Starless Sky [completed]

After having spend the summer with the Cullens, in LA and with Charlie; Melody gets back to Forks High School. it's a brand new year full of unexpected surprises and things you'd never thought were existing.

After a small incident, things go wrong - Bella gets depressive and Melody runs away.
But what happens if the past all comes flooding back? is there danger lurking?

What if she can't protect her family from herself and the ghosths of her past? And worse.. how will Edward react?

Starless Sky is the sequel to Moon Girl


This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- violence
- angst
- cursing
- sexual acts/ suggestive themes


18. The truth + the final stretch + Daddy's grown up girl

Scarlett POV

Melody’s eyes went wide when I asked her about it. I saw her swallow thickly and standing up, making me frown. Why can’t you sit down and answer the question? 

“Do you actually want me to tell you that my…pussy hurts from sitting so long while there’s a baby relaxing on it? I’m sure you know the feeling…” she said sheepishly, a tad snarky and wincing from the sting I knew very well off. 
Ah, right. Got it. “Anyway , I asked you something and seeing your eyes got so wide I assume you’re hiding something – Again.” I stayed at the subject she was trying to change in any way possible as I was leaning casually against the kitchen counter. 

Melody averted her eyes, looking down when she spoke,” I’ve dreamt about a little boy who looks exactly like the baby’s father….In my dreams he told me to call him E. In one dream Aro took him away from me, and at the time, E was the only one making me survive through the sorrow.” She explained, huffing a laugh that showed disbelief, while I was surprised when she mentioned Aro, ”Strange that I got so attached to a toddler in my dreams…but thinking about it, it might’ve been Bumpy in some way...” 
I pondered on that for a minute or two. The dreams weren’t strange at all, I’d experienced that too when I was pregnant with Denim. But what did Aro had to do with this so all of the sudden? Why would Melody dream, or rather say have a nightmare, of the vile corpse. He wasn’t anything more worthy than that – a corpse. 
“Is that why you want name the baby with the first letter being an E?” I asked, grinning. She nodded in reaction and shrugged, “Weird, I know. But yes, that’s why. But I’m not sure yet…maybe I’ll change the names…I think I want to know the sex when Adam’s making another ultrasound. Then I know what to do with the room and clothes…” she mused, tapping her chin and smiling. 
“Are you sure? Some women want it to be a surprise.” I questioned, stepping away from the counter to get my shoes since an idea popped into my head. 
Melody shrugged again, ”I’m just so curious. And next to that I’m not calling the baby Elizabella Bumpy Bumpette Ethan It, until it’s born.” She stated awkwardly. There was still one thing I wanted to know, but I hesitated if I could ask her this again.
“Who’s it’s father?” I asked casually, but looking her square in the eyes, those she tried to avoid. My heart squeezed uncomfortably when I saw a look of pure, deep and raw grief in her golden eyes. Something told me, that this had been much more than just some guy she was attracted to and ended up in a one-night stand. If she was this hurt by it, it couldn’t be true. 
“I told you I wasn’t talking about that.” She choked with her jaw clenched tightly. I sighed deeply and held my hands up in surrender, “all right. Fine. But since we’re only sitting here and you keep saying it’s still very unreal, I think we should go shopping.”
Her eyes widened another time, but not from hiding something – more in astonishment.
“In my dictionary, you’re not quite the shopping type…What did they do to you when I was gone?” she giggled, but seriously asking the question. I rolled my eyes, ”I wasn’t talking about hours of dresses, jeans, stilettos and lingerie – I was talking about baby clothes and paint.” 
Realization dawned on her face, “Oh…but Scar, how can we buy baby clothes and paint if we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet?” she replied, raising one eyebrow.
“Well, you’ll always need white clothes, socks, hats – the basics. And maybe green or yellow is pretty enough for a baby room without knowing what’s it going to be yet.” I stated simply, retrieving my purse and grey trench coat. Melody left, saying something about putting on something properly since she was still in het pajama’s. a few minutes later, she was downstairs again, wearing dark blue skinny’s, blown Uggs and a soft looking cream colored jersey. She’d bound her hair in a ponytail, but hadn’t straightened the brown locks. 
Her Belly stood proudly out, from underneath her clothes. I wondered why it was this big already – it was huger than mine at that time. I shook off the musings and gave her a coat of mine, since her own didn’t fit anymore. we closed up, got into my Mercedes and went into town. 
After having parked the car, I ushered her to the first shop – it wasn’t expensive, even though we could afford it. But buying expensive baby clothes for a baby that would only wear it for less than a month or shorter, was a waste of money. 
Melody was walking wide eyed through the store, checking out other women with pregnant bellies, some bigger than hers. I led my sister to the new born section and told her what she needed. 
After an hour and a half, we got all the white basics – onesies with three kinds of sleeves in plain white, two soft hats, socks, and more. As she paid for it, the cashier was looking at her strangely, and seeing the ashamed look on my sister’s face, she probably read her mind. 
With two bags, we went to the next store. 
“you know…how are we going to buy real clothes if we don’t know the sex yet?” she said, already tugging at different baby dresses in shades of pink and red. 
“You don’t have to buy something yet, but this doesn’t mean you can’t look around.”I explained, walking further to the boy’s clothes. 
After another half an hour of ‘Look at this!’, ‘this is so cute!’, and ‘that one is awesome!’ we left again since Melody was complaining she was hungry. I just laughed at that when she swatted my arm chuckling. 
We bought a sandwich at some small bistro and went further to the next stop – paint. I convinced Melody, that yellow was a nice color for the nursery and she agreed. 
By the time we were done, it was around three in the afternoon, and Melody was exhausted. We drove home in silence, as I saw her eyes droop once in a while. I remembered how she looked when she did that when she was six – it had made me want a child with Adam. 
Before Adam and I eventually mated, it was on the first night of our honey-moon. He’d made me wait for another three years, but it was worth it. When we got back two weeks later, I started feeling so weird, that I tested it behind his back. When the test had come back positive, I confronted him with it. We argued for a long time, that such a thing wasn’t possible, and he didn’t believe me. That is, until my belly started to grow massively in such a short time, that he gave in. 
Form the day I’d found out about him, Denim was my life. Of course I loved my husband and the rest of my family, but my child was on the first place. That’s what a mother does. And so did Melody by taking care of it without the boy she’d gotten it from. Some girls would go back crying, other’s simply didn’t care and the most with a sense of motherly feelings would do everything that it’d take to make it healthy, happy and safe.

When we arrived home and I had awaken her up from her nap in the car, I could see she was tense. Maybe she’d had a bad dream, or this shopping trip had indeed made it more real for her than it already was. And it probably hurt her that whoever the father was, wasn’t there. And I didn’t know why, I wanted to know who it was so badly. It just kept nagging my mind all the time as in saying – who’s jumped your sister? I winced. I might be a doctor and being busy with all those questions and circumstances every single day of work, but the idea of someone…jumping my youngest sister was quite disturbing. 
      I brought all the things we’d bought into the hospital room in our house – there was place enough and apart from Adam me and now Melody, no one came in there. 
      My sisters were happy for her and I was positive Adam and Chris were too, but Melody felt extremely bad about how Nathan had reacted upon it. I’d surely expected it, but not this way – he was so extraordinary happy himself when Layla announced she was expecting a baby of them together. I was mad at him for behaving like that and he’d surely hear about it when he got home. He had to get back eventually I supposed. Layla told me he’d rage for a few days on his own in the woods but he’ll miss his wife and daughter to much to actually stay away. Knowing Nathan he’d cool down and at least try to face his mistakes in this. 
      When I got back upstairs, to the ground floor, I saw Melody sitting in the grey couch, leaning her head against the side for leverage. I stood there, with closing my mind and deciding what to do. I knew she was tense and mostly when she was, she’d explode en roar out all the things that are bothering her. I knew I shouldn’t be taking advantage of that, but if she’d let it loose, she’d feel better. 

      Having made my choice and accepting I might get cursed and getting a wrath from her, I stepped forward. She sensed and now heard me getting closer and looked up. her eyes were red and blotchy proving that she was crying. 
      “What’s wrong?” I asked, taking seat next to her and starting to stroke her wavy brown hair. She sniffled and shook her head with an acerb smile, not answering. 
      “Melody I know you don’t want it, but you can trust me! I won’t tell anyone not even Adam! But please tell me who the father of your baby is! You’ll feel so much better when that’s out!” I pleaded, almost desperately. I saw her swallow and sniffle another time before she sighed heavily and turned her face towards mine. 
      “I’ll tell you, but please don’t judge me for what I’ve done…I can’t have that, it’s the biggest reason why I kept it as a secret for so long…” she whispered with a raw edge in her voice from the thick tears that started to slowly descend down her red cheeks again. 
      I won’t judge you, I thought towards her, seeing her faintly nod. 

      “Okay…so when I was just in school in Forks and saw him for the first time I was…confused by him. he acted so strange,” she said, huffing a laugh, “When we got to talk, I found he was quite enjoyable to be around with while I’d thought otherwise in the beginning. I kept denying it, my feelings towards him, but when I finally realized, I was too late,” her voice broke in the end, while she tried to contain a sob, which I heard get stuck in her throat.
      “When I wanted to actually act on those new feelings, someone else already stole his heart. I felt terrible that I had to see how he was in love with her…” 
      “Did your friends know him?” I asked very cautiously, knowing that was another raw nerve. I was a bit caught off guard when she laughed hoarsely, “Yeah, they did.” 
      I took it that her friends and I though especially Edward, her best friend, didn’t like him then. I felt bad for her and wished it would have gone differently. 

      “During summer everything got better. Even though he had this relationship, we got closer as just friends and I was able to suppress my love for him. Everything was just fine until something happened at my birthday…” her voice faltered again and I saw her chest heave up with the pain she must be feeling. I was surprised. I knew she was acting off at her birthday and this probably had been the cause of that.
      “He’d…kissed me….just barely and maybe he hadn’t even truly touched my lips. Just at that moment Bella came barging in and we broke apart. That night we celebrated my birthday at the Cullens and you know what happened there…” she frowned and I saw her wince at the reference to the Cullens. She’d told me that the few scars on her shoulder where from falling onto the table with glass bowls. They’d splintered and torn open the skin. The Cullens had felt really bad about it and left because off Dr. Cullen’s new job. 

      “four days had it been. Four days that I hadn’t heard a thing from him at all. He wasn’t at school, he wasn’t home. He was anywhere but where I wanted him to be.” She sighed deeply, looking down to her thick belly and starting to stroke gently over the top of it, a small crooked smile tugging at her lips. I assumed she was close to telling me what I wanted to hear. 
      “so at one night, after not having eaten for a while, I went out hunting. I’d left a note for Charlie so he’d know where I was. When I was done drinking, I got a phone call and Charlie said that Bella was missing. So I turned on my heel wanting to head home, but my feet dragged me elsewhere, like I was needed there. and then I was at his house. It was dark and looked abandoned. And then suddenly he was there…” her voice faltered as she shook her head. I was still brushing her hair and her shoulder while she told me a story that must be very hard on her. 

      “He started talking, explaining but I still didn’t understood. And then he kissed me truly. I wanted to stop him, but my heart wouldn’t let me….we got inside the dark house and well…” she trailed off, her face becoming a thick shade of red, making me chuckle lightly.
      “You can tell me, I’d like to know how you experienced it, though, I don’t want any kind of details – that’s a tad too much.” I assured her. I just wanted to know if she liked it. A girl should, even though it was connected with pain and confusion. 
      “Uhm…well…it was euphoric at first. I was still fighting with myself about all it, but at some point I threw all my rational thoughts and thinking out….along with my clothes I guess…” she giggled girlishly, still blushing fiercely and brushing the swollen bump. I chuckled, “Well, that’s the easiest way, isn’t it?” I joked, making her swat my arm softly and rolling her eyes. Sorry, go on.

      “Eh…let’s just say that…it was like I said awesome in the beginning, until, you know, the actual stuff took place…that hurt so much…” 
      I cringed, disappointed at the fact that she’d been in so much pain. Of course I knew by myself, that losing your virginity isn’t great, but in my case, the pain had only lasted a minute or two. 
      “It’s wasn’t just the physical pain, but more mentally. He was leaving me and I knew it. I mean, I told you all it was a one-night stand, but it wasn’t just sex…it was much more but not in the way I’d wished it would have. I wished he would’ve loved me too, just as much as I did in that moment, even though it was so unbearably painful.”
      I just nodded, letting her know I understood. What happened then?

      “He left that night, and since then I haven’t heard a single thing again. I got home, completely numb, like an undead…sorry….and collapsed. The next morning Charlie explained what had happened and luckily Bella was back also.” 
      “I can recall Dad told me Edward had broken up with Bella. You were both heartbroken then. Bella moved on though, at least, that’s what Charlie told on the phone.” 
      Melody snorted, having a strange expression on her face. “Isn’t it funny if I tell you that Bella never really loved him? that she only used him and wanted to be the first girl to get him laid?” she raged cynically. 
      “But still – you haven’t told me whom it was yet,” I pushed, extremely curious and wanting to know it even though I didn’t know the guy. He’d hurt my sister in many ways. 
      Melody laughed harshly again, bitterly, but I could see the deep caring emotions brimming in her eyes.

      “Isn’t it even funnier,” she sneered,” if I tell you that I was the one who did love him and that I was the first girl that he’d gotten laid with?”

      I didn’t need any time to think about what she basically told me. to say that I didn’t expect this, was a huge understatement. 
      “Oh my God was it – “
      “Oh, yeah he was. Edward fucking Cullen, my so-called best friend who left me all on my own, drowning in my own waves of pain and sorrow.” She sneered again, tears back in the picture as she got completely hysterical, sobbing loudly and sniffling against the tears. 
[tab[ I was still caught off guard about it. So it had been Edward Cullen, the handsome gentleman. Her best friend. Now I got it, the story. She wanted him, couldn’t have him and when he left, she got what she wished for, before it was brutally taken away from her. His heart. 
      She was expecting Edward Cullen’s child in over a month. 

      “You are joking.” I exclaimed, still quite shocked and processing it. Melody raised an eyebrow, her tears and hysterics at bay. 
      “Joking? I think you should ask my baby if I am. I’ll tell that she’s far from joking, Scarlett.” 
      I chuckled warily at that, so did she. It was all so weird, our lives, our situations, everything. But we belonged there, in the middle of all that. 
      “I want his baby, you know. I want that she’d healthy, and loved and that she won’t have to worry about anything at all. And I’ll always love Edward, wherever he might be and whatever he might be doing.” She said, whispering and looking me straight in the eye, proving to me that she truly meant it. “Come here, Melly,” I said, slinging my arms around her, careful not to prick my elbows into Bumpette. She clearly decided it was going to a girl. We sat there for a while, just hugging and sniffling, until my mind alerted me of something. 
      After the incident before summer, when she lay in the hospital in Forks, I’d thought the Cullens were quite suspicious. They were acting strange and Adam seemed to know Dr. Cullen. And if Edward was Bumpette’s father, and Melody was obviously expecting an hybrid child….then Edward must be…

      “Melody? Is Edward..." human? I asked, thinking the last word and faintly hearing a car driving in our drive way. Melody pushed herself up high again, looking at me intensely before shaking her head almost unseen, and casting her eyes downwards. 

  I knew enough.


Melody Swan

Scarlett stood up from the couch when we both heard commotion at the front door. she gave me apologetic look while I could still see the shock in her eyes. She indeed didn’t judge me for actually making Edward cheat on my half sister. She just didn’t expect this. At all. 
I sighed deeply sinking back against the cushions, dragging a thin blanket with me. I felt the constant heaviness that lay on my chest ease up – Scarlett was right, I felt better. I didn’t have to lie about this no longer and it made me feel relieved. 
Strange, now, that I told her just about everything – even about that night. I grinned sheepishly thinking about the baby that moved slightly inside my womb. Whatever the sex of my child might be, I was happy with it. I silently hoped it was a boy, but when I got the image of a girl looking like Edward, I was sold. 
When the front door opened, I heard three voices, arguing loudly. I heard Scarlett being angry about something and telling whomever she was bitching at that his behavior was unacceptable. I also heard Layla, probably just back from her work, telling Scarlett to relax and that everything would be solved and just fine. When I focused on the third voice, my eyes widened as my breathing stocked.
“There you are.” The low, relief filled voice rang through the living room. I didn’t dare to turn around and face him, afraid of how he might react. 
“Now! go apologize to her! And don’t freak!” Layla whisper-yelled to him, even though she knew I could easily hear it. his footsteps echoed over the laminate and I waited anxiously. 
When I saw his torn jeans and dirty sneakers in front of me, I looked up. 
“Melody,” he said, with a tense voice and eyes shooting straight to my belly, even though that was hidden beneath the blanket. 
“Nathan,” I replied, not sure what to do or say. I wanted to smack the hell out of him and curse off his full skin. I also wanted desperately that he’d accept this – he needed to live with this for forever. 
“I…I wanted to apologize. And I truly am sorry – if you don’t believe me, I wouldn’t have come back earlier if I was lying about this. It’s just that I freaked out, like I always do if anything bad concerns you. Guys for example, I mean that’s horrible and – “ 
He was interrupted by two scraping throats. ‘Really? Men can be so stupid sometimes…’
“Oh right, sorry. What I’m saying is – I’m really sorry for behaving this way and I’ll try to accept it. And thinking about it more, I concluded you deserve this just as much as I did three years ago.” He finished at the exact moment I looked him in the eye. I saw he meant it. I saw the guilt and fight in his eyes. A small smile crept in my lips in an attempt to let him know I was okay with his apology. 
“Okay so eh…how’s it going? With I mean?” he stumbled over the words making me chuckle lowly. 
“We’re fine I guess. No weird things, only the usual. He grew a lot.” I replied, feeling nervous again for what was about to happen – I had to pee, like every pregnant woman needs too, to many times, and with standing up my hysterical brother would see exactly how much the baby had grown. I cleared my throat uncomfortably, “I uh…need to use the bathroom. Can you move?” 
Nathan’s eyebrows shot up and he stepped aside. I threw the blanket away from me to the other end of the couch and worked myself upright. The soft curse didn’t escape me.
“Holy fucking hell!”
I faced my brother, who was looking wide eyed to my belly. When he left there hadn’t been one, not big enough for him to see. And now he was back and I looked like a six months pregnant woman. 
He kept staring and at one point I laid my hands upon it, as if I was shielding Bumps from his gaze. 
“Can I…touch it?” he suddenly asked, catching me off guard. In the corner of my eyes I saw my sisters smile smugly.
Nathan came to stand in front of me and cautiously let his fingers graze the sweater clad skin, before his full hands enclosed the sides. I studied him closely as his mind explained how he felt. It was weird for him, that his sister, whom he’d carried around as a child himself, was now carrying a baby inside her. He was amazed by it though, which didn’t surprise me – Nathan loved kids and babies. 
“Nate, this is really nice and all, and your hands are warm, but I really, really need to pee now!” I squeaked, pushing my legs together in order to not lose it before having reached the bathroom. They all laughed as he let go of my belly and I waddled to the ground floor bathroom. 

The following days, everything seemed to work out just fine. Apart from the pregnancy pains, morning sickness and the other usual stuff, I even felt nice. Skye had pleaded with me if she could make pictures of my growing belly. I’d struggled against it, but eventually gave in – I wanted some reminder of how Bumps was when it was still in me. So here I stood, only wearing a pair of my favorite rainbow boyshorts and a white strapless bra. Layla had a day off, even as my cousins and helped Skye with applying makeup and doing my hair. Luckily they kept it natural without anything rash or weird – just me, my golden eyes, my brown curls and my baby of course. 

“all right, so Melody, turn for a three quarter to me, and then wrap your arms around your breasts,” I did as she asked, turning the way she wanted, wrapping my arms around myself and leaving on leg behind the other for something extra. “Yeah, that’s it! These photos are going to be so cute!” she enthused. I giggled, “Duh, me and my baby are cute.” 

My sisters chuckled saying something like that I was right and we went on with shooting. At some point they dressed me into a maxi chiffon dress that flowed down and crumpled around my ankles since it was too long. It had to admit I had fun with them, even though I was hungry for what seemed like the hundredth time that day. 
After the last picture, They both helped me to get into my normal clothes before we headed back downstairs to eat something for lunch. Layla made pancakes and only the smell made me moan loudly. Skye arched an eyebrow in amusement. ‘I hope you didn’t moan so hard that night when…’ she thought, not finishing it because I hit her head, shutting her up. She laughed though, shaking her head. Layla turned around, asking what she missed.

“Nothing,” I quipped. 
They didn’t elaborate further on it and let me feast on the pancakes. The moaning and eating was embarrassing but I could help but crave for it. poor thing was, is because Skye reminded me of that night and connected it with moaning, I was struck with the image of Edward doing exactly that. Above me. and so gorgeously naked..... 

“Melody! Quit it! This is way too much information!” Layla shrieked while Skye was stuck in a giggle-fit, doubling over the table. I blushed a deeper shade than crimson – I’d said that out loud. Thank god I didn’t mention his name. 
“Sorry!” I squeaked, sticking another fork full of pancakes in my mouth and chewing it. they kept giggling and laughing about it.
“Damn. Looks like someone needs her chocogasm cake for much other reasons!” Layla suddenly exclaimed making Skye go crazy, crying form laughter. They were making fun of me and they fucking knew it. 
“Ha ha, funny guys! Now, I’m done eating, so I’m going to watch a movie or something like that.” I said mockingly as they kept giggling. I knew it was their way for lightening me up and forgetting about Edward , without them knowing he was the one to forget. It still stung in my chest though, thinking and hearing about him. But I was positive Bumpy took a half of the pain away, like she was a half of Edward. She’d never replace him in a million years, but she could be a perfect way to give my heart a new destiny. 

I waddled into the living room, finding myself stupid since I cursed with penguins so much before – now I was walking around like one. 
“Hey Melody! Do want to join us? We’re watching Batman!” Denim roared enthusiastically when I entered. I crooked a smile.
“Sure! Make room on the couch, guys, I’m in!” I said smiling and forgetting the worry I had fewer seconds before. Faith and Alana shoved aside a bit so I could fit in easily. We settled comfortably as Denim started the movie. 
After two hours of an awesome action movie, popcorn and soda, the movie credits rolled down on the screen with the soundtrack on the background. We all stretched out form sitting so long and I sighed. 
I saw Alana look at me intently, creasing her brows, “Does it feel…strange? I can imagine it does.” She said, making the other two study me also. I smiled sheepishly.
“Yeah, it does. But it’s not uncomfortable. It’s nice actually.” I explained shrugging. They all thought about that for a moment when Faith commented that she wanted it to be a girl so she could dress her up and do her hair when she was older. I grinned at that, glad they liked this also – they hadn’t spoken much about it since they all found out about Bumps. 
“I think it’s nice. I hope I get a nephew, then I can play baseball with him!” Denim piped up, all smug with his answer. I chuckled.
“Well, no matter which gender – it’ll be happy, no matter the costs. Right Melody?” Skye said from behind me, making me turn around. I smile dup at her and nodded.
“Yes, no matter what it would take.”

I was almost there. It was the first of February and I was almost at the end of my second month pregnancy with a huge belly and a strong kicking baby inside. She was getting visibly stronger – a few bruises were forming at places she kicked form inside. It started to hurt more too, as she started to turn and actually move around in my womb. Adam made an ultrasound twice a week to check upon her health. My body had started to weaken a lot too, in comparison to the first weeks – my arms, legs and just about everything that wasn’t my belly got thinner. Adam explained that was quite normal, but not this early. He suspected that she might be enormously strong then. So that’s why I was on my way to his medical office in our house for a new ultrasound. I’d been thinking about if I wanted to know its gender or not – Scar said a surprise would be so nice, but I was way too curious and I wanted to pick the right names. I’d been thinking it must be a girl. Of course E still had a place in my heart, but maybe that’s where he should stay. Aside from that, E was just Edward in a toddler version – E wasn’t the baby that grew inside me. 
I knocked on the white door and almost immediately heard the ‘come in, Melody’. I opened it and stepped inside, seeing my oldest brother in law rolling away from his desk and starting to set everything ready – this all at vampire speed of course. Scarlett came trailing in behind me, being a gynecologist she wanted to know about my progresses. 
“all right, you know what to do,” Adam said, smiling and rolling up the sleeves of his button down shirt. Scarlett had grabbed a report where she held all the copies of the ultrasound, remaining information and my vital standards. I did as I had to – I sat down on the stretcher, laid down and pulled my shirt over my belly up high, stopping under my breasts. I also pushed my treggings until under my belly, so the ball was on full display. Adam squirted the blue gel on my skin and sat down on a stool beside me. 
“All right – at this point I should be able to see the baby completely now. the question is, if you want to know what the gender is.” He asked. I nodded, understanding what he meant and answering his question, “Yes, I want to know.” 
He nodded with a kind smile and pushed the device down on my skin, starting to spread the gel. I looked at the screen, feeling the baby kick again an flinching. Adam looked at the screen also, frowning. ‘Hmmm…this is strange…’ 
His thought alarmed me, “What’s wrong?” I asked panicked, getting Scarlett’s full attention as well. Adam quickly calmed us, “No, no nothing’s wrong. it’s just that it’s difficult to see through the amnion – it’s pretty thick. Thicker than with your sister’s pregnancies. It’s so outstanding that everything with you seems to be…doubled.” He explained still rolling the device and looking at the screen frowning in concentration. I didn’t understand what he was getting at, thinking about it. suddenly he smiled brightly, ”Ah! Got it!”
My eyes shot to from him to the screen and back, ”What? What did you get?”
Adam smiled at me and instructed,” I know the gender – look over there….you can see its legs. Now look very closely and what do you see?” I followed as he said, feeling Scarlett’s presence behind me to watch it also. I concentrated on the legs, searching for something that apparently had to be there. I frowned deeply “I only see a bubble there just above the legs, but that’s from the amniotic fluid right?” 
Adam and Scar both smiled at each other, shaking their heads. 
“Looks like Denim is getting what he wished for.” Adam announced.
“Well, Melody I think you should start to study on the rules of different sports! You’re going to be enormously busy with the dirty clothes, shoes and baseball caps!” Scarlett sang happily. I was still thinking hard, until realization struck me making me gasp as my eyes started to water up.
“It’s a boy? I’m getting a son? Really?” I squeaked, choking on my breath as I felt a warm feeling enclose my heart. Scarlett wasn’t able to hold her tears either as she cried, smiling widely, while Adam nodded,” Yes, sweetie, it’s a boy.”
I squealed in an all to girlish manner, clapping my hands and giggling. I was already thinking of the best way to dress him and various names rang through my head. Adam printed the photo of the ultrasound before getting to the next step. Scarlett cleaned the gel from my belly while I was still basking in a glow of utter happiness. My baby boy – my very own little Edward. 
“Looks like it was Bumpy after all!” Scarlett beamed, throwing the paper towel she’d used away. 
Adam started to strap a thick elastic band around the thickest part of my belly, where my son lay. He pushed the buttons of the small device in the middle, put in his stethoscope and started to listen to his heart. I sure heard a bit of it since my hearing was stronger than that of a human. Adam listened intently and started to frown again. 
‘….it goes really fast….could it be? not possible….her heartbeat?....unlikely…’ 
“Adam?” Scarlett asked when he pulled the stethoscope form my belly. I was awfully confused again. Adam didn’t reply and pushed another button on the device, making the sound of a heartbeat flow loudly through the space. I listened to the strong beat, the strength in it. no wonder he was so strong! But it was indeed enormously fast, like Adam already thought. There was something strange about the sound though that confused me.
Is that second heartbeat my own?” I questioned upon hearing the obvious second beat. It went about a second after the other the whole time. Adam looked at me, staring into my eyes intently. 
“This…I never thought this was possible….and I only see one on the ultrasound but….Melody there are obviously two heartbeats and the second is even more obviously not yours.” He explained. Scarlett gasped loudly, “That’s impossible…”
“No, it doesn’t have to be – that you and your sister only got one child, doesn’t mean it’s entirely impossible.” 
“Of course! It all makes so much sense! Her belly is much thicker, she graves more food, the amnion is thicker….like you said – everything is doubled.” 
I followed their medical conversation speechless. Were they actually saying that….
“I’m getting a twin?” 


  I felt so strange, yet exactly like I should be. After Adam and Scarlett told me for the tenth time I was getting a twin, I realized. And man, did that hit me like wrecking ball. 
      It’s not that I didn’t want it, more that I didn’t expect it – nobody did. But I was scared, started to panic again all because I such a less time to get used to having to raise two babies instead of one. I had to think of two names, two personalities, all pairs of clothes doubled, needs that were doubled. 
      Everything seemed doubled now…

      When we’d exited the medical room I was beginning to feel the tingles of happiness and love. My heart seemed to have grown just a tad more to make room for my other child. Scarlett gushed the whole time about it being so extraordinary and exciting and I gushed with her, even though I was very tired. Adam was smiling constantly while preparing dinner for that night, listening to our hyperactive chatting. When my siblings dripped inside pair by pair, and we sat down together for dinner, I couldn’t help the beaming smile that had planted itself on my face. Nathan gave me a weird look, thinking it might be the pregnancy vitamins that made me high, but that wasn’t the case. 
      When Scarlett had tapped my knee, along with an obvious look, I cleared my throat, feeling the hot blush creep into my cheeks. They all watched me, looked at me and waited for what I was about to say. 
      And when I said I was getting a twin, it was awfully silent. Their minds reeled, trying to process it and thinking, just like Scarlett and Adam that it was impossible. And then just suddenly, Nathan stood up, making me afraid he’d walk away again. But he didn’t. 
      He came to stand behind my chair and draped his strong arms around me, kissing my cheek. Congratulations, he’d said. From that moment my sisters began cheering, squealing and yelling about how fantastic this news was. Layla commented that we should go shopping for clothes, where Skye answered that we didn’t know the gender. 
      I told them one of the two was a boy, and they squealed my ears off again. 

      The next day, we went out shopping, while my brothers painted the nursery room which was next to mine. We always had a spare room left for me, even though I’d always said we’d never need it. I bought more whities to have enough in stock before we got to the shops with the actual clothes. My sisters overwhelmed me with lots of jeans, shirts, baseball caps, shoes, underwear and even socks. I was believing I might have enough to dress him for another five years if he was staying a baby. 
      When we got home from our long, but totally worthy trip, I passed out on the couch, falling asleep the minute my head touched the pillow. 

      Another few days later, while I was thinking about the right names again, Adam stood next to me suddenly. I looked up curiously, since he closed his mind from me. 
      “You really need blood.” He stated, his eyebrows shot up high on his forehead. I frowned, looking down.
      “It’s just a precaution – it doesn’t mean you’re this weak that it might get dangerous, but the twin is using your body to grow. That’s normal actually, but some blood will make you feel stronger and get your limbs back to their normal size.” He explained before I could ask about it. I nodded, feeling a bit uneasy – drinking from an animal had fresh blood and could only be taken from the source. I was afraid Adam might make me drink human blood. And I was against that, even though people had given it willingly. 
      “Adam, what kind?” 
      “Don’t worry Melly, I know you’re appalled to the blood of humans, so I tapped some blood by a few mountain lions just like I do with humans at the hospital.” He explained, smiling. I thought about it for a second but agreed – my body would feel so much better and I wouldn’t have too much difficulties during delivering the babies. I nodded at my brother-in-law and he turned around for the fridge. I felt a rush of anticipation course through my veins – it had been a while ago that I’d had blood for the last time. 

      Adam was busy warming up the liquid, making the smell come in my nose. I needed to keep myself on the couch and not to get wild and run up to him and tear the blood away from him. when he came back, my breathing had fastened, as I felt sweaty. I wanted it. oh so very bad that it surprised me. Adam was holding a white cup with a white straw and in it, was the blood. And mountain lions were my absolute favorite….
      I became dizzy from the desire to drink it and I shot out my hand to retrieve it from his. He handed me the cup, completely in control while the warm blood was under his nose, as I greedily set the straw against my lips and sucked violently. The second I felt the first droplet hit my tongue I succumbed into it. It was so fucking delicious…
      I was moaning, animalistic and growling. A true predator. But I didn’t care about that. Adam would knew how I was feeling to not having drunk anything for a long time. when I was finished I let my head sink back against the backrest of the couch letting out a deep sigh of contentment. Adam smiled, ‘Looks like you needed that. You seem less pale and I can hear your heartbeat getting stronger. I’ll give you more tomorrow.’ 
      Sometimes Adam and I had our own silent conversations. He once told me that silence makes him feel relaxed.

      From that day on, I got to drink a cup of blood on a daily base, while my belly grew and my body wouldn’t get to far behind. 
      And now I only had to deliver them and think of the right names. Now I was getting two, I wanted names that fit with each other, just like they would. 


Charlie Swan

I was sick of this. Last year, when both my daughters called to say they wanted to live here with me in Forks, I’d been in an euphoric state. I’d been thinking to get the opportunity to make up for lost time. 
And now I eventually ended up alone after all, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. 
Bella was at La Push almost daily. After school, Jacob would picked her up and they’d go to Billy’s place to whatever teenagers do. I honestly didn’t want to know any details – I would be happy with the lie they’d tell me. 
And then, Melody was gone again for over a month now. in some way I understood – everything got wrong lately, she was having bad luck from every corner. 
When I’d found her letter when Bella and I got back from Jake and Billy that night, I went completely lunatic. I’d asked Bella if she knew anything but she swore she didn’t. 

I knew my youngest had been acting strange, but I surely did not expect this – she’d been vile against moving away from Forks when I ushered her to. 
I did as she asked in her letter, not calling, until I couldn’t take it any longer. I was awfully worried and Bella was getting on my nerves all the time. it made me crazy not to know where Melody was at all. She could be in high danger or even worse. On New Year’s Eve I was thinking, trying to guess where she went. I thought of the farthest places, until I realized she probably wanted me to think that – she must be in LA after all. So I called.
I was relieved when I heard her voice, telling me she was fine. It saddened me though that she wasn’t going to be back any time soon. 
Another few weeks had passed and they still hadn’t called or said anything to me. 
And now, the old man was pissed. 

An hour later, after having cleaned up everything from breakfast, I set down my navy blue suitcase on the kitchen floor. Bella was sitting on a stool, chatting with one of her friends. When she saw me entering with the suitcase her eyebrows shot up high. I waited for her to finish her phone while I searched for the right documents is needed to take with me. 
“Uh…dad, where are you going?” she asked form behind me as I finally got my passport in my hands. I turned around to face her.
“Listen Bells, you’re nineteen now, and I’m sure you can take care of yourself for a while don’t you?” I said ignoring her question and throwing on my jacket. Bella gave me a look of confusion along with astonishment.
“yeah but why are you leaving so all of the sudden?” she asked again. I sighed, picking up the suitcase and giving her a hug and a kiss on her cheek. 
“To your sister. I’ll be back as soon as I can – I’ll call you when I’m there!” 

So another few hours later, the cab I’d taken drove me into Crescent Road, from where I could see the large house immediately. The weather was something I had to get used too – it was much warmer even though it was only February. When the cab driver stopped in front of the building I paid him, and got out. It was twilight now, the sun casting down slowly behind the deep blue waters of the sea, creating a beautiful sight. I sighed, seeing the lights on in the house – they were home. 
I walked up to the door, dragging my heavy suitcase with me and having texted Bella that I’d arrived. I was positive she’d be fine and just to be sure I’d asked Billy to keep an eye on her. 
I rang the doorbell and waited for someone to open it, but after more than ten seconds I was still standing in front of a closed door. normally, seeing they’re all faster than light, the door would’ve been open after merely a second. 
I rang again, and this time it was swept open immediately. I was met with my son-in-law who stood there with wide eyes. 
“Shit!” he exclaimed, making me raise my brows. “Excuse me?” I questioned, surprised by his reactions. This triggered something in my mind – they were most definitely hiding something. 
“Uh…sorry Chief. We didn’t expect you.” Chris said, seeming uncomfortable and obviously avoiding eye contact. There are big secrets here and I hate it when my children keep those from me. Chris was still standing in the doorway, blocking the sight and acting strangely. 
“So? Are you letting me stand here or can I come in?” I asked, irritated by his behavior. His eyes flickered with worry and I contained a smug smile. I got them. 
“Well….eh…Charlie maybe we should head out for a drink?” Chris replied, still uncomfortable. I huffed, ”No. We can drink in the kitchen. Don’t say we can’t – you guys don’t only drink blood. Now get away from the door and let me in.” I said frustratingly and pushing him aside. He let me push him since I wouldn’t have done it on my own – they were way to strong for that. 
Inside the hall I took of my jacket and set the suitcase under the peg, seeing Chris walk inside the kitchen quickly. I heard the hushed voices of one of my daughters, heavily arguing about something. 
I stepped into the kitchen, letting my eyes fall on the amount of food standing there on the table. There was plate with a great amount of pasta carbonara on it, along with bread with garlic butter and small pieces of cheese. Next to the plate was a white carton cup with a white straw. 
Before I could guess who must be enormously hungry, Skye and Layla got my attention.

“Dad!”Skye said, sounding delighted, “Uhm…we didn’t expect you here. What’s with the sudden visit?” 
I frowned, crossing my arms and huffing again, ”Well perhaps I’m here so suddenly because no one thinks about telling me something. And seeing the way you’re all acting, you’re hiding something and I intend to find that out. I’ve had enough of the secrets, Skye! I’m your father and I don’t care about all the so-said dangers that might be caused by me knowing about everything of your beings – I have the right to know. And some respect might be in order, also!” I barked, angry with them. Skye and Layla cringed at my words and I knew I’d hit a nerve. 
“Where are the others?” I demanded, more than asking. Layla and Skye looked at each other before my daughter spoke up.
“Adam and Scarlett have the night shift today so they’re at the hospital now. Nathan I at the gym with the children for kickboxing and…” she explained, trailing of at the end. I saw her swallow and give her husband and sister-in-law a significant look.
“…Melody is in the living room taking a nap.” She winced. I nodded and turned around for the door to the living room when the three vampires were in front of me, blocking my way. 
“Dad, you can’t go n there! she’s asleep!” Skye tried but I laughed at her.
“So what? who said I was going to wake her? I only want to know if she’s alright!” I argued. Still blocking my way Skye said that they could also tell me that she was fine. 
“Dad come on back to the kitchen and let’s get you something to eat – you must be starving.” Skye tried to get me away from the door, tugging at my arm. I sighed and let her bring me to the table where Layla placed a plate with the same pasta that was laying on the other plate in front of me. I began eating form the delicious Italian food, trying to think of another way to get to my youngest daughter when I heard Melody talking to 

“…can’t go there! just stay here in the living room I’ll bring your food and – “
“I can decide that for myself! Come on! Why can’t I eat in the damn – “ the door swung open, revealing Chris and Melody, who’s face changed from one from irritation to one of extreme horror. “Kitchen.” She squeaked. 
I studied her face, trying to find the cause of her scared look. I stood up, wanting to envelop her in my arms, when I froze. 

My eyes almost bulged out of their cases upon seeing my daughter with a belly as huge as a whole planet. 
“That’s why you couldn’t eat in the kitchen…” I heard Chris exclaim hopelessly, while my mind started reeling. 
This couldn’t be! It was impossible! Not my little Melody…damn it, it’s way too obvious! I clenched my fists and jaw together in focus. I was so angry about all this. Looking at Melody I saw she was crying and I felt my last bit of hope slip through my fingers. 

“Please, tell me that it’s NOT what I THINK it IS!” I roared, expecting the answer I’d never wanted to hear in my whole life. 


Skye Johnson

I watched quite in panic as my father yelled at my pregnant sister. We were all so royally fucked….
“I demand, and you all hear me – DEMAND you to tell me what is happening here!” Charlie roared, facing all of us with an expression that showed hurt, fury and panic. It was pretty logic he felt that way – not having seen your fifteen year old daughter for over a month and now seeing her with a belly this huge that it obviously houses a baby. Two in this case. 
I looked at my husband, whispering at a far too low pitch for Charlie to hear, that he should take Melody with him to the living room to let her calm down somewhat. She was in hysterics and all this could cause the twin to be born to early or even worse – a miscarriage. 
Chris nodded, telling Charlie that Layla and I would explain. He took a very distressed Melody out of the kitchen, drying her tears as they left. 
“What is going on here! I – “
“Dad if you want an explanation I rather ask you to be quiet and listen!” I barked, interrupting him. I knew he did not tolerate such behavior towards him, but I couldn’t help it. He was freaking out, jumping to conclusions way to fast and obviously getting dramatic about everything. 
And then we’re still wondering where Melody and Nathan get it from. 

Charlie’s face turned red in anger and I asked him to sit down giving him the choice. If he refused he could do that. After a minute or so he sat down, still red with fury. Layla leaned against the kitchen counter as I stood in the middle of the kitchen, staring sternly and stressed at my father. I chanced a glance at Layla who was staring at Charlie intently and letting out a sigh. I wanted to tell her – yeah,…I know. This shit is going to be awful. 
And at times like these, I wish I could read minds too.

“Look dad, I understand it’s weird on you to come in like this and see…what you saw. Lay and I will explain as much as we can.” I started, not exactly knowing where to start. If Scarlett would’ve been here she’d know what to do. She was the oldest, most reasonable and better in convincing Charlie than us others. I saw Charlie nod curtly, still staring straight ahead. I looked sideways for help. Lay nodded at me reassuringly and started to explain.
“The night Melody left you, she got here very early in the morning. Chris saw her at first and was flabbergasted that she was here – we all were. We didn’t understand because when you called us, she refused to leave Forks. When Scar and Adam asked her what was wrong, she shook it off and ignored it. At some point Scarlett got her to talking and she suddenly said she stopped hugging people all of the sudden.” 
A flash of intuition brightened my mind – no wonder she didn’t hug. it risked we’d feel her belly. I hid a smirk – Melody was a definite smart-ass. 
“When you called on New Year’s Eve, everything was very,…tense,” I took over the story form my sister in law, thinking back to a few weeks earlier,” We thought it was just because Melody still felt enormously bad because her friends left her.” Charlie made a huffing sound when I mentioned that. I took it he wasn’t very fond of the Cullens anymore. 
“At some point, Melody told us something we’d never thought would be happening in like, ever. Nathan went lunatic and left for more than week.” 
Layla cleared her throat as in saying, you haven’t exactly told it yet. “ apparently, that afternoon, Melody had been opening up to Scarlett and they’d been fighting.” We saw Charlie’s eyes widen at that. Scarlett wasn’t a violent person at all but when she was angry, you needed to get away as soon as vampirily possible. 

“No! Dad they didn’t actually fight – they were more like arguing heavily about..something.” I quickly explained before he’d burst out in another temper tantrum – also something we all inherited form him. 
“Okay so, Charlie have you ever noticed that Melody was..fancying someone?” Layla tried cautiously. I swallowed, waiting for his reaction when he seemed confused. He didn’t know! 
“No...did she?” he asked in a rough voice. Layla nodded heavily and I explained him further. 
“She’d told Scarlett someone else had taken him away from her before she could act on her feelings. They stayed friends for a long while. At one night they…eh…you know the..mating process kind off…took place,” I stuttered uncomfortably, blushing without actually doing it. My vampiric skin wouldn’t let me be human like that. 

“Charlie I know you don’t want to hear this but we’ll just drop the bomb without any difficulties around it – Melody and that boy had sex that night and she got knocked up.”Layla just said nonchalantly, but staring her father-in-law straight in the eye. I saw my dad swallow thickly as horror filled his eyes. I felt sorry for him at the moment. 

“Since our kind is more vampire than human, the child grows very fast. She explained that when she found out at Christmas, she left soon after. Her belly was starting to show and seeing it grows so fast, like I said, it’s risky to be around humans and the citizen of Forks. We can’t be in the spotlight too much.” I told him further, watching his every move. instead of being red-faced, his skin was just a white as ours. 

“When is she due?” he spoke, still rough and completely in misery. 
“The end of the month.” I whispered as I saw him cringe before he dropped his head in his hands. 


We let Charlie on his own to think for an hour, while we stayed in the kitchen to be sure that he would go mad and barge into the living room. I knew Melody could all hear this, and it must hurt her, especially to hear how our old father’s mind was raging. 
Layla and I started to do the dishes when Chris had brought Melody’s empty plate inside, looking curiously at Charlie. 
“Do you think he can..handle it?” Layla was talking to me at a vampire pitch, which Charlie wouldn’t hear. I shrugged, frowning and looking at her then. Her brows were hunched up too. “I don’t know…he has to if he wants to stay in Melody’s life. She’ll do anything and everything for the twin to be safe and happy. She won’t let anything intrude her safety bubble…” 
Layla sighed heavily as I glanced at the clock. My brother, daughter and cousins would arrive within an hour and I certainly didn’t want Alana to walk into this. She’d been enormously quiet and confused since we all found out Melody was pregnant. I tried to ask her what was wrong but she did not answer me. At one point she started asking me questions about it and how it was possible. I was scared to tell my little girl from only an age of eleven and technically two years old, how the whole process around ‘propagation’ worked. I was somehow relieved to know that Faith, nor Alana and even not Denim would end up getting involved in an romantic relationship with someone – they didn’t age anymore since last autumn and were too young for such things. 
I’d explained Alana how I all went, though, keeping it as clean as I could. I had to giggle when she got this expression of disgust and I was glad she hated it as much as every eleven year old. When I told Chris he got a little out of his mind but I silenced him by saying it was normal she’d question it. Having spoken with Layla and Scarlett, I found out that Faith and Denim already knew. 
Luckily my girl started to behave just as she always did after that, now she understood. She was actually anxious to meet the twin, of which one was a boy. 

A deep sigh interrupted my musings, while I kept staring ahead of me, drying the plate Layla gave me. 
“Can I…I have to…” Charlie was stumbling over the words, choking them. I gave one last knowing glance at Layla, who nodded, before turning around to face my father. 
He dropped his hands and looked at me, while I saw he’d been crying. I wondered, anxiously why. Was he so angry? Or so sad about this? 
“I need to talk to her..” 
I nodded, walking up to him and taking his hand, smiling apologetically at him. he took it and followed me out of the kitchen into the living room, where Chris and Melody sat. Chris was seated in a chair, having straight sight to the kitchen door, while Melody was curled up on the couch, sobbing. The fire in my husband’s eyes didn’t go unnoticed by me. I gave him a warning look, as if saying ‘she’ll be fine’. He nodded at me before casting his eyes at Charlie who was standing in front of Melody now. 
She didn’t look up, even though she must’ve noticed him. a silent minute or two passed, and also Layla had entered the living room silently. 

“Melody?” Charlie croaked, but not getting any reaction from her. Silence again. 
When I heard Charlie’s knuckled crack I tensed. 

“DAMN IT! Melodiana Helena Marie Swan! I’m trying to talk to you!” he yelled out of nothing. Christopher started to make a move to get to protect Melody but I was a step above him,
”Chris don’t!” I sneered sternly, making him back down. when Melody still refused to talk, Charlie got enormously frustrated with her. 
“Oh come on! Do you think that you can just ignore your FATHER because this happens to you? Do I even EXIST in your eyes, Melodiana!?” he raged further as we all saw Melody wince heavily. But I knew better. 
Charlie raged further, throwing words of guilt and anger towards until she’d had enough of it. And let that be the exact minute that the kids and Nathan come into the living room. 
I barely a second, the very pregnant petite Melody, gets up from the couch. 

“STOP IT! this is not FAIR!” she yelled back at Charlie who was slightly taken aback by her fierceness. Nathan stopped wide-eyed and asking what was going on. this all didn’t stop the little lioness though. 
“Do you honestly think, dad that I’m doing this NAG you!? That I was thinking ‘let’s get to Charlie by getting KNOCKED UP!’ because it is al so fun to do so!?” she fired, angry tears streaming down her cheeks. 
“I only want that my babies are safe! And if you decide to be against that then that’s your choice. But don’t expect me to follow that.” She choked further while dad stood silently in front of her, in pain of what she was saying. 
“I didn’t choose for this, daddy! It happened. And it was risky but never, NEVER say that this was a MISTAKE! My children are not by any means a mistake! I love them daddy,…” she wailed, completely hysteric in tears. When Charlie didn’t immediately reply, she turned around, avoiding any contact with him. Charlie’s hand cautiously touched her shoulder, making her turn back towards him again. 
“Melody…please understand that this is not what I expected to finds here. At all. Please know that it’s difficult for me to take this all in! And just as you love your…babies, I love you! You need to know that I’d stay with you no matter what happens!” he said, tilting his head to at all of us gathered in the room,” I’d stay with all of you, even if you’d lose control and drink the blood of humans or kill and innocent in order to save yourself. I’d stay. I might be a chief, but my children are always on the first place.” he said with a very authorized voice. I felt a chill course over my skin at his words. Charlie wasn’t someone to speak about his emotions and this was how he truly felt. How brave he was to live between all those myths and danger. 
“I want to apologize to you of how I acted. I’ll try to accept this. And it’s not that I hate it – I’m going to be a grandfather again, but you are so young, Little Swan. You’re my little girl. And yet you’ve grown into a woman so fast. It’s difficult for me to stay by all the time.” he said, smiling crookedly, as his mustache lifted up high. 
“Thank you, daddy” my sister exclaimed before wrapping her arms around our father’s waist, carefully not to squish the twin in her belly. Charlie enveloped her into his arms too, caressing the dark curls on her head. 
“And I’ll always be your little girl…Just like you’ll always be my old dad.” 
I couldn’t help but tear up at her words. We, all of us went to them as they hugged, laying our arms around each other, creating a warm blanket of immense love. 
Because we were family and we loved each other dearly.
No matter the bounds that were set, the costs that had to be paid, the choices that needed to be made or the things that happened. 

      This would last forever. 


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