Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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6. Chapter 6 (I'm your father)

June 1, 2012

I woke up to knocking on my door I rolled over ugh 9:00 on a Saturday what the hell. The knocking stoped so I slowly got out of bed slipping on my slippers, I walked into the living room and their sat Justin and Payton watching tv. I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Morwning mowmmy"

Payton said looking at me. Justin turned around and smiled

"Morning sweetie"

i looked at Justin and he nodded his head towards Payton i rolled my eyes.

"you eat?"

I asked her

She nodded her head.

"Okay well why don't you go
Get dressed while I talk to Justin okay?"


She hopped off the couch 
and ran into her room I walked to the kitchen, Justin followed.


I raised my eyebrow grabbing a glass from
The cabinet.

"So what?

I asked, he sighed

"Can we tell her?"
"Can I drink a cup of coffee first, it's 9 in the morning Justin."

He shrugged

"I'm excited to tell her."

I laughed a little, he raised his eye brow.


I smiled.


He gave me his Bieber look. causing me to laugh more.

"Nell why are you laughing?"

I shook my head. Just then Payton ran out.

"Awll dwessed mowmmy!"

I smiled and Justin nudged me I sighed.

"Payton we have to talk to you."

I said,

"Awm I iwn twoble?"

We smiled.

"No sweetheart we just have to tell you something."

Justin said picking her up. We walked over to the couch and sat down.

"Wat iws iwt?"

We looked at each other and then sighed.

 " Payton I'm your father"

Justin said straight out my eyes got wide. I new he was going to tell her I just didn't think like that. She sat their for a min? Then smiled

"Wewll iwts abowt tiwme!"

We looked at each other obviously confused

"What are you talking about sweetie?"

I asked she looked at him and then me then laughed a little

"Mowmmy Iwm 4 Nowt Stewpid!"

She grabbed Justins face in her hands.


She said squishing Justin's face

 "Wooks juwst wike me see"

She put her face next to Justins i laughed

" And We haz the sawmr wast nawm!"

"Why didn't you tell us you knew?"
I asked looking at Justin then her. She shrugged

"I diwdnt know iwf he knew, ore iwf yew wawntewd meh tew know"

She smiled her Bieber smile,, 

"You know what happens when you keep secrets from your parents?"

Justin said smirking, she shook her head.

" Wat?"

He looked at me then smiled.

"Tickle monster"

He started tickling her and she was laughing her head off!

"Haha Stowp; Pweeese Dawddy"

She said in between breaths. He stopped and looked at her.

"Wawts Wong ?"

She asked poking him. He smiled

" N-nothing you you never called me daddy before its shocking to hear yet exciting at the same time"

i smiled.

"Am i nowts suposeded To"

she asked looking up at him.

"No no its okay its just wow!"

I laughed

"Ur so siwy"

She kissed his nose and hoped off the couch.

"Can i pway pweeese????"

She said pointing to the xbox Justin looked at me and i shrugged. He smiled  

"Of course sweetie!"

He said she smiled " Yews!!!!!"

"Want me to turn it-"
" No!"

she said cutting him off i laughed.

"Okay then"

4hours later

 "NO way Chaz so beat him he ate like 6 burgers."

he laughed i scoffed

"Pff No way he like threw up after the 4th one!" 
He smiled

"Okay,okay you're right"

i laughed.


He smiled rolling his eyes. I needed to tell him about Payton; how sick she actually was, I sighed" 


he turned his head to where Payton was.

"Aww look "

He said cutting me off pointing to Payton she had fell asleep while playing the game, I smiled

"she looks like you"


After Nell said that i couldn't help but smile.

 "But not as much as her beautiful mother"

i said she turned her head away blushing

"Aww Is Nelly Vanelly Blushing?"

i said poking her cheek she scoffed

"Pff no!"

"Aww you so are!"

We laughed, and then My phone rang I quickly looked at it.

"I have to take this sorry."

She nodded

"i'm going to change an get dressed real quick"

I nodded she walked away  an I answered i"

"Yo scooter what's up?"

"Hey JB, I need you to come down to the studio with us their is some things we have to get done."

I sighed


"Yes now."

I groaned

"Okay ill be their in a few." "alright man see you then." "ya see ya bye!"

i hung up just as Nelly walked up i looked up at her

"I have to go, sorry"

. "Oh its okay i better get down to work anyways"

 I went over and picked Payton up Shanel grabbed her room card and phone and She got the door. We walked in silence to the lobby i handed payton to Nelly

 "I guess ill see you guys later or something? maybe dinner"

She smiled


I nodded and kissed Payton's head.

"Alright see you later."

She nodded and I walked out.

(My pov)

1hour later

"Nell their is a guest ready to check in can you get that?"

Bree asked I smiled.


I walked to the front desk.

"Hi can I help you?"

I said not looking up.

"Sure you can help me by coming and giving me a hug"

I instantly looked up.


I ran ran behind the desk and hugged him.

"Hey sha"

He said hugging me tight. Then we pulled away.

"How are you? I haven't seen you in forever! What are you doing here!"

I asked smiling he laughed

"I'm good, and I'm just here visiting family I thought I would stop by and see my favorite girl!"

I blushed looking away he laughed.

"How about we go get some coffee"

I smiled but then It faded.

"I would but I'm working right now?"

He nodded

"I understand how about dinner then tonight after you get off."

I nodded

"Sure ill just get Bree to watch Payton."

"Oh yeah how is he? I haven seen her since she was what two?"

I nodded.
"She is great maybe you can see her tonight she is asleep right now."

He nodded.

"We'll I better get going see you tonight?"

I nodded, and he walked out! I can not wait till dinner" 
3hours later 
(Justin's pov)

"Yeah man play that last part back again."

I told Alfredo did,

"Yeah man that sounds sick! I love it."

"Yeah me too"

Usher said nodding his head. I walked out of the booth.

"Is that all we are doing today?"

I asked grabbing my keys and phone he nodded.

"Yeah man, what's the rush?"

I shrugged

"Just have plans is all"

He raised his eyebrow.

"Oh really plans with Shanel?"

I rolled my eyes.

"No, yes, we'll maybe I'm not sure yet I have to text her."

They laughed then nodded. I smiled rolling my eyes again.

"I'll catch you guys later?"

They nodded. I walked out of the recording studio and got into my car. I pulled out my phone and texted Nell.

"We on for dinner tonight?(:"

I didn't get a reply right away so I started the car and headed back to the hotel.



" Okay what about this one?"

I said holding up the 8th dress for Bree to look at she smiled.

 "YES Omg tha'ts the one!"

I laughed and put it on.


just then my phone buzzed. i looked at it, it was from Justin. 
"We on for dinner tonight? (:"

"shit" bree raised her eye brow.

I sighed.

"I forgot Justin wanted to take me and Payton to dinner tonight and then I made plans with Ty. I feel horrible now I have to cancel."

She nodded

"I'm sure Ty will understand."

I raised my eye brow.

"Are you nuts I meant cancel with Justin!"

She furrowed her brow

"Why Justin?"
"Why Ty?"

I snapped back she looked at me shocked I sighed.

"Sorry I didn't mean to be a bitch like that it's just I haven't seen Ty in two years and I see Justin everyday."

She nodded  and I texted Justin back.

"Oh gosh I completely forgot :/ I actually have a dinner date tonight. Ill text you later maybe you and Payton can hang tomorrow."

I clicked send.

Someone knocked on the door

"Thats Ty will you get it?"
 she smiled



 "I cawnt bewive mowmy is going ouwt wif anoder guy dats nowt dawdy! Iwm so mawd juwst den sare was a knowk own da doorw awnt bree wet him in"

"She will be right out!"

Awnt Bree said he wawked iwn  "Thanks"

 I wooked at him

 "Aww arnt you just sooo cute, remeber me? im ty"

He saiwd  pincwing my cewks i mowved my head and bite his fiwnger"

"Oww dude WTH?"

"I downt wike you!"

i saiwd cwossing my awms.

He bent down

 "Well guess what kid im not that found of you either!"


I saiwd stiwking my towngue owt


he saiwd Grrr Mowmmy walked out

(My pov)


I said walking our he stood up from talking to Payton. And smiled

"Yup I was just telling this sweetheart here how good it was to see her"

He patted her head and she swatted it away.

"Payton be nice!"

She rolled her eyes and walked back to her video game.


He smiled nodding

"It's fine."

"Honey i will be back aunt bree will be here!"

Bree quickly looked at me.

"Actually i um well i have a date to"

i looked at her wide eyed.

"With who?"

She shrugged


i smirked


She nodded

"I actually have to get going, ill see you later?"

I sighed and nodded she walked out. And I looked at Ty.

"I'm Sorry Ty we cant go now"
He looked down. and i sighed. then my head shot up.

"Unless, Hey Payton you wanna hang with daddy to night?"

 "Ya Dats Fiwne!"

She said nodding her head.

 "Great do you mind if we stop at his room"
he shook his head.

"umm no i guess not"

He said shrugging I smiled

"Great lets go."


I was watching tv because Nelly canceled on me I can't believe she had a date. I flipped through some more Chanel's when their was a knock on the door i sighed putting down the remote an walked over to it opening it up.


Payton Said as ran in my arms i picked her up

"Hey baby!"

I looked at Nell and the dude she was with.

 "Justin i'm so sorry to ask but can you watch her Bree bailed on me and"

i laughed cutting her off

"No it its fine id love too"

" Wait Justin Beaver is her dad"


She stuck her tongue out at him he glared  i cant stand this dude already

 "Yah i never told you that? its not a problem right?"

He shook his head

"Ah no but we better go where ganna be late!"

She nodded

"Right, well ill try not to be late Love you hunny"

She kissed Paytons head and they left I looked at Payton and closed the door.

"I Downt like him!"

She said I sighed

 "Me either sweetie!"

"So what iz we gawnna do abowt Hiwm"

i raised my eyebrow

"What do you mean Hunny?"

 "Wewl he cawnt be hewere he will ruewin everweeting"

i sighed

"Ruin what?"

"Mowmmy and yow being in wove"

my eyes got wide and I Shook my head

"Sweetie listen Mommy and i will always have love for each other but we wont  ever be together and love each other like that!

Her face got sad

" But I downt wawnt hiwm to be my dawddy!"

I looked at her An laughed

 "Baby no matter what im your dad NOT him"

She sighed

 "Buwt if yow and mowmmy downt get together your gawnna weave again:( "


"Oh baby"

I hugged her

"I'm never leaving you again okay"

she nodded

" Pwomise "

i smiled

"I promise"

She hugged me

"So what do you wanna do?"

She looked at me like i was dumb

"Game cube it is."

I said laughing She smiled and hoped off my lap to the game i sat watching her play she was so cute.




"The date was going amazing"

i said as we walked into the hotel.

"So umm you and Justin?"

He looked down.  My eyes widened.

"What no the only reason we talk is because of payton ok"

He smiled.

he grabbed my hand and walked to Justins room"

he said turning to me.


i said smiling

"You wanna like i don't know like go out again?"

I smiled


he nodded

"alright cool"

 I smiled and he leaned in to kiss me I slowly leaned in too"

(Justins pov)

Payton and i where playing BlackOps when we heard voices i picked up payton , we walked to the door and heard Ty and Nelly talking Payton and i looked out the peep whole.

"You wanna like i don't know like go out again?"

She smiled  


he nodded

"alright cool"

They both leaned in.

"Oh Noo dear gawnna kiss"
she whispered


I said looking out it again.

 "I has an idea "

she said getting out of my arms and walking over to the chair i followed her.

"what are you doing?"

She smiled and then let out a scream.


 We where just about to kiss when I heart Payton scream i pulled away fast and opened the door she was on the floor holding her ankle

"What the hell happened!"

"Dawddy and i was pwaying awnd i fewl"

 "Let me See"

i said walking over.

" Pwease get me some iwce! "

I looked at Justin who looked shocked and confused I nodded

"Justin will you get a ace bandage?"

He looked at me quickly

"Umm ya?"


 "Mowmmy and Dawddy wawked away poor dawddy showld hawve wet him know what i was gawnna do now it waz juwst me and Ty! i continued to fawke cwy while i poiwted for hiwm to come clows wen he did i stoped

 "Yourwr Newver gawnna be wif my mowmmy Jerwk!

he wooked showked buwt deb smirwked

"Listen kid ill be with your mommy and getting rid of your dad before you can even blink! And their is nothing you and beaver can do!"

 I waized my bwow
"Wanna Bewt! Wawch dis! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

I scweamed Mowmmy and dawddy cawme wunning  in

"What the hell is going on in here?"

Dawddy awakes

" He hiwt my weggg ahh mowmmy it hurts!"


"I ran over and picked her up she winked at me Wth my daughter is a freakin evil genius

"What the hell did you touch her?"

Shanel said now mad.

 "No i- she- I-"

 "Mowmmy iwt hurwts more now!"

She came and hugged her and she smirked at Ty this is kinda funny!"

"Shes Lying!"

" Weally im just a widdle kiwd!"


I smiweled my bieber smiwel

 "Ill be right back im ganna get the ice justin stay here with them!"

I smiweled at dawddy and Ty camed up to us

 " This aint Over kid!"

" Nowp Its Juwst beinwing!"

 "What are you talking about???????"
Mowmmy saiwd cowming bawk iwm. Owe no

///////////For a 4 year old she is smart as hell right! Bet you did not expect that to be her reaction when justin told her he was her dad did you?sorry it took longer than usual to post! I finally graduated last night! Yay me (: but anyways....
I actually need two people to be in the story coming up soon! So if you want to be in it comment your name and hair color and age things you like, stuff like that!!! And tell me your dream first date with Justin! The two people with the best Answer is who I will choose (: oh and I decided that I was to make outfits to go along with the story, so I will have a the links to all the chapters so far up later tonight so check back if you want to see. Just to give a more imaginative feel to the story!!! Thanks guys  I hope you like this part! Request for the next part Love you guys <3

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