Pattie said covering her mouth stunned.

"Is she okay"
Scooter asked.

I nodded 
"She will be, sweetheart mommy and daddy are here you're okay just stay with me"

Justin came back and handed me her needles.

"Mom get candy any candy you can find!"

She nodded  "Okay!"

She got up and left the room.

"Ryan get me a wet towel"

i said. he nodded and ran out. I turned back to Payton.

"Hold on babygirl "

justin Said rubbing her head gently. while i gave her the needle.

"here is the candy!"

Pattie said handing it to me. Payton slowly stopped and opened her eyes a little

" Dawddy?"
She whispered he smiled and picked her up.

"Im here babygirl shhh!"

He said rubbing her cheek for comfort,

i said handing the chocolate bar to Justin

"Here sweetie eat this! "

She slowly took the candy she looked so weak

20minutes later.


I laid on my moms bed with Payton rubbing her back.

" Dawddy"

She asked half asleep.

"Yeah baby?"

She sighed

"Gwandma dowsent wike me dowse she?"

I sighed and shook my head.

"No sweetie, she does it's just- she is a little shocked right now is all. Trust me all she has to do is spend 5 minutes with you and she will love you just like I did."

She nodded and closed her eyes again.

"dew yew tiwnk Iwm gawnna die?"

my eyes got wide, That Question Made my heart stop.  I shook my head.

"No, Why would you think that! Sweetheart"

i asked bringing her closer.

" Sowmetimwes when i have attwkes it feewls liwk in diewing and one dawy i miwght!"

"Oh baby No dont say that you are not going to die not for a lonnnnng lonnnnng time okay?"

I said holding her tighter. 
She nodded and snuggled into my neck. i gently rubbed her back until i heard her soft snores i smiled laying her back down on the bed. i covered her up and kissed her head before I got up to walk out
to the living room

" Okay she is finally asleep"

i said sitting next to shanel on the couch.

"Thanks Justin"

she said i half smiled

I looked around 
"Where did everyone else go?"
"They thought it would be good if You, your mom, Scooter and I talked, they said they would be back later."

I nodded

" W-wat was that?"

I looked at Nelly she had a small tear coming down her cheek i brushed it away and looked at my mom.

"That was an sugar attack she gets them when her sugar gets to high or drops from stress! and after the day we had i'm not surprised it happened!"

My mom looked from N, scooter then to me and sighed

" Isnt their anything you can do?"
Scooter whispered.

Nelly shook her head looking down.

"No doc said he has Never seen a case so bad so young"

Her voice cracked as she spoke i could see the hurt in her eyes"

"So- what dose that mean?"

She shook her head as more tears rolled down her face i rubbed her back.

 " I-t means that if she has a really bad attack she may-"

she stopped looking down i sighed not wanting to think about that either.

"Shanel  im so sorry for everything, i never-"

she shook her head.

"Their has to be something, anything we can do! Like another doctor something?"

Scooter pressed.

Shanel shook her head.

"No, this is the 5th doctor we have been too. Just please let Justin be in her life its all she has ever wanted and i know he is young but he can do It I have. And I'm so tierd of doing it by myself I really need him."

I looked at her shocked she was being so open. She needed me? I looked at my mom who smiled at her taking her hands.

"After what i just saw i know you too are old enough im so sorry i reacted the way i did! Forgive me?"

Nelly shook her head.

"No i should appoligize i should have never spoke to you like that im really sorry!"

My mom pulled her into a hug, and they stayed like that for a few minutes before pulling away, I smiled.

"okay well now that that is settled what are tou going to do about the media? and the fans?"

scooter said with a sigh i shrugged.

"i don't think i will tell them right away. If that's okay, I mean I'm just getting used to it, I don't need paps going even more crazy than they already do, we will tell them, just in time."

i looked at Nelly, not wanting her to be offended  or anything by what i said she nodded.

"i agree waiting is probably the best thing to do."

Nelly said.

"Do whatever you two think is right"

My mom said I smiled.

"Alright then waiting is what we will do, just let me know when you two are ready to tell the world. Till then I think maybe staying low would be a good Idea"

I sighed running my hand threw my hair.

"I'm not going to make Payton stay sheltered, people will say anything they want as long as we do not confirm it, we will be fine."

Everyone nodded.

"Well I'm going to go then,
You have studio time tomorrow at 2 Justin."

I nodded

"Alright man see you then"
He sighed. And then smiled. 
Patting my back.

"You're going to be a great dad man" I laughed 
"I hope, thanks man."

He nodded and then walked out. We looked at my mom.

"Do you think I could talk to your mom? I would love to get another grandmas opinion on all of this"

My mom said, Shanels face went white.


I hissed she shrugged.


Shanel sighed.

"Justin it's fine. Umm my mom passed away."

My moms eyes got huge.

"What! Oh my god shanel I- I just thought her and your dad split- I didn't- I'm so sorry"

She shook her head and half smiled.

"It's okay, I know you didn't know."

She shook her head

"I couldn't even imagine, sweetie if you ever need anything I'm here okay?"

She smiled and nodded hugging her again.

"Well we should get going"

I said standing up Nelly nodded and stood up as well.

"I'll get Payton."

I smiled as she walked into the guest room.

"Have you told your dad yet?"

I drew my attention back to my mom and shook my head.

"No not yet."

She sighed.

"Well you have to tell him before you tell the world. He deserves to know."

I nodded 
"He comes in next week ill tell him then"

She nodded and kissed my cheek.

"You're all grown up now"

Her eyes glossed and I hugged her.

"Awe! Mom!"

"I'm so proud of you Justin, I love you"

I smiled. 
"I love you too mom"

Just then shanel walked out with Payton in her arms still fast asleep.

"Here I'll take her"

I said she smiled and handed her to me. Then turned to my mom.

"If you need anything sweetie just call"

My mom said rubbing her arm she nodded.

My mom smiled.

"You two are going to make amazing parents to her. She is very lucky to have two parents that love her"

I smiled 
"And a grandma that loves her just as much"

Shanel said she laugh- smiled and nodded her head, fighting back tears.

"Yes she does."
She whispered.

"I'll see you guys later?"

We nodded and headed to the door. Walking back to Shanels room. Once we got their she un locked the door and we walked in.

"well that wasn't so bad"

shanel said flopping on the couch i laughed.

"yeah it was a walk in the park"

she laughed back shaking her head. i looked into her eyes. moving one hand off payton to tuck hair behind her ear.

(my pov)

i looked back up at Justin staring into his Caramel Eyes.

"You're so beautiful"

my eyes widened and i quickly looked away. Standing up.

"You thirsty?"

"shanel we need to talk"

I raised my eye brow. "about" i sighed "you know what about" i looked down. "justin i-" just then Payton sat up rubbing her eyes. Thank god.


He smiled.

"Hey sleepy head."
"Werew arw we" 
"Back at mommys silly"

She looked around and then smiled hugging his neck.

"How are you feeling?"

I asked rubbing her back. 
She nodded

"Boarwd Cawn we dew sowmthiwng"

We laughed

"What do you want to do sweetie"

Justin asked. She smiled

"Cawn we goew showping?"

I sighed and looked at Justin who had a smile on his face.

"Anything thing for you"

She Grinned And squished his cheeks. We laughed.

"Thawnk yew"


He said talking in her voice. I laughed shaking my head.

"Youwr siwlly dawddy"

He winked at her.

"Well go get your jacket on and we will go!"

She nodded and Justin sat her down as she ran into her room. Justin looked back at me as I felt my phone buzz I quickly took it out of my pocket. A text from Ty. I smiled slightly. And looked at Justin who had a raised eyebrow. I sighed looking back at the text.

*hey beautiful, still with my mom. She isn't doing so hot. Sorry I canceled maybe we could do something tomorrow? Miss you! -Ty*

I flushed and clicked reply.

*awe! Sorry about
Your mom! And sure tomorrow sound good just let me know, miss you too. 

I clicked send and looked up.

"lover boy?"

i rolled my eyes and slid my phone back into my pocket as payton ran back out.


She yelled jumping back into Justin's arms. He laughed

"alright lets go."

we walked out the door to the elevator and he pulled out his phone.

"Yo Kenny we are going to the mall, yeah, ok, meet you in the lobby, bye"

He hung up.

"All set"

He smiled and I couldn't help but smile back.

(2hours later) 
"Payton eat your fries don't play with them"

I said taking a drink of my strawberry slushy.

"Look I'm a walrus, ar ar ar"

Payton giggled, I raised my eyebrow at Justin as he clapped his hands together.


He said taking them out of his mouth. I shook my head.

"Like father, like daughter"

They laughed.

(Justin's pov)

I laughed with Payton popping another fry into my mouth. Today had been pretty good no paps surrounding us. Only a couple of fans, witch I had no problem with. And best of all I got to spend time with Payton and shanel.

"What are you smiling like an idiot at?"

Shanel said snapping me back to reality I shook my head.

"Nothing I'm just having a really good-"

I stopped at what I saw. Ty kissing on another Girl. I quickly looked at shanel who raised her eyebrow.

"Maybe we should get going its getting kind of late."

"What? Justin it's only-"

She turned around and her eyes caught what my eyes had been on only moments before. Her face sunk.

"Shanel I-"

She shook her head.

"Don't worry about it, maybe we should get going."

I sighed as she stood up and picked up payton.

"Wawts Wong mowmmy"

She shook her head sadness clearly written on her face. That made me mad.

"Stay here"

"Justin no!"

But I ignored her and walked over anyways.

"So how is your mom?"

He jumped like 8 feet.

"Oh- ah- Justin- h-hey man what's up?"

I rolled my eyes.

"Are you serious you cheating son if a bitch"

"Woh man calm down geesh"
"Calm down? Are you kidding dude you're cheating on shanel."

he shook his head. I doubled up my fists.

"Justin just forget it come on."

Shanel said pulling on my arm.

"Shanel I-"

She put her hand up.

"Don't Ty, it's over."

"What does she mean it's over you were dating her too?"

The other girl yelled.

"Layla I-"

He ran his hands threw his hair and looked from nelly to the Layla girl.

"I'm out of here"

Layla said walking away.

"Same, lets go Justin"

Shanel said pulling my arm. We turned to walk away

(My pov)
We turned around and started to walk away when payton looked at me.

"Seew mowmmy I towld yew he waws bawd!"

"And that's the problem right their your nosy fucking brat!"

Before I could stop anything Ty was laying in the ground holding his eye.

"Don't fucking talk about my daughter!"

Justin growled. 
People were staring. And Payton hid her face.

I hissed.

"Lets go."
He said pulling my arm.

"Justin you can't do that" 
"Already did"

He picks up his phone. 
"Kenny leaving now!"
He snaps then switched the phone off.
And I heard Payton sniffle.

"Justin you're scaring Payton calm down"

He looked at us and sighed. Running his hands through his hair.

"I'm sorry that guys just- he made me angry. Daddy didn't mean to scar you okay?"

He said rubbing her back she slowly lifted her head looking at him.

"Let me see that smile huh?"

She half smiled.

"You can do better than that come on don't make me get the tickle monster"


She yelled laughing

"Theirs that smile I love"

She shook her head and reached out for him. He took her from my arms as Kenny walked in,

"What happened?"

He shook his head.

"Long story lets just get the hell out of here,"  
He nodded and we headed out the door.

(3 hours later)

"She is in the tub"

I nodded as Justin sat next to me.

"Finger painting wasn't really a good idea was it?"

I laughed pointing to the paint on his face he laughed.

"No you were right"
I nodded.
"As always"

He raised his eyebrow and I laughed.

"Well you seem to be fine after the whole Ty thing."

I shrugged

"It's not like I was In love with him or anything. And i kinda cheated on him when we you know kissed. Plus you hit him so what really is their left to do?"

He shrugged. Laughing at the memory of it.

"I don't know I thought you girls like watch sad movies and eat ice cream while crying."

I laughed.

"No Justin we don't."
He sighed

"Did you cry when we broke up?"

His face was now serious. I blinked at him.

"Before or after I found out I was 14 and knocked up."

He sighed.

"Shanel if I would have known I never would have left in the first place."

When did this conversation get so seriouse? I shook my head.

"Justin lets not talk about it, we can't change it so their is no reason to dwell on it okay?"

He nodded. 
"Can we talk about us?"
I sighed. 
"Justin their is no us. Their is me. Then their is you. That's it. No us.

He ran his fingers through his hair.

"Fine their is no us right now, but their is no way you are going to tell me that when we kissed you felt nothing."

I sighed.

"I really don't think we should be talking about this right now."
"You're right someone will hear" 
He looked around.

"Oh wait."

I rolled my eyes and playfully hit him 
He laughed.

"Exactly why are you trying to avoid talking about it?"

"I'm not I just-"

"Awll downe mowmmy"

Payton said climbing up on the couch. I sighed in relief. Now we didn't have to talk about it. So maybe I was trying to avoid it.

"You smell like strawberries"

Justin said smelling her hair.

"Yer siwlly dawddy!"

She giggled pushing him away. I laughed.

"Well  what do you want to do princess?"

She sighed.

"Cawn we watch a mowvie?"

I looked and justin and he smiled.

"Sure sweetie, what would you like to see?"


We laughed.

"As you wish,"

Justin said getting up and  starting the movie.


June 10, 2012 8:35pm

(Shanels Pov)

"Hey thanks for watching her."

He smiled.

"Anytime, we always have so much fun." 
I laughed.

"Where is she?"

"In my room playing the PSP. She is already showered and in her PJ's"

He Said flopping on the couch. I nodded


He sat up rubbing his upper right shoulder.

"What's wrong?"

He looked around.

"Oh you know. Nothing"

I raised my eyebrow and put my hands on my hips he sighed.

"Okay so I may have gotten something?"

"Really, and what is that,"

"Okay don't freak"

I nodded and he slowly lifted his shirt up.  I Froze

"Oh my god! Justin!" 
"You like it?"

I swallowed

"It's-it's big."

He sighed

"Yeah it is but it's what I wanted."

I scratched my head.

"You haven't even told anyone about her yet. This means you can't take your shirt off in public."

He nodded.

"Yeah I know. But she is mine and I wanted to get something that ment something you know?"

He said shrugging his shirt back on I nodded

"It's cute Justin, did you show her yet?"

He nodded.

"Yeah she loves it,"
He laughed. 
"He said she wants to get one with my name"

My eyes got wide.

"Not happening"

He smirked.

"Why not? Tattoos are cool."

I shook my head,

"Not for my daughter"

"Our daughter"

He corrected I rolled my eyes.

"Yes Justin our daughter"

He smiled his cheeky smile.

"Thank you"

I laughed.

"So you would never get one?"

He asked I smiled.

"Who said I didn't have one?"

His eyes got wide.


I smirked.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

His eyes were huge now like he was in shock then he shook it off.

"Wait I have seen you in a bikini you don't have one."

I laughed,

"You're right I don't, but you should have seen your face"

He knitted his eyebrows together.

"You can't do that to a man"

"Do what?"

I asked innocently. 
"You know say things that makes us all hot and bothered then just quit! It's not right."

I laughed rolling my eyes. 
"See if you were more like us girls things like that wouldn't bother you."

I said crossing my arms he smirked.

"So your telling me if I did this, it wouldn't bother you"

He said standing up an leaning close to my face placing his hands on my hips. I swollowed.

"Nope not at all." 
He leaned closer

"Okay if you say so"

I could feel his breath on my lips. A smirk on his I closed my eyes thinking he was going to kiss me but then he laughed my eyes flew open and he leaned away.

"Not bothered one bit huh?"
I scowled at him.

"Payton lets go time to go home!"

"Wet meh fiwnish did wevel!"

He laughed

"Awe! Is Nelly mad that I beat her at her own game?"

I growled at him. 
He just laughed shaking his head. I smacked him in his shoulder.

"Oww Aye!!!!"

He yelled grabbing it my hand instantly flew to my mouth.

"Oh gosh Justin I'm so sorry!"

He smirked

"Oh you will be"

He went to grab me and I ran. He was standing in front of the couch as I was behind it now.


I said laughing

"I didn't mean it!"

He smirked

"Sure you didn't."

Before I could say anything he launched at me I squealed  and he caught me throwing me over the other side of his shoulder.

"Justin put me down right now."

He laughed

"As you wish."

He went to drop me but I grabbed him to causing him to fall on top of me. We continued to laughed.
Suddenly he stopped tucking a piece of loose hair behind my ear. We stared  into each others eyes. He went to lean in.

"Wawt arew yew tew dowing."

Justin quickly jumped up pulling me with him. We looked at each other

"Nothing mommy fell because she is a cults but she ended up pulling daddy with her."

I smacked him in the gut. 
He smirked

"Owtay den"

She said raising her eyebrow we both smiled awkwardly.

"Wight awnyways, arw we weaving?"

I looked at Justin then her.

"Yes, right we are."

I said walking over and picking her up.

"See you tomorrow?"

He asked.


I mumbled.

"Wove yew dawddy"

He smiled

"Love you too"

We walked out the door. God that was weird.

"Werw yew gowing to kiwss dawddy"

My eyes got wide.

"What? No!"

"Buwt yew were weally clowse"

I sighed.

"Daddy told you we fell,"

I said dryly she sighed.

"Fiwne iwf yew sawy sow"

I sighed and opened up the door to the room.

"Time for bed,"

I said walking to her room. She rolled her eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes at me missy."

She smiled. And kissed my cheeks.

"I wove yew mowmmy"

I smiled.

"I love you too baby"

I kissed her hair and tucked her into bed shutting out the light. And switching on her night light.

"I weally wike hawking dawddy awound" she said pulling her bear closer and rolling over I smiled.

"Me too sweetie not go to bed."

She closed her eyes and I shut her door half way. I quickly got a shower and changed before crawling into bed. I couldn't help but think life was exactly how I wanted it to be.

June 11, 2012 10:30am

"Yes... You're welcome. Have a nice day."

I hung up the phone.

"Bree send some champagne up to room 

She nodded.

"How are you and Justin?"

I raised my eyebrow.

"Their is no me and Justin why do people keep saying that?"

She shrugged.

"A little birdie told me you two were seen on top of each other"

I quickly looked at Payton who looked away back at her game. I narrowed my eyes.

"Oh really?"

I looked back at her.

"We weren't on top of each other I fell."

She rolled her eyes.


I sighed looking back at my papers.


I looked up as payton ran to Justin.

"Speaking of him"

I glared at her.

"Talking about me are you?"

He said smirking I rolled my eyes.


He laughed

"Whatever you say."

"Dawddy Cawn we goew to da Parwk?"

He sighed.

"Sweetie i would love to but I have to go to the studio."

"Otay awfter?"

He looked around awkwardly and I raised my eyebrow.


He ran his hand through his hair.

"I actually have to go pick up Selena from the air port."

He looked everywhere but at me. I felt a sudden rush of anger and jealousy speed through me. But honestly I had no reason to be.

"Owh yer girwlfwiend!"

Payton said putting her head down.

He nodded.

"Sorry sweetie how about tonight? You go to dinner with me and her sound good?"

She sighed and then finally nodded her head.

"Iwm gawnna pway my gawme."

She said wiggling out of Justin's arms.

"Okay love you-"

He yelled as she ran to the play room. He looked at me rubbing his head.

"Does she know?"

He raised his eye brow.

I rolled my eyes.


His eyes got big.

"That we kissed? No!!"

He whisper yelled 
I rolled my eyes.

"No duh! about Payton!"

I hissed he relaxed a little.

"Oh, no I plan on telling her on the way here."

I nodded and looked down.


Bree song-sang we both glaird at her.

"Well  I better get going. See you guys tonight?"

I nodded.


He half smiled then turned to walk out, I walked back to my desk. And Bree stared at me.

I hissed she put her hands up in surrender.


I rolled my eyes and went back to work.

"5 hours later"
(Justin's pov)

I stood in the air port with Kenny waiting for Sel to get here, her flight was due any second. I pulled my hat down tighter. I'm not going to lie I was excited to see her, I mean she was my girlfriend, but I also didn't know exactly how I felt right now, or how I was going to tell her about Pay. I took a deep breath.

"You okay man?"

Kenny asked pulling me from my thoughts I nodded.

"Yeah man fine" he nodded. 
I looked up just as Selena was walking out of the tunnel. As soon as she saw me she dropped her bags.


She squealed jumping into my arms I smiled.

"Hey baby."

I said kissing her head she let go a little to kiss me. I kissed her back. Except it didn't feel like it did kissing Nelly. Shanel's lips were soft and full. Stop Justin you shouldn't be thinking about her!! I shook it off and slowly pulled away.

"I missed you" 
She said laying her head against mine.

"I missed you too" 
I kissed her head and took her hand as Kenny grabbed her bag. We kept our heads down as we walked through the crowd. When we got to the car I let Selena in first getting in behind her. Kenny put her bags in the trunk and went to the drivers side. She turned to me.

"Gosh i missed you."

she said kissing me again i kissed her back.

"How was your concert?"

she shrugged.

"good like always, i met a few fans witch made it better."

i nodded It was a 10 minute ride to the hotel and I needed to tell her now. I took a deep breath.

"We need to talk."

She raised her eye brow and Kenny looked at us through the mirror I sighed.

"You know Payton right?"

She rolled her eyes.

"Your ex's smart ass daughter. Yes I do and frankly I am not that fond of her. Why?"

I swallowed oh god. Maybe now wasn't the right time to tell her, but I had to I mean we were going to be their I. Less than 5 minutes and then she would know anyways oh god why was this so hard.

"Justin? Hello?"

She said waving her hand in front if my face pulling me from my thoughts I looked at her then Kenny who was looking at me again in the mirror.

"Justin, what about her?"

I sighed shaking my head.

She raised her eye brow again.

"Okay what are you not telling me? You know I don't like secrets. Or lies."

I rubbed my face. Then laid it in my hands.

"We are here."

Kenny said getting out. Shit time is out she got out of the car. And so did I quickly, following her.

"Wait Sel I really have to tell you something before we go-"

She completely ignored me walking into the hotel anyways. I chased after her.



Payton came running and sels eyes got huge as I picked payton up,

"Hey baby."

I kissed her head. And then looked back at shanel.

"W-why did she just call you daddy?"

I sighed.

"Selena, Payton is my daughter!"


/////////// Okay stopping their. So you saw how pattie reacted now to wait and see how Selena does. She already said she don't care for payton so her reaction should be interesting..... I have picked my winners to be in the story and they will be announced in the next chapter. 
Thanks for everyone who participated in it. Seeing all of your dream first dates with Justin was so cute(: anyways I updated the outfits for this chapter so go and look!!! Sorry it took so long to post thank you guys so much for reading it really means so much to me. Please comment on what you think I love to see your guys thoughts!!! I love you guys!!! Xoxo 







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