It All Started With A Brownie

Actually, it starts with two.
Susie gets up one morning and makes a load of brownies. 250, in fact. She and her friends don't know what to do with them so they decide to sell them - outside their apartment. A guy comes along, hood up, blue eyes and soft blonde hair. He keeps his face hidden, but when Susie sees him properly, it's Niall Horan, her celebrity crush. Can Susie keep her secret hidden from her friends, or will the truth come out?


27. Panic & Interview


Ahh I'm back from my holiday and I have been writing on my phone for you guys because I don't/didn't have internet! Sorry if you find any mistakes, it's much easier when you have a spell checker on a laptop, but I don't have a laptop at the

Enjoy the chapter!!


Susie's POV

I woke up at the time I set my alarm for and grinned. Today was me and Niall's anniversary of one month together.

Most of the fans have taken our relationship reasonably well. There haven't been any haters...yet...mostly people just joking about how I stole their husband. Fortunately, all of their comments have smileys and emoticons at the end so I know they are only fooling around and are not being totally serious.

I sat up in bed and called Niall.

"Hi, Susie!" My boyfriend called down the phone.

"Niall, baby, happy one month."

"Yeah! Happy one month to you too."

"Do you have any plans for today?" I asked.

"Well, the boys and I have recording at the studio at ten and we have to get there quite early to prepare, but afterwards I'm gonna take you out and we can have the rest of the day together. Sound alright?" Niall replied.

"Sounds fab. Good luck with your recording."

"Thanks, princess. See you later!"

I hung up and placed my phone down on the bed, pulling out my laptop charging on the floor. I took the lead out and turned it on, loading up my twitter and facebook.  

The fans liked to contact me on twitter, so I went there first and replied to several of the nice well-wishers.

I was nearly at the end of checking all the many tweets I had received when I spotted one that looked like it was all in capitals.

Hang on a minute...


I knew I should just ignore the tweets from this person, but...




My hands shook as I scrolled down the page to see fifteen more tweets from this one girl. Most had replies of people agreeing with her.

I scrolled down some more and gasped.

Hundreds of hateful messages, too many to count, that I'd somehow missed, somehow not seen, had been sent to me.

They really all thought these horrible things about me?

A pain like never before started to tear at my skin, grinding away at my soul and ripping my heart to shreds.

It began to escalate and work it's way around my body, making my worst fears like the nightmares that haunt young children at night, making everything twisted and dark, leaving me all alone: the gold digger, the ugly girl, the one they all felt sorry for.

I knew this would happen. I knew that at some point, the happiness I had, the happiness I had shared with Niall, would not last. I could tell in my heart that nothing good would ever come of being with Niall, that I should give myself up to the haters that possessed the web.

Tears filled my eyes and I roughly brushed them off, pushing my laptop away and slamming my bedroom door. I launched onto the sofa and fell badly, hitting my head on the armrest and screaming into the pillow.

The pain was taking hold of me, making me choke and  

gasp, never ending or slowing in its tracks.

I thrashed about, pulling my hair and kicking the air, screaming blue murder, my vision distorted.

At one point I felt someone hold me down and prick my skin with something sharp, but then everything went black.


I woke up, feeling depressed and awfully, awfully sad.

I was in my room and figures dotted around my vision, their faces all portraying the same thing: worry.

Slowly sitting up, I managed to give a feeble wave.

A blonde, cute guy sat down on the bed next to me and took my hand, intertwining his fingers with mine.

He smiled shyly. "Hey, baby."

I grinned back at the guy. "Hi, Niall."

His tense face relaxed and I could tell he was relieved about something.

"What's going on?" I asked and looked around at the people crowding my bed.

Liv, Zara, Annabel, the boys from One Direction...

Niall coughed. "Ugh, do you remember what happened?"

Panic must have flashed across my face because he immediately grabbed my hands and forced me to look at him.

"I remember, Niall."

He nodded, "Look, I'm going to sort this out. Everything will be okay, there's no need to be afraid."

I nodded weakly and a knock on the door made me sit up. In walked my parents.

I cocked my head at them, confused. "Mum? Dad?"

"We were just in the coffee shop downstairs when we heard you'd woken and rushed straight up here. Oh god, Susie, are you okay?" My mother, Penny, hugged me tight and I patted her back awkwardly.

"Um, thanks for your concern and all, but really, I'm fine. I just had another panic attack is all." I pushed Penny away and smiled at my dad, who waved back cheerily, if a little worried.

Niall frowned. "Susie, I think it was more than just a panic attack. You've been knocked out for almost three days."

My eyes widened and I gasped. Three days?! But that

"I missed our one month!" I shouted and Zara hurried over, stroking my hair.

"Baby, it's okay. You can make up for it today. The doctors are going to let you go a bit later if you make swift progress," she comforted me by massaging my hand and I whimpered as everyone pulled me in for a hug.


"Yes, princess?"

"What's going to happen to that person who sent those things?" I asked.

He shrugged and looked up at Liam, who sat down on the bed.

"Susie, that person will be tracked down by professional people and the police are going to take care of it. Cyber-bullying is a very serious matter and the fact that she sent numerous amounts of horrible messages makes it even worse."

I sighed, feeling slightly sorry for that person. I know I should feel angry and mad at them, but all I could feel was that they've wasted their life away on writing a stupid thing on twitter.

"Susie," Annabel piped up from the end of my bed and I looked at her, smiling sadly.

"Yes, Annabel?"

"I think it's best if you stop going on twitter and facebook and social networking sites from now on. I think we'd all rather there was no repeat of this, d'ye know what I mean?"

I frowned, thinking this over. If I stayed away from all those sites, there would be no more bullies to harm me or get to me. But then again, it would seem as if I'm a weak and vulnerable person who can't take hate and stuff like that.

"I'm sorry guys, but I can't hide away forever. I've got to face up to this, show them that I'm not going to back down or stop being Niall's girlfriend. I've got to show them that I'm not afraid of their messages. I know that I'll be stronger now."

Niall pulled me closer to him and hugged me tight. "Are you sure about this? We can deactivate everything in a minute if you tell us to."

I shook my head. "I know this is for the best."

A doctor opened the door and walked in, smiling gently as he saw me sitting up in bed.

"Hi, Susie."


"We see that you're making wonderful progress and in a couple of hours time we are going to do some tests and then you'll be free to go." The doctor grinned again and beckoned for everyone to come out of the room. "The thing that Susie needs right now is rest. It's best if we leave her to sleep."

My friends and parents nodded and shuffled out, leaving just the doctor, Niall and me.

Niall bent down to peck my lips. "Ill see you in a minute, baby."


I woke up to light streaming through the window. The rays of sun made patterns on my bed and I looked around.

On the other side of the room sat a slouched Niall. I recognised his heavy breathing as sleeping and left him to it, noticing my phone on the bedside table.

Picking it up slowly, I instantly went for the twitter app, hesitsting when I was about to tap on it with my thumb to open it up.

It was still too early to-

I couldn't do it- I just couldn't.

Feeling defeated, I sighed heavily and smiled as Niall's eyes flickered open.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you." I whispered and he came under the covers of the bed with me, warming my cold body up straight away.

"Woah, Susie, you're freezing, just like Edward Cullen."

I smirked, "And you're like Jacob Black."

"Okay, I'll accept that, even though I'm way fitter." Niall puffed his chest out.

"You wish."

We burst into laughter which seemed to trigger something that told the doctor I was awake, as he came bounding into the room with my parents.

Mum had a bundle of clothes which she helped me to dress in and Niall packed up my belongings in a small yellow rucksack that looked something that Paddinton Bear would wear.

The doctor released me, giving me a prescription of some meds and a leaflet on panic attacks, which my mother analysed very carefully.

I said goodbye to my parents outisde whichever hospital I was at, and went with Niall back to my apartment, where everyone was waiting with balloons and party poppers.

Totally unneccesary.

A little while later Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend, bounced over to me. "Hiya, Susie. How are you feeling?"

I nodded. "A lot better thanks."

She pulled me in for a small hug, her tumbling waves of hair surrounding my shoulders. "The boys have an interview in an hour and I'd really like you to come with us to watch it. Please?"

"Sure." I happily agreed, anything to do with my boyfriend and I'd be there.

"Cool, let's get y'all dolled up then!" Eleanor looked so excited that I couldn't bear to dampen it by saying that I wasn't in the mood to get 'dolled up', so I just went along with her to the bathroom and gasped as she pulled out an outfit.

It wasn't a dress, which I was glad about, but I loved her style anyway.

Sophisticated, skinny black jeans matched perfectly with a white vest top and a denim blue sun-washed shirt.

I tried it on and the whole thing fit really well, making Eleanor clap with excitement. "You look fabulous, Susie! Now time for makeup!"

After makeup, hair and other endless things that Eleanor 'absolutely had to do', I was ready.

And when I looked in the mirror, I had to admit, Eleanor had done a great job.

My face positively shined and looked very resfreshed with a hint of mascara and black eyeliner. Eleanor had styled my hair into a gorgeous fishtail plait which cascaded down across my left shoulder and onto my left shirt pocket.

"Oh my god, Eleanor, this is amazing! Thank you so much!" I couldn't have been more happy nor thankful. I looked, well, beautiful.

Shortly after my makeover, a long black limousine pulled up at the apartment.

The boys had already left for the interview, so I assumed this luxury travel was for us.

I was right.

The girls were extremely excited, especially Annabel who had never been in anything like this before. I hadn't either, but the rest had.

We arrived at the studio where the boys would be filming their live interview and were led to seats in the audience.

They were quite good, about halfway up, and we could see our guys really clearly.

When the interview started, I looked around and noticed that much of the audience were girls.

Actually, basically all the audience were girls.

And when One Direction came on the stage area and waved, some waved posters and others screamed.

Okaay, definitely fans...

Oh god. Fans.

"And we bring you...One Direction!" The interviewer, whom I couldn't remember the name of, called out and another cheer went up.

I waved to Niall who sat down in the middle and he waved a small wave back.

Unfortunately the interviewer, ah that's it, Jamie, caught him and smirked.

"So, to tell us who that secret wave was for?"

Niall grinned proudly, "My girlfriend."

Oh dear.

Jamie smiled sadly. "And how is your girlfriend doing?"

Niall looked directly at me and cocked his head, as if asking me if it was okay to talk about me.

I nodded and he began to speak. "Susie suffers from panic attacks. If she gets too stressed or worried about something, she can have a panic attack. The attacks she has are usually very small and can be dealt with. Unfortunately, in this case, Susie's fear for something was so big that it caused her body to act as if she was in the worst pain imaginable. She ended up in hospital for four days."

Zara squeezed my hand as I felt tears prick my eyes.

The guys around Niall patted his back and nodded sadly.

"And is Susie better now?" Jamie asked.

Niall looked me in the eye again and grinned. "She sure is. Actually, most people haven't met her or seen her, so why doesn't she come down here right now?"


Jamie laughed. "Sure! Get here down here."

Zara pushed me up with a grin and I found myself walking down the steps to the stage, where two security guards inspected me then handed me over to Niall.

My boyfriend had his arms outstretched and I hugged him tightly, causing the audience to 'ahh'.

Jamie gestured for us to sit down, so I sat on the only place possible.

Niall's lap.

"Susie, say hi to everyone." Niall said.

"Hi everyone." I chorused and Jamie laughed along with the audience.

"So, Susie. How long have you and Niall been together?" Jamie asked.

"Just over a month. And I love him more and more every day."

Niall grinned and pecked my nose, which made everyone laugh. "Right back at ya, princess."

"And if you don't mind me asking, what caused your panic attack?"

I hesitated at Jamie's question, but then decided that it needed to be let out. I had to talk about it some time. "A numerous amount of hateful messages were sent to me on twitter. That's my worst fear. Being hated by Niall's fans."

I felt myself choke up on the last sentence so Niall took over for me. "I love this girl so, so much. She means everything to me. If I didn't have Susie, well, I can't really imagine my life without her, and I love her more with every growing hour. If you're the fans you say you are, then you'll want me to be happy. The thing is, if Susie isn't happy, then I can never be happy. So I don't want any more hurtful messages. It's cyber-bullying and that is not acceptable. It broke me when I saw Susie in that hospital bed, a true show of what these sites can do. I don't want Susie to ever go through something like that again, we all don't. So I'd be extremely grateful if you stopped your hating. Not just on Susie, but on anybody. Everyone just wants a happy life, can't you just let them have that before destroying everything they've ever known in one simple message? It's awful, it truly is, and my girlfriend, my true love is one victim in millions. So please, stop."


Aw, I kind of got emotional writing that last paragraph. I feel really strongly about cyber-bullying, especially hateful messages to celebrities and partners of celebrities. It's awful.

Liv x

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