Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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17. Chapter 16 (I Will Kick your ass; And not even feel bad about it!)

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*July 8, 2012*

(Shanels Pov)


"Good Afternoon Sunny Side Hotel; Please hold"

I switched over to the other line

"Good Afternoon Sunny Side Hotel; Please hold"

I hit the hold button again,

"Bree can you get line one please? I'm dying here"

"Sure thing"

She grabbed the other phone and answered it.

"Sorry for the wait how can I help you sir?"

"Can I speak to John Keller please"

"One moment I will switch you over."

I clicked the line over and hung up the phone, Only long enough for it to ring again, I sighed

" Good Afternoon Sunny Side Hotel; Shanel Speaking how can I help you, Three rooms let me check"

"This is for you after your done"

Nick whispered while sticking a stack of papers in front of me I rolled my eyes.

"Yes ma'am we do,,, Friday night? Great see you then have a great day"

I hung up the phone,

"What the hell are these?"

I asked sitting down at my desk

"Paperwork from the guest book"

"Why does it look like their is like three months worth here?"

I asked clearly irritated.

"six actually"

I looked at my dad,

"What the hell do you mean? We did all of these already!"

I snapped

"Yeah and that was the board I was just on the phone with; we have to redo them all of them they changed the financing all credit has to be ran through again"

"Are you kidding we will be here all night"

Bree huffed, my dads phone went off, we all looked at him.

"Then you better get started I need to take this."

He said walking back into his office I groaned,

"This is going to take forever"

Nick said slouching into the chair next to me I sighed,

"Well its already two so we should get-"


I said cutting Bree off


They both asked raising their eyebrow at me.

"I have to pick payton up in twenty minutes from ballet"

"What you cant leave, Shanel we have a shit load to do."

I Huffed.

"I know that Bree, Just let me call Justin, Maybe he can get her on his way home from the studio"

I picked up my phone and dialed his number;

(Justins Pov)

"Dude I already told you I cant leave again"

I snapped at Scooter.

"Justin Its only for a few days you cant pass on these interview's with tour coming up"


I said running my hands through my hair,

"I forgot about tour"

"Forgot Justin rehearsal starts in two weeks"

"Yeah Scooter I know that, Its just everything is different now that's all"

He sighed,

"Justin I know that your a dad now but you still have responsibility's and this interview is one of them"

I huffed

"I think I know that Scooter, I just- Paytons Birthdays is in a week-"

"You will be back before then I promise"

I groaned running both my hands through my hair,

"Fine when do we leave?"

"9:00 tonight we have to be their by morning"


I put my head in my hands.


I grumbled, My phones buzzed,


I snapped not even looking at who it was,

"Woh, sorry is this a bad time"

I relaxed taking in a deep breath,

"No baby its fine sorry I didn't mean to snap at you just been a long couple of hours is all"

She sighed

"I feel you, Its crazy here, that's actually why I was calling, Do you think you could pick Pay up from Ballet im swamped here"

I looked at my watch,

"Yeah Baby I got it, We were just finishing up here anyways"

"Thanks Jay,"

"No problem Sweetheart, What time will you be done?"

She huffed,

"At this rate? Like 8:00 tonight or so"

I sighed,

"Nell I actually have to talk to you I have to l-"

"Shanel Lets go"

I heard Bree say in the background she sighed,

"Justin I have to go, can we talk about this tonight?"

"Actually I-"

"Great Thanks again babe I'm so glade I have you around"

She hung up, I let out a breath I Hadn't even realized I had been holding in;

"I Love you"

I whispered rolling my eyes before hanging up the phone and shoving it back into my pocket,

"I have to go man, Need to pick Pay from Ballet."

"Alright, See you tonight at 9?"

"Yeah see ya"

I said before opening the door to meet Kenny,

"Where too man?"

"To the Ballet Studio, I need to Pick Payton up, Shanel is Caught up at work. Just follow behind"

"You got it bro"

He said as I climbed into the Drivers seat of my car, Shanel was going to be pissed when I told her I was leaving again and Payton would probably be upset to, I haven't even told them about tour yet, I shook my thoughts pulling into the Ballet studio, I hoped out of the car, Kenny following close behind, Their hadn't been Many pap's Lately which I couldn't really complain about, I mean it was great to be able to live normally, Well kind of anyways. I walked into the Building;class was still going on, I smiled at Payton in her little tutu Shanel and I had got her,.

"Well, well, well If it isn't Mr. Bieber himself"

I turned around.


I said giving her a hug,

"How have you been Bieber?"

I smiled

"Great actually, You?"

She shrugged,

"Cant complain"

"No like this"

We turned our heads to see Payton showing another little girl how to do a spin,

"She is amazing you know, Best in the class,"

I smirked

"Well I am her dad"

She playfully rolled her eyes.

"Still full of yourself as always"

"Of course"

I laughed and so did she

"Well it was great seeing you Again Justin, Don't be a stranger"

I smiled,

"I wont, I'm sure you will be seeing a lot of me now."

"Good, See you Later then Kiddo"

I pouted

"I'm not a kid anymore Rachel"

She laughed,

"Fine See you later man, Is that better?"

I nodded smiling huge, She shook her head walking back over to the class.

"Alright Class that's all for today, Thank you"

She said, All the kids ran their separate ways,

"Hi Daddy"

Payton said grabbing her bag before running over to me, I took it,

"Hi princess, How was class?"

She smiled

"Great did you see me doing my turns?"

I nodded, picking her up.

"I sure did sweetie you're really good"

I kissed her head making her giggled,

"Thank you Daddy, Where is Mommy?"

"She is caught up with work so its just me and you for a while is that ok?"

She nodded

"And Kenny to?"

She said waving at him I laughed,

"Yes and Kenny too,"

"where is Lance?"

"at the hotel watching over mommy"

she nodded

"What do you want to do?"

"Ice cream!"

She said clapping her hands I laughed,

"Fine, But just a little and we have to check your sugar first okay?"

She nodded as we walked to the Exit

"Bye Mrs. Dootson"

Rachie smile

"Bye Payton see you next week"

Payton nodded and I smiled at Rachel, Before we walked out to the cars.

"I like Mrs. Dootson"

Payton said as I buckled her in her car seat I smiled,

"Me too; She used to Dance for Daddy,"

Her eyes got big,


I nodded, As she smiled, shutting the door i walked to Kenny,

"We are going for ice cream if you just want to follow behind"

"Sure man"

he said getting in his car, I walked over to the drivers side of mine getting in and starting up the car,

"OooOoo Daddy turn this up I love this song"

Payton said as I turned onto the high way, I laughed tuning it up,

"Listen to yourself, you're a hot messSt-st-stutter through your words, breaking a sweat What's it gonna take to confess?We both know"

She sang perfectly, bouncing around I smiled looking at her in the rear-view mirror, She was growing up way to Fast.

(Shanels Pov)


"I'm home"

I yelled closing the door to the hotel room;

"In here babe"

Justin yelled from my room, I sighed taking off my shoes,

"Its been such a long day I just want to shower an- What are you doing?"

I asked as I walked into the room,


I raised my eyebrow

"Packing for what?"

He sighed,

"I have to go to New York for a few days"

"You what? Justin you said you wernt leaving again"

He ran his hands through his hair,

"I know but Nell I have responsibility's; im still Justin Bieber The pop star not Just Justin Bieber the dad and boyfriend,"

"I know that but Paytons Birthday-"

"Ill be back before then, Ill only be a few days, Besides you may want to get used to it, Tour starts in three months then im going to be gone a lot more"

I froze, I had completely forgot he had a tour coming up? Am I even going to be able to go that long without seeing him? What about Payton? She would be crushed

I rolled my eyes, taking a deep breath;


I walked past him into the closet to get my clothes out, Justin huffed following me,

"Shanel don't be like that, I am always with you guys I have other things in my life to you know, like My fans, I have had to put a lot off these last couple of months,"

I crossed my arms, turning to face him

"Oh im sorry I didn't realize we are such a burden on you, Please go and do things that are more important, We are only your girlfriend and Kid, Silly me"

I hissed he sighed running his hands through his hair,

"Shanel I didn't mean it like that-"

"No I got it, Your fans are more important, go"


"Where is my daughter?"

I asked pushing past him back into the room,

"Our daughter, And she is in her room getting dressed, she just got a shower"

He hissed I rolled my eyes walking out of the room to hers, Justin followed.


She said pulling her shirt over her head before running to me I smiled picking her up,

"Hey sweetheart, How was your day? I missed you"

"It was good, I missed you too mommy, Daddy And I went to get Ice cream but only a little"

She said smiling at Justin I sighed,

"Can we all go to the park tomorrow?"

"Actually we cant tomorrow Princess"

Justin said walking over to us,

"Why daddy?"

"Yeah Justin why?"

I said sarcastically, he glared at me, before sighing;

"Well sweetie daddy has to go out of town for a few days"

her smile instantly faded,

"Oh, But you just got back a few days ago"

He frowned;

"I know honey, But I will be back before you know it okay?"

She pouted before slowly nodding her head,

"When do you leave?"

"In just s few minutes,"

She huffed,

"Alright sweetie you need to get into bed"

I said kissing her head, and setting her down


She ran over to Justin hugging him,

"I Love you daddy"

"I love you too baby girl, Daddy will call you tomorrow okay?"

She nodded and he kissed her head,

"Im just going to put her to bed then I will be out"

I said not even looking at him, he sighed before nodding,

"Night sweetie"

"Night daddy"

(Justins Pov)

I finished packing and put my bags by the door,

"She is asleep"

Shanel said walking into the living room not looking at me;

"Can we please talk?"

"Their is nothing to talk about you have more important things than us-"

"That's it Shanel! Stop fucking saying that holy shit!!!"

I Growled, Making her jump a little, Her eyes got wide, shocked at my sudden out burst, I softened immediately.

"Shanel I-"

"Ill just see you when you get back"

She whispered and turned to walk away, I gently grabbed her arm,

"Baby, wait"

I said, softly pulling her back to me, she looked down biting her lip, I gently lifted her head to look at me,

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap like that okay? I just- Their is no one more important to me than you an Pay, But I do have other responsibility's and I love my fans too,"

She sighed, Relaxing a bit,

"I know, Its Just, we miss you while your gone, and yeah you are only leaving for a few days now but when tour starts it will be what months without seeing you? That's so long Jay"

I sighed kissing her head,

"Lets not think about that now okay?"

she nodded, I leaned down bringing her lips to mine,

"I'm sorry"

I whispered

"Me too"

She brought her lips back to mine, Putting all the emotion We had into this kiss knowing it would be the last one for a few days, She slipped her arms around my neck, As i slid my hands to her waist pulling her closer, She tugged on the ends of my hair causing me to groan, I licked her bottom lip begging for entrance which she gladly granted, I glided my tongue against hers pulling her as close as possible, I squeezed her hips, biting her lip causing her to moan, I smirked before backing her up against the wall, Her hands fiercely pulling on my hair, I slid my hands down to her butt squeezing it she giggled causing me to smile, I detached my lips from hers placing gentle kissing down her jaw Line to her neck, leaving sweet open mouth kisses on it, she moaned softly; I brought my lips up reattaching them to hers once more, but this time with more force,


She said pulling away a little,


I said leaning back down to kiss her neck,

"Your phone"

"Ignore it baby"

I said pushing her against the wall more with my hips, she groaned before quickly pulling my head up reaching our lips once more, i placed my hands under her shirt pulling at the end ready to pull it off, after a few seconds I felt my phone buzz again,

"Son if a bitch"

I snapped pulling away, Nell giggled, god that was so cute, I dug my hand into my pocket to answer it,

"Someone better be dying"

I hissed into the phone,

"Dude Justin where are you the cars are here to take us to the airport the plain leaves in 30 minutes."

Scooter said obviously annoyed, I huffed looking at shanel who was fixing her shirt, I groaned,

"Fine ill be down in a minute"

i snapped, hanging up my phone and shoving it back into my pocket, I looked at shanel,

"You have to go right?"

She said biting the corner of her lip, for the love of god the things this girl dose to me,

"I don't want to believe me"

I said walking closer to her,

"Then don't,"

She whispered pulling me closer by my jacket lightly kissing my neck, I moaned turning my head a little so she had more room, she moved her hands to my shirt and I gently grabbed them pulling back,

"Babe I have to go, and if I don't go right now I won't go at all,"

She pouted and I kissed her one more time before grabbing my bags,

"I love you baby, I'll call as soon as I land okay?"

She nodded kissing my cheek before opening the door for me,

"I'll see you in a few days and we can start planning our daughters birthday party okay?"

She smiled,

"Okay, bye Justin"

"Bye beautiful"

She closed the door behind me, this is going to be a long four days.

July 11, 2012

(Shanels Pov)


"Payton come on sweetie, Uncle Ben is going to be here any minute we need to head down to the Lobby."

I said putting on my shoes,

"Be right their mommy"

She yelled from her room, I smiled,

"Okay how about this?"

I looked over at Bree and smiled,

"It looks fine, Just like the last 5 outfits you have tried on"

I said laughing, she scowled at me,

"I just want to make sure I look good"

I shook my head,

"Bree, Ben isn't going to care what you have on, he is just going to be happy to see you,"

She sighed

"You think?"

I nodded

"Okay im just going to put on my other shirt and-"

"No, We are going down now he is almost here you look fine, Payton come on."

"Coming mama,"

She said skipping out of her room with her PSP

"can I call daddy?"

She said glancing up at me, I sighed,

"Sweetie Daddy is in a meeting, We will call him later okay?"

She huffed,


"Hey don't be like that, I promise you will talk to him before bed, and he will be home tomorrow okay?"

"Then we can start planning my birthday?"

I nodded with a smile,

"Yes sweetie, Anything you want."

I said tapping her nose, she giggled,

"Okay lets go"

Bree squeaked with joy Payton and I laughed,

"Well alright then come on"

I said picking Payton up as Bree opened the door walking down the hall,

"She is more excited than us"

Payton giggled holding onto my neck as we walked down to the lobby,

"Hey Daddy is he here yet?"

I asked as we reach the front desk,

"Just talked to him, he is about 5 minutes away"

He said coming out from behind the desk I nodded, Bree paced back and fourth,

"Whats with her?"

Nick asked raising an eyebrow,

"Long story"

My dad and I both said at the same time, We laughed,

"Its not long, I love him, he loves me, I think but we never seem to work out."

"Oh come on you guys only tried dating what 5 times?"

My dad asked snickering, she huffed

"Haha very funny"

she said rolling her eyes, we laughed.

"Lance picked him up from the airport right?"

My dad asked, I nodded

"Holy Hell, Walking into this hotel is like trying to walk a red carpet"

We all turned around,

"Uncle Ben!"

Payton shouted running to him, He picked her up,

"Hey Squirt, Look at you all grown up"

"I'm going to be 5"

She said smiling big, He laughed and kissed her head, before setting her back on the ground,


He hugged me, I rolled my eyes,

"Don't call me that Benny, I'm not 5 anymore"

He chuckled,

"You will always be my baby sister, and I can call you whatever I want"

I stuck my tongue out at him we laughed,



He said giving him a man hug,

"You look good kid,"

"You too old man"

we laughed, and Bens eyes fell on Bree, His smile instantly growing,

"Are you just going to stand their or are you going to come hug me?"

she giggled walking into his arms,

"I missed you"

She whispered,

"I missed you too"

He said holding her tighter,


Payton said ruining the moment, we all laughed as they slowly pulled away.

"Ben this is Nick, he is new"

"Nice to meet you man,"

ben said removing his arm from around Bree long enough to shake nicks hand.

"You too bro."

"Oh no its okay, Leave me with the bags, I got it"


Payton said running to him, my eyes grew as I shot a look at Ben who simply shrugged at me, I scowled at him.

"Hey kiddo, How are you?"

She smiled

"Good! I didn't know you were coming?"

"Yeah me either"

I mumbled looking at Ben he smirked,

"What and Miss your 5th Birthday? Never"

He said kissing her head she giggled,

"Jake, Great to see you bud"

My dad said shaking his free hand,

"You too john."

His eyes met mine and he smiled,


he said, I blushed


We continued to star at one another, Before Bree coughed,

"How about we get you guys the keys to your rooms."

Bree said letting go of Ben,

"Yeah that would be great thanks"

Jake said setting Payton down and picking up his bags,

"I can help with those"

Lance said picking one up as well,

"Im going to play in the play room"

Payton said before running off with her PSP,

"Still hooked on games?"

Jake asked, I rolled my eyes,

"You have no idea,"

"Alright here are your keys"

My dad said handing Ben and Jake both a key.

"Alright we will be back down shortly, Just need to shower and stuff"

Ben said, jake nodded

"yeah it was a long flight, I smell like peanuts,"

We laughed,

"Yeah I have some paperwork that I need to finish up, Nick back to work"

"Yes sir"

he said making his way back to the front desk.

"Alright, well we will See you guys in a few?"

Ben asked we nodded, He kissed Brees Cheek, causing her to giggle before picking up one of his bags, Jake looking at me and smiling once before they headed to the elevator, I blushed

"What the hell was that?"

Bree said turning to me, I raised my eyebrow,

"What do you mean?"

She rolled her eyes,

"You know what I mean! You, Jake!"

"Bree their is no me and Jake not anymore, He is my Ex that's it, I didn't even know he was going to be here,"

I said walking towards the playroom where Payotn was, She sighed following

"Justin is not going to be happy"

I stopped turning to face her,

"What are you talking about?"

She put her hands on her hips scoffing,

"You know Justin hates Jake, he has hated him for as long as I can remember, As soon as he knows he is here, with you, without him, He is going to flip"

I sighed,

"Their is nothing between me and Jake so their would be no reason for Justin to even be mad."

"He is Justin, he gets jealous over a fish looking at you the wrong way, And it being Jake just makes it ten times worse, you need to tell him he is here."

I laughed shaking my head,

"Ill tell him that Jake is here when he calls tonight, I have nothing to hide, Jake and I are history,"


Bree said rolling her eyes, before walking away, I sighed walking into the playroom.

(Justins Pov)


I sighed sliding into the car as Kenny pulled away from the studio,

"I am so exhausted"

I said laying my head back,

"Well that was the last interview we leave tomorrow afternoon"

Scooter said looking at me in the mirror I nodded,

"I know I cant wait, I miss Payton and Nell like crazy"

I said taking my phone out of my pocket, I furrowed my eyebrow,

"What is it?"

Kenny asked,

"Nothing, Shanel Just hasn't called me yet."

"Maybe she is just busy with her brother he did come in today right?"

Scooter said, I nodded


"Well if your worried call her man"

"Yeah, maybe I will"

I dialed her number putting the phone to my ear,



"Oh hey daddy!"

I smiled

"hey Princess, What are you doing?"

"Swimming with everyone, You're coming home tomorrow right?"

"Yeah sweetie I am,"

"Ahhhhh Put me down right now!"

I raised my eyebrow,

"Was that mommy?"


She said giggling,

"Jake threw her in the pool"

I knitted my brow,

"Who? Sweetie let me talk to mommy"

Anger building up inside me,


"Mommy Phone!"

I heard a voice say something back,

"She said she will have to call you back later, Bye daddy love you"

"What Payton wai-"

But she had already hung up, I was beyond pissed,

"Justin what's wrong?"

"We are leaving, Now!"

I snapped, as Kenny pulled into the hotel parking lot

"Justin you are tired we can leave in the mor-"


I hissed,

"We are leaving now, What time will I be back?"

He sighed in frustration looking at his watch,

"If we leave in a half hour you will be their by like 9:30"

"Good, Lets go"

(Shanels Pov)


"Thank you so much for caring her up here"

Jake smiled causing me to blush

"No problem Vanilla"

"Don't call me that"

I groaned, he laughed

"Ben and I have called you that for as long as I can remember,"

"Yeah and I have always hated it"

we laughed,

"She is amazing you know, very talented"

I smiled

"Yeah she gets that from her dad"

He scoffed

"Oh yes, Mr. Popstar, How is he anyways?"

I shrugged,

"Good I guess, he is in California, or New York I cant remember"

I said sitting on the couch, he sat beside me.

"You guys are back together right?"

I nodded with a smile,

"Yeah we are"

He sighed,

"Nell i'm happy you are happy but you know Ben and I both hate him, he left you at 14 with a baby by yourself"

I shook my head,

"In his defense he didn't know about Payton, Or he would have stayed"

"You sure about that?"

I bit my lip, looking down

"I mean he could have called, then he would have known."

I thought, what if he would have called, But what if he wouldn't have even cared anyways, I felt tears forming in my eyes.


He said lifting my head,

"I didn't mean to make you cry, Please don't im sorry, Smile for me okay?"

I didn't say anything,

"Vanilla don't make me tickle you"

My head shot up

"You wouldn't,"

He smiled

"Oh really?"

And before I even had time to protest he was tickling my sides, I erupted into laughter.


I said in between laughter

"Hmmm? I don't know this is way more fun"

he continued to tickle me and I laughed my head off,

"What the hell is going on in here"

We both shot up,

"Justin? What are you doing back?"

"I missed MY girlfriend and Daughter so I thought I would come back tonight."

he said emphasizing the word My not taking his eyes off Jake I sighed,

"Justin you remember Jake"

"how could I forget"

he said coldly,

"I would say its nice to see you but that would be lying wouldn't it"


I hissed

"No its okay Shanel, Feeling is mutual"

"Then why don't you get out of my hotel room?"

Justin growled,

"Last time I checked it was Shanels room"

He said stepping closer to Justin, Oh god

"Dude you really don't want to fuck with me, Im going on little to no sleep and im pissed, ill kick your ass and not even feel bad about it"

Justin said balling his fists,

"Bring it on Pop star"

"Guys Stop it both of you, no one is hitting anyone!"

"Why is he even here?"

He hissed not even looking at me, I rolled my eyes,

"He put Payton to bed"

His head snapped in my direction,

"What the hell do you mean he put my daughter to bed"

I shrugged

"She fell asleep and he carried her up here Justin its not a big deal:

He scoffed in disgust

"Maybe if you were here instead of god knows where you could have"

Jake snapped,

"What the hell did you just say man?"

"You heard me, Same old Justin caring more about being famous than about Shanel or Payton"

He growled, Justin's eyes darkened, raising his fist to punch Jake I stepped in front of him

"Shanel Move, Now"

He hissed, I shook my head

"No Justin. You're Not going to hit him, Stop it, Payton is here"

He relaxed a little before lowering his hand back down,

"This isn't over"

He hissed

"Ill be waiting"

"You better go"

I said looking at Jake he nodded,

"If you need me just call"

"She isn't going to need you jack ass now get the fuck out!"

Justin said getting pissed all over again

"Thanks Jake ill be fine, See you tomorrow?"

He nodded before glaring at Justin and hugging me, I hugged back and he walked out. I turned to Justin

"What the fuck is your problem?"

"My problem?"

he scoffed

"I walked into my girlfriends room to see her all over another guy"

he growled

"It wasn't like that Justin"

I screeched he rolled his eyes,

"Really? Then please tell me what it was?"

"He was just trying to make me feel better okay I was upset and crying!"

He softened immediately

"Why were you crying?"

I huffed,

"Like you even care, I'm going to bed"

I said walking past him into the bedroom he followed,

"Nell of course I care that you were crying, Why would you ever think I wouldn't care?"

(Justins Pov)

She sighed before crossing her arms,

"if you would have known about Payton would you still have left?"

I looked at her shocked,

"What? where is this coming from?"

She shrugged,

"Just answer the question"

I sighed, running my hands through my hair

"I don't know Shanel,"

She scoffed

"That's what I thought"

She pushed past me over to the bed,

"Nell it doesn't matter now we cant change anything?"

She looked up at me,

"It matters to me"

She snapped,

"Why!?! We cant fucking go back Shanel, I'm here now aren't I? Holy fuck!"

She shook her head looking down,

"If you don't want to be then just leave"

She whispered my eyes widened,

"What? Of course I want to be! If I didn't I wouldn't be standing here, Shanel what is really going on here?"

I said walking over to her she huffed biting her lip,

"I'm scared"

"Scared? Baby, what are you scared of?"

she sighed

"Of you leaving again, Of you not wanting me or Payton anymore,"

"Oh baby"

I said pulling her into me, she sobbed

"That's not going to happen, I'm not going anywhere"

I said kissing her head, she pulled away a little looking into my eyes as I rubbed my thumb across her cheek,

"I think im scared the most because"

she paused

"Because what sweetheart?"

I said tucking her hair behind her ear,

"Because I Love you"

My heart stopped and a smiled spread across my face.

"You love me?"

She nodded

"Always have"

She whispered,

"I was just to scared that as soon as I said it again you would be gone"


I said grabbing her head in my hands,

"I'm not going anywhere okay? I Love you and Payotn, You mean the world to me, and yeah I may not have been their but I am now, and i always will be,"

I said whipping away her tears, she nodded

"I love you"

I said kissing her lightly,

"I love you too!"

She whispered before reattaching our lips once more.

A/N//////////////////////////////// OHMYGOD! Please don't kill me I know that its been like a billion years since i have updated and i am SOOOOO Sorry!!!!!!! I have just been working all the time and i really cant find the time to write and its killing me! I LOVE writing for you guys and i wish i could just get paid to do that because then this whole book would be done already! I hope you guys are not too mad at me! And i promise i will update as much as i can! ANYWAYS!!!!!! So this chapter huh?? Justin almost Kicked jakes Ass(; oooooo Drama is definitely in the future! Oh and I have a question; Do you guys want them to have sex in like detail? Like rated R shiz? Because i don't want to make anyone uncomfortable! So if you don't want sex details i wont write them, but if you do let me know! Also I made a facebook so you guys can keep in contact with me and i can post when a new chapter is up or when i will be updating and stuff like that so Add me Biebs LoverGirlz the picture is the story cover, Or just comment your guys name and i will add you! Anyways enough boaring you! Hope you liked the chapter and ILOVEYOU! Xoxo

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