It All Started With A Brownie

Actually, it starts with two.
Susie gets up one morning and makes a load of brownies. 250, in fact. She and her friends don't know what to do with them so they decide to sell them - outside their apartment. A guy comes along, hood up, blue eyes and soft blonde hair. He keeps his face hidden, but when Susie sees him properly, it's Niall Horan, her celebrity crush. Can Susie keep her secret hidden from her friends, or will the truth come out?


35. Japan


Hiya everyone! Hope you enjoy the chapter, the end is coming soon :(((

Susie's POV

"Hey guys." We greeted the boys as we walked up to their high security area of the airport. I grinned at Niall standing next to me with his arm around my waist, and he smiled back, kissing me on the cheek.

Everyone was here: The boys, Liv, Annabel, Zara, Danielle, Perrie and Eleanor, and we were all extremely excited.

Niall had driven the girls and I to Gatwick airport an hour ago, and we had just been through security to check we weren't hiding bombs or something ridiculous like that.

Unfortunately, Annabel had had her party poppers confiscated by them when her hand luggage went through the system and beeped.

We waited for ages, watching everything being taken out of Annabel's bag, whilst she stood there perplexed and worried.

When the man had finally taken out a little box containing twelve party poppers (one for each of us, Annabel said), he informed the idiotic girl that party poppers were a form of pyrotechnics, and that she would not be allowed to take them on the flight with her.

Louis and Eleanor found this hilarious when we told them, and whilst they were still laughing with Annabel, I dragged Niall, Liv and Zara off to McDonalds.

Luckily, it was only four thirty in the morning (I know, early much!) and there weren't many people queuing up, so, ordering our big macs and milkshakes pretty quickly, the four of us hurried over to a concealed compartment that we wouldn't be seen in.

"What's the plane usually like, Niall?" Zara asked and he grinned.

"Oh, it's great, I think you guys will love it. Nobody else comes on apart from the sound crew, makeup and our supporting acts, so it's not too cramped."

Liv's eyes widened. "Oh my God. You mean, it's like your own private jet?"

Niall nodded and I squealed, having never been on one before.

After our McDonalds, we all came back together and arrived just in time to start boarding the plane. 

The support acts, Camryn and 5 Seconds of Summer had come whilst we were eating, and Niall introduced us. The group seemed nice, and their cute Australian accents made Liv swoon. Camryn was very lively, but I didn't think she was particularly pretty close up. Maybe it was just the early morning start?

Instead of going through a tunnel as you usually do when you board a plane, everyone was led outside to a smallish plane, and we walked up the steps with the press snapping photos.

When we walked inside, I could not believe what I saw. At one end of the plane there were huge couches, spinny chairs and beanbags placed next to a stylish bar, and on the other end were about twenty small compartments consisting of a plush chair which unfolded out electronically to be a bed; a flat screen tv; sliding doors on each one and built in drink machines.

Woah, I knew One Direction would have a nice plane, but not THIS nice a plane.

Jayzus Christ...

Niall and I bagsied compartments next to each other, and I got comfy, getting out my laptop and some DVDs to watch for the long journey ahead.

A flight attendant with extremely long blonde hair and deep blue eyes walked over on heels and smiled. "Hiya Susie, my name's Franky and I'm going to be your air hostess for the flight. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask."

I grinned back, "Thanks Franky. I'll be sure to ask."

She nodded and walked over to the other girls, who were sat on the sofas.

Two strong muscly arms wrapped around my waist from behind and I squealed quietly. "Niall, you scared me."

He chuckled lightly and I pecked his nose, leading him over to the sofa with his arms still around me. Which if you've ever tried it, makes your walk quite an awkward one.

"Hey." I waved at Louis and squidged in between him and Zayn. Looking back up at Niall, my heart melted at his pouty face, so I got up again, pushed him down and sat on his lap instead.

I was content right there in his arms, and didn't feel the need to move.

Niall's breath tickled my ear as he whispered, "I know this is gonna be the best tour we've ever done."

Blushing, I turned back and kissed him before Louis nudged me playfully with a grossed out expression on his face. "No PDA, please!" 

Giggling along with Niall, I lay back as the others arrived and found any space they could, on the beanbags, squishing on people's laps, anything. Even Five Seconds Of Summer and Camryn joined us, and we talked together and I got to know the boy's supporting acts a lot better.

A few times Franky came over and I could tell that Harry was trying to flirt with her, which made me laugh. She supplied us all with drinks, crisps, and even Nando's at Niall's request.

To be honest, the plane probably had three suitcases worth of Nando's, just in case Niall got slightly peckish.

After a few hours, I began to feel quite restless, so walking up and down the plane a few times, I glanced over at Liv who sat alone, staring out of the window.

"Liv, whatsup?"

She glanced at me and smiled half-heartedly. "Umm, nothing, it's just that Danielle's keeping Liam all to herself."

That was true. The poor boy had been dragged off about an hour after we all talked together, and I hadn't seen the couple since. I rubbed Liv's back and pointed over at Zara and Annabel who were building piles of pillows and being ninjas.

Crazy Kids.

Laughing, I pushed Liv over and she joined in, saluting the girls before crawling around on the floor.

Chuckling to myself, I wandered over to my seat to find Niall chilling out by himself, headphones in his ears, with his seat stretched back. I waved cheerfully and my boyfriend grinned, pulling the earplugs out and wrapping me in a hug.

After a few minutes of talking, I decided to catch up on some missed sleep and settled down in my compartment. Pressing a button on my left, the seat moved back so that I was in a lying position and the sliding door closed. Rolling over on my side I found that I missed the strong arms that held me most nights.

Oh Niall. Why can't they make double seater aeroplane seats?


The large black limousine pulled up at an extremely posh hotel and my mouth fell open. Hordes of fans were stacked outside, with many policemen and security guards holding them back. Nearly everyone got out quickly and hurried inside, but 5 Seconds of Summer and Camryn stayed to talk to the fans and hopefully distract them from One Direction.

When we finally escaped the screaming girls, Niall pulled me close. "Are you all right, babe? You look a bit overwhelmed."

I nodded shakily, and tried hard to put a smile on my face. "Good thanks, just got a little frightened with everyone screaming and stuff."

My boyfriend studied me carefully for a second before brushing my hair to one side. "You know, Susie, you've become so much better with crowds and stuff like that. You hardly ever get panic attacks anymore."

My eyes widened as I realised what he was saying was true. Grinning widely, I glanced round at our surroundings.

We were in a large reception, and all my friends were chatting together. Plant pots dotted the area and three glass lifts stood in the middle of everything. Getting out my phone, I took a panorama and sent it to my sister, Molly. She had been jealous of Japan for ages. This would be the icing on the cake. Hehe.

"Shall we go see our suite?" Niall asked and I nodded excitedly.

"Sure, what are the sleeping arrangements for everyone?"

"Me and you, Liv, Zara and Annabel, Louis and Eleanor, Danielle and Liam, Perrie and Zayn, and Harry's on his own." Niall told me and I nodded, feeling slightly sorry for Harry.

I mean, I didn't really trust him with girls after what happened to Liv, but it would be lovely if he just got a girlfriend and stuck with her for once.

While Niall went to get the keys to our room, I talked to Eleanor, who informed me that we were all going out in two hours time for dinner and that I should probably get ready soon. 

When we got up to our room, I slipped the key in the door and flung it wide open, expecting to see a regular hotel bedroom.

Oh come on Susie, this is One Direction we're with, do they ever have normal anything?

Glass floor that seemed to be heated underfoot was on top of golden sand, and one of the walls had a huge mural of the beach on it. It really seemed as if we were walking down to the sea. The bed was large and round, decorated with stylish anchor pillows, and the whole bedroom looked absolutely amazing.

Turning to Niall, I could see that he was shocked too. "Babe, this is amazing!" I shrieked and he grinned.

"It's the beach themed room. I thought you'd like it."


After getting used to the room and the floor, we both got ready to go out.

Most of the fans had gone when we went outside, and the limo took us to a beautiful restaurant situated near the Tonegawa river.

We had a great time, and when at last Niall and I collapsed back into our room, I was ready to fall into a deep sleep.

Kissing Niall tenderly, I curled up in his arms.

"I love you, babe." He whispered and a small smile crept onto my lips in the darkness.

"I love you too."


Sorry this is basically a filler and not too long, but I have had a busy week, so please excuse the rubishness :/

Anyway, hope you liked seeing into the more glamourous side of 1D's lives, there is sure a lot of good sides to being in the world's most famous boy band :D

See you on the next chapter!

Liv x

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