Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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All Rights Reserved
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2. Chapter 2 (Is she Mine?)

(Justin's pov) 
Wow, she still looked as beautiful as she did four years ago when I left. No one said anything just stood their looking at each other. I finally spoke.

 "So ahh s-she yours?"

i asked she nodded

"Yeah she is."

She stumbled out. I slowly nodded back.

"We-we should get going, come on Payton"

 She reach for Paytons hand.

"Buwt mowmmy" "no buts sweetie, we bothered Justin enough."

"You're not bothering me"

I said quickly.

"See mowmmy,"

she smiled and it made me smile.

"Well I-"

She was cut off by her phone going off.

"Just a second sorry."

She pulled her phone out and answered it.

"Hello?.....yeah I have her.... Okay be their in 5... Bye"

She hung up the phone.

"We have to go I'm needed down stairs."

She said looking at Payton.

"Buwt mowmmy, I wantwed tew pway da gawm cuwbe."

"I know sweetie but-"

"She can stay."

She quickly looked at me.

"Thanks Justin but-"

"Pwease mowmmy"

"Yeah mommy please"

I copied Payton she sighed finally nodding.

"Fine but only for an hour or so and if she is bad Justin call me right away."

"Thawnks mowmmy"

She hugged her leg and ran over to the game.

"Do you need help-"

"I gowt iwt"

She said turning it on. We laughed.

"Are you sure this is okay I mean she just broke into your hotel and-"

I smiled

"It's fine shanel. Really?"

She sighed.

"Okay but if she is bad or-"

I laughed

"It's fine Nelly don't worry,"

She shook her head.

"I'll be back in an hour. I love you Payton!"

I nodded

"Wove yew tow Mowmmy"

She walked to the door opening it. She turned to say something.

"She is fine Shanel relax."

She sighed and nodded walking out the door.

"Hey no chocolate okay?"

I raised my eye brow but decided not to question her i mean she is her mom right? I nodded

"No chocolate. Got it."

She nodded and walked down the hall I closed the door and walked over to payton sitting beside her.

"Want to play one on one?"

I asked picking up the remote she smiled.

"Surew buwt I hawve tow warn yew iwm weally goowd."

I laughed

"So am I short stuff."

She smirked

"Gawme own"

(1 hour later.)

"So that's really all he said?"

I nodded

"He didn't ask if she was his or anything?"

I shook my head.

"Nope I don't think he even really thought about it."

I told Bree stacking the papers.

"That's crazy"

She said she said shaking her head.

"Hey Nell can you run a few more copies for me?"

I looked up to see my dad

"Sure no problem I just have to call Justin and let him know I may be longer than I said."

He froze.


I sighed

"Dad you know Justin is staying here." "Yeah but what I didn't know that he is hanging with Payton! Shanel are you crazy!"

I sighed my dad never really liked Justin much I mean what dad would like a guy that knocked up their 14 year old daughter and then leaving without another word. But in Justin's defense not that I was trying to defend him. I never told him I was pregnant. Witch I should have no dout.

"Hello earth to Shanel! Why is Payton with him?"

I shrugged

"She wanted to play his game cube and he said it was okay."

He shook his head.

"No it's not okay! Not okay at all."

"Dad he is her father."

I whispered.

He sighed

"Fine, I don't want to talk about this anymore just please finish those copies."

I sighed an nodded as he walked back into his office. I sighed picking up my phone.

"Can you start these while I call Justin's room real quick?"

She nodded I walked over to the phone and dialed his room.

"Hello?" "Hey Justin it's shanel." "Yeah?" He said quickly "I'm going to be later than I thought is that okay." "What the heck Payton! How did you even do that?" "Skiwl" I heard Payton in the background I rolled my eyes. "Justin?" "Yeah that's fine. See you whenever" "thanks I-" the phone clicked off seriously!?! What the hell! I rolled my eyes and hung up the phone walking back over to Bree.

"Everything okay?" "He hung up on me?"

She raised her eyebrow.


I half smiled

"to busy playing with Payton?"

She smiled

"We'll that is a good thing right?"

I nodded

"Yeah I guess it is."

(Justin's pov)

"What the hell"

I said slamming the remote down. She smiled

"I Wiwn agaiwn"

She said setting hers down I ran my hand through my hair and smiled.

"Yeah you did. You're seriously good."

She shrugged

"Wots of pwactice"

She said smiling. She was so adorable.

"Well what do you want to do now?"

She shrugged

"You hungry?"

I asked? She nodded. I walked over to the kitchen and opened the Cabinet.

"Okay I have cereal?"

She shook her head.

"Okay Mac-n-cheese"

She scrunched her nose.

"Alright well the only other think I have is snickers bar."

She smile big.

"Yews dawt I want dawt."

I sighed

"Your mom said no chocolate."

She looked down. Oh god she was sad I can't Handel sad.

"But your mom isn't here I am so I guess it's fine."

She smiled and I handed her the snickers bar. He quickly grabbed it and opened it shoving it in her mouth I laughed. She hopped over to the couch.

"Want to watch a movie?"

I asked sitting next to her she smiled


She shook her head eating the rest of the candy.

"What do you want to watch?"

She shrugged.

"Downt mawtter"

I nodded and looked through my movies.

"Okay how about the little-"

I turned around.

"Payton? You okay?"

She shook her head.

"I downt feewl sow-"

just then she passed out!


(My pov)

I laughed at Bree.

"I'm such a cults!"

She said picking up the papers she just dropped.

"What happened?"

My dad said holding back a laugh

"Oh you know."

I said pointing to Bree.
The phone rang.

"I got it"

I said laughing. I walked over to the phone it was Justin's room.

"Hello? "Shanel oh thank god!"

"Justin what's wrong" I asked starting to freaking out

. "Payton she- she passed out and she is shaking and I don't know what's going on." "Shit!"

I dropped the phone and grabbed my purse.

"Shanel what's-"


I yelled my dad followed behind me we ran up the stars to his room i burst through the door.


I yelled running to her side. 
She was shaking

"Dad hand me the needles!"

"What did she eat!"

I yelle at him.

He looked down.

"Justin what the hell did she eat??!??"

"A snickers bar Nell I'm sorry I-"

"Get me water now!"

I took the needle from my dad and slowly stuck it in her.

"Shhh sweetie it's mommy, I'm here okay just breath you have this, just Listen to mommies voice"

Her shaking slowed down.

"That's it, you're okay."

She slowly opened her eyes.


I smiled

"Yeah sweetie I'm here, I need the water."

I said coldly to Justin. He handed it to me and I slowly gave payton it. She sipped it. I helped her sit up.

"That one wasn't so bad now was it?"

She shook her head.

"Iwm sowwy mowmmy"

I kissed her head.

"It's not your fault sweetie."

I said picking her up.

"Iwm sweepy!"

She said rubbing her eyes.

"I know sweetie but you have to stay awak for a little while okay?"

She nodded

"Shanel I'm so sorry."

I looked at Justin.

"Dad can you please take Payton back to my hotel room?"

He nodded

"Sure sweetie, come on Sweetheart come to grandpa."

He took her from my arms and gave Justin a dirty look before closing the door behind him.

"W-what was that."

I turned to him.

"That was a auger attack mixed with a seizure! She has type one diabetes"

I snapped at him.

"Why did it happen?!"

"Because you fucking idiot you gave her a damn snickers bar after I specifically told you not to!!"  
I yelled at him.

"I just thought you didn't want her having sweets I didn't know!"

"Well you fucking thought wrong now didn't you!"

I snapped I picked up my purse.

"Stay away from me and stay away from my daughter."

"But shanel"

"No buts Justin this was a bad idea I should have know you couldn't be trusted."

He scoffed!

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

I narrowed my eyes at him.

"You're kidding right? I told you not to feed her chocolate so what do you do! Give it to her!! I can't trust you! You said you wouldn't and you did. Just like four years ago when you said you loved me then you left never speaking to me again."

I yelled he scoffed.

"That's what this is about isn't it!!! The fact that I left you!"

He snapped back at me.

"No this has to do with you almost killing my daughter!!"

He shook his head.

"Fine that may have something to do with it but you know damn well you're still mad about four years ago. Well I'm sorry shanel that I became a somebody and you still to this day are a nobody girl who got knocked up at fourteen. Well that's your mistake not mine!!"

I was shocked at first but then it turned to anger.

"You're right Justin I am still mad, and I am a nobody but let me tell you something right now. My baby is not a mistake having her is the best thing that happened to me. The only mistake I ever made was falling in love with you. And you're right we're not your problem. So just leave us the fuck alone!"

(Justin's pov)

I stood their shocked automatically  feeling like a complete ass for what I had just said to her.

"Nell I-"

"Don't call me that! You have no right to call me that. Just leave us alone justin. Forget you ever even met us!"

I sighed and she stormed out slamming the door behind her. I leaned against the door. I definitely fucked up big time.

(My pov)

*2hours later*

"Mowmmy Iwm huwngry."

I sighed.

"Let's check your sugar real  quick before you eat okay?"

She nodded, I took out her machine and tested it.


I said smiling she did too.

"Dawts goowd wight mowmmy?"

I nodded

"Yes sweetie it's very good, what would you like to eat?"

She stuck her hand on her chin thinking I laughed.

"Cawn we hawve spagewtie?"

I laughed

"Yes baby we can."

"Cawn Shawn mawk iwt."

I nodded and stood up picking her up.

"Let's walk down and see okay?"

She nodded and laid her head on my shoulder I walked to the elevator. She quickly sat up.


I smiled at her.

"Mommy has you, you will be okay. I promise."

She nodded an rubbed her eyes I clicked the button and stepped in hitting the lobby button. Once it dinged I walked to the main desk.

"What are you guys doing down here?"

Bree said looking up.

"She was hungry and wanted Shawn's spaghetti so I told her we would come see if he would make it for her."

Bree smiled

"How is my big girl feeling?"

She said rubbing her head.


She smiled

"That's great sweetie."

I sat her down on the ground, bending down to her height.

"Why don't you go see if Shawn will make your food okay?"

She nodded and ran into the kitchen. I stood back up to bree's height,

"So how did it go with Justin."

I scowled

"That bad huh?"

I nodded

"I can't fucking believe he gave her chocolate after I told him not to."

She sighed

"Well I mean in all fairness he didn't know."

I snapped my head up giving her a wtf look she put her hands up in defense. I sighed

"I know but still. I think it's for the best that he doesn't know. He will only be here for what a week then off he goes again. It's just better for Payton this way."

She sighed

"It's better for pay or it's better for you."

I shrugged

"Honestly both of us."

She nodded and payton came running out of the kitchen with Shawn following.

"Mowmmy mowmmy he mawde mew spagewtti!"

I laughed picking her up.

"Did he? That's greats., thanks Shawn."

he nodded

"no problem had to make it for room 698 anyways"

i quickly looked at him.

"Hewy dawts Juwstiwns woom" "sweetie Why don't you go sit over their and eat your food okay?"

 I said sitting her down. She smiled


she took her plate an ran over to the table.

"Who is Justin Shawn asked."

 I sighed

 "shanel a ex. From four years ago."

His eyes got wide

"wait her da-"

I quickly covered his mouth.

"Shhh she don't know that."

I said

"yeah an neither does he."

Bree through in I removed my hand.

"Wait so he don't even know."

Shawn whispered I shook my head.

"Well are you going to tell him?"

He asked I shook my head again this time faster.

 "No way he is only here for a few days that's pointless"

I said

 "who is only here for a few days"

my dad said walking out.

"Hi princess"

he kissed Payton

"hiw gwanmpa"

she said shoving another fork full in her mouth. We laughed.


 I said in a hushed tone. He stayed quite.


 I said raising my eye brow. He sighed

 "he is umm actually here for 4 months."

My eyes got huge.


I whisper shrieked. He shrugged

 "I guess he is in town recording music for his next album. So he is going to be here a while."

He said shrugging

 "and you knew this."

He shrugged

"business is business sweetie no matter if we don't like him or not."

He kissed my head and walked to his office I sighed. I guess he is right.


May 26, 2012

(Justin's pov)

"Hey sweetie you okay?"

My mom said walking into my hotel room. I nodded

"had a long night is all"

She nodded

"what happened."

I sighed

"you remember shanel right?"

"Of course I do I loved her why?"

"Well it just so happens we are staying In her dads hotel."

She smiled

"that's awesome have you talked to her?"

i nodded

"yeah." "Awe, how did you two meet up? Was it sweet?"

 I sighed

 "her daughter broke into my hotel room."

"Awe well that's- wait did you just say daughter?"

 I nodded and her eyes got wide.

 "I didn't know she even had a daughter."

I shook my head

"neither did I until yesterday."

She sighed

"well why don't you have them over for dinner this week?"

I sighed

"she isn't really that happy with me right now."

She raised her eye brow.

"And why is that?"

I shook my head.

 "Long story mom."

She nodded.

"Well I'm sure everything will work out. I'm going to go finish unpacking my things don't forget your meeting at 3."

I nodded an kissed her cheek. She walked  I sighed getting up might as well get ready. I walked into the bathroom and hopped in the shower.

(My pov) 
"Payton I said no."

She crossed her arms.

"Yew hawte me!"

I sighed, " I do not hate you!"

 She nodded

"Yews yew doew!"

She stomped over to the table and sat down. I sighed

"What is she so upset about?"

Bree asked walking back to the desk. I shook my head.

"I told her that she wasn't aloud to okay any video games today because she was up on them all night again."

She nodded laughing a little

"That girl and her video games"

I smiled

"I know right."

I walked over to my desk and sat down. Hopefully this day goes by fast.

(Payton's Pov)

I waws so boward sowttiwng dar I woked over tew seew iwf mowmmy was wooking awnd when shee wasn't I snuck owt tew seew what juwstin was dewing.

(Justin's pov)

I walked out of the bathroom and jumped.

"Holy crap Payton!"
She shot  up putting down the remote.

"Iwm sowwy I juwst wawntewd to pway da gawme."

I smiled

"That's fine sweetie, you just scared me. Does your mom know your here?"

She looked down my eyes got wide,

"Payton she is probably freaking right now. I have to call her right now."

"Otay Cawn I stiwl pway?"

I nodded an walked into the other room. Dialing the main desk.

(Payton's pov)

I was pwaying the gawme when tew boyws wawked iwn.

"Yo Jb you ready for your-"

He stopped talking looking at me.

"Hey their sweetie, how did you get in here?"

He sawd iwn a bawby voiwce. I wooked at hiwm.

"I wawked woke norwmal pewpole" "awe you're so cute!"

The other one said rubbing my head.

"Downt dew dat."

I sawed fiwxing my hawir the one laughed

"Chaz man she don't like you!"

He crossed his arms.

"Yes she does Ryan! Right sweetie?"

I rowlled my ewes just then Juwstin  wawlked in.

(Justin's pov)

I walked back into the living room.

"Hey guys when did you get here?" "Just a few seconds ago"

Ryan said we did our hand shakes.

"Justin their a umm fan playing your video game."

Chaz said pointing at Payton.

"Yeah and she hates Chaz"

Ryan said laughing.

"She does not!"

He protested! I laughed

"She isn't a fan guys"

I walked over to her.

"Your mom will be here in a few minutes okay?"

She nodded not takin her eyes off of the game I smiled and stood up.

"You know her?"

Ryan asked. I looked at them.

 "She is Shanels daughter."

Their eyes got wide.

 "Wait shanel as in Nelly?"

Chaz asked I nodded.

 "She has a daughter but that kid is like" "four"

I said cutting Ryan off.

"Dude wait didn't you date her four years ago?"

Chaz asked. I nodded

"yeah but what does that have to do with-"

 I stopped and my eyes got wide.

 "Dude she-" "don't even go their"

 I said pointing at Ryan. He put his hands up in surrender.

 "We are just saying man!"

I looked at Payton.

"Hey sweetie when is your birthday?"

i asked she looked at us. "Juwly 15f"

she said smiling.

"See guys I wasn't even around then."

They shook their head.

"Dude you left in October nine months from that is July."

Ryan said my stomach sunk. Oh god I counted in my head. I went to speak when someone knocked on the door.

(My pov)

I slowly walked to Justin's room I was so mad at Payton she new better. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door after a few seconds the door opened.


Justin said I looked up.


He moved aside an let me in. I like up and saw Ryan and Chaz.


Chaz said hugging me I hugged back

"hey Chazy" "you look great for you know having a kid and all."

 Ryan and Justin smacked him.


 I laughed

"thanks." "He is a dummy"

Ryan said hugging me. I laughed pulling away. I looked at Justin

 "I'm sorry about this again she just got away from-"

I looked over and saw her on the game.

"Payton Paige what are you doing!"

She quickly put down the remote.

"Juwstin saiwd I couwled"

 I looked at him he shrugged

"what the big deal"

I sighed in frustration

"the big deal is I told her no video games!"

He shrugged

"okay well I didn't know that so no biggy"

 I felt angry

 "it is a "biggy"!!! Their you go again doing something I asked you not to!"

I said now whisper yelling.  

"You never aske me not to let her!! I didn't fucking know"

He yelled back I rolled my eyes.

"Okay and with that we are out!"

Ryan said pointing to the door.

"Yeah meet you downstairs Justin"

Chaz said as they headed to the door.

"Nice seeing you shanel"

 I half smiled

"you guys too."

They walked out an I looked at Payton.

"Let's go."

She hopped off the couch.

"Wear are myw shews."

She said looking around.

 "In the other room sweetie go ahead and get them."

Justin said she smiled and ran around the corner. Then looking back at me.

"Why are you acting like this. Its just a game taking it from her is stupid."

He said I scoffed

"you have no room to say anything mind your own business"

he scoffed

 "this is my business "

 I put my hands on my hips.

"Excuse me?"

He sighed running his hands in his heat leaning in to whisper.

"is she mine Shanel"

just then my whole body froze and my stomach was in my feet. I was now faced with my worst fear.

///// hey guys!!! So here is the next chapter<3 thanks so much for reading! Please leave comments on what you guys think? I love seeing the comments they make my day!!! Anywayss... Do you think she will tell Justin? Eeep we will see!!!  Love you guys lots xoxo(:

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