Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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31. Chapter 28 (My Opinion Doesn't Matter Anyways.)

October 8, 2013 
Canadian Thanksgiving
(Shanels Pov)

"Justin don't touch!" 

Pattie scolded, he chuckled. 

"This all looks so good Mom."

Justin cooed kissing her cheek.

"Thank you Sweetheart, now go set the table with Ryan everything is almost ready." 

"Yes ma'am." 

He smiled at me before heading into the other room, 

"He is something else." 

She looked up at me. 

"Something special." 

I agreed, 

"Mommy, mommy, mommy." 

Payton yelled running up to me.

"What sweetie?" 

I asked bending down, 

"Look what Jazzy and I made!" 

She held up her hand painting. 

"That's so cute baby." 

"Grandpa helped us." 

"Did he?" 

I looked up at Jeremy who smiled. 

"Come on girls let's go clean up for dinner." 

He said walking out of the room as they followed. 

"She is so adorable." 

"She gets it from me." 

Justin joked walking back into the room. 

"Yeah well at least she got my looks." 

I joked back. 

He rolled his eyes. 

"You wish babe."

He kissed my head. 

"So Have you guys decided what you're going to do about School?" 

Pattie asked turning off the stove. 

"Honestly No, We have thought a lot about a private school." 

"Or home schooling." 

Justin interrupted. 

"Justin i already told you I want her to be able to interact with other kids." 

He groaned. 

"Yeah but if she is home schooled you guys could travel with me."

"Justin You know I have too work." 

I hissed 

"Oh Shanel Come on you know your Dad would give you the time off!" 

He hissed back. 


I groaned 

"Lets talk about this later." 


He muttered taking the bowl of Mash Potatoes walking into the other room. I sighed. 

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to cause an argument." 

"You didn't, We have been disagreeing with this for a while now, What Do you think?" 

I asked looking up at her. 

"Oh No sweetie, I am just the Grandmother, You guys have to do what you think is right not what others do." 

I rubbed my head. 

"I know, Its just hard." 

She smiled. 

"I would say it gets easier but it really doesn't." 

She looked over at Justin who was shoving Ryan. 

"Boys knock it off, See." 

She laughed turning back to me.

"Now come on dinner is ready." 

I nodded grabbing the last plate and following her into the dinning room"

(Justins Pov) 

"It was really nice of your Mom and Dad to keep Payton tonight." 

Shanel Said Slipping off her shoes. 


I agreed shutting the door to our hotel room. 

"Are you seriously still mad." 

"Mad about what?" 

"Justin you know what! You have been short with me all night." 

"I'm not mad." 

"Justin yes you're are." 

"Shanel I said I wasn't" 

I hissed at her. She sighed. 

"Can we please just talk about it?"

"Their is nothing to talk about, It's not like my opinion matters anyways."


"I'm going to bed." 

I mumbled cutting her off before walking into the bedroom. I honestly did not want to talk right now. 

(Shanels Pov) 
(October 12, 2012)

"Thank you so much for having us for dinner." 

I smiled at Pattie setting my dish in the sink.

"Anytime sweetie, What time does your flight leave?" 

"2:00, I can't believe how fast the last few days have gone." 

"I know it feels like you guys just got here." 

I smiled. 

"You could always come back with us." 

She laughed. 

"I would Love too but I can't." 


Payton whispered walking into the kitchen with Jazzy. 


She whispered somthing to Jazzy. 

"Jaz has something to ask you." 

"What me? You ask?" 

"Ask what?" 

Justin asked walking in with Jeremy. The girls nudged each other whispering. 

"Are one of you going to ask or just keep arguing?" 

Pattie asked drying off her hands. Payton sighed. 

"Can I stay here in Canada with Jazzy." 

She asked really fast.

"Sweetie you can't." 

"Why not?"

Jazzy huffed. 

"Because Sweetie Payton has to go with her Parents." 

Jeremy said rubbing her head. 

"So we can all stay." 

Payton chirped. 

"Baby daddy has to get back on tour." 

Justin said. I nodded 

"Yeah and Mommy Has to go back to work." 

"But I want to stay here." 

She huffed stomping her foot. 

"Payton we will be back." 

I reassured her. 

"Yeah In like a million years." 

Jazzy crossed her arms. 

"Besides Pay you have school and so does Jazzy." 

"No i don't have a school anymore remember." 

"Yes I do, But you're going into another one." 

"Or you will be home schooled." 

Justin interrupted 


I hissed warning him not to start. He rolled his eyes. 

"Why can't I go to school here?" 

"Because you are not a Canadian citizen sweetie." 

I nodded agreeing with Justin. 

"But Daddy is Canadian and I am his daughter." 

We laughed. 

"It dosent work that way hunny." 

Jeremy said, she groaned. 

"Thats not fair!" 

Jazzy Hissed

"Yeah, This is stupid I'm not going!" 

She huffed stomping off Jazzy following her.

"Yes you are." 

Justin and I both yelled after her. 

"Ill go get her." 

Justin said walking off.

"Ill get Jazzy" 

Jeremy followed him. I sighed. 

"She will get over it I promise, Kids get over things quickly, one of the good things about her only being 5." 

Pattie said rubbing my back. I half smiled finishing up the dishes. 


"Home sweet home." 

I mumbled shutting the door behind me. 

"I'll put her in her bed." 

I nodded as he walked away. That was the most he spoke to me since we got on the plane. We really needed to talk about this, He was leaving the day after tomorrow and We needed to make a decision. I changed into my Pajamas and pulled my hair into a sloppy bun walking into the Kitchen to get a drink. 

"She is back asleep, I'm going to shower." 

Justin whispered. 

"Wait can we talk please?" 

"It's late and-" 

"Please Justin?" 

He sighed. 


He nodded to the couch and I followed sitting on the other end. 

"Whats up?" 

He asked nonchalantly, I rolled my eyes. 

"Whats Up? Justin we have barley talked in three days all because I want Payton to go to regular school." 

He rolled his eyes. 

"It's not just that." 

"Then what is it Justin?" 

I pushed, He groaned.

"I just feel like- I don't know." 

I scooted closer to him. 

"Justin, Please." 

He rubbed his hands through his hair before exhaling.

"I just feel like you don't value anything I say anymore." 

"What? That's not true." 

"Yes it is Shanel and you know it, I said we should Home school Pay from the beginning and you didn't listen then look what happened? She got bullied." 

"So you're saying thats my fault?" 

"No! I'm just saying you want to put her into another school and you think because it's private that will stop it from hapining it wont!" 

He hissed. 

"You don't know that!" 

"Yes I do Shanel." 

"Even If I home schooled her We couldn't go on tour with you!" 

"You think thats what this is about?" 

He huffed 

"I know it is." 

I hissed 

"You don't want to be with me all the time thats fine i don't give a shit anymore but I know whats best for Payton!" 

"What are you talking about! I want to be with you! And I know whats good for her too!" 

I shrieked. 

"You never seem Like it anymore! You know damn well you could quit here and go with me. And yeah sure you do thats why you want her to go through the same shit all over again. Great Mother you are." 

Those words struck a nerve and I started to tear up. 

"I'm trying my hardest here Justin! And I don't care what you think I have been a damn good mother for 4 years all on my own!"

With that i got up and walked away from him now fully crying. I can't believe he would ever say that. I slipped off my slippers and crawled into bed. 


"Leave me alone Justin I heard what you had to say loud and clear." 

I heard him sigh before i felt the bed sink in beside me. 


He put his hand on my shoulder. 

"Look at me." 

he whispered. I slowly sat up whipping my eyes. 

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like it came out, I just wish you would listen to me on this one thing," 

I sighed 

"I just want whats best for Payton." 

I squeaked. 

"I know baby, But this time I know whats best. Trust me. We can put her in a play group a few times a week so she can still interact with other kids." 

I closed my eyes for a moment Before surrendering. 


I whispered. He smiled. 


"Yeah okay, But I am not quieting my job and going on tour." 

He groaned. 

"You're so stubborn." 

He kissed me lightly. 


I kissed him again. 

"I hate fighting." 

"Me too." 

He agreed kissing me again. 

"You know I love you right?" 

I nodded 

"And I Love you." 

I grabbed him running my hands through his hair.

"You know what we haven't done in a while?" 

He smirked before smashing his lips to mine. God I love this man. 

(Justins Pov) 
December 23, 2012

"Baby Tell me!" 

She whined into the phone I laughed. 

"You will know in two days." 

"Justin! But I wove you." 

She said In a baby voice. It made my heart melt. 

"Nell I love you too so much, And that is why you have to wait till Christmas okay?" 


She huffed. 

"Justin we have a problem." 

Scooter whispered I nodded. 

"I have to go beautiful, Tell everyone I will be their soon and I love them." 

"Okay, I miss you." 

"I miss you too baby, Ill see you soon." 

"Okay Bye." 


I hung up the phone walking over to Kenny and Scooter. 

"Whats up?" 

"All flights to Canada have been Canceled due to the weather."

"Dude thats not funny." 

I snapped. 

"he isn't joking bro, Their is no way we are going home tonight." 


"Are you going to tell Shanel?"

"No way, she is on a need to no bases! 

They nodded. As I sighed. I could not miss Christmas. 

(Shanels Pov) 
I looked at the clock again. 

"Shanel why don't you come to bed?" 

Pattie said walking over to me. 

"Justin should be here in a few minutes, I'll go to bed then." 

She half smiled. 

"Okay sweetie, See you in the morning." 

I nodded and she kissed my head before making her way up the stairs. I can't believe this was going to be the first Christmas with Justin. 
I jumped to my phone vibrating, I looked at the clock 2:30am I must have fallen asleep.


I said half asleep. 


"Justin? Where are you? Are you okay? Whats going on?" 

"Woh sweetheart Calm down, I'm fine, We just ran into a little problem." 

"Problem? What kind of problem?" 

He sighed.


I pushed. 

"All flights have been canceled."


I said standing up fast. 

"Baby Don't panic, As soon as the weather holds up i will be on the first  Plane their." 

"Justin It's already Christmas Eve!" 

"I know, I will be their, I promise!" 

"You promise? You are not Mother nature Justin you can not Promise that!" 

He sighed. 

"I will be their okay? I promise that. Don't worry." 

"What am I supposed to tell everyone?" 

"That we got caught up and Ill be their soon, babe, Its going to be okay. Now get some sleep and I will talk too you in the morning okay?" 

I huffed. 



"I Love you." 

I smiled. 

"I Love you too." 

I hung up the phone flopping back on the couch. God Please let him get here. 

(Christmas Eve) 

"Mommy can we open just one?" 

"No not until your dad gets here." 

I warned her. 

"What if he doesn't make it." 

"He will don't worry, Now go with jazzy and brush your teeth for bed okay?" 

She sighed before following Jazzy out of the room. 

"You okay?" 

Pattie asked touching my leg. I half smiled. 


"He will be here." 

"I know, i'm going to go help the girls." 

I said standing up and walking to the bathroom. 


"Dads Not coming home is he?" 

"Yes of course he is sweetie." 

"But he would have been here by now." 

I sighed. 

"You Just worry about falling asleep so that Santa can come okay?" 

She nodded 

"Okay Mommy, I Love you."

"I Love you too Baby." 

I kissed her head shutting the door on my way out. I walked over to the window, Their was nothing but white outside. 

"You want some Coco?" 

Jeremy asked handing me a cup. I smiled 


I turned back to the window. 

"He will be here." 

"So everyone keeps saying." 

I mumbled. 

"We both know Justin he would go through hell to be here." 

I smiled. 

"I know." 

"well don't be up too late, okay?"

"I won't."

He rubbed my back before walking off to his room. I finished up my Coco and washed up the cup before setting it into the sink. I walked into the guest room crawling into bed. 

"God, I know I don't talk to you much but please, If you can hear me let Justin make it here by morning." 

I sighed closing my eyes before slowly falling asleep. 

(Christmas Morning)
"Mommy Mommy Mommy" 

I woke up to Payton and Jazzy Jumping on my bed. 

"I'm up, I'm Up." 

I laughed sitting up. 

"Come on it's time to open gifts." 

Payton yelled pulling my arm. 

"You girls go get grandma and Grandpa and I'll be their in a second." 

They Nodded hopping off the bed, I sighed Looking next to me. Justin still wasn't  here. I got up walking into the Living room. 

"Merry Christmas" 

Pattie and Jeremy said As I sat on the couch. I smiled 

"Merry Christmas"

I sighed looking out the window

"I'm sorry sweetie." 

Pattie said patting my leg. I shrugged. 

"I'm fine." 

I fake smiled, she nodded. 

"Can we open presents now please?" 

Jazzy asked. 

"We have to wait for Daddy, right Mommy." 

I sighed 

"Sweetie Daddy-" 

"Is right here." 

I quickly turned around. 


Payton said jumping in his arms. 

"Merry Christmas Baby!" 

He kissed her head. Setting her back on the floor. I smiled walking over to him.  

"Told you I would be here." 

I threw my arms around him holding him tight. 

"I'm so happy you're here." 

"Me too baby."

"How did you get here it's still bad out." 

"I have my ways." 

He smirked kissing me lightly. 

"Alright let's open some gifts." 

Jeremy said setting Jaxon on his lap. 

"Me first." 

Justin laughed picking Payton up before setting down. I smiled looking at them, My family, an I truly realize how blessed I am Thank you God....

Authors Note/////// Guys I am so sorry that I have no updated in forever! I have been so busy! But now that my freshman year of collage is over and summer is starting I will be able to write more. The book is almost over :( I know I know but I already have it all planed out! Please just stick through my busy schedule with me and I promise you won't be disappointed with the end(: I love you guys! Thanks so much for the support and your patients!!! Please leave your comments!  Xoxo  







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