It All Started With A Brownie

Actually, it starts with two.
Susie gets up one morning and makes a load of brownies. 250, in fact. She and her friends don't know what to do with them so they decide to sell them - outside their apartment. A guy comes along, hood up, blue eyes and soft blonde hair. He keeps his face hidden, but when Susie sees him properly, it's Niall Horan, her celebrity crush. Can Susie keep her secret hidden from her friends, or will the truth come out?


2. Hiding In The Cupboard


I fell silent and watched the guy- I mean, Niall carry on, munching away at his brownie. Suddenly, he stopped, looked up and frowned.

"What? Why are you staring at me like that Susie?"

I bit my lip and tried not to burst into tears. All the fangirl emotions were battling inside of me. I had loved Niall ever since he came on the X Factor. He was such a calm, caring guy- even if he swore in interviews, and I loved him to pieces. He was even better in real life though.


I snapped out of my daydream and cocked my head at him.


"Why are you looking at me as if I'm an alien?"

"B- because, you're N- N- Niall Horan?" I whispered.

Niall's eyes flashed and his hand brushed the top of his head, feeling no hood. He groaned, not in delight this time, and looked seriously worried.

"OMG. Susie, look. I'm sorry I wasn't truthful with you from the start, and I might have seemed a little rude-"

"A little!" I clamped my hand over my mouth and cursed myself. The boyfriend of my dreams was standing in front of me and I just back chatted him? What was I doing?!?!

I flapped my arms about in the air in panic. "Sorry. That so was not meant to come out, I'm so sorry. I'm your biggest fan and I don't want to upset you. I'm so, so sorry!" My arms flapped even more as I launched right into a panic attack when I felt soft arms around me. A calming voice appeared, telling me to breathe and calm down. My breathing soon returned to normal and I turned to thank the person who had calmed me.

Oh. It was Niall. Right. So, I'd just been rude to THE most popular guy in the world and now he decides to help me out when I'm having a panic attack. Like I don't feel bad enough already?!?!

Niall took my shoulders and squeezed them gently. "Susie. Listen to me. I'm sorry that I was extremely rude, but I'm not meant to be out in the open, for the public to see me. Management is gonna be so cross. I was just going for a walk to get some fresh air, but then I saw your brownies and I just couldn't resist. I'm so sorry to put you in this position, but-" He pointed at the several people gathering over the other side of the road, whispering, and raised his eyebrows, "I was just wondering if you could maybe hide me for a couple of hours, just until all the fans go?"

Niall looked so desperate and adorable that I couldn't help but drag him with me to the steps. He grinned, but then pulled me to him and whispered in my ear. "Susie, does anybody else live with you in your apartment?"

I nodded and he looked slightly disappointed.

Answering Niall, a little shakily, I said, "Yes. My friends, Liv, Annabel and Zara. Is that okay?"

Niall thought for a minute, frowned and then shook his head. "Can you hide me from them too? If word gets out then I'll be punished. Please, Susie?"

I was about to give up on the whole 'hiding Niall Horan thingy-mabobby', but then he gave me those cute, oh so cute, puppy dog eyes.


And I couldn't help but give in to his pleadings.


I sighed. "Fine. We will try to keep it from them. But if they do find out, I'll make sure they don't spread the word. They like One Direction too, and wouldn't want any harm to come to you guys."

Okay, that last part was a lie. The others hate One Direction. I don't know why, maybe it's the tattoos, but for some reason they dislike them. So I'm gonna have to work extra hard to make sure Niall doesn't get found, or all hell will break loose.

I glanced across the road again. More people were stopping, pointing and staring and I quickly pushed Niall's hood back up and we rushed inside. I got the lift and it sent us up to the second floor. Yes, I know it's only one floor to go up, but I don't like sport. Okay, walking up one flight of stairs isn't technically a sport, but yunno. It will do me damage and give me wrinkles or something.

Or something.

I got the spare key out from under the plant pot outside the apartment door opened it.

Niall and I crept in, trying to make as little noise as possible. I could hear my friends chatting away in the kitchen, they'd probably forgotten all about the sandwiches.

Oh darn it. I'd left the brownies outside. Great. Now next door neighbour's cat was going to eat them all and we'd have another veterinary fine to pay.

Oh well. All I needed to think about was how we were going to get Niall to my room and where we were going to hide him. We both got down on our hands and knees and started crawling towards the kitchen. Yep, they were all lazing around, listening to music on their phones.

I glanced back at Niall who seemed to be concentrating on my backside and kicked him with my foot. He let out a yelp and I immediately glared at him. The music stopped and Annabel came over to the door. "Hello?"


Niall got up and ran off down the corridor and entered the study, whilst Liv found me on my hands and knees.


"Hey, Annabel! Just practising my ninja stuff, y'know?"

She tilted her head to one side and I tried to look innocent.

"Right. Um... I'll leave you to it, then. Hey, what happened to the brownies? Did you sell them all?" Annabel asked me.

"I had to leave them outside, do you think you guys could get them for me?"

Annabel frowned, then sighed. "Fine."

I grinned again. "Thanks!"

Annabel shouted to the others in the kitchen, "C'mon guys, we're getting the brownies that Susie forgot about."

I glared at her, "Well, you guys forgot all about the sandwiches!"

"No, we didn't! We had some!" She looked hurt.

"So, you didn't think to bring any out for me, huh?" Now it was my turn to look hurt, and I made sure that I put my very best acting skills into it.

It took a while for what I said to register in Annabel's brain, but finally it got through and she sheepishly looked at the floor.

"Oh. Sorry, Susie."

I sighed and finally got up from the floor. "Whatever."

Liv, Annabel and Zara shuffled out of the apartment and once the door was closed, I ran to the study to release Niall.

"You can come out now."

He smiled and my heart melted, "Thanks."

I took his hand and pulled him to my bedroom. He immediately saw the poster and chuckled. I blushed furiously. I was 18, for gods sake. Why did I have a huge poster of Niall on the slanted ceiling above my bed?

I turned to face Niall again. "The girls are going to be back any minute. We need to hide you somewhere." We both thought for a moment.

Niall jumped up from the bed, "I've got it! I'll hide in your cupboard!"

I raised my eyebrows at him. "Okay?"

I shuffled Niall over to my wardrobe and he opened the sliding mirror door. It was big enough for him to slide in and stand behind my coats and dresses. He made a thumbs up gesture and motioned towards my bedroom door.

I got his point, closed the wardrobe and went back to the kitchen, finishing off the leftovers the girls had left out. They were so messy it was indescribable.

I tidied up the kitchen for them and sat down to wait. I couldn't believe that Niall, of all people was in my apartment... my room... my cupboard! It was unbelievable and I had to try and make a good impression on him later. After all, he was single...

I heard the click of the door and the girls came bounding in with the trays of brownies left.

"We've still got loads." Zara commented and I nodded.

"I guess nobody was particularly hungry, but we did raise £60 for charity." I replied.

They all grinned and hi-fived one another.

"We should go out to celebrate tonight. I mean, we've worked so hard at our jobs these past few days, I think we should have a treat." Liv suggested.

"Sure." I said, "But I don't have anything to wear!"

Annabel sighed and rolled her eyes, "I'll find you something."


The skinny brunette skipped out of the room in her hippy dress and we waited for her to come back.

When she did, her face was white and she looked extremely shocked. Her mouth kept opening and closing, opening and a fish.

"What's the matter, Annabel?" Zara was worried, and she had right to be. Annabel was never usually speechless.

"Susie... Why is Niall Horan hiding in your cupboard?"

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