Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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15. Chapter 14 (I think he is Gay!)

*June 27, 2012*
Its been a week since Justin told the world that Payton is his, And things have definitely changed. Payton and I cant go anywhere now without people swarming us and shouting things at us, some not so pleasant, And I know Payton doesn't really understand what's going on right now but one day she will, And I hate to think that it will hurt her.
"You guys ready?"
Pulling myself out of my thoughts, I looked up to see Lance, The guy Justin hired as our bodyguard for whenever we decided to leave the hotel. I smiled
"yup, you all set sweetie?"
I said looking at Payton,
she said extending her hands for me to pick her up I smiled lifting her up. Lance stepped in front of us as we walked out of the ice cream shop, I held Payton close and put my own head down.
"Shanel are you and Justin dating?"
"Do you consider yourself a home wrecker."
"Are you pregnant?"
I said snapping my head up.
"Just ignore them we are almost at the car."
Lance said pushing us gently along I sighed as we finished our distance to the car. I buckled Payton into her car seat and got in myself Lance following behind.
"They Scarw me"
Payton said looking down, I sighed.
"I'm sorry sweetie, Just don't pay attention to them okay?"
She nodded sniffling a little,
"When is daddy cowming bawck?"
"I think tomorrow hunny."
She nodded and then looked out the window.
Justin was gone for what seemed like his 100th interview since telling about Payton.
"I miwss him"
"I know sweetie we will call him when we get home okay?"
She nodded,
(Justins Pov)
I flopped down in the car as Kenny pulled out of the gate, I laid down on the seat exhaling.
"Where we going?"
Scooter asked from the passenger seat.
"To the hotel, I want on the next planes back to Florida." 
"Are you sure you don't want to rest first you have been going for four days straight."
I sat up.
"Dude no, I need to get back I haven't seen Payton in almost five days I miss her and shanel, Ill rest on the plane, And more once I am back."
He nodded.
"You're coming home a day earlier than they thought so altleasrt that's a good thing."
I nodded.
"How are you and shanel anyways? Dating yet?"
Kenny asked I rolled me eyes.
"No, she is difficult"
I grumbled leaning back into my seat.
They both looked at me in the rear view mirror
"What do you mean by that?"
Scooter asked. I shrugged.
"It's complicated, she is complicated, I mean one moment she is like all over me and shit then the next she is distant as fuck,"
"Maybe she is just scared to get hurt again Justin I mean you did kind of break her heart already once."
"Yeah, thanks for reminding me"
I groaned
"But i'm not a 15 year old kid anymore yeah know?"
They both nodded. We pulled back into the hotel parking lot and Kenny got out first. I pulled up my hood and stuck my head down as he opened my door, we made our way into the hotel and up to our rooms without anyone stopping us thank god,
"Okay, well you pack and I will schedule a flight for in about an hour okay?"
Scooter asked, I nodded opening up my hotel room door closing it behind me and flopping onto the bed before kicking off my shoes. I must have dozed off because I felt my phone buzz in my pocket causing me to jump, I quickly pulled it out, I smiled at the caller ID.
"Hey Sexy,"
Payton giggled I raised my eyebrow.
"Hey princess, I thought you were mommy."
"I figured"
I laughed,
"What are you up too?"
I said sitting up and grabbing my suit case to pack.
"Nowthing we went for iwce cweam, I miss you when arw you cowming bawk?"
I smiled to myself,
"Probably not for a few more days sweetie."
She sighed.
"Yeah, I'm sorry, but I will be home as soon as I can okay?
"Are you being good for mommy?"
"Mhhm, Alwawys Lowve you Daddy "
I smiled
"Love you too sweetie, can I talk to mommy?"
"Mommy, daddy wawnts you."
She said handing her the phone I laughed and zipped up my suit case.
"Hey Sexy"
She giggled, Which made me smile.
"I said that when I answered the phone but it was actually Payton so if she says anything yeah I did say it"
she huffed.
"Justin you cant answer your phone like that if you don't know its me."
"Well in my defense it was your number so"
She mimicked me I laughed.
"How are things going?"
I said slipping back on my shoes, she sighed.
"Okay I guess, we had  a run in with paps today, They fucking asked if I was pregnant again."
"Well your not are you?"
she screeched I laughed.
"I'm just kidding Nell, Just ignore them, that's all you can really do."
She sighed.
"Yeah but it's hard when they say things like that and when they upset Pay, Its just,"
I sighed, and scooter opened the door I held up my finger indicating him to be quite he nodded and the guy grabbed my bags.  
"I know its hard but it will get easier I promise, How is Lance doing? treating you and Payton okay?"
"Yeah he is Great, Payton loves him and he is super sweet to me"
I furrowed my eyebrow as we walked to the lobby.
"Sweet like how? Putting the moves on you sweet?"
she snorted
"Justin don't be crazy!" 
I sighed.
"Good because I would fire him and hire some 70 year old man."
She laughed and so did I. we walked out of the elevator into the lobby.
"When are you coming home?"
"In a few days."
"Few days! Justin Payton misses you"
She pause.
"And so do I."
She whispered that made me smile.
"Thank you for your stay, have a nice day"
I quickly covered the phone so Shanel couldn't hear.
"Where are you?"
"Er... My hotel room why?"
She huffed.
"Then why did I just hear a girl."
"It was my TV Nelly."
She sighed.
I rolled my eyes, their where paps and fans everywhere outside. I knew Shanel would hear them if I walked out....
"Hey I have to pee"
"Eww Justin what do I care?"
I chuckled.
"I'm going to mute the phone real quick okay?"
"I could just let you go?"
"No just hold on a sec okay?"
She sighed.
I smiled and muted the phone.
Scooter laughed. I shrugged
I slid my hood up and Kenny walked in front of us as we walked out. It was crazy loud.
I laughed climbing into the back of the car, shutting the door before turning it back off mute
"You cant eat them Payton"
"Buwt they hawve candy on them?"
"I Know they do but their not edible, Why were you even in mommy's underwear drawer"
My ears picked up I was now fully paying attention.
"I waws loowking for my charwger"
She sighed.
"Well stay out of their okay, And don't eat those put them back"
 I hear her little feet stomp away I couldn't contain my laughter anymore.
"Edible underwear?"
She groaned.
"How long have you been their."
"Long enough to know you have edible panties."
I smirked and she huffed.
"Its not what you think, Bree got them for me as a joke"
I laughed
"Whatever you say, Will I ever get to see them?"
I said wiggling my eyebrows though she couldn't see.
She screeched I erupted into laughter.
"I'm just kidding Nell"
She huffed.
"So I need to talk to you about something."
I furrowed my eyebrow.
"Okay what?"
"Payton told me yesterday that she wants to get back into dancing"
"Oh really what kind?" 
"Ballet, She used to do it before my mom passed away so"
She trailed off.
"Alright, I actually know a really good dance Teacher in Florida her name is Rachel Dootson, She is amazing, Ill give her a call when I get back into town"
"okay great, Ill let Payton know she will be so excited"
"Justin we are here"
Scooter whispered as we pulled into the air port I nodded.
"Well i'm going to get some sleep ill call you before Payton goes to bed okay?"
I sighed.
"Nell I was just kidding with you about the underwear thing you know that right?"
"I know its fine, go have fun with whoever is their."
I licked my lips. Oh now i get it, She sounded so jealous and it was cute as hell.
"Shanel i promise their is no girl with me okay?"
"Hey its your life, you can do who ever you want."
I groaned running my hands through my hair. 
"Nell come on don't start that."
"I'm not starting anything, Look Justin ill just talk to you later okay, bye"
"Bye Nell"
I hung up the phone sliding it back into my pocket.
"Edible underpants?"
Kenny said raising his eyebrow, I laughed, I couldn't wait to be back.
(My Pov)
"Payton go change into your Pj's before daddy calls okay?"
She nodded shutting off her game.
I walked into the kitchen pouring a cup of tea, I sat at the bar stool when my phone buzzed it was Justin,
"Hey Beautiful"
I blushed.
"Don't you get tired of saying that stuff?"
"Never, because its true"
I giggled.
"Whats Payton doing?" 
"Changing into her Pj's so she can talk to you, What are you doing?"
"Walking up the stairs to a hotel room."
"Oh where did you go?"
He laughed.
"Out with the guys, We were tired of being in the hotel."
I nodded, even though he couldn't see.
"Ow shit"
He hissed. I furrowed my eyebrows.
"You okay?"
"Yeah just this fucking door when is your dad ever going to get it fixed?"
He growled, I raised my eyebrow.
He sighed.
"You should probably get the door"
I knitted my brow together.
"Their is no one at-"
I was cut off by a knock.
"Ill gewt it"
Payton said running past me I followed her. 
"How did you know someone was at my door?"
Payton opened the door.
"it is me"
Payton said jumping into his arms Lifting her up as he hung up his phone and so did I,  
"Hey princess"
he kissed her head.
"What arw you dowing back so soown?"
He smiled
"Well I couldn't stand being away from my baby girl any longer,"
Payton giggled hugging him tighter.
"I miwssed you"
"I missed you too sweetheart"
I smiled
"Sweetie why don't you go brush your teeth okay?"
She nodded
"Cawn daddy tuwck me in?"
"Hunny I think daddy is tired and-"
"No its fine I can do it,"
He said shaking his head I sighed.
"alright fine, but you still need to brush your teeth so go"
Justin sat her down and she ran into the bathroom.
"So the girl I heard talking?"
"The receptionist"
He smiled.
"And when you muted me?"
"Walking out of the hotel, Couldn't have you figuring out what I was doing"
I laughed shaking my head.
"She seems happy to see me"
"Of course she missed you"
I said walking back into the kitchen he followed.
"I missed her too, and you"
He said winking I blushed looking back at my cup of tea.
"And how come I didn't get a hug from you? too good to hug me?"
He smirked. I rolled my eyes walking over to his open arms he held me tight.
"I really missed you"
I smiled into his chest, my heart fluttering like crazy, ugh the way this boy made me feel.
Justin slowly let go as little as we looked over at Payton who was smirking,
"Time for bed"
I said completely letting go of Justin now she huffed.
"But I downt wanna"
She whined crossing her arms.
"Hey none of that, mommy said bedtime lets go."
She sighed.
"Owkay, Niwght mommy I love you"
She said reaching for me I bent down and kissed her head.
"Love you too"
she let go and ran over to Justin taking his hand.
"Ill be back in just a few"
I nodded as they headed to Paytons room, I walked over and sat on the couch before I felt my phone buzzing, My face lighting up as I saw the caller ID, Causing my to chock a bit on my tea. I slowly answered it.
*Justins Pov*
"And then the Queen, King and princess lived happily ever after, The end."
She giggled.
"Was dat story abowt You, Mowmmy and Me"
she asked scooting further under the covers I laughed.
I winked at her she smiled.
"Mommy liwkes you"
"Oh really"
she nodded.
"Yup awnd she wants to daiwt you too"
I raised my eyebrow.
"And you think this because"
She laughed.
"She iws my mommy I know dese tinwgs, Just wike I know you wike her"
She smirked. Causing me to smile.
"That's really not a secret now is it"
I said winking at her she laughed.
"Alright, Time to sleep"
I said standing up and kissing her head.
"Where awr you gowing?"
I raised my eyebrow.
"Out with mommy silly"
She shook her head.
"No I meawn are you weaving again?"
I shook my head.
"No sweetie I will be here when you wake up, goodnight I love you"
She smiled.
"I love you too daddy"
I smiled at her perfect pronunciation of everything before switching out the light and shutting the door. when I walked back into the living room Shanel was on her phone.
"No, Thank you, yes we will be their, Thanks again bye"
She hung up.
She said jumping up and down dancing a little I smirked. Leaning against the door frame. She stopped as soon as she saw me.
"No please don't stop on my account, this is quit entertaining"
She rolled her eyes playfully slapping me I laughed.
"So who was that anyways?"
She smiled big.
"That, was Naples Park Elementary School"
I raised my eyebrow,
"And that's exciting because?"
She rolled her eyes.
"Justin they called because they want Payton to go their!"
She said all happy. I furrowed my eyebrows.
"Their the best school around."
I just looked at her.
"Why are you not happy Justin?"
She said huffing.
"Because she isn't going"
I said shrugging, her face fell.
"Excuse me?"
"You heard me"
I hissed
"Oh I heard you and you have about two seconds to change your attitude with me before I punch you in the balls"
I rolled my eyes.
"I don't have an attitude, She just isn't going."
"What do you mean she isn't going Justin? Its school she has to go!"
She groaned.
"Yeah she dose, Private school here at home, I will call Jenny, She tutored me,"
"You have seriously lost your mind"
She screeched.
"No you have if you think she can go to a public school, She is the daughter of Justin Bieber, Public school is not an option Shanel"
I growled, She narrowed her eyes.
"She isn't just your daughter Justin and she is going to public school, I'm not keeping her cadged up just because you are her dad, What the hell are you even thinking?"
She scoffed.
"I'm thinking I want her safe."
"Locking her up not being able to be a kid and make friends isn't keeping her safe is sheltering her."
"No its about knowing what's best for her"
"You have no idea what's best for her! I went to public School all my life!"
"Yeah and look where that got you pregnant at 14!"
I yelled, Her face fell,
"yeah and you are the one who got me pregnant"
she whispered looking down.
"Shit, Shanel I didn't mean it like that-"
"I think its time for you to go"
"Wait Nelly i'm sorry" 
I said grabbing out for her, Shook her head.
"This discussion is over Justin, The meeting is at one tomorrow, And I'm taking her, Now you can continue to be an Jerk or you can pull your head out of your ass and come with us." 
"Goodnight Justin"
She said holding the door open. I sighed walking over standing in front of her. she looked away.
"I'm sorry okay?"
I kissed her cheek and walked out, I seriously need to wear a fucking muzzle.
June 28, 2012
(Shanels Pov)
"Payton Sweetie I told you, You look fine, Don't be nerves okay?" 
She nodded
"Is daddy cowming?"
I sighed.
"I don't think so sweetie, we can see him as soon as we get back okay?"
She said holding my hand as we walked into the lobby meeting Lance by the front door.
he smiled.
"Good afternoon Miss. Keller, Payton"
He said nodding his head Payton giggled.
"I told you please call me Shanel"
He nodded.
"Are we ready?"
I sighed.
"yeah we are"
I quickly turned to see Justin standing their he gave me a faint smile.
Payton said running to him, he picked her up.
"Hey sweetheart"
he kissed her head before walking to meet up with us.
He said nodding his head to him. 
He said nodding back.
"Hey Kenny"
"Hello Shanel"
Kenny said back.
"You look so cute"
He said kissing Payton's head she giggled and he looked at me.
"So do you"
I blushed.
"I thought you weren't coming."
I said looking away.
"This is Important to you and Payton and I wouldn't Miss it for anything, I have to realize i'm not always right and you know what's best for her to"
He said smiling at me, I smiled back.
"Alright well lets go shall we?"
He said motioning to Kenny and Lance they nodded Kenny in front of us and Lance behind us.
"Can we go Pway in the Pway ground now?"
Payton said shoving her plate away from her. I looked at Justin and Jacqui who smiled nodding.
"Sure But just for a little bit okay?"
They nodded before hopping off their chairs and running to the Playground in ihop. I turned back to Jacqui and Justin.
"Payton is just to cute" 
I smiled.
"Thank you, So is Layla, Im so happy she made a friend today."
I said taking a sip of my drink she smiled.
"Thank you, Me too now it wont be as hard to let her go to school, I know she has someone."
I nodded in agreement. 
"Yeah its still not going to be easy"
Justin mumbled. I rolled my eyes.
"Yeah, I Guess it is a little different for you guys, You being her dad and all"
He nodded.
"I think its good that you guys are sending her to public school though."
I smiled cockily at Justin.
"Yeah me too"
I said looking back at her. he rolled his eyes.
"Im going to play with the girls."
He said standing up we nodded and he walked away.
"You're so lucky."
I raised my eyebrow
"What do you mean?"
"Dating Justin he-"
"Woh, We are not dating"
She raised her eyebrow.
"Oh so he is single?"
I shrugged.
"I mean I guess...."
I trailed off
"I think he is gay to be honest."
Her eyes got wide oh my god why did I say that...
"Oh, And you have no feeling for him at all?"
Where is she going with this.
"I mean he is my Daughters father but no"
Why did I just lie? she smiled. I took a sip of my drink
"So you wouldn't mind if I gave it a shot"
I almost chocked. I cleared my throat
"I-I guess not no. But like I"
She laughed a little.
"Will you find out if he likes me?"
I sighed.
"Er.. Sure"
"Yay thank you."
She smiled big and I fake smiled back.
What the hell did I just agree too?
(Justins Pov)
"Alrighty she is asleep"
I said walking back into the living room she nodded looking at me for a moment then back at the TV I sighed flopping down next to me.
"So today went good. they really liked her, And she made a friend which is good, maybe this wont be so bad after all"
She nodded.
"Yeah maybe."
 I furrowed my eyebrow taking the remote and shutting the TV off
"Hey! I was watching that."
She said turning to me. I rolled my eyes.
"What's going on with you?"
"What do you mean?"
She asked raising her eyebrow,
"Well ever since dinner you have been so distant, What's going on? Today went amazing, I thought you would be happy."
"I am"
She said dryly as she stood up, I ran my hands through my hair following her into the kitchen.
"No your not, What's going on?"
She shrugged.
"Is this about Yesterday about what I said because if so I am so sorry I didn't mean-"
she shook her head,
"It's Not"
I rolled my eyes as she poured a glass of juice. 
"want some?"
she asked I shook my head.
"No I would like you to tell me what's wrong."
She took a sip.
"I told you Justin, nothing."
She put the juice back in the fridge, Sighing I ran my hands over my face, god this women is frustrating.  
"So Jacqui likes you"
She stated pulling me from my thoughts, I raised my eyebrow before smirking,
So that's what this is about,
"Oh really?"
She nodded.
"Yup she asked if you were single."
"and what did you say?"
She shrugged
"That you were gay"
My eyes got huge.
"You what?? Why would you do that!"
"I don't know Justin it just like came out"
She said walking back into the living room I followed smirking.
"I know why?"
"And why is that Justin?"
She said flopping on the couch.
"You Shanel Elizabeth Keller are jealous !"
I said sitting next to her.
she screeched. I smiled.
"you heard me, Jeeeeeeealouuuus"
I sang she slapped my arm.
"I am not! If you want to date her then go for it"
She said shrugging.
"And you wouldn't be mad?"
"Nope, I mean if you like Anorexic Blondes with a kid then go for it Bieber"
I chuckled
"You're Blonde and have a kid Keller."
"But i'm not anorexic and my kid is also yours, I already had you"
she said smirking. I laughed leaning back.
"Na, I already have someone else in mind." 
Her face fell.
"Oh, So why aren't you with her."
I shrugged.
"She is stubborn,"
"I am not!"
she screeched I smirked.
"Why do you think I was talking about you?"
I said leaning Closer, She blushed.
"Oh, I just- I mean- I don't know-"
She said trailing off as she looked down I chuckled lifting her head up with my fingers so she looked me in the eyes, I slowly leaned in and so did she, Sparks flying as our lips met, she leaned closer sliding her arms around my neck. I moved my hands to her hips squeezing them a little,
she giggled as She slowly pulled away.  Licking my lips to savor the taste of her strawberry lip gloss, I laid my head on hers.
"Lets go to dinner tomorrow"
I whispered. She pulled away so she was siting up.
"I would but Payton is spending the day with my dad so she-"
I said shaking my head.
"Just me and you."
She raised her eyebrow.
"Like a date?"
I shrugged
"Yeah, like a date"
"Justin I don't know, I don't think-"
I cut her off by kissing her again, She melted right into me.. I slowly pulled away.
"Don't think, Its just dinner come on it will be fun"
I smiled she laughed.
I questioned, she nodded biting her lip.
"Yeah, okay"
I smiled big before pulling her back in for another kiss. Tomorrow is going to be amazing.
////////////////// A/N OHMYGOSHHH! Their going on their first date! Ahhhh!!! How cute! And Payton is going to be doing Ballet and Starting school! She is growing up too fast :( This one was kind of short but I wanted to update for you guys! And I like LOVE this chapterrr(: Thanks so much for reading it really means so much to me guys! Please Leave your comments on what you think! I LOVE reading them! I Love you guys!!!!!! Xoxo
P.S. Outfits are updated(:
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