It All Started With A Brownie

Actually, it starts with two.
Susie gets up one morning and makes a load of brownies. 250, in fact. She and her friends don't know what to do with them so they decide to sell them - outside their apartment. A guy comes along, hood up, blue eyes and soft blonde hair. He keeps his face hidden, but when Susie sees him properly, it's Niall Horan, her celebrity crush. Can Susie keep her secret hidden from her friends, or will the truth come out?


22. Jealousy


Liv's POV

Whilst Niall was singing his beautiful song to Susie, I couldn't help but think back to the time when Harry sung to me, two years ago on a warm summer day in July.

We were sat down at a table in Pret, when suddenly my boyfriend took my hand, looked deep into my eyes and started to sing 'Your Song'.

When Harry sung, it took my breath away, and I knew then that he would make a great artist. His voice was so powerful and almost everyone in the small coffee shop turned to listen and watch. Harry's eyes never tore away from mine, and I could see that he really meant those words, it were as if he was believing them himself.

But I guess we never got to that part where he bought a house where we would both live someday.

Because he left.

And I'll never forget that.



It was actually Perrie's idea to leave them, and Liam was the one having to pull me away from the adorable scene. As much as I wanted to stay, I knew it was better to leave them to be together. Susie really needed this, and throughout the whole party I could sense she had something to get off her chest.

Obviously now that they were a couple they had to discuss a lot of things, Niall being a celebrity and all, so I didn't press matters and left it for Susie to talk to Niall on her own.

Unfortunately, the two lovebirds were in the apartment, so Annabel, Zara and I had nowhere else to go.

The boys said that we could come with them, and Annabel decided to go with Eleanor and Louis, and Zara to Harry's, which made me a little upset. It was partially betraying me!

But then I mentally slapped myself. Just because Harry had done a bad thing to me, it didn't mean he was going to play anyone else, although I highly doubted that, and Zara could be friends with whoever she wanted.

Looking at everyone going off together, I suddenly felt very alone and immediately turned to Liam.

"Liam, do you mind if I come with you?" I asked quietly.

He grinned and nodded, "Not at all, come with me and Dani." He walked off to tell her and I felt my heart drop in my chest.

Danielle was gonna be there?

I glanced over at the girl, who at that moment was whispering furiously to Liam and every so often looking back at me and frowning.

Liam shook his head at her and walked over to me again. "Danielle says it's fine as well." He smiled, and so did his girlfriend, although I could tell hers was a little forced.

I couldn't help but feel hurt at this. It was obvious she didn't want me there, but where else could I go? Eleanor, Louis and Annabel? Nope, I couldn't keep up with their clownish ways. Harry and Zara? Definitely not, and don't even begin to ask me why. Zayn and Perrie? At the moment they were having a full on snogging session in the middle of the corridor and it was obvious that was all I would be getting if I went with them.

So that just left Liam and Danielle.

"I'm sorry guys, I can go somewhere on my own if you want...?" 

Liam shook his head again, "No way, you're coming with us!"

Danielle nodded and smiled, "Come with us, Liv, it'll be fun."

This time she seemed a bit more genuine, so my hopes lifted a little and I took her outstretched hand and walked to Liam's Range Rover with them.

The couple sat in the front and I hopped in the back, staring outside at the pouring rain whilst they playfully argued over what radio to have it on.

Liam finally won the battle and proudly turned it on to Capital.

We had a lot of laughter in the car, and reminiscing over tonight was hilarious, especially when we remembered Louis' and Harry's sketch. They were both pretty funny and quite good actors, especially Harry, and I had found myself laughing at his jokes a lot. But whenever he tried to smile at me and catch my eye, my laughter stopped instantly, and I looked purposefully in the opposite direction.

Yep, I was making the whole 'regaining my friendship and trust' thing very hard for him.

When we got to Liam's apartment block, I gasped. The whole thing was huge and looked extremely expensive too.

Liam showed me around inside, and my eyebrows shot up at the sight of a spiral staircase leading up to another floor. I didn't realise apartments could have two floors!

To describe it in one word: Supercalafrajalisticex- okay I'm not even gonna try to spell the rest...

On the ground floor, Liam had his modern open plan kitchen-diner and lounge, a bathroom, a small workout gym and utility room.

The first floor was the same size as the ground floor, and I sighed dreamily at the thought of having all that space to do whatever you wanted.


As I was saying, the first floor had three bedrooms, one bathroom and another spare bedroom that he had changed into a cinema room. All of it was beautifully furnished, with soft cream carpets and deep red curtains, and all the latest mod-cons were obvious around the place.

Right, this was definitely what I was getting when I was older.

After the grand tour, Liam took me back downstairs again where Danielle was making coffee. I took a mug gratefully. "Thanks."

We went to sit over on the plush couches and I curled my feet underneath me, quickly taking them off the sofa again when Dani told me, "No feet on the settees."

Ah, settees, not couches. "Sorry."

Once again Liam laughed and patted my head, "No worries, Liv. Do whatever you want."

I looked over at Danielle, who seemed to be glaring at Liam angrily. What was her problem today?

Trying to cover up an escaped sigh, I coughed and took a sip of my coffee. "So, what plans do you guys have for the rest of the summer?"

"Well, Danielle's got a lot of dance rehearsals and stuff-" Liam started, but his girlfriend interrupted.

"-And Liam's seeing a lot of you, so I guess we can't really be around each other as much as I'd like."  Leaning over to her boyfriend, she kissed Liam on the lips roughly, seeming to make a big point of the fact that she could do that because he was with her.

I frowned. Um, there was somebody else in the room?! Trying to make light of the situation, I did what Louis did whenever there was contact between a couple. "No PDA in the lounge!" I shouted and pretended to cover my sight. When I took my hands from my eyes, Liam was pulling away from Dani, and the girl looked a little disappointed, but continued to keep pecking him on the cheek or neck.

A couple of times that she kissed him, I noticed a few sly glances in my direction, and I was confused. On our trips out together, we usually got on so well. And here she was, trying to make sure I knew who Liam's was. I mean, like I'd steal her boyfriend! Liam and I were just really close friends. Could she not get that?

A little while later, after a pleasant talk about the tour, I regretfully informed Liam that we wouldn't be able to come with them in the spring. "I'm really sorry, Liam, but the girls and I have Uni to be getting on with, and we can't really pass up our education for the tour, as much as we would love to."

Danielle stared at me whilst I was explaining, and at the end, she turned to her boyfriend with a shocked expression. "You invited the girls and not me?"

The pain on her face was so evident, that as much as she was being a bitch at the moment, I felt pretty sorry for her. It was a little mean of Liam not to tell her about it.

"No, babe, no, I'm so sorry, you are invited, but we don't know if management will let us yet. It's still not set in stone, don't worry. You were my first choice, I'd never not invite you to a tour." Liam comforted Dani by stroking her arm, and I sighed. Harry used to do that.

Oh get a grip Liv and stop thinking about your stupid ex!

Danielle still looked pretty angry, and I was feeling quite emotional, all the feelings from the abortion still came back and bit me a lot.

"Excuse me, I'm just gonna go to the bathroom." I muttered and I saw Liam nod.

"Sure thing Liv."

Once I was out of the room, Dani seemed to launch into an argument with Liam and I groaned, trying to block out their noise. It was only when I heard my name that my ears pricked up.

"How could you Liam? Invite Liv and tell her all about it whilst I don't have a clue!"

I knew right now that I should go to the bathroom and stop listening, but that's the trouble with eavesdropping. You just can't tear away from it.

"Dani, please listen to me."

"I'm listening."

I heard Liam sigh. "Look, I didn't want to get your hopes up by telling you that you might be able to come with us, so I didn't tell you. I didn't want to end up hurting you by giving you bad news."



"Yep, but there's just one other thing. You seem to be seeing Olivia a lot more than I see you."

I bristled when she called me by my first name. That's a mistake to make when you're friends with me. Call me Olivia and I get annoyed.

"No I don't, we see each other all the time! I love you Danielle, why are you being like this? Being jealous and possesive all of a sudden, questioning everything I do, kissing me loads in front of a guest, picking up on every wrong thing Liv does. Why are you acting so weirdly today?"

Exactly what I was thinking.

The volume got louder and Danielle seemed to be shouting. "No, Liam! You're the one that's acting weirdly, not paying any attention to me anymore! You say Liv's just a friend, but you two seem pretty close."

I heard a sob and decided that this was my cue to leave.

Walking into the lounge, I noticed how distressed Danielle was. "Um, Dani, you okay?"

She ignored me and I sighed. "Er, okay...I think I've outstayed my welcome, thanks for having me, but I think it's time I go. Bye Danielle, bye Liam."

"Bye." Liam and Dani came to see me off at the door, with Danielle pretty much being forced by her boyfriend, and I waved before heading out to the lift. Stopping outside to wait for it, I groaned. There was nothing going on between Liam and I! I was thankful that Liam had the decency to stick up for me. 

The lift came, and just as I was about to get in, I heard Liam talking to Danielle. Well, at least they weren't shouting any more.

But there was no mistake in the words that came out of Liam's mouth, just as I got in the lift.

"Baby, I don't care about Liv, I care about you."

Thanks Liam.

Thanks a lot.


Miaow to ma poor #Lamielle, they're going through a rough patch at the moment. I think Dani's a bit jealous, huh? She was being A. TOTAL. BIATTTCH.

But Liam shouldn't have said that at the end, because Liv cares about him an awful lot, more than she knows :(

Anyways, hope you are having a great summer!

Love Liv xxxxx

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