Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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11. Chapter 10 (You're Starting to look trashy!)

June 14, 2012 *11:15am*
(Justin's pov)

"Selena, let me explain"

She put her hand up.

"Did you kiss her or not?"

I sighed looking down.

"Oh my god you did! How could you?"

She yelled

"Keep your voice down Payton in here!"

I hissed at her she rolled her eyes.

"Why don't I just go?"

My mom said awkwardly I nodded

"Thanks again for watching her."

She nodded and kissed my cheek.

"Good luck."

I nodded closing the door behind her. Slowly turning back to Selena who stood their with her hands on her hips.

"Sel I-"

She cut me off

"How could you do this? You said  you didn't like her like that any more"

"And I don't or at least I don't think I do, god I don't know anymore Sel"

I ran my hands through my hair.

"Dawddy wawts gowing on?"

Payton said poking her head out of my bedroom door I shook my head.

"Nothing sweetie, shut the door and play your game okay?"

She looked at Selena then back at me again before ducking back into the room and shutting the door. i turned back to Selena. Its going to be a long ass morning.

(My pov) 
"Rise and Shine Nell come on"
I slowly opened my eyes, and groaned
"go away, Bree"
She sighed
"come on sleepy head"
I rolled over placing my head into the pillow.
"Its to early"
She laughed
"Shanel its Noon"
I groaned.
"My head is killing me"
I said rolling over slightly
"Here take this."
I opened one eye and saw Bree holding out a cup of water and two Advil, I sighed and sat up taking them.
"what happened last night?"
I asked setting the glass down she raised her eye brow.
"you don't remember?"
I shook my head lightly she sighed sitting next to me.
"well you got drunk out of your mind and tried to leave with a guy, But I wouldn't let you"
my eyes got wide.
"Oh my god, Thank you! I didn't even think I drank that much."
I looked around,
"How did I get home?"
"Justin brought you home"
I put my head in my hands.
"Oh my god, I probably looked like an idiot!" 
She laughed.
"Only a little, you wouldn't leave the club so he kind of had to carry you out."
I groaned and fell back on the pillow.
"Where is Pay?"
"Still with Justin in his hotel room"
I sighed.
"I have to go get her"
I said slowly standing up, everything got blurry.
Bree said holding me up.
"You alright?"
I nodded slowly regaining my balance.
"Yeah I'm fine I think I just stood up to fast is all"
she nodded. and i walked out of my room with her behind me.
"Errr... Nell, You should probably get dressed or i don't know at least put some clothes on?"
i looked down.
"Oh right, yeah."
she laughed and i walked into the bathroom quickly changing and putting my hair up in a high ponytail. i walked back into my room and saw Justins dog tag sitting on my stand i furrowed my eyebrow and picked it up. how did these get here.
"Whats that?"
Bree asked walking in. i looked at her.
"Justins dog tags how did they get here?"
she shrugged.
"He helped you get home last night maybe he took them off."
"Why would he take them off unless...."
i froze.
"Oh god, Oh god, Oh god."
i sat down on the bed.
Bree asked obviously confused.
i sighed looking up at her.
"I think Justin stayed here last night with me, in my bed,"
her eyes got wide.
"Did you two.."
"What? I don't know i cant remember!"
i hissed, she sighed.
"I don't think Justin would take advantage of you, but the only thing to really do is ask."
i nodded
"Yeah, Lets just go ask"
I said standing up she followed me to the door as we headed to Justin's room.
God I hope I didn't do something I would regret.
(Justins POV)
"Why? why would you kiss her?"
Selena asked crossing her arms. i sighed.
"She kissed me last night, She was drunk she didn't know what she was doing."
i said and that was completely honest last night Nell did kiss me i didn't kiss her like the other times. but i wasn't going to tell Selena that.
she rolled her eyes.
"Did you kiss her back?"
i ran my hands through my hair.
"Oh my god you did, You cheated on me!"
"Oh and you haven't me"
i growled, she was taken back a little by my sudden out burst but then huffed.
"That was 6 months ago i thought we were past that?"
I rolled my eyes
"No, you moved past it i just tried to brush it off"
i hissed she put her hands on her hips.
"So that's what this is? you getting back at me for sleeping with Nial? two wrongs don't make a right Justin"
she shrieked.
i spat she huffed.
"Then why did you do it Justin?"
i was just about to open my mouth when their was a knock at the door Selena rolled her eyes and i walked to the door opening it slightly. and looked up to meet shanels gaze.
she murmured, i half smiled.
she looked over at Bree, who i hadn't even noticed was standing their till right now.
"Come in."
i said now fully opening the door for her and Bree to walk in, i shut it behind her.
"Am i interrupting something?"
she asked looking at Selena who clearly looked pissed
"Just my life."
Selena snapped.
"What did you just say?"
Shanel said snapping her head in Selenas direction.
"You heard me."
Selena said stepping closer. Oh god this wasn't good.
"You're right I did I was just giving you a chance to change your attitude before speaking again"
Shanel snapped, Damn I looked at Selena
"You're nothing but a hoe."
"Excuse me?"
Nell said putting her hands on her hips. 
"You heard me you nasty Bitch keep your lips off my boyfriend!"
I growled at her Shanel looked at me.
"I'm going to go see what Payton's doing"
Bree said sneaking off to my room, Nell and Selena never took their eyes off each other.
"You told her we kissed!"
"No! I told my mom and she over heard me!"
Her eyes got wide.
"You told your mother! why would you do that!?"
I shrugged.
"Who the fuck cares who he told or how I found out I know and I'm not happy."
Nell rolled her eyes.
"Selena when we kissed a few days ago-"
"A few fucking days ago!"
she snapped oh shit, they both looked at me.
(My pov)
"I was talking about last night! You have kissed him more than once!"
she screeched, looking back at me.
Before i knew it their was a sharp pain to my left cheek. my hand instantly flew to it.
"You bitch!"
i yelled and slapped her back!
Justin yelled. walking between us. we looked at him.
"She just hit me!"
"you hit me first"
I protested
"You kissed my boyfriend"
"He kissed me!"
i hissed her head snapped to look at Justin.
"You said she kissed you,"
"She did last night..."
he trailed off.
"But not the other time."
she asked.
"Time(s) with an S their was more than one."
I said smirking Justin glared at me
"You stupid bitch"
Selena launched at me and Justin held her back I folded my arms laughing.
"Laugh now you hoe, you're just lucky Justin is here to protect your ass."
She hissed I rolled my eyes.
"Honestly I don't have time for this, Its childish, Whatever your issue is, its with him,"
I said pointing at Justin. she rolled her eyes.
"You kissed him!"
"Yeah I did, While I was drunk. But Justin he kissed me, While Sober, Twice. if anything you should be mad at him not me."
"You kissed him back"
she snapped I smirked.
"You're right I did, But lets face it Selena, If you could keep him interested he wouldn't have to kiss me now would he."
Justin snapped I shrugged my shoulders. Selenas Mouth hung open slightly. 
"Payton, Bree Lets go now!"
I yelled a few seconds later they came walking out of the room.
she ran to me and I picked her up.
"Hey sweetheart, did you have a nice night?"
She nodded.
"Wawts gowing owen?
I sighed.
"Nothing sweetie just your daddy's trash he needs to clean up."
Selena Scowled and launched at me again I quickly around because I had Payton! and Bree stepped in front of me as Justin instantly grabbed her 
"Selena! She has my daughter!"
Justin yelled she rolled her eyes.
"I don't fucking Care"
she Snapped I rolled my eyes.
"Get some dignity Selena! You're starting to look trashy... ops wait to late"
I said turning to the door
"Lets go."
I opened the door
"Save it Justin, I'm over this."
I walked out closing the door before Justin could even respond.
"What the hell happened in their Shanel?"
Bree asked I sighed. shaking my head. walking to my room. 
"Did you at least give Justin his tags and ask about you know?"
I huffed. and sat Payton down in the our room.
"Sweetie go get a shower and get dressed while I talk to aunt Bree okay?"
I said bending down to her level.
"Owtay Mowmmy!"
she ran off the other room. and I went to stand back up stumbling again, Bree grabbed my arm.
"Shanel you okay that's the second time in an hour that happened?"
I nodded.
"I'm fine, Its just all this drama too much for me for one morning."
She nodded.
"So you didn't get a chance to ask him?"
I shook my head sitting at the bar stool.
"No, I was a little occupied by That Bitch slapping me in the face."
I growled. her eyes got wide.
"She slapped you!"
"Yeah but I slapped her back"
I said chuckling at the memory 
she shook her head.
"That's insane."
"Yeah, she is just mad because Justin kissed me and was all over me,!"
"She still didn't need to slap you."
"Right! God and Justin is probably going to melt right back into her hand like a spineless jellyfish"
I growled. she raised her eyebrow.
I snapped.
she shook her head.
"Do you still like Justin."
"Don't be stupid"
I hissed she held her hands up in defense.
"Just asking is all, You just seem, I don't know
I sighed looking out the window.
"Well I don't okay"
She nodded not saying another word.
(Justin's Pov)
Selena Forgave me, or at least I think she did, everything is just so complicated. I'm so confused, I mean Shanel this morning was... crazy, I have never seen her act like that before it was kind of hot. I shook my head rubbing my face.
"What's wrong?"
Selena said coming out of the bathroom I shook my head standing up. 
"Nothing, I'm going to go shower so we can go out okay"
I asked kissing the side of her head, she nodded,
"I forgive you okay? don't act so upset. we can make this work. I just.. I just don't want you around her alone that's all."
I fought the urge to not roll my eyes and nodded how can I never be alone with my daughters mom. I gave her a half smile before walking into the bathroom closing the door, Honestly I had no idea if I was upset about that or the fact that shanel probably hated me now too. I shook the thoughts off and climbed into the shower.
*20 minutes later*
(My POV)
I took a deep breath standing up feeling light headed again but brushed it off before sticking the papers back on the rack.
"You alright sweetie?"
my dad asked raising his eye brow I half smiled.
I said looking over at Payton, Who was sitting their with Ryan.
"You sure you look a little pale?"
I nodded.
he sighed.
"What's going on with you today? something happen?"
I shrugged, looking to my left just in time to see Justin and Selena walk into the lobby.
"Dawddy!" Payton said running to him.
I rolled my eyes. Justin's gaze catching me for a moment before I turned away.
my dad looked to where I had.
"Oh I get it"
"Their is nothing to get."
I growled. standing up. I felt light headed again but this time it over took me. and before I new it everything was black.
(Justin's POV)
We walked down to the lobby not really saying anything, when we reached the lobby I saw Payton sitting at the table with Ryan she looked up.
she said running to me I picked her up.
"Aye beautiful"
I kissed her cheek and looked to my left to meet shanel's eyes for a moment before looking back at her dad I sighed and sat Payton down.
"Whatcha doing?"
"Pwaying Wif Ryan"
she said pointing behind her at Ryan who smiled I nodded
"Werwe Yew Gowing?"
I went to open my mouth when we heard a thud.
My head snapped to where Mr. Keller had yelled. Shanel was laying on the floor.
Ryan said running over
Payton yelled running to
I followed her forgetting all about Selena for a moment.
"What happed?"
I said taking off my hoodie to put under her head.
"I don't know she stood up and then passed out"
her dad said.
"She has been doing that all day."
Bree added
Payton said crying.
"Ryan please take her away from here"
"Sure" he picked her up
"No Mowmmy"
"She will be okay hunny go with Ryan"
"I called the Hotels nurse."
I nodded turning my head to look Selena but she was no longer standing their. I sighed and looked back down at Shanel.
I walked back into my hotel.
"In here"
I sat the key card down and walking into my room.
"What are you doing?"
I said raising my eyebrow. she sighed
"What, Packing why?"
"I'm going home"
she shrugged my eyes got wide.
"What Sel, why? I thought we settled everything, you said you forgave me"
she sighed and zipped up her suit case.
"You love her."
"What Selena that-"
She shook her head cutting me off. looking up to meet my gaze.
"Sel i love you-"
"But not as much as you love her"
I sighed running my hands through my hair.
"I saw the way you looked at her when she passed out today, the emotions you had for her, you never had that for me. Not in that way."
she held up her hands
"Its okay Justin I get it, she was your first everything, hell you have a daughter with her, how can I compete with that?"
I sighed looking down. she placed her hand on the side of my face. lifting my head up.
"I'm not mad, I just want you to be happy"
" Sel I am happy"
she smiled faintly.
"Your right you are happy, when you're around her, when I see you with her and Payton, you just seem so care free, like when I first met you."
"My feelings for you haven't changed."
"Just the feeling for her got stronger than they already were"
"Selena I'm so sorry"
"Don't be Justin, Their is plenty of fish in the sea, but unfortunately you were already caught, a long time ago"
I sighed and she dropped her hand from my face picking up her things.
"Let me at least walk you out?"
she nodded and I grabbed one of her bags walking her to the lobby.
"So this is it huh?"
she smiled and I nodded
"Yeah this is it."
she kissed my cheek.
"Don't worry I wont say anything about Payton, I know no body but family knows yet"
I faintly smiled
"thank you"
"Have a great life Justin, and I mean that."
I smiled
"Thanks Sel, You too"
I sighed as I watched her walk out and get into the car. trying to wrap my head around what had just happened.  
Selena and I Just broke up, and this time it was for good.
(My Pov)
"Dad I'm fine this time honest."
I said laughing a little he sighed. sitting myself up further on the bed
"Why didn't you tell me you were feeling light headed."
I shrugged.
"Didn't think about it but look I'm fine now, The nurse said I was just dehydrated from too much drinking yesterday don't worry about me okay?"
I said putting my hand on his shoulder he sighed.
"I just worry you know, with your mom passing away with cancer"
he stopped and in hailed
"I don't know what I would do if you"
he trailed off I hugged him.
"Daddy I'm fine, you're going to be stuck with me for a very long time"
he hugged me back and then pulled away.
"Payton is with Pattie"
he said standing up. ''I know they stopped by here earlier, I feel bad that she always has to watch her"
"She loves it, she wants to get as much time with as she can before she leaves next week."
we both looked up at the door, Justin was leaning up against it.
"Ill let you guys talk ill see you tomorrow sweetie"
he kissed my head and walked to the door
"Night Mr. Keller."
"Night Justin, and please Call me John"
he nodded and my dad patted his back before leaving the room.
he said walking over to me I half smiled.
"How are you feeling?"
I nodded
"Okay, How about you? you and Selena make up?"
He sighed.
"Actually we have decided to call it quits I just walked her out"
my eyes got big.
"Justin I- I didn't mean- I'm so sorry"
he shrugged. sitting on the bed next to me.
"It was bound to happen, we just, we see different things for our life."
"No Justin if I'm the reason ill call her right now and apologize"
I said reaching for my phone. he gently grabbed my hand.
"No, its fine okay?"
I sighed and nodded my head setting my phone back down. he raised his eye brow.
"Are those my dog tags?"
I looked over to the stand.
"Oh yeah here"
I grabbed them.
"You left them here last night"
he smiled taking them.
"I was looking everywhere I thought I lost them thanks."
I nodded looking away.
"What's wrong?"
he asked laying them back on the stand. I shrugged.
"Tell me"
he said placing his hands on mine, it was like butterflies where dancing in my stomach I sighed.
"Did we umm, have you know last night..."
I said trailing off and looking anywhere but at him.
he said laughing a little.
"Come on Justin you know.."
he raised his eye brow smirking.
"No I don't think I do"
I rolled my eyes and playfully slapped him he laughed harder.
"I'm glade you think this is funny"
I growled folding my arms
"Okay ill stop sorry"
he said trying to stifle a laughed I rolled my eyes.
"Okay you can leave now."
I said pointing to the door. he stopped.
"Wait okay sorry, I'm done, and to answer your question no we did not have sex, I would never take advantage of you"
I nodded and sighed in relief.
he said laying next to me putting his hands behind his head,
"If we did you would have remembered it."
he said winking, now it was my turn to laugh he raised his eye brow.
"What's so funny?"
I said trying to hide my smile, he rolled his eyes.
"Tell me."
I smiled and shook my head
"Fine then ill just be going."
I shrugged
"Okay night."
he said pouting I laughed.
"Awe poor Jay"
I said rubbing his head.
"Aye, Aye, Aye, not the hair"
he said running his hands along it I rolled my eyes.
"You're so Canadian sometimes."
He chuckled. and I laid back.
"I really am sorry about Selena"
he shrugged laying back again too.
"Its cool, like I said it would have happened eventually anyways"
I nodded and Justin looked at his watch.
"I should probably get going its getting late."
he said sitting up. i sighed
"Oh, okay."
"Night Nell"
I nodded
I thought for a moment, shanel don't do it, keep your mouth shut he is almost out i sighed.
"Hey Justin!"
he stopped
"You can umm stay if you want to...."
I said trailing off he smirked.
"Are you asking me to stay?"
i rolled my eyes.
"You know what forget it Justin i changed my mind goodnight see you in the morning."
i said tuning out my side like he chuckled and walked over to the other side kicking off his shoes. and slipping off his shirt before crawling in beside me. i half smiled at the fact that he didn't leave even after i said to. i rolled over away from him.
"Night Nelly"
i  smiled
"Night Justin"
/////////////////////// Sorry this chapter is short but This is by far my favorite chapter guyssss!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you liked it. So no more justin and selena! Maybe him and Nelly will get together? We will see (;
I updated the outfits as well and Incase you didn't already catch on i am updating once a week. I am doing this so that the story takes a while to end. I don't want the whole story done in just one month.  I have already planned the whole thing out and i am so excited for you guys to read it. Please leave your comments i love to read them! Also if anyone has Any Questions or if they just want to give me ideas feel free to e-mail me ( anytime! i will definitely reply!! Thank you guys so much for reading i love you all!! Xoxo
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