Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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18. Chapter 17 (I Love you) *RATED R*

*Warning RATED R*

July 13, 2012
(Shanels Pov) 

I sighed slipping on my shoes, 

"Justin i swear to god if you don't get off that damn phone and get ready for this dinner i will kill you." 

Payotn giggled; and Justin smirked, 

"I have to go Scooter ill call you later? Alright Bye." 

He hung up the phone an smiled; 

"Their happy?" 

he said kissing my cheek, I nodded finishing up Paytons hair, 

"What do you want for your birthday Princess?" 

Justin asked Payton from the bathroom. 

"A pony" 

She said all happy, Justin stuck his head out of the bathroom; 

"Payton we live in a hotel; we don't have anywhere to put it." 

"It can sleep in my room with me" 

we laughed,

"Sweetie that's not possible, we will get you a pony when we get our own house one day okay?" 

she sighed 


"What else do you want?" 

She shrugged

"Can we have my party on the beach? with a moon bounce?" 

i looked at Justin who shrugged, 

"I don't see why not if that's were you want it; but what do you want from mommy and i as a present?" 

she smiled big 

"Can i have a bike?" 

"A bike?" 

Justin repeated? 

She nodded fast

"A purple one with a basket and cute stickers" 

I laughed 

"Oh and a car" 


We both said she giggled

"Not a real car silly, One of those ones like Jazzy has, Then when she comes we could ride them together" 

Justin smiled, 

"we will see okay?" 

She nodded

"Go get your shoes on sweetie." 

"Okay Mama" 

she hopped off the bed and ran out of the room; i looked at Justin

"She is so cute" 

Justin said walking out of the bathroom, I smiled

"I know" 

I looked up at him, 

"Is that what your wearing?" 

I asked raising my eyebrow. 

he looked down, 

"Whats wrong with what i have on?"

"Nothing, Its just-" 

He sighed, 

"Fine ill change." 

He said looking into the closet and pulling out his purple hoodie i scrunched up my nose, he smiled

"How about you just pick out what you want me to wear?" 

He said kissing my nose i smiled walking over to the closet, 


I said handing him his clothes, 

"What would i do without you baby?" 

I shrugged 

"Dress like that" 

I winked at him 

"Hey! i thought you thought i dressed sexy" 

he pouted, I laughed an kissed him lightly, 

"I do baby, Now go get dressed" 

"Yes ma'am" 

He said slapping my ass  


I gasped; He winked walking into the bathroom. This boy seriously drives me insane,


"Uncle Ben!" 

Payton said running across the lobby to him.

"Hey short stuff," 

he said picking her up, 

"You look so pretty, Just like your mommy" 

Jake said pinching her cheek, Justin's grip on my hand tightened, I looked at him kissing his cheek for reassurance, 

"I didn't know you were coming" 

He half growled, 

"Why wouldn't i?" 

He hissed, 

"Because no one wants you too" 

He hissed back, 

"What was that Bieber?" 

"Okay How about we get going?"

Bree said interrupting them, 

"Yeah lets go" 

I agreed, 

"Where is grandpa?" 

Payton asked, 

"He has to work honey, he will come next time okay?" 

She nodded and i took Justin's hand again, he softened slightly, 

"Lance and Kenny are waiting outside" 

Justin said putting his arm around me, 

"They have to come with us?" 

Ben asked, 

We nodded, 

"Keeps us safe man," 

Jake rolled his eyes, 

"Got something to say McCain?"

Justin huffed he scoffed, 

"Lets just go okay?" 

I asked he sighed pulling me closer, 

"Yeah lets go." 

Ben shot me a 'What was that all about look' 

I shook my head 

'Ill tell you later' 

I mouthed, he nodded holding Payton in one arm and warping his free one around Bree, This is going to be a long night. 


(Justin Pov" 

"You alright?" 

Shanel asked as i walked back into the bowling Ally. 

''Yeah why?" 

she shrugged 

"You have seemed on edge ever since dinner," 

I sighed 

"I'm fine, Where is Payton?"

"She is playing with Jake in the arcade room." 

I could feel the anger build inside me. 

"What the fuck is she with him for?" 

I snapped, Shanel looked at me shocked. 

"She is playing Justin, God what the hell is your problem lately?" 

"That's a stupid Fucking question" 

I hissed, she shook her head and turned to walk away, 

"Where are you going?" 

"Over with everyone else, When you loose your attitude you can join us, Until then don't bother" 

"Shanel i-" 

"Mommy Come look what Jake won me!" 

we looked in Paytons direction, 

"I'm coming sweetie." 

She glanced at me once before walking away, i ran my hands over my face sitting down, i felt my phone buzz in my pocket i sighed pulling it out, 


"Aye Man whats up?" 

"Nothing Bro, You?" 

"Same, I was just calling to tell you we are all leaving in the morning to Fly down for Paytons Birthday. Your mom asked me to call." 

I sighed, 


"You okay Man?" 

Ryan asked, i huffed looking over to where Shanel was with Jake, laughing. 

"Define okay, you remember Shanels Ex Jake?" 

"Yeah why?" 

"He is here," 

"What no way bro! how is that going?" 

"Considering i tried to knock his lights out the first night he was here and every second we are in the same room we want to kill each other i would say not to good" 

"Ouch, That bad huh?" 
"You have no idea Ry, And to make things worse I think Shanel still has feelings for him." 

"what? Justin that's insane bro, she loves you." 

I sighed, 

"Yeah Man i know but their is just something about this kid i just- I dont know, i feel like he is trying to take my place, Payton is like in love with him and Shanel seems to always choose his side over mine," 

He huffed, 

"Sounds like you need to tell this guy whats up Bro" 

I scoffed 

"Yeah right whenever i try to say something Shanel flips out!" 

"So do it when she is not around Bro, You have to let him know, Shanel is yours and only yours." 

I sighed, 

"You're right man, thanks!" 

"Anytime, Ill see you tomorrow alright?" 

"See you tomorrow Bro" 

I switched my phone off and  shoved it back in my pocket standing up, I walked into the game room with everyone else, Walking up behind Shanel i wrapped my arms around her from behind. 

"Im sorry" 

I whispered kissing her head. i felt her relax into me. 

"Wahoo I won" 

Payton screamed, we all laughed. 

"Good job short stuff" 

Ben said rubbing her head. 

"Thanks Uncle Ben, Mommy, Daddy can i go pick out my prize?"

"Sure sweetie" 

I said, Shanel took my hand, 

"Actually sweetie you two go, Im going to talk to Jake" 

She raised her eyebrow, 

"Dont worry, I will be friendly" 

I said kissing her head, she sighed. before nodding

"Good boy" 

She said taping my nose, i laughed, 


She smiled and kissed my cheek before taking Paytons Hand and walking to the prize stand with Bree and Ben, 

"Yo jake can i talk to you for a second?" 

He crossed his arms 

"What do you want Bieber" 

I put on a fake smile 

"I wanted to apologize." 

He raised his eyebrow



I stuck out my hand and she slowly took it. 

"I won't Fucking say it again; stay away from my girlfriend and stay away from my daughter." 

I hissed, He scoffed, Putting on an equally fake smile. 

"I already let you win her once; this time, Im going to be the one to win over her heart Justin, and their is nothing you can do about it" 

I smirked, squeezing his hand a little harder, 

"I wouldn't bet on that McCain, She is Mine, Payton is mine and By the time im done with you, you will wish you never came to town." 

He smirked 

"Bring it on Bieber, Im not scared of you." 


I said placing my hand back at my side, 

"You will be." 

And before he had a chance to reply i walked away back to Everyone else. 

"Daddy Look what i got!" 

Payton said running to me with her bear; i picked her up, 

"That's almost as cute as you princess" 

I said kissing her cheek, she laughed i looked at shanel, 


I asked, she sighed, 

"That seemed really friendly," 

I shrugged. 

"I told you, nothing to worry about baby" 

I said kissing her softly


Payton said covering her eyes, we laughed. 

"Alright Guys, I think its time to call it a night" 

Ben said taking off his bowling shoes, 

"Yeah, I agree, this little one needs to get to bed, we have shopping to do for her birthday party Saturday" 

Shanel said poking payton, she laughed, 

"Yeah and my friends and family are all coming in tomorrow" 

I said, 

"Sweet, i finally get to meet this 'Jazzy' Payton talks about All the time!"

Ben said, I smiled, As Jake walked back over. 

"You okay dude?" 

He nodded, causing me to smirk,   

"Kenny and Lance are waiting outside."

Bree said we nodded heading to the door, 

*July 14, 2012* 


"Jazzy, Payton and Jaxon Dont climb on those" 

Shanel said walking over to them, I smiled 

"You guys seem good," 

My mom said taking a sip of her drink, I sighed. 

"We have our moments, but in all yeah we are okay." 

She smiled 

"Thats great sweetie." 

I nodded 

"What time does Ryan and Chaz get here?" 

I asked, She looked at her watch, 

"In a couple hours, They took the second flight so they could pick up Paytons present." 

I smiled 

"She is going to freak." 

She laughed. 

"I know, Took us forever to convince them to put the damn thing on the plane" 

I laughed.

"Shanel knows we got her it right?" 

"Kind of" 

She raised her eyebrow 

"Kind of! Justin Drew Bieber! You need to tell her!" 

I sighed, running my hands through my hair. 

"I know, I know i will Mom i promise." 

"Jake Stop put me down." 

I looked over to see Jake lifting Shanel in the air, i instantly tensed. My mom sighed

"Sweetie, what is going on? every time that kid is around you get angry all of a sudden." 

"He wants shanel." 

"Who wants Shanel." 

My dad asked walking over. 


I hissed, then sighed

"Jake does," 

"Oh Justin Sweetie, are you sure you aren't just over thinking things?"

My mom asked, I rolled my eyes. 

"No mom, he told me with his own mouth, He said he would get her and their was nothing i could do about it." 

I said taking a long drink of my beer, 

"Justin she is nuts about you, Their is nothing to worry about,"  

My dad said laying his hand on my shoulder, 

"I hope so." 

"You trust her right?" 

My mom asked, i scoffed. 

"Of course i do, its him i don't trust." 

She sighed. 

"Sweetie, I promise you that shanel-


Jazzy screamed, I jumped up, running inside, Everyone following, 

"Whats going on?"

Shanel and i said at the same time, 

"Payton she- she" 


I said running over to her. 

"Ben Get my purse" 

Shanel said leaning on the other side of Payton, 

"Whats going on?" 

Jazzy cried. My dad picked her up, Erin grabbing Jaxon. 

"She is having a sugar attach sweetie." 

I said looking back at Payton. 

"Payton hunny its daddy, Mommy and I are here, you're okay, Just listen to my voice okay?" 

"Jazzy sweetie what did you guys eat?" 

"Just some of my M&M's and a chocolate milk" 

Shanel sighed. 


Ben said giving shanel her purse.

"Ill get her some water" 

Jake said, Honestly right now i didn't care about him, 

"Shit i have no more." 

"What the hell do you mean you don't have anymore" 

i snapped. 

"She ran out," 

"Oh my god" 

My mom cried, 

"I have some in my office, Hold on" 

Shanels dad said running to his office, 

"Its okay baby girl, your okay." 

I said running my hands through her hair as she shook.


John said handing her the bottle; Shanel slowly injected her with her medication; her breathing slowed as she stopped shaking. her eyes slowly fluttered open. 

"What happened?" 

She whispered. i sighed lifting her into my arms. 

"You had another attach sweetie, How are you feeling?" 

Shanel said rubbing her hair, 

"Sleepy, Im sorry" 

She said, I hugged her tighter 

"Oh princess" 

I kissed her head. 


Jake said handing her some water; she faintly smiled, Taking a sip. 

"I didnt think i ate that many." 

She whispered, we sighed

"Its okay baby." 

"Am i still aloud to have a birthday tomorrow?" 

We all laughed. 

"Of course princess" 

I said kissing her head, she smiled. 

"We should get her up stairs to nap, We will see you guys all for dinner?" 

They nodded, as i stood up with Payton in my arms. 

"Grammy loves you baby," 

My mom said kissing her head. 

"We all do"

John added 

"Ill go let Jeremy, Erin and the kids know she is okay." 

"I want to see jazzy." 

"After your nap okay?" 

She sighed, but slowly nodded. 

"Dont ever scare me like that again short stuff" 

Ben said kissing her head. 

"Yeah that goes for me to" 

Jake added, i held back the urge to roll my eyes. 

'"Come on lets let them get her up stairs, we will see you guys at dinner" 

Bree said hugging shanel, Before kissing Payton,

*9:00 p.m*

(Shanel's Pov) 

"Are you going to ignore me all night?"

i whispered to Justin as we walked back into the hotel

"I'm not ignoring you, lets not talk about this now." 

I rolled my eyes crossing my arms. 

"Justin you cant avoid me forever" 

He sighed 

"Shanel Please." 

"Tonight was so much fun." 

Payton said holding Jazzys Hand. 

"Yeah it was, And tomorrow is your Birthday on the Beach" 

Jazzy said, payton laughed. 

"Well lets get you two to bed shall we?" 

Jeremy said. 

"are you sure she is okay with you tonight?" 

I asked worried. 

"She will be fine" 

Erin said smiling at me. 

"Okay well we are only a few rooms away if you need us." 

They laughed 

"Night Baby" 

"Night mommy, Night Daddy" 

"Night princess we love you" 

"Love you too." 

We kissed her head and she walked away with Jeremy and Erin. I sighed

"Well im going to bed too, see you in the morning sweetie, i love you" 

Pattie said kissing Justin. 

"Night mama, Love you too." 

"Night Nell" 

"Night Pattie" 

"Where did Ben and Bree go?" 

Ryan asked, We shrugged 

"Who knows, Jake didn't even come tonight" 

I said, Justin rolled his eyes. i shrugged it off, 

"Well we are going to get Payotns present to bring it to your room, so she can have it when she gets up" 

Ryan said, Justin nodded. 

"She is going to love that dog, its so fluffy." 

Chaz said, My head snapped in Justin direction

"A What?" 

He elbowed Chaz, 

"Was i not supposed to mention that or the tattoo" 


i asked placing my hands on my hips. he rolled his eyes. 

"Thanks Chaz" 

he hissed 

"we are just going to get the dog, meet you in your hotel room" 

Ryan said pulling Chaz with him, 


I shoved past him walking to our hotel room, 

"So what you're just going to ignore me?" 

"You have been doing it to me all night so why not?" 

I hissed slipping off my shoes and heading to our room to change. 

(Justins Pov)

I huffed following her. 

"Seriously Shanel?" 

i said as she walked into the closet, 

"Seriously what Justin? You got her a dog, without even asking me;" 

"actually my parents did," 

I said shrugging, 

"Justin stop being so childish" 

She said walking out of the closet now dressed in her Pj's, i rolled my eyes. 

"Childish? are you kidding me right now? No! Childish is you for getting to fill our daughters medication shanel!" 

I hissed, she scoffed

"So thats what this is about, you have been ignoring me all night because i forgot to fucking fill Pay's medication! Grow up justin!" 

"Me grow up? How about you grow up! Maybe if you weren't so busy flirting with jake you would have remembered to fill it!" 

I growled she glared at me. 

"You're are so fucking insecure Justin! I DONT want Jake! Do you get that!" 

she screeched, I rolled my eyes. 

"Yeah whatever," 

"What are you implying justin? that i am some Slut who is dating you but secretly Fucking someone else?" 

I rolled my eyes. 

"You're so ridiculous!" 

She headed to the door. 

"Where the hell are you going?" 

I hissed. 

"I need some air!" 

She ripped open the door, 


Ryan said Jumping back. 

"Shanel are you-" 


She said pushing past him, 

"Shanel get back here!" 

She ignored me walking to the stairs, i sighed running my hands through my hair. 

"Dude what happened?" 

"Long story man." 

"I got time" 

He said sitting the dog down, I huffed.

"Where is Chaz?" 

"Oh he got distracted watching Ninja Turtles, Now come on what happened?"

i took a deep breath, 

"She is just mad because my parents got the dog, yet i cant be mad she forgot to fill pays medication because she was to busy flirting with fag boy" 

He sighed placing his hand on his head; 

"Justin please tell me you did not refer to her as a hoe?" 

I scratched the back of my head. 

"No not in so many words, I just-" 

I put my head in my hands. 

"I fucked up" 


"And this is all my fault" 


"I have to go apologize." 


He said popping the 'p' I groaned 

"Alright man i better go find her, Ill talk to you tomorrow." 

"Alright Bro, Good luck," 


I said as i headed down the hallway
(Shanels Pov) 

I was so mad that Justin would even think of me like that! I have never been that type of girl, Yeah okay i got pregnant at 14 but not because i'm a hoe, wait that does kind of make me sound like a hoe, Oh my god, i sighed putting my head in my hands.

"What are you doing out here so late?" 

I looked up to see jake, i shrugged. 

"Justin and i had a fight, I needed some air," 

He nodded 

"Can i sit down." 


I scooted over letting him sit next to me. 

"You weren't at dinner" 

He sighed 

"Wasn't really wanted" 

I rolled my eyes thinking about Justin, i took a deep breath, 

"Its so beautiful out." 

I said sighing, he nodded 

"Almost as beautiful as you." 

I looked at him, he smiled tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. 


"You diverse so much better than him" 

He whispered. 

"Jake, don't please" 

He sighed 

"Why not Vanilla, You know its true, i mean look at you sitting out here all upset, its his fault, i would never treat you like that" 

He said placing his hand on my upper leg, i moved away a bit. 

"Jake i love Justin" 

he shook his head, 

"No you just think you are in love, Shanel i can make you happy" 

He said putting his hand back on my thigh. 

"Jake stop it. I am happy." 

I said pushing it off again, 

"Holy fuck Shanel, stop denying it, i know you want me." 

He said getting closer to my face i tried to push him back. 

"Stop Jake! Dont!" 

But he ignored me kissing my neck, I tried to squirm free but he held me tighter. 

"Ow, you're hurting me Jake stop!" 

"Come on baby i know you love it." 

"Stop, Justi-!" 

 he covered my mouth; 

"Shut the fuck up, You know you like it." 

He went to kiss my neck again and i continued to squirm, 

"What the fuck is going on out here!" 

Jake jumped up, 


I yelled running to him; now in tears. 

"Baby whats wrong? what did he do to you?" 

I just held him tighter sobbing. 

"Awe come on Justin we were just having a little fun. She knows she loved it" 

"You son of a bitch," 

Justin let go of me charging after him, 

"Justin no please," 

"Yeah Justin, wouldn't want the Paps to find out you beat up a poor innocent guy" 

"You re not fucking innocent you fucker" 

Justin balled up his fist, 

"Jay please, he isn't worth it." 

I said through tears, he softened looking at me, 

"Yeah Justin better Listen to that little Bitch of yours." 

Before i even realized what had happened Justin hit him, Jake dropped to the ground. 

"Dont ever talk about her like that again you sleaze ball"

He kicked him, 

"Justin stop thats enough." 

I said pulling at his arm. 

"I want you out of here by morning" 

"And if im not, you don't scare me Bieber" 

He groaned. standing a little 

"Ill tell her brother, Father, My father my friends and my body guards what you tried to do to her tonight, Then it wont be me you need to worry about." 

Jake glared at him, 

"Come on baby lets go." 

He said wrapping his arm around me. 

"Fuck you Bieber" 

Jake yelled after us, I sighed as we walked back to the hotel room, 

"Are you okay baby? Did he hurt you?"

I shook my head. 

"Shanel Im so sorry, If i wouldn't have said what i did you wouldn't have went out their and- I'm sorry" 

he shook his head. 

"no im sorry, you were right i have been to wrapped up in myself lately and with Jake, I should have made sure her meds were filled." 

He sighed kissing my cheek. 

"Its not your fault, I should have been home more, I forget sometimes that you have to take all the responsibility and it can be stressful I'm so sorry"   

 i looked up at him, His beautiful Brown Eyes to my Green, 

"I swear to god i am going to kill that fucker" 

he said balling up his fists i sighed placing my hand on his cheek, he softened. 

"I love you" 

I whispered. He sighed leaning into my touch

"I love you too, baby" 

He took my head in his hands softly kissing my lips, I wrapped my arms around his neck, he slid his hands down my waist to my butt gently squeezing it causing me to gasp, Taking the advantage he deepened the kiss, pulling me closer. he detached his lips from mine moving them down my jaw to my neck, I turned my head giving him more access. 


"What was that?" 

I said jumping slightly he laughed, 

"The dog babe, Just ignore it" 

He mumbled in my neck, Moving his hands to my shirt. 


I whispered, He ignored me pulling at my shirt again, 


I said a bit louder this time, He lifted his head up, 


"The dog is watching us." 

He looked over his shoulder before rolling his eyes. 

"Just act like he isn't their Shanel, Its just a dog" 

He went to kiss me again and i turned my head so he got my cheek, he groaned. 


next thing i knew he was lifting me up. i squealed. 

"Justin what are you doing?" 

"Taking you where the dog cant see," 

He said kicking open the bedroom door i laughed as he shut it behind us setting me on my feet. 


I smiled 



he said in a low sexy voice that made me almost com bust just standing their, 

I threw my arms around him kissing him fiercely. he kissed me back with just as much passion, his hands made their way back to the bottom of my shirt, he pulled back looking at me to make sure it was okay, I bit my lip slowly nodding, I mean it wasn't like it was the first time i have ever slept with him, its just the first time in almost 5 years, 

he slowly backed me up to the wall as i pulled his shirt above his head, he trailed kisses down my jaw, to my neck and down across my chest to my stomach, i pulled his head back up to me kissing him with so much passion, i ran my hands through his hair causing him to groan, he pulled at my shorts causing them to fall, i slowly stepped out of them, not breaking the kiss, He moved his hands down behind my thighs, 

"Wrap your legs around me baby" 

He whispered and i instantly obeyed, He slowly carried me to the bed kissing and biting my neck the whole way, he gently laid me down hovering over me. 

"You're so Beautiful" 

he said caressing my cheek; i blushed before reattaching our lips once again; he moved his hands up and down my body exploring every inch, he reach his hand around my back un-clipping my bra so it fell loose, his eyes never leaving mine. I pulled at his pants causing his boxers to come down with it springing him free; my eyes widened, 

"Bigger than you last remebered?" 

He said smirking i blushed looking away, he reattached his lips to mine kissing me slowly, before pulling off my underwear. 

"Are you ready?" 

He rasped 


He groaned

"Shanel if you are about to say you changed your mind i will probably cry" 

I giggled, 

"No silly, Do you have err,, protection? we don't want another Payton" 

He smirked before reaching onto the floor into his jean pocket and pulling one out, I raised my eyebrow 

"Did you plan this?" 

He smiled 

"No but a guy can dream" 

I laughed playfully hitting him, he grabbed my hands pinning them above my head, hovering over me once more, 

"Are you ready baby?" 

he growled in a sexy voice; I slowly nodded, and He slowly sank into me, 

i gasped griping his back, he groaned, 

"you okay?" 

I nodded and he started to move. I moaned, arching my back; meeting each thrust with his;  

"You're so fucking tight" 

He hissed, picking up speed, I moaned loudly, 

"Thats right baby, let me hear you" 

"Oh justin" 

I moaned, he went faster and faster, 

"Fuck Shanel" 

He hissed going harder, i could feel myself climbing closer and closer to the edge, I groaned loudly, 

"Let go baby" 

His words where my unraveling,


I yelled scratching his back, He soon followed, Moaning loudly, He collapsed on top of me our breathing out of control, He nuzzled his head between my breasts, and i ran my hands slowly through his hair, 

"I love you" 

He said between breaths, I smiled, 

"I love you too Justin." 

HJDKFABSJUGFIUHESIND They Just had sex!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh that Chapter was crazy! I hope you guys liked the Rated R, I have never done that before so if it sucked, Im sorry :/ But if ya'll liked it i will do more of it! Just let me know! But anyways,,,, Im SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sorry i haven't updated in like a billion years! I have been so busy! its killing me not to be able to update for you guys! I write like at every spare moment i get, Even on break at work(: I will probably update again Saturday (; At least im hoping too! I LOVE you guys so much! You guys mean so much to me! Thank you so much for reading!!! Xoxo

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