Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
© [Teeter;Domineek] [2015]
All Rights Reserved
No part of this Book or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the author;
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16. Chapter 15 (I Love You!!)

June 29, 2012
(Justins Pov)
"Justin are you even paying attention?"
Scooter snapped I sighed rubbing my face.
"Yeah Man, sorry just thinking about tonight is all."
"Whats tonight?"
Usher asked raising his eyebrow i smiled.
"Romeo here has a date with Shanel"
Scooter answered for me, I playfully pushed me,
"Oh really?"
Usher said acting shocked. i furrowed my brow 
"Yeah really? is that so hard to believe?"
"You just don't seem like her type."
He shrugged,  i huffed,
"She likes me its not that crazy, and we have a kid together yeah know"
I pouted,  they busted up laughing.
"Calm down bro we are just busting your balls"
Scooter said still laughing.
"Alright enough of this goofing off we need to-"  
Before he could finish my phone went off again i looked at the caller ID.
"Sorry guys i need to take this five minutes, Its for Tonight."
They sighed.
Scooter said sitting the papers down i smiled.
I answered the phone with a smile.
(Shanels Pov)
"Where is he taking you?"
Bree asked as we walked into what seemed to be the 100th dress shop today, I shrugged looking back to make sure Lance was behind us.
"I don't know he wont tell me."
She smiled.
"Are you excited."
I bit the corner of my lip before smiling.
"Yeah, actually a lot."
"Are you nervous at all?"
She said looking through the dresses i sighed.
"Not about the date per say but about the paparazzi ruining it, Yeah."
She nodded
"I'm sure Justin will make sure nothing happens."
I smiled picking up a dress
"You're right, what about this one?"
"That is so cute go try it on."
I nodded walking into the changing area, It was nice having a girls day, Payton was with my dad so it was just Bree and I Besides Lance of course but he never said anything just followed close behind just encase I needed him, I zipped up the zipper and walked out.
"What do you think?"
her eyes got huge.
"Holy shit Nell, You are going to knock him dead!"
i bit my lip,
"You think?"
she nodded
"Hell yeah, that's the one for sure."
I smiled,
"Alright lets get it."
(Justins Pov)
Payton continued to play her game not looking up.
I said louder this time, she snapped her head back.
"Hey daddy!"
She said standing up.
"Shhh "
I said putting my hands to my lips.
"Hey Princess, Where is mommy?"
I whispered. she giggled.
"With Auntie Bree in her woom getting weady for your dawte" 
I smiled big.
"Good keep her here, Do not let her leave this room for anything, Not  until daddy calls you on the hotel room phone okay?"
She said giggling again.
"Good, Ill see you later okay? I love you"
"Love you too daddy"
She whispered I winked at her once before quietly closing the door behind me. i walked back down to the lobby.
"Ah Justin?"
I looked over at Nick.
"Lance is here with 12,000 rose peddles?"
I smiled.
"Thanks where is he?"
He pointed behind me and I turned to see Lance, I walked over, Nick following me.
"Hey man is this all of them?"
He nodded.
"Yes Sir,"
"Did you get everything set up at the place?"
I asked still examining the rose peddles.
"Not yet, Kenny and I are heading their now." 
I nodded
"Alright, Make sure you are both back here by 7"
He smiled.
"Yes Sir,"
And with that he walked away. I turned back to the peddles.
"That is a lot of rose peddles,"
Nick said shocked, I nodded
"Yeah it is, Want to help me with something?"
He shrugged
"Sure, Whats up?"
"help me put these from Shanels room, Outside to where the car will be?"  
His eyes got wide.
"You want me to vandalize the hotel?"
I raised my eyebrow. 
"Its not Vandalizing, trust me, now come on, I still have a lot to get done"
I picked up a pack of rose peddles and dumped them on the ground.
he shrugged before picking one up and helping me.
"What the hell are you doing?"
We both jumped, I turned to see Mr. Keller walking over.
"Justin told me too"
Nick said pointing at me i shot him a glare before turning back to Mr. Keller.
"Well sir I'm umm putting down rose peddles for ah Mine and Shanels Date tonight"
He raised his eyebrow. 
"You bought what a thousand flower peddles for one date?"
I swallowed
"12 Actually Sir"
I said clearing my throat, He chuckled shaking his head.
"I would hate to see how you ask someone to marry you,"
placing his hand on my shoulder he smiled. 
"If you hurt my Daughter Again Justin-"
"I wont Sir, I promise, I really Love her"
He sighed. before smiling again. 
"My Janitor is just going to Love you, Alright how can i help?"
I smiled big.
"Okay here is what i need"
(Shanels Pov)
"Yeah Justin i got it, Okay, Geesh, Yeah Okay bye"
"What was that about?"
I asked walking back into my room Bree jumped.
"N-Nothing, I was just- it was my dad,"

I raised my eyebrow, 

"You said justin though?" 

"Oh yeah I did, ah that's his new dogs name" 

I crossed my arms. 

"Your dad is allergic to dogs Briana, why are you lying to me?"

She sighed 

"I'm not- I mean I-"

"Mommy will you gewt me a juwice box?"

I turned to see Payton. who was smiling from ear to ear I sighed.
"Sure sweetie,,,, this isn't over yet"
I Said pointing at Bree she just smiled as I walked into the kitchen Bree and Payton following close behind.
"You wook so pwitty mommy"
I smiled opening the fridge.
"thank you sweetheart."
I looked in the fridge for her juice and furrowed my eyebrows.
"Looks like you are all out sweetie, Let me just go down to the lobby and-"
"You cant!!!"
They both yelled making me jump a little, I put my hands on my hips.
"okay what is going on?"
They looked at each other then back at me before shrugging.
"Nothing mommy I juwst downt want any juice any mowre"
I raised my eyebrow before huffing.
"Fine if you don't want it that is fine but mommy still has to go get some for later"
I walked towered the door and they both ran for it blocking it. 
"Ill get it"
Bree said quickly. I crossed my arms again.
"Ow Dude what the fuck!"
We quickly turned our heads to the door,

"Sorry dude" 
"Who was that?"
They shrugged.
"Fine, then ill just look myself"
I went to open the door,
"Is that how you are wearing your hair?"
Bree said I touched my hair.
"Yeah why?"
She shrugged
"Oh, No reason I just- nothing it looks OK"
"Okay? I spent an hour on it!"
"It just needs a few touch ups here let me help."
She grabbed my arm pulling me away from the door and into my room, Something was definitely up!
(Justins Pov)
"Dude we are about to get right by Shanel's room you need to be quite"
Nick nodded pushing the cart behind me, I got in front of her door and stopped Nick ran the cart into the back of my leg.
"Ow, Dude what the fuck!"
I hissed
"Sorry man"
"Who was that?"
I heard Shanel ask, I quickly covered my mouth. 
"Shit, Be quite"
I whispered he nodded
"Fine then I will just look myself"
Oh shit, 
"Is that how you are wearing your hair?"
Bree quickly ask 
"Yeah why?"
"Oh, No reason I just- nothing it looks ok"
"Okay? I spent an hour on it!"

I chuckled, 
"It just needs a few touch ups here let me help."
I sighed in relief as I heard them walk away from the door, thank god for Bree. I looked at Nick who started opening more flower peddles, I grabbed a bag as the door opened we jumped.
"Daddy hurry uwp she iws getting weastless"
I sighed.
"I know sweetheart, Just a little longer okay?"
She nodded and looked around.
"Wow iwts so pwetty out here, She iws going to Love it"
I smiled.
"I hope so sweetie, Now get back in their before she comes out looking for you."
She nodded her head before scurrying back inside shutting the door behind her.
"She is so adorable"
Nick said laying down more peddles I smiled.
"Yeah, she is"
(Shanels Pov)
"That's it you two, you can not keep me in here any longer I am going to the lobby"
I headed to the door.
Bree yelled I quickly turned around.
I snapped she looked at payton who shrugged.
"Payton fell"
I raised my eyebrow.
"Bree she is standing right their"
Payotn looked at her with a where are you going with this look, Then nodded before falling to the ground. Oh my little four year old, smart beyond her years.

"Ow ohh owe my arwm" 

"Oh no Payton  are you okay?" 

Bree asked dramatically I rolled my eyes. 
"Good try you two I watched her purposely fall now im-"
Before I could finish the hotel phone rang.
"I gowt it!"
Payton said getting up and running to it.
"Hello?........Owkay........ love you too daddy,,,Bye"
She hung up the phone and looked at me.
"Owkay have fun on youwr dawte"
"Wait, What?"
She shrugged.
"Justin had us holding you here, we were waiting for that call, Now you can go."
"Awctually we hawve to wait for the knowk"
"What kn-"
Before I could finish their was a knock on the door.
"dat one"
Payton said as Bree picked her up. I raised my eyebrow at them before walking to the door. I slowly opened it my eyes widening as I stepped into the hallway. 
"Oh my god"
I said covering my mouth with my hand. Their were flower peddles all over the floor and balloons floating everywhere. I looked over at Nick who was standing by the door with a little note attached to a rose. 
"Good evening Shanel, This is for you, Please follow the rose peddles."
He handed me the rose with a note attached to it,
"Tonight is the beginning of forever......"
I looked back at Payton and Bree who smiled and shewed me away, I laughed Following the Peddles as Nick instructed, They lead me to the elevator, I clicked the bottom and stepped inside, Even the elevator was covered in beautiful flower peddles, I couldn't help the smile that was on my face, When the doors flew open their stood Kenny with another Rose and Note, 
"Mrs. Shanel,"
He nodded handing me a second Rose and note, I smiled reading it.
"The First step to the rest of our lives...."
I raised my eyebrow Tonight is the beginning of forever The First step to the rest of our lives... What does that mean,  I smiled at him and he gestured me to follow the peddles once again I nodded and walked down the hallway, to the lobby where I saw Lance by the desk my dad standing next to him. They smiled at me.
"Mrs. Keller"
He said Handing me a the next note and another Rose.
"Everything you will ever need is....."
 I looked back up at them and they gestured to the door, I nodded walking over to it Kenny and Lance behind me, i repeated those words,,,, As I opened the front door my eyes started to tear up, I looked back at everyone standing in the door way of the hotel smiling before walking the rest of the way to Justin my smile so big I thought my face was going to break in half. He was holding the last rose and note. 
"Right Here"

He handed me the rose. 

"Tonight is the beginning of forever, The First step to the rest of our lives, Everything you will ever need is right her"

He repeated slowly, I couldn't help but laugh a little. He smiled. 
"Too cheesy?"
He asked, I shook my head before throwing my arms around him neck he was startled by my sudden attack at first but then he quickly grabbed my waist holding me close.
I slowly pulled away,
"This is amazing, Thank you, You have really outdone yourself this is all just, Wow"
I said pulling away.
"Nothing is quite as amazing as you"
I playfully slapped him.
"Stop it"
I laughed, Whipping the tears from my eyes. he furrowed his eyebrows.
"Why are you crying"
"Its happy crying, I'm just so, this is so, wow"
I said laughing again, he smiled.
"So you like it?" 
"Like it Justin this is Just-"
I shook my head,
"Thank you"
I said smiling up at him, He lightly kissed my lips.
"Thank you for giving me another shot." 
He kissed me one last time before completely pulling away.
"Are you trying to give me a heart attach?"
I furrowed my eyebrow
"What do you mean?"
"That dress, You're killing me Nell, you look absolutely stunning"
I smirked.
"You don't look so bad yourself Bieber"
I said playing with the ends of his jacket. He smiled his famous Bieber smile before winking. And taking my hand. 
"Now come on, their is more"
he said holding open the door for me to get in.
"More? how is that possible"
He winked before closing the door and talking briefly with Lance and Kenny before getting into the drivers side.
"So where are we going?"
"Its a surprise"
I raised my eyebrow.
"I hate surprises"
He smiled. pulling onto the main highway. 
"I think you will like this one trust me okay?"
I sighed,
"Is Kenny and Lance coming with us?"
He smirked.
"Actually they don't have to."
"What do you mean?"
He shrugged.
"Where we are going no one is going to find us, we are good"
"But what if someone follows us?"
He shook his head.
"I already took care of that, They are following a car to Georgia right now"
he said laughing.
"What? Justin you hired someone to drive to Georgia? Pretending to be you? That's crazy"
I said chuckling, He shrugged.
"I wanted tonight to be perfect and that meant no paps, so I only did what I had to, so don't worry about anything okay? Tonight is going to be perfect."
I smiled as he took my hand squeezing it gently. we drove for about 15 more minutes turning down route 67. 
"Put this on."
he said handing me a blindfold.
"Your kidding me right?"
"Nope, Now come on put it on we are almost their."
I sighed taking it from him and slipping it over my eyes.
"Their happy?"
I could sense his smile, we drove about another 5 minutes before I felt the car come to a complete stop, I heard Justins' car door open and shut, before he came around and opened mine,
"Give me your hand"
I did as he said and he helped me out of the car.
"Justin im going to fall"
I said stumbling a little, he grabbed my hip.
"I got you come on"
He guided me a few more steps before stopping,
"Okay take it off"
I slowly lifted the blindfold over my head, my eye widened. 
"Oh my god! Justin"
I half whispered.
"You remember this place?"
I quickly looked at him.
"Of course, we came here all the time when we were younger."
I looked around, we were at the top of a hill that over looked all of Naples, Their was a little table set up with candles and food, and Justin's Guitar set up beside it, it was... breathtaking.
"Come on lets eat."
he said taking my hand and pulling me from my thoughts. he lead me over to the table, pulling out my chair for me ti sit down. I smiled 
"thank you"
"Anytime Beautiful"
He winked and I looked down blushing as he sat down.
"Its spaghetti I hope you like it"
He said picking up his fork and shoving some into his mouth I laughed picking up mine.
"Its fine, Thank you"
I said taking a bite.
"Shawn made this"
He nodded
"How did you know?" 
"Payton eats it all the time her favorite"
he smiled.
"Its still warm?"
He nodded.
"Yeah Shawn brought it like 5 minutes before we got here, he passed us, another reason I had you put the blind fold on" 
He said shoving A bite into his mouth. I smiled, watching him eat. he raised his eyebrow. 
"What? Is their something on my face?"
he asked whipping it, I shook my head.
"No, I was just admiring the view"
He smirked, winking at me,
"Have I told you how amazing you look tonight"
I blushed.
"Yeah you did."
"Well its true, You are so amazing Shanel"
"Stop it"
I said giggling. he laughed.
"Stop what?"
"Saying things like that?"
he raised his eyebrow.
"What you don't like it?"
I shrugged.
"No I do its just you say it all the time."
"That's because I never want you to forget it, you're one of a kind Nell"
I giggled.
"With you around ill never forget it"
"Good thing im not going anywhere then right?"
I smiled.
We finished eating talking about many different things especially the past.
"Whats that for?"
I asked pointing to his guitar.
"Oh right, I kinda um wrote you something?" 
He said scratching the back of his head.
I couldn't keep the excitement out of my voice.
(Justins Pov)
"Yes really"
her smile making me smile.
"Come on"
I said extending my hand for her to take, she quickly did standing up, I grabbed my guitar and led her over to the blanket I had set up for us. Their were chocolate cover strawberries and some Champagne  I sat down first, her sitting across from me on her knees, her eyes full of excitement making me laugh as I positioned my guitar, handing her a glass of champagne. 
"So I have been working on my new album as you know and well this song kind of came to me so I just wrote it for you"
I said she bit the corner of her lip smiling, I took a deep breath and began to play the cords.
 "Whoa, ooh
Well, let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
He fell in love with his best friend
When she's around, he feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken, and it made her blind
But she could never believe that love would ever treat her right

Did you know that I loved you or were you not aware?
You're the smile on my face
And ain't going nowhere
I'm here to make you happy, I'm here to see you smile
I've been wanting to tell you this for a long while

What's gonna make you fall in love?
I know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart
Don't have to be scared at all, oh, my love
But you can't fly unless you let yourself,
You can't fly unless you let yourself fall"
I looked up to see her smile huge, as she listened closely,
"Well, did you know you're an angel who forgot how to fly?
Did you know that it breaks my heart every time to see you cry
Cause I know that a piece of you's gone
Every time he done wrong I'm the shoulder you're crying on
And I hope by the time that I'm done with this song that I figure out

What's gonna make you fall in love?
I know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart
Don't have to be scared at all, oh, my love
But you can't fly unless you let yourself,
You can't fly unless you let yourself fall

I will catch you if you fall
I will catch you if you fall
I will catch you if you fall

But if you spread your  wings
You can fly away with me
But you can't fly unless you let your...
You can't fly unless you let yourself fall

What's gonna make you fall in love?
I know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart
Don't have to be scared at all, oh, my love
But you can't fly unless you let yourself,
You can't fly unless you let yourself fall,"
I finished up the last verse and closed my eyes for a second taking a breath, Shanel sat their speechless just staring at me, I slowly sat down the guitar,
"Its not um finished yet, we are still kinda of working on it"
I said scratching the back of my head, nervous she didn't like it.
"Justin, that was-"
she shook her head, I sighed.
"I mean if you don't like it-"
I was cut off by her lips crushing mine, shocked at fist but then I slowly kissed back, she pulled away leaning her forehead on mine.
"I love it"
I smiled,
"And I Love you, Always have always will"
I whispered before crushing my lips back to hers again.
July 4, 2012
(Shanels Pov)
"Payton Paige stop running by the pool before you fall"
Justin said flipping another Burger with my dad by the grill I smiled biting my lip.
"You are so in love with him"
I turned my head to see Bree I smiled.
"Happy 4th of July to you to"
She laughed.
"Happy 4th of July"
She said hugging me,
"Where is your dad?"
I asked taking a sip of my drink, she rolled her eyes,
"He had this meeting, Emergency I guess, he said he would be back in time for fire works, we will see."
she shrugged.
"I'm sorry girl, And your mom?"
"On a trip to Spain with Joćk"
I said laughing a little.
"Yup her new 'Boo' as she calls him"
I laughed shaking my head, she laughed too.
"She says and I quote 'Oh Bree He is so Freaking hot'"
I laughed, 
"Hot? Talking about me ladies?"
Justin asked wrapping his arms around my waist from behind, kissing the side of my head, I giggled.
"In your dreams Bieber"
He said pouting, I laughed.
"I think you are hot"
he smiled
"Thank you baby"
he kissed my cheek again before sticking his tongue out at Bree,
we laughed.
"Shawn stop it"
We looked at Payton who giggled splashing Shawn with water, Justin frowned.
"I don't like the way she is  talking"
"Me either but she is growing up and their is nothing we can do about that"
I said sighing.
"Yeah their is we could lock her away"
"In a tower"
Bree through in sarcastically.
"Yeah in a tower, So no guys can get her"
Justin said smiling big, I laughed shaking my head.
"We are not locking our daughter up Justin don't be silly,"

"Yeah well at least in a tower guys can't see her in that fabric!"

He hissed, I rolled my eyes. 

"We have been over this before, it's a bikini Jay and no guys are staring,, it's all friends and family here anyways" 

I laughed kissing his nose. 
He sighed.

 "I know i just don't want her growing up so fast, I didn't get as many baby years as you did"
I frowned, Now it was my turn to sighed, I bit my lip looking over at her again,
"Shanel I didn't mean it to be like that-"
I nodded
"I know, I just feel bad I should have told you four years ago,"
"Yeah you should have...but I also shouldn't have left without even a call, so we are both at fault"
We looked at her playing, a smile creeping back on our face as she jumped in the water again.
"You know you guys could just have another baby"
We both shot a glare at Bree who held her hands up in defense.
"Okay no more baby's geesh"
We laughed.
"At least not right now" 
"Umm never"
I said furrowing my eyes at him, he raised his,
"What do you mean never?"
"I mean no more kids." 
"Yes, I agree no more kids,,,,, right now"
I shook my head,
"No Justin I mean I don't want any more kids ever, like not now, not later, not ever"
"What do you mean not ever?"
He said now letting go of me.
"I'm going to go see John"
Bree said awkwardly walking away. we ignored her.
"I mean exactly that, Payton is enough for me"
I walked over to one of the bar stools at the outside Bar and sat down, Justin followed.
"I don't understand, How can you not want anymore kids ever your only 18"
I nodded
"Exactly Justin, I am 18 and already a mom to a 4 almost 5 year old, I don't need anymore, im happy the way everything is now"
"Yeah I am too right now, but someday I want one or two more" 
My eyes got huge.
"Two? No way"
I said shaking my head more.
"Why not? its not like we don't have the money to take care of them."
He snapped, wow really?
"Foods ready!"
Dad yelled, I looked at  Justin standing up.
"Okay Justin ill make you a deal, You figure out a way for you to push the 'one or two' more kids you want out and we can have them okay?"
I patted his shoulder. before walking away,
"That's impossible Shanel!"
he yelled after me I just laughed shaking my head, I was not having anymore kids.
(Justins Pov)
"Whats up with you two?"
Nick asked handing me a drink.
"What do you mean?"
I asked drinking it he shrugged.
"Well earlier tonight you two couldn't keep your hands off each other, now you barley look at each other"
I sighed looking back at Shanel who was standing their talking to Bree waiting for the fire works to start. 
"I don't know man, We had this stupid fight, or at least I think it was a fight I don't know"
I said taking another drink he raised his eyebrow.
"About what?"
"Just having kids"
He raised his eyebrow smirking,
"Aren't you guys a little late to be talking about having kids?"
I chuckled
"I meant having more kids you smart ass"
He laughed,
"What you don't want anymore kids and Nell dose?"
I shook my head.
"The opposite actually, I want more, Its Shanel who don't."
He asked shocked, I nodded finishing off my drink and setting it down.
"Well don't fight about it now dude, you guys are still young, Just give her time, she did have to go through all of that alone the first time maybe she is just worried about doing that again you know what I mean?"
He asked taking a drink of his beer I huffed running my hands through my hair.
"You're right man thanks."
I said standing up, He nodded as we did our hand shake, before Walking over to where Shanel and Bree were, I slid my arms around her laying my head on her shoulder.
"Im sorry"
I whispered, she sighed turning her body to face me slidding her hands around my neck,
"No im sorry, I just- Kids aren't in my future right now, we have one Justin, And we have only been dating again for like 3 days, lets just live life right now okay?"
I nodded kissing her cheek she giggled.

"God that sound is so cute"

She blushed looking down. 
"Where is Scooter?"
She asked rubbing her nose on mine,
"He is with his family same with Kenny, they will be back the day after tomorrow"
she nodded,
"Gosh you're so beautiful"
I said before leaning in and kissing her she giggled pulling away,
"Thank you, you're pretty handsome yourself" 
I smirked
"I know"
She playfully hit me.
"Ow babe"
I pouted sticking out my bottom lip.
she laughed before kissing me again, this time I deepened the kiss by pulling her closer, giving her hips a gentle squeeze making her gasp, taking the advantage I slipped my tongue in her mouth wrestling with hers. A slight moan coming from her as i held her closer. we pulled apart as the boom from the fire works started, she rested her head on mine again trying to catch our breath. 
"I love you, you know that right?"
I asked, she nodded smiling as she bit her lip, she had not said it to me yet, besides that time when she was drunk, which was fine I didn't want to rush her into saying it,
"Daddy will you put me on your showulders?"
we pulled away to look at Payton.
"Of course princess"
I picked her up placing her on my shoulders, grabbing Shanels hands as we watched the fire works.


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