Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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7. Chapter 7 (Can we talk about the kiss?)

June 1, 2012 *10:15 pm*

(My pov)
I looked back at Payton and Justin then turned my attention to Ty.

"I said what are you guys talking about"

Ty gave a soft chuckle

"Nothing we are all just messing around in here right guys?"

They looked at him then back at me no one saying a word.

"Right well I better get going"

Ty said rubbing the back of his head.

"Yeaw yew bewtter"


I said narrowing my eyes at her she sighed.

"Night Ty thanks for tonight"

He smiled

"Sure ill call you?"

"Orw downt!"

I shot a look at her and she huffed I turned back to Ty and smiled warmly.

"Sounds good"

He walked out the door and I shut it behind him. I sighed and looked at Justin and Payton narrowing my eyes at them.

"Wewll iwts beewn a Wong ewning iwts my bewd tiwme niwght!"

"Yeah same here"

Justin gave a fake yawn and She stood up. I put my hands on my hips.


They both stopped and turned to me.

"One: Payton you don't live here so you do not have a room to sleep in.

"She is always welcome to stay here, she does or atleast will have a room. She could always use the second bedroom"

Justin said interrupting me I sighed

"Okay you got me their but um What happened to your ankle? Wasn't it just hurt a second ago?"

She looked down.

"Wight ohh ow ow iwt hurts"

She said grabbing her left ankle.

I raised my eyebrow

"Wasn't it your other ankle?"

She stopped.

"Ow wight. Ow ow"

She hopped to her other foot holding her right one again justin laughed I shot him a cold glare.

"Do you find something funny Bieber?"

"Yes..." I narrow my eyes at him. "No, I met no"

"That's what I thought, Payton why would you lie about your ankle being hurt?"

She sighed

"Cuz yew were ganna kiwss  Ty"

My eyes got wide.

"How did you know-"

"Dawddy awnd I were peawking"

She said pointing at Justin I glared me my eyes at him.

"I- we- I mean- it- thanks for selling me out Payton"

She smiled her Bieber smile and I leaned down to her height .

"Sweetie why don't you like Ty? He is a really nice guy."

She shook her head.

(Payton's pov)

I fought abowt telwing mowmmy awnd dawddy wawt he saiwd buwt stowped.  And shoowk my heawd.

"I juwst wawnt yew awnd dawddy togewther"

Mowmmy qwikwy woked awt dawddy hiws ewyes were biwg. Mowmmy siwghed

"Oh sweetie,"

She huwgged mew

"Mommy and daddy both love you lots, but we are never going to be with each other."

(Justin's pov)

After hearing shanel say that it really broke my heat. I mean I didn't think we would ever be together again but I'm not going to lie I hoped.

" buwt yew uwsed to wove eawchoder? Why cawnt yew do iwt agaiwn"

Shanel sighed,

"A lot has changed since then, mommy and daddy will always be friends, but things like that are complicated baby. But no matter what we will always love you. Right Justin?"

She looked up at me with those beautiful green eyes of hers, I nodded.

"Yes baby girl we will always love you"

I said only agreeing to loving her not the never loving Shanel again because honestly I'm not sure if I ever stopped.

"Well we better get you to bed say night to daddy."

Shanel said Payton sighed.

"Cawnt I stawy hewre toniwght wif dawddy, mowmmy pwease?"

A smile formed on my face, I never get tired of her calling me that.

"Daddy is busy sweetie he-"

"It's fine with me I don't have recording time till 2."

I said cutting her off, she sighed


"Pwease mowmmy"

She smiled her winning smile and I could see nell melt. She smiled.

"Okay I guess you can stay as long as daddy is okay with it."

Payton turned to me, I smiled big probably more excited than she was.

"Of course, let me show you your room!" I picked her up.

"I'll go get her some clothes for tomorrow and her meds, ill be right back."

I nodded and she walked to the door as I walked to Payton's room. I Laid her in the bed.

"Oh myw gowsh dis woom is huwge! Awnd da bewd"

She got up and started jumping I laughed

"Now I know this isn't really a girly room but I don't really live here, just here for a few months."

Her smile faded. And she sat on her knees.

"What's wrong sweetie"

She sighed.

"Yew weave in a few mownths awnd I wownt see yew awnymore"

My eyes widened.

"Honey no,"

I pulled her onto my lap.

"We will figure everything out okay? I'm not going to leave you I promise,"

I kissed her head.

"Now time for bed okay?"

She nodded and kissed my cheek. I got up and walked to the door.


I turned around.

"Yeah sweetie?"
"Wiwll yew stawy wif me?"

I smiled.

"Of course."

I walked over and crawled in beside her she cuddled up to my chest.

"I wove yew dawddy"

My heart skipped and I smiled. She hadn't said that yet, it was like years of emotion came back. I held her tighter.

"I love you too, baby girl"

I kissed her head. And she dozed off to sleep.

(My pov)

I changed out of my dress into some pj's before I grabbed some cloths for Payton and her medication and stuck them in her little suit case. i wrote down what she takes at what time, even though I know I'll end up explaining it anyways. I grabbed her bear off her bed and her favorite shoes and headed out. I shut the door and locked it walking down the hallway back to Justin's room.


I stopped and turned around. I smiled

"Hey dad, what's up?"

He raised his eye brow.

"I could ask the same, where you going with Payton's stuff?"

I sighed.

"She wanted to stay the night with Justin to night"

His eyes got big,

"And you're letting her?"

I nodded 
"He is her father, and she wanted to"

He sighed 
"Just be careful shanel he hurt you once."

He trailed off, I sighed.

"Dad, I don't like him like that anymore honest. But I can't change that he is Pay's dad."

He nodded. 
"Alright just saying."
I smiled 
"I know dad and I'm thankful you care."

I hugged him.

"Night I love you,"
 he smiled 
"Love you too"

He walked his was and I walked mine. I finally arrived at Justin's door.

Seriously? I turned around.

"Oh hey Pattie."

She looked a little shocked probably because I was about to walk into Justin's room with clothes at 11 at night.


She said pulling me from my thoughts.

"Are you umm, staying with Justin tonight?"

She asked the awkwardness in her voice very clear. I quickly shook my head.

"Oh gosh, no, Payton wanted to stay."


She asked making it very clear Justin has not told her yet. I sighed.

"Yeah she has grown fond of him wanted to have a little sleep over."

She smiled and nodded.

"That's so sweet, well I better head to my room. Night sweetie."

She hugged me.

"Night Pattie." 
She continued to walk down the hall, well that was akwaward, I knocked on Justin's door, no answer  I knocked harder, still no answer, I rolled my eyes and got out my card that unlocks all rooms, good thing my dad owns the place. I slowly unlocked the door and walked in.


I sat setting the medication and bag down on the counter, I walked to his room.


He wasn't in their, so I walked to the other room, I slowly opened the door and their he was sound asleep cuddled with Payton I smiled. This was a picture perfect moment. I grabbed my cell and quickly took a picture, before sliding it back in my hoodie,  I walked over and placed my hand on Justin's cheek slowly not to wake Payton,

(Justin's pov)

I was sound asleep when I felt someone gently rubbing my cheek.


They whispered, I slowly opened my eyes, it was shanel. She smiled

"Hey sleepy head, I brought Payton's stuff."

I nodded and tried to get up, Payton grabbed me tighter. I laughed quietly.

"I don't think I can go Anywhere" I whispered back. She laughed and then held up her finger indicating to hold on. She quietly left the room, I looked at Payton, it is crazy how much she actually looked like me, in a matter of seconds Nell was back with a big bear, she handed it to me. I slowly moved out from under Payton as she grabbed the bear and rolled over. I smiled and stood up. 
We stood their for a moment looking at her.

"She is so beautiful"

I whispered to shanel she nodded smiling. I nodded my head to the door indicating to follow me she nodded and we walked out closing her door behind us. I walked into the living room.

"Here are Paytons things, clothes and meds."

I stopped for a second. Raising my eyebrow,

"How did you get in?"

She shrugged

"Used my all excess key card"

I laughed and shook my head. She smiled


"What if I would have been walking around naked" 
I smirked

She rolled her eyes.

"You wouldn't have been because Payton was here, and besides it's not like I haven't seen it before."

I cocked my head to the side and smirked 
"You liked it"

She shrugged.

"Wasn't much to look at"

She smirked, my lips went into a hard line.

"Hey, I was 15 a lot has changed since then I-"

She laughed, I raised my eye brow.

"You're so sensitive Bieber,"

"Well yeah when it comes to people making fun of Jerry-"
she said cutting me of i smiled.

"Yes Jerry!"
she laughed
"Why did you name it Jerry? Is it small like the mouse!"

She laughed again I narrowed my eyes.

"I didn't my fans did an I like it! I mean it cant be to small, I must have done something right I got you pregnant didn't I?"

I smirked back at her and she rolled her eyes playfully hitting me,

"Ow, damaging my ego and my body! Geesh women!"

She laughed. The sound of her laugh made me smile. Her eyes caught mine and we stared into each others eyes, after a few seconds she closed hers and looked away.

"Anyways here are her meds I wrote down exactly what you need to know."

I sighed and looked at the paper,

"Jesus how many does she take."

"3 and she has her shots."

My eyes widen

"That's so many for a 4 year old."

(My pov)

I nodded.

"You really have no idea how bad her case actually is Justin. She is really Sick."

He sighed.

"But I don't understand how she even got it nobody in my family has diabetes and I don't think anyone is yours has it do they?"

I shook my head.

"Not that I know of, the doctor said that its rare but it happens. He said We just have to go on with our lives treat Payton normal, and as long as she takes her meds, doesn't get stressed out and does not eat lots of sugar  or candy she will be okay."

He looked down. I rubbed his back.

"Hey don't worry about it okay? She will be fine, trust me."

He nodded and looked into my eyes once again, we just sat their staring at one another for what seemed like forever, Justin reach up and tucked a piece of loose hair behind my ear.

"You're still as beautiful as ever."

He whispered, rubbing my cheek. i couldn't do anything but stair he leaned in, oh my god shanel stop this right now, he inched closer to my face, and I closed my eyes damn it shanel! Within seconds his lips had landed on mine, It's like I couldn't stop myself! I kissed him back. He put his hands on my waist pulling me closer, god where his lips soft.


We quickly pulled away just in time for Payton to walk out of her room rubbing  her eyes.


She ran to me.

"Hey sweetie, I was just dropping your stuff off for daddy,"

I didn't look at Justin I couldn't. She nodded and I kissed her head.

"Why don't you go back in ill be their in a second okay?"

Justin said she nodded.

"Niwght mowmmy wove yew"

I smiled

"Night sweetheart. Love you too"

She walked back into the room dragging her bear behind her and shut the door.

"Well I should get going."

I said still not making eye contact with Justin. I walked to the door.


"Night Justin."

I quickly closed the door and leaned against it, what the hell did I just do.

(Justin's pov)

I slowly touched my mouth where moments ago shanels lips had been. I blinked looking at the door. Did that really just happen? I knew she still had feelings or she wouldn't have kissed me back. Did she kiss me back? I shook my head.

"Awr yew cowming dawddy?"

I looked up at Payton in the door way and smiled. Nodding my head. I walked over and we climbed into the bed. She snuggled up to me.

"Tanks fowr sweeping wif me" 
I smiled

"Of course sweetie."

I kissed her head, she closed her eyes, all I could think about now was shanel. I seriously can't believe what just happened I picked up my phone to text her, But then sighed and laid it back down. It's better to talk about it in person. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

June 2, 2012 1:45pm

"Payton sweetie come on daddy has to go to the recording studio."

She sighed and shut off the games, walking over to me. She frowned.

"Now no sad face! We can hang out later tonight okay?" 
She sighed and then shrugged. I picked her up and kissed her cheek and grabbing her stuff as we walked out. Heading down to the lobby.

(My pov)

"Yes, thank you, 3:00, yes ma'am, have a great day bye."

I hung up the phone, just long enough for it to ring again. You have got to be kidding me.

"Good afternoon Sunny side Hotel,
Shanel speaking how can I help you?"
I looked up and Payton and Justin were coming.

I held up my finger.

"Thursday at 8? Yes we can do that, okay thank you sir,"

I hung up the phone and picked up Payton!

"Hello beautiful"

I kissed her nose and she scrunched it up. I didn't look at Justin.

"Here are her things I have to head to the studio ill be back later, maybe we could hang out and talk?"

I nodded keeping my eyes on Payton I new what he wanted to talk about.

"Mowmmy Cawn we gow owt"

"Sweetie mommy is really busy here why don't you go play okay in the play room"

She huffed.
"I downt wawnt tow stawy hewre" 
I sighed

"I'm sorry hunny but you have to mommy has to work"

"I could take her with me"

I looked at Justin for the first time and raised my eye brow.

"You sure I mean-"

"Nell she is my daughter of course I'm sure" 
I awkwardly smiled.

"Alright if she want-"

"Yews I dew"

She said interrupting me we laughed. And the phone rang.

"I have to get that be good, I love you" 
I kissed her head an handed her to Justin. 
"Wove yew mowmmy"
I went to the phone an they walked out.

(Justin's pov) *at studio*

"Wow dawddy dis iws were yew siwng for pewpole

I laughed, 
"No sweetie I only record here." We walked across the parking lot, shit my moms car is here, I looked at Payton and stopped.

"Wats Wong dawddy" 
I sighed and bent down to pick her up

"Sweetie you can't really call me daddy here okay?"

Her eyes got big and she put her head down.

"Why nowt?"

I sighed.

"Well I really haven't told anybody about you yet. And they may not take it as well as I did sweetheart."

She sighed 
"Wawt dew I Cawll yew den?"
"How about just Bieber for right now okay?"

She put her head down and nodded. I smiled and kissed her head.

"Alright lets go."

We walked into the studio an their was my mom, scooter and usher.

"Hey guys"
They all looked at me and then at Payton my mom walked over. She smiled warmly.

"Hi Payton."
She smiled the famous smile and waved.

"Justin can I talk to you for a moment?" I nodded and sat Payton down.

"Go sit over their sweetie here,"
I handed her my phone to play with and she hopped over to the couch, I looked back at my mom.

"What's up?"

She raised her eye brow at me.

"Something you want to tell me?"

I shook my head.

"I'm not sure I know what you're talking about."

She sighed. 
"You're spending an offal lot of time with her"

I looked at Payton who quickly looked back down at my phone.

"She is Shanel's daughter and she  was busy, Payton wanted to check out the studio mom that's all"

She raised her eye brow crossing her arms, oh god she knows. I swallowed.

"I think you want to date shanel again"

She said smiling I relaxed.

"What? No, why would you think that?"

She smiled shaking her head.

"Because you are making a crazy effort to get to know her daughter, it's nice justin."

I smiled and shrugged.

(Payton's pov)

I hearwed wat dawddy saiwd dat I was juwst Mowmmys dawghter nowt hiws, dawt mawde me sawd why wodent he tewll her.

"Well you are just too cute."

I wookes up at da mawn stawnding owver me. He was a darker skiwned and was wearwing awll bwack weather. I hawlf smiwled awt hiwm.

"Yo JB man she picked up your smile, she does it just like you."

I wooked awt dawddy

"Yeah I guess so, you ready to do this?"

Hew saiwd changing da suwbjewct I siwghed dis suwcked

*3hours  later* 
(My pov)

I had finally got my first break all day and Ty meat me to have coffee, I didn't really have time to go out so he came here. But I couldn't stop thinking about that kiss with Justin though ever little thing made me think of him, and that was not good.

"You okay?"
He asked pulling me from my thoughts. I smiled.

"Yeah fine, thanks for coming."

He smiled

"Why wouldn't I?"
I shrugged.

"After last night with Payton and Justin I just thought-"

He placed his hand on mine. 
"Kids will be kids no big deal okay?" I nodded.

"So what are you doing tonight?"

I shrugged.

"Nothing why?"

He smiled. 
"Well how about I take you out?" 
I smiled back. 
"Yeah and Payton could go this way you guys got a chance to bond."

His smile kind of faded.

"That's okay right?"

He nodded 
"Yeah fine. 
I smiled and held his hand.

(Payton's pov) 
I waws wistning to dawddy siwng for hours he iws weally goowd

"So short stuff how did you meet justin?"

Da guyw nawmed uwsher awakes 
I shrugged

"I mewt daw-Biewber when I bwoke iwnto hiws woom to pway da gawme"

He stared at me for a moment then laughed and rubbed my head.

"You're a cutie kiddo"

Dawddy or showld i sawy biewber fiwnished hiws sowng.

" yo JB this kid is a cutie, you should bring her around more often. Who is her parents?"

He wooked awt hiwm den me.

"Shanel man"

"Your ex Shanel?"

Hew nowdded

"And the dad?"

He shwugged dat mawde me wanna cwy

"Lets just run through this one more time okay?"

Biewber said I wiped my eywes awnd whiwle evwee one was buwsy I wawlked owt, I needewd frwesh air.
I wawlked owt siwde awn sawt own da bewnch.

(Justin's pov)

10minutes later.

"Alright man that's a wrap that was great."

Usher said I smiled an walked out of the booth.

"You have a interview Tuesday." Scooter said looking away from my mom

"What about tomorrow?"
He shrugged 
"You're a free man"
I smiled yes more time with Payton and shanel. I looke around the room.

"Where is Payton?"

Everyone looked at the couch.

"She was right their a second ago."

My mom said oh god!


(Payton's pov)

I waz siwtting own da bewnch whewn sowmeone cawme awnd sawt beside me.

"Hey sweetie what are you doing out here by yourself"

I wooked uwp to see Ryan I wooked bawk down and shwugged

"Where is your dad?"

"Yew meawn Biewber?"

I poiwnted owver my showlder, so he knew.

He siwghed

"Why aren't you inside with him."

I shwugged awnd he waised his eywe bwow.

"Sweetie are you crying?"

I shoowk my heawd,

"Don't want to talk about it?"

I shoowk iwt agaiwn
Den wooked at hiwm.

"Wiwll yew tawke me howme"

I sighed.

"Why don't we go see your dad and he can okay?"

I shoowk my heawd

"Know bowdy in dare knows me."

I sniwffled.


He stowped awnd wubbed my bawk.

"I'll be right back stay here okay?"

I nodded and he gowt up awnd wawked insiwde.

(Justins Pov) 

*15 minutes later*

"Dude we checked everywhere"

Usher said I ran my hand through my hair.

"What am I supposed to tell shanel!"

"Don't worry sweetie we will find her."

My mom said I put my head in my hands. Just then the door opened we quickly looked to it. I sighed it was just Ryan.

"Yo Justin man can we talk?"

I shook my head.

"I don't have time Ryan I can't find Payton and-"

"I know where she is,"

my head quickly shot up.

"oh thank god, where?"
"she is safe can we talk, now?"

I quickly looked at everyone then back at him and nodded.

"I'll see you guys later."

I kissed my moms cheek and followed Ryan outside once we got outside the door Ryan pointed to the bench on the far side on the parking lot. I saw Payton sitting their I sighed in relief.

" she is crying man"

I looked back at him. And raised my eyebrow.

"What why?"

He shrugged.

"She asked me to take her home, said she didn't want to go inside know one knew her in their and she called you Bieber which I assume means you haven't told anyone she is yours."

I sighed.

"It's complicated man. I want to I really do"

He shrugged.

"Tell that to her not me, she is the one crying. No offense man but they will get over it. She"

He said pointing at Payton.

"Is more important remember that."

He put his hand on my shoulder. I nodded

"I'll see you back at the hotel man."

I sighed and walked over to we're Payton was.

"Can I sit?"

She shrugged not looking at me.  I went to put her in my lap but she scooted away. I sighed.

"Sweetie can we talk?"

She shook her head.

"Wiwll yew tawke me howme" 
  I ran my hand through my hair.

"Pwease juwst tawke me howme."

I sighed and then nodded, she got up and we headed across the parking lot, she didn't even look at me once. She is really upset.

(My pov) At the hotel.

"I can't wait for tonight"

Ty smiled.

"Me either."

He leaned into kiss me and I was shocked, alls I could think about was Justin just then him and Payton walked in.

"Payton please talk to me."

She kept walking.

 And we pulled back. I was kind of happy.

"Two for two"

Ty growled I smiled apologetically.

"I better go see what that's about, see you tonight?"

He nodded and kissed me on the cheek before walking out. I walked over to Justin and Payton.

"Hey sweetie did you-"

"Iwm gowing to da pway woom"

She cut me off

"Payton baby-"

"Weave me awone Biewber"

And she walked right by me to the play room i looked at Justin raising my eyebrow.

"What was that about, why did she call you Bieber"

He sighed.

"She is mad because i asked her too not call me dad at the studio"

My eyes grew wide.

"Why would you do that?"

"Because my mom and them don't know yet shanel"

I shook my head.

"That's pathetic Justin. No wonder she is mad at you,"

I went I walk away and he gently grabbed my arm. I felt this spark and we pulled away quickly. I shook my head.

"Let me talk to her please?"

I sighed. 
"I don't think-"
"Nell please, it's me she is mad at, I have to do this."

I nodded my head.

"Thank you"

(Justin's pov)

I walked to the play room and opened the door. She was sitting at the table coloring I walked over.

"Can I join you?"

She shrugged

"Iwts a fwee cowntry" 
I smiled and sat down next to her grabbing a crayon and a coloring book.

"What are you coloring"

She ignored me and i sighed.

"Payton please talk to me, I'm your dad. And it's really killing me to see you like this."

"Oh now yourw my dawd, for da pawst 4 houwers yew were juwst Biewber"

I sighed and scooted closer to her.

"Sweetie, I'm sorry that having you call me bieber hurt you this much I didn't know-"

"Thawts nowt Wat weally hurwt me, wat hurwt me waz yew sawing dat I waz juwst Mowmmys and yew diwdnt know who da my dawd waz"

She looked up at her her eyes glossed with tears and it broke my heart.

"Oh sweetie, I-"

"Awre yew ashawmed owf me"

She cut me off my eyes got wide. And a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Oh baby,"

I pulled her into my lap and hugged her.

"I could never be ashamed of you, your right I never should have said that and I feel horrible but I do love you, so much!"

She hugged me back

"I'm so sorry sweetie, I promise I will tell them, I love you more than words can say." "i wove yew tew dawddy"

she said as she cried.

"Shh don't cry, I'm so sorry sweetie."

I rocked her as she cried. I feel like the worst dad in the world what kind of person am I?

(My pov)

I glanced at the playroom again.

"Still in their?"

I looked at Bree and nodded.

"It's been 10 mintues maybe I should go check?"

Bree grabbed my hand.

"He has to do this not you."

I sighed. And nodded. She turned to her work

"We kissed"

Her head snapped back.

"We who? You and Justin?"

I nodded an her eyes got wide.

"What you kissed him!"
"Shh lower your voice"

I hissed. 
"Sorry, so you kissed him?"

She now whispered I shook my head.

"He kissed me."
"Did you kiss back?"

I nodded


I raised my eyebrow.

"And what?"

She shook her head. And smiled.

"You like him,"

I scoffed

"Do not," "do to" 
She sang, the door finally opened and justin walked out with Payton asleep in his arms.

I walked over to him, looking back at Bree. 'Do to' she mouthed I rolled my eyes.

"She fell asleep"

He said I nodded.

"Did you talk it out?"

He nodded.

"I feel like such an ass, I should have told them. Especially my mom. Not for them or me, but for Payton. I don't want to hide her Nell. I love her. I'm the worst dad ever"

I nodded. And smiled.

"Yeah you are."

He widened his eyes and I laughed. He smirked.

"Oh you're just so funny."

I smiled. 
"I know"
We looked at each other for a moment then I looked away.

"I should go get her ready we have dinner plans with Ty" 
He rolled his eyes. And handed her to me.

"What time will you be back?"

I raised my eyebrow and he rolled his eyes.

"I just wanted to see my daughter before bed is all geesh shanel"

He smirked and I blushed looking away.

"I'll text you," 
He nodded

"Alright see you guys later"

He kissed her head then smiled at me before turning and walking away. My heart jumped. Oh god not again.

*2 hours later*

"Payton lets go shut it off"

"Buwt mowm"

She huffed.


She sighed and shut it off.

"Go get your shoes on,"

She crossed her arms.

"I downt evewm wawnt to gow!"

I sighed 
"Good thing I'm the mom and not you now go!"

She stomped her foot and walked to her room. I looked in the mirror to fix my hair and my phone buzzed I quickly grabbed it. Message from TY I smiled and opened it.

*Hey beautiful, I'm so sorry but I have to cancel for tonight something came up with my mom and I have to go see her. Make it up to you tomorrow. Goodnight (:*

I sighed and Payton walked out.

"Dese wones?"

I looked at her. And smiled. Blue dress and orange shoes she is too cute.

"It doesn't matter sweetie, plans are canceled. It's just you and me what do you want to do?"

She smiled.

(Justin's pov)

"No Ryan I'm going to tell her tomorrow," "are you sure?"  "yes I'm sure I want to" "how is payton?" i switched the phone to the other side. "Payton is fine now we talked," "and you and shanel?" I sighed "their is no me and shanel" "but you kissed." "Yeah I know but" I sighed "I don't know man." "Where are they now?" I rolled my eyes "dinner with Ty." "Ty who?" I sighed "her boyfriend." "Oh"

Their was a knock at the door.

"Hold on dude someone is at the door."

I got up and walked over to it. I slowly opened it and their stood Payton and nelly. She was in a short red dress, she looked hot as hell.

"Ryan ima call you back" "what just-" I clicked off the phone.


She reach for me and I took her. And Nelly walked in

"Hey baby, I thought you guys were going out with Ty tonight."

She scrunched her nose and looked at me.

"Plans got canceled and she wanted to come see you, sorry to intrude."

I shook my head.

"No you guys are welcome anytime."

I said smiling, god she looked so good. I shook my head. Breaking the thought.

"Well what shall we do?"

"Wawtch a mowvie!"

Payton said I smiled.

"A movie it is."

Nell's smiled.

"I'll be back later for her unless she wants to stay again."

She nodded.

"I figured"

She kissed her head.

"Love you sweetie"

"Wove yew mowmmy"

She turned to walk out.

"Why don't you stay and watch it with us"

The words were out of my mouth before I could even realize I had said them. She smiled.

"Yea pwease mowmmy."

She nodded.

June 3, 2012

I woke up on the couch with Payton and my lap and shanel laying next to me, I rubbed my eyes. We must have fallen asleep.  I smile at the sight they both look so pretty. I moved a little and shanel opened her eyes.

I whispered she smiled 
"Hey, what time is it?"
I looked at my watch, 
She looked at Payton.

"She is sleeping longer than normal."

She sat up. And looked down.

"I'm still in my dress"

I nodded. She blushed And we laughed.

"I shook get her home, we both need to shower and change."

I nodded standing up.

"Are you busy today?"

She shook my head.

"I was hoping we 
Could go tell my mom an the others that ya know Payton is mine."

Her eyes got wide.

"You sure?"

I nodded and she smiled.


I handed her Payton.

"So in a couple hours or so? Ill call them and have them meet in my moms room?"

She nodded

"Sounds good"

She walked to the door. 
"See you then."

She nodded and walked out, I closed the door behind her.  
Well this should be an interesting day.

*2 hours later*
(My pov)

I slipped on my shoes when their was a knock at the door.

"It's open"

I yelled knowing it was Justin. He walked in.

I smiled 
"Hey. Payton is just getting dressed and we will be ready."

He nodded. I sighed. And looked away.

"Can we talk about the kiss"

My eyes got wide.

(Justin's pov)

 "Keep your voice down so Payton don't here you! And their is nothing to talk  about Justin,"

I raised my eyebrow.

"But we kissed"

She nodded

"Yes we did and we both know it was a mistake and it will never happen again. I was Caught off guard. You were in the moment and that it, nothing else."

I raised my eyebrow.

"Never again?"

She shook her head, I smirked and stepped closer. She stumbled back.

"What are you d-doing"

She stuttered I shrugged.

"So never huh?"

I repeated stepping closer again. She stepped back again now at the wall.

"Payton is here"

I looked over my shoulder.

"In her room."

"Justin stop I'm not going to kiss you again it was a one time-"

Before she could finish I crushed her lips to mine, she was shocked at first but then kissed back. Fire works went off it was nuts. I wrapped my arms around her waist,  pulling her closer. She slipped her arms around my neck, I smiled  She slowly pulled away.

"One time thing huh?"

I said smirking She shook her head and gently pushed me off.

"We should go. Payton lets go"

She yelled.

"So are you going to tell me that was nothing too"

She looked at me,

"Weady mowmmy" we looked at Payton.

"Wats Wong?"

She asked raising her eye brow.

"Nothing sweetie, lets go."

Shanel said I picked her up. And shook my head. We walked to my moms room, ever one was already their, scooter, usher, mom, Ryan, Chaz all of them I took a deep breath and we walked in.

"Shanel, Payton it's so good to see you."

My mom said hugging them I smiled and kissed her cheek.

"Jb what's up man?"

Usher and I shook hands.

"Nothing man, you?"

He shook his head.

"So justin, what's up why did you bring us all here on your day off?"

Scooter asked. 
I looked at shanel then back at everyone and took a deep breath.

"Guys I have something to tell you,"

I looked at shanel and she nodded. Then I looked at my mom. She had a worried look on her face. I closed my eyes.

"Mom, Payton is your grand daughter, my daughter."


//////////!!! So he just told everyone! How do you think they will act? Happy? Mad? Shocked? I guess you will wait and see! I posted the outfits so you can go look. I will continue to update it as the story goes on so if you care to see the clothes just check back(: I will be picking the winners next chapter, so if you want to be in the story this is your last chance to do it(: just give me your name, age, some facts and your dream date with Justin! Thanks so much for reading! Much love! Xoxo



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