Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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14. Chapter 13 (Let's Tell The World<3)

(Shanels Pov)
I jumped out of the car before Justin even fully had it parked, I ran into the hospital, Justin hot on my trail. I saw Bree Pacing back and fourth.
I yelled running to her. she had been crying.
"I'm so sorry Shanel"
"What happened?"
"She just had an attach I- I don't know"
"Where is she?"
Justin said getting impatient.
"She is in the back they wouldn't let me in."
Justin ran over to the nurse.
"Payton, Where is she I want to see her"
I walked over.
"Whats her last name sir?"
"Last Name how many fucking Paytons could you possibly have?"
I said laying my arm on his shoulder he relaxed a little. I looked at the nurse.
"Bieber, I'm her mother"
She nodded looking at her paper.
"Please follow me."
"About damn time!"
Justin hissed. She stopped
"Only Immediately Family sir."
"Immediately Family are you out of your fucking mind we have the same last name."
Justin growled
"And what are you to her"
He shot her a disgusted look.
"Are you dumb i'm her-"  
I shot him a look and he frustratingly ran his hands through his hair.
"Nothing i'm fucking nothing ill wait out here I guess."
Justin Barked I gave him a sincere look before following the nurse back to Payton.
(Justins Pov)
I said hitting the wall beside me. everyone looked at me.
"Got a fucking problem?"
Bree said placing her hand on my shoulder I shoved it off.
"She is going to be okay you know?"
She said reassuring me. I rolled my eyes.
"Bree, Justin?"
We looked over to see John coming through the door he quickly ran to us.
"Where is she? Is she okay? What happened"
"I Don't fucking know i'm not back their!"
Justin snapped
"Sorry, he is just upset that he cant go back."
Bree said
"Why not."
"Immediate family only"
I spat.
"But you're her dad"
"Yeah well nobody fucking knows that and apparently having the same last name MEANS NOTHING HERE!"
I said now yelling.
"Justin Shhh."
Bree whispered I huffed.
"Don't tell me what to do"
 I growled.
"Sir if you don't keep your voice down we are going to have to ask you to leave"
The other nurse said I shot her a cold glare.
"Do you fucking know who I am? I can have your job like that!"
I said snapping my fingers.
"Justin Bud calm down. you Don't want to get kicked out of here and not be able to see her at all do you?"
John said placing his hand on my shoulder. I shoved it off like I had done Bree's. Walking over to take a seat I rubbed my face pulling at the ends of my hair, if the world knew, I would be in their right now.
(My Pov)
I sat in the chair at the end of the bed holding her little hand.
I Looked up to see Payton's Specialist and my dad's close friend Jase, I stood up. 
"What's wrong with her? why isn't she awake?"
I said practically in tears. He sighed
"She had a pretty big attack, And to make it worse she didn't have any medication with her at the time."
He said shaking his head.
"So what are you saying?"
I said my voice now cracking.
"I'm saying she is lucky to even be alive, What the hell were you thinking Shanel, Letting her go with Briana without any Medication, I have known you since you were a baby and you have never been so careless"
I sighed now in tears.
"I didn't know she didn't have her meds, She was with Justin and then went with Bree-"
"Wait Justin? as in her father?"
I nodded.
"I assume he is the man freaking out on my nurses?"
I sighed.
"Why isn't he in here with you?"
"Um nobody actually knows he is her father yet."
he raised his eye brow.
"What dose that even mean?"
I shook my head. Knowing that he had no idea that Justin was THE Justin Bieber.
"Is she going to be okay?"
I said changing the subject back to whats important right now, Payton.
he rubbed the sides of his head in frustration before looking back at me again.
"I Think so, We gave her all of her medication and a shot of glucose, We have to wait until she wakes up to really know for sure. "
"and when will that be?"
I said whipping away more tears.
"Soon, She is just in a Medically induced Coma, She should wake up in about an hour and we can go from their. She needs the treatments Shanel"
I sighed nodding my head.

"I know." 

"You can go let everyone know and they can come back here, Only two people in here at a time, Ill be back to check on her in a few." 
I nodded slowly.
"Thank you so much Jase."
He said before exciting the room. I looked over at Payton and sighed.
"Ill be right back with your daddy baby."
I said even though she couldn't hear me, before walking out of the room to the waiting room.
(Justins Pov)
"Justin You okay?"
Scooter asked I sighed
"What the fuck is taking so long"
I said rubbing my face.
"They will be out soon Justin just take it easy"
I scoffed at her,
"Take it easy? My fucking daughter is in their and I have no idea whats even going on!"
I snapped
"Well you don't have to take it out on me!."
She snapped back, I rolled my eyes scoffing again,
"Are you kidding you are the reason we are here!"
I growled.
"Excuse me!"
She said putting her hands on her hips.
"What are you hard of hearing? You are the reason Payton is in the hospital! You apparently don't know how to take care of a kid MY kid!"
I yelled,
"Justin calm down"
John said, I ignored him.
"Are you fucking kidding me, YOU didn't give me her medication! That is NOT my fault."
 She screeched, I rolled my eyes.
"Yeah but you should have been watching her better! When she started acting weird you should have brought her home!"
I snapped.
"Me watch her better? HA!"
She scoffed
"And what exactly where you and Shanel doing before I called?"
I raised my eyebrow.
"What the fuck does that have to so with anything!?!?"
I screeched!
"Well the nice little thing on Shanels neck tells me you were too preoccupied to care at the moment where Payton was or what she was doing anyways."
I felt my blood boil, I jumped out of the chair, she flinched.
"How dare you Fucking tell me that I don't care!!!!!! She wasn't with us when this happened! She was with you! Maybe you should know what the hell you are doing! with MY Daughter!"
I hissed loudly.
"Justin Enough!"
Scooter yelled, Walking in between us.
" I have watched her a million times and nothing ever happened"
I scoffed rolling my eyes.
"Yeah well we wont make that mistake again!"
I growled. Before she could say anything else Nell walked out I quickly walked over to her, Everyone following.
"What happened? Is she okay? I want to see her."
She sighed.
"She is In a medically induced Coma right now."
"A what!"
I snapped.
"Justin just let her talk"
Scooter said I sighed nodding. before shanel started again.
"Jase Said He thinks she is going to be just fine, He will know more of what caused the attack once she wakes up."
"Which is when?"
John asked.
"About An hour."
Shanel said her voice cracking, I could tell she had been crying I put a hand on her back, running it soothingly, I could feel her relax a little.
"Well when can I see her"
I asked. shanel looked at me.
"Now but only one other person besides me"
"You guys go, We will be here"
John said,
"Yeah i'm going to call Pattie and Jeremy, let them know everything is alright."
Scooter said we nodded. I slipped my hand around Shanels waist completely ignoring Bree and we walked back to the room.
(My Pov)
"How do you feel kiddo?"
Jase asked Payton, she smiled.
"Like a miwlion buwks"
We laughed.
"Mommy where diwd daddy gow?"
"He will be right back in sweetie"
She nodded.
"Can you follow this light sweetie?"
She nodded and he turned on the light and she followed it with her eyes.
"Sorry it took so long my mom wouldn't stop talking"
Payton said looking away from the light at Justin who was standing in the door way with a big dear and balloons. I smiled and he walked over kissing her head giving her the bear.
"Tanks daddy"
"Welcome baby"
I looked over at Jase who looked like a deer caught in headlights.
"Justin Bieber is her dad?"
He said raising his eyebrow. Payton Giggled.  
"Didn't I ever tell you?"
"No Shanel I think I would have remembered if you had."
I shrugged,
Justin Chuckled
"Justin Bieber"
Justin said sticking out his hand.
"Dr. Jase Matthews"
Jase said taking it. They let go turning back to Payton
"Looks like everything is good, She seems to be doing fine, Any pain or dizziness?"
She said shooting him her Bieber smile.
"When can she go home?"
I asked kissing Paytons head.
"In about an hour or so just got to keep an eye on her for a while."
we nodded.
"Well sweetie, I hope I don't see you anytime soon."
Jase said shooting her a wink she giggled.
she replied. He shook his head.
"You're getting so big kiddo"
She smiled big.
"Iwm ganna be Fiwve"
We all smiled.
"Yes you are, Can I speak to you two outside for a second?"
Justin and I both nodded and I stood up.
"We will be back in a few okay? watch cartoons."
I said Justin handed her his phone and kissed her head.
"Or play games"
She smiled big and went right into playing on the phone and we smiled, Justin put his hand on the small of my back leading me outside the room behind the doctor.  
"Do you know what caused it?"  
Justin asked once we shut the door.
"I think stress maybe she is worried about something, I'm not exactly sure, but I do know this was a big attack for her and she needs to be taking her medication."
"I promise that wont ever happen again Doc."
Justin said he smiled.
"I believe you, She is an amazing little girl."
Justin smiled big.
"Yeah she really is."
"Well ill let you guys go let everyone know she is okay and in about an hour Karla will come and see how things are going and give you her discharge papers."
"Thanks Again Jase"
I said hugging him.
"Anytime Sweetie, Nice meeting you Justin."
They shook hands again before Jase walked away I sighed looking at Payton through the window.
"I was so scared."
he sighed.
"Me too, Come on lets go tell everyone their worried sick."
I nodded in agreement. before opening Paytons door.
"We are going to let grandpa and everyone know you are okay, We will be right back sweetie"
She said not even looking up from Justin phone we laughed.
"She is definitely your kid"
I said closing the door.
"Damn straight"
he said winking, I blushed looking away,
"Lets go."
I said pulling him by his shirt he laughed following close behind, when we got to the waiting area everyone stood up.
"What going on is she alright"
My dad asked I nodded.
"She is fine she can go home in about an hour."
Justin said.
"That's great,"
Scooter said we nodded.
"Well I'm going to go see her"
Dad said
"Okay, room 657"
he nodded and walked away.
"Well i'm going to head out, Interview tomorrow Justin Big day."
He said smiling Justin gave him a look saying don't bring that up right now, Scooter simply nodded understanding. 
"I'm glade she is okay talk to you guys later."
He said doing a man hug with Justin then hugging me. 
"See yeah man, thanks for coming,"
"Anytime, Bye ladies"
Bree and I both said. he walked to the elevator and Bree turned to us.
"What Caused it?"
Bree asked I sighed.
"They think stress, like she is worrying about something."
"I wonder why"
She whispered.
"What the fuck did you say?"
Justin hissed. Woh.
"I said I wonder why!"
She snapped back.
"What is going on?"
I asked raising my eyebrow.
"Nothing, Just someone don't know when to shut the fuck up and not say stupid shit like I don't care about my daughter just because you have a stupid hickey on your neck!"
"A what on my what??"
I screeched covering it up, They ignored me.
"Yeah well maybe you should actually realize what you are doing?"
"What the hell are you talking about you phyco bitch"
he growled, she huffed.   
I scolded.
"No its fine Shanel, I don't care if he thinks 'im a bitch, Maybe you haven't noticed Bieber but her attacks come more often lately"
"What the hell are you hinting at Bree!"
Justin hissed she rolled her eyes.
"You are the reason for all of her stress! Did you ever think about that? She barely had them until you got here! You want to blame everyone else for what happened today but in reality Justin it was all your fault!"
I Yelled. Justin stood their shocked.
"What Bieber cant handle the truth?"
"Bree shut up!"
I hissed.
I said laying a hand on his shoulder.
"I need air"
He hissed shoving me off.
"Justin wait"
I called after him but he ignored me and kept walking I turned to bree.
"Are you out of your fucking mind why the hell would you say that to him."
I growled, clearly pissed. she rolled her eyes.
"Like you even care."
"whats that supposed to mean?"
She shrugged sarcastically
"Gee Shanel I don't know, Maybe that if you actually cared about his feeling he would have been in that room with you right away and not out here waiting with us"
She hissed
"Excuse me?"
I said putting my hands on my hips.
"You heard me, Yeah Shanel you don't want Payton hurt but fuck, look where we are!"
She said pointing around.
"She is hurting because you two cant get your shit together!!! Figure out what the hell you both want and keep Payton out of it! The world needs to know she is his."
"She will be stressed if we do Bree"
I growled. she scoffed
"She is fucking more stressed having to hide it, She is 4 Shanel! Yeah I may not have got the meds to give her but she is mainly here because of stress. You need to do whats best for her not you!"
She hissed.
"How the fuck would you know whats best for MY daughter, You're not a mother!!!!"
I now yelled,
"Your right i'm not, because if I was... Everyone here would have already known he was her dad, and I sure and the hell wouldn't involve me kid with my problems. get your head out of your ass Shanel! I'm telling you this as your best friend!"
She shook her head before walking to Paytons room leaving me their speechless......
(Justins Pov)
I kicked a few more rocks as I sat on the bench putting my head in my hands.
Was a really the cause of all of this? Putting my own daughter into the hospital? What kind of father am I? 
"You okay?"
I heard a familiar voice. I looked up to see Shanel I looked back down and she sat next to me.
"She is right you know, I do cause to much stress on her, I made her worse"
"No Justin don't say that, If anything you made her life better"
I scoffed looking down.
"Yeah that's why she is in the hospital right now right? I should have made sure she had her meds! I fucking know she can't go without them I'm fucking stupid!"

I said pulling at the ends of my hair.

"Hey stop that! You're not stupid, it's okay"

"No it's not, and now because of me our daughter is in the hospital!"

I put my head back down. She scooted closer to me putting her hand on my leg. 
"Justin that is no your fault, she didn't have her meds, it happens, And yeah she is stressed out, But that's not just because of you, its me too, bree was right about one thing. I do need to get my head out of my ass, and that's why, Tomorrow you're going to tell the world that Payton is yours"
My head snapped up to look at her.
She bit the corner of her lip, Nodding.
"Yeah, I mean you should have been in their with me today, not waiting out in the room, When the nurse asked who you were I should have spoke up but..."
She trailed off thinking for a moment, before speaking again
"I was so worried about protecting her that I think i'm actually making it worse, you deserve for everyone to know, and so dose Payton."
I smiled looking up at her.
"thank you."
she nodding before I hugged her, she quickly hugged back, before pulling away looking at me.
"And before I forget let me tell you something Bieber, If you ever and I mean EVER leave another one of these"
She pointed to her neck.
"On me again, you wont live to see another day understand that?"  
I smirked.
"Yes Ma'am"
She giggled. her smile slowly fading 


"Whats wrong?" 


She sighed before looking back up at me. 


"Even with her medication; the attach she had today; it probably would have still happened.." 


She whispered i raised my eyebrow

"What do you mean?" 


"Justin i need to tell you something." 


I nodded 


"Okay what?" 


"Remember when Payton had her attach a few weeks ago?" 


I nodded 


"Yes, why?" 


"Well Jace told me that she needed stronger treatments. But I couldn't afford them so she hasn't been getting them." 


"What? Shanel why didn't you tell me i can pay for them!." 


She shook her head. 


"I didn't want you to think i wanted your money because i don't." 


I sighed 


"Nell, She is my daughter, If she needs this then i i am going to pay for it, I never would have thought you just wanted my money; you're not like that." 


she looked down. 


"Will these treatments make it stop?" 


She shook her head. 


"No; But she wont have them as much." 


She whispered. 


"How much?" 


She kicked a rock. 


"Shanel? How much?" 


I asked again. She sighed 


"25,000 A month." 


"Okay. Lets go." 


she looked up furrowing her eyebrow 


"Lets go where?" 


"Give them the money; start her treatment; come on." 


I held out my hand for her to take. 


"Justin i couldn't ask-" 


"You didn't ask, she is my daughter and i'm doing it okay?" 


She bit the corner of her lip. 


"Thank you.:" 


She hugged me i smiled hugging her back. 


"I'm her father, That's what i'm here for." 

 I kissed her head taking her hand again. 

"Alright lets get back in their to our daughter"


She whispered. 
I smiled at the world our before taking her hand and standing up.
June 20, 2012
(My Pov)
"Are you okay?"
I looked at Justin
"Yeah why?"
"Well your leg is shaking like crazy and you're biting your lip so much you might chew it off."
he said chuckling. 
"Sorry i'm just a little nerves I guess,"
He smiled.
"Its going to be okay, I promise"
"Do you think she will call me out to talk?"
I asked a little shaky, He sighed placing his hand on my back.
"Probably, But Ellen is so sweet and I promise she wont ask you anything to make you uncomfortable okay?"
I nodded biting my lip again and fixing my dress.

"I should have wore something different"

He raised his eyebrow.

"Why I like that dress"

He smirked.

"Yeah but I look trashy."

He quickly shook his head making a disgusted face at my words.

"Shanel you look absolutely amazing and beautiful as always, stop thinking so negative it's going to be fine okay?"

I sighed nodding slowly before  I looked at Payton.
"What about you My princess, How are you doing?"
She smiled big.
She looked back down at her game.
"Justin you're on in 5"
the guy said, Justin nodded standing up.
"Come on baby we have to go to the side of the stage"
Justin said picking up Payton before turning to me holding out his hand. I sighed before taking it. we walked out to the side of the stage, He squeezed my hand for comfort before handing me Payton while they hooked up his mic.  
"Two Minutes Justin"
He nodded before smiling at me. I gave him a small smile back.
(Justins Pov)
"Our Next guest is the most famous 19 year old in the world, Becoming the First artist Scoring Five Number One Albums On the Billboard 200 before he even hit 19,,, Please help me welcome Justin Bieber..."
I walked out as the music started and the crowed went nuts, clapping and cheering I smiled and waved as I made my way over to Ellen, she hugged me, the music stopped and we sat down.
"Its so great to see you."
"you too its great to be here"
I said smiling. She smiled back,
"So first off this was actually a surprise to me I got a call from your manager Scooter saying you wanted to come on the show,"
"yeah actually I did"
"Is it because you missed me?"
I laughed,
"of course, of course I always miss you"
"Awe you're are to sweet, So lets just cut right down to business, Their have been some rumors."
I nodded
"Yes their have."
A picture of Shanel and I popped up on the screen beside us.
"this is cute,"
She said smiling causing me to smile as well.
" Now I know their is a lot of different stories going around about who this is but what is the truth Justin is this your girlfriend?"  
I sighed shaking my head.
"That Is Shanel and No she actually is not my girlfriend, Right now anyways, We are kind of taking it slow, yeah know."
She nodded
"Okay but you plan on dating her?"
I sighed 
"Hopefully yeah."
She smiled
"Awe Justin has a crush"
I laughed looking over at Shanel and Payton who were standing to the side Nelly blushed looking down. Another picture popped up of me and Payton, it was finally time I took a deep breath.
"And who is this cutie?"
She asked I smiled
"That's Payton,"
She nodded.
"She is Shanel's daughter right?"
"Yes she is."
I sighed letting out a breath.
"So Justin I'm intrigued, When scooter called the show and said you wanted to come on I thought it was to announce you were dating Shanel but that's not it so what exactly is it?"
"Hold on"
I smiled before standing up and walking over to Payton and taking her from Shanel giving her a reassuring smile before walking back over to Ellen and sitting down.
"Can you say Hi?"
Payton shyfully stuck her head into my chest.
"Awe looks like someone is shy"
Ellen said the crowed awed.
"Okay Justin now i'm really confused What is going on here?"
She said chuckling.
"Well you guys were right she is Shanels daughter, But what you guys don't know is um..."
I trailed off for a second looking down at Payton who smiled making me smile, all the worry washed away.
"I am Her father."
The who place fell silent. their was no going back from here.
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