It All Started With A Brownie

Actually, it starts with two.
Susie gets up one morning and makes a load of brownies. 250, in fact. She and her friends don't know what to do with them so they decide to sell them - outside their apartment. A guy comes along, hood up, blue eyes and soft blonde hair. He keeps his face hidden, but when Susie sees him properly, it's Niall Horan, her celebrity crush. Can Susie keep her secret hidden from her friends, or will the truth come out?


5. Argument


So... I have been having writers block all week while you guys have been voting and i've been trying my best to come up with some ideas for this chapter so sorry if its not very good but i've tried my best....

Don't you think it's really hard to start a chapter?? i do, and that is my problem now, i'm just putting this moment off to start it, haha okayyy im gonna start now. 


Susie's POV

The note fell out of my hands after reading it a third time, but I quickly picked it up again to add Niall's number to my contact list. I couldn't believe this. What did it all mean?

I slumped over the bath, my fingers trembling as I thought about Niall and his perfect, amazing, life. Why would he want anyone like me? I brushed the thought aside and thought instead about my friends.

I mean, Annabel and Zara had been all right with Niall, a little shocked at first maybe, but they were giggling about him earlier when we were getting all the clothes, commenting on his cute Irish accent and fluffy hair.

But Liv... This was very, very different for her. Usually she was happy, bouncy and smiley at any time, even when she came back from a long day at Uni. So, what was up? I knew that she didn't like One Direction, but she was seriously rude to Niall. I needed to talk to her about it.

Bounding out of the room, I nearly crashed into the thunderous girl. Speak of the devil.

"Oh, sorry, Liv!" I smiled at her, but she just scowled back.

"Why the hell did you bring that guy into our house?" She screamed at me and I stepped back.


"You know I absolutely loathe One Direction! So why bring him in?" She snarled.

"Why are you so stressed out, Liv? What was I meant to do, leave him outside to get in serious trouble with management? I didn't think you guys would mind, Annabel and Zara seemed to take to him." I tried to calm myself down a little and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the other girls staring wide-eyed at us. Well, yeah, this was our first argument.

"Look, Olivia. Please calm down."

Liv gaped at me as I said her full name, "Don't you dare call me that."

I ignored her, "If there's something wrong at work, home, or something happening with your family, you can tell us. We can be there for you. Please. Just don't take it out on Niall. He's a really great guy."

"Oh, yeah. Like you'd know all about that, considering Max just broke up with you! You're so pathetic. You even finished each other's sentences." Liv shook her head bitterly and for a moment she looked lost in a memory, but then she snapped out of it, back to reality. "You just don't get it, Susie Liddell." Her voice got louder and louder. "None of you get it!"

She stormed out of the room again I burst into tears. What was wrong with that girl? I was just trying to help, and she'd just gone and brought back memories of Max and I.

"Hey, Max." I smiled softly at the brown-haired guy in front of me. He was perfect in every way. Tanned, toned and totally gorgeous. What was not to like?

Max smiled weakly back at me and I frowned uneasily. Usually, he bounded into my arms, but recently he'd been a little different. Sort of... guilty, somehow.

I took a step back and shook my head, "What's wrong, Max?"

"W-What do you mean?" He stuttered.

"You're looking so guilty and shifty. What's wrong with you today? In fact, what's been wrong with you these last few weeks. We haven't had much time to talk together, but you seem to be pushing me away. Please, tell me. What's going on?"

His eyes looked at the ground, then they fell onto me, "I'm sorry." He whispered, and I felt my heart literally crack in two.

"I've been having an affair with another girl. I'm sorry, Susie. I love you, but I don't think I can handle relationships any more. I'm going solo for a bit. I'm thinking of moving to America for the last year of Uni, to get away from all these- these complications. I'm sorry."

I nodded quietly, my eyes full of tears. I loved this guy so much it hurt, and now- now he's leaving me? Not even for a girl. He's just swanning off to another country to start again, while I'll be left alone in a mess of shattered heart.

I jolted from the memory and Zara pulled me to the sofa. She sat me down and took my hands in hers, stroking them for a minute. The tears were falling fast now.

I pulled my hands away from Zara and sniffed, turning at the sound of the kettle boiling and Annabel smiling sadly at me.

"Why is she so cross, Annabel? What did I do?"

Annabel shrugged, "I don't know." A little smirk came onto her face as she poured me a cup of steaming tea. "But let's not worry about her. We wanna hear all about Niall!"

I laughed through my tears and folded my arms, "You like him now?"

The girls giggled and nodded in sync. Annabel bought the tea over to me and I sipped, gratefully.

When I put the mug down, I found them both looking at me expectantly.

"He's cute, right." They nodded and I continued. "I really like him too." The girls grinned. After Max dumped me last week, I have been all lonely and depressed. I guess it was nice for them to see me happier again.

I continued, "I was just wondering if we could invite him to my 19th birthday party in two weeks time?"

Zara's smile faded, "I'd love to do that for you, Susie. But we can't- It's not like we know them or anything. He's got a busy schedule."

I grinned, "How about if I said I had Niall's number?"

"WHAT!!" The girls squealed and I showed them the note. They were extremely excited, but we all decided to phone Niall up later and not to tell Liv, because something was seriously wrong with her at the moment. I didn't think she'd turn up on the night if we told her that Niall may be coming to the party.

Half an hour later, when we were all settled down watching Made In Chelsea, Liv came in and looked a bit shifty.

"Uh- I, er- I just wanted to say sorry. For being rude to you and to N- Niall. It was such a shock, I think I'm just stressed or something. I'm really, really sorry I said what I did about Max, Susie. But please, nothing's going on with my family or anything like that, so don't worry." She tried to crack a smile and so did we.

It was obvious we were all still worried about her, but we decided to let the matter drop and she sat down on the cream sofa, falling asleep almost straight away. I guess we weren't going out tonight, then.

Oh well. We could phone Niall a bit sooner ;)

As Liv was deeply asleep, I beckoned the others to my room and we got up quietly, trying not to disturb the peaceful girl that lay in front of us.

They all grinned and we ran to my room. I took out my phone and went to contacts. Yep, there he was. Niall.

I whispered to the girls not to make a sound whilst I was talking on my mobile and they nodded, getting more excited by the minute.

I pressed the call button and the buzzing sound started after a few seconds. We waited patiently, and after the third ring, somebody picked up.

"Hello?" It was Niall. I recognised his sweet accent instantly, and it sounded like there were several people talking in the background as well.

"Hi, Niall. It's Susie."

"Oh, Susie!" I heard the voices in the background go silent and I smirked.

"Hey, got your note. Well, obviously, I did, cause I'm phoning you now and that would be a bit silly if I didn't even have your number, but, oh god, I'm warbling aren't I, oh no, sorry-" A hand rested on my back and I stopped, taking deep breaths.

Niall spoke over the phone again, "Susie, it's okay, I'm not going anywhere. You don't have to rush. Just keep breathing slow and steady."

I nodded to myself and started again. "I was just wondering if you would like to come to my 19th in two weeks time?"

I paused and he hesitated but then spoke again. "Sure! I'd love to come."

I heard shuffling in the background and some muffled cries. What was going on over the other side of the phone? A different voice came on the phone this time. I recognised it to be Louis.

"Hello, Susie."


"Hi. I'm Louis and I like carrots. I also like parties."


"So...Did you just invite Niall to a party?"

"I did."

"Weell, I'd love to come too. Y'know, to meet the amazing Susie who I've heard so much about?"

Louis seemed to scream and drop the phone. At this point I turned it on loudspeaker, so that the girls could hear what was happening. But I needn't have. They'd already heard what Louis said. That Niall had talked about me. OMG. The realization just hit me. Niall had talked about me to One Direction!This had to mean something, right?"

I was interrupted by the sound of Liam's deep voice. "Hey, Susie. This is Liam here. Basically, the boys are having a little argument, uh, no, sorry, they're not...oh, I think I just said the wrong thing... they're just having a- having a little misunderstanding. I think what Louis wanted to ask was if he could come to the party too?"

My friends started jumping about on the bed and I was speechless. "Yeah, sure. Would you all like to come?"

"That would be great! So, we can finally meet the mysterious but beautiful Susie." A slapping sound was heard, "Woops. Said the wrong thing again. Okay, better go and sort those naughty boys out, see you at the party. And remember to text Niall the details."

"Ok, Liam. Bye!" The line went dead and I screamed. One Direction were coming to my 19th birthday party!!!!!! OMG this caused for celebration, so I started jumping about on the bed with Annabel and Zara.

Just then, we all heard a knocking sound at the door. Liv stood there, bleary eyed with her arms folded across her chest. "What's all the excitement about?"

We paused for a second, but then I screamed, "Because I'm nearly 19 and this is gonna be the best birthday party ever!"

Liv grinned and we helped her onto the bed to dance around with us, seeming genuinely happy. I felt totally bad about not telling her the real reason, but it couldn't be helped.

Now all I needed to do was work out a way to stop Liv from going anywhere near the boys at the party. She could be a real drama queen at times.


So, hope you liked the chapter!!

I have a question for you guys: Why do you think Liv hates One Direction so much??

Hmmmm, interested to know your thoughts, all will be revealed in a few chapters :D


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