It All Started With A Brownie

Actually, it starts with two.
Susie gets up one morning and makes a load of brownies. 250, in fact. She and her friends don't know what to do with them so they decide to sell them - outside their apartment. A guy comes along, hood up, blue eyes and soft blonde hair. He keeps his face hidden, but when Susie sees him properly, it's Niall Horan, her celebrity crush. Can Susie keep her secret hidden from her friends, or will the truth come out?


29. Paparazzi


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Susie's POV

It's halfway through september and we only have a month till all of us go to Japan.

Niall and I have been spending so much time together, and the girls and I even got the chance to watch one of their gigs at the O2 backstage, which was seriously the biggest thrill of my life.

The atmosphere had been amazing and the boys had sung their hearts out.

I had never been so proud of my boyfriend in my life.

I pranced into the kitchen and made my way over to the fridge where I scanned what we had.

Annabel was lying on the sofa reading a book that Liv had reccommended to her, and I smiled.

Annabel had never been a fan of books, but now and again, Liv would give her one to read and the girl would become so engrossed that you'd see her everywhere with it.

This was obviously one of those times.

Right. Where was I? Oh yes, ingredients.

We had... 



-Cooking oil 





-Cheese and 


I decided to make omelettes, as they were nutritious and I had all the right things to make cheese, ham and mushroom ones.


I set about the kitchen, preparing and making the omelettes, abd by the time I had finished, the girls were all up and ready to eat.

I dished out the girls' breakfast and asked in turn what they were all doing.

"I invited Zayn and Perrie around for lunch as we haven't seen much of them and I thought it would be nice to catch up." Liv replied and Zara lit up.

Anything to do with Zayn and she lights up.

Which is sad, because, well, I don't think Zayn will ever be able to return the feelings that Zara has for him.

Poor girl.

"That sounds fun. I think I'll be free then." I told Liv and she nodded and smiled at the other two, who agreed as well.

My phone started to buzz from my jeans pocket and I pulled it out, grinning wildly when I saw who the caller was.

"Helloo, Niall baby. How are you doing?"

The girls groaned and rolled their eyes and I stifled a chuckle.

"I'm great thanks, do you want to meet up today?"


Oh God, that sounded so desperate...

"Susie, I know you love me, but you don't have to sound so desperate."

I knew I had sounded desperate!

I paused and he chuckled, his laughter filling the phone and making a warm feeling spread in my stomach.

"I'm joking Susie. Look, I'll pick you up in an hour."

"What? But, where are we going?" I questioned.

"Can't say."

"Well, can you at least tell me what I should wear?"

He laughed. "I'd suggest clothes, but if you're not into that sort of thing, then I can go with it."

I felt my cheeks redden. "Niall, you can be so immature, you know that?"

He laughed again, "Sorry Susie, you're just so easy to tease. Okay, just wear a casual country style dress or something."

"Got it. See you soon."

I clicked off and smiled, rushing into my bedroom and pulling open the wardrobe.

Ah, memories.

I flicked through my clothes and found a skimpy white dress with a thin brown belt. Pulling it on with matching wedges, doing a little bit of makeup and throwing my hair off my face into a messy bun, I walked out into the kitchen with ten minutes to spare.

Liv sipped her coffee, glanced at my dress and frowned. "Where are you going?"

"Niall's taking me somewhere." I replied.

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "You forgot about Zayn and Perrie coming, didn't you?"


"Oh...Sorry, Liv."

"Ugh, nevermind. Have fun with Niall."

I bounded off to the door and greeted Niall with a tight hug and several intimate kisses.

"Susie, c'mon let's go."

Niall walked me down to his Aston Martin and I got in with a smile.

He drove and we talked a bit, occasionally sitting in comfortable silence.

It was nice with Niall. I didn't feel that I had to fill the silence and when we finally arrived at wherever we were, my boyfriend just took my hand and kissed me.

He led me over to a beautiful river and laid out a rug, running back to the car to get out a picnic hamper.

I smiled and we ate together, watching the funny ducks swimming around.

He sung to me as well. Sung a new song that they were going to release, a song that he'd written himself. And it was beautiful.

Everything. The food, the scenery, Niall, his song...

Everything was perfect...Until the paparazzi turned up.

"What do they think they're doing here?!" He shouted and I pulled him back, trying to stop my boyfriend from confronting them and therefore creating a bad image for the press to show.

"Niall, it's okay. Let's just say hello and answer a few questions. It's fine, I'm fine."

He heaved a sigh and stormed over to the cameras anyway, who all screamed his name. I stayed back, a little frightened, and only when they said my name did I appear.

Niall pulled me to his side and I smiled while the cameras snapped away.

Inside I was freaking out, but I determined not to let them see it.

"Susie, is it true that you and Niall have a strong relationship?" One reporter shouted and I smiled.

"Yes, me and Niall have a great relationship and we love each other very much, that's why he took me on this date today. But how can we continue being with each other if you follow us and ruin our dates?" I raised my eyebrow and Niall chuckled when the paparazzi started to lower their cameras, staring at me with wide eyes.

Some started to walk away and others hesitated before leaving us in peace.

Finally, everyone had gone and Niall hi-fived me. "I'm so proud of you baby! You were so right and determined and wonderful and oh God-"

His eyes welled up with tears and I kissed him softly. "Niall, they've gone away. Let's just enjoy the rest of the day. I love you."

He smiled, "I love you too."

We lay together on the rug and looked up at the sky, playing the game where you guess what shape the clouds are in.

A little later, Niall and I went on a rowing boat and rowed out to the middle of the river, admiring everything around us.

It was more of a lake than a river, and currently, it was empty.

We chatted for a while until we both stopped and gazed at each other for a long, long time.

Niall got down off the seat of the rowing boat and we curled up together on the bottom, feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces.

My boyfriend stroked my hair and kissed me softly, whispering loving words in my ear and making me giggle.

He was the best guy ever.

And I loved him to bits.



Ahh, Susie overcame her fear!!

Guess what?! I went to see This Is Us and it was AMAAAAZING. Oh God I really suggest you go see it, even if you're not a fan, because it is just so cute and hilarious. They are so naughty, especially Harry, awww I love them so much!!

Teaser: Bonding time with Zayn and Perrie. But what happens when Harry turns up, uninvited?

Back to school on Friday, ugh :/

Until next time!

Liv x

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