Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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19. Chapter 18 (Happy Birthday Princess)

July 15, 2012 


"Payton sweetie you have to get ready so that we can head down to the beach, you are going to miss your own Birthday party" 

I said peaking into her room, 

"Okay mommy, Can modern come?" 

I scrunched my nose

"You named her Modern"

she nodded 

"Its Modern Warfare like the game" 

I raised my eyebrow, 

"Alright we will work on the name later."  

She giggled nodding her head as the dog licked her face. 

"Stop it silly" 

she said rubbing her belly i smiled. 

"Yes she can come now hurry." 

"Where is daddy?" 

She said standing up to put on her shoes, 

"Already at the beach, someone had to be their when the moon bounce arrived" 

Her eyes lit up, 

"Moon bounce" 

she squeaked I smiled 

"Yes, Now come on Birthday girl lets go" 

She smiled putting her dog on its leash. 

"You really like her don't you?" 

I asked taking her free hand as we left the room, she nodded 

"I love her, thank you mommy" 

"Don't thank me sweetie it was all grandma and grandpa" 

She nodded smiling from ear to ear as we walked to the lobby, 

"Hi Lanny" 

Payton said waving to Lance. He smiled. 

"Hi sweetie, Happy Birthday" 

She smiled big 

"Thank you, this is Modern Warfare my doggy" 

He raised an eyebrow at me. 

"Modern Warfare Like the game?" 

She nodded and I shrugged, he laughed shaking his head.  

"Are you guys ready?"  

"Yup, lets go." 

"What about everyone else?" 

"They are meeting us their sweetie. And Auntie Bree has our outfits at the beach house."

"Our party outfits." 

She said giggling, I nodded as Lance laughed, 

"Alright, Come on, we have a half an hour car ride." 

I said picking her up taking 'Moderns' Leash, walking to the car, We definitely need to give this poor dog a new name. I buckled Pay in handing her the dog. 

"To my party!" 

Payton said Jumping in her seat as i got in the passenger side, I smiled. But then slowly frowning as the realization hit me; My daughter is 5.

(Justins Pov) 


"Justin Man the second moon bounce is blue" 


I asked napping my head to face Ben and Ryan. 

"Yeah they just started blowing up the second one and its blue." 

"Are you serious?" 

They nodded. 

"And to make matters worse; the cake guy said they are running about a half an hour behind."

Ryan said scratching the back of his head. 

"You have got to be fucking kidding me." 

i said running my hands through my hair, 

"Okay ill deal with the Moon bounce; you call The cake company back and tell them i said if they are late or their is even a piece of frosting out of place i will have them all fired." 

He raised his eyebrow. 

"Justin thats a little-" 

"Just do it" 

I snapped, they raised their hands in defeat. i sighed, 

"Im sorry; i just want everything to be perfect." 

"We understand bro, It will be okay?" 

Ryan said patting my shoulder, i nodded. 

"Alright well ill go deal with this and ill see you guys in a little while okay?" 

They nodded. 

"What time are Shanel and Payton coming?" 

i looked at my watch. 

"In like a half an hour, God, you think im bad," 

i shook my head, 

"If Shanel gets here and Sees a blue moon bounce.." 

Me and ben shuddered at the thought. 

"I'm sure she wont be that bad." 

Ryan said crossing his arms, We both looked at him. 

"Dude, I know my sister, we better get this shit figured out, and fast." 

Ryan rolled his eyes. I laughed shaking my head. looking up, 

"Chaz! Do Not even think about it!" 

i shouted glaring at him; he quickly put down the candy,

"I will see you guys later." 

They nodded and i walked over to Chaz. 

"If you even eat one piece of anything ill kick your ass." 

He sulked. 

"Its just one piece Justin. Im starving" 

he whined, I rolled my eyes. 

"That Is for the pinata, So no eating, their is a hotel right up their; that serves food if you seriously cant wait." 

"But thats so far." 

I rolled my eyes, 

"Fine, one piece then go." 


He said fist pumping their air i laughed. 

"Are you sure its not you turning 5 today?" 

He smiled mouth full of candy, i laughed again

"See you later bro, and no more." 

He nodded. 

"Got it Bieber." 

i shook my head walking over to the Moon Bounce guy. 

"Almost done Sir," 

I crossed my arms, 

"Can i ask you something?" 

he nodded 


"When you set the first Moon bounce up what color was it?" 


he said raising his eyebrow, 

"Right and looking around what colors do you see?" 

He looked around.

"Pink and Purple." 


I said nodding, 

"So, why the hell is this Moon bounce Blue?"

i said clearly irritated. He thought for a moment. 

"I don't know Sir." 

"Okay, Well how about you fix that within the next 20 minutes or you will deal with something far worse than me." 

He swallowed. 

"My boss?" 

I shook my head. 

"Worse, My girlfriend. And trust me neither of Us want that, So i suggest you get a pink one here and fast." 

He blinked,

"Yes sir, Right away." 

He said taking out his phone, I nodded

"Thank you." 

I walked away from him heading back up to the beach house. when i felt my phone Buzz. i shoved my hand in my pocket pulling it out, 

"Hey baby, Everything okay?" 

I asked walking into the house. 

"Yeah fine, we will be their in about 15 minutes, i just called to see how things were going their," 

I looked around. 

"er,,, good babe, nothing to worry about." 


I heard the smile in her voice, making me smile. 

"Payton sweetie you have to keep Modern Warfare sitting he cant jump around." 

"Okay Mommy." 

I raised my eyebrow, 

"Modern Warfare" 

She sighed, 

"I know, she picked it." 

I laughed, 

"Justin can we talk to you for a minute?" 

I looked over at my parents and nodded, 

"Alright baby i have to go, See you when you guys get here." 

"Okay, I love you." 

I smiled, 

"I love you too sweetheart. Bye." 

She giggled, 

"Bye Jay." 

I hung up the phone shoving it back into my pocket, 

"Whats up guys?" 

I asked walking over to them, 

"Erin isn't coming." 

My dad said shoving his hands into his pocket, i raised my eyebrow. 

"What? Why?" 

"We got into this huge fight this morning and now she refuses to come." 

He said shrugging me, i sighed 

"What about Jazzy and jax?" 

"they are asleep on the couch upstairs, going to be a long day so i figured i would let them sleep." 

I nodded. Letting out a breath i hadn't even realized i had been holding in. 

"Justin you okay sweetie?" 

My mom asked putting her hand on my shoulder, I nodded

"Yeah, Just things are not going so well, and im just nervous." 

She sighed, 

"Sweetie, Everything is going to be fine, But you can't stress yourself out or you wont have any fun today. This is all amazing, No matter what Pay is going to be the happiest 5 year old ever." 

she said laughing a little, i smiled nodding. 

"Your'e mom is right kiddo, Nothing else could really go wrong." 

i sighed looking up, you have got to be kidding me. 

"Spoke too soon." 

I muttered dryly walking past them, 

"What the fuck do you think you are doing here?" 

"Nice to see you too." 

Jake said smirking at me. 

"Jake i swear to god i will kick your ass today, Leave now!" 

I hissed raising my voice a little louder. he laughed. 

"You do Not scare me Bieber, Its a free country, if i want to be here i will." 

He growled. i could feel my blood boiling. 

"What the hell is going on over hear." 

Ben said walking over Ryan following, I ignored him.

"I won't say it again, Leave, Now!" 

My words were like venom. he chuckled. 

"Or what?" 

he hissed walking closer, i raised my fist.   

"Justin, bro, Stop." 

Ryan said touching my shoulder i pushed him off. 

"You going to hit me? then hit me Bieber, Come on do it." 

he said inches from my face, 

"Justin its not worth it, Jake stop it." 

Ben said stepping closer, 

"Yeah Justin its not worth it." 

Jake mocked. 

"why are you guys acting like this?" 

Ryan asked. 

"Yeah Jake, why am i acting like this? why don't we fill them in? Tell them what you tried to do last night" 

"What is he talking about Jake? 

Ben asked crossing his arms. 

"Yes jake, Tell him what im talking about." 

"Nothing man, Its not even a big deal." 

"Oh so trying to Rape his sister isn't a big deal."

"You what?" 

Ben Yelled, everyone looked at us. Jake looked around. 

"Youre causing a scene man stop overeating." 

Jake huffed rolling his eyes. 

"Oh ill show you overreacting you son a a bitch."

Ben Darted at him but Ryan and My dad held him back, Now everyone was watching. Jake took a few steps backwards. 

"Dude, Calm down its not what it sounds like."  

"So you didnt try to rape my sister." 

He hissed. 

"You tried to what?" 

Mr. Keller said pushing past everyone. we all looked at him. 

"John its not like that, she wanted me too." 

"You fucking bastered" 

I said going to attach him but Kenny grabbed me.

"Justin. No." 

My mom yelled.  

"Justin its Paytons Birthday you guys dont want to do this." 

My dad said still holding Ben. 

"Oh yes i do! Let me go now!." 

Ben said trying to push out of their grip. 

"Their right he isnt worth it." 

I said kenny letting me go. 

"Just get him out of here Kenny" 

I said brushing off my shirt.   


John said walking closer to him. 

"We let you into our hotel, our lives, hell our family, and this is how you repay us? trying to force yourself on my daughter." 

John hissed. 

"John, you wanted me to be with her for years, now all of sudden Mr. Popstar comes into town and im the bad guy." 

"justin didnt try to force himself on her you ass." 

Ryan Growled. Jake rolled his eyes.

"Right so him sleeping with her at 14 and knocking her up is all okay?" 

That was it i couldnt take it anymore, i launched at him, punching him in the face, knocking him over a little before he stood up wiping his mouth. Pulling his hand up and clocking me in the eye. 


I said grabbing my eye, I went at him again kenny held me back. 

"Not so tough now are you Bieber." 

he said wiping more blood off his mouth. 

"Get the fuck out of here jake" 

Ben growled, Ryan holding him back now as my dad helped kenny hold me. he smirked. 

"Oh come on Ben; you of all people know how much of a whore your sister is. she wanted it." 

"You fucking puke" 

Ben said jumping on him, punching him repetitively. 


bree yelled. 

"Sorry he slipped out of my grip." 

Ryan smirked at me, i smiled back. 

"Stop both of you right now." 

John and my dad said pulling him off Jake. 

"Let me go! Im going to beat him into next year." 

Ben said pushing at them. Jake stood up slowly. 

"I suggest you get the hell out of here before you get killed." 

Bree said putting her hands on her hips. Jake smirked. 

"You want some of this too?" 

"Im going to fucking Murder you" 

Ben Said trying to get back at him. 

"Oh calm down," 

Jake said rolling his eyes. 

"Go now!" 

Ryan Yelled. 

"Fine. fine." 

he looked at me, Kenny still holding me. and smirked. 

"Maybe ill try again in a few years, But maybe it will be Payton, who i get. i mean what i only have to wait till she is 14 right? thats when shanel got knocked up?." 

"Youre dead!" 

I yelled pushing at kenny! 

"Come and Get me Bieber! oh wait you cant because-" 

Before he could finish Ryan nailed him right in the face jumping on him, they both rolled around punching one another, Chaz pulled him off. 

"Dont ever talk about Payton like that you hear me!" 

Ryan yelled trying to get past chaz. 

"Man calm down we all want to kill him." 

Chaz said. Ryan relaxed a little. 

"Stop it all of you that is enough!" 

John said still holding ben, 

"Jake leave now or we will let all three of these boy go at once," 

He slowly got off the ground.

"This isnt over" 

Jake said walking to the door. 

"Bring it on Fucker" 

I yelled as kenny walked him out, everyone stood their looking at each other, Ryan Ben and i all having black eyes and busted lips, 

"Ill go get some ice." 

My mom said 

"Ill come with you." 

Bree stood up following her into the kitchen of the Cabin. 

"I'm going to kill that fucker." 

Ben said sitting down. 

"Me too." 

I leaned against the wall. 

"Not if i do it first." 

Ryan muttered rubbing his hands. 

"None of you guys are going to live that long because as soon as shanel sees you guys, she is going to kill you." 


I huffed rubbing my face. 


My mom said handing me and ryan Ice packs as Bree gave Ben one, I sighed. 

"What the Fuck went on in her-" 

Shanel walked into the room, her eyes widened looking at Ben, ryan and I, Her expression cold. 

"Daddy! What happened." 

Payton said hiding behind her leg. i sighed. 

"Patty, Would you please take payton to go get ready with Bree." 

shanel asked through clenched teeth. 

"Of course, come on sweetie," 

mom said picking her up. 

"But Daddy-" 

"daddy is fine princess go with grandma." 

I said walking over to kiss her head. 

she nodded as mom carried her up the stairs bree following behind i looked uo at shanel, Rage running through her, i groaned. 

(Shanels Pov) 

"Babe Please dont be mad." 

"Dont fucking babe me, What the hell happened in here!" 

She hissed. 

"I know this looks Bad Nell but-" 

"Bad? Ben you all look like you have been ran over by fucking cars!" 

I screeched, anger flowing through me. 

"jake was here." 

She froze. 


she whispered looking at me. 

"Yeah, And long story short we know, we kicked his ass, he left." 

Ryan said putting the ice back on his eye. 

"You know?" 

"Yes, Nella, We know, Why didnt you tell me?" 

Ben asked walking over to me. I shrugged. 

"Justin came in before- i just didnt want you to freak out." 

"Not freak out, Shanel im your my sister, I dont want anything to happen to you!" 

"None of us do." 

Justin said walking over placing his hands on my face, 

"I know your mad Baby, But you were not here, you didn't hear the things he said, we shouldn't have fought him, but they love you so much, I Love you so much, That we just couldn't stand their and let him say what he did. I'm so sorry we ruined paytons birthday. But please don't be mad." 

He said kissing my head, I sighed. 

"You guys look like shit." 

He let out a small laugh. 

"You should have seen jake." 

Ryan said smirking, I half smiled. 

"You should go see Payton." 

I said rubbing his arms as he held me; he sighed

"I know, what do i even say?" 

He asked leaning his head on mine. 

"That Uncle Ryan, Uncle Ben and Daddy are all superheros and you fought a bad guy." 

Chaz said shrugging, we all looked at him. 

"Have you met Pay? she is way to smart to believe a lie." 

Ben said laughing a little, i smiled. 

"He is right, just tell her the truth." 

Justin snapped his head to look at ryan, A look that said 'are you stupid' ryan sighed 

"Not the whole truth, just that Jake is a bad guy and we had to stick up for her and Mommy." 

he said shrugging i looked at Justin who was thinking, then sighed, 

"The birthday girl wants her dad." 

dad said interrupting us, we nodded. 

"You ready?" 

I asked, He nodded, 

"Yeah lets go." 

(Shanels Pov) 

"Payton Not so fast with that thing" 

Justin said kissing my cheek, i smiled watching Payton and Jazzy race their little cars down the beach. 

"You look hot in that bikini" 

Justin whispered kissing my neck, i giggled turning to face him, as i warped my arms around his neck. 

"You dont look so bad yourself." 

"Mommy Look at Believe?" 

Payton said pointing to the dog running behind her. we raised our eyebrow. 

"I thought its name was Modern Warfare?" 

She giggled. 

"Na i Like believe better," 

Justin smiled thinking about something. 

"yeah i like that name too sweetie." 

He said as she ran back to jazzy. 


i asked justin as he smiled from ear to ear. 

"The name of my Album" 


I asked clearly confused. 

"Believe is the name of my new album." 

I smiled. 

"Maybe thats why she named it that." 

He shook his head. 

"I havent told anyone that yet. except scooter." 

i smiled 

"Maybe its Fate." 

he laughed. 


he said kissing me softly. 

"mmm you taste like strawberry." 

he said nuzzling my hair, I laughed. 

"And you taste like beer." 

He shrugged. before looking at me. 

"Its good and cold." 

"Hey im not saying anything bad, you are an adult and can do whatever you want," 

He smirked. 


"Nothing i was just remembering the last time you where drunk, You wanted me so bad." 

I blushed hiding my face into his neck, he laughed kissing my head. 

"Youre so cute when you blush." 

"Stop it." 

I said playfully slapping his arm. 

"Oh thats it." 

He bent down picking me up over his shoulder. I screeched grabbing onto his hips  

"Put me down right now!" 

I said trying to sound mad but failing. 

"Your wish is my command baby." 

He said sliding me down his body into the ice cold water, I clung to him! 


I screeched warping my legs around him, he put his hands under my knees holding me to him, he laughed kissing me softly. 

"I love you Shanel." 

he said kissing my cheek multiply times, i giggled 

"I love you too Justin." 

he smirked at me. 


I asked raising my eyebrow. 

next thing i new i was under water justin holding onto me tightly. we slowly came back to the surface. 

"Youre so dead." 

I said wiping my face, he smirked. 

"you have to catch me first baby." 

he yelled diving back into the water, swimming away from me.



(Justin Pov) 

"Why are you sitting here all by your self?" 

Shanel asked sitting on my lap, 

"Just watching Payton." 

I said wrapping my arms around her, she sighed sinking into me. 

"I cant believe she is 5 already." 

she said playing with my dog tags. 

"I know." 

I said looking back at shanel running around with Jazzy and jax on the beach. we sat their not saying anything for a while, 

"How is your eye." 

Nell asked touching my face lightly, 

"fine, you still think we ruined her birthday?" 

i asked running ym arms down her arm, she shook her head. 

"No i dont" 

She leaned up and kissed my eye. i smiled before attaching my lips hers, pulling her closer, i depend the kiss grabbing her ass. she giggled pulling away. 

"Justin we are in public." 

I shrugged kissing her neck, 

"So i was injured today, i need some lovin." 

She laughed turning so she could wrap her arms around me all the way.

"What makes you think thats ever happening again?" 

i pouted, 

"Nell thats not funny." 

She giggled kissing me lightly. 

"I love you, and Payton, So much." 

she smiled. 

"And we love you too." 

She said kissing my nose, 

"Daddy. Mommy! Come on Sparklers." 

Payton said jumping up and down, we laughed. 

"Come on baby," 

i said standing her up as i got up. She smiled intertwining her fingers with mine as we walked along the beach, Life couldn't get any better. 


//////////////////// EEEEP! I know its been like a week and im sorry :/ Im just so freaking busy all the time! I hate it! This chapter is shorter than i had planned, i cut it in half, because i hadent finished the other part but i wanted to post something. I hope you guys like it! i will probably post the other half of this chapter Saturday or sunday! I promise! Anyywaysss onto the Chapter! that fight thooooo>>> They wanted to kill him (; What an ass. Justin was pretty bad ass! Sexy!!!! Anyways! Sorry for the wait and thank you guys so much! I Love you<3 

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