It All Started With A Brownie

Actually, it starts with two.
Susie gets up one morning and makes a load of brownies. 250, in fact. She and her friends don't know what to do with them so they decide to sell them - outside their apartment. A guy comes along, hood up, blue eyes and soft blonde hair. He keeps his face hidden, but when Susie sees him properly, it's Niall Horan, her celebrity crush. Can Susie keep her secret hidden from her friends, or will the truth come out?


28. Liam's Birthday


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Liv's POV

A couple of days after Susie coming out of hospital, it was the 29th of August, Liam's birthday.

I had planned a surprise party at the apartment for him, and Danielle wasn't too happy about it, claiming she wanted to take him out to dinner.

But for once I didn't care. Liam was turning twenty and he needed an amazing party to suit his age, so I went ahead and organised EVERYTHING.

Yes, literally everything.

The food, drinks, invites, decorations, music, bouncers... etc. etc.

Okay, technically the bouncers aren't proper bouncers.

They're Zara's two older brothers.

But that's okay, as long as they do their job properly.

We haven't invited that many people, just people that Liam knows: his friends and some family including his cousins.

I'm really excited!

The girls and I manage to set everything up while Danielle distracts the birthday boy in London.

At three o'clock, the guests started to filter in and I recognised a few celebrities including Ed Sheeran and Olly Murs.

Harry had made contact with them for us and it was amazing to have two celebrities in my apartment.

Oh yeah...

As you can see, I keep on forgetting about One Direction being around me all the time...

I walked around the apartment, greeting people and telling them to enjoy the party.

At one point, Zara handed me a loudspeaker and I held it up to my mouth.

"Hey, everyone." My voice blasted out and everybody froze and turned to where the sound had come from.

I gave a little wave from the chair I stood on. "Basically, my name's Liv, I'm Liam's friend and I organised this party for him. I just wanted to let you know of the arrangements. Liam is going to turn up at four o'clock and it would be great if everyone could be in a semi-circle around the door so that when he comes he can see you all. Secondly, when he comes through the door, can you all shout happy birthday?"

Nods from the crowd made my grin wider and I looked at my watch. "We have half an hour people. Half an hour. Thank you!"

I stepped down from the chair I was standing on and walked over to my brother.

After finding out that his fifteen year old girlfriend Hannah was a total One Direction fan, I thought it would be nice to invite them both.

"Hi, Hannah!" I greeted the petite, brown haired, brown skinned girl that James was holding protectively.

"Hey, Olivia." She smiled and gave me a hug, James watching her with a gazed look.

I could see why he only had eyes for his girlfriend. In a short black dress that came down to mid-thigh and hair that was styled carefully in soft ringlets, Hannah was gorgeous.

I watched the way the girl turned back to my brother and ruffled his hair, softly pecking his lips.

Usually at their age, love didn't exist, but I could see that in this case, a very true love was starting to blossom.

"So, are you excited about meeting One Direction, Hannah?" I asked and she grinned.

"Definitely. I've loved them like since forever!"

James frowned. "Well, what about me?"

Hannah smirked and patted his head. "I'm sorry James, you just...don't compare to my boys."

The look on my little brother's face made me burst out laughing and his girlfriend chuckled as well.

"I was joking James, joking." Hannah comforted the jealous boy and his eyes lit up.


"Yes, really. Nobody compares to you."

James and Hannah proceded to have a make out session in front of me, so I coughed lightly and they jumped apart, Hannah's cheeks going very red.

I looked down at my watch and realised that Liam should be here in five minutes. "Oh! It's nearly time for the surprise now, guys."

Hannah clapped her hands together in excitement and James took her hand in his. They looked at each other and smiled.

Such a cute couple!

I ran over to pick up the loudspeaker again. "Okay, everybody into positions."

All the people in the room went to crowd around the door and Zara helped me position some people at the front, including me, her, Annabel, Susie and the 1D boys.

At last, after a few minutes of waiting, there was a knock at the door. Annabel nudged me to go forward and I opened it wide, causing Liam to see everyone.

"Happy Birthday!" They all screamed at the same time and Liam broke out into a grin and hugged me tightly.

I hugged him back, but looking over his shoulder, I could see Danielle looking at us with pure disdain on her face.

Oh dear.

Liam set off around the apartment, saying hello to everyone and finally meeting Hannah, who was more than a little excited.

"Oh my God. Hi, Liam. Ahh. Oh wow, you're even better looking in the flesh. Hey. I'm Hannah. I love you and your band so much. Oh my God!"

Liam laughed and gave the hyperactive girl a hug, which made me smile. He loved his fans and would do anything to please or meet them.

Guess it's Liam's lucky day, meeting Hannah.

"Thanks babe." He replied to her and turned back to me. "Who's Hannah?" Liam mouthed and I chuckled.

"Liam, I'd love to introduce you to James, my brother, and Hannah, my brother's girlfriend and your biggest fan ever."

He nodded. "Ah, I see. Well, nice meeting you Hannah!"

I pulled Liam away from the couple and gave him another hug. "Happy birthday. You're now twenty!"

He laughed. "I know, it feels really weird."

I noticed Danielle coming over to us out of the corner of my eye and stepped back from Liam a bit.

"Hey guys. What are you doing?" She asked and I internally sighed. This girl had real jealousy problems.

"Not much. I was just saying happy birthday to my best friend." I smiled sweetly at Dani who gave me a little glare when I said 'best friend'.

Get a grip woman. I don't like your boyfriend like that!

"So, how was your trip this morning?" I asked and Liam smiled.

"Lovely thanks. We went to loads of places and had lunch at this really nice italian place. Dani knows a lot of good places to eat."

I didn't get to continue talking to Liam as he was whisked off there and then by some of his friends I'd never met.

Standing alone in the middle of my apartment while everyone else around me sat or stood in couples and friendship groups made me feel like the loneliest girl in the world.

Especially when I saw Danielle kissing Liam in front of everybody, the passion that kiss held was visible to even a fool.

And I couldn't work out why, in the bottom of my heart, there was a pang of jealousy.

I didn't have a crush on Liam...

I didn't like Liam in that way...

And I definitely, definitely wasn't falling for him.

(are you sure about that?)


So, hope you liked the chapter, OMG it was Liam's birthdaaayy a couple of days ago!!

I got my parents to sing for him :D

Hah I had a little funny moment when I was in Reading with my family- gonna do a little scripted version of it:

Me: I think I had a dream about One Direction last night...

Mum: Right, let's go home.

Me: But I wanted to tell you about my dream!

My brother, James: No, Olivia. No One Direction today. Please. 


Soooo.... teaser for next chapter: 

It's the middle of september. A month till Japan. What happens when Susie has to face the paparazzi?

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