Starless Sky [completed]

After having spend the summer with the Cullens, in LA and with Charlie; Melody gets back to Forks High School. it's a brand new year full of unexpected surprises and things you'd never thought were existing.

After a small incident, things go wrong - Bella gets depressive and Melody runs away.
But what happens if the past all comes flooding back? is there danger lurking?

What if she can't protect her family from herself and the ghosths of her past? And worse.. how will Edward react?

Starless Sky is the sequel to Moon Girl


This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- violence
- angst
- cursing
- sexual acts/ suggestive themes


14. The Day We Met + Insightings + Shattered

Charlie’s point of view.


Just as I was relaxing with a steaming cup of coffee, during a rather calm day at the station, the commotion in front of my office got my attention. I turned in my chair to see what was going on and set down my cup of coffee. Officer Jones came in, looking quite frustrated. I frowned, not really understanding it. There hadn’t been anything special to do today.

“Charlie, look.” he said, dropping the file report on my desk, next to my coffee. I took it in my hands and saw the title – case serial murderer 2#

“Sit down, Mark. We’ll discuss this and I’d like you to tell me about all this.” I said, motioning with my hands towards him, that he should sit down. I opened the report and skipped through the first pages. Those I’d already seen. When I reached the last statement , I stopped. I started reading what was written there as relief and frustration filled me. I was relieved that Melody had been right indeed and that obviously our serial killer ended up in ash. There hadn’t been any kills since then. The frustration however, was about how we were going to finish this case without being able to do anything. It wasn’t like I could conclude that this vampire my daughter knew from a while back, drained the humans but that he now was killed himself by something or someone I didn’t know.

Nope, not a really good solution.


“Charlie how are we going to finish this? There is evidence enough but nothing leads to a real culprit. The citizens want to know what is going on and if it’s still too dangerous to go into the woods.” Mark babbled. I nodded, knowing what he meant, but there wasn’t any way to fix this. I couldn’t betray my daughter and her secret – and I wasn’t planning to. I sighed as I thought of a right answer that would keep the people in Forks satisfied for now.

“We should wait and see – it seems pretty peaceful now, but we can’t assure people to enter the woods if we don’t know if there’s another. Animal or human. So keep the citizen out of the woods until the coast is clear enough.” I stated, closing the file and dropping it back on my desk. Mark nodded and stood up, taking the file and leaving my office.

Before he closed the door he said,” I’ll call Officer Brandon and we’ll spread the rule.” And he left.

I sat back in my chair and wanted to drink form my coffee, but as soon as it hit my tongue, I winced and put it back on the table. It was cold. I stood up with my cup of cold coffee and made my way to the coffee machine to retrieve a new cup.


Once the cup was filled with the hot liquid and the heavenly aroma of coffee entered my nose, I sighed in contentment. A man was never happier.

Well, I was once, a long time ago.


“Swan! Pass me some coffee will you?” Harry yelled. I rolled my eyes as I hurried to the tap to pour him a beaker of Coke. I set it on the tray I held in my right hand, along with a few other orders and started to give every customer what they asked for. As I neared Harry’s table I winced.

“Fraiser, really? Are you trying to get drunk with coffee or something? You look nasty.” I teased, placing his beaker on the table in front of him. Harry Fraiser was my roommate and my best friend. His blond sticky hair clung to his face and his blue eyes seemed tired.

“No, man, I went to the gym. You know, getting some muscles.” He replied in his I’m-so-cool voice. I chuckled and shook my head. I wanted turn around but with my luck and awkward clumsiness, I bumped into something. Or rather said someone. A really pretty someone. I scrambled up high and stared into the most beautiful set of golden colored eyes I’d ever seen.

In the background I heard Harry laughing about my tripping skills but I was only focused on her.

“Oh my! I’m sorry! I wasn’t really looking where I was walking.” She said to me. my face was bloodshot red a is scratched my neck. Her long, dark brown and curly hair hung until her trim waist. She was slender, not skinny and far from chubby. Her long legs seemed endless from where they started from the hem of her pleated skirt. Her pale face held those mesmerizing big doe eyes as her puffy lips were redder than those from other people. She was downright beautiful.

“Oh..well uhm..doesn’t matter. I’m just very clumsy.” I replied, still blushing. Harry yelled at me to ‘get a grip’ and I flipped him on his head with my tray. The girl giggled and the sound made me happy in all sorts of the word.

“did, you want to order? I’m right here now anyway.” I said, trying to stop the blush and making conversation. If this would be my potential girlfriend I was going for it. Fraiser would be so jealous!

“Oh, sure! I’d like Latte Macchiato please. Do you have that here?” she asked, biting her lower lip. Alright Char, stop being a teenager and act like a man. Damn, I need a mustache, men have mustaches..

“Oh, yeah we do. I’ll get it for you right this minute.” I said before hurrying back to the kitchen to prepare her coffee. We were at Starbucks after all. When I’d made her coffee, I searched for her never forgetting face and once I spotted her she waved and smiled. I awkwardly smiled back and went to her. As I set her coffee down, she smiled warmly at me, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes that made my skin tingle.

“Thank you Mister…” she looked at me expectantly as I realized what she wanted to know.

“It’s Swan. Charles Swan. But can call me Charlie. Everyone does.” I rambled. She giggled at my stupidity before catching my eyes once again.

“Well, Charlie. I like you. Do you want to have a drink sometime?” she asked. My heart thudded loudly in my chest as I nodded heavily.”Yes, I eh…sure. But what is your name?”

She took a sip from her Latte and said, “Fiorenza Terra. And yes, I’m Italian.”



I blinked, sipping at my own coffee. How beautiful and charming she was. after our first date I fell head over heels in love with her. When she started to behave very strange I asked her for the truth. What a truth I got and how things changed so much in twenty years…

I was shocked when she told me what she was. I didn’t really believe it at first – I was studying to become a cop after all, but my love for her was so unyielding that I’d do anything she want or needed. As long as I could share my life with her.

Fiorenza Terra was eighteen, just as I was at the time, and she was a half vampire. She didn’t exactly know how it happened. She only knew her mother was one too, just as her grandmother and great-grandmother. We were both so very shocked to find out she was pregnant with my child only two months later.

I smiled at the memory – Scarlett was everything to me from the moment I knew of her existence.


Fiorenza and I were great together, a great family with our three kids, until things went wrong. until today, I’m still clueless of what exactly was the killer of our relationship. It was like she suddenly went mad lunatic. She left me and my children behind in Forks, without a word she’d left. I’d been so angry that I asked my parents if they could watch out for the kids while I was away. I went to sunny Phoenix for a few days to calm down and set my mind.

I was thus angry , that I slept with another woman, out of revenge. Renee seemed nice, caring and good enough for me, but that one night stand turned everything upside down once more.

I went back to forks, taking Renee with me since Fiorenza was nowhere to be found, and took care of her, my kids and Bella when she was born.

When Renee suddenly got sick of Forks, me and my children, she left taking Bella with her. It wasn’t like I had a choice to leave and Renee Dwyer clearly wasn’t worth it.


On one night, my wife came back. She missed me and explained that she had needed some time to think. Before I could even tell her about Bella and everything that had happened while was gone, she’d already pushed me down onto the bed.

Less time later, she announced her fourth pregnancy to me.


And my Little Melody was the most precious thing ever.


I sighed, thinking back about those days. It was so confusing at times, but so happy. It was also difficult to explain three kids about what was happening. Scarlett was old enough at her fifteenth, but still.

I sank back against my chair, popping my feet upon the desk. There wasn’t anything else to do for me anyway apart from thinking back through those memories.


it was Bella’s second birthday today – November the twenty-sixth. I’d wanted to go to Phoenix and visit her but two things didn’t give me the chance.

Renee didn’t want me there with her new husband and my wife, Fiorenza, was close to giving birth to our fourth child. She would be due December seventh and I had, and wanted, to stay here in Forks when the baby was born. I was just cleaning up the dishes from dinner, when an anxious shriek made me hurry straight to the stairs.

“Charlie!” I heard Fiorenza yell form the bedroom. I quickly went to her and gasped at the scrunched up expression on her face. She was most definitely in pain.

“What’s going on? Where are you hurt?” I asked her, walking up to the bed and laying my hand on her forehead to temperature her.

“I think…it’s time.” she gasped as she hurled together when another contraction hit. I immediately came into action by running to the closet and picking the stuff I’d need to let her give birth to our next child. Going to the hospital was to dangerous since the child wasn’t completely human – we couldn’t risk anything. After the first time with Scarlett, I began to become quite handy with birthing children. I propped Fiorenza upright against pillows, and cleared the bed from the duvet, placing a paper underneath, to see how much water she lost.

“OW!” she screeched as I cringed, not trying to imagine how much it must hurt. I was so glad to be a man at these times.

I made sure to check everything I needed to before I signaled her she could push. Scarlett had heard what was going on and brought Nathan an Skye out the house.

She screamed much more of hurt than with the others, making me worried about all this.

“Charlie please!!”

I pulled my sleeves up until my elbows, stood between her spread legs, ignoring the sight, and hold onto her hands. She squeezed quite hard, but I let her. She wouldn’t break them since she cared that much for me.

“Alright, baby, now push!” I said, my voice strained. It was always so tense. What if something went wrong? what if this baby was different than the others?

Fiorenza pushed as hard as she could, as I supported her. Pretty quick, I saw the bloodied head and shoulders come out. Almost there. She whined in pain again and I told her to push once more.

After anxious minutes, a heart wrenching scream of pain, the baby finally got out as I caught it with my hands. Fiorenza sunk back into the pillows behind her, tired from the effort. We were both covered with sweat and blood as I stared at the little baby in my arms.

It was beautiful. She was beautiful.


“Is it a Charles Junior?” Fiorenza said gasping and letting out a breathy chuckle. We’d joked about the name if it would be a boy. She’d teased me by wanting it to call after my own name. I wanted to call a him Willy. But she smacked my shoulder by saying that would be so pity for the poor kid.

“No…no it’s a girl.” I exclaimed amazed by the beauty. She was so tiny. I checked if there were ten toes and ten little fingers. I saw two ears, a soft nose and puffy lips. The ones her mother had too.

“A girl? You gave me a beautiful daughter again, Charlie?” my wife chanted happily form above me.

When I cut the navel cord and bound it, she suddenly started wailing like every new born baby should, making me sigh in relief. I turned away from Fio, to clean the baby up, smearing the blood away from her tiny body as her arms moved.

While I swaddled her up in a blanket, I asked Fiorenza how we should name her. I walked back to her, laying our daughter into her mother’s arms and looking at the picture of pure perfection she held the most precious thing in the world. One of the four most precious things, that is.

“You still like Melodiana? It has something from my mother’s name in it.” she whispered as she brushed the soft skin of the baby’s cheeks.

“Yes, I do. Ad Helena form you, and Marie from my mother?” I questioned, sitting next to her as we looked at the now clam baby in her arms.

“Melodiana Helena Marie Swan.” Fiorenza confirmed, smiling as her tears of proud, and happiness flowed down her cheeks. I had to admit to have watery eyes too.

Melodiana began moving around again, waving her arms and squirming from beneath the blanket. Her eyes scrunched and fluttered. When she opened them we both gasped in utter and complete shock.

Her eyes were red. Blood red.




What a day that had been. It was stressful, anxious exciting but also very shocking. I almost shot through the ceiling upon seeing my new born daughter having red eyes. Fiorenza went in a total panic mode while I had to calm her down. I said that it might be a phase or something else and it would be over sooner or later.

Thank God, I’d been right about that.


Scarlett, Nathan and Skye were also pretty shocked to hear and see about the eyes, but that didn’t make them love her any less. Melody was a happy baby – smiling, giggling and swinging with her limbs.

Fiorenza tried to ease the red color by giving the girl as much as human food as possible, water and a small amount of animal blood. After a month or three, the red color started to fade, getting replaced by the same golden color her mother and siblings had. We didn’t really know where the red eyes came from – her siblings started with a darker shade of gold, but Fiorenza thought it might’ve been caused by the fact that Melody got the chance to drink blood from her inside. It sounded pretty nasty, but I got used to the whole blood drinking thing after a while. When my kids asked me to join them on a hunt, I declined though. I didn’t need to see it.

Then things got strange and worse. Fiorenza became crazy, angry and mostly aggressive. I even started to get afraid of her sometimes. She was often away, without saying anything and I let her at first. I thought it belonged to her vampiric nature, but when I saw her wanting to hit Melody, I snapped. I asked her what the hell was wrong with her and she let me know.

That was the most painful thing to hear in my whole existence.

She told me she hated those kids because they were so perfect and always held my attention. She was jealous. She’d said many more things but I stopped listening when she called them fake leeches.

When she was done yelling and fighting with me she just left, slamming the door thus hard that it had to be replaced and leaving two large cracks in the walls.

It took me hours to calm the little , three year old toddler as she cried for her mommy.

The bad thing was, that Scarlett had heard everything and appeared in the doorway looking at me with an apologetic expression. They thought it was all their fault that their mom acted like that. But that wasn’t true. Nothing had been their fault at all.

I’d talked with my parents about the situation and they told me stay in Forks since I had nowhere else to go. I’d thought I would be suffering from heart break but I never once remembered thinking about it. I only had eye for my children. the decision was made – I would raise them, no matter what.

So I did.

I felt the rush of air as my son flew past me. this just wasn’t fair. Not even thirty seconds later, he came back, stopping in front of me – ball in hand.

“I got it.” he said, grinning at me. my fourteen year old boy was already very grown up for his age. But they all grew fast. Scarlett even bridged a few age years.

“Well done. You know – it’s not really fair to play baseball with you father being a slow human, kiddo.” I mocked, but laying a fun tone behind it. Nathan chuckled.

“As long as I can win it’s cool!” he smiled. I rolled my eyes, suggesting another run-up. I just wanted to throw the ball when a high, girly voice broke through the silence.

“Ne! Ne!”

Nathan and I turned to see little Melody running up to us, giggling. Even though her speech was far beyond great for a six year old, she still had trouble with speaking her brother’s name. I watched as Nathan crouched down and took her in his arms.

“I want to go to Daddy!” she giggled and Nathan rolled his eyes, but followed her wish. When they neared me, he handed his youngest sister over to me.

“Hello Baby Swan! What’s up?” I said. He golden eyes were twinkling with laughter. She squirmed in my arms, letting me know she wanted to stand by herself.

“I want to play baseball too!” she squealed. It was then, that I saw she’d put on a blue jersey and a baseball cap in the same color. I heard Nathan laugh, knowing exactly how this was going to end.

“Okay, you can. Do I need to help you?” I replied, wincing. Melody was clumsy. Far beyond clumsy and that was even an understatement. She was also very perky and that’s why she shook her head, making the brown curls swing around. “Nope.” She said, popping the ‘p’.

Nathan took his place a few meters away from us – he would throw the ball. I stood behind her to be the catcher. If she hit it.

And then there was Melody, with the large baseball bat in hands, crouching through her knees a bit and taking a stance.

Nathan threw the ball with quite a force and I was afraid that it might topple her over. Instead it ended up worse. Melody swung the bat, hard.

Right into my crown jewels.


“OW!” I barked, my hands flying to crotch. The girl was a good hitter. Nathan was rolling over the ground from laughter upon seeing his sister’s confused look. she had her hand horizontal above her eyes, as if she was shading it form the sunlight that wasn’t there.

“Daddy where’s the ball? Did I hit it?” she asked, all innocent since she had no clue what was going on.

“you did hit balls, alright.” I squeezed out my throat. Scarlett and Skye had come outside when they heard me howling and they were trying to contain their laughter.

Melody cheered, throwing her arms in the air, almost hitting me with the bat again. she turned to face me, smiling wide until she saw my face.

“Daddy what’s wrong?”

“I..uh…I’m sad you won the game. Now I lost. I don’t like losing.” I lied, not wanting to explain she hit me in the balls. I was afraid though, that she might read it in my mind.

Melody’s hand touched my cheek and she caressed it.

“Sorry daddy, but I won.”



I chuckled lowly, shaking my head the memory. Even though it hurt as hell at the time, it was a memory I’d never forget in my whole life. It always made me enormously happy to see my kids having a great time, to see them smile. After that everything went quite well, even though my parents died in between and their mother never came back.

Scarlett met Adam Bright in high school, when he was giving a speech about educations on UDub in Washington. Scarlett had been mesmerized by Adam, upon seeing his eyes, just as I had when I saw her mother’s eyes. After having talked frequently, she found out Adam was a vampire. She was only fifteen at the time as they started to secretly date. I never restricted her from anything in their relationship, even though I thought Adam was a bit old – he was and is still twenty seven years old.

Scarlett had been worried about his diet, even though he also survived on the blood of animals, he was a true vampire – no half breed.

When I found out on a horrific night that my seventeen year old daughter wasn’t a virgin anymore, Adam started to change. He suddenly craved human food, feel asleep once in a while and got a bit more color in his way too pale face.

Scarlett did some research and found out it had to do something with what they call the ‘mating process’. it made them equals, so they could live together without any harm.

Not soon after, Nathan came across Layla during a hunt. She was also a vampire but lived from the usual diet – of humans. When they met, the fell in love on first sight. At least, that’s what my son told me. When we met Layla, after she changed into the half-breed, she tagged along her brother, Chris. We learned they were twins and because destiny chose to make Skye drool all over him, I got another son-in-law. Happy me.

Since then it was just Melody and me, together, because she was only left. When I came to LA, where they’d moved to fast after Melody’s sixth birthday, my youngest daughter and I frequently went to the beach, the Zoo, Disney world or the movies. Whatever she liked.


Four years ago, we were all shocked to hear that Scarlett became pregnant. Adam panicked, thinking the baby, who grew unbelievably fast, would kill his wife. I knew that hybrid children grew fast, but not during pregnancy.

No three months later, on the twelfth of October, Scarlett gave birth to my first grandchild – Denim.

The delivery had been tough and quite dangerous but everything had turned out fine. Melody, who was almost eleven at the time, was completely smitten with her nephew and often played with him. I warned Adam that he might grow fast and he took in my advice.

And growing fast he did.

In four years, baby Denim grew into a thirteen year old teenager. He was smart, quite the gentleman and looked a lot like his father.

It was strange to have a grandson from thirteen, while my own daughter was only two years older.

In the meanwhile, Layla and Skye followed announcing their pregnancies to us. it was all babies form then. Faith and Alana were beautiful and perfect. It was funny to see my son, who really liked bullying his little sister, growing up into a man so fast.

Everything seemed to be alright until that horrible summer. I winced thinking back about it – the one of my biggest nightmares. One that came true.


I just came back from visiting Bella in Phoenix, before I headed off to LA to visit the others. It was the start of summer and I would be there for two weeks before going back to Forks and getting back to work. A Chief was always needed, even in summers.

Melody and I had a great time going through the city as she told me stories about what she went through, what she did and how things went on school.

We all had a great summer, until that one horrendous night that shattered everything.




Dinner had been fantastic. As we left the chic restaurant in the upper district in Los Angeles. Skye had a special gala night from a community of photographers, and her work was being showed. Chris, she and I went to dinner first and were now on our way to the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel, where the event would be happening. Scarlett and Adam were both working the night shift and Nathan and Layla were celebrating their third wedding anniversary. Luckily, Melody stayed home with her cousins so they wouldn’t be home alone until we’d come back later in the night.

As the three of us entered the vast, expensive hotel, Skye gasped before a huge smile broke loose on her face. My mustache took the same happy stance.

“Oh my, Dad! This is so awesome! I’m so glad you’re here!” she whispered, wringing her hands together. I assumed she must be a tad nervous. We passed through the great hall, seeing all kinds of people chatting with each other. Off course the flashing of camera’s wasn’t missing.

“Charlie, do you want champagne?” Chris asked me, holding a glass of his own. I nodded, taking one from the waiter and sipping at it. I looked around and noticed that my daughter wasn’t present any longer. Frowning I asked Chris about it.

“So, where did your wife go?” I grinned. I was proud of her, that she’d found a man like Chris. My son-in-law chuckled before he answered with a smile.

“She’s needed at the stage. They’re going to present the pictures soon and names of photographers will be called. She’s on the front line of course.” He said, taking a sip of his champagne. I nodded in understanding. We made small-talk about a few things, how his job went lately and I learned a few funny facts about my youngest granddaughter Alana.

A spokeswoman from the community started speaking about how her artist got to work, where they worked, what they used and all that what belonged with it. Skye had come back to us having done what she had to do and waited along with us for the speech to end.

Suddenly, Chris tensed beside me and I frowned, looking at him. his face was troubled and he gripped Skye’s forearm. When she saw his face she was immediately alarmed.

“Chris, what’s wrong? what’s happening?” she whispered anxiously. I stared at the two of them, confused. Then Chris said something that made the hairs in my neck stand straight.

“Melody…something’s wrong. Horribly wrong.” he whispered, still staring ahead of him. Skye freaked as I was frozen.

“What do you mean? Where is she? Do you know that, baby? Please tell me you know!” Skye pleaded. I saw she was close to crying, while I still tried to figure out what was all going on. How did Chris know something was wrong?

A loud peeping tone, got our attention. We turned our heads, just as all the other people towards the spokeswoman who stood on the stage with a solemn expression.

“Mrs. Johnson?” she asked, searching the crowd with her eyes. We were all fixated on her, waiting for what she had to say. The woman turned her head towards someone next to her, who was just stepping up the stage.

It was Layla, my daughter-in-law, Nathan’s wife and the expression on her face and the thick tears that fell down her cheeks confirmed Chris’ words.

I saw Skye make eye contact with Layla, whom she saw as her own sister, and gasp, holding her hand across her mouth as the woman went further with speaking.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, but we just heard some terrible news from Mrs. Swan. You’re sister appears to be in critical condition in the hospital. I’m sorry Mrs. Johnson.” She finished. My knees buckled as my breathing stocked. I faintly heard Skye squeak a loud ‘no’ but I couldn’t concentrate. All I thought about was what happened to my Baby Swan.


Before I could progress it, we were seated in Layla’s Mercedes as she raced through the streets of Los Angeles. we were silent at first, which was strange. I wanted to know what happened, but at the same time, I feared it might be too much.

“Layla, please tell me she’s still alive!” Skye sobbed as Chris held her in his arms, wearing a pained expression. My eyes widened.

“What do you mean Skye!? What happened for God’s sake! Why do you ask this!?” I roared not able to control my emotions.

“Charlie, I can’t tell you right now. all you need to know is, that her condition is bad, but that Adam is doing everything he can to save her life.” Layla’s voice broke in the end as she kept staring straight ahead onto he streets when we turned onto the parking lot of the hospital. I got out, just like the other’s did and swallowed, my head spinning.

“Is she…she’s…” I couldn’t bring myself to say the word, “dying?”

Layla faced me, as we all walked through the entrance of the hospital, ignoring the friendly nurses. Her sorrow filled eyes were enough to know the truth.

“Let’s hurry.” Was the only words she spoke, before we all quickened our pace to the ICU – intensive care unit. My daughter was being held at the ICU. This was bad. Very bad.

We went to the right into an quite dark aisle. I saw people further away from me. a smaller one, and two taller ones. When we came closer I stifled a yell of shock upon seeing Nathan.

His white shirt, arms and face were covered with blood. Lots of blood. He was leaning against the wall behind him, clenching his jaw as he cried. Since he became a man, I’d never seen him cry again.

Next to him was Scarlett, who was pacing back and forth, also in tears. Her hair was in disarray and she wasn’t wearing a white jacket, like she would during her doctor’s duty.

On a bench next to Nathan, was Denim, my grandson. His clothes were muddied, and at place of the left side of his chest, was a huge bloodstain. Peeking above then hemline of his shirt, I could see the white bandage.

Layla ran up to Nathan, pulling what seemed like a clean t-shirt form her handbag. I saw her, taking his face in her hands as she pleaded with him, begged him. Chris and Skye passed me as I slowed my pace. Walking faster wouldn’t help my daughter save her life. I was devastated, sick, heartbroken and I hadn’t even heard what happened and what she was suffering from.

I stopped when I stood next to Denim, as his eyes sought mine. normally they would spark, but now they didn’t. Skye’s shriek scared the crap out of my mind.

“Oh my God! Where’s Alana? Is she alright? Where’s she!”

Scarlett walked up to her, laying her hand son her sister’s shoulders., taking a stern, but reassuring expression.

“Skye, she’s fine. She has quite a cut on her hand that had to be stitched. She’ll be brought her by one of the nurses as soon as she’s done. Faith’s got a cut along her jaw, so she’ll be away a bit longer.” She explained, her eyes troubled. Her gaze caught mine, before it flickered to Nathan, who appeared shocked. I went to him, wanting to ask him what happened, but I heard him pleading, “no, I’m not changing my shirt! What if this is the last I’ll have of her..” I froze as his voice faltered. Layla asked him for once more what happened, but he shook his head. I stood next to him, laying my hand on his shoulder, looking down at his face. He lifted his head to see me and winced.

“I don’t know what happened. I only know I found her like that…it was so…I was so afraid I was too late already. That I’d find my baby sister dead!” he growled as his eyes became fierce, with a unbearable pain hidden in the golden color.

I didn’t dare to say anything, or even think.

“Nathan please change and clean up a bit. She’ll be alright, Adam is doing everything in his might to save her, even if he has to – “ Layla started, but was interrupted by her husband.

“I’m going to snap his neck if he dares to bite my sister!” he growled lowly. Layla, took a step back, before her expression turned angry. She fisted her hands into Nathan’s bloodied shirt and tugged, dragging him with her.

“You are going to listen to me now, Nathan Charles! The whole thing isn’t going to make things better and if Adam needs to bite Melody in order to save her, you have nothing, but NOTHING to say about that!”

They stared at each other, until we saw Nathan’s muscles relax into submission.

“I’m sorry Dad.” He said, and followed Layla through the aisle to a nearby bathroom.


We waited, sat, waited more, anxious and feared of what might happen. I was so frustrated that no one wanted to tell me what happened. After another half an hour of silence, tears and irritation, I had enough of it.

“If no one is going to tell me what’s wrong with her, I’ll find out myself!” I barked angrily. I never yelled at my children nor grandchildren but this was maddening.

Scarlett sighed, stepping up to me as the others, kept their heads down. Denim was afraid to speak. Alana and faith were still being taken care of, while Nathan and Alana were with them. Chris and Skye both hadn’t any clue either, even though my intuition said they did somehow.

“Dad, the only thing I know is from what I saw when Nathan came in here, holding her in his arms. I..I..I thought she was already…” Scarlett stammered, before swallowing and trying to continue,” she was completely covered in blood, especially the space from beneath her breasts until over her hipbone. She’s got a head wound and cuts in her cheeks and probably bruises. But further…we don’t know what happened. Only the kids know, but they don’t want to tell us, not until Melody is alright and we’re home safely.”

“is there even a chance she survives?” I asked whispering, not wanting to know the answer. Scarlett turned away from me, averting her eyes.

“I hope so…”


And that’s where I broke.




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