Starless Sky [completed]

After having spend the summer with the Cullens, in LA and with Charlie; Melody gets back to Forks High School. it's a brand new year full of unexpected surprises and things you'd never thought were existing.

After a small incident, things go wrong - Bella gets depressive and Melody runs away.
But what happens if the past all comes flooding back? is there danger lurking?

What if she can't protect her family from herself and the ghosths of her past? And worse.. how will Edward react?

Starless Sky is the sequel to Moon Girl


This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- violence
- angst
- cursing
- sexual acts/ suggestive themes


8. Surrender

okay so part 2 of the sexiness...


I was overpowered by strong emotions, so strong it was almost unbearable. A tear slipped down again, caused by the overwhelming moments we were sharing right here. If I thought before that I loved Edward I had been entirely wrong.

Now I saw it. Now I finally understood. Now I really felt how much I actually loved him. So much that it hurt.

Because this was my destiny, and tonight were my magical hours of that mating process that each of my siblings went through. And now I could finally begin to understand where they always were talking about.

Because Edward was my soulmate. My equal, my other half.

And now it was my chance to show him how much he was needed in my life.


“Sshhh, don’t cry baby, please don’t cry.” He whispered his hands wiping the thick tears away. his voice broke and I swear his eyes were a bit glassy, even though he wasn’t able to cry.

“Edward, please…” I whined, not knowing exactly where I pleaded for.  I tugged his head towards me and he easily gave in. Done were we with the soft, shy and gentle touches. My feelings were to huge for that. I kissed him harder  as he pulled me up against him with a hungry intensity, insatiable and greedy, and his voice caught in his throat, little sobs all stuck between us.

I pulled at him, and suddenly, all the ways that we had touched in the past were not enough. the sweet friendly hugs, the simple rub on the shoulder, the comforting strokes in my hair. I was desperate for more. There was no ease, no sweetness in this kiss as there had been before. There was no innocence, but need and anger and pain and devastation. We were grasping onto what little we could, for as long as it lasted.


                It would be the first and the last time for us. It was now or never again. And never in the name of living forever, was a excruciating long time.


                Edward started to walk backwards, holding me to him, until he popped down on his bed. I crawled into his lap, clawing and climbing even further into him, my jean-clad legs on either side of his hips, and suddenly there was too much between us –  too much space, too much depth, too much clothing, even though the upper parts were already shed.

 I wanted to make love to him, to show him with my body how much a part of me he was. How much I really did belong to him and his world.  I'd lusted after him before, craved him, wanted him in this way, but never so strong before. It was less want and more need, like being one with him was as necessary as breathing for a human, or quenching one's thirst.   

His lips melted with mine, and the electricity that always existed between us seemed to ignite me. He was panting harshly, and so was I. My hands couldn't get enough of him, her cold, marble but soft flesh under my palms just barely not enough to satisfy my desires. I ran my fingers up his biceps and over the length of his back, and through his wild hair that I loved so much since that first day. I couldn't pull him near enough.

He felt it too, because he pulled away, just enough that I could speak, his lips dancing over mine. Our eyes met as I tugged at the offending material of his dark, torn jeans.

"This needs to – " I started.       

" – come off," He finished breathlessly. He placed his hands over mine, squeezing my fingers to grip the buttons of his jeans, and together, pulled them open. He stopped me form going further and for a minute I was afraid we’d gone to far. That he regretted this.

Instead he kissed me over my cheek and down my jaw and neck again following the path over my smooth, bare shoulders, creating a trail with his lips, calming me somewhat. My body was aching for him, needing him in a way that made my blood feel unimportant. Like the steady, hypnotic rhythm of a drum, he was pulsing to my beat.

"So beautiful," he murmured against the top of my shoulder. I felt so electric, so warm and real in his arms. So alive for the first time in years.

My breathing sat stuck in my throat when I felt he was already ready for me. He was hard and wanting, my body pulsing like a heartbeat to get to him. His smell, his body, his soul – the intensity of desire made me sway. And I knew, that in no time at all, I would not be able to stop the progression of my need for him, I was already gone too far, having stopped thinking rational a whole while ago. We were at a line, ripping and arching and nearly tumbling over it. Soon, we would be too far, and there would be no going back.


"Melody, tell me you don’t want this and I’ll stop. I won’t be able to stop on my own." He said softly, strained. I shook my head, clearing my mind to think of a good answer.

“Edward…I – I ..I want this. I need this, or I won’t be able to let you go..” I choked, nearly drowning from the pain, lust and love I was all feeling at the same time. He looked me in the eyes again and nodded, letting me lead as I was willing to do so. It wasn't long before this wasn't enough for us, not enough naked flesh, not enough contact, or rocking or teasing or desperate pleasure...just not enough. I groaned in what sounded like frustration and pushed him down. My hands were hard on his chest, and I spread my fingers over the muscles there and kneaded him. we still sat on the end of his bed, he underneath me while I was pinning his hips down with my own. I started to rock my center against him, rolling myself against  him with such insanity. He felt so huge and I was praying we would fit. He rocked back into me, letting me ride the pulsing hardness between us, with almost-uncontrollable energy. He held my hips, squeezing there and guiding me because my hands were uncontrollable. I bend down to kiss him again, like liquid fire, still rocking and feeling the ache between my legs grow heavier.

I moaned softly, closing my eyes to the ceiling. I felt Edward reaching up to cup my breasts, feeling the peaks of them tighten and tense. I whimpered as my eyes shot back down and locked onto his.

"Ah, Edward," I sighed, all breathy and aching and girlish, like it was hurting me not to have more. It did, I wanted more, needed it. Edward hissed, the combination of my heat and his name and the dangerous sensuality in my voice almost too much for him.

"I need more, Edward. Please." I pleaded. He nodded, rolling us over, startling me somewhat.


Hovering above me, he popped the button of my wet jeans and peeled the clothing down my leg slowly, so achingly slow, revealing soft, untouched skin inch by inch. He moved down with the fabric in his hands, kissing my hip, then my thigh, and the inside of my knee. I watched him kiss me down my body, as I lay there with half-closed, lustful eyes and taking shallow breaths. My  fingers were spread and my palms pushed into the bedspread, the only thing that was keeping me where I was. 

"Edward," I whispered. My voice shook with need. "My God, Edward."


Edward tossed my jeans a side, adding the fabric to the growing pile of clothing on the floor and climbed over me, kissing his way up my other leg. His butterfly kisses were making me remember our first kiss. I held my breath as he came close to the place where I was all wet, womanly and needy for him, but he passed the area.

I sat up, my hands back on his chest, letting him know it was my turn. Blushing again, I reached for the waistband of his open jeans, pushing it down his hips.

I froze when I saw he wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. I swear that if I had known that before, I wouldn’t have been able to sit next to him at all during the classes we shared.  

He helped me to get him out of the garment, also tossing it to the pile of clothing that lay abandoned on the floor.

I didn’t dare to look at his manhood that had been straining against his jeans only moments earlier. Edward didn’t hesitate anymore when he hooked his fingers into the sides of my thong, tugging it down my legs. Before I knew it, I lay bare before him, and I totally freaked me out and made me slick with anticipation at the same time.

His lips met mine again, while he gently spread my legs. My heart bounced erratically in my chest, so loud that I was sure you would be able to hear it from miles away. I was positive Edward would.

He stopped kissing me, holding my face in his hands like I was to most precious thing in his world. For that moment I made myself believe it was true.


Then, he pressed into me slowly, stretching me in ways I never thought possible. It hurt a lot and I cried out a little with each inch, wanting him to stop and go on all the same. I gasped and clutched onto him tighter,  I squeezed him with my hands while I squeezed him with the muscles from inside me as well, making him groan and clutching his jaw together. I gritted my teeth because of the searing burn inside me.

 It was too much, so much pleasure, pain, heat and friction , that I had to fight to control the screams and cries I wanted to let out. I was so unprepared for it, in the tingling jolts of pleasure or the intense and stinging pain that shot through my lower regions. It felt amazing and agonizing at the same time. And he hadn’t even completely filled me yet.


He went further into me, stretching me more and more and moaning incoherent things. The sound of my name falling from his lips did wonderful things to my aroused state. When he reached my barrier, the one and only thing that separated us from becoming on, he pushed on without warning, forcefully breaking through it. I couldn’t hold back the painful cry this time.

“Aah!” I screamed, my voice hoarse and scratchy. Edward quickly glanced at my face, debating what he should do.

He pulled out but I stopped him.

“No, no! don’t! please, keep…going..” I breathed, swallowing the pain. Edward searched my face for a few seconds before nodding again.


He started  rocking against me, our hips, and lips, meeting each other.The aching and the electric currents grew brighter as they pulsed down and through me, touching further and further around my back and up my spine and down around again to the place where we were joined.

Each time he entered me we’d cry out, moan or whimper. Each time the sounds he made , fueled my aroused feelings and tightened the coil inside me.

Our breaths and love-sounds created a symphony of its own. The way we moved, arching, pushing, grabbing, creating the most sensual and erotic dance choreography existing.

“Edward! Yes! Oh.. my…”

“…Fuck! Melody..I – I never thought this…you, you’re.. so exquisite..”


It grew frantic, fast, and unbelievably more hot. I was afraid I might break, or break the connection between us, from the way that I simply couldn't get enough. We were wild. Fast. Wet. slick. We moaned and sighed. I whispered his name in reverence, over and over, because my worship of him was not enough. Each little noise pulled at me more than the next, broke me, battered me...healed me.

The coil inside me was close to snapping and I noticed Edward wouldn’t hold it out much longer either. The way he looked, moving with me in pure bliss was a sight to behold. Something I’d never forget.

“Edward, I’m – “ my breathing stuck in my throat as he hit the right spot inside me, making me throw my head back once again.

“I know, Mellow, I feel you….let go for me, baby!” he growled



That did it. I snapped, exploded. The double meaning in his words hitting me like wrecking ball. Like dancing in a dark field of fireflies, or a quiet rain through the canopy trees that echoed over the solace there. Like cool keys under my fingertips and music lilting through the air, a sweet lullaby that was every good thing in the world. It was like swimming in the center of the ocean and running over the mountaintops where the air was too thin, kicking up soft powder in my wake. It was like drinking deeply from a pulsing vein, like feeling life slip through my fingers. There was deep pleasure, blinding agony, immense joy and desperate fear. I was losing him. We’d never be one again, like this, like lovers, mates. He wanted me to let go, let go off him. He wanted me to have a happy life, something I couldn’t have without him. But, this, those feelings were so overwhelming, so powerful.

                Fire tore up my spine, as I my inner muscles clamped down on him. I screamed his name, not able to keep control over myself anymore. I lost it, completely lost it.

Not long after, Edward’s harsh thrusts were getting irregular, as he neared his climax. His loud growl made my inner lips twitch once more, before my body relaxed against the soft mattress of his bed.  



okay so...

I'm enormously curious what you thought of that....*blushes* 




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