It All Started With A Brownie

Actually, it starts with two.
Susie gets up one morning and makes a load of brownies. 250, in fact. She and her friends don't know what to do with them so they decide to sell them - outside their apartment. A guy comes along, hood up, blue eyes and soft blonde hair. He keeps his face hidden, but when Susie sees him properly, it's Niall Horan, her celebrity crush. Can Susie keep her secret hidden from her friends, or will the truth come out?


21. Surprise!!


Back again! Enjoy the chapter :D

Susie's POV

After the long drive back from Cambridge, I was starting to feel a little tired. Charlotte and I had had our sleepover like we used to do them back at school. Staying up till three in the morning, watching films and eating midnight feasts. It had been enjoyable, and Charlotte convinced me that obviously Niall wanted me, or why would he ask me to be his girlfriend?

To sum it all up, I was now feeling increasingly happier about where I stood with Niall, and I couldn't wait for tomorrow to come quickly so that I could see him. It was annoying that I couldn't see him today, but I guess I would have to make exceptions for him as he led such a busy and technical life.

It surprised me every time I heard something of my boyfriend on the radio, or saw his album in my car pocket, or glanced at an article of him in a newspaper. Since I met Niall, at first it was all fangirling, but now I seemed to completely forget that he was in a worldwide phenominiall pop group.

Every time I remembered, a smile was brought to my face, and I really felt like the luckiest girl in the world. But something at the back of my mind was worrying me too. At some point, the public would want to know what was going on between us, and from what I knew of all the tweets and facebook messages sent to Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie on a daily basis, things were not going to be pretty.

Rude comments I could take. The people behind them were just messing and having a little fun, wanting to get a reaction, but the haters were a completely different matter. Behind their words were cruel people, the only thing going on in their mind was to hurt that person, make them feel worthless, not caring if they got a reply or a reaction, just wanting their post to be read, to be cried over, to finally cause the receiver to stop doing whatever they were doing wrong.

The whole thing was disgusting, and I knew in my heart that I wouldn't be able to ignore those comments. The death threats. Giving my family and friends so much grief.

Just because I was dating Niall.

Right now, sitting in a car parking space on the side of the road next to the apartment, I felt my eyes welling up. I could now feel what all the girls felt, especially Danielle.

The whole 'haters' business got so much for her, and it managed to force Danielle and Liam apart, leaving them both miserable and alone.

Couldn't those 'directioners' see that by getting their 'boyfriend' single, it was actually making the poor guy lose faith in his fans who were causing him so much pain?

And if there was one thing that I didn't want to happen, it was for Niall to be hurt. Just because I was dating him.

With that thought in mind, I slowly took myself out of the car, noticing that there were quite a few more cars than usual outside the apartment.

I really needed to speak to Niall about this situation. Yes, I knew Danielle and Liam were back together now, but how long would that last before Danielle was driven away again?

The other thing to consider was the long distance relationship that Niall and I would have to have. I knew I could manage that, but it was going to be a hard run. Making the most of the days we had together was going to be the most important thing on my mind from now on. In a couple of months they were going to Japan to do some gigs there, and I wouldn't see him for two whole weeks. And in spring, the band were doing their world tour, which would last a long, long time.

Sighing, I walked up to the door of the apartment and got my key out from my handbag. I opened the door and was surprised to find everything pitch black.

I frowned a little uneasily into the darkness. Were the girls not back yet from whatever they were doing? It was quarter past two, the usual lunching time. And why were the curtains all drawn shut? None of it made sense, so instead of pondering my suspicions, I went to turn the light of the living room on. Just as I was about to flick the switch, the room was flooded with light and several people pounced on me. "SURPRISE!"

My eyes widened and I turned around, finding the girls, the boys and their girlfriends all grinning happily.

"Hey guys, what's all this about?" It wasn't my birthday, right?

Liv bounced over and pulled me in for a big hug. "You're dating Niall!"

Oh. They made a big surprise thing with the boys because I was dating a boy? Interesting.

Wait a second. If the boys were here....

"Niall?!" My eyes scanned the people standing around me, and I finally found him pushing his way to the front.

He looked amazing, hair all messy, lopsided grin all cute and his eyes full of emotion and happiness. Holding out his arms, I rushed into them and leant my head against his chest. "How did you get here, Niall? I thought you were working?"

He chuckled lightly. "Management let us go because we finished early, and Liv thought that our getting together called for a celebration."

I looked up at Liv who was beaming happily at us. Glancing around the room, I found that everyone's eyes were on Niall and I, which suddenly felt very awkward.

I pulled back and smiled at everybody. "Thank you guys, even though it's a little over the top. We're not getting married, we're just together."

Liv walked over and patted me on the shoulder. "I know, I just wanted a party."

Niall laughed and soon we were all playing childish games.

Niall and I won the three legged race around the apartment, although I think that's because the others let us win, and now Annabel had us all sat down, playing musical cushions, the cushion version of musical chairs.

Old Beatles music was playing in the background until Liam got up and changed it to, 'Up All Night'.

That really got us moving, and Niall sung loudly for most of it, making me laugh. "I wanna stay up all night and find a girl, and tell her she's the one!" At that part he pointed at me and everyone 'Awwed' which was pretty embarrassing, although Perrie claimed it was "Too cute".

At one point, around seven in the evening, after running out of party games to play, Zara and Eleanor bought out the food together, claiming that they hadn't eaten any in the kitchen. Yeah, right.

Six slices of pizza, three mini sausage rolls, two bags of crisps, a lot of popcorn and one chocolate fountain later, I found myself wedged in between Niall and Harry on one of the sofas in the living room. We'd all crashed here after realising that we had eaten too much food and were all feeling slightly sick.

Liv, who had definitely eaten the most, even beating Niall, was looking a little green, so I got her some water to sip.

Danielle coughed and everyone turned to look at her. "I think we should sing some songs."

I nodded and agreed. Singing was a good idea.

After a discussion of what we should do with the singing, Annabel came up with the idea of doing a mini talent contest, which sounded fun.

One after the other we got up and each did something. Danielle did a dance to Heart Attack by Demi Lovato, and Liam looked so proud of his girlfriend it almost made me cry.

Louis and Harry did a little sketch called 'Larry Stylisnson', which made everybody hysterical, especially Eleanor, who found the Larry thing very amusing, seeing as she was Louis' girlfriend and no fan could accept the fact that he wasn't gay.

Eleanor did some gymnastics that ended with a broken plate, Annabel and Liv did a piece from their LAMDA, entitled My Mother Said, which was about two young girls talking about life and doing some role play, and Zara did some gangster dancey sort of thing, which Annabel decided to join in with.

Zayn and Perrie sung a song which they had written. It was very upbeat and crazy, with Zayn reaching the very high notes at the end.

Liam did some impressions, which he was actually very good at, especially when he did his Leroy the choreographer from the boy's music video, Best Song Ever.

I was next, so doing my favourite thing in the whole world, I baked! To be precise, I made a sweet chocolate omelette, which sounds disgusting, but is actually delicious.

Niall was last to do his talent, and as I felt Harry get up from the sofa and go and sit on the floor, I turned to Niall, who had his guitar strap around his neck and was strumming softly. I seemed to recognise this song. Where had I heard it before?

My boyfriend looked up at me and didn't stop gazing into my eyes, even when he started singing.

And, oh my, when he started singing.

"Am I sleep, am I awake or somewhere in between,
I can't believe that you are here and lying next to me,
Or did I dream that we were perfectly entwined,
Like branches on a tree, or twigs caught on a vine.

"Like all those days and weeks and months I tried to steal a kiss,
And all those sleepless nights and daydreams where I pictured this,
I'm just the underdog who finally got the girl,
And I am not ashamed to tell it to the world.

"Truly, madly, deeply I am,
Foolishly, completely falling,
And somehow you kicked all my walls in.
So baby say you'll always keep me,
Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you,
In love with you.

"Should I put coffee and granola on a tray in bed,
And wake you up with all the words that I still haven't said,
And tender touches just to show you how I feel,
Or should I act so cool, like it was no big deal.

"Wish I could freeze this moment in a frame and stay like this,
I'll put this day back on replay and keep reliving it.
'Cause here's the tragic truth, if you don't feel the same,
My heart would fall apart if someone said your name.

"Truly, madly, deeply I am,
Foolishly, completely falling,
And somehow you kicked all my walls in.
So baby say you'll always keep me,
Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you."

When Niall stopped, I couldn't stop the tears from falling. Everything was silent, and before I knew it, Niall was kissing me.

All the emotions that I hadn't said went into that kiss, because seriously? I was falling for Niall, I had already fallen for Niall. And I couldn't help but fall for him even more.

Breaking the kiss, I wondered why nobody had commented or stopped us. I looked around and smiled, feeling the emotions rise up again. My friends had left us, and I was so overwhelmed at their cuteness. I must have been so concentrated on Niall when he was singing that I didn't notice them get up and leave.

I turned back to Niall and kissed him again.



Niall took my face in his hands, "I think I'm in love with you."


Please go check out the song, it's Truly, Madly, Deeply by One Direction and it's better when you know the tune :)

Sorry for the very late update but I was on holiday. Hopefully you haven't forgotten half the story!

Have you seen 1D's music video for Best Song Ever?? Ahhh it's hilarious, and even for the non-fans of 1D who read this, please look at it, I promise you will find it funny, and you will get where I mentioned about Leroy in this!

Love Liv xxx 

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