It All Started With A Brownie

Actually, it starts with two.
Susie gets up one morning and makes a load of brownies. 250, in fact. She and her friends don't know what to do with them so they decide to sell them - outside their apartment. A guy comes along, hood up, blue eyes and soft blonde hair. He keeps his face hidden, but when Susie sees him properly, it's Niall Horan, her celebrity crush. Can Susie keep her secret hidden from her friends, or will the truth come out?


32. Promise


Heeyy, picture of ring to the side --->


Liv's POV

I hadn't seen my best friend, Jemima, for a while now, and it spurred me on to invite her over to meet One Direction.

The band she loathed.

Yes, Jemima and I had both shared the passion of hating 1D four months ago. She, because of their music and tattoos, and me, because, know the reason...

I never told her my secret though. It was just too traumatizing, and I wanted to keep the past in the past and try not to dwell on it, so I covered up my hate for Harry with the fact that I didn't like their style of music, or their boy band good looks.

But I guess a lot can change in four months.

And that's why I'm gonna change Jemima's mind about the band. They're actually the most amazing guys you'll ever meet, and along with working so hard on tour and in the studio, they find time to be with their friends and family, not forgetting a single person who has been there for them along the way.

Zayn, Niall, and Louis are all great guys, but the person my heart has come to cherish must be Liam.

I love his presence. He can always cheer me up with his hugs, write a song to make me cry, tell an awful joke that will make me laugh for days, and even the simplest things, like bringing in an old movie favourite to watch on a Saturday night, things like that, make me smile.

I don't know what it is, but, whenever I'm around him, my heart seems to stop, and I just have this burning desire, kiss him.

And although that god awful Danielle, who literally will move away whenever I'm near her, is Liam's girlfriend, I think I may be developing a teeny weeny isty bitsy little crush on him.

Dayum, life is complicated.




I heard a scream down the phone and winced. "Oh my god, it IS you. I haven't spoken to you in ages!"

I smiled. "I know! Wanna come over?"

"What, right now?"


"On my way."

Like me, Jemima decided to move to London, and she was about half an hour to 45 minutes away in Bloomsbury. Her university, RADA, kept her very busy, and she was usually doing some sort of rehearsal or play.

Jemima was an amazing actress. She had loved drama so much that she had continued her dream and got a place at the top acting school in London. This impressed her filming agency and they had offered her a place full time working for them and being in several huge films after she had finished at university.

Of course, Jemima accepted and I'm so excited for her!

After putting the phone down, I rushed into the kitchen to get a snack before changing into some trackies, a cropped top and a long black cardigan. Tying my hair into a fishtail braid, I made my way over to the apartment landline and dialled Liam's number.

He picked up on the second ring. "Hello love?"

"Hiya, Liam. It's Liv."

"Ah, hey Liv. Are you okay?" His concern made me smile. This guy was always so caring of others!

"Sure, I'm great. Basically, my friend is coming over in half an hour and I wanted her to meet you guys. Do you wanna get everyone over?"

"Sure! Should I bring Danielle?"


"Um, okay, if she wants to come?" I answered quietly.

"Kay love, I'll see you in a bit with the boys, but we're not gonna be able to stay for very long, as we have an interview at two." Liam chuckled at something in the background and I pressed my lips together. Was it his horrid girlfriend?

"That's fine."

"Also, is she a fan?" Liam asked and I smirked.

"Uh...not exactly."

"Thank god. I can't deal with any screaming girls right now."

He clicked off and I woke up the others. Zara, it seemed, was already up, but lazing in bed, Annabel took forever to wake up, and Susie...

Susie was sleeping with Niall again.


Opening the blinds and startling them with the sunlight that streamed in, I giggled and told them to be up and dressed in fifteen minutes.

They agreed and after making my friends all a late breakfast which consisted of toats and Nutella, I told them what was going on.

The girls were excited that Jemima was coming, as they knew her quite well, and when the other boys and their girlfriends finally arrived, I explained, once again, what was happening.

Jemima didn't like One Direction. But I was going to change her mind.

Hurrying the boys, Eleanor, and Perrie into my bedroom, the girls and I sat and waited for my friend to turn up. Yes, Danielle hadn't come, which I was extremely thankful about.

A ring on the doorbell made me squeal and rush over to our front door. Jemima stood there grinning, wearing patterned leggings, a floaty top and converse.

"Heyyy!!!" I bounced into her open arms and hugged her tight, pulling her into the room and watching her hug Susie, Zara and Annabel.

"Oh wow, you guys, I haven't seen you in a long, long time." She said, out of breath, and I grinned, pouring a mug of tea and sitting her down on the couches.

"So, how have you been?" Zara asked and I nodded, eager to hear about the play she'd just done, Miss Saigon.

"Oh, I'm really good thanks. The play was stressful, but we got through it, and it was a great success."

Annabel smiled. "We'll have to see the video of it."

Jemima laughed. "Sure you can. Come to mine and we'll make a sleepover out of it."

We all laughed and I smiled secretively. "Jemima, we've got something to show you."

She looked scared. "Oh dear..."

Annabel went to get the boys, and from behind, they all sprang on Jemima, who screamed loudly.

"Oh my god, you scared me so much! Who are you guys?!" She shrieked and I giggled.

"We're One Direction." They chorused.

"Ah." Jemima started laughing uncontrollably and we looked at her, completely confused.

"What?" Louis mumbled and Jemima let out another peal of laughter.

"You guys are hilarious!"

Okay, not what I was expecting...

"Um, Jemima? You alright?" I asked and she grinned.

"Totally. I love these guys."


"I thought you hated them?"

Jemima laughed again and helped Louis off the floor. "No, I kinda changed my mind. You're all quite cute."

Everyone laughed and started chatting to my friend, who blushed and told them what she was doing at the moment. At one point, Eleanor and Perrie came and sat on their boyfriends' laps and Jemima talked to them for a bit.

 After a few minutes, my friend ran over and hugged me again. "I've missed you so much."


 Laughing, I patted the space next to me, "Come sit. You need to tell me everything that's been going on!"


 "Okay, sure. But first, what happened about you and One Direction. How come you're all such good friends?"


 "Haha. Long story, but basically Susie met Niall when she sold some brownies to him, they became really close and now we're all gret friends. I keep on forgetting they're so famous, that's probably why I didn't ring you, sorry."


"Don't worry about it, Liv. They seem like really nice guys. Who's your favourite?"


 "Liam." I blurted his name out quickly. Too quickly.


 Jemima's eyes widened. "You like him?!" She yell-whispered, but I blushed and shook my head.


 "Of course not. We're just good friends."


 She smirked. "Whatever you say Liv, whatever you say. You're a really cute couple anyway, why don't you ask him out?"


 "Because he has a girlfriend." I mumbled.


 "So you DO like him?"


 Ohhhhhhhhh. "Umm, no?"


 She laughed. "Fine, I'll let you work it out for yourself."


 I nodded, suddenly feeling overwhelmed.


 Eleanor bounced over and sat across our laps, playing with my hair. Suddenly something caught my hair and Liam came over to help out.


 When we finally got the thing out of my hair, Eleanor apoligised and I shrugged. "What was it that got caught on my hair?"






 I shared a glance with Jemima who grinned.


 "Eleanor, let me see your hand. Give it to me. Now." I took Eleanor's tanned hand and turned it so her palm was facing downwards. A white Swarovski Zirconia Infinity ring glared back at me and I screamed.


"You guys are getting married too?!"

 Everyone rushed over and stared at the ring, and Louis grinned at his girlfriend. "No, we're not actually getting married."


 "It's a promise ring." Eleanor concluded and I gasped. It was beautiful!

Annabel screamed loudly and jumped onto Louis in her excitement. "Aw Louis, well done, well done! I knew you guys would end up getting married sometime. I'm so excited!"

"Guys, we're not getting married, okay? It's a promise ring." Louis smiled at our freaking out selves and Harry grinned over at Jemima and I.

Jemima hugged Eleanor, they seemed to be getting on quite well, and after our excitement, I decided to get out the cake Susie had made yesterday.

 After cake, we all sat down, together again, and Jemima talked to Liam a lot. Probably quizzing him about me.

With two weeks till the tour of Japan, everyone was either grinning, laughing, smiling or just having fun.

I loved these guys.


Hey guys! Hope you liked the chapter!

Sooo, Louis and El are getting married yay! (in the fanfic)

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Liv xxx

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