It All Started With A Brownie

Actually, it starts with two.
Susie gets up one morning and makes a load of brownies. 250, in fact. She and her friends don't know what to do with them so they decide to sell them - outside their apartment. A guy comes along, hood up, blue eyes and soft blonde hair. He keeps his face hidden, but when Susie sees him properly, it's Niall Horan, her celebrity crush. Can Susie keep her secret hidden from her friends, or will the truth come out?


20. Mice and Celebrations


Hope you like the chapter!

Liv's POV

Finding out from Annabel that Susie had stayed the night at her friend's and wouldn't be back till about two in the afternoon made me even more excited about this little party. Maybe we could invite some people over?

Just as I was about to ring the boys, a terrible yowling sounded from outside. For a second I thought that maybe it was a person that had got hurt, but then I realised that humans didn't usually make that sort of noise.

Then who was it? Curious, I walked over to the kitchen sink and peered out the window, expecting to see a lone hyena escaped from the zoo.

In fact, the yowling was coming from the mouth of a cat. To be precise, next-door neighbour's car.

I rolled my eyes. The stupid thing was so noisy all the time! Don't get me wrong, I adore cats and would love to get one of my own, but having that thing screech all day long tended to get on my nerves.

Storming down the apartment stairs to see if I could get the damn thing to shut up, my eyes widened at what it was doing. A tiny harvest mouse was scampering around and the cat was trying to swipe at it.

My heart seemed to ache for the mouse's safety, and I realised that I must do something to help it. When I was younger, I had three harvest mice, and I would hate for a cat to come along and do something to it.

Harvest mice are not like normal mice; they are much smaller, about the length of your thumb, with tails about the same size as their body. They are usually light brown, but can be darker if they are wild. They are the most adorable things on Earth, with little noses and tiny claws that pick up food. Their prehensile tails make it easy for them to climb plants and escape danger, but at the moment, their was no route for the mouse to take to avoid the cat.

Grabbing the cat roughly and throwing it over the garden fence to next door (I knew that it would land safely), I thought quickly and grabbed a big cardboard box from the rubbish bin outside the apartment's front gate.

The harvest mouse wasn't moving, although it was still alive, and seemed to be in shock. I frowned. Poor baby, it must be incredibly scared.

Clever, Liv, clever.

Kneeling down and trying not to make any sudden movements, I slowly put the box on it's side and pushed the mouse gently into it.

Tipping the box back up so that the creature couldn't escape, I walked back up the stairs to the apartment, praying that it would still be alive when I got up there.

Entering the living room, I placed the box on the floor and examined the mouse. It seemed to be fine all over, apart from it's right eye, which was bleeding. 

Anger surged inside me. How dare that cat catch a little harvest mouse, minding it's own business and almost chew it's eye off. The thought of an eyeless mouse horrified me and almost stopped me from going any further and just deciding to throw the thing out the window.

Feeling as though the apartment was a little hot suddenly, I opened the window and remembered that Zara had some hay from when she kept a little hamster that only lasted two weeks last summer. Being the type who assumed she would get another pet soon, she had kept the hay, and I was extremely grateful right now that she had.

Running into her room and finding the hay, I looked around for some other things that the mouse might like. Food? Yep. Here we go. Dwarf hamster mix. Perfect.

I marched back into the kitchen and put quite a bit of hay into the box, wishing that Zara and Annabel weren't out trying to get supplies for the party.

The party. Oh God, I only had a couple of hours till Susie came back, and I still hadn't rung the boys. Oh well, that could wait, this poor animal had a bleeding eye and I needed to help it.

Finishing off putting the hay inside, I poured a little of the food on top of it and tried to stroke the mouse, who ran off and hid in the little nest I had made for it.

I smiled and then pondered what other things the mouse would like. Well, all animals needed water, so I went to fetch a little dish to put some water from the tap in, and placed it down near the food. 

Now all that was best for the harvest mouse was to let it rest and heal.

I took my phone out of my jeans pocket and dialled Niall's number.

He picked up almost straight away. "Hello?"

I could tell the blond was breathless after doing a rehearsal for their album. Liam had informed me of that in the park earlier, and I was desperately hoping that their producers or recording people would let them come a bit later.

"Hey Niall, it's Liv. You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, doing good, thanks. We're just having a break now. Is Susie there?"

I rolled my eyes. Could he not speak for two minutes to someone other than his girlfriend? "No, she's not. I wanted to ask you something."


"Seeing as you and Susie got together, well done by the way, we thought we'd throw a little party and were wondering if you, the boys and their girlfriends wanted to come as a surprise for her?"

"That would be great, she thinks that I'm only going to be able to see her tomorrow, but management have let us have some time off from one thirty onwards. Does Susie know?"

I smiled. This was perfect. Susie would have a lovely surprise waiting for her when she got home. "No, she stayed at a friend's for the night. Can you come over when they've let you go? Susie will be coming back at around two, and you can help us set up."

I could almost hear the smile in Niall's voice when he replied. "Yay! I get to see my girlfriend today!"

Sighing and rolling my eyes again, I said goodbye and put the phone down, checking on the mouse which seemed to be peaceful. Good.

Speaking to Zara and Annabel, who told me they were on their way back from the local Tesco, I casually mentioned to them that, yes, the boys were coming, and that their girlfriends probably were too.

Danielle, Perrie, Eleanor, the girls and I were all quite good friends, especially Annabel and Eleanor. I had recently noticed a change in Annabel. She didn't seem to be pining for Louis anymore, in fact, she seemed to have moved on quickly, which surprised me, and I could sense that soon Louis, Eleanor and Annabel were going to end up hanging out a lot more, seeing as they all had such similar personalities and interests.

Zara was still moping after Zayn, though, and even if I thought her and Perrie got on well, there was definitely longing in Zara's eyes every time Zayn was with his girlfriend. Maybe she'd end up moving on like Annabel has over Louis? Like I did over Harry?

Oh yeah. The slight small problem of Harry. Seeing how Liam was so happy yesterday in the park about me now being 'friends' with Harry again, I realised that I was being a little selfish, trying to be friends with Harry's friends and not bothering to start a conversation with my ex and ignoring him all the time.

Maybe I should stop that now? To be honest, it was a little immature. But what if Harry then thought it was okay to start being all over-friendly and thinking I had given him my trust again? 

I breathed in deeply and tried to stop thinking about the one thing that was ruining my life at the moment. Oh, and the fact that I'd have to tell Liam we couldn't come on tour with them, meaning I wouldn't see him for over two months in Spring next year.

At least Danielle could go with him.

That thought seemed to make me annoyed, and I didn't know why. What was it that made me attracted to Liam?

Not that I was, of course. We were just friends, and I would prefer it to stay that way. After all, he had Danielle and they were so in love you could almost feel it when they were together.

But Liam and I had a connection too...

Oh, shut up, Liv, and get on with what you're supposed to be doing: Getting Susie's little celebration organised.


After hanging up a few balloons, a knock was made at the door, and the two girls came in with a few bags full of party decorations and finger food.

Zara assigned us to a job each. "Right, Liv, you'll do the party decorations around the ceiling and on the wall, because you're quite tall. Annabel, you can blow up balloons and give the decorations to Liv, and I'll set out the food and drinks on plates." She grinned at us and clapped her hands in an excited manner. 

After setting out everything, there was another knock, and Annabel skipped over to the apartment door, revealing five hyper guys and three girls grinning at them.

"Hellooo, people. Welcome to our apartment!" She sung in a high voice and Eleanor gave her a high-five and then ended up doing a weird handshake with her. Woah. They were obviously better friends than I'd thought.

Zara smiled at Zayn and welcomed him in, so I showed the rest of our visitors in and told them our plan. We were going to surprise Susie, seeing as she didn't know this was happening.

We ended up finding a hiding place all in different areas of the room, so that when Susie came back, we could jump out and shout 'Congratulations' or something. 

When everyone was in their given spots, I turned off the light and crept over to my place, under the sink, smiling at how random my idea was. At first it had started off as a little party where it would just be the girls and Susie, but now it really was a big thing and my idea had kind of escalated.

I swear that's what most of my ideas do...


Sorry, I couldn't fit the mini celebration party in here, but it's going to be in Susie's POV next chapter, so it will probably be better like that! BTW the whole mouse thing happened to me the other day :)

Thank you for reading, is it weird that I'm listening to One Direction songs whilst writing a 1D fanfic??

Anyways, see you soon :)

Liv xx

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