Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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24. Chapter 22 (Flashbacks!)


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P.s. Anything in Italic and Bold is a flashback(;


August 18, 2012

(Shanels Pov)


"Payton sweetie, come on we have to go get your stuff for school."

I yelled slipping on my shoes.

"Coming Mama, Just feeding Believe."

She poked her head around the corner and I nodded.

"So she is better?"

Mary asked drinking her coffee. I shrugged.

"She is still tired all the time but at least she got her memory back."

She nodded. I turned to grab my coat.

"When is the last time you spoke to Justin?"

I whipped my head around.

"Not since he left."

I snapped.

"Woh, sorry, I didn't mean to upset you."

I sighed.

"I'm not upset sorry, It's just a touchy subject still that's all."

"I understand, So he hasn't called?"


My tone clipped and short.


"Can we not talk about it anymore? please?"

She sighed.


I half smiled.


"Yup; so when does Bree and Ben get back?"

I shrugged setting our cups in the sink.

"I think next week, It was good for them to get a vacation."

She nodded

"You can't tell anyone especially Bree; But i think Ben is going to ask her to marry him when they get back."

Her eyes got wide,

"What! Shut up."

"I know, but he had hinted around to it a few times and asked me what i thought, he really loves her."

she smirked

"Someone has too."

I laughed rolling my eyes.

"Oh stop it, you know you love her too."

She smiled.

"She has kind of grown on me."

I shook my head laughing.

"Like Ryan?"

She narrowed her eyes at me.

"Don't start with that shit."

Her voice ice. i held back a snicker.

"You know i can't stand him."

"That's not what you were saying at Bens Birthday Party last week."

She groaned.

"I was drunk!"

I laughed.

"You know they say your true feelings come out when you're drunk right?"

"Shut up!"

I held my hands up in surrender.

"I'm just saying."


She growled folding her arms. I shook my head, 

"Are you still coming with me tomorrow to my moms house?"

She asked changing the subject. I nodded

"Of course; are you sure you're ready?"

She sighed

"Yeah I think so; I mean I have to at some point right?"

I half smiled.


"Ready Mommy"

Payton ran to me and I picked her up.

"Alright lets go,"

"What about Uncle Ryan?"

"He had something to do today sweetie."


She frowned. I looked at Mary her face also sightly sad. i smirked.

"I'm not sure who is more upset; You or Aunt Mary"

Payton giggled.

"Lets just go!"

She hissed walking out the door. Payton looked at me laughing as we closed the door behind us.

(Justins POV)

"Justin Bro you coming?"

I looked over at Kenny and nodded.

"You alright bro?"

I smiled.

"I'm fine; just thinking is all."

I grabbed my bag off the head board of the plane and followed kenny to the exit.

"You nervous?"

I shrugged

"More Happy; but yeah a little worried, i mean last time i talked to Shanel she told me not to bother coming back. Then i never called the whole time i was gone."

he patted my back.

"JB, You did what was best for you guys; I'm sure she will understand. And you called Ryan every night to check on them."

I huffed before finally nodding as we walked out of the tunnel.;


Ryan yelled walking towards us.

"Hey man!"

We did our handshake.

"You look great bro!"

"I feel great!"

i smiled.

"You didn't tell them i was coming did you?"

He shook his head grabbing one of my bags.

"No; They are actually out shopping right now for Paytons school stuff."

I nodded as we headed towards the car.

"Is she still mad at me?"

He sighed.

"Honestly Bro; like i told you every time you asked me that, She never talked about it,"

I nodded

"And Payton?"

"She just got her memory back a week ago, she is sad, but not mad."

I ran my hands through my hair,

"Did i do the right thing?"

He looked at me shocked.

"Of course you did man! Don't ever doubt that okay?"

I sighed before looking out the window. If he was right, then why did i feel like shit.

(Shanels Pov)


"Payton that purse is so cute!"

Mary cooed as we walked back into the hotel; she giggled.

"Thank you guys for taking me shopping."

I smiled

"Anything for my little girl."

I kissed her cheek and she giggled whipping it off.

"I'm starving; lets go eat"

Mary walked to the desk as we followed.

"Hey daddy"

I said kissing his cheek; he half smiled,

"Hi sweetie."

 I frowned setting payton down.

"Whats wrong?"

he sighed.

"Oh my god!"

Mary whispered her face full of shock.


I whipped my head around, watching as Payton ran to Justin,

"Theirs my Princess"

He said kissing her head. She hugged him tighter.

"I missed you so much"

He smiled.

"I missed you too."

he kissed her again, before his gaze met mine.


He whispered I couldn't move, my body fully of Anger and Happiness at the same time,


I managed to chock out.

"Did you know about this!"

Mary hissed turning her head to look at Ryan; He shrugged looking down. She scowled at him.

"What are you doing here Bieber; you need to go."

she growled, Justin sighed

"Mary stop."

Ryan said, she looked at him.

"Stop? are you kidding? After everything he did!"

she screeched.


Payton whimpered hugging him tighter.

"Shh; i'm not going anywhere sweetie;"

"Yes you're Shanel tell him!"

I looked at Mary and Ryan then back at Justin and Payton; I was so confused.

"Sweetie can you go with Aunt Mary and Uncle Ryan while Daddy and I talk?"

she looked at Justin then at me before hugging him again.

"You're not leaving?"

He shook his head.

"No Princess, I'm not"

She nodded as Justin sat her back on the ground, her little feet running to to Ryan as he picked her up.

"Do you want to talk here or-"

"The office."

I mumbled cutting him off, He slowly nodded following me as i headed down the hallway, I opened the door waiting for him to walk in before clings it behind me. for a few minutes we stood their just staring at one another, his eyes searching mine for Answers.

"Look I know you are mad."

He whispered breaking the silence. I scoffed.

"Mad? No Justin mad doesn't even begin to describe the anger I am feeling right now."

"I understand-"

"No Justin you don't at all! You have no idea what it was like when you left! You did't think about us? You didn't even care enough to call."

I screeched tears forming in my eyes.


"I did call! I called Ryan every night to see how you guys were! Their wasn't a day that went by that i didn't think about you two!"

I rolled my eyes.

"So you could call Ryan but not me? I needed you! Justin i needed you here and you left! almost a month since we have seen you, and now you're back thinking everything is going to be okay?"


He whispered walking closer;

"No; don't"

I shook my head. Stepping back.

 "Justin, I told you that if you left, Don't come back. and i meant that!"

He looked at me with shock.

"Shanel. I needed help, why can't you see that?"

I shrugged.

"Why couldn't you see that I needed you? We both needed you, And you chose-"


He asked cutting me off.

"You're right Shanel; I did choose myself; and you can hate me or call me selfish or do whatever you want to do but Payton is still MY daughter too and you can't keep me from seeing her just because you want to throw a two year old baby fit. And if you have a problem with that i guess we will Just see what the courts have to say about it"

He hissed firmly; i stared at him in shock.

"Are you going to threaten to take Payton from me every time we disagree?"

I whispered in tears. He sighed.

"No, I mean-"

he rubbed his face.

"I'm sorry, That was wrong okay i get that, But i have a right to be in her life."

I nodded

"You're right; you do."

He raised his eyebrow,

"I'm right?"

I nodded

"Yeah; But lets make one thing clear; you can be in her life all you want; just stay the hell out of mine, You can see Payton, take her out, whatever just don't talk to me-"

"Shanel that's ridiculous-"

"No ridiculous was me having to help Payton get her memory back all on my own, ridiculous was having to explain over and over again to Payton why you weren't here; then having to re explain it when she got her memory back!!! Or when I would have to hold her every night when she would cry because you didn't call yet again! That's what is ridiculous Justin!

He stared at me sadness in his eyes.

"Nell I-"

"We should get back out their."

I whipped my eyes. He sighed running his hands through his hair.

"But we haven't fixed anything yet!"

I looked at him.

"That's because their is nothing left to fix."

I opened the door leaving him standing their; lost in his own thoughts.

(Justins Pov)


Shanel and I really hadn't looked at one another all night; I mean i know she is upset, and honestly i can't blame her, Even though I know i did the right thing, it doesn't make me feel any less shitty about it! But one thing was for sure, i still love her and I wanted to make it up to her.

"Justin? Hello earth to Jay?"

Ryan waved his hand in front of my face;


I said looking up;

"you okay?"

Ryan asked raising his eyebrow, I nodded

"Yeah bro fine."

I side glanced at Shanel who was looking at her phone,

"You're silly daddy"

Payton giggled poking my cheek. i laughed kissing her head.

"Well its getting late, we should probably get you to bed."

Shanel said standing up. Payton huffed.

"But i want to spend time with Daddy."

Shanel sighed.

"Can i stay with him tonight?"


Shanel said agitated, i sighed picking up Payton.

"I'm not going anywhere princess, Ill see you in the morning okay?"

She hugged me tight.


I nodded

"Pinky promise."

I held out my pinky and she wrapped her little one around mine.

"I love you Daddy."

"I love you too hunny."

I kissed her head once more before setting her down she ran to Shanel.

"See you in the morning?"

"First thing."

I reassured her smiling.

"Night Uncle Ryan, Night Aunt Mary"

"Night Pay"

They said in sync before they blushed looking away. I raised my eyebrow.


Mary snapped irritably; I shook my head chuckling,

"Nothing, that was just cute."

She rolled her eyes. i smirked at Ryan who smirked back at me,

"Don't do that Bieber"

Mary hissed. i smiled

"Do what?"

"Try to be all funny; i still hate you for what you did to Payton And Shanel."

I groaned rolling my eyes.

"Not you too."

 She huffed.

"Yes me too! That's my cousin you hurt."

"I know i hurt her okay you don't have to remind me."

I hissed. she rolled her eyes

"Besides i am going to make it up to her."

She scoffed.

"Oh yeah how?"

I smirked.

"Okay here is the plan, I need your help."


August 19, 2012


(Shanels Pov)

"Payton Please stop running down here."

I yelled as she ran around the lobby i sighed.

"She is full of energy today."

i looked up to see Mary, Ryan and Justin walking over, i smiled

"Tell me about it, I am almost done here then we can go to the house?"

She sighed

"About that, Ryan and I were actually wondering if we could take  Payton to the park? you know get out for a while?"

My dad snickered, i turned to look at him, then back at them,

"You and Ryan?"

I asked raising my eyebrow, She nodded

"Yeah a date"

Ryan said slinging his arm around her waist she nudged him in the ribs.

"Okay maybe not a date yet."

he huffed grabbing his stomach as the wind was knocked out of him.


Mary growled.

"Anyways, Can we?"

"What about the house?"

She shrugged

"Maybe tomorrow?"

"I think you should let them"

I looked at Justin narrowing my eyes,

"Okay whats up?"


They all said at the same time, I crossed my arms.

Mary sighed.

"We just want to take her out that's it."

(Justins Pov)

I looked from Mary to Shanel; I could tell she thought something was up,


She said finally exasperated. they smiled.

"Great, Come on Pay, we are going out."

Ryan said picking her up, she smiled.

"Yay! Where?"


Mary said putting on her coat.

"Be good."

Shanel said kissing her head. she nodded.

"Love you princess"

"Love you"

Ryan winked at me before turning and walking out the door, Shanel looked back at her work. I scratched the back of my head.

"Can I help you Bieber?"

She raised her eyebrow at me. I shook my head. she looked back down. and i walked over playing with the hotel bell on her desk, she huffed.

"Okay really what do you want?"

She groaned. i shrugged.

"Okay either tell me what you want or go away."

She hissed, I sighed.

"Okay Look; I actually asked Ryan and Mary to take Pay out so i could take you somewhere."

"You what?"

She growled, I scratched the back of my head shrugging.

"Justin what part of leave me alone didn't you get?"

I sighed.

"Okay Ill make you a deal; let me take you where i wan't to and talk and even after that if you want me to leave you alone i will okay?"

She bit her lip. thinking.


I prompted her, she rolled her eyes.

"Fine, whatever."

She grumbled standing up.

"Dad ill be back."

he nodded, i smiled.

"Alright lets go."

she huffed walking past me. I sighed following behind her, this is going to be harder than i thought.


(Shanels Pov)


"Where the hell are we going? we have been driving for like 45 minutes?"

I hissed, he smiled

"Its a surprise."

"I hate surprises,"

He sighed.

"you used to love them when we first met."

I rolled my eyes.

"That was a long time ago."

I whispered before looking out the window.


"Mom I'm going to get a drink."


I said standing up, she nodded as i walked along the path to the booth that sold soda, i can't believe my mom had drug me to another one of her charity benefits,


"One cream soda"


 I handed the guy my money, and he handed me my soda.


"Heads up!"


I turned to see a young kid coming right at me on a skateboard. I closed my eyes




I reopened them to see a kid lying on top of me.


"Are you okay?"


he whispered. I nodded slowly


"I would be better if you would get off me."


"Oh, sorry."


he said standing up before extending a hand to help me up.


"Sorry about that. I'm not that good at stopping yet."


He awkwardly scratched the back of his head.


"Its fine."


I said biting my lip




He stuck out his hand for me to shake, i took it,




He smiled.


"Well Shanel"


he said pulling his hand away.


"How about i buy you a new soda."


I smiled.




"We are here"

Justin said pulling me from my thoughts. I looked up before quickly looking at Justin.

"You remember this place?

he whispered, I slowly nodded as he walked around to open my door, I looked up, the old cabin,

"You remember when we found this place?" 


"Jay where are you taking me!"


 "Shh Babe stop asking questions and just follow me!"


He laughed and I sighed following close behind. five minutes later he stopped.


 "Here it is."


 I Laughed


"You brought me to an old smelly cabin!"


 He smirked


Its old and smelly now but we can fix it up, Make it brand new;"


He looked at me running his hand through his hair.


"it will be our special place!"


He whispered hugging me from behind i smiled leaning into him./////


"it took us ALL summer to rebuild it;"

he said looking at me, i sighed.

"It was the best summer of my life."

He smiled

"Mine too; Come on lets go inside."

He walked opening the door letting me in first. i looked around at all the pictures.

"It sill looks the same."

he whispered,

"I never touched it after you left."

I walked over to the fire place picking up a photo. Justin laughed.

"Remember that day?"

I nodded

"You ate like 8 hot dogs, rode the Superman; then threw up all over your moms new car."/////////



"Justin that is the 8th one no more!"


Pattie said crossing her arms. 


"Mom its fine im totally fine. see"


he shoved the hot dog in his mouth, I laughed shaking my head.


 "Oh my god Nell look the Superman"


He pointed to the really big roller coaster.


 "Jay thats not a good ide-"


 "Come on nelly you scared?"


I rolled my eyes.


  "Pff no!"


 "Then come on!"


 He took my hand and we headed to the ride; five minutes later it was done and we walked to our parents. 


"that was amazing!"


I said giggling, I looked back raising my eyebrow.


 "Justin you okay?"


Pattie asked..


 "NO i dont feel so-"


 Before he could finish he got sick all over the side of his moms new car.


 "Told you!"


I cooed once he was done, He smirked, grabbing me by my waist.


"Eww eat a mint"


I joked kissing his cheek. he chuckled


 "You know what i love about you?"


He whispered.


 "Hmm no what?"


I teased moving his hair from his face.


  "You think you're so smart"


"Think? I am!"


 "Hmm whatever you say babe-"


Before he could finish he threw up again, i gigled rubbing his back.


"Maybe next time you will listen to me."/////



"And you still don't listen to me."

I grumbled lying the photo back down. He sighed looking around.

"You have this one?"

He said holding up the photo Him, Ryan, Chaz and I the night we got grounded. I walked over taking it.

"We got into so much trouble that night."////



"Shanel, nell, NELLZ!


I jolted awake to justin shaking me


 "Hmm what?"


I growled rolling over.


 "Shh get dressed."


I looked at him


"What why"


"Where going ridding.''


I looked at the clock


 "Jay its 2 in the morning?"


 "I know we are going with ryan and chaz now come on!"


He ripped my covers off i groaned before I slowly got up and dressed. Meeting Justin back outside.


 "Justin i dont think-"


 "Babe its okay where fine,"


He kissed me as we got on the bikes and road down the path Ryan and Chaz ahead of us.


 "Oh my god Jay the cops!"


I yelled seeing the lights behind us.




 Chaz and Ryan took off Just as our bike stalled.




Justin whispered.


  "What are you kids doing here its two in the morning? this is  private property! no trespassing"


We didn’t say anything.


 "im going to have to take you home"


I looked at Justin; we were so dead.


We got in the cop car and drove to justins house he squeezed my hand


 "Its going to be okay"  he whispered I nodded, We got to his house and the officer took us up to the door and knocked my heart was in my stomach! pattie answered wrapping her robe tighter around her, she looked at the officer then at us. Her face full of anger.


"Mrs. Mallet?"


"What where you guys thinking you could have gotten hurt!"


 "Mom its my fault i drug Shanel along she didn't do it I’m sorry!"


 She sighed


"Get to bed, We will talk about this in the morning. Shanel you can stay here ill call your mom in the morning."


 "thats it; wow?"


Justin smiled. 


"funny but no grounded for two weeks now go."


She pointed to his room, we slowly walked to it. Taking off our shoes and crawling in.




I whispered




He said nuzzling in my neck. 


"That was awesome!"


 He smiled kissing my head.


"I love you"


"I love you too."


I closed my eyes slowly drifting off to sleep./////


"You would get me into so much trouble."

He smirked

"You loved it."

I nodded.

"yeah i did."

"Whats this one?"

"The day i told my Parents and ben about me being Pregnant."

"Oh, i never did ask, how did that go?"

i sighed.



"Mom, dad, Ben I need to tell you guys something."


I whispered walking into the living room, they smiled.


"Of course sweetie, anything."


My mom said patting the couch beside her, i sat down looking at them, i couldn’t hold it in anymore i bursted into tears.


"Sweetheart whats wrong?"


My mom rubbed my back.


"Is this about Justin leaving?"


Ben asked. I shook my head.


"You guys are going to hate me."


i sobbed.


"Oh nell, we could never hate you!"


My dad said shocked, i took a deep breath.


"I'm pregnant."


I whispered.




My mom asked in shock.


"I'm pregnant."


I said louder this time.


"Holy shit."


Ben yelled. I cried more.


"Shh sweetie, its okay"


My mom said now crying too.


"Dad please say something."


"Ill kill him; Where is he i am going to fucking rip his face off"


he yelled standing up.


"No stop! Dad you can't! he is gone!"


"We will call him,"


Ben grumbled clearly pissed. at him or me? i couldn't tell.


"No you can't, it will ruin his life,"


That is when it really sunk in to me. My face fell.


"I'm 14, pregnant and alone"


I sunk to the floor.


"I have to do this alone."


I cried out.


"Oh baby."


My dad sunk next to me.


"You are not alone! You have us. We will always be here."////


whipped my eyes.

"Shanel I-“

I shook my head.

"Don't worry about it. Nothing you can do now right?"

he sighed. as i looked over, My smile forming again.

"This is the day Payton was born."

I said handing him the photo. he smiled looking at it.///



"Mommy I can't do this, It hurts please"


I cried holding her hand tighter.


"You are doing great sweetie, we are almost their."


She rubbed my head.


"do you need anything?"


Mary asked grabbing my hand.


"Justin, I need Justin so i can kill him for doing this to me."


I cried in anger.


"Oh hunny."


My mom kissed my head. Chuckling.


"How are we doing?"


The doctor asked walking in.


"Get her out of me!!!!"


I screamed as a contraction came.




he said looking;


"I think you are ready to push."


he put on his gloves,


"Alright on 3"


I shook my head.


"I can't. i can’t do it. Mommy, I’m not strong enough."


i cried,


"Yes you are baby; Come on you can do this. On three okay?"


I nodded




"She is so beautiful."


Ben said handing her back to me, I smiled.


"She looks like you."


My dad said putting his arm around my mom. i shook my head.


"No she looks like her dad."


"What are you going to name her."


My aunt Carrie asked changing the subject I smiled looking at her.


"I don’t know what should I name her? I never thought about it?"


"Whatever you want sweetie."


I thought a second before smiling.


"Welcome to the world Payton Paige Bieber."////


"You wanted to kill me?"

I laughed.

"Yeah, at the time."

He sighed.

"i'm sorry i wasn't their."

I shrugged setting the photo back down.

"How did we get here?"

I whispered looking around.

 He looked confused. 

"What do you mean?"

 I sat down on the couch and he sat across from me on the table.

  "Here fighting with a 5 year old daughter?"

he smirked

"Well i know how we got the 5 year old daughter"

I gently shoved him rolling my eyes.

"You know what i mean."

  He sighed.

  "I don’t know,"

"I never thought we would end up here! Fighting i hate it!"

"Me too, Shanel I am so sorry that I left, Honestly if i could go back i wouldn't have left, but i really need you to understand i needed help, i was out of control; I was scared i would hurt you or Payton, I never meant to hurt you. Honest.

I nodded.

"I know, I'm sorry I said what i did. I was being kind of selfish, I knew you needed help and i am so glad you are better. I just needed you."

Tears started to form in my eyes.

"Hey, don’t cry"

He whispered whipping away my tears.

"I don't want to fight anymore."

I sobbed shaking my head, he sighed.

"Me either, Shanel I love you with all of my heart. You and Payton are my world. I am never leaving you guys again."

I looked away.

"What’s wrong?"

he asked placing his hands on the side of my face turning me back to face him. I shook my head.

"No, tell me baby."

I sighed.

"Tour starts in three weeks. So please do not say you won’t leave again."

"Shanel, that's different that will only be for a few weeks at a time, and you and Payton can fly and see me anytime you guys want,"

"And you will call?"

He smiled

"Twice a day."

He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear,

"I love you."

I bit my lip.

"I love you too."

He kissed me softly.

"We should probably head back."

I nodded. He stood up taking my hand.


I said taking out my phone. He raised his eyebrow.

"What are you doing?"

I smiled.

"Lets take a picture; another memory?"

He smiled before wrapping his arms around me from behind. I snapped the picture then kissed his cheek.

"Alright lets go."

I looked around once more before closing the door behind us,

"Nowhere but up from here."

He said opening my car door. I giggled; hopefully he was right.

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