Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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23. Chapter 21 (Who are you?)

*Please read note at end*


July 26, 2012
(Shanels Pov) 

"You guys want some Coffee or something?"

we looked up from Paytons Bed side; Justin glanced at me and i shook my head, 

"No thanks." 

He said to Mary as we turned our attention back to payton, they sighed. 

"You guys have to eat or something" 

Mary pushed, i rolled my eyes.

"We are fine okay!" 

I snapped, causing them all to jump a little, I looked up at them and sighed, 

"I'm sorry, We don't want anything, really, you guys should head home, we will call if anything Changes." 

Justin gently rubbed my back, as i held Paytons hand tighter. 

"What about you guys?" 

Bree asked leaning into Ben, 

"We will be fine," 

Justin whispered. 

"You guys need rest, and showers, we have been here for over 12 hours." 

Mary huffed

"I'm not leaving her"

I snapped. Justin pulled me closer. 

"Me either, you guys go,"

They nodded. 

"Ryan can you call scooter for me?" 

He nodded 

"Want me to cancel Rehearsal?" 

He shook his head

"No, we cant afford that; have the dancers go over the numbers, explain whats going on, they will understand." 

"Have you called your parents." 

Ben asked pulling out his car keys. 

"Yeah; they are flying in." 

they nodded

"Well We will be back later." 

Mary walked over and hugged me. i just sat their looking ahead. 

"Call if you need anything" 

Ben said taking Brees hand. We nodded. 

"Where is Dad?" 

I asked looking at them for a moment,

"At the hotel; he will come up after we get their, someone had to stay back to watch the hotel." 

Ryan said scratching the back of his head, i just nodded, focusing back on Payton, 

"We will be Back later sis," 


I whispered. 

"Ill walk you guys out." 

Justin stood up, 

"Ill be right back baby." 

He kissed my head, I ignored him rubbing Paytons hand, Its been almost 13 hours and she still hadn't woken up; we almost lost her; we still could,." 

"What are you thinking about?" 

Justin asked pulling me from my thoughts. I shrugged. he sighed sitting down beside me again, 

"They will be back later Ben said he and Bree will watch the hotel for a few hours to let your dad up."
 I nodded, 


He whispered taking my hand, i slowly looked at him. 

"She is going to be okay," 

I let out a small sob, not able to hold it any longer, Justin wrapped his arms around me pulling me close. 

"Shh, its okay. don't cry sweetheart." 

"W-what if she doesn't wake up" 

I sobbed pulling him closer as i buried my head in his neck. 

"She will Nell; she is so strong, everything is going to be okay." 

He put his hands on my chin pulling it so i looked at him, 

"She is going to be fine." 

He reassured; but im not sure if it was for me, or if he was trying to convince himself of it.

(Justins Pov) 


I put my dollar into the coffee machine for the third time long enough for it to spit it back out again. 

"Son of a bitch" 

I kicked the machine, laying my head against it. 

"You alright?" 

I turned around to see John leaning against the door frame. 


I muttered turning back to face the machine again. he sighed 

"Justin if you want to talk-" 

"I don't. Where is Shanel?" 

"asleep in their with Payton; witch honestly you need to do too, you should take Shanel and go hom-" 

"Not happening."  

I grumbled pushing past him back to paytons room, he followed. 

"Justin i-" 


I snapped whipping my head around to look at him. 

 "we are not going anywhere till she wakes up," 

He held his hands up in defense. 

"okay, are you sure you're okay?"

"I said i was fine." 

i muttered taking a sip of my coffee. He sighed again, and i merely rolled my eyes. 


I quickly turned around. 


I sat down my coffee as i quickly walked over to her pulling her in a tight hug. 

"Oh sweetie," 

She sobbed pulling me closer. we stood their for what seemed like forever before she slowly pulled away. 

"How is she?" 

I huffed. 

"The same as the last time we talked;"

she nodded. 


she nodded acknowledging Shanels dad; he nodded back. 

"Pattie; Where is Jeremy?" 

"He is Just parking the car; i didn't want to wait."

She shrugged looking back at me. 

"How is Shanel?" 

I ran my hand through my hair sighing. 

"That bad huh?" 

"She wont even come out of the room, and she hasn't ate in almost two days, she is a wreck." 

"So are you, bud." 

John said shrugging. I glared at him. 

"I'm fine." 

"Sweetie, you need to sleep, and eat you-" 

"I'm fine!" 

I hissed louder this time. 

"Hey, don't talk to your mother like that." 

We turned to see my dad shaking hands with John. I sighed. 

"I'm sorry Mom i just-" 

I rubbed my face. fighting back the tears, she pulled me into a hug.

"Its okay sweetie; she is going to be okay." 

(Shanels Pov) 

Where the hell was Justin? he had been gone for like an hour. i sighed laying my head back on the side of the bed giving Paytons hand another squeeze. Her hand moved; pulling at mine. i snapped my head up looking at her. 

"Payton? Sweetie? Its mommy, can you hear me?" 

She slowly fluttered her eyes open. 

"Where am I?" 

She whispered 

"Shh.. Sweetie don't talk!" 

I was now in tears; I ran to the door, 


I yelled down the hall startling everyone, He came running my dad and his parents following, 

"Baby whats wrong?" 

His voice laced with fear. 

"She is awake" 

I whispered. 


He pushed past me gently. 

"Ill get the doctor," 

"Ill come with." 

Pattie said following Jeremy. 

"Ill call everyone" 

My dad pulled out his phone walking away. 

I merely ignored then walking back into the room.  I looked at Justin whose face was covered in shock and sorrow, 


I whispered. 

"Whats wrong?" 

He didn't say anything, I looked at payton. who had the same expression. 


I asked walking closer to payton; she scooted closer to the top of the bed. 

"Who are you? Where am I?" 

She fanatically looked around. 

"Payton, Hunny Its me, Mommy." 

I reach out for her and she shook her head. 

"I don't know you! Get away!" 

She screeched closing her eyes. i looked at Justin who still looked stone faced. Our daughter had no idea who we were. 


"So what the fuck are you saying!" 

Justin Yelled at the doctor, I placed my hand on his shoulder and he shrugged it off. 

"I'm saying that when she stopped breathing this last time it got to her brain causing Memory loss." 

"What does that mean?" 

the doctor sighed, 

"Basically, that she doesn't know who anyone is, not even herself." 

"How long will this last?" 

I looked into Paytons room, she was sound asleep. 

"I'm not sure, we will run a few test when she wakes up but-" 

"What the fuck do you mean you don't know! You're a fucking doctor" 

Justin growled. 


I hissed at him, he rolled his eyes. 

"Fuck this!" 

He said pushing past the doctor. 

"Where are you going?" 

"Don't fucking worry about it!" 

he snapped not even looking back at me, I bit my lip looking back at the doctor. 

"I'm so sorry about that." 

he shook his head. 

"it's Fine Shanel; I promise, I will do everything i can," 

I nodded. 

"I know." 

He rubbed my back softly before walking away. i turned back to Paytons room, how could this have happened. 


A voice shredded,. i tuned to See Mary and Bree, They hugged me, and all the emotions i had tried to hide came back, as a sob escaped my mouth. 

"Oh sweetie," 

Mary hugged me tighter. 

"Uncle John Told us. i'm so sorry." 

She held my hand. 

"Does she not remember anything?" 

Bree asked; looking into her room. 

I shook my head. 


I whispered.

"We rushed down here as soon as Uncle John got back" 

Bree rubbed my back. 

"She can see that Bree, I mean look what you have on." 

"Excuse me?" 

She hissed i rolled my eyes. 

"I'm just saying you wear that out and-" 

"Guys please? not here!" 

My voice is barley audible. they looked at me. 

"Oh Nelly, Were sorry! Right Bree" 

She nodded 

"Yes of course." 

They hugged me again.  

"Where is Ben and Ryan?" 

They looked at each other then back at me. 


i snapped; whipping my eyes. 

"Justin was kind of trying to beat the shit out of this pap and-" 


(Justins Pov) 

Fuck this shit! What the hell, how the fuck can he be a doctor if he doesn't even know whats wrong with my fucking daughter. I burst through the front doors of the hospital the outside air hitting me! 


I yelled hitting the wall. laying my head in my hands. I look up to a flash going off. 

"Justin, Justin over here? How is your daughter?" 

"Leave me alone man." 

I hissed through my teeth. 

"You look like hell; have you slept?"

"Seriously bro; get the fuck out of here!" 

i pushed past him. 

"Woh calm the hell down; someone is having a pop star hissy fit" 

I stopped turning back around. 

"Dude i swear to god i will knock your fucking teeth down you throat." 

"Ooo scary" 

he mocked taking another picture. I ignored him walking away. 

"Is she dead? Are you finally free?" 
I charged at him knocking him to the ground. 

"You son of a bitch!" 

I yelled punching him. 

"Justin! Dude, get off him" 

I heard Ryan yell but i ignored him. continuing to punch. 


Ben yelled 

"Not so cool now are you!?" 

I hissed hitting him again, 


I looked up at Ryan and Ben Just long enough to feel a fist connect to my eye. I groaned grabbing it. 

"Get the fuck off me!" 

Ben and Ryan helped me up, 

"You're fucking psycho" 

The pap yelled picking up his camera. I let go of my eye. 

"ill show you psycho" 

I went to charge back at him and they held me back. 

"No dude stop now." 

Ryan said clearly pissed, i rolled my eyes shaking them off. 


Ryan looked at the pap who nodded once before running away. 

"Jay man, what the hell was that?" 

They looked back at me, i shrugged. 

"he pissed me off." 

"So you hit him?" 

Ryan sneered. I huffed. 

"Yeah Ryan i hit him big fucking deal" 

I mumbled sliding on my sun glasses to cover my eye. 

"Not a big deal? Dude your daughter is in the hospital and you're are out here picking some pointless fight with a pap?" 

Ryan hissed. 

"I think i fucking know that Ryan! And he deserved it, you didn't hear what he was saying!" 

I hissed back. 

"Ryan is right dude; so what? Your main focus should be Pay; not this!" 

"Have you been taking your meds?"

Ryan crossed his arms.

"How about you two mind your own fucking business" 

I pushed past them. 

"We are just trying to help you!" 

"yeah well i didn't fucking ask for it." 

i grumbled walking away. 

"Justin, stop where are you going?" 

I stopped at the sound of Shanels voice, She jogged to catch up to me. 

"Not now Shanel" 

I growled; walking away from her. 

"Justin stop." 

She put her hand on my arm, and I pushed her. she stumbled back shocked. 

"I said not fucking now!" 

I yelled, she froze. i shoved my hands into my pocket and walked away. 

(Shanels Pov) 


I looked over at Bree who handed me coffee. I took it half smiling. 

"No word from Justin?" 

I shook my head. 

"His mom and dad are looking for him with kenny and Scooter but.." 

i trailed off, she sighed. 

"And Payton?" 

"The same, she still doesn't know who any of us are, she fell back asleep a little while ago, it took me an hour just to get her to relax around me," 

I whispered, she sighed rubbing my back. 

"It will be okay, Everything, i promise." 

"I wish mom was here" 

Tears pricked my eyes. 

"Oh Nell" 

She hugged me and i sobbed. 

"Shhh... sweetie; i'm so sorry."

 "I don't know how much more i can take! My daughter don't remember me; Justin has lost it, I don't know what to do anymore Bree!" 

She hugged me tighter. 

"Ryan I swear to god if you do not leave me alone i will hurt you." 

We looked out the window of her room into the hallway as Mary walked away from Ryan, 

"He really likes her" 

I whipped my eyes. 

"I can't imagine why!" 

Bree laughed; causing me to smile. 

"Stop it; you know you love her."

She rolled her eyes. 

"Yeah as much as i love zits" 

She giggled causing me to laugh. 


She smiled 

"That's why i am your best friend; now come on lets go get something to eat okay?" 

i looked at payton. 

"She is asleep and we are only going to the hospital Cafe." 

I sighed, before nodding; and walking to the door. 

(Justins Pov) 

I sat on the beach watching the waves roll onto the shore, God what the hell is going on with me, I put my head in my hands." 


I lifted to see my Mom and Dad walking down the beach, i groaned. 

"Can we sit." 

I shrugged looking back out into the Ocean. 

"How did you know i was here." 

"We didn't; but we know you and their is only a few places you would go." 

Mom whispered putting her hand on my back. 


i whispered back, she sighed. 

"Justin, what is going on with you?" 

I glanced at my dad, then back at the water.

"I don't know." 

"Sweetie, I know this is hard but-" 


I snapped 

"You don't know; I am always pissed; I'm stressed; i can't even think straight! I pushed my girlfriend, who will now probably never talk to me again, and oh yeah my fucking daughter has no idea who i am" 

I yelled so loud i think I even flinched.

"Watch who the fuck you are talking to boy! we are still your parents." 

Dad hissed, I rolled my eyes. 

"Fuck you!" 

"Excuse me! i don't know who the hell you think you are but-"


Mom cut him off. 

"Please go call everyone and let them know we found him." 

He huffed. Standing up.

"I Don't know what has gotten into you Justin drew but you better figure it out before i smack it out of you" 

his words were like ice, he looked at mom before turning to walk away. We sat their not saying anything as tears rolled down my cheeks. 

"Justin, Look at me." 

I shook my head. My mom got up and walked to sit in front of me, taking my head in her hands. 

"Baby, what is wrong, talk to me." 

She whispered, i sighed. 

"I don't know mom, i'm mad all the time, I was doing so good; starting to get back on track.. and this with Payton it set me over again... Shanel is never going to talk to me again." 

I hissed putting my head in my hands again. She sighed. 

"Maybe you should see a Doctor" 

"I have, He gave me meds" 

She raised her eyebrow. 

"Why did you tell me?"

I shrugged, 

"It wasn't a big deal." 

"Justin this is a big deal look at you, Have you been taking them?" 

I looked away, she huffed, 

"Oh sweetie." 

"I don't want to be on meds to not be mad; i should be able to handle this on my own." 

I whipped more tears away, 

"No one can do anything on their own, everyone needs help every now and again, one day you will be able to but right now, Honey you have to take them, look at what you have become," 

i looked up at her. 

"I'm sorry mom, I'm so sorry for everything; I need help, Please help me." 

I sobbed, she wrapped her arms around me. as i collapsed into her. 

"Oh Baby, I'm here, shhh.." 

July 28, 2012
(Shanels Pov) 

"So this is our room." 

I shut the hotel room door, and Payton looked around. 

"it's huge. we live here?" 

I nodded. 

"Wow, are we rich?" 

 I laughed. 

"Not really," 

Believe ran out. Pay backed up scared. 

"Sweetie thats Believe; your dog." 

she looked at me. 

"I like dogs?" 

I bit my lip,

"Yeah hunny, you do." 

She nodded slowly. 

"Hello bella," 

"No sweetie it's believe." 

She raised her eyebrow. 

"Thats a weird name." 

"You named him."

"Why would i name him that?" 

I sighed. 

"How about I show you your room okay?" 

She nodded and i took her hand walking her to her room. 

"Wow, Its really purple." 

"You like purple." 

I put her suit case on her bed. 

"Whats this?" 

"Your Game cube." 

"A what?" 

"A video game sweetie." 


I looked down. 

"You hungry? I can make you something." 

She nodded. 


We walked back out into the kitchen, 

"What sounds good?" 

She shrugged. 

"I dont know." 

I sighed, 

"How about spaghetti?" 

She nodded 

"I like that? I think," 

She looked up at me, and i half smiled, 

"Yeah you do." 

I turned to the stove, 

"What was that?" 

Payton jumped, I laughed.

"Just the door, Can you get it?" 

she nodded slowly before walking over to it.

(Justins Pov)

I watched as the door slowly opened and Payton stood their. I smiled. 

"Hey Baby." 

She looked behind her. 

"Who me?" 

I nodded. 

"Yes you," 

I said hugging her, she looked at me weird. 

"Umm who are you." 

My hear sank. I pulled back 

"I'm your dad sweetie." 

"Who is it hunny?" 

Shanel walked to the door, 

"My dad, I think." 

She looked at Shanel; And Shanels eyes met mine. 


I whispered. 

she crossed her arms. 

"Can i come in?" 

She looked at Payton who shrugged walking away. 

"I guess." 

I smiled lightly walking past her. she shut the door behind me walking into the kitchen, i followed. Payton was sitting on the floor with Believe. 

"What do you want Justin?" 

She asked interrupting my thoughts. I looked at her. 

"hey Princess can you go to your room while I talk to mommy?" 

She didn't say anything, 


She looked up. 

"Who me?" 

I nodded 

"yes, you silly." 

"But i thought my name was Payton?" 

I sighed looking at shanel, hurt clear in her eyes. 

"It is; but i call you princess." 

She raised her eyebrow. 


"because you're my little girl;" 

she looked at Shanel then me. 

"Ohhh kay then." 

"Come on Bella" 

"It's believ-" 

"justin don't" 

Shanel said interrupting me. I sighed watching her walk to her room, closing the door, 

"She really remembers nothing." 

i whispered. 

"Not shit." 

She turned back to the stove. 

"Nell I'm so-" 

"Don't you dare even say it Justin, I do NOT want to hear it!" 

She hissed putting down the spoon. I ran my hands through my hair. 

"Where the hell where you! I had to go through everything with Payton alone! because you diapered; and you didn't call, Nothing! For two days!" 

She screeched. 

"Shanel please let me explain" 

"Save it Justin, Nothing you say could make up for this." 

i sighed. 

"I know; I do, Look i didnt come here to fight." 

She scoffed. 

"Then why did you come here?" 

I took a deep breath. 

"I'm leaving." 

I whispered. 

(Shanels Pov) 

My face went white; like i had been kicked in the stomach. 

"You're what?" 

i whispered. 

He looked down. 

"Their is this place in California; A facility for anger and stress, I am going to go their." 

I stayed quite. 

"Nell; Please say something." 

"For how long?" 

"A few weeks, Just until i am better." 

"When do you leave?" 

I whispered.

"As soon as i leave here" 

I just looked at him; frozen. 


"Are you fucking nuts!" 

He raised his eyebrow. 


"What!? what do you mean what! Our daughter just gets out of the hospital; not to mention she knows NO ONE and you are just fucking leaving!!" 

i growled. 

"Nell its not like that-" 

"The fuck isn't t! You're a coward! You have to run! Fuck you!" 

i now yelled. 


"Get out!" 


"Out!!!!!! GET THE HELL OUT!" 

I walked to the door pulling it open. He slowly walked to it shocked. 

"Shanel i will be back, this is what best-" 

I shook my head. 

"No! If you leave Justin, don't bother coming back!" 


he hissed mad. 

"You heard me. you walk out this door and go to California, don't bother coming back!" 

"Shanel; Youre being ridiculousness! I need help" 

I huffed. 

"And you don't think i do? our daughter is sick!" 

"So am I!" 

he growled. 

I shook my head. Now crying 

"Just leave." 

"Let me say bye to Payton" 

"No! Leave! Now!"

He looked down.

"I will be back." 

"No you won't" 

"that's my daughter too! You can't tell me i cant come back!" 

he growled. 

"If you even cared about her, you would be leaving! So fuck you; Its not like she even knows who you are!" 

I slammed the door in his face. leaning my head against it. That was harsh; too harsh, i quickly opened it. but Justin was gone,I closed the door sliding down it. My tears now a full on sob. What the hell Happened to my life........


//////////////////////////////// OH.MY.GOD I cried writing this! It was so crazy! So Justin is gone! And Payton is awake; but remembers nothing!!!!! Eeeep! I am SOOOOOOOOO Sorry i haven't updated in a billion years! i have been so Busy its Insane. I barley have time to breath! but i promise i will NEVER take this long to update again! real quick; i still need people to take over twitter accounts; i have them made i just need people to take the over; if you're interested e-mail me: I have a Mary and a Justin; I had a Shanel but she backed out; so i still need like every one :/. I will post all the twitter accounts next chapter. But thank you guys so much for reading it meas the world to me! Sorry for the wait! I love you! xoxo  

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