Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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12. Chapter 11 ('Baby Mama')

*Please Read Authors Note at the bottom, Thanksss enjoy!*
(My Pov)
*June 15, 2012*
I groaned rolling over as my eyes fluttered open to see I was laying on Justin's chest with his arms wrapped around me. And i'm not going to lie, I really liked it I felt.... comfortable.... Safe and at Peace. I looked up at his face. examining it, He was like a perfect angle, flawless.
"Take a picture it lasts longer"
Justin said a smirk creeping on his lips as his eye slowly opened I rolled my eyes moving out of his grip. 
"hey, Where are you going?"
he said pulling me back to him I laughed.
"We have to get up you know?"
he groaned snuggling his head into my neck.
I said trying to move out of his grip
he hummed tightening his hold.
"We shouldn't be doing this."
he raised his eyebrow looking up at me.
"Doing what snuggling? I didn't realize it was a crime to snuggle with my-"
he stopped
I said pulling away from his grip. he ran his hands through his hair.
he was cut off by pounding on the door.
"Who is that?"
I shrugged standing up but turned to him before walking out.
I said pointing at him he smirked and fell back on the bed.
"Yes Ma'am"
I rolled my eyes letting out a little laugh before walking to the living room, the pounding continued.
"Okay, I'm coming damn"  
I opened the door.
payton said flying into my arms I laughed picking her up.
"Hey baby"
I kissed her head.
"She wanted to come with me to wake you"
I looked up to see ryan standing their I half smiled.
"Ryan and Gwandma Saiwd we cowld go tew da arcawde"
I raised my eyebrow
"Did they now?"
he shrugged
"Patty thought it would be a good idea, she wants to spend sometime with everyone before we leave soon and we thought we would all make a day out of it."
I nodded.
"Sounds Good, Why don't you go get ready okay?"
I said to Payton she nodded and I sat her down as she ran into her room closing the door. I turned back to Ryan.
"Okay we will meet you guys in what about an hour."
I asked trying to nervously get him to leave before Justin came out he raised his eye brow.
"You okay?"
"Me? what. Yeah fine just great, Just have to get ready is all."
I said showing him out he smirked.
"What are you hiding?"
I shook my head.
"Nothing Ryan I just have to get ready is all."
he sighed shaking his head.
"Fine, I have to go get Justin anyways-"
"Shanel who was at the-"
Justin came around the corner seeing ryan
Justin said closing his eyes I looked at ryan who look some what amused.
he muttered dryly, Ryan looked at me and smirked.
"Now I know why you were trying to get me out so fast you two spent the night together"
he said winking.
"Its not what you think"
Justin hissed and I nodded
"Yeah we didn't do anything he was just-"
"Making sure she was okay."
Justin said cutting me off I nodded
Ryan raised his eyebrow
"Right, Well how about you two just get ready to go okay?"
he said obviously not convinced I rolled my eyes.
"Go where?"
Justin asked.
"Your mom wants us to all go out and spend time before we have to leave next week"
Justin sighed
"I have to go to the studio or I would"
Ryan shook his head.
"Scooter and Usher are in meetings all day, they told me to tell you that you will start again tomorrow at 2,"
he nodded
"Okay, Is Chaz ready?"
Ryan raised his eyebrow.
"Dude Chaz went home the day before yesterday, he didn't tell you?"
He sighed.
"No he didn't,"
"He probably knew you were just busy, don't worry about it."
Justin huffed.
"Some friend I am"
"Justin Man don't worry about it just call him later, and now that I think about it, if you stayed here. where is Selena?
"we broke up"
Justin hissed.
"Dude I didn't know when did that happen?"
"Last night,"
"Dude I-"
"Lets not talk about it okay?"
he nodded.
Payton said walking out of her room, fuck.
"Hey sweetheart"
"Why arwe yew heawr"
I frantically looked at him then at Ryan.
"Yes Justin do tell why you are here"
we glared at ryan.
"Diwd yew stawy hewre?"
I quickly spoke before he could even open his mouth, he looked at me shocked for a second but then shook it off turning back to Payton.
"No sweetie, mommy saw a huge spider in her room this morning so daddy came to kill it."
Ryan chuckled and I elbowed him.
he hissed I rolled my eyes.
"Den why dowent yew hawve shirwt on?"
"Well I was in such a rush I guess I forgot it."
she looked around at all of us then laughed shaking her head.
"You think mommy being scared is funny?"
I said playfully raising my eyebrow,
"I tink iwts fuwnny dat yew tink I bewive dat, iwm gowing to pway my gawme cawll me when iwts tiwme to gow"
she said and skipped off to her room I looked at Justin shocked.
"Well this is just great, i'm so happy I told Pattie I would come get you up,"
Ryan said smirking we glared at him and he raised his hands in defeated.
"Alright i'm going, meet us in an hour, and don't do anything crazy"
he said winking at us.
"Good bye Ryan!"
Justin said slamming the door in his face, you hear him let out a chuckle, Justin turned to me.
"Well that was awkward"
I said looking down he ran his hand through his hair.
"This is just fucking great!"
Justin hissed. I was kind of shocked by his sudden outburst.
"Why are you so upset?"
"Because shanel Ryan and Payton both fucking know I stayed here last night"
He growled I crossed my arms.
"Well I told you to stay you didn't listen"
I snapped back at him he rolled his eyes.
"Ryan is going to have a fucking field day with this,"
he said rubbing his face
"Its not that big of a deal-"
"Not that big of a deal? Seriously"
he hissed, I shrugged
"We are two grown adults Justin and we didn't do anything-"
"That's not the fucking point Shanel"
he groaned I put my hands on my hips.
"Keep your voice down! I don't want Payton hearing you!"
I hissed he rolled his eyes. not saying anything so I spoke up.
"Well what is the point then Justin?"
He ran his hands through his hair pulling at the ends.
"The point is I just broke up with my girlfriend last night and then Ryan see's me coming out of my fucking baby mama's room with no shirt on?"
I froze at his words, hurt running through me I looked away. he softened immediately.
"Shanel I didn't mean like tha-"
I said shaking my head.
"You're right, that's what I am, and it wont happen again."
he walked closer to me.
"I have to go get ready. you can show yourself out."
I said stepping back, he sighed. and I walked into my room closing the door behind me.
(Justins Pov)
"Holy hell!"
Ryan said as we finally made it into the mall.
"Tell me about it"
my mom muttered  I loosened my grip on Payton
"They seem to have an issue with personal space"
i growled.
"Thanks for coming with us Kenny"
Shanel said half smiling at him he nodded.
"That's what im here for girly"
"Dey Awsk tew mawny qwestions"
Payton said laying her head on my shoulder I nodded kissing her head.
"Their it is."
Ryan said pointing to the arcade sign
"Iwm sow exsiwted"
Payton said squeezing my cheeks together we laughed.
we walked through the mall and into the arcade area.
sitting Payton down I grabbed her hand as we walked in.
"Howly Cwap"
Payton said looking around.
"Its big huh?"
My Mom said she nodded.
"Iws dat a foawm Piwt?"
she said her eyes growing we laughed.
"Yes it is."
"Ow My Gowwdnewss, Cawn I gow pway, Cawn I, Cawn I, Cawn I"
I looked at Nelly who looked away and then shrugged I sighed and turned back to payton.
"Sure sweetie go ahead"
she clapped her hands and ran for the ball pit. 
"I'm going to shoot hoops."
Ryan said, walking off.
"Yeah and i'm going to go watch Payton"
"ill go with you"
Kenny said following my mom I nodded as she walked over to the ball pit.
"She really loves her"
I said looking at Nell she nodded
I sighed running my hands through my hair. 
"Nell can we talk?"
"About what? their is nothing to talk about"
I sighed shoving my hands into my pocket.
"About what I said this morning you-"
she said cutting me off. 
"That's what I am, I am your Daughters mom, simple as that."
I shook my head.
"No you-"
"Oh my god! you're Justin Bieber! Ahhhh!" 
A group of girls walked toured us. shanel rolled her eyes
"I'm going over to check on my daughter" 
"Our Daughter"
I hissed quietly as she walked away. I sighed and put on a smile facing the girls.
"Can we get a picture?"
I smiled big
"Of course you can"   
 1 hour Later
"What one do you want sweetie?"
"Dawt one"
Payton said pointing at the giant bear hanging above the stand. the guy nodded handing it to me I bent down and gave it to her.
"Tank yew dawddy"
I smiled.
"You're Welcome Sweetie" 
I said kissing her head, she ran over to shanel who was talking to Kenny and ryan I sighed standing back up.
"What's going on between you two?"
My mom said I shrugged.
"Long story"
"I have time"
I sighed running my hands through my hair. 
"Well to make it short, something happened this morning and I kind of referred to her as my 'Baby Mama'.
I said shoving my hands in my pocket she let out a slight gasp.
"Justin! That's is so offensive! I cant even imagine how hurt she must feel."
"I know mom and I didn't mean it like that, she is more than that honest."
I said looking at her she sighed.
"So I heard you and Selena broke up."
I raised my eyebrow.
"Same way I know you spent the night with Shanel last night"
I rolled my eyes.
I said dryly looking over at him narrowing my eyes even though he couldn't see.
She put her hand on my shoulder.
"I am always here for you Justin, Im your mom, But this time I have to be on Shanels Side, What you said would hurt anyone, If your dad would have ever referred to me as that, I would have been crushed."
"I know and I tried talking earlier but we got interrupted, I feel horrible about it mom, honestly I do"
She sighed.
"Tell her that sweetie not me."
I nodded
"I will as soon as we get some time alone, without any interruptions,"
she smiled and kissed my cheek.
"And Speaking of your father I talked to him last night, he will be here tomorrow."
my eyes grew,
"You okay?"
she asked raising her eyebrow I nodded,
"Yeah just forgot that I had to tell Dad about Pay still"
She smiled and rubbed my back.
"Don't worry im sure he will Love her Just as much as we do"
I Nodded looking over at Payton and Shanel.
"I hope so"
June 16, 2012
(Shanels POV) *5:00pm*
"Payton Sweetie come on your Dad is going to be here any minute"
I said slipping on my shoes she poked her head out of her room.
"Cawn I tawke my Gawme?"
I sighed and nodded my head. Their was a knock on the door.
"Now hurry he is here" 
She nodded stuck her head back into the room I opened the door.
he said half smiling.
I said stepping aside so he could walk in, we didn't make eye contact. we still haven't talked since he said what he did which made things awkward, and every time he tried to we got interrupted.    
"He is really excited to meet her"  
Justin said pulling me from my thoughts. I half smiled.
"So he took it better than your mom did?"
He nodded
"A lot better, He was super happy, and Jazzy she is going nuts she loves the thought of being and Aunt."
he said laughing, witch made me smile. 
he looked into my eyes.
"You look very pretty" 
 I looked away.
"Shanel we need to tal-"
"Awll Weady"
Payton said coming out of her room Justin sighed in frustration, probably at the fact that we were interrupted again. he bent down and picked her up.
"All right lets go then."
(Justins Pov)
"And We are Best friends now! Right?"
Jazzy said looking at Payton she smiled and nodded grabbing her hand. I looked at Nell who had a huge smile on her face.
"Well why don't you guys go play for a little longer Before Payton has to leave okay?"
My dad said putting his arm around my shoulder.  
"Okay! Come on 'P' Let me show you this really cool game I just got"
Paytons eyes lit up.
They skipped off to her room.
"She is so freaking adorable Shanel"
She smiled
I furrowed my eyebrows.
"Hey, I helped!"
I huffed he smiled rubbing my hair.
"Yeah but she gets her good looks from her Mama"
He said I smirked.
"Yeah she did"
"Oh My gosh stop it guys"
Shanel looking away obviously blushing.
"At least they get along well"
I said They nodded.
"It helps they are only 2 years apart"
Jeremy said
"Well actually just one and a few months Pay will be 5 In a few weeks."
He smiled
"Well we will most definitely be here for her party if you don't mind"
She shook her head.
"Not at all"
we all smiled.
"So how is Erin?"
i asked, My dad huffed  sitting at the table.
"She is fine, Home with Jaxon Because he wasn't feeling well"
I raised my eyebrow.
"You alright?"
He shrugged rubbing his hands on his face.
"I'm going to go see what the girls are up to"
Shanel said putting her hand on my shoulder I nodded as she walked into the other room. Turning back to my dad I sat down.
"So Whats really going on?"
He sighed.
"I think we are going to get a divorce"
My eyes got wide.
"What! Why?"
He shrugged.
"Things have just gotten pretty bad at home, We fight all the time, And I don't want to have to separate our family like I did when you were little, but I feel like having them in a house where they listen to fighting all night is worse you know?"
he put his hands on his face rubbing it again before looking at me, I put my hand on his shoulder.
"I think that whatever you do, you will do it because of whats best for Jax And Jaz"
He nodded
"So, Enough about my love life what about yours?"
I raised my eyebrow.
"Dad I told you Selena and I-"
"I wasn't talking about you and Selena" 
I thought for a moment.
"Oh, You mean Nell, Yeah nothing is going on."
He raised his eyebrow. 
"So you don't have feelings for her" 
"I never said that"
I hissed
"Woh, Calm down Justin, What's going on?"
(Shanels Pov)
Payton had fell asleep with Jazzy it was so cute. I picked Payton up.
"I like her, Can we hang again tomorrow?"
Jazzy said slightly opening her eyes I smiled.
"Of course sweetie, You're her aunt, You can hang with her anytime you want."
She smiled.
"Thanks Shanel, I love you guys"
I smiled big
"We love you to sweetie, Night"
she rolled over. and I closed the door behind me, I was just about to walk into the kitchen when I heard Jeremy talking.
"So you  don't have feelings for her?"
"I never said That!"
Justin snapped at him.
"Woh, Calm Down Justin, What's going on"
Justin sighed in frustration.
"I screwed up a yesterday and Now shanel is pissed at me."
"What did you do?"
"I kind of referred to her as just my 'baby Mama'"
"Ooo Ouch Kid"
I groaned
"I know but I didn't mean it, she isn't just that, But now she is pissed, and I haven't been alone long enough to talk to her."
"She didn't look pissed"
"She is good at covering up her emotions trust me, she is like in her own shell"
I huffed and was about to walk out when Justin continued,
"But, That's one of the many things I love about her"
Woh did he just say love.
Jeremy raised his eyebrow.
"You love her?"
He ran his hands through his hair.
"I don't know I think so, I thought I loved Selena too but the feeling I get when I'm around Shanel its so..... Different you know?"
Jeremy smiled placing his hand on Justin's shoulder.
"Tell her exactly what you just told me bud"
He shook his head.
"No way, She would think I'm nuts"
"You don't think she feels the same way?"
He shrugged.
"She said she loved me, But she was wasted and don't even remember it"
My eyes got big! I said I loved him! I couldn't listen anymore I walked out.
"They both fell asleep" 
They both snapped their heads in my directions, Justin cleared his throat and stood up and walking over to me.
"Here ill take her"
I smiled and this time I didn't fake it. he smiled back taking her form my hands.
"Well we better get going, thank you so much for taking us to dinner and then having us over"
I said Jeremy hugged me.
"Anytime, Thank you for letting me see my granddaughter"
I nodded and he side hugged Justin and kissed Payton's head.
"So I was wondering, Since Tomorrow is fathers day and I'm sure Justin will want to spend time with Payton and I want to spend time with him we could all maybe do something together? maybe a picnic?"
I sighed I forgot tomorrow was fathers day and by the look on Justin's face and so did he. I smiling.
"Of course we can that sounds great"
he smiled.
"Okay, Great, So see you guys about 1ish?"
I nodded and so did Justin.
"Love you dad"
"Love you to bud"
"Night shanel"
"Night Jeremy"
He shut the door behind us and we walked in silence to the stairs.
"I forgot tomorrow was fathers day"
Justin said looking at me I nodded.
"Me too"
he half smiled.
"My first fathers day"
I smiled at his excitement. as we got to my hotel room I unlocked the door and we walked in. I switched on the light.
"Damn it, that stupid light"
I said setting the keys down Justin laughed. 
"Ill just put her in bed and ill be right back"
I nodded and he walked into the room. I gabbed bar stool and stood up to fix the light.
(Justins POV)
"I love you baby"
I said kissing her head, laying her on the bed still sound asleep. I tucked her in and shut off the light closing the door slightly, I walked back into the kitchen.
"What the hell shanel get down!"
I said walking over to her.
"Justin I'm fine I have to fix this light"
"No, get down now! ill do it come on now!"
I hissed worry and anger clear in my voice she laughed a little.
"Justin I'm fine I always-"
Before she could finish she lost her balance,
(My Pov)
"Justin I'm fine I always-"
Before I could finish my foot slipped stupid heals I closed my eyes letting out a small scream, This is it I'm going to die.
I heard Justin yell. I slowly opened my eyes.
"What the fuck! You could have died Shanel!"
he growled in anger 
"You caught me"
"Well yeah I wasn't going to let you fall! What the hell were you thinking! And in heals"
he hissed ripping them off my feet. I started to laugh he raised his eyebrow setting me down on me feet.
"Why are you laughing Shanel this isn't funny! What if you would have broke something, Or worse fucking died, I told you to get down-"
Before he could finish I cut him off by crushing my lips to his, he froze at first but then slowly kissed back. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me closer deepening the kiss, I opened my mouth to breath a little, and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue in I griped his hair pulling it slightly causing him to groan he backed me up against the counter. before reaching under my thighs and lifting me up ontop of it, not breaking the kiss.
"Owww My GOWD!!!!!!!!!"
We ripped apart fast to see Payton standing in the door way of the kitchen with her hands over her eyes. Shit...........
/////////////////////// A/N Okay Guys Stopping their!!!!!  Ohmybieber! So Payton just saw them kissing! how will they get out of this one (; Guess you will have to wait and See! *I Actually Need someone's help! I have no idea what Payton and Shanel Should get Justin For Fathers Day I need Ideas Please! Something creative, out of the box if you know what I mean! I will credit whoever I choose! Please e-mail me with your ideas, Also I wanted to make a trailer for the book, I see so many people are doing that with their stories yet... I'm dumb and I have NO idea how, so if someone would tell me either how to do it or make one for me I would LOVE them forever!  Thannkssss(:*
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P.S. Just incase I didn't say where Shanel Lived its in Naples, FL. Wasn't sure if I said it or not so if not... Their it is(:
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