Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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13. Chapter 12 (Happy Fathers Day)

"Payton Sweetie what are you doing up?"
We looked over at her standing their with her eyes covered.
"I waws firsty"
Justin sighed.
"You can uncover your eyes sweetie."
"Awr yew guyws downe kiwssing?"
I sighed rubbing my face.
"Yeah sweetie we are." 
she slowly uncovered her eyes.
"So dowes dis meawn yew arw dawting now?"
"What? No sweetie"
I looked at Justin who helped me down off the counter as I walked over to her kneeling down to her height.
"Sweetie Daddy and I are just friends."
she huffed.
"Buwt yew guyws were kiwssing"
I nodded
"Yes we were but I was just ummm"
I thought for a moment.
"Thanking me"
Justin finally said I smiled at him then looked back at payton who had her hands on her hips.
"Tank yew fer wat"
"Mommy fell and daddy caught me"
She huffed.
"Yew uwesed dat ewscuse bewfore"
"No sweetie we are telling the truth this time"
I said in defense,
"So yew wied lawst tiwme?"
"What no, We- I- Justin?"
I Looked at Justin who snickered and walked over to us picking Payton up as I stood up.
"We wouldn't lie to you would we?"
she thought for a moment then shook her head.
"Right, So you can believe us when we say that we were only kissing as a thank you."
she raised her eyebrow.
"Sow peawple kiwss tew say tanwk yew?"
He nodded
She thought for a moment.
"Sow wen Kywle wets me pway wif hiws gawmes I hawve to kiwss him?"
Justins eyes got wide.
"What no! No kissing ever! your lips will fall off! and ill rip his off"
I said smacking his arm and taking Payton
"sweetie you don't have to thank people like that for a long time okay? now come on lets get you a drink and then get you back to bed."
She nodded rubbing her eyes as I got her cup and filled it up.
"Niwght dawddy"
he kissed her head.
"Night baby, Love you"
"Wove yew tew"
"Im going to tuck her in then change ok?"
He nodded obviously thinking hard about something, I smiled as I walked her back into her room and laid her down.
"Sow yew awnd dawddy arwnt bawk togewther?"
I sighed.
"No sweetie."
"Buwt maywbe one daw?"
I smiled
"Good night Payton"
She smirked, Just like her dad before closing her eyes.
"Niwght mowmmy"
I shut back off her light and shut the door before making my way into my room and quickly changing into my pajamas. I brushed my teeth then headed back to the living room where Justin was sitting on the couch staring into space.
"Well that was interesting"
I said flopping down beside him he looked at me.
"Who's Kyle?"
I raised my eyebrow.
He turned now facing me.
"Payton said something about kissing some kyle kid, who is he?"
I smiled shaking my head.
"He is Bree's newphew they hang out whenever he is in town because he is the same age you know four? he is nothing to worry about Justin."
"Yeah, well he better keep his lips to himself"
I couldn't hold it in any longer i started laughing.
He raised his eyebrow
"Are you laughing at me?"
 I shook my head holding back another laugh.
"I think you are."
he pouted. I smiled
"Awe don't pout! I just think its cute that you are so protective is all"
He smirked.
"So you think i'm cute?"
I rolled my eyes.
"Its getting late i think you should probably get some sleep and so should i"
I said standing up. he smiled
"So now you're avoiding my questions? And kicking me out?
"No, Its just late that's all"
He smirked while standing up and walking over to me. leaning into my ear. i stiffened.
"I think you're cute too"
he whispered before kissing my cheek and walking out the door leaving me their speechless and my thoughts going crazy.
(July 17th, Fathers Day)
"Payton sweetie come on we got to go see Grandpa John Before we meet daddy and Grandpa Jeremy"
she walked out of her room not even looking up from her game i rolled my eyes and picked up my dads present and my phone.
"Sweetie why don't you leave that here just for today okay?"
her head snapped up.
"But Mowmmy Why?"
I was shocked by the way she pronounced everything right.
She said staring at me weird. i shook my head.
"Nothing sweetie, your speech is just getting better that's all."
She smiled
"Wewll i'm gwoing up mowmmy"
I laughed.
"Yes you are, Now lets go, put the game down."
She sighed and sat the game down taking my free hand as we left the room making our way to the stairs.
"Is Gwandma Coming Tew?"
I shook my head.
"No sweetie she and Uncle Ryan went home to see their fathers they will be back for your birthday okay?"
She nodded her head as we walked into the lobby spotting my dad at the desk.
"Hawppy Fawthers Day Gwandpa"
He laughed Picking her up an kissing her head.
"She said that very well"
he said looking at me I sighed.
"Don't remind me, Happy Fathers day"
I said kissing his cheek.
"Thanks sweetheart."
"We gowt you sowmthing"
Payton said cheesing at him, he raised his eyebrow.
I nodded handing him the present as he sat Payton on the counter, he carefully opened it, his eyes widening.
"What? No way?"
I smiled nodding.
"Its for a whole week you and whoever you want to take with you"
He smiled.
"They have the best fishing in the world"
I nodded
"I know that's why I got it."
"But the hotel-"
"Don't worry about it Bree, Nick and I have it. you deserve to have fun."
He smiled. 
"Thank you so much sweetheart."
He said kissing my cheek.
"And you too bug"
he said kissing her cheek before setting her onto the floor.
"Im gowing tew get juiwce"
Payton said running into the kitchen. I sighed and looked back at dad.
"She is getting so big." 
"Tell me about it, I almost died this morning when I heard her speak, I hate that she is growing up."
He sighed.
"It will be okay sweetie,"
he side hugged me.
"So what do you guys have planned for today?"
"Well we are going on a picnic with Justin, Jeremy and Jazzy. You're more than welcome to come"
I said hopping up on the counter.
"Thanks sweetie but I have stuff to take care of here."
"Where is Bree and Nick?"
"Home with their fathers silly"
I nodded laughing a little.
"Right I forgot."
"Don't worry about it though because thanks to my amazing daughter after Payton's Birthday I get to take a weeks vacation"
I smiled. as we laughed.
I turned my head to see Jeremy and Jazzy walking towards me. I hopped off the counter. 
"Hey guys."
I hugged Jazzy.
"Where is Payton?"
she nodded running into the Kitchen behind us. I hugged Jeremy
"Happy Fathers Day"
he smiled pulling away.
"Thanks, Have you seen Justin? I thought he would be down here because he wasn't in his room"
I shook my head.
"Have you tried calling him?"
He nodded
I furrowed my eyebrows
"Let me try"
I pulled out my phone and dialed his number.
(Justins POV)
"Na Man I don't like it lets go through it one more time"
Usher nodded
"Justin It sounds fine bro,"
Scooter said sitting on the couch I shook my head.
"No it doesn't; again"
I said looking at Usher, Just as he was about to start it My phone went off. I rolled my eyes.
"That's the third time man just get it."
I sighed.
"One minute okay? I really want to get this song perfect."
I jogged over to my phone instantly smiling as I saw the caller ID.
"Hello Beautiful"
She giggled.
"Where are you?"
I raised my eyebrow.
"The Studio why-"
I stopped realizing what today was.
"Shit Nell I'm so sorry I forgot, I had to come into the studio,"
She sighed.
"What am i supposed to tell Payton and Jazzy and your dad Justin its fathers day!?"
I ran my hands through my hair before exhaling.
"I know and I'm sorry, I just have to finish this song and go through some rewrites about another two hours or so and then we can all go to dinner my treat okay? Just go shopping or something till then."
Usher knocked on the glass pointing to his watch I nodded.
"Look Nell I have to go, Ill be back soon okay, Tell everyone I love them and give payton a kiss for me ill see you soon."
She huffed before the line went dead great so she is pissed. I tossed my phone to the couch running my hands through my hair.
"Everything okay man?"
Scooter asked I sighed before nodding.
"Yeah lets Just Run this."
He nodded and Usher started up the Music.
 (My Pov)
"Payton, Jazzy are you guys done wrapping the gifts?"
They yelled in unison. I sighed slipping on my heals. before looking over at Jeremy who looked at his watch.
"He should be here any minute, When I talked to him last he was almost here then had to get ready."
He nodded.
"Sometimes I really hate that he is Famous you know?"
I nodded, and their was a knock at the door I walked over and opened it.
"Oh So Nice of you to finally join us."
I said rolling my eyes he sighed.
he stopped and looked over at his dad.
"Happy Fathers Day Dad"
he said walking over to hug him I sighed shutting the door.
"Happy Fathers Day to you too"
He smiled patting him on the back.
Payton said running to him he looked over at me quickly and I shrugged. knowing he was shocked about her speech. he looked back at payton kissing her head.
"Hi Baby girl sorry I'm late"
She smiled.
"Iwts okay Hawppy fathers Day"
I smiled
"Thank you sweetheart"
"Well are we ready because I am starving"
Jazzy said rubbing her belly we chuckled. 
"Yes lets go"
Justin said nodding to the door. We all walked down to the Lobby not really saying anything. Once we got their Justin stopped causing us all to stop.
"Justin what are you Doing?"
I asked raising my eyebrow? He smiled before looking at his dad.
"So I know I kind of fucked up today and It being fathers day I got you  present."
"Oh Justin we are doing presents at dinner"
Jeremy said cutting him off he laughed.
"Well that would be fine but this present wont really fit in a restaurant."
Justin said pulling out a set of keys from his pocket, Jeremy eyes got huge.
"No way."
Justin Nodded.
"Yes way."
Jeremy Hugged Justin tight and it made my heart melt.
"Shall we go look at it?"
Justin asked pulling away he nodded. Leaning down Justin scooped up Payton as I took jazzys hand. Security had gotten a lot tighter around here so the paps couldn't get past the main gait of the hotel which was good for us. As we made our way through the doors all of our eyes widened at the sight of Jeremys car.
"Holy Shit"
Jeremy said excitement clear in his voice, He ran over to it.
"Is that a-"
"Rolls-Royce? Yup"
He said cutting me off. 
"This is fucking unbelievable thank you so much"
Jeremy said hugging Justin again, He laughed.
"No problem Dad Happy Fathers Day"
"As awesome as this all is really, I'm hungry!"
Jazzy whined we laughed.
"Alright, Alright lets go"
"Iwm Full"
Payton said rubbing her belly I smiled.
"Did you talk to Jaxon today?"
Justin asked taking a drink of his pop Jeremy nodded.
"Yeah we head home tomorrow so I will see him then"
He nodded.
"Can we give presents now?"
Jazzy said Paytons eyes lit up.
"Yeah pweasents"
I looked at the Guys who nodded.
"Alright grandpa first though."
They nodded and handed him his gift. He quickly opened it.
"Oh my gosh this is so sweet."
Jeremy said examining the Set of gold boxing gloves.
"They even have your name on them"
Jazzy said all happy which made me smile.
"Thank you girls I love them"
They smiled and he kissed each of their cheeks.
"Alright my turn"
Justin Playfully whinnied. Pulling Payton onto his lap.
"This one iws from me awnd Jawzzy"
He nodded taking the box before opening it. his eyes widened.
"Oh my god! This is Crazy"
He took out the Rolex Watch with Purple and Black Studded Diamonds in it.
"Do you wike it?"
he smiled big.
"I love it baby. Thank you guys."
He Kissed her head.
"Its Says something in the bottom"
Jazzy said smiling. He flipped it over reading it outloud.
"Happy Fathers Day, Love: Payton And Jazzy"
He smiled so big I thought his face was going to break.
"Its Amazing Thank you."
"We hawve one mowre"
Payton Said I raised my eyebrow as Jeremy handed them another gift to give to him, this one I had no idea about. He carefully opened it revealing 3 Dog tags. he pulled them out.
"One sawys Payton Dats me Den One says Justin Dats you Den One sawys Shanel Dats Mowmmy, Dis way you always hawve us wif yew."
My eyes widened as i looked at Justin he smirked knowing I knew nothing about this.
"Their great sweetheart I will wear them everyday."
He kissed her cheek before slipping on the tags and looked at me shooting me his award winning smile with a wink. I blushed looking down.
(Justins Pov)
"Okay she is asleep"
I said walking into the living room where shanel was sitting on the couch I sat next to her.
I nodded 
"Whats that?"
I asked pointing to the wrapped present she smiled big.
"This is for you"
She said handing it to me I raised my eyebrow.
"But Payton-"
"This is just from me"
She said shooting me a shy smile. which made me smile
"Open it come on"
She playfully whined, I laughed.
"Alright jeesh"
She sat on her knees watching me carefully as I opened it, I slowly pulled off the paper to reveal a picture frame, I flipped it over. A bunch of Pictures of Payton and I, And one of Shanel and I With Payton right in the middle. 
"Oh My gosh."
"You like it?"
I looked up at her hope in her eyes.
"I love it, I didn't even know you took most of these"
She laughed.
"Shanel these photos are amazing."  
She shrugged.
"I Always wanted to be a Photographer but that kind of got put of when I got pregnant at 14."
I sighed.
"I'm Sorry,"
She shook her head.
"I'm Not I Love my Daughter and I wouldn't change anything that happened for the world." 
"Our Daughter"
I said furrowing my eyebrows she laughed.
"Yes Our daughter."
I smiled looking back down at the collage of photos.
"Why don't you get back into it again?"
She raised her eyebrow.
"Justin I'm a single mother of a four soon to be five year old who helps run a hotel, I don't have time."
I frowned.
"you're not a single mother anymore I'm here!"
I snapped kind of annoyed she sighed. looking down 
"I'm sorry I didn't mean it liked that."
I shook my head looking at her.
"No I'm sorry I didn't mean to snap its just I'm here now yeah now?"
She smiled.
"Yeah I know"
"You looked Beautiful tonight, not that that's any different than any other night you always look amazing" 
She quickly covered her face blushing.
I winked at her and she laughed turning her head to the TV. We sat their in a comfortable silence for a while. when I looked over Shanel was half asleep I laughed to myself. standing up an walking over to her, i stuck my hands under her legs lifting her up.
"What are you doing I can walk"
She said half asleep.
"I got it."
She didn't fight it she just wrapped her arms around my neck and snuggled closer I smiled walking into her room and laid her down.
"Night nell."
She smiled.
"Night Jay, Happy Fathers Day."
I smiled and shut the door. Everything seems so perfect right now.
*July 19, 2012*
(My Pov)
I sat on my patio looking through my twitter.
'I hope you die'
'You're so ugly'
'You're just trying to get Justin to take care of your brat'
'you're the reason Jelena split, die bitch'
"What are you looking at?"
I jumped looking back at Justin
"You scared the hell out of me."
I said putting my phone down. 
He laughed sitting next to me.
"Sorry the door was unlocked"
I nodded.
"Where is Payton?"
"With Bree at the park,  She misses Jazzy already"
I sighed sitting up more.
"They will be back for her birthday"
He nodded.
"I thought you were going to the studio?"
"We did, then she saw Bree and wanted to hang with her, so they decided they would go to the park."
I said nodding my head.
"So what were you looking at?"
I shook my head.
"Nothing just stupid stuff."
he nodded.
"So I have been meaning to talk to you"
I said grabbing my coffee cup and standing up to walk into the room he followed.
"About telling everyone."
I stopped looking at him.
"Oh, What about it."
"Well as of Tomorrow the whole world will know I talked to scooter and we have a interview tom-"
I said snapping my head up to look at him, as I sat my coffee cup down. 
"And you didn't think about discussing it with me first?"
I hissed, he raised his eyebrow.
"That's what I'm doing now, isn't it?"
I scowled at him.
"Well now I don't have a fucking choice do I because you already went ahead and did it!" 
I now shouted
"Woh Shanel I thought you would be happy."
"You thought wrong didn't you"
I growled. walking into the living room
"Well excuse me for wanting to tell the world that I have a daughter."
"Yeah whatever."
"What is your problem."
He hissed. 
"My problem is you doing something behind my back that concerns my daughter! Hiding something from me Justin!!!"
I yelled back.
"Our Daughter! holy fuck."
he snapped I rolled my eyes.
"And as for 'hiding it from you' how does it feel?"
I narrowed my eyes at him.
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"You know damn well what I mean. If you would have told me I had a daughter four fucking years ago we wouldn't be doing this right now!"
He screamed causing me to flinch a little.
"I did what I thought was best for her and you!"
"You had no idea what was best for me shanel"
He growled.
"Justin you were 15 just starting to be something I couldn't ruin your life with a kid."
"That wasn't your decision to make it was mine"
He snapped.
"I'm done with this conversation Justin! its too soon to tell the world end of discussion"
"The Hell it is! I'm telling end of story"
"No you're not!!!"
I yelled.
(Justins Pov)
I could feel my blood start to boil, I was so beyond pissed. 
"Fine, Then I guess I will just take you to court, full custody of her, And lets faced it shanel, who is the judge going to decide with, THE Justin Bieber or a No body like you?"
Her face immediately fell tears forming in her eyes. she froze and my face softened, immediately regretting what I had said.
"shanel I-"
I trailed off not knowing what to say.
"you would take her from me."
she said in almost a whisper tears falling down her face now I stepped closer but she steped back.
"Shanel I'm sorry I didn't mean that I would never take her from you I was just mad."
She looked down.
"You're right they would give her to you, you have everything. I am a nobody, please don't take her away from me please."
She was now full on sobbing. I went to hold her and she pushed me away.
"No stop"
she said through sobs.
"You want to know why I don't want the world knowing"
she hiccuped picking up her phone throwing it at me.
I raised my eyebrow looking at her before looking down at the phone.
'I hope you die'
'You're so ugly'
'You're just try to get just trying to get Justin to take care of your brat'
'you're the reason Jelena split, die bitch'
I quickly looked up at her, sorrow flowing through me.
"Shanel I had no idea people where saying this stuff. I'm s-"
"You're sorry, yeah Justin you are always sorry okay I get it, but you know what that is what she is going to go through everyday the moment you tell them she is yours. Me I don't really care about but My Baby, Our baby, Justin I don't want her hurt."
I pulled her into a hug as she sobbed. Rubbing her back for comfort.
"Im so sorry Shanel... So so sorry."
She continued to cry as I held her. Now I was confused. I don't know if telling the world is the right thing to do anymore. She slowly pulled away as I whipped the remainder of her tears away. I sighed before hugging her again, she hugged back. 
"You're right, I don't want them saying those things to Pay, But its not any better for them to say them to you. you're none of those things they said and I would die if you died. Shanel I Love Payton, with all my heart, but I wouldn't ever take her away from you, I was just mad. you're her mom and I could never take her from the place she calls home, that would make me a horrible father, and I know sorry doesn't always fix things but I am shanel i'm so sorry, you're amazing and beautiful and I'm so stupid sometimes honest my mouth just says these stupid things and-"
I was cut off by her lips softly meeting mine. I instantly kissed her back. after a few seconds she pulled away. I smiled.
"What was that for?"
I whispered
"You talk to much."
I started chuckled and then leaned back in and so did she crashing our lips together this time with more passion she brought her hands up grabbing my hair an pulling it causing me to groan, I bit her bottom lip begging to deepen the kiss and she granted it, our lips moving in sync. I lifted her to sit on my lap, pulling her as close as possible. I squeezed her hips causing her to moan, I smirked.
she said inbetween kisses I nodded before smirking.
she giggled pulling me closer. She pulled at my shirt wanting to take it off. I smirked pulling away long enough to pull it over my head before reattaching my lips to hers. she pulled me closer running her hands up my chest. I trailed kisses down her jaw to her neck. placing soft open mouth kisses as I went. she let out a soft moan moving her head to the side so I had better access I began to suck slowly. pulling away I reattached my lips to hers. When my phone went off.
She said in between kisses.
"Let it go to voicemail."
She nodded detaching her lips from mine and trailing down my neck mirroring what I had done to her, I groaned. pulling at her shirt. asking for permission she bit her lip and nodded slowly. I pulled it off over her head staring at her for a moment about to kiss her again when her phone started ringing. I groaned.
"Justin I have to get that, its Bree's ringtone she is with Payton."
I sighed nodding as she slid off my lap. 
I watched as she stood their in nothing but a Bra and Short shorts god she was hot.
"What Bree slow down, What happened? Oh my god okay we will be right their!"
I quickly stood up.
"What happened?"
I said freaking out inside.
"Payton's in the hospital, we need to go"
//////////////////////// A/N
Hey Guys!!!!!!! I have missed ya'll like crazy! I am Still in the hospital but feeling much better, I get out Sunday. Thank you all SOOOOO much for the messages and get wells! My Brother read them all to me, They made me cry! you guys are amazing, And I love you all so much! thank you for being so understanding! It was killing me not to write and I thought, Since im doing better and really board why don't I write. I know this chapter isn't that long but I like it! As soon as im home I will update more! Nowwwww Onto the story! How cute was what payton and Jazzy got Justin for fathers day? Credit for the Rolex idea goes to Alexis Dahnweih<3 Thanks girly and my brother actually gave me the idea for the dog tags..... Justin and Shanel got really cloes their??? Do I see Jelly in the Near future.... (Soon...) <--- Haha I hope you get that joke! Im seriously going to beat Justin if he don't release heartbreaker  -_-.... But in all the Sadness of being put in the hospital I did get Justin Bieber tickets for graduation which im stoked for XD ANYWAYS........... Enough about my gay life! Thank you guys so much for everything! I Love you sooo Much! Xoxo
P.S. Outfits are Updated as well <3
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