It All Started With A Brownie

Actually, it starts with two.
Susie gets up one morning and makes a load of brownies. 250, in fact. She and her friends don't know what to do with them so they decide to sell them - outside their apartment. A guy comes along, hood up, blue eyes and soft blonde hair. He keeps his face hidden, but when Susie sees him properly, it's Niall Horan, her celebrity crush. Can Susie keep her secret hidden from her friends, or will the truth come out?


12. Spies


AAAAGGGHHHH I'm so sorry this is late!! Basically, most of the exams this week went pretty badly and I have had absolutely no time to think about this chapter, so I'm extremely sorry if you don't like the idea. I came up with it on the spot as I was writing this and I thought it might be fun... it was fun writing it anyway...also it's very random...

Nothing much else to say so I guess I'll just get on with the chapter!

Liv's POV

Pressing the walkie-talkie closer to my ear, my racing heart pounds as I whisper into the receiver. "Come in 007 and a half, Mission X is about to commence. Do you read me? Over and out."

A crackling appears on the other line and I freeze, hoping nobody in the department store would hear the noise.

"I read you, Mockingbird, my position is set and I'm ready for this. Over and out."

My body tenses up as I wait for Liam to hop out from behind the ladies' loos. His expression is furtive and he looks so suspicious it's a wonder nobody has thought of calling security yet. His black clothes make him look like some sort of Goth and the sunglasses I made him wear are balancing precariously on the bridge of his nose. His short stubble of hair has grown a little but a beanie hat did the trick to cover it up and make him unrecognisable.

The guy I had met only a few days ago at Susie's party had been a real help. It was such a relief to get my secrets out and I felt I could trust him. After a busy week of work, we had decided to do something fun, as Liam was lonely because Danielle was out and I had a day off work.

I glanced around Westfield and looked up to the roof. Liam and I had found out yesterday that near the top of the roof right above Topshop there was a control panel room which controls the lighting and the music blasting out around the shops. Okay, when I say blasted, I mean played quietly. I exaggerate, okay?

A loud whistle caught my attention and my eyes snapped to Liam who was leaning against the Topshop door. I made my way over, slinging my handbag over my shoulder to have something for my hands to do. Wiping a little sweat off of my forehead, I proceeded to walk inside clothes heaven, grabbing Liam's hand and pulling him in with me. Our act was to be "together", so if anyone noticed us, we just seemed like a happy couple out on a shopping trip.

In fact, this was a serious mission that would probably end up to be the biggest thing of all time. And I was having fun.

"So..." My thick "Made In Chelsea" accent made Liam snort with laughter, and I tried to hold back a smile. "What do you think, darling? The blue top or the pink?"

Liam nodded at the scripted words and followed through. "I don't know, they look gorgeous. How about you pop them both on?"

"What a spectacular idea. And then we can go for coffee afterwards." Grabbing the two tee-shirts from the rack, we made our way, hand in hand, to the changing rooms, stopping at the bored-looking woman guarding the racks of unwanted clothes.

"Hi there." I smiled shyly at her and Liam winked before I nudged and glared at him.

"Hi, welcome to Topshop. Would you like to try on those clothes?"

Liam shook his head, "No. We were just going over to the till to buy them, but... We noticed that a lady seemed to be having a bit of trouble with the clothes and the hangers."

The shop worker looked around for the woman and Liam motioned to the stairs. "She was upstairs."

"Oh, okay, thanks for telling me." We  watched as the woman trekked over to the stairs, not once looking behind her, and rushed into the third cubicle from the end, leaving the two tops on the rails. Locking the door, Liam stood up on the long, wooden bench and unscrewed the rather large air vent on the ceiling. Yes, we had done our research, and yes, we were fully prepared, and no, we did not care about the consequences.

I grinned at Liam as he helped push me up into the air vent by putting a foot on his shoulder, and when I was safely up, I leaned down to help lift him, but he must have been pretty strong, as he seemed to pull himself up without much help from me. When I shuffled along the vent to make room for him, Liam paused for breath and then smiled back at me with a devilish look in his eye, "This is the baddest thing I've done so far in my life. We're such rebels."

I nodded and looked down at my shaking hands. "We could get in serious trouble for this."

Liam shrugged and hummed a vaguely familiar tune, "And live while we're young."

I smiled and glanced around the air vent. It was very musty, and stank of water pipes, but I was too focused on our plan to delve into how much bacteria could be up here right now.

"YOLO!!!!" I shouted-whispered our signal and we started crawling along the air vent. It was quite unnerving having a guy looking at your backside for ages, but he had a girlfriend, he wouldn't look at other girls, right? Oh, what am I thinking, all guys are the same, they tell you they love you and then leave you the very next day. And they don't mind checking out other girls when you're with them, either.

"Turn left." Liam instructed and we crawled a little bit further until he tugged on my shoe. "The control room is around here somewhere. Listen for music."

Sure enough, a few paces back, we found another large air vent. Using the same pocket screwdriver, Liam unscrewed the nails and I caught them when they dropped out, making sure that we didn't make any noise. When I took the last one, my gaze flittered to his face and his sweet expression: Nervous but excited. Liam was adorable, and I was glad to have met him. In the past few days, after the ice skating, he had texted me a lot, sending funny pictures and quotes. We had become quite close, as friends of course, and there was always something to laugh or talk about when we were together. Danielle was extremely nice too, and the couple loved each other dearly. I could see that, and I wasn't the sort of person to go breaking up relationships, so I didn't allow myself to fall for Liam. We were just friends, after all, and he didn't see me as anything other than that.

I'd obviously kept my distance from Harry, even though he had tried, and failed, many times to talk to me. I could see in his eyes that he felt bad, and whenever I looked at his cute face, the dimples that it held, my mind raced with the thoughts of what might have been.

But it wasn't enough to forgive him. Nothing would ever be enough, and I wished he would just leave me alone. Get over the fact that I didn't want him now, just like he didn't want me back then. Whenever he had the chance, Harry would try to ask what he did wrong. But what could I tell him? That he broke a strong relationship I had with my mother? That he made me go through the pain and agonising feeling of guilt of having an abortion? My reasons seemed so pathetic when spoken, but in my head, everything added up. He was an arsehole and his inferior little brain needed to get over the fact that not everything could be forgiven with a flash of a smile or a mention of his status.

Status didn't matter to me. I saw everyone with the same view. It didn't matter if they lived in slums with the worst job in the world, or if they were top-end celebrities living the high life. I'd seen and met plenty of both on my travels and it was enough to learn that what really mattered was what was on the inside.

I guess that was why I got on with the boys so well. They weren't a famous boy band to me, just some nice, down to earth guys who loved to talk and were grateful for the little things in life, like food and family. They never splashed out on outrageous things, except if it was for their girlfriends, and I liked them all.

Apart from Harry.

Liam nudged my foot and my thoughts floated back to the present. I suddenly realised how crazy this idea had been. At first it had started off as a bit of a joke, a dare, but then we seemed to get really into it, and neither of us had wanted to be the first to back down. "Are you sure about this, Liam?"

He nodded meaningfully, "Of course. There's nobody up there and I doubt there will be for another few hours. Let's see what's in there and then we can go."

"Okay. I'm trusting you on this."

Liam slowly pushed up the air vent which led up to a dim and small room, and after getting out, I brushed the clumps of dust and dirt gathered on my jeans and hoodie. We walked over to the screens showing the whole of Westfield. Liam spotted a door and peered out, sighing as he turned back to look at me. "We could have just walked up the stairs."

"Oh." The situation seemed so daft that I couldn't help but laugh, and Liam laughed with me. When our giggles subsided, we got to work on finding out what all the controls meant.

Turning a knob on the left hand side which was apparently the lighting, I turned it to the right and Westfield seemed to get brighter on the screens. Liam pushed down on the spotlight button, and on the displays we saw to our delight that a spotlight was centred outside Hollister. We fiddled around a bit until we moved the spotlight to a couple sitting on a low bench outside the food hall. Dimming the light of Westfield, the couple showed up brilliantly, and they too seemed to have noticed that a bright light was shining on them.

Their faces were hilarious, full of shock and dismay, but as soon as we turned up the music and replaced 'I don't care' with 'Isn't she lovely', they became even more bewildered. Many crowds had gathered to watch and Liam and I had the perfect view. The couple were sat there kinda awkwardly before I grabbed the speaker and spoke into it. "Why don't you dance?"

After my request, the teenage boy and girl got up and looked at each other, both biting their lips. When they started dancing, Liam hi-fived me and we watched as more and more people joined in. Soon, many spotlights were all over the place and we got up from our seats, finally feeling that enough was enough and we should go down to enjoy the party. The playlist was full of sweet melodies and love songs, so for the rest of the day, the public could enjoy themselves by dancing.

We both turned to walk out of the room, but froze when we found a big, beefy man glaring back at us.

"What do you think you're doing?"


Four hours later, after being led off by police cars and taken to the local police station, Liam and I sat in separate cells, waiting for our friends to come and bail us out.

We had only been given a warning, but I was still a little pissed. I mean, for God's sake, we weren't doing any harm or vandalising the place, we were just having a bit of a laugh and it seemed to make everyone else's day fun too!

I looked around the cell and sighed. The lads and the girls had better come quickly, it was miserable in here, and I wasn't allowed to see Liam. A guard was keeping watch on us while we waited, and soon, I heard the delightful sounds of my friends.

"What the hell, Liv?" Susie stormed over to the guard and glared at him until he opened the door for me.

"Nice to see you, too?"

"No, Liv. I'm cross. I had to pay one hundred quid to get you both out, as nobody had bought any money with them. And there I was thinking I was so clever to save up money for some clothes to wear on my date with Niall. And now I have to blow it on you. Always the way, isn't it?"

The other girls smirked at me and Liam winked as we walked out into the cool summer air. "Sorry Susie, it won't happen again."

"Too right it won't!" Her anger seemed to suddenly blow over and she grinned. "So, care to tell us what happened?"


Woops, they got in trouble ;) It was so random, right? But I could just imagine them crawling up air vents and stuff, it made me laugh!

I'm sorry again for a late update..

Bye bye for now,

Liv xx

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