It All Started With A Brownie

Actually, it starts with two.
Susie gets up one morning and makes a load of brownies. 250, in fact. She and her friends don't know what to do with them so they decide to sell them - outside their apartment. A guy comes along, hood up, blue eyes and soft blonde hair. He keeps his face hidden, but when Susie sees him properly, it's Niall Horan, her celebrity crush. Can Susie keep her secret hidden from her friends, or will the truth come out?


7. Birthday

 I hope you guys enjoy this chapter. it's still basically a filler, but I promise the party will be in the next chapter!!:)

Susie's POV

After coming out of the exam, I felt strangely elated. I had nothing but parties and summer to look forward to...until my second year at Oxford University. But I wasn't going to think about next year's exams. I was going to live in the present from now on, getting ready for the party next week.

I hopped back in my car and found a missed call from Zara, so I called her back.

"Hey, Susie! How did the exam go?"

"It was great, thanks. I definitely think I passed so that's a relief."

I could feel the warmth of her voice through the phone, "I'm so glad for you, Susie. Now that we've all finished our's time to party!"

I nodded, then felt stupid after realising she couldn't see me on the other end of the phone. "Yeah! Are your parents letting us use your house as a venue?"

"No, I'm afraid not." There was a pause as she waited for my reaction, which was heaving a huge sigh and nearly pulling my hair out in desperation. I was just considering to commit suicide when Zara started laughing hysterically.

"JOKES!!!!!" She screamed down the phone and my mouth dropped open in shock.


"My parents say we can borrow the house! Isn't that so good- I told you, girl!"

I breathed a sigh of relief and felt my eyes welling up with tears of happiness. My party was going ahead after all.

"Thank you so, so much, Zara and say thanks to your wonderful parents when you next speak to them. I love them so much right at this minute."

"Hehe. Speak to you later, Susie. We need to go shopping tomorrow, for your party with One Direction!" She sang the last bit down the line and I screamed again as I remembered they were going to be there. It was so amazing, and quite unrealistic too. I mean, if I'd been reading this as a fanfic, which, uh, obviously, I do not ever do, obviously, um, ahhh, okaaay....You caught me. Yes, I read fanfics. I'm 19 and I read fanfics. There, I said it. Done. Now let's move on, shall we?

As I was saying, if this was a fanfic, I'd roll my eyes at another cliché story about a girl meeting One Direction and inviting them to her party. I mean, get real, huh? But strangely and weirdly, this was actually happening right before my eyes. I mean, crazy stuff does happen, right?

The next day, Annabel, Zara, Liv and I got changed out of our One Direction Onesies....okay...I was just me who got changed out of my 1D onesie, and slipped on casual clothes.

We decided to shop at Westfield, twenty minutes from our apartment, because it had a range of shops to choose clothes and accessories in, and it was pretty close.

The girls and I hurried down the apartment block steps, chatting excitedly about what sort of things we were going to wear to my party, but we stopped in a daze outside the front. It was pouring with rain, so I grabbed two umbrellas from the hallway stand and we hurried outside to Annabel's mini.

Climbing inside, I sighed at the rain, and shook off the water droplets from my new parka raincoat. We chatted all the way there, but when What Makes You Beautiful came on the radio, Liv tensed up. As we were all singing, and I guess she didn't want to spoil the moment, she kept silent, but as soon as Harry's solo near the end began, she reached forward from her passenger seat and clicked the off button on the radio system.

The whole car elapsed into silence when she did this and we spent most of the rest of the journey talking in quiet voices, glancing at Liv every now and again. She was staring out of the window in a tensed position and in the rearview mirror she looked like she was lost in a memory.

However, when we got to Westfield, Liv apologised, brightened up and the first shop we went to was her favourite, Topshop.

"Look at these shoes, Annabel! They'd look great on you!" Liv called Annabel over, whose eyes widened in delight. Trying them on to see if they fit, she decided to go for a light orangey-pink. The shoes were wedge heels and very Annabel. So she went over to the till, leaving Zara, Liv and I to look around the shop.

I wandered over to the wacky clothes, trying to find something that would catch Niall's eye. Most of the clothes I looked at were too expensive, so I decided to tag along with Annabel instead, certain that this wasn't the shop for me.

We stopped by the makeup range and I picked out some good foundation and eyeliner that I had almost ran out of back home. I paid for my items and we all met outside. Zara and Liv had managed not to buy anything, so we moved on to the next shop: Prom Girl.

Inside, we all found gorgeous dresses. Well, Liv's was a bit simple, and we persuaded her to get a more flouncy party dress but she decided to stick with a short, white bodycon with lacy sleeves.

I chose a light green, floaty dress with a sparkly belt and I must say, it was pretty fabulous. Annabel, trying to match the shoes she'd bought in Topshop, found a coral and black dress that suited her figure and bounced out around her thighs.

Zara, being the beauty queen of all of us, decided to go for a short, ruched, one shoulder dress that looked absolutely stunning. <author's note: pictures at side of dresses- click on link to photobucket>

We all walked out of the shop, relieved to have found something and now eager to get some accessories to go with our beautiful outfits.

The shopping trip ended well, and over the next few days I went to loads of different shops to get food and party things to decorate Zara’s house with. The excitement was getting increasingly bigger all the time and I literally could not wait to put on my dress and strut down the stairs, Niall whisking me off to LA, swimming with dolphins and sipping cocktails by the pool and we’d make brownies together and-

Okay, I’m getting way ahead of myself now.


“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Susie….Happy birthday to you!!!” All the girls screamed loudly and jumped on top of my bed. I groaned, rolled over and tried to knock them off, but they shook me roughly.

“Alright, alright, I’ll get up.” They stopped moving around and got under the covers of my bed instead.

“We don’t need you to get up. We just want you to be awake. It’s your birthday!” Liv grinned at me , pulling out a small, neatly wrapped present and handing it to me gently.

“Thanks, Liv. But before we do presents, I need to get up and make you all breakfast.”

All three girls smirked at each other and Annabel spoke up. “Susie, you always make breakfast, every single day, so today we made it for you.”

“Aww, thank you so much guys, that’s really kind of you.” I felt my eyes welling up and I mentally told myself off for getting so emotional.

Annabel and Liv snuggled further into my bed and I picked up Liv’s present whilst Zara got the breakfast plated up.

Liv watched me intently while I tore the wrapping paper and I felt self-conscious, I mean what if I didn’t like it and she saw my expression? Anyhow, I couldn’t exactly ask her to leave the room, so I concentrated on opening the present.

A little box was revealed and I squealed when it read, ‘Pandora’. I pulled the top off the box and my eyes widened. Inside was a long thin, light green bracelet. It was beautiful and my eyes filled with emotion. Again. “Thank you so much, Liv. It’s beautiful.” I choked out and she smiled.

“It goes with your beautiful green dress, so you can wear it to the party if you like."

I nodded and clutched the bracelet to my chest. "Thank you." I hugged her tightly, breathing in the soft smell of my Liv. Finally, we had her back.

Liv pulled away and gestured at Zara, who was holding out a tray full of pancakes, eggs, bacon, mushrooms, hash browns and lightly buttered toast. "Ah, wow. Thanks guys! You really have been working hard this morning, haven't you?"

They grinned at me as I tucked in, savouring the salty flavours before gulping the rest down hungrily.

When I finished, I turned to Annabel, who was prodding me to get me to open her present. She placed it in my hands and I tried to figure out what it might be. It was quite big, and seemed flexible, so I tore off the paper to find out. A brown, leather Jack Wills bag fell out, along with some Benefits makeup and I marvelled at all the cool stuff Annabel had given me. The bag was perfect for Uni. "Oh my god, thank you so much Annabel. It's amazing, and just what I needed. You got it spot on!" Her eyes lit up and I gave her a huge hug, her sparkly dressing gown tickling my chin a little.

Next, Zara hopped over to me and handed me a rectangular box with tissue placed around it. She grimaced as it all fell off. "I couldn't find the sellotape, sorry."

I laughed back at her, "It's fine, Zara. You can use it again for another birthday."

"Oh, yeah. Good idea."

I pulled off the top of the box and my mouth dropped open. When we had gone to Westfield, there were not any shoes there that I particularly liked, so I had decided to just wear my old green pumps to the party, but this had changed my mind completely.

The box contained black heels with mini star studs down the side and bright green neon laces. They were absolutely perfect for tonight and I bounced up and down on the bed in happiness. "They are amazing, Zara! I love them so much!" Her grin deepened and I sat back happily, all my perfect presents and friends around me. The day was getting better as it went on.

"Right." I glanced at my watch, "I love your presents guys, and I would love to spend a relaxing day in bed, but I'm afraid we only have nine hours till the guests arrive. We need to get this party started!"

All the girls agreed and we got out of the bed to dress and decorate Zara's parents house.

Very sorry it is not exciting as I said it would be last time, but if I put in the party bit it would have made the chapter seriously long, so that is my pathetic excuse :)

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