Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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20. Chapter 19 (You need Help Justin!)

July 19, 2012
(Shanel's Pov) 

"So whats going on with you and justin." 

I shrugged looking up at Bree. 

"I don't know whats wrong with him lately, ever since rehearsal started he has been nothing but an ass over everything." 

She nodded. 

"I'v noticed. you guys fight over everything anymore." 

I sighed 

"I know." 

I whispered looking back down at my computer screen. 

"Alright I'm leaving." 

I looked up, as Justin walked out of the elevator. 

"Okay Payton gets done from Ballet at 3:00" 

I said picking up another stack of papers, he raised his eyebrow.

"Okay? Why are you telling me."

I looked up at him. 

"You're picking her up?" 

He shook his head. 

"Nell i can't"  

"Justin what do you mean you can't pick her up? I'm swamped here" 

I hissed, he sighed. 

"Shanel I told you i had rehearsal tonight." 

He snapped. Everyone looked at us.  

"Can i speak too you in the office? now?" 

I whispered, he rolled his eyes before following me to my dads office, i shut the door behind us.

"Cant you pick her up on the way and take her with you?" 

"Shanel i have to stay focused i can't be watching Payton at the same time." 

"Yeah well I can't keep an eye on her and run a hotel at the same time; It's my responsibility now that dad is on vacation." 

"So have Bree and Ben watch her!." 

i rolled my eyes, 

"Justin Bree is working with me and Ben is out with a friend. Besides she is our daughter. Not theirs." 

"Yeah shanel i fucking know that," 

He growled. making me jump a little. 

"Fine, Just forget it." 

i whispered grabbing the door handle, He sighed rubbing his face. 


He grabbed my waist gently pulling me back to him.

" I'm sorry, i didn't mean to snap at you." 

he whispered laying his forehead on mine, i sighed. 

"I know, Its just i'm going crazy here and it would be so much easier for you to take her with you," 

He nodded, 

"You're right, Ill have Ryan pick her up and bring her to the studio." 

I looked up at him. 


He nodded. 

"Yeah, it will be fine, she can play on her video game." 

I half smiled.

"thank you." 

He sighed. 

"Youre welcome, Ill see you at 8?"

he said taking his keys out of his pocket, I nodded 

"I love you" 

he kissed me, 

"yeah me too" 

He said before closing the door behind him, what the hell has happened with us?

(Justins Pov)

"No! Left then right, down up spin and back front." 

I snapped turning to the dancers. 

"Payton sit down!" 

I groaned 

"But daddy-" 


I said firmer this time, she huffed and plopped back down on the couch, i turned back to the dancers. 


I hissed, turning to face the mirrors as the music started. 

"All i need is a beauty and a beat, who will make my life compete.." 


I growled rubbing my face, 

"Marvin, what the hell have you been doing this whole time?"

"Dancing Bro." 

"Too what fucking Music! You are way off." 

"Bro we have been practicing for hours im tired." 


I hissed. 

"Then maybe you're too 'tired' to be on tour with us this year then." 

"Woh Justin Bro calm down." 

Ryan said putting his hand on my shoulder,

"Don't touch me." 

I hissed pushing him off.

"take five" 

I growled walking over to where Payton was and picking up my water. 

"Dude you okay?" 

Ryan asked i nodded. 


"You sure because-" 

"I said im fine." 

I snapped, he put his hands up in surrender. 



"When are we going home?" 

"In a couple of hours." 

she groaned. 


She asked whining i rolled my eyes. 

"Because Payton i have to rehears" 

I snapped she folded her arms across her chest. 


"No buts" 

I growled. 

"I don't want to be here!" 

She yelled. 

"And i don't want you here" 

I yelled back. 


Ryan snapped, 

Her face fell, I relaxed immediately, feeling like an ass. 

"Fine, then ill leave." 

She whispered, climbing, off the couch and running out of the room. 

"Pay wait." 

"Dude not cool!" 

Ryan said running after her, 


I groaned rubbing my face. 

"What the hell are you guys looking at!" 

"Justin Bro calm down" 

Kenny said standing up. 

"Don't fucking tell me what to do." 

i growled, they all looked away, i sighed, What the hell is wrong with me today?
I sighed walking out the door to where Payton and Justin was. 

"Pay can we talk?" 

"Leave me alone," 

She looked at me tears in her eyes, Making me feel ten time worse. 

"Sweetie i didn't-" 

"Just leave me alone; I'm leaving." 

"What do you mean you're leaving?" 

She ignored me crossing her arms. 


I snapped. 


Ryan said standing up to face me. 

"Leave her alone, I called Shanel she is on her way, just go bro." 

"What the hell do you mean you called shanel, what the fuck would you do that for!" 

I hissed. He sighed shaking his head. 


Payton yelled running to her, we turned around to see Shanel picking up payton who was still crying. 

"What the hell happened, justin!" 

She snapped, 

"Their was a misunderstanding that's all." 

"You said you didn't want me here." 

Payton said through sniffles, I sighed 

"Ryan can you go put Payton in the car?" 

Shanel asked handing her to him,

He nodded walking over to her car, Lance stepping out to help. 

(Shanels Pov)


I questioned. scowling at him. he shrugged

"I didn't mean it, I was mad." 

"That isn't an excuse. What you said was wrong." 

"I fucking know that Shanel I don't need you making me feel even more like shit." 

he growled, i huffed

"Yeah well you should feel like shit, saying that to my daughter!" 

"Our Daughter!!!" 

he screamed, kicking over the chair, i jumped back, covering my mouth with my hand, Lance and Ryan ran over. 

"Everything okay?" 

Lance asked stepping in front of me. 

"Fine, this is none of your business" 

Justin hissed, i just stood their in complete shock, tears picking in the corner of my eyes. 

"Shanel, why don't you head back to the hotel with Payton." 

Ryan said putting his hand on my shoulder, i slowly nodded. 

"We are not done here" 

Justin growled. i stepped closer to him

"Yeah Justin we are, I don't know what the hell your problem is, but don't bother coming near me or my daughter until you figure it out." 

"Say your daughter one more fucking time and-" 

"And what? You will hit me next time instead of the chair? Justin i don't even know who you are anymore." 

he sighed rubbing his face. 

"Nell i-" 

"Don't bother Justin, Come on Lance, lets go." 

"Ill see you back at the hotel." 

Ryan said i nodded, before looking at Justin once more and heading back to the car with lance. 

(Justins Pov)


'As long as you love me, we could be starving, we could be broke' 


I yelled running my hands through my hair. punching the mirror.

"That isn't going to help?" 

Ryan said startling me a little. i looked over at him shutting off the stereo. 

"What are you doing here." 

I asked walking past him to get a drink. 

"Rehearsal was over an hour ago, you hadent come back to the hotel yet, so here i am." 

"Well i'm fine, you can go now." 

I snapped, he sighed. 

"Jay man. what is wrong with you? talk to me! we have been best friends since we were 8." 

I sighed rubbing my face. 

"I don't know man," 

I said sitting beside him. 

"Ever since rehearsal started, i have just felt overwhelmed, with having to be a dad, a boyfriend and a pop star, its seriously so hard, and my anger it just gets so out of control. I mean snapping at the Dancers and Kenny, that's one thing but what i said to Payton and scaring Shanel like that, its just, not me man" 

I said fighting back tears, he put his arm on my shoulder. 

"Maybe you should talk to someone bro" 

I scoffed. 

"I'm not psychotic Ryan," 

He shook his head. 

"I know that bro, but Maybe if you go and Just talk about your feelings it will help." 

I sighed. 

"i don't know man, ill think about it." 

I mumbled running my hand through my hair. 


he said handing me a piece of paper. 

"Their hotline is open 24/7 if you decide you want to, Just call and set up an appointment." 

I nodded. 

"You coming back to the hotel?" 

he asked standing up. 

"In a few man," 

He nodded, placing a hand on my shoulder. 

"You will be alright man." 

he said before walking out, leaving me their, lost in my own thoughts. 

(Shanel's Pov) 

"I don't know Ben i have never seen him like that before." 

I said looking out at the stars, as we sat on the patio. 

"I don't know but if he ever put his hands on you or Payton ill kick his ass." 

I frowned. 

"I don't think he will ever do that." 

I said looking at him. 

"Or at least i hope not." 


We both turned our head as Justin walked onto the patio. 

"Ah, sorry i didn't know anyone was here." 

Justin said shoving his hands into his pockets. 

"It's cool i was just leaving. you okay?" 

he asked me, I nodded as we stood up. 

"Ill walk you out." 

we walked past Justin to the front door. 

"You know i'm just down the hall if you need me, right?" 

"I know." 

he kissed my cheek. 

"Night sis," 

"Night Benny" 

i closed the door behind him, 

"Can we talk?" 

Justin whispered, i shrugged picking up the coffee cups to put them in the sink. he sighed. 

"Shanel, I know the way i acted was out of line." 

"You think?" 

I huffed pushing lightly past him. he gently grabbed my causing me to jump, he immediately let go, running his hands through his hair. 

"I scare you?" 

He whispered mortified at himself, i sighed looking down at my hands. 

"Shanel i-" 

He stopped rubbing his hands over his face, before sitting down on the bar stool. 

"I'm so sorry Baby, I have no idea what is going on with me, I'm stressed." 

"And you don't think i am? Justin you're not the only one who has a job and has to be a parent." 

"My job is nothing like yours." 

He snapped, I sighed. 

(Justins Pov) 

"You know what, Just forget it," 

"No, wait" 

I pleaded, she stopped looking at me. 

"I'm sorry, I know your job is stressful too, but Maybe after rehearsal is over and Tour starts things will ease up, you and payton can go with me. we could get away from things." 

She scoffed. 

"Justin, Payton starts school right before you start tour! and i just cant leave my job." 

She hissed placing her hands on her hips i rolled my eyes. 

"She could be home schooled during my tour, and your dad would give you the time off and you know it." 

I hissed back. she sighed 

"I think we need a break." 

she whispered. 

"What the hell are you saying shanel?" 

I growled

"I don't know anymore Justin;" 

she squeaked fighting back tears, i swallowed. 

"You don't know about what? Tour,,,, or us?" 

I said softer this time she looked away. 


i sat their dumbfounded.  

"Shanel i-" 

"You need help Justin."

she said looking up at me.  

"Holy fuck! Why the hell is everyone saying that!" 

I screeched pushing a cup onto the floor causing it to break, shanel jumped back, Gasping.  


"I think you should leave." 

she said now in tears, not taking her eyes off the floor., 

"What? Baby look at me." 

I said reaching out for her, she stepped away.


she screeched tears running down her face, I ran my hands through my hair. 

"Shanel please-" 

"Leave Justin," 

I sighed 

"Damn it!!" 

I yelled before opening the door, looking back at her, 

"I'm sorry." 

I whispered closing the door behind me. sliding down it, pulling at my hair, as tears formed in my eyes,  I dug into my pocket pulling out my phone. punching in the number Ryan gave me. 

"Good evening, Thank you for Calling Dr. Hendrics Hotline; What can i do for you?" 

"I need help." 

I whispered, closing my eyes. as tears spilled down my cheeks. 

July 23, 2012
(Shanel's Pov) 

"Payton Sweetie, Your dad is going to be here in a few minutes for dinner, are you ready?" 

"I guess." 

I sighed. 

"Hunny, are you sure you want to do this? you dont have to, we can tell daddy that you want to do this another time?" 

She shook her head, taking a deep breath, 

"I haven't Seen him in 4 days Mommy, i miss him."

I nodded

"Okay, why don't you go put Believe in his cadge real quick while i finish up the food okay?"

She nodded running off to her room, i sighed setting out the dishes, their was a knock on the door, I sighed walking over and opening it.


I half smiled. 


"These are for you" 

He sais handing me flowers I smiled. 


"Your'e welcome" 

I stepped aside for him to walk in. 

"Thanks for letting me come." 

I nodded shutting the door, 

"How have you guys been?" 

I shrugged, reaching for a vase for the flowers. 

"Here ill get it." 

He grabbed it handing to me, i half smiled.

"Thank you,,, we have been good, you?" 

"Better, Alot better actually, I have been going to therapy." 

he said scratching the back of his head, I nodded 

"Ryan told me, how is that going?" 

"Great actually, i feel a lot better" 

"You said that already." 

I said setting out cups he chuckled causing me to smile. 

"Yeah i guess i did, so ahh where is Pay?" 

 "In her room putting Believe in his cage" 

He nodded, an awkward silence fell, 

"Smells good." 



Payton said running out to him. 

"Hey princess" 

he said picking her up.

"This is for you." 

he said handing her a small Bear. she smiled Hugging him. 

"I'v missed you." 

"I missed you too babygirl" 

He said holding her tight. 

"Mommy said you needed to get help." 

he nodded. 

"I did sweetheart, but im doing better now, much better." 

"So you don't need a theripengist anymore." 

He snickered, 

"A what?" 

"A theripengist" 

He laughed. 

"Sweetie its therapist" 

I said sticking the food on the table. she giggled 

"Ohh ops," 

We laughed. 

"Yes sweetie, I'm still seeing him," 

She raised her eyebrow 

"but you said you're better." 

"Yes i am but daddy still needs to talk to him" 

"For how long?" 

He sighed. 

"I'm not sure hunny," 

she nodded, he hugged her again.

"I missed you so much" 

Justin said kissing her cheek, she giggled again. 

"Dinner is ready." 

I said sitting down, Justin sat Payton in her chair. picking up his fork.

"Mmmm This is so good." 

he murmured shoving another spoonful in his mouth. I smiled, This is the Justin I love. 


(Justins Pov) 

"She is in the tub."  

I said walking back to the living room. 

"thank you." 

She half smiled at me. 

"No problem, i missed her,." 

"She missed you too; Believe me." 

She laughed a little, i sighed. 

"Can we talk?" 

"Isn't that what we are doing?" 

She asked raised her eyebrow, i smirked, 

"You know what i mean." 

She sighed. 

"Justin it has been a great day, i really don't want to fight." 

 i shook my head. 

"No fighting i promise." 

she finally nodded setting down. turning to face me. 

"okay lets talk." 

I sighed. 

"Okay, first i want to say how sorry i am for everything that happened that day; and for how i was acting that whole week after Paytons birthday, I was so stressed out, and i didn't realize how much until i finally snapped-" 


"No please let me get this out?"

she sighed, but then slowly nodded. i took a deep breath. 

"Saying sorry does not make up for what i did, and i hate thinking about how scared i made you and payton, and i never ever want you two too feel like that again, You both mean the whole world to me, and these past four days without you guys has been so hard, and i know we are on a break but i want you to know that I love you so much; I will always Love you," 

I let out my breath and looked into her eyes, tears rolling down her cheeks. 

"Hey, No i didn't mean to make you cry." 

I whispered whipping her tears away with my thumb.  

"All done!" 

Payton said running out and hoping on the couch. 

"Whats wrong mommy?" 

She asked, her face falling. 

"Nothing sweetie, daddy just made mommy happy." 

She raised her eyebrow. 

"But then why are you crying," 

"Their happy tears honey" 

she nodded, smiling.

"Can we watch a movie?" 

She asked leaning up on her knees. 

I looked at Shanel who shrugged, 

"Sure princess go pick it out." 

She smiled jumping off the couch and running to the movies. 

(Shanels Pov) 

I was woken by sudden movement, I slowly opened my eyes. 


"Shh, Go back to sleep sweetheart, i got you." 

"I can walk." 

I mumbled. holding onto his neck tighter, he chucked

"I know you can Baby, but i got it." 

"what about payton?" 

I whispered snuggling closer to his chest. 

"She is already in bed sound asleep." 

I nodded, as he laid me down on the bed. covering me up. 

"Tonight was good" 

I said pulling the blankets up to my chin. Justin smiled. 

"yes it was." 

"You can stay if you want." 

i said rolling over. he sighed

"I don't think that is a good idea," 

I blinked up at him. 

"Why not?" 

He sat down beside me. 

"Nell, I love you and you know that, But im not completely better yet, and i think staying in my own room is still a good idea, for now," 

I sighed playing with my fingers. 


I whispered, 


he tilted my head up to look at him. 

"I love you okay?" 

I nodded 

"And I love you." 

I whispered. He slowly leaned in and so did i closing my eyes as his lips met mine, soft and gentle, i kissed back slowly, He placed both hands on either side of my face bringing me closer, i gasped as he took the advantage to slide his tongue in, deepening the kiss, i gently bit his lip; he groaned pulling away, resting his head on mine, 

"We can't I have to go." 

He whispered 

i nodded.

"i want you to come with me tomorrow; to my appointment. please?" 


"Yeah, i think it would be good for us." 

I nodded, biting my lip.  


he smiled. 

"great, now get some sleep." 

He kissed me once more before getting up and heading to the door, 

"Goodnight baby." 

"Good night Jay" 

i sighed sinking back into the covers, as he shut the door behind him. 

EEEEEP!!!! That Chapter was insane!!!!!!!!! Justin went nuts! He even scared me a little :/ I'm sorry it took so long to update again! I have been so busy,,,, this is one of my favorite chapters! and i hope you guys like it! I promise i will try to update again Wednesday, If i can't don't hate me! I really am trying! You guys mean the world to me! thank you so much for reading! I love you all!! <333 xoxo 

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