Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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25. Chapter 23 (Are you Pregnant?)

August 26, 2012
(Shanels Pov)

"Are you sure you are ready for this?" 

Mary nodded as we stepped out of the car in front of her house. She sighed staring up at it. 

"We don't have to do this today we can come back if you want to girly?" 

"No; if i don't do it now i never will." 

We looked back up at it as she took my hand. 

"How did I get volunteered to move your shit out?"

Ryan huffed as he stepped out of the car. she rolled her eyes. 

"Because I said so." 

Mary hissed; 

"And because Ben and Bree are still on Vacation and Justin is rehearsing for tour." 

Ryan groaned 

"Lucky me." 

"Oh stop it Ryan, you were all excited to spend the day with Mary," 

I said putting my hair in a pony tale. 

"Shut up." 

He growled, Mary smirked,

"don't look at me like that!"

he narrowed his eyes at Her, she rolled hers back in response. 

"Can we please Just get this over with?" 

She huffed now agitated; We nodded as we stepped onto the front porch; Mary dug they keys out of her pocket opening the door, The smell of dust and moist air hit our faces as we walked through,

"Still looks exactly how mom left it." 

She whispered faintly smiling at me.
I laid my hand on her shoulder. 

"You sure about this?" 

She nodded walking further in. 

"This place is huge." 

Ryan whispered in amazement.

 She nodded Walking slowly around the living room. 

"Are these boxes going?" 

Mary and I looked at him, 

"Yeah, I am putting everything in storage for now." 

He nodded picking up the box to take it to the car.


She said holding out a photo for me to see, i walked over taking it; a smile spreading across my face. 

"We were 10; I remember the beach was so warm." 

I whispered, 

"Look how happy they look." 

Mary pointed to our moms, my smile fading. 

"It's crazy you know; i never thought-" 

She stopped; but i nodded knowing exactly what she meant. 

She sighed laying the picture back down. 

"You guys okay?" 

We looked up at Ryan. 

"Yeah, lets just get this done." 

She whispered walking into the kitchen away from us. I shrugged before nodding at Ryan to the boxes on the stairs. 

(Justins Pov) 

"Good job guys take 5." 

I jogged over to Payton as she handed me my water. 

"Thank you Princess." 

"Welcome Daddy, When does your tour start?" 

"The 1st why?" 

I asked screwing the lid back on my water, She shrugged looking down," 


 I sat down beside her lifting her to my lap. 

"Whats wrong?" 

She looked up at me.

"I'm never going to see you." 

She whispered; I sighed.

"Yes you are baby; You and Mommy are going to come visit me every chance you get;  and i will come here too; And every night we cant see each other i will call, Plus you don't have school the first day of tour so you and mommy are coming to watch me." 


I smiled

"Promise; don't worry about anything okay?" 

She nodded 


I kissed her head setting her back on the couch. 

"Alright, We have a few more songs then its You, me and Ice Cream okay?" 

I asked poking her cheek; she giggled; nodding her head as i jogged back over to the crew. 

(Shanels Pov) 

"Are you guys almost done?" 

Justin asked, i switched the phone to the other ear, 

"Yeah we just have a few more boxes then we will home." 

"Okay, I thought maybe we could eat dinner and watch a movie with Payton tonight, if you want?" 

I pit my lip, 

"Yeah that sounds great." 

"Okay, good." 

I could hear his smile. 

"Ill see you soon then?" 


"I love you, Shanel." 

"I love you too, Justin." 

I laughed clicking my phone off. 

"Why are you so happy?" 

Mary asked sticking a box down. 

"Clearly not because she is having fun" 

Ryan huffed, 

"Just shut up and take this." 

Mary hissed shoving a box at him, 


He muttered under his breath. 

"What was that?" 

She growled snapping her head to look at him, 


He growled back; 

"That's what I thought." 

She smiled sarcastically as he walked out the door, i shook my head laughing. 


"Nothing; Its just you guys like each other so much its crazy" 

she narrowed her eyes at me. 

"I don't like him." 

She growled through her teeth, I held my hands up in surrender. 

"Fine whatever you say." 

I winked standing up. feeling a bit light headed. 

"You okay?" 

She asked raising her eyebrow? I nodded 

"yeah fine, i just stood up to fast i think." 

I looked away.

"Whats wrong?" 


 she put her hands on her hips. 

"What are you not telling me?" 


I whispered biting my lip, 

"Nells you're my cousin; i have known you our whole life and i know when you're lying; whats up with you? You have been acting weird all day; is it the house? Do you want to go?" 

I shook my head. 

"No its not that its just-" 

I paused taking in a deep breath. 

"Just what?" 

She pressed, I sighed

"I am late." 

"Late for what i thought you didn't have any plans tonigh-" 

she stopped as her eyes got big. 

"Wait- Late, late?" 

her voice now a whisper. I nodded biting the inside of my cheek. 

"are you..." 

"No! Or at least i don't think, maybe." 

She gasped. 

"Have you said anything to Justin." 


i snapped 

"I don't even know for sure i'm not bothering him with this! not now he just got back last week." 

"Yeah and He is leaving for a world tour in 4 days you think he should know about something like this!" 

"Their is nothing to know yet! i don't even know if i am; Can we just drop the subject please?" 

"No i will not drop it; you need to take a test; i think i have one up in my old room, we will grab it before we leave okay?" 

I huffed 

"Mary I-" 


She cut me off; her voice stern; i sighed. 

"Okay fine, i will take a test." 

She nodded. 

"And tell Justin" 

"tell Justin what?" 

Ryan asked walking in the door; 

"Nothing; lets grab these last few boxes." 

i said picking one up walking out of the house leaving them behind. How was i supposed to tell Justin i was possibly pregnant?

Auguest 27, 2012
(Shanels Pov) 

"I am so happy you guys are home." 

i said hugging Bree again; she laughed 

"Its good to be home." 

"But i am going to miss the alone time." 

Ben cooed kissing her cheek. She giggled leaning into him, 

"Its good to see you man; These girls have been ganging up on Jay and i since you left," 

Ryan murmured slapping Bens back. 

"Shut up Ryan." 

Mary hissed. 

"See abuse!" 

"Oh ill give you abuse." 

"Children calm down." 

I said sitting on top of the desk in the lobby. 

"Where is Justin?" 

"He went to get Payton from Ballet; then she wanted to stop an get these new shoes for school tomorrow." 

"Oh yeah thats right she starts kindergarten tomorrow; are you excited?" 

Bree asked taking Bens hand. I sighed

"Kind of, I just cant believe she is 5 already." 

"time for another one." 

Ben joked; I laughed nervously. 

"might be too late.." 

Mary whispered loud enough for only I to hear. 
i nudged her arm. 


she hissed rubbing it. I glared at her. 

"Well i am happy you're back I can spend some time with you before you leave to go back home." 

Dad said from behind the desk. 

"Yeah about that i-" 

"Mommy, Mommy look." 

Payton yelled running to me;  hoped off the desk. 

"Daddy got me two pairs of new shoes." 

"She can be very persuasive." 

he groaned kissing my cheek. we laughed 

"They are very cute sweetie." 

"Uncle Ben, Aunt Bree" 

She screamed running to them now noticing them standing beside me. 

"Hey darling." 

Ben kissed her head picking her up. 

"I missed you guys." 

"Awe; we missed you to pumpkin." 

Bree kissed her head. 

"Good to see you man." 

Justin said shaking his hand. He nodded before handing Pay over to him; They looked at each other smiling before glancing back at us. 

"Okay what is up with you too?" 

Mary asked putting her hands on her hips. 

"Yeah you two have been smitten ever since you got back." 

I added as Justin slid his free hand around my waist pulling me closer. 

"Do you want to tell them or should I?" 

Ben asked her she shrugged. 

"You go ahead." 

He nodded; 

"Well as i was saying before Payton and Justin arrived, I wont be going back to LA." 

"What? Really?" 

I asked excited. 


Payton yelled clapping, we all laughed 

"What changed your mind." 

dad asked now curious. 

Bree smiled as Ben nodded for her to continue. 


She said pulling up here sleeve that was covering her arm. 

"We are Engaged" 

She held up the ring for us to see.


Mary and i screamed Hugging her. 

"Congratulations Man." 

Justin and Ryan shook Bens hand. 


dad asked raising his eyebrow. Before a smile growing on his face. pulling Ben in to hug him. 

"Your mom would be so proud of you." 

"Thanks dad." 

They slowly pulled away.

"Aren't you excited pay? I'm going to be your Aunt." 

Bree asked bending down to her height.   

"I thought you already where." 

She said confused causing us to smile. 

"We should go out and Celebrate." 

"Yeah but not tonight I am beat from our flight."

"Yeah payton has her first day of school tomorrow; she needs to go to bed soon." 

"Yay School" 

She said clapping her hands. 

(Justins Pov) 

"How did he ask you?" 

Shanel asked leaning into me. 

"Its was really romantic actually; We were having dinner on the beach; it was our last night, Ben told me look up in the sky and a skywriting plane wrote Merry Me. And When I looked back at him he was on one knee." 


Shanel and Mary both cooed. 

"Thats so cute!"

Mary screeched, 

"I can be romantic like that." 

Ryan smirked, she rolled her eyes. 

"Don't ruin a good moment." 

She hissed at him. 

"So Justin? When are you and Shanel Going to get married?" 

I scoffed. 

"What was that?" 

Shanel asked crossing her arms. 

"Nothing, It's just we aren't getting married," 

She furrowed her brow. 

"And why not?" 

i sighed. 

"Nell come on we already made the mistake of being teen parents do we really want to screw up more by getting married." 


Ben whispered. Shanel scoffed. Glaring at me.

"Come on Payton lets get you ready for bed." 

She picked her up pushing past me. 


"Just forget it Justin; Congratulations guys; we will see you tomorrow; say good night to your father." 

She growled. 

"Night daddy Love you;"

"Love you too princess; see you in the morning." 

everyone stared at me as she walked away. I sighed running my hands through my hair. 

"How bad did that actually sound?" 

I asked looking at everyone. 

"Bad bro." 

Ryan huffed shaking his head. 

"Damn it." 

i hissed 

"I didn't mean it like that I just-" 

i shook my head. 

"Dude tell that to her not us." 

Mary hissed clearly mad at me. i rolled my eyes. why was it such a big deal not to want to get married?

(Shanels Pov) 

I had finally got Payton to sleep; too much excitement for one day. I can't believe Justin actually said having Payton was a mistake, i huffed packing her lunch for tomorrow; I jumped slightly to a sharp knock on the door, I rolled my eyes knowing exactly who it was before i even opened the door. 

"What do you want Justin?" 

I folded my arms, He sighed

"Can we talk?" 

"I'm busy making our "mistakes" Lunch for tomorrow." 

I hissed, He groaned running his hands through his hair shoving past me. 

"Sure come in." 

My voice lased with sarcasm. 

"Shanel stop this right now." 

"Me? Your the one who said you didn't want to marry me because payton was already one mistake! I mean how could you say that Justin? Especially in front of her! You're lucky she didn't understand what you meant!" 

I walked back into the kitchen putting Pays stuff in her book bag he followed. 

"Can I talk now?" 

He asked shoving his hands into his pocket. I rolled my eyes ignoring him. 

"ill take take as a yes; Shanel look i didn't mean it the way t came out okay? But I honestly do not want to get married; at least not right now. i am happy the way things are now; we are just getting back on track after everything-" 

He paused walking closer to me.

"Will you please look at me?" 

He took the stuff out of my hands setting them on the counter as he took mine in his own. 

"Look at me baby," 

he whispered, I bit my lip as i glanced up at him; his caramel eyes making my heart thaw a little. 

"I'm so sorry I said it like I did; But i am being honest with you; Isn't that what we agreed to do? be honest? That means not keeping anything from one another; even if that hurts your feelings, I'm sorry. 

I glanced away from him; feeling guilty for being mad at him, yet not telling him about maybe being pregnant; I still hadent taken the test; It was just sitting in my purse; i sighed. before glancing back up at him. 

"You're right;" 

"I am?" 

He asked raising his eyebrow. I nodded 

"Yeah; I like things the way they are now as well, lets just forget about it okay?" 

He smiled 


He leaned down his lips softly touching mine. 

"I love you" 

i smiled 

"I love you too." 

Augest 28th 2012
(Shanels Pov) 

"How did dropping her off go?" 

Mary asked as we walked into the hotel. 

"A lot of crying." 

I laughed. 

"Awh poor Pay." 

Bree said leaning into Ben. 

"Oh i'm not talking about pay." 

he groaned. 

"i wasn't crying I just had something in my eye that's all!" 

"Whatever you say." 

Everyone giggled. 

"It was hard okay; she didn't even say bye she just ran over to her friends and that was it." 

he pouted. 

"Awe, my poor baby." 

I kissed his cheek. 

"Come on how about we go upstairs and i will make you something." 


I giggled. 

"Sure come on; we will see you guys later." 

I grabbed justins hand watching as he sulked the whole was to the elevator. 

(Justins Pov) 

"Where is Payton?" 

I asked setting my stuff from rehearsal down on the table. 

"She decided to stay after at school and hang out with a friend." 

"Great! Now she doesn't even want to come home from school!" 

I groaned, She laughed kissing my cheek. 

"it will be okay!" 

"No it won't i leave in 3 days,and she doesn't even want to spend time with me!." 

She sighed hugging my waist; 

"Awe! ill spent time with you," 

I smirked kissing her quickly, 

"How about i go make something to eat while you freshen up because you're all sweaty and smelly; then we can cuddle and watch a movie." 
I raised my eyebrow smelling my arm pits. 

"I don't smell that bad." 

"Oh god, yes you do go." 

She said plugging her nose playfully. I smiled. 

"As you wish." 

I quickly got a shower and changed before walking back into the kitchen where shanel was. 

"Mmm Smells good." 

I murmured kissing her cheek; she giggled turning to face me her arms wraping around my neck.  

"Thank you." 

"Your'e welcome, You're so pretty you know that?" 

She bushed looking away. 

"Stop it." 

"Stop what? telling the truth? never." 

I kissed her once more.

"Do you have any aspirin my head in killing me." 

"Yeah in my purse i think; in the living room" 


I kissed her cheek before walking into the living room, reaching inside my eyebrows furrowed as i pulled out a small box. 

(Shanels Pov) 

"Did you find it." 

I asked walking into the living room. 

he quickly turned around; my heat stopped as i saw what was in his hands.
"Who the hell does this belong too?" 

Justin hissed holding up the empty package; i looked down at my hands. 


I whispered. 


i sighed looking up at him. 

"Its mine!" 

I said louder this time; His eyes got big. 

"You're pregnant?"

He whispered in horror. 

"No; i mean I don't know i haven't taken it yet." 

"This is empty." 

he hissed shaking the package. 

"Clearly; The test is in my room i was going to take it tonight." 

"How long have you known?" 

He growled. 

"Known? Justin i don't even know if i am; And only a few days Mary-" 

"Mary knows? Great that means Ryan fucking knows now too and I am sure she told Bree and Ben too. Fuck Shanel;" 

He ran his hands though his hair. 

"Why didn't you tell me." 

"Because if I wasn't i didn't want you to get all worked up over nothing." 


He hissed 


He through the empty package. 

"I Not nothing! How could you keep this from me; after last night; when we said no secrets! What the fuck shanel!" 

He now yelled causing me to jump a little. 

"Justin you're over reacting I don't even know if i am yet! 

"How could you be so careless!" 

He sneered.

"ME? It takes two buddy!" 

He scoffed. 

"What one wasn't enough? You wanted two? did you plan this?" 

"What No!" 

I hissed. Tears springing in my eyes.

"This is just fucking great!" 

He ran both hands through his hair. 

"i'm sorry Justin okay? i screwed up by not telling you and i'm sorry! I deserve to be yelled at and for you to be mad at me; But i was scared; I still am scared! you had Just gotten back and things were perfect again; You get mad so easily.  and you are leaving in a few days and i'm just sorry okay!" 

(Justins Pov) 

i softened eminently as i saw shanel start to cry; I quickly grabbed her pulling her in for a hug, 

"I'm sorry." 

She sobbed, 

"Shhh... No baby; i'm sorry; I never should have acted like that." 

I whispered rubbing her back. 

"You had every right to keep it from me; I do get mad quickly, too quickly, I was just shocked, I didn't know what to think, I still don't." 

She pulled back a little hiccuping as i whipped her tears with my thumb. 

"How about you go take they test. and we go from their okay?"

she nodded slowly. 

"Just know, whatever the outcome, i will be here, for you and the baby, I'm no going anywhere." 

I kissed her head before letting her go so she could walk into her room; i sighed rubbing my face as i flopped down on the couch; Another baby? Could we even handle it? And i will be on tour, she will have to do most of the pregnancy alone; Just like last time I groaned laying my heads in my hands. I was just barely getting the hang of this dad thing; I looked up as i heard the bathroom door open, Shanel stood in front of me the test in her hands, i stood up. 

"Whats it say?" 

She looked down then back up again; the blood drained from her face.


she whispered; my heart sinking to the floor; holy shit! 


A/N///////////////////////////// OH MY GOD!!!!!! That chapter tho<333 What do you guys think is going to happen? Shanel Pregnant! CRAZY! But i have a few tricks up my sleeve so don't get to excited (; I am so sorry it took so long to update! I wrote this chapter about a week ago and then my computer crashed causing me to loose ALL my work! I was so Upset! i screamed, cursed out everyone,Cried and even contemplating never writing again; But then i realized everything was going to be alright(; So i sucked it up and finally re wrote the chapter! So what about Justin being sick this week! I felt so bad! I wish i could have made him soup and just cuddled with him; But then again don't we all :P Anyways,,,,I hope you guys like this chapter! Promise to update again soon! Leave comments and follow all the Characters and I on twitter ! Love you guys<33333

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