Starless Sky [completed]

After having spend the summer with the Cullens, in LA and with Charlie; Melody gets back to Forks High School. it's a brand new year full of unexpected surprises and things you'd never thought were existing.

After a small incident, things go wrong - Bella gets depressive and Melody runs away.
But what happens if the past all comes flooding back? is there danger lurking?

What if she can't protect her family from herself and the ghosths of her past? And worse.. how will Edward react?

Starless Sky is the sequel to Moon Girl


This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- violence
- angst
- cursing
- sexual acts/ suggestive themes


22. Struggle + Dead Plea

If I thought saying goodbye was hard, this was even worse.
Only sixteen days earlier, I’d given birth to two baby boys. At that time they were to equalize to a normal newborn baby. And now, they were getting close to babies from one year old. Their hair had grown dramatically, their eyes had gotten the mystic golden color we all held and they had grew quite some inches in height.
And now I had to say goodbye to them.
I’d grown used to raising two kids while I was only a teenager myself. But it felt like I was made for it. Skye constantly followed me with her camera, while other family members were busy with packing.
We needed to leave LA quite soon. Adam and Scarlett decided they could stay in Seattle, so they wouldn’t turn themselves in the spotlights in Forks. 
In the meantime, Bella had called regularly to ask Charlie how long we would stay. 
And now I was already crying for fifteen minutes because I was afraid to let my babies here without me. it wasn’t that I didn’t trust my family – I did with my whole life. 
It was more my mother instinct and the fact that loved their presence. 
Raven was tugging at my hair, playing with the bouncy curls as he held a solemn expression on his face. It was kind of sad, which made me cry harder. 
“Melody, I know you don’t want to leave them, but we need to catch the plane.” Charlie was waiting by Chris’ car for me to get in. He was still shocked by the revelations we gave him on the Cullens. Charlie also started to hate Edward even more than he did. He accepted the fact that I had children now, but was extremely mad on my actions and with whom I’d gotten them with. Those were freaky times, when Charlie tried to imagine how Edward and I were getting a roll’, and was truly disgusted by it. I suggested he should quit it, since I was getting a bit nauseas if it as well – he envisioned Edward as some kind of red-eyed monkey with hair everywhere. Thank God that wasn’t true!

My sisters were keeping me busy and trying to convince me they would take good care of my sons. 
Swallowing I kissed Raven’s forehead and crouched down to place him next to Blaze. 
“I’ll miss you. But you’ll see Mommy soon enough.” I said sternly, more to myself than to them. I brushed their hair and rosy cheeks.
Then, Blaze opened his mouth, making a whimpering sound before they both amazed us all.

“Mommy…” Blaze began, making my heart drop and blossom up with love. The bronze-haired boy looked over to Raven.
“Miss you too…” 

What a great timing – now I cried for another ten minutes because they’d uttered their first words. Finally I was strong enough to go, keeping in mind I’d see them back soon.

After a few hours of flying, Charlie and I arrived at the airport in Port Angeles. during the flight we barely spoke which made me feel awful. Charlie’s mind was mostly occupied with the Cullens being vampires from the real kind. It was difficult for him to get used to that idea. 
I hated it that he was so angry with me, even though I told him my secrets by all honesty. 
Charlie was walking quickly to the exit of the airport, where Jake and Bella would pick us up. I wasn’t so fond of that idea, but I had to keep friends with my dad. 

Anxious to know how my boys were, I dialed the familiar number while I followed Charlie through the bunch of traveling humans.
“Hi Melody, it’s Layla!” 
My sister-in-law picked up by the second ring. I smiled in relief. “Hey, I wanted to let you know we’re at PA. How are Raz and Aze?” I asked, almost sounding demanding. At home, we’d given the twin shorter nicknames – Raz for Raven and Aze for Blaze. 
I heard Layla Chuckle through the phone, ”They’re absolutely fine Melody. The night was a tad difficult though – they kind of refused to sleep in the cribs, so me and Scarlett held them all night.” She said.
I felt a pang of guilt hit, but if I kept reminding myself it was for the safety of us all, it would ease the pain. 

I spoke with Layla a bit more, but soon enough I had to hang up – we were nearing the car where I saw Jacob and Bella waiting. 
I’d taken precautions for this trip back. My eyes were golden and wouldn’t fade this fast, so a pair of dark-brown contacts covered that up for me. my hair was straightened and bound in the for Forks familiar pony-tail. 
When Charlie was there, he hugged Bella and Jake to him. I needed to swallow the hurt – the looked like the happy perfect human family. And what was I to Charlie now? the unwanted mutant with a twin that wasn’t supposed to be born? 
I averted my eyes while I dropped my heavy backpack in the backseat, as they ignored me completely. It made me doubt my decision to go back, even if it was to keep up the charade. 

“Hey dwarf! Long time no see! Where the hell have you been?” the ever-irritating Bella spoke up, leaving Charlie and Jacob to talk. Bella enveloped me in a hug as well and I needed to contain myself to not push her away. 
“Hey Bella. good to see you too,” I pushed out of my throat. I didn’t expect the feelings of loathing and betrayal when I saw her again. this would get all ‘teeth to each other’. 
I noticed Bella studying my wrist, frowning, ‘Huh, so it seems she’s forgotten all over the Cullens. At least I can get Edward again if he’s going to come back – Melody wasn’t interested in him at all!’ 
“What’s that?” she now pointed at the small silver plate that was bound with two blue cords around my wrist, at the place where my Cullen bracelet once sat. I let my finger touch the cold metal.
“It’s a bracelet Bella,” I said spryly. Bella rolled her eyes, while I saw Charlie and Jacob, who looked a lot different now, fixate their eyes on me.
“No, smart ass, where do the letters stand for? Do you have a boyfriend?” she questioned, trying to guess where the letters ‘R’ and ‘B’ meant for. I shrugged, feeling my father’s eyes burn a hole through my head. 
“oh…well, I got some really good friends in LA. They got me this as a remembrance. We err…went to a few R&B concerts at the beach..” I lied, not as fluently then I wished, but that might’ve been caused by Charlie who now knew about the lies. 
Bella nodded, disappointed by the truth she thought to hear. I think if she would’ve known the exact truth, she’d set her claws on my neck. 

We got in the car and drove to Forks in what seemed to take too much time for my liking. I didn’t say anything, while I listened carefully to the revelations on the murders that had taken place before I ran away. Jake said, that that afternoon, Harry Clearwater and a few other hunters, were going into the woods to catch the killer. In Jacob’s mind I read that the wolves would do the major thing. Bella felt restless for some reason and the ice cold glare I got from Charlie through the rearview mirror made me cringe. 
There was something distant and hostile about Jacob, who glared at me also each time he got the chance. But it was out of protection. I didn’t really get it – Jake and I had been friends but not very close. I even hated his presence at times. 
But his appearance made me suspicious. His once long hair, was now cropped extremely short and the look in his eyes was far from friendly, the Jacob I’d known. During Christmas he seemed to know about the wolves, just like he did now, but there was something more about it. 

As we finally reached Charlie’s home, we soon separated. Bella said she needed to visit Angela and Jessica that afternoon and Charlie quickly got ready to join Harry on his search. It was still unclear which vampire was haunting Forks, something that freaked me out. I tried to silently convince Charlie not to go, but he was relentless. 
And now I was left with Jacob. 
I was picking out the important things, like my wallet, phone and keys out of my backpack, when Jacob suddenly spoke.

“Do you even know what’s going on here?” he said, a cynical huff seeping through his voice. I turned to him, frowning.
“Nope, enlighten me.” I said back sharply. I knew things, but not everything. 
“Bella said you know about the Cullens too. And about this Laurent person and the red-head.” He stated. I felt uncomfortable, hearing about Victoria, who was still alive and planning a painful revenge on us. I nodded curtly. 
“I’m going to tell you the same as I told Bella – stay away from vampires. We can’t protect you everywhere and you are risking the town’s safety. ”he all but growled. I huffed.

“Who are you? My grandfather? Shouldn’t I choose that myself?” I replied, bitch in place. Jacob balled his fists, clenching his jaw.
“Melody, there are humans being killed! This red-head vampire is taunting us for weeks! She’s looking for something but we don’t know what!” he barked. I gasped – Victoria was here in Forks and my father was hunting for her. 
“Well maybe you don’t know because your furry friends don’t have a proper brain or are way too slow to catch her!” 
“How do you know!?” he roared, angry. I huffed a laugh. “I can read minds remember, Black?” I groused back at him. we stood there staring at each other furiously. I wanted nothing more than to slap him. hard. 
“I’m not done with this, Melody, but right now, I have to make sure your dad isn’t going to be killed by that bloodsucker!” he roared once more, before running outside, me on his heels, just in time to see him cross the street and phase into a wolf himself.
So that was it – Jacob didn’t just knew about it, he was part of it. 

Suddenly, I realized, Bella was also a head target to Victoria’s revenge. I immediately jumped into my fiat and drove to Angela at the fastest speed my car could handle. When I reached the house, I got out of the fiat and knocked. 
Angela opened and gave me a weird look, ‘she’s back? What is she doing here?’
“Hey, I’m sorry to interrupt but I really need to talk to Bella!” I pleaded, searching if she might stand behind Angela. 
Angela frowned, “Well, I don’t know if you noticed but her truck is not standing in the driveway- she isn’t even here.” She said matter-of-factly. I turned my head and indeed saw no sign f the Roaring Beasty truck. Now I panicked.
“Do you know where she is then?” I asked desperately needing to know. 
“She went cliff diving with her boyfriend Jacob Black. She’s probably at La Push.” Angela said shrugging indifferently before slamming the door shut.
Why would she go cliff diving? That shit is dangerous and…

Fuck my life! Jacob isn’t even there!
I ran to my car and maneuvered the small vehicle through the city. I searched to small mountains and cliffs at La Push, but didn’t find her. 
“Damn-it Bella!” I swore harshly when I stepped out of the car to search by foot. I could get closer like that. 
When I ten minutes later, saw the red Chevy standing next to a tree, I cursed for another round.
What she must be thinking! Everyone is worried about the whole Victoria thing and she decides to get funny and goes diving off a cliff!? 
I put it on a walk and searched through the woods, up the hill.

“Bella! Be-llaa!? BELLA!!!” I screamed until I was hoarse. I was close to giving up when I got an idea.
I could follow her scent. 
After the birth, my senses had become more sensitive. 
I sniffed the air and concentrated, focusing on anything that could be Bella. When I caught a strange strawberry scent that led to the higher cliffs, I raced after it. I momentarily didn’t care about wolves that might see me. when I was difficult to walk over the path that was being blocked by a great amount of bushes and plants, I tried to climb a tree, which went quite successfully. I jumped to every thick enough nearby trunk to reach the cliffs. When I saw light coming through the trees, I worked myself back to the forest grounds. It started raining enormously and the air was dark, the signs of a storm. My jeans, black long sleeve and green converse were getting soaked as I ran further, whisking along the trees.
Even though I disliked Bella greatly, I couldn’t help but worry about her. She was family and I cherished every aspect of that. I started appreciate it more after Raven and Blaze were born. 
Imagining their faces, I ran faster, being so overly glad they weren´t here now. the possibility of Victoria coming close to them made my instinct tense, even as my muscles. 

When I saw the end of the enormous rock, with the dangerous and angry clouds roaring above it, I saw Bella taking a deep breath. I gasped and debated if I should slow to human pace or to run faster.
´It´s her! Always her! Why not only me for a change!´ 
When I wanted to yell her name in time to stop her I was too late. Bella took a step back and jumped right of the cliff, into the wild churning water. 
There was no time to question why I did as I acted, why is even considered this, when I jumped after her, my eyes wide open and shielding myself from everything that could hurt r batter me. I was flying, and the feeling gave me chills even though I was busy saving my half sister from a drowning death. 
I hit the surface of the freezing water, seeing my limbs fade as I sank deeper, kicking my feet. I searched with my eyes, for Bella, only seeing the water swirl heavily. I was able to hold my breath for quite a while, but forever. It’s when I realized I technically was still human.
I wasn’t like my siblings, not yet. maybe I’d never be.

I’d made the wrong decision. I’d expected myself better and greater than my body could afford. Now I struggled, grasping my throat, where I needed the air. Air I couldn’t breathe. 

Drowning had been one of my highest fears the last few months. But I never realized it would happen like this. I muscles lost their strain, my body surrendered to the invincible power of the stormy ocean. I heard thunder strike as lightning rose. 

I saw Edward, who smiled and reached for my hand. I wanted to take it, letting him take me somewhere where we could be together for once more. 

There was almost no turning back now, even while I saw Bella floating, losing it too. 

It would be peaceful. So easy. Like floating, just like I did now. 

I felt my shield fall away, my limbs getting their normal appearance, seeing my pale skin. I would be fine, I guessed. I let my eyes fall close, seeing Bella kick her legs once, in attempt to survive the breathless suffering.

I reached for Edwards outstretched hand, grazing his fingers, when suddenly disappeared into the water as he left me again. 

I needed to choose if there was a possibility to have a choice, left. I let my slow beating heart speak, and it spoke loudly, certainly. 

My eyes widened, furious at myself to get fooled by the memories.

Raven and Blaze were my safe place. My home. The reason to fight and forget the cruel drought in my lungs that pleaded for air. 
My babies. I couldn´t die and leave my babies. That´s worst thing a mother could do to her children. to choose wrongly and giving up. 
I clenched my teeth and strained my sore muscles, feeling the power rise in my veins.
I was Melody Swan, damn-it, and I didn´t let the fear for a vampire squish me. 

I kicked with my feet, swimming as the blue lightning flashes empowered my body, shielded me. reaching out, I grasped Bella’s arm and tugged her upwards. I felt their power. 
It was as if Denim, Faith and Alana helped to get the strength, to control the lightning. It were Raven, Blaze and Edward n my mind who kept my heart at the steady pace. It was like Nathan was there to ease the forceful water with his elemental talent. 
I pushed, kicked and strained. Air, I needed air. 

My hand reached above the water, before I resurfaced. I whimpered from the dry pain, which wasn’t for blood this time. I fought to get us to the shore, stumbling and coughing when my feet were able to touch the wet sand. I dragged a limp Bella with me fearing, but suppressing it. 
We were strong enough, even Bella. We were Swan’s for a reason. 

Dropping Bella as carefully possible in the sand of La Push Beach, breathing hard from the effort. My lightning was gone, just as my invisibility. 
“Bella come on!” I rasped with what little was over from my voice. Her lips were blue, even as her fingers. I listened to her heart and lungs. She was still alive.
I started to pump at her chest to let her cough up the water she’d gotten in. after a few times, she coughed, letting water flow out of her mouth each time her lungs squeezed. 
She stared at me, guilt written in her eyes.
“Will you never, ever do that to me again!” I growled with the rasp evident in my voice. Bella started crying, whispering sorry.
“Thanks for saving me.” She said as I helped her upright. We were both soaked through the bone while the storm still raged over Forks. 
“If you hadn’t done that, I didn’t have to have done it at all.” I snapped. Bella didn’t reply. When I heard the sound of feet hitting the ground I looked up. It was Sam Uley, one of the wolves.
“Bella, Melody, what are you doing here!? Don’t you realize you’re on dangerous territory!? You have to go back to Charlie’s, Jake will take you there. The rest of us is going to Billy’s.” He barked, not giving us the chance to answer. I read his mind while Bella stormed over to Jacob who was walking up to us.
In Sam’s memory, I saw Charlie and Harry run. Charlie turned around, leaving harry slightly behind him. Harry fell to the ground all of the sudden, clutching his chest where his heart lay. 
Sam’s memory stopped then, pained with it. But I knew enough from what I’d seen.
“Harry had a heart attack...” I exclaimed staring straight ahead of me. 
Jacob looked at Bells, ”What!? Jake that’s not true right?” she cried. Jacob didn’t reply which made Bella hit her hand in front of her mouth. 
“He didn’t survive...” my voice was haunting, feeling the pain of the others. From the happy moments I’d shared with my sons, I was back in the hectic atmospheres from Forks.

Jacob brought me and Bella back to Charlie’s. The silence was prickling and as soon as we’d enter the house, Bella would meet an angry Melody. And knowing what happened in the past, that would be a true party. I was truly pissed at her for doing that. Jacob let us get out of the car, kissing Bella’s cheek. I just stared, my eyes holding the immense cold layer as I did. 
Suddenly, Jacob tensed baring his teeth and focusing on the house. I turned around to look but didn’t see anything. 
“Jake what is it?” Bella asked him, confused by his animalistic behaviour. He was a dog after all, right? 
“Melody, Bella, get back in the car. NOW!” he ordered tugging at Bella’s arm as she confusingly obliged to his demand. I still stood there searching around for something when I caught Jacob’s thought.
There was a vampire close. 
“Melody now! We don’t have much time!” Jacob yelled at me but I was made of stone, nailed to the ground. 
The smell was familiar. And I’d only seen Victoria once. Not long enough to remember it. 
“Melody look! There, at the porch!” Bella suddenly said, shock in her tone. I gazed where she referred too and gasped. 
There was hanging a white trench coat over the railing and when I focused really well, I saw that the front door hadn’t been opened by a key. 
It was Alice’s coat. The one from that designer she always wanted to wear. My heart leapt, wanting to run back into my best friends arms. There was no doubt it was Alice – it’s why the smell was so familiar to me. 
“Jake let me through! We need to go in!” Bella argued with her furry boyfriend. I was already taking tentative steps towards the house, extremely nervous. What if that was indeed Alice – what would I do? Get angry with her? Or forgive her if she asked me to? I wanted to know why, the true reason why she left. I knew Edward’s reasons, and they hurt me, but why would she follow? 
Behind me was Jacob still busy to keep Bella in the car as they fought. I didn’t really knew why Bella was just as desperate as I was, to see Alice. 
Good thing Jacob was too busy with keeping up Bella and too weak to eventually fight me.
I started running at a human pace towards the house, hearing Jacob curse when he saw. He left Bella who jumped out of his car and followed me. When Bella had passed Jacob because he stopped running he growled.
“I can’t help you there! It’s not my territory! If something goes wrong..” Jake mewled, frustrated. But I didn’t listen anymore. I quickly opened the door with the belonging key and threw it open, not yet stepping in. It was completely dark and I took a hesitating step forward. My heart was beating madly, just like Bella’s did. 
Inside I flipped on the lights, shrieking when i saw something move beside me. I turned seeing nobody else than a shocked Alice Cullen.
And Alice didn’t get shocked. Ever. 
“ALICE!” I exclaimed, immediately flinging my arms around her frame. Alice stumbled a bit, still wide-eyed. 
“Melody? Bella? What the hell? How is it possible that you’re still alive!?” she screeched, her golden eyes wide and worried. I frowned. Why would she think we were dead?
Just then I saw the vision in Alice’s mind, when it suddenly stopped, completely black. 
“Alice it’s NOT what you think – “ 
“I SAW YOU JUMP OF A FUCKING CLIFF! DO YOU HAVE A DEAD WISH!!?” she roared, the fire evident in her eyes. 
“NO! BUT MAYBE IF HADN’T LEFT NOTHING OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!” I fired back, a still pissed from the cliff incident and now Alice. All my pent-up emotions were getting a small open door to flow through now. 

Alice winced and I deep down knew she never had wanted this. ‘I can’t tell you how sorry I am! There are no words...’ 
“Alice, if Edward decides to be a selfish monster doesn’t mean you have to follow! He is not your mom! Why didn’t you stay? WHY!?” I choked, blinking back the threatening liquid that was piling up in my eyes. 
Alice let out a sob, even though her eyes couldn’t cry the tears I desperately wanted to hide. 
“I’ve been so worried! Every day we called him. We all wondered how you were, how you felt and if you indeed moved on, just like my brother assumed you would. He said that you were humans and humans have a bad memory...So when I got a vision of you both jumping off a cliff where it ended with no future...I lost my mind!” she whispered, hysterical and seeming so weak now. Not the Alice we knew – the skippyball fashionista. 
“I told the others, we’ve been staying in Denali ever since, and Carlisle ushered me to go find you, to support Charlie in every way I could – we thought he must be lunatic! So I got some stuff together and ran over here, actually waiting to catch Charlie and help him deal with it...but you’re still alive! How?” 
I sighed deeply, hearing Bella’s shaky breath as well when she thought about the terrifying feeling of the water scratching your lungs. 
“let’s sit down?” I suggested with questioning eyes. Alice nodded and followed us to the couch. 

“Listen; I just got back to Forks this morning. I had no idea what was going on.” I started earning a curious look and the obvious question popped through her head. “I’ll tell you later why.” 
“There have been a few kills here and there….Charlie and the police are on the case. With Christmas we found out Laurent had been one of the killers.” Bella said. Alice was worried again. “Laurent!? Irina told me he’d been visiting old friends in France. He would be back next week.” Alice stated. I scrunched up my nose, “Not very likely…” 
“How? did he get killed?” Alice didn’t get it at all. Bella and I nodded. When my best friend was about to ask who had done that, Jacob stepped in, making Alice make an ‘eww’ sound.
“I thought you couldn’t help us?” Bella asked sarcastically as he strolled to us, irritation written all over his features.
“I came to check if you were alright.” he said curtly, looking at Alice loathingly. Alice rolled her eyes.
“well I wouldn’t hurt anyone, dog.” She said, making me want to high-five her. Jacob just huffed and didn’t reply. 
“Jake, we’re fine. Go help your family. They need it.” Bella assured him. Jake’s eyes shimmered with emotion for a moment before he shook his head. 
“The wolves killed Laurent. But it appears he’s not alone…” I went on to get the story out. I hated talking about it. I saw Alice’s intuition flicker. “Victoria? Has she been here all the time?” 
Now it was my turn to frown, “yeah? Did you think she was somewhere else?” I asked, seeing her stand up and brushing her chin. 
“In the two visits Edward gave us, he said to be chasing her. He said she was in Brazil! He’s been looking for her for weeks!”
Hearing Alice mention Edward in a situation that wasn’t a memory but something he currently busy with tugged at my heart. 
“We’ve been trying to hunt her down ever since. Today we were close to catching her, but she fled, through the water.” Jacob piped up, holding Bella’s hand, which didn’t go unnoticed by Alice. 
“And I went cliff-diving. Just for fun. I didn’t realize what was all happening at that moment. And I didn’t expect the water to be so strong – it was a good thing Melody jumped after me and got me out of the water somehow.” Bella said, shrugging. Alice gave me a strange but knowing look – as if she knew how I’d done it. 
“I need to talk to you two.”Jacob suddenly said, “Alone.” Glancing with hatred at Alice. Alice huffed and turned around.”Fine, I’ll go. I’ll be outside.” 

“What!?” I quipped at Jacob who ushered bell and me towards the kitchen.
“I told you both to stay away from vampires! And now you’re happily chatting with one!” he barked.
“She’s a Cullen! You know that they don’t cause any harm Jake!” Bella snapped back to him.
“Bells they are dangerous, eve the Cullens! I’m forbidding you to come close to any of them, understood?” he said sternly, looking us in the eye. 
“who the FUCK do you think you ARE! You have no right to tell us what to do!” I screeched at him, swaying quit my arms angrily. 
“I do have that right when you’re humans I have to protect from BLOODSUCKERS!” 
I stared at him, fire blazing in my eyes. He’d practically just insulted me, my family and my babies. 
I took a step closer to him, jabbing my finger in his naked torso, which disgusted me, “Listen to me, Jacob Black, I’m old and wise enough to make my own decisions, just as Bells and to make it clear – I’m closer to being a parent than you are!” I spat furiously. Jacob however, didn’t believe that.
He wanted to reply back at me when a terrifying vision brought me to my knees. 

A dark hall, echoing footsteps and enormous doors. Clearly midnight. The room was awfully familiar, a place where death was a normality, where blood had been cast for hundreds of years. 
The three thrones in the middle seemed to be having the greatest attention as they were neared. 
Three thousands of years old men sat there. one bored, another frustrated and the one in the middle with a wicked grin plastered on his almost translucent skin. The red eyes were to be expected. 
‘Young Edward, why oh why? Such a waste…’ Aro mused with his high voice. There was commotion in the room surrounding the pale-skinned beauty with bronze hair. 
‘I have no intention or any reason to continue the life of a living dead.’ Edward said, emotionless with eyes pitch black as the darkest night and burning as if being in the cruelest hell. 
Aro stepped forward, a apologetic smile now, and took Edward’s shoulders in his hands, pushing him to his knees. Edward closed his eyes.
‘then I’ll do as you wish, Young Edward,’ Are drawled seconds before took hold of Edward’s neck and twisted it, crushing it before ripping it off, dropping the head and laughing sadistically.
Eyes. Dead eyes, were the only thing to see the no longer ahead future.

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