Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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21. Chapater 20 (Its Arrived)

July 24, 2012
(Shanels pov)

"Thank you so much for watching her" 

"Its no problem Nell, We always have so much fun, Right Pay?" 

"Right, Now come on lets play!" 

Payton giggled pulling Ryans hand. 

"Alright, Alright, im coming. What time will you be back?" 

I shrugged.

"I'm not sure justin said something about dinner after." 

He nodded. 

"Love you Mommy" 

"Love you too sweetie, don't be up too late Aunt Mary Comes tomorrow" 

Ryans head snapped around. 

"M-mary as in your cousin Mary?"

I raised my eyebrow. 

"Yeah? why?" 

He smiled huge. 

"She is so hot!" 

I rolled my eyes. 

"Alright im leaving,, Please make sure she takes her meds okay" 

"Alright, have fun." 

i sighed, 

"Ill try See you guys later." 

"Bye mommy," 

"Bye Nell." 

I grabbed my phone off the counter and shut the door behind me, Walking down to the lobby. 

"Hey Bree; are you sure you guys got this while I am gone?" 

"Of course sweetie, don't worry about it; just go and have some fun okay?" 

I nodded, 

"Okay but if you need anything just let me know, and-" 

"Nell, don't worry, everything is going to be fine, If i need you and that's a HUGE if, i will call." 


I nodded turning my head just as Justin walked out of the elevator.


I smiled. 

"Hey how was rehearsal?" 

He nodded 

"Good, are you ready?" 

"yup, See you later Bree." 

"Bye girly, and don't worry about anything okay?' 

I sighed but eventually nodded.

"After you" 

Justin said holding out his hand to indicate me to go first i smiled. before pushing open the double doors of the hotel and stepping outside. 

"Where is Kenny?" 

I asked walking across the parking lot to his car.

he shook his head. 

"Its just us," 

I nodded as he opened  up the passenger side door for me. i climbed in and he walked around the car getting in himself.

"Is that okay? i mean i can call him if you don't want to be alone?" 

I shook my head. 

"No its fine." 

I gave him a reassuring smile. He gave me back a quick smile before pulling onto the highway. 

"How far is this place?" 

"About 15 minutes, its just on the outside of Naples." 

I nodded. 



he sighed as a awkward silence fell upon us. 


We both said in unison, we laughed. 

"Go ahead." 

he shook his head. 

"No you go." 

I bit the corner of my lip, smiling. 

"Okay, you remember my cousin Mary right?" 

He nodded raising his eyebrow. 

"The one that hates me?" 

I sighed 

"She doesn't hate you, she just isn't that fond of you."

he smirked. 

"Thats the same thing sweetheart." 

My stomach erupted into butterflies, i loved when he called me that, i blushed looking away. 

"Anyways, we are all going to dinner tomorrow night and i wanted to see if you wanted to go too?" 

He side glanced at me. 

"Are you sure? I mean she as you said isn't fond of me, and well Ben isn't to happy with me either after...." 

He trailed off, i sighed.

"You don't have to go just forget i asked." 

I murmured looking out the window, 

"I didn't say i didn't want to go." 

i could sense the annoyance in his voice. he pulled into the parking lot, shutting off the car. 

"You didn't have to its fine Justin no big deal." 

i grabbed for the door handle. 


He trailed off gently grabbing my arm causing me to jump a little. he quickly pulled it away. 

he closed his eyes for a moment taking a deep breath. 

"You're still scared of me." 

I just looked down at my hands on my lap, he sighed running his hands through his hair. 

"I wan't to go." 

He said quickly changing the subject. I peaked up at him. 

"It's fine you really don't-" 

"Shanel, I want too, honestly I do." 

He spoke so sweetly, it gave me chills.


i whispered; He smiled lightly.

"Alright, well we better head in, he is waiting."

i nodded and opened up the door getting out, Justin walked over beside me, holding out his hand. 

I raised my eyebrow in confusion for a moment but then realized he wanted me to take it. I gave him a tight smile before putting my hand in his intertwining our finger together, he smiled kissing the top of my hand lightly, before dropping it to our sides and turning to walk into the building. 

(Justin's Pov)

"What are you thinking about?" 

I side glanced at shanel, who was staring out the window, she looked over at me shrugging. 

"Nothing really," 

"Nell I know you, what's wrong?" 

She sighed. 

"It's just, you didn't tell me that you're taking medication," 

I raised my eyebrow. 

"Nell its not a big deal they just keep me calm; that's all"

I said nonchalantly; pulling into the restaurant parking lot.  she sighed

"But that just it Justin, The fact that you need meds to keep you calm, that is a big deal." 

i took a deep breath, turning off the car, and shifting to face her.


I grabbed her hand holding it in mine.

"It's only for a little; just until i can control it on my own, its nothing to worry about, i wont be on them forever." 

 She looked up at me. 

"I always worry about you." 

She whispered placing her free hand on the side of my face, i leaned into it. 

"I know sweetheart, and that's one of the many reasons I love you, But i promise its only for a little while, eventually i will be able to handle all this on my own but until then, they help me, okay?" 

She bit the corner of her lip, before slowly nodding her head. 


She whispered removing her hand from my face, i smiled, 

"okay, good, now lets go eat, im starving." 

I said getting out of the car, walking over to open hers, she smiled

"Thank you." 

"Anytime beautiful." 

I smiled lightly kissing her hand before lacing my fingers with hers, and walking into the restaurant. 



"We are back" 

Shanel yelled as we walked into the house. 

"oh thank god." 

Ryan walked around the corner. 

"Dude what the hell happened to you?" 

I asked trying to stifle my laugh, 


He said exasperated, shanel giggled. 

"She is 5 Ryan." 

he scoffed

"She is as smart as a 20 year old." 

We laughed as he rolled his eyes. 

"Mommy, daddy!" 

Payton said running to me, i picked her up. 

"Hey, princess" 

I kissed her head and she giggled, 

"Did you have fun?" 

shanel asked taking off her shoes,

She nodded. 

"uncle Ryan let me dress him up." 

we looked at him

"Yeah we see that sweetheart." 

i said smirking at Ryan.

"Yeah yeah so fun, now help me get this makeup off," 

He whined crossing his arms. Shanel giggled, god was that ever adorable. 

"Okay, Jay will you get payton in her Pj's while I help this idiot?"


He chirped in protest, which only made us laugh more.

"Come on." 

Shanel grabbed him by his arm dragging him into the bathroom, 

i chuckled walking payton to her room, 

"okay what Pj's do you want?" 

I asked setting her down on her bed, 


she said jumping up, i smiled. 

"Alright, purple it is," 

I opened her closet 

"Jesus Christ, Believe; you scared me." 

Payton giggled picking her up, 

"Why was she in the closet?" 

I asked handing payton, her shirt," 

"We were playing hide and seek with Uncle Ryan before you showed up." 

She said setting the dog back down i smiled shaking my head, i handed her, her pants and socks. 

"thank you daddy." 

"You're welcome princess." 

She giggled. changing her shirt. 

"are you and mommy okay now?" 

She asked looking up at me, i raised my eyebrow. 

"We are fine, why? did she say we weren't" 

She shrugged

"Not really no, So dose that mean you're staying here tonight?" 

I sighed, 

"No sweetie i'm not." 

a frown formed on her face. 


She whined; putting on her socks, i ran my hands through my hair sitting down next to her. 

"Sweetie; Daddy and Mommy are taking things slow, remember we talked about how daddy isn't completely better yet?" 

She nodded slowly. 

"But i miss you." 

She whispered, 

i sighed pulling her onto my lap. 

"I'm only down the hall baby, You can see me whenever you want okay?" 

she nodded again looking up at me

"You know I love you right?" 

She smiled, 

"i love you too," 

She kissed my cheek. 

"Alright, time for Bed, Say Night to Uncle Ryan." 

Shanel said appearing in the door way with Ryan, No longer covered in makeup.

"Night Uncle Ryan, Today was soooo fun, we need to do it again soon."

he raised his eyebrow. 

"yeah, soon." 

he said sarcastically i could see shanel hiding her laugh, i smiled. 

"Night Munchkin, Love you" 

Ryan kissed her head. 

"Goodnight sweetie," 

"Night Mommy, Night Daddy, Love you" 

"Love you too" 

We said in unison, I gently closed the door behind us, walking into the living room.

"I don't know how you two do it, she is so full of energy." 

Shanel laughed. 

"You get used to it." 

"I dont know, I love her, i do, but i don't think i could watch her by myself again." 

I smiled

"Don't worry bro, Shanels Dad will be back tomorrow," 

He nodded 

"Good, i dont know how he does it all the time." 

"Years of practice, i mean he raised Shanel, can't get much worse than that." 


shanel yelled in protest, we laughed

"I'm just kidding sweetie." 

I kissed her cheek, 

"yeah, yeah whatever." 

She stuck her tongue out at me, i smirked. 

"Okay, well, Ill see you guys in the morning, What time does Mary get here." 

Shanel rolled her eyes. 


He smiled. 

"See you then." 

Shanel huffed. 

"Bro, Mary has turned you down like 12 times" 

He furrowed his bro. 

"8, Dude" 

We laughed 

"Right my bad, bro"

he smirked

"This time she will say yes, She hasn't seen me in 4 years, i have changed a lot, i mean look at this," 

He pointed to himself. 

"Who could resist it?" 

Shanel snorted, quickly covering her mouth, i smirked. 

"Whatever you say bro."

He rolled his eyes. 

"Watch and see, I will have her eating out of the palm of my hand in a week." 

"If you say so." 

Shanel chimed taking off her shoes." 

"I do, Wait and see"  

"Oh, we will" 

I smirked as Shanel giggled. 

"You guys are mean, I'm out of here," 


we both said, 

"Night guys." 

He shut the door, leaving Shanel and I alone. 


I said breaking the silence. 

"I should get going." 

"Oh, Okay." 

Shanel looked up at me, I smiled

"See you in the morning?" 

She nodded 

"Yeah, see you." 

She bit her lip, disappointment clear in her voice, I sighed grabbing her face, kissing her firmly. She was shocked by my sudden attach but then slipped her arms around my neck, kissing back with just as much force. I moved my hands to her waist pulling her closer, she slowly pulled away, gasping for air. 

"What was that?" 

She whispered, looking into my eyes, i smiled

"I love you." 

"I love you too" 

she breathed, still trying to steady her breathing. i laid my forehead on hers.

"Ill see you in the morning, okay?" 

She nodded 


I kissed her once more before letting her waist go and moving to the door, 

"Night, baby" 

She smiled

"Night Jay." 

July 25, 2012
(Shanels Pov) 

"Is she here yet?" 

Ryan asked running out of the elevator, 

"She just pulled into the parking lot" 

Payton said smiling big, she really loved Mary, just like Bree she called her Aunt, She is my Mom's sisters daughter, the only person i have left on my moms side because my aunt died a few years before mom did, Mary is the only person besides Bree who has been with me through everything. and we haven't seen her in almost 6 months, but since her fashion line tour just ended she is moving back, and honestly, i couldn't be more happy.

"Payton sweetie, are you feeling okay?" 

"Yeah daddy, why?''

"you just look a little white thats all." 

She smiled

"i'm always white silly!" 

We laughed, I hadent really noticed until now but Justin was right, she did look a little whiter than normal. 

"Oh my god she is coming, how is my hair." 

Ryan asked fixing it, i rolled my eyes. 

"It's fine bro" 

Justin snaked his arm around my waist causing me to smile. 

"What's with him?" 

Bree asked 

"he is in love with Mary" 

Ben yelled from beside my dad, behind the counter. 


Bree scrunched her face. i sighed, 

"you promised?" 

"I know, i know" 

she said raising her hands in defeat, her and Mary had a love hate relationship, a little more on the hate side though, but not as much as Mair hated justin," 

"What's up Bitches!!" 

We all looked over, 

"It's arrived" 

Justin huffed quietly. i scowled at him. 

"Aunt Mary!!!" 

Payton ran to her jumping in her arms. 

"Hey Doll face, Look at you, What are you 15 now?"

she giggled

"5 silly!" 

Mary smiled, 

"I know Darling, I'm sorry i missed your Party, I have something for you." 

Payton smiled big 


"In my purse go get it." 

She squeaked running over to her bag, 


She yelled turning to me, i laughed hugging her. 

"i missed you,"  

"I missed you too Mair." 

We pulled away. 

"Benny? Is that you?" 

He rolled his eyes. 

"Who else would it be?" 

She smiled. 

"Get over hear and give me a hug." 

he laughed walking over, 

"Good to see you Mair" 

"You too benny." 

"Hi Uncle John." 

"Hi sweeheart. How are you?" 

She nodded 

"Good, you?" 

he smiled


"Mair you remeber Justin right?" 

She huffed 

"Was that a dumb question." 

I sighed 


My tone firm. 

"I know, I know, Hello Justin." 


He grumbled. 

"Bree darling." 

She shoved past him, i gave him an apologetic look, grabbing his hand. 

"Mary, great too see you. you look great" 

She posed 

"I know right, You too girl, i mean besides those split ends, and those shoes, sweetie did i teach you nothing-" 

"Whats wrong with my shoes." 

"You're kidding right?" 

"oh god" 

Ben huffed, 

"You remember Justin's best friend Ryan?" 

I asked changing the subject. Mary looked over at Ryan. 

"Ryan? As in Little Ryan?" 

"I'm no longer little" 

Ryan smirked, she smirked back.

"I see that, good to see you kid" 


Ryan huffed 

"I'm 18." 

She laughed 

"still adorable as ever," 

He smiled 

"So you think im adorable huh"

he winked at her. 

" well how about me and you-" 

, she laughed. cutting him off

"Oh god, Sweetie No." 

His face fell 

"No what? I didnt ask you anything yet." 

"It's still no." 




I interrupted them

"I thought we would do dinner?" 

"Dinner sounds Faboo! Just let me freshen up a bit." 

"You're staying here?" 

dad asked, she turned to look at him, 

"For a few days, haven't been in mom house since.."

She trailed off, 

"Anyways, im just not ready yet, i hope that's okay." 

"Of course it is sweetie." 

I hugged her again, 

"Mommy! look what Aunt Mary got me!" 

We all looked over at the beautiful red dress" 

"Wow that's pretty." 

"And short" 

Justin said raising his eyebrow. 

"oh don't be so coy Justin, its not that short, you will look marvelous in in doll face." 

Justin huffed anger clear in his face. 

"okay, Mary why dont we go get ready, and we will meet you guys back here in about an hour?" 

they all nodded. 

"Great, I have a dress for you girls too" 

She said locking arm with me and Bree. we smiled, walking to the hotel room. 

(Justins Pov)


"Where the hell are they?" 

I snapped rubbing my face, 

"they will be here soon bro, You okay?" 

I nodded 


i grumbled

Ryan raised his eyebrow. 

"Dude? did you take your meds?" 

He whispered, i scoffed, but then sighed


'Dude why!" 

"because Bro, I was trying to see if i could do it without them!" 

I growled. he shook his head. 

"Dude its been a week, you still need time, take them." 

i groaned

"Fine, Ill take them." 

I reach in my pants pocket taking one out.


"yeah, and hopefully so are you soon." 

I rolled my eyes swallowing the pill. 


Payton said running out of the elevator the girls following. 




I finished Ben and Ryan, 

"you girls look,,, wow" 

Ben shook his head, 

"You look amazing babe" 

I said kissing shanels cheek, she giggled.

"You don't look so bad yourself"  

"Baby, wow, you look, wow" 

Ben stuttered. Bree blushed

"Thank you." 

"Mary you look great! Hot as hell" 

Ryan said smirking. 

"I know" 

Mary smirked back. 

I rolled my eyes. 

"What about me?" 

Payton asked twirling. 

"You look the best out of all of them, princess." 

Justin said picking her up. Yet his face said something else. 

"Alright lets get out of here." 

Ben said taking bree's hand

"Dad you sure you got this?" 

ben asked. 

"Ben i have been running this place since i was your age, go have fun." 

he nodded 

"we wont be late." 

Mary yelled, he simply nodded, 

"you okay?" 

I whispered to justin, he looked at me. 


he reassured me giving me a tight smile, before taking my hand as we walked to the car.


"That was so much fun" 

Mary said setting her purse down on the hotel counter, 

"yeah, I can honestly say i had a lot of fun. Thanks for the dress" 

Bree said smiling at Mary. 

"Of course Darling, i mean you couldn't wear any of your clothes out." 

She raised her eyebrow

"Why not?" 

She laughed 

"Sweetie, come on, you have nothing that nice," 

"What is that supposed to mean?" 

bree snapped 

"Nothing, really," 

I huffed 

"okay guys enough" 

I said interrupting them, 

"Mommy, Daddy" 

payton walked over slowly. her face really white. 

"Sweetie whats wrong?" 

justin asked bending down. But their was no answer she simply fell limp in his arms. 


Justin yelled laying her down flat. I ran over everyone following. 

"Sweetie, Sweetie, wake up! Payton!" 

I yelled shaking her. 

"She isn't breathing"
Justin said panic clear in his voice.

"Call 911" 

Justin yelled, starting CPR, And their i sat motionless and shocked, my daughter was laying on the floor,,,, not breathing.

////////////////////OH MY GOD!!!!!! Payton!!! :( I know cliff hanger, I'm sorry, but its a perfect place to stop, i will be updating Monday or Tuesday, not sure which day yet, Thank you guys sooo much, and please leave comments i LOVE reading them! you guys are the best I love you<3333 xoxo

P.s. Outfits Updated

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