It All Started With A Brownie

Actually, it starts with two.
Susie gets up one morning and makes a load of brownies. 250, in fact. She and her friends don't know what to do with them so they decide to sell them - outside their apartment. A guy comes along, hood up, blue eyes and soft blonde hair. He keeps his face hidden, but when Susie sees him properly, it's Niall Horan, her celebrity crush. Can Susie keep her secret hidden from her friends, or will the truth come out?


10. Explanations and Complications


Here is the chapter, hope you like it xxx

Liv's POV

I walked down the stairs with Liam, my anger for Susie's betrayal slightly subsiding and my hate for One Direction reducing every time Liam turned back and gave me an encouraging grin. His hand rested on the doorknob and I tensed. Everybody was going to be out there, wondering what happened. Oh God, I couldn't deal with this right now.

"You ready?" Liam asked and I didn't trust my voice to speak, so I nodded instead. But before he opened the door, Liam pulled me towards him and gave me a hug. I buried my face in his chest and he seemed to take a lot of my pain away with that one hug. Liam's fingers stroked my back and my aching muscles eased a little.

"Thanks, Liam." I whispered, and he shrugged, leading me out with his arms wrapped protectively around my waist.

"They're back, guys." A voice off to the right said and I looked around. Where had all the guests gone? The house was deserted.

There was no more time to think about it though, after I was bustled out of Liam's arms and onto the sofa. Susie's hair was in my face and I realised that she was giving me a hug. And, as much as I didn't want to show her any kindness, my emotions took over and I returned the hug.

"I'm so, so sorry, Liv." She whispered and I sighed.

"Susie, it's okay. Don't worry about it."

"But if I'd known-" Her voice cracked and I pushed her off of me. The tearful girl looked slightly startled for a minute, but I held her hands and made her look me in the eye, after beckoning Annabel and Zara over, who were standing meekly to one side, waiting for their turn to apologise.

They both sat down on the floor in front of me and I sighed again. "Look, if you had all known, you wouldn't have done this. But the fact is, you didn't know, and that was my fault for not telling you the truth, so you shouldn't feel bad. I'm sorry I shouted at you earlier Susie, but I was just so angry in that moment, I didn't know who to take it out on. And you were the closest, so...I guess you pulled the short straw." I felt the corners of my mouth turn up and the girls all smiled as well.

"Harry told us what happened between you two." Annabel glanced at Zara before looking back at me and I shook my head.

"He doesn't know the half of it."

Susie grabbed my hand, "Why?"

I rolled my eyes, "What exactly did he tell you?"

Zara piped up and my attention drew to her.

"He said that you were together before he became famous, and that he broke up with you to go on the X Factor."

My mouth fell open. "What! No, we didn't break up, he left me. With a baby!"

"Hang on a second, what did you just say?" I turned round to see Harry standing by the wall with his arms crossed, looking a little confused and bemused.

"What is he still doing here?" I asked nobody in particular, closing my eyes and taking deep breaths.

"Well, we managed to get all the guests out, but Paul said he could only take all the boys at once, and Liam was up with you, so-"

I cut Annabel off mid-speech. "Who the hell is Paul?"

Susie pointed at the stern looking guy standing at the door, and whispered, "Their bodyguard."

"Oh." My attention turned back to Harry, and I stood up to make my speech. "I think it's finally time for you to hear this, Harry Styles."

He looked nervous, so that was a good start.

"When you left, it tore me to pieces and I-"

"But I didn't leave you, we had a mutual break up." Harry interrupted and I nearly tore my hair out with frustration.

"SHUT. UP!" Everyone in the room looked startled when I screamed at him, but let me tell you now, playing rounders every week at secondary school is good practise if you want to know how to scream loudly.

"Just hear me out, boy, and don't but in." I paused, catching my breath. "I woke up one day, and everything of yours was gone. You left me Styles, without another word. And you think that was bad enough? Well, listen closely, Harold Edward Styles." His lips pressed firmly together when I said his full name, but I didn't care.

"Three weeks later, I found out that I was pregnant. With your baby." As soon as I finished, the girls took me off to the bathroom to cool down, and when I turned back, Harry was ranting about the place, waving his hands about in the air.

Such a drama queen.

Susie's POV

After the little episode at the party, I was glad to get back to the apartment in one piece. We all had made up with Liv properly and were now lying in a heap on the floor in front of the TV.

I saw Liv stirring and her eyes snapped open, eventually landing on me. "Morning." She said quietly.

"Hey there." We went over to the sofa and sat for a minute or two in comfortable silence.

"You and Liam seemed to be getting pretty close last night." I smirked. When they'd walked out of the door with their arms around each other, my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

She chuckled, "Susie, we are just friends. He has a girlfriend."

I shrugged.

"Anyway, you're one to talk. I saw that hug you gave Niall when the boys left. You really like him, don't you."

I smiled at my feet and nodded, feeling my cheeks heating up. "I do, he's such a great guy, but I don't think he likes me back. I mean, he's an international popstar."

"Does that really matter?"

I looked up at Liv, "What do you mean?"

"Susie, even I can see the way he looks at you. He adores you, it's obvious."

A little flicker of hope grew inside me, "You really think so?"

"I know so."


A little while later had us all sat round the kitchen table cooking cheese and ham omelettes. Actually, it was mainly me making them, but I enjoyed it. Suddenly the telephone rang and I was the first to pick it up.


"Hi, Susie!" A chorus of voices came on the phone and I instantly knew who it was.

"Hey, guys!"

Zara and Annabel came rushing over when they realised too so I handed them the phone and sat back down with Liv, who seemed a little sad.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing. I, just, I wish I could like the boys as much as you guys do." She motioned to the two excitable girls on the phone and I ruffled her hair.

"Trust me, you will soon."

She laughed and the other girls squealed again.

"We'd love to!" Zara shouted down the phone and I sighed. Please don't break it.

"Okay, see you there at one!" Annabel pressed the hang up button and I saw Liv frown.

"Where are we meeting them?" I asked, a little surprised that they wanted to see us again after last night.

"Ice Skating! Their girlfriends are coming and they thought it would be nice if we came too." Zara looked so pleased with herself and I didn't want to ruin the atmosphere, but it seemed as if Liv had caught on already.

"Is Harry going to be there?" She asked and the girls looked panicked.

"Oh no, I'm so sorry Liv, I think he will be. They didn't say that he wouldn't." Annabel replied and Liv's face crumpled.

I gave her another hug. "We don't have to go, it's easy to just call them back and tell them that we can't come. It will be fine, we don't mind, honest."

Liv shook her head. "No way. I can't let you guys do that. Look, I'll come along, but if it gets a bit much, I'll go to the café or something, okay?"

We all grinned and thanked her. I couldn't believe I was going to see Niall again!



Hope you liked it, yay they are going ice skating :) It's half term in England at the moment and it is raining heavily. Well, yesterday was really sunny and I got my face burnt (I look like a tomato), but never mind...

Okay, love you all xxxxx

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