Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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4. Chapter 4 (Selena?)


"I walked into my bed room"

I froze

" Justyy!" "Selena?"

I said raising my eyebrow

" W-what are you doing here?"

 She smiled

"Well i came to see my boyfriend silly"

She said coming over and kissing me i didn't kiss back

"Whats wrong?"

She asked raising her eye brow.

" Look Sel a lot has changed i have to tell you something!"

She looked at me.

"Ah can you tell me tomorrow im kinda tierd lets just go to bed!

"You- ah staying here?" "Well duh!"

She said rolling her eyes

"But what about Ryan and Chaz?" "They said they would take my room and i could sleep here with you tonight!" "Oh ah remind me to thank them 0_o"

We crawled into bed but i really couldn't sleep all i was thinking about was nelly and what she had said, would things have been different if I wouldn't have left at all?

May 28, 2012

"Guys stop it too funny"

I said holding my stomach from laughing.

"What its so true"

Bree said laughing.

"Okay okay let me try this one"

Shawn said; He put another dress on a picture of Justin

 "Guys stop"

i laughed again"

" Nells did you fax the papers over to the signal Pca?"

My dad said walking over to me.

 "Umm No sorry i for got ill do it now"

He looked at us


he walked back into his office.

"Ill be right back!"

They nodded


"I waz siwttin at my dewsk aww borwd  mowmmy was laughing wif aunty Bree and Shawn , Urg imz gawnna gow fiwn juwstin so i gots up from my tawble and wawked tow juwstins woom it was unwoked so i waked in... He waz still sweeping wif some girwl in his bed and itz not mowmmy i waz mad i wawked owver to him crawled up on da bewd and hiwt him wif a pillow


I was sleeping dreaming about the past when i felt something hit my face WTF i shot up and so did Selena

"OMG Justin their is a fan in your room!"

She said pulling the covers up more i rolled my eyes.

"Im Nowt a fawn Not anymorwe"

She looked sad and crawled off the bed

" Payton? What are you doing here"

I asked

"Wait you know her?"

She asked raking her eyebrow. I stood up

 " Ya"

I walked over and tried to pick her up but she wouldn't let me

" Whats wrong?"

She looked over at Selena

"Hmm Nuffing i'm weaving"

She waddled over to the door

"Payton hunny wait tell me whats wrong please?"

She turned around and looked at me like she was ganna cry

 "It dowsnt mawtter now"

i walked over to her

" Of course it dose tell me"

I said bending down to her height. She looked at Selena i turned around

 "Sel can you give us a few!" "ah whatever I'm going to get a shower!"

She walked into the bathroom and i took Payton and sat on the couch

"Okay whats wrong?"

i asked She looked down

"I fowt you woved my mowmy"

i raised my eyebrow.

What? Why would you think that?"

she sighed

"Well becuz when yew wook at her i see your eweys gewt all sparwkly but i guess i waz wong!."

i looked at her in shock Damn she is smart, yah she gets that from me, i smiled to myself.

"Honey look"

I sat her on my lap

 "Can i tell you a secret?"

She nodded her head

 "I do like your mom"

Her eyes lit up

 "Reawy but wat abowt her"

she said pointing to the bathroom where sel was.

"Ah that's complicated sweetie but see the thing is no matter how much i like your mommy she don't really like me that way!"

She laughed okay why is she laughing

 "Ow juwstin  youwr siwwy of courwse mowmmy wikes yew she just wownt  say it!"

I shook my head.

" How do you know!"

She sighed

 "Wewll cuz when she wouwd  tawk bout dawddy she wouwd gewt dis wook and its da same wook she gets when youwr awound!"

I sat their shocked for a moment.

"Wow! You're  really smart you know that?"

She smiled

 "Wewll duh i mayw be 4 buwt i know what wove is!"

I smirked

 "Really what is it?"

She smiled really big.

"iwts wen a mawn cawn wake uwp iwn  da morwning yeawrs  after meetin a guwl and sawy wow she stiwll smewlls  goowd.! "

I laughed shaking my head.

" Do yew thiwnk mowmmy smewlls good?"

I raise my eyebrow

"Ah- ya i mean i think?"


She said smiling I sighed

 "But mommy doesn't  think i smell good!"  "Dose too"

she protested I shook my head.

 "I don't think so sweetie"

" Yews She dose"

Just then Selena came out not dressed!

 "Oh shes still here"

I covered her eyes

"Put cloths on please!"

She groaned


She walked back into the bathroom, i uncovered her eyes

" Juwstin"

She said looking up at me.

" Yeah sweetie?"

 " i dnt wike her!"

 I laughed a little.

 " Do yow tink she smews niwce"

 i thought

" Not as nice as your mom"

 She giggled

 "So your mom let you come up here"

i asked standing up with her She looked down.

"Oh no Pay she is going to be so mad! I am going to go call her you stay here"

I put her on the couch


I turwned  own spowndbowb when sewena cawme owt! She sat besiwde me

"Where did Justin go"

She saiwd iwn a bawby way

 "Im nowt a bawby dnt tawlk like dat! And he went to cawl my mowmmy to cowme  up herw awnd gewt me!"

 "Really? Hmm"

she saiwd aws she cwossed her owms

" Sewena?" "What?"

She saiwd mewnwy"

 "Juwstin tinks my mowmy smwlls bewtter dan you!"

I stuwk my townge owt at her and went to fiwnd juwstin.


" I have looked everywhere i cant find her!"

I said to Bree she sighed

"i bet i know where's he is"

I raised my eyebrow at her.

 Just then my phone rang

 " Hello.......Thank god ill be right their!"

I hung up

"Where is she?"

Shawn asked

"Justins room"

Bree answered i furrowed my brow at her.

"how did you know?"

she shrugged

"obvious guess we should have checked their in the first place"

i sighed she was right even though i didn't want to admit it.

" ill be back watch the desk!"

I ran up to Justins room and knocked on the door finally someone answered and it wasn't Justin.

"Oh ah u must be its mom ya shes with Justy!"

She moved aside letting me in what the hell did she just call my daughter an it?? I walked in and Justin came out with her sleeping

 "I think you lost something?"

He laughed a little And sighed. It was kind of awkward because of last night.


"I'm sorry she came here again i told her not to."

he sighed

"its fine no big deal."

the girl rolled her eyes. is she kidding right now?

"Want me too take her?"

I asked

 "No i got her ill just take her back to the hotel room if you wanna grab her stuff?"

I raised my eye brow.

" What stuff"

"Oh umm well i bought her some stuff yesterday! Its on my bed just grab it the n meet us their!"

He said shrugging

"Justin I-"

"Their just clothes Nell"

He said smiling a little I nodded.

 "WAIT! Youre going to her room?"

The girl asked I rolled my eyes"

"No hes not its fine Justin ill take her!"

I Took her out of Justins arms without waking her

"Oh okay um i will come over tomorrow to hang or something!"

I shook my head.

"i don't know it depends on what-"


he spoke softly i sighed.

" okay fine see you then!"

I walked out, I was walking down the hallway when I realized, shit i for got the stuff justin got her. i walked to the lobby.

"she is asleep if you would watch her for a second?"

i said to Bree she nodded.

"Sure where you going?"

I sighed

 "i forgot the stuff Justin bought her."

She raised her eye brow.

"he bought her stuff?"

i shrugged

"guess so."

she nodded.

"so you two getting along now?"

i shook my head.

"i have no idea, he acts like nothing even happened like the fight we had last night didn't happen. its weird. But he wants to hang with Payton tomorrow and I honestly can't tell him no. He is her dad, and he knows it now."

she sighed

"maybe he just wants to work things out you know for Payton."

Shawn said

"or maybe he still likes you and doesn't want to fight."

Bree said i shook my head.

"I doubt that he had a girl in his room when I went up."

She sighed

"Sorry girl"

I shook my head.

"It's fine I never expected him to find out and us get married and live happily ever after."

I sighed

"Well I better go get the stuff"


they both said I walked out and back to justins room but i heard talking so i just stopped and listened.

"So you like her?"

I heard the girl say

 "No Selena her kid broke into my hotel room when i first got here thats how i met her"

he yelled back

"so You bought her stuff? i don't usually buy stuff for people kids i don't like let alone really even know."

She shrieked I heard Justin sigh.

"No i just said that to be nice their some of jazzy's old stuff Look her and her kid mean nothing to me okay? Just give it a rest!"

I could not believe what  just heard i felt tears come up in my eyes i don't know why i would hurt me. and why he would refer to Payton as just some 'kid' he knew she was his now! why would he lie. i walked back to the lobby.

"What happened"

bree asked I shook my head.

"I was wrong he doesn't care at all"

She raised her eye brow and I shook my head.

"What do you mean?"

I sighed

"Nothing girl lets get back to work"

She sighed and nodded her head I walked over to my desk and sat down pulling out my phone.

 *Don't bother coming tomorrow  AT ALL me and my "Kid" Will just stay out of your life and you can just give jazzy's old stuff to someone else! You're so unbelievable, I hope you and miss priss are happy.  Have a nice life Justin goodbye"

 After i sent the message i closed my eyes laying my phone down. Thinking of how in just a week everything had changed so much.

////// Hey guys! Sorry this was is short I'm going camping with the family tonight so I wanted to get a update in! I re read the chapter from yesterday and gosh do I need to prof read! Stupid autocorrect on my iPod really screws things up! But I hope you guys like it. What do you think is going to happen now? The Selena coming was a big twist? And now Justin knows Payton is his. Eep so much is happening.... (:  But real quick I just want to say, thank you to the people who are leaving and saying nice comments they really mean a lot to me. Some people have been saying some rude things and don't get me wrong I love constructive criticism, I just don't like when people are down right mean. I'm not trying to be the next Nicholas Sparks. I just write because I love it and I love Justin. But anyways thanks to those who do like it! Much love!!! Xoxo!! Oh p.s I do not hate Selena an I don't mean to disrespect her, she just happens to be a bitch in the story. Okay that's all! Have a great day guys<3

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