Starless Sky [completed]

After having spend the summer with the Cullens, in LA and with Charlie; Melody gets back to Forks High School. it's a brand new year full of unexpected surprises and things you'd never thought were existing.

After a small incident, things go wrong - Bella gets depressive and Melody runs away.
But what happens if the past all comes flooding back? is there danger lurking?

What if she can't protect her family from herself and the ghosths of her past? And worse.. how will Edward react?

Starless Sky is the sequel to Moon Girl


This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- violence
- angst
- cursing
- sexual acts/ suggestive themes


24. Secret to Learn + Unexpected Myths

I wanted to tell him the whole story – my past, my being and my babies. But I promised Scarlett and Adam that I wouldn’t. 
I forced Edward to look at me with my hands on his face, pleading with my eyes, ”I understand you want to know…but I can’t talk about that. Can we please talk about this later?”
I could see he wasn’t happy with it, but I wasn’t lying. I didn’t want to tell him anything about the accident. I never had, not even to Charlie. I never let out a word about how my mother tried to kill me and almost succeeded. It were Denim, Faith and Alana who explained the situation to my siblings. And if Edward would hear it from me, my emotions would probably get out of hand. 
And of course I had something else to tell him.

“I understand, kind off. And you’re right – we’ve been through quite some things the last thirty-six hours. So I’m not going to press you, but promise me that you’ll tell me one day. When you’re ready.” Edward said sternly, the pain evident in his golden eyes. We were still again, ;lying on our backs on Alice’s bed, legs dangling over the edge. 
“Tell me though – how come you’ve got all these tattoos? How many do you have?” he suddenly asked, amused. 
“I have five tattoos. One beneath my right arm, my left hipbone, my left wrist, covering my scars and on my left breast, above my heart.” I explained. Edward listened carefully, curiosity shining in his eyes.
“My first tattoo was the one on my hipbone. It’s the exact symbol of my name – a treble clef for ‘Melody’ and it looks like a Swan. The second one I got was the ‘Fast as Lightning’ tattoo. “
“Why that sentence? It has a reason right?” Edward asked, interrupting me. I had taken it because it was the very truth – I was faster than lightning. 
“I’m kind of mesmerized by lightning and things that are fast.” I lied, shrugging. I still hated lying, but someday that would be over. I saw Edward nod next to me, “next.” 
I chuckled at his monotone voice, “then I got the huge on that covers my scars. I was terrified when I saw them, so my brother suggested that I should make an art of it. like that It would be easier for me to deal with, which was true. It are mostly swirls and gracious words. There’s standing ‘Forever is only the beginning’ for example, which is my favorite in the whole tattoo.” I told him, not able to ignore the squeeze of fear at my heart. I saw he wanted to ask me about what happened again, but he closed his mouth again, waiting for me to continue on the lasts two.
“on my wrist is a small lightning tattoo. You know like harry potter. I got it together with my cousins before I came to live here in Forks. We kind of share the lightning thing. The one on my breast is an infinity sign – my sisters wanted something special for us together so we thought this would fit.” I finished explaining, curious about his reaction. 
“That’s a whole history. I never expected it though.” 
I frowned, “You hate them? I mean, you’re kind of old-fashioned, so it seems logical that you – “
Edward’s hand lay across from my mouth, silencing me. I fought the urge to stick out my tongue and lick so he would let go, something I did with my brother when he silenced me like that. He was disgusted with it but let me go right after I’d licked over his hand. 
“I don’t hate them. I think they’re cool.” He simply stated. 

After that we rested, well I rested, he watched as I did. Edward let me sleep for a few hours before waking me at dawn. I yawned loudly, squeezing my eyes shut from the tiredness. I rolled over to my side to face Edward, who was frowning deeply.
“What? Edward what’s wrong?” 
“Nothing, my love. Let’s go down stairs. The others are almost here.” He said, brushing of the subject and standing up quickly. I followed his actions a little confused by his behavior. But maybe he was just nervous upon re-meeting with his family. I knew I was.

When we got downstairs, Alice was around me immediately.
“Are you guys okay?” she asked, looking form Edward to me and back. We both nodded smiling a little. I was positive she already knew. I hope she didn’t mind our canoodling session on her bed…
“They’re almost here! I’m so happy I can see Jazz again! I missed his blonde curly head so much!” Alice was bouncing around the room again, earning an eye roll from me. when I heard the gravel clattering, I pulled out my phone to send Scarlett the message she’d been waiting for.

MHMSwan: Cullens are here within seconds. I’ll see you within the hour. XO

Then I waited anxiously for the Cullens to get inside the house. I gave them space to go to their own family members first of course, since Alice and Edward were standing a bit in front of me. I heard the ticking of the clock, as the time went by. I was a little startled by the slamming door, but hearing the booming voice of the big burly bear, I couldn’t help but grin.

“YO! PIXIE!? EMOWARD!? EMMETT’S HOME BABY!” the bouldering voice came from the hall. I giggled softly while I saw Edward and Alice roll their eyes at the names. 

When I saw Emmett appear in the living room, I breathed a sigh of relief. They were home. And there were going to stay. 
Emmet ran up to Edward, grabbing him uphigh by his upper arms with a genuinely mad expression on his face, “You asshole! Don’t ever to that shit to me alright? I was freaking out when I heard you were taunting the Aro guy and – “ 
His eyes were shooting in various directions when they stopped at me. I waved sheepishly at him. Emmett’s best dimpled smile sprawled across his face before he literally dropped Edward to the ground and running up to me. 

“PIGMY! You’re alive!” that second I was stuck in a big bear hug, gasping for air. I swayed with my arms and legs, struggling to get out. 
“Emmett..!” I squeaked ,”…I need air!” 
He immediately set me down, carefully as if I was a fragile doll. He grinned at me. 
“Ha! I missed you! You’re still as awesome as before!” 

“Alright Em! Give us a chance to reunite with smelly-melly over there too, will you?” 
Rose’s tinkling voice echoed through the room, making me giggle. She came to stand next to her hyperactive husband, giving me a hug also. 
“believe it or not, I kind of missed you.” She let me go, guilt written in her eyes, “And I’m sorry. If I hadn’t called Edward like that, nothing would have gotten hectic.” 
I gave her a apologetic smile back, “It’s okay Rose. We’re all fine now.”
The next to see me was Jasper. He didn’t dare to come closer to me and I knew why.

“Jazz, it’s okay. I’ve already forgiven you. I already did right after what happened.” I whispered, walking to him myself and wrapping my arms around his waist. It was then that I realized he was quite tall. 
“Thank you, Melody. Now I only need to forgive myself. But I’ll do my best and try not to kill, deal?” he offered. I chuckled, letting go of him and nodded. “absolutely.”

I heard more commotion from out of the hall. It were Carlisle and Esmé, tugging a few suitcases through the a tad too small passage. 

“MELODY!” Esmé squealed when she caught sight of me. completely ignoring everyone else, she rushed to me and wrapped me in her motherly arms. I had to admit she felt like a mom to me. a real mother. 
‘Oh thank you god, for giving me my baby girl back! I missed her so terribly much!’I honestly wanted to cry. Being a mother myself now, made me understand those feelings much better. I was truly touched by Esmé’s claim on me. 
In her eyes, I was her daughter too. And that felt right. 

“Oh sweetie! You must be so tired! And hungry! Let me get you something to eat!” Esmé rushed, touching my face with her cold hands as if it was the most delicate thing existing. 
So while the others, except for Edward who wouldn’t leave my side and Carlisle, went to unpack their stuff and settle back in, Esmé prepared some very early breakfast for me. 
When she was ready with cooking my waffles, I sat down on a stool in the kitchen, next to Carlisle and Edward who were chatting about what had happened in Volterra. 

“He wants me and Alice to join them, Dad. We promised to make a vampire of Bella, but I don’t think we want that.” Edward bitterly exclaimed. I knew exactly why – Bella had become one of his last favorite persons on earth. 
“Well, let’s make sure that won’t happen. And if your Bella wants to become like us, that’s her choice to make and – “
“she’s is not mine. never will be.” Edward growled, staring daggers at his father who looked around confusingly, while Esmé set down a plate in front of me. I silently started to eat as The others joined us in the kitchen, sitting in their own chairs and curious about the conversation going on.

“Bella lied. About everything. She claimed that Melody had a relationship with Jacob Black, which is untrue, told me she loved me dearly, which is even more untrue and there are much more lies.” 
I huffed,” She only wanted to be the first to get into your pants to impress Lauren and Jessica. She didn’t love you. It was all a façade.” I remarked, stuffing a piece of warm waffle in my mouth and chewing. 

“Oh my God! I KNEW she was a fake! I told you so!” Rosalie suddenly yelled, high-fiving Alice, who knew even more. Edward and the others were just surprised.

“Well,” Edward started, winking at me, “Bad for Bella that will never happen in the future.” 
I blushed a bright red, trying to avoid the curious glances. I prayed they weren’t sensing something going on between us. badly enough, I saw Jasper grinning and shaking his head. He definitely knew something as up. 

“So Melody,” Carlisle suddenly changed the subject, “ How’s your health been? I hope you haven’t paid much visits to the hospital?” 
I swallowed thickly. Fucking penguins.
“Oh, ehm…well I’ve been worse in the past, “ I saw Edward’s eyes flash with intuition, ”I’ve only visited the pharmacist here and eh…after that I went to LA. I’ve only been here for a month after you left actually..” 
Minds rattled in confusion. Which was logical of course.
“Why did you go back to LA? Was it that bad to stay here with Charlie and Bella?” Emmett asked, looking serious for once. 
“It was bad….really bad. I looked like a walking skeleton, but that’s not why I left…I uh…” I was stammering to find words and drag out the conversation, when suddenly my phone vibrated. I glanced around tentatively and pulled it out to read it. 

SMSBright: Hi! We’re just turning into that gravel road to the Estate. Hope you’re ready, sis. You’ll have your babies back in your arms soon enough! X Scar, Adam, Dad, Raz and Aze

I swallowed again. my babies – I missed them so much! 

I stood up, clearing my throat and trying to get the right amount of courage. Everyone stared at me weirdly while I stood there.
“Okay, so ehm…there indeed is a big reason why I went back to LA. And it’s quite a complicated story. but I am going to tell you... It might be a little shocking so maybe the living room is a bit more…comfortable to speak bout this?” I suggested, taking the lead to the living room. Again with the whirling minds, they all followed. At once, Edward grabbed my arm gently, ”Are you okay? What’s going on, baby?” 
I avoided the eye contact, ”Edward I’m just really nervous. But I’m asking you to please, please be open minded in this! You can’t freak out okay?” 
We shared a long stare before he nodded and sat down next to Emmett who was smirking about our little display there. 

“Okay, so I invited a few people to help me out here…” I started, hearing the car come to a halt outside in that moment. The Cullens, all faced the way to the hall curiously.
“Just like I just asked Edward – please do not freak out or anything! There are enough explanations. There is no reason for panic I assure you.” I said, eyeing them all and glancing at Edward a bit longer who was awfully tensed up. then, the door opened and Charlie stepped in, shrugging of his coat and greeting them all.
“Good evening Charlie. It’s good to see you again.” Carlisle solemnly said, but meaning it truly – he’d saw Charlie as a real close friend. However, my dad was a little skeptic. Especially because it was the first time he was around them, knowing about their nature. 
“Yeah, well. It was about time wasn’t it?” he said cynically. I rolled my eyes and gave him a glare. ,’What?’ 
No one replied, while the guilt was evident in the atmosphere. 
“Dad, don’t be so cruel – just tell your story.” I snapped, crossing my arms over my chest. 

“Ok, what you want.” He gruffly said. “Where should I begin? Ah, right. I found out about what you all are. And it’s weird to me, but I’m trying to get used to that, my vampire friends.” He started. I winced and slapped my hand for my eyes. Sometimes my dad was just as clumsy as I was – only his problem had to do with hope he could say things so awfully stupid. 
There was an audible gasp in the room. As they all directly stared at me. I put my hands up in surrender, “don’t blame me – I didn’t tell him.” 
“alright, Charlie you know now. and we’re sorry for what we are, but it is the way it is. But tell me, how did you find out?” Carlisle asked friendly. 
“Great question Carlisle. The answer though, goes back for over twenty-six years earlier, though.” 
And now, there was no turning back in this.

I stood anxiously next to my thirty-eight year old father, who started to explain how everything started over only 20 years prior. Off course, the Cullens weren’t yet aware of Scarlett’s fast growth from that time.

“When I was about seventeen, I had a job at a café. So I was young, smooth skinned and moustache less… I was handsome – keep it at that.” Charlie said making me roll my eyes and the vampires chuckle. They absolutely no clue where the hell this was heading. Apart from Alice off course. 
“anyway – at one day, a beautiful young lady stopped by, asking for a Latte Macchiato. When I saw her, I was completely mesmerized by her pale beauty. Her name was Fiorenza Terra,” he explained. I swallowed, feeling a rush of hatred and aggressiveness through my body, keeping it down by tensing my muscles and snapping my teeth together. The Cullens gazed at me curiously, but I ignored it. Charlie’s sideways glance was to make sure I was okay. I gazed back, telling him with my eyes that I would just endure it. 

“We fell in love from that day on. I felt euphoric when I was around her. When we found out she was pregnant from my child, it was kind of shocking to both of us, but soon we were happy enough about it. After the oldest, we got three more children together. “ he said. Is was kind of vague, but he wanted to drag out the big secret a little longer so the vamps wouldn’t freak.

“But there is something really important that you should know.” 
I squeezed my eyes shut, feeling more nervous with every exhale of a breath I took. 
“When I met her I wasn’t just mesmerized by her pale skin. It were her big golden eyes that counted me in for a lifetime rollercoaster.” 
A few gasps and surprised stares were being exchanged when he mentioned Fiorenza’s eye color. An eye color humans didn’t have. 
“When Fiorenza found out she was pregnant, it took only six months for our daughter to be fully grown as a baby. Scarlett Marie is my oldest daughter. I’m not sure if Melody ever mentioned the fact that she has siblings, but that’s clear now.” 
“But how can a child be a healthy enough baby after a six-months pregnancy?” Esmé asked, her voice a little higher because of the questioning tone. I saw Charlie sigh a little and I did the same. 
“Like I said – Fiorenza was different than other girls back then. Another remarkable thing, is Scarlett’s age. She was born only twenty years ago, but her developments and growth equalize that of a twenty-five year old woman. When she was a toddler, she grew very fast.”

“That’s impossible….” Jasper breathed, staring at me. Alice, who sat next to her mate smiled at me then before explaining Jasper, “Well, we all know now that we’re also far from possible so let’s give other impossibilities a chance too, okay?” 
“But how? how is it even possible?” Edward asked, a little layer of frustration easy enough to hear. I didn’t dare to look at him, knowing what Charlie would say next. I didn’t want to see the look on his face.

“Before Fiorenza announced her pregnancy to me, I found out she was not completely human. She was even more different than I had expected.” 

All eyes were set on me, as I still stood silently next to my completely human father. This was uncharted territory here – they were not supposed to know the whole truth; just the above laying layers. 
“If she was not human, what is she then? What does that make your children?” Rosalie piped up, staring darkly at me. she had a strong love for humanity and everything that disturbed that, was wrong in her eyes. 

“That’s not my story to tell. I’m not even sure myself to be honest. I could tell you, Melody or Scarlett could tell you, but my children all decided with each other to let that part of their lives out of the spotlight. And I, as their father, respect their wishes. So there’s no answering that question.” 
I smiled sadly, staring at the ground, thanking Charlie in my mind for doing this exactly as we wish. I wanted to tell it, but rethinking it – it would take some time for Edward to get used to the idea of me being his almost equal species. I’d seen how vile he was against Bella becoming a vampire – he shared Rosalie’s love for humanity. 

It was a complete chaos of minds shouting, debating and being all astonished by the revelations. But only Alice and Carlisle’s minds were silent to me. so immediately silent to Edward. 
“Alright, so…all we know is that Melody and her siblings are not human? But I don’t get the exact point, I mean, I’m expecting more of a story since your suddenly telling this to us.” Jasper remarked, trying to calm the others around him who were vibrating with curiosity and restlessness. 

“That’s true. My dad told you all this for a reason. It’s partly because it seemed fair to me – I know your nature, so giving you a part of mine, without disrespecting my sister’s rule was the best solution. But yes, there is much more and I want you to meet my family. There not all here, but we can tell you all.” I spoke up with a dry throat. I was relieved that they now knew I was not like Bella was. I just hoped it didn’t break the relationships I’d built with Rosalie as my sister and Edward as my…my..
Fuck what is Edward to me? 
I was a little struck by that, not having the chance to think about it further when Carlisle spoke.
“We’re very curious about them Charlie. I’m sure we all are.”

“Okay, so like I told you my oldest daughter, Scarlett Marie, is twenty-five. She married when she turned twenty with Adam Bright. Then I got a son, Nathan Charles and he’s twenty-three and he married to Layla Johnson also when he was twenty. Then I got another girl, Skye Helena. She’s twenty and – “
“she’s already twenty-one dad.” I said giggling a little, still averting my eyes from Edward’s. 
“Oh right. Well she married to Chris Johnson two years ago. Oh, and Christopher is Layla’s twin brother. And you all know Bella and Melody of course. “ he finished. 

“I’d be so happy to meet them once!” Esmé cheered clasping her hands together. 
“Well you already met them right? Last summer when I was at the hospital?” I said, confused suddenly.
“ well maybe we did but didn’t know that were your siblings…” Alice stated, shrugging. 
A abrupt knock on the front door made everyone look aside. Carlisle stood up to open it and sighed in relief when I heard it were just Scarlett and Adam.


“Look who we’ve got here!” Carlisle exclaimed suddenly, returning to the living room where we all sat laughing whole heartedly. 
Then I remembered that he and Adam were friends. 

At once I was pulled into warm arms. I smiled nervously, swinging my arms around Scarlett’s waist. 
“Hey Mells.” She said, her voice working as a soothing manner on my nerves. Scarlett was someone who radiated calmness. Well, next to Jasper of course…
“Hey Scar…” I whispered back as she stroked my back reassuringly. When she let me go I saw Carlisle and Adam shake hands and hug each other in that ‘dudes’ way. The pat on the back and such. 
“Wow, Carlisle, long time no see!” Adam exclaimed as they both chuckled. 
“Well indeed Adam. It’s great to meet with you again!” 

Another round of confusion, which seemed to be the highlight emotion of the way too early morning, rolled through the room. 
“Carlisle, you know him?” Emmett asked, making Carlisle nod. 
“We studied together once.” 

Everyone began chatting then all a little hyperactive. Charlie was hugging Scarlett, having missed her too. When she let go of him, it was time for the true business….

“Good morning…I understand this all might be enormously strange to all of you, but we’d like to tell you something more about us. Things have…happened a few months ago and they need to be cleared up.” Scarlett started, squeezing my hand and smiling, ‘you can do this,’ she thought.
“Charlie told you all about us four – Me, Nate, Skye and Melly over here, and now we have another admission to make. As you may have noticed, my husband and Carlisle know each other. And, yes they studied together, but it’s useful to know that was a little over a hundred years ago.” 
Then all eyes shot to Adam and the minds noticed the golden eye color.
“That’s correct. Carlisle taught me how to deal with the diet so I could become what I always wanted too – a doctor. 
“so you married a vampire? Jesus, how’d you manage that? He much stronger than you are!” Rosalie bashed, getting slightly curious about all this after all. 
Scarlett smiled lovingly at Adam, “don’t people always say that ‘love conquers all’?” 
Chuckles and giggles rang through my sensitive ears. I still didn’t dare to face Edward, afraid of his reaction. 
“Nathan and Skye married one too. Chris and Layla are a twin and both vampires from Boston. For real, they’re both forty-six instead of twenty-three years old. Our kind mates with vampires, we guess.” Scarlett explained further. I felt warmth blooming in my face. I just couldn’t help but think about sex with Edward when the word ‘mating’ was mentioned. 

“wow…and here I thought we were weird. You’re even weirder! I mean, who marries a vampire?” Emmett joked. Rosalie snorted, giving him a shove from aside, “eh…you?” 

“so..this is the big secret? You’re not human and your mystery kind marries vampires?” 
Emmett asked again a little more serious than before. Scarlett raised her eyebrows and shook her head.

“We’re just getting to the big secret actually. Melody?” she said I nodded, swallowing. 

My dad, brushed my shoulder and started explaining even more, “ Adam told me that vampires and pitifully incapable of conceiving children, am I correct?” he started. Rosalie’s face fell immediately and I knew Esmé was having difficulties too. they all nodded though, quite sad. It was one of the major things that was taken away from them by becoming like this. 
“Fiorenza’s kind was able to conceive. The evidence is standing right here as you can see. We never thought that Nate, Skye and Scar were able to have children at all except form adopting. But adopting a human baby didn’t fit in.” 

While Charlie spoke, Scarlett had gone outside and I heard her coming back in again, just like everyone else did. 
“After Scarlett and I married, we went on a honeymoon. I’d promised her to try to make love to her, which worked without having her extremely harmed. We were astonished and shocked to find out she was pregnant only a month later.” Adam added to Charlie’s words. 
“She was really pregnant?” Rosalie whispered longingly watching intently as Adam nodded, a smile curving his lips. 
‘He never told me that story…how interesting..’

“Three months later our son was born. That was four years ago. His species is of the same kind as Scarlett’s is, only my vampiric genes have been put in as an extra.” Adam explained further, his grin widening as he told them about his son. I was still nervous as hell upon telling them about my sons. 
“Nathan and Layla were just as able to get a child, just like Skye and Chris were. Faith and Alana are three and two years old. They all gave me five grandchildren.” Charlie said, smirking.

“It’s so fascinating!” Jasper exclaimed, grinning widely while the others agreed highly with him. 
Then Scarlett came back into the room and behind her were three young teenagers. When Denim caught me in sight he grinned, raced alongside his mother and ran up me, practically jumping me to the ground. I laughed loudly as I pulled him into a hug. 

“Hey Denny!” I said, stealing his red baseball cap and ruffling through his dark curls. He shook his head, taking back his cap from my hands. 
“Melo, stop being jealous of my ultimate toughness. I’m just cool. Don’t ruin it.” he replied in that low boyish voice. 
“Alright maestro, get out of the way! A gentleman let’s a lady go first.” Alana said grinning and pulling me into a hug also. 
“didn’t your dad taught you that, Den? Mine did.” Faith stated, feeling completely awesome.
“Faith you’re not a boy…” Alana remarked, dryly. Faith rolled her eyes, making me giggle. 
“Guys, quit it – Denim just learns to much from his Uncle Nate.” I said , patting the boy’s back. 
“huh? But that’s my dad! He taught me how to be a perfect gentleman!” 
“Faith you’re not a gu-huy!” 

“Anyway…”Scarlett interrupted our banter and we immediately shut up. during our weird reuniting, the Cullens had been watching us completely amazed. And that was the first time I dared to look at Edward. 
He was fixated on my cousins, his eyes flashing from one to the other and then back at me. When he caught me staring, he held my gaze, a thousand emotions swimming there in his eyes. I swallowed thickly, inhaling a deep breath.

“Kids, haven’t we taught you to introduce yourselves to new people?” Adam chuckled, shaking his head and still standing next to Carlisle, who was just as fascinated as Jasper was. 
We heard a choir of ‘Oh right!’ before they stepped forward. 
“I’m Denim Joshua Bright and I’m thirteen. Oh! And I really like that silver Volvo outside! That’s so awesome! Whose – 
“Denim…” Scarlett chastised him, as he rattled through about Edward’s car. I saw Edward chuckle, a twinkle in his eye as he looked at my nephew. 
“Oh, sorry Mom.” He said before fixating his golden eyes on the Cullens again,” You can call me Den if you like.” 

“Wait a minute!” Emmett yelled, a little too loud for my liking, “Adam said he was four! He just said he’s thirteen!” 
“That’s correct – just like Scarlett, denim grows very fast. The pregnancy is also shorter, which we think is caused by the vampire genes of Adam in this case.” My dad said, mustache up high as he smiled. He was so proud of his grandchildren, something he’d never admit so hugely. 
The Cullens all nodded and Edward stole a quick glance at me again, eyes deadly curious.
“Right, Den it’s our turn!” Faith bashed, shoving her nephew aside and earning a hand through her light brown hair. 
“I’m Faith Anna Swan and I’m twelve. I really love fashion and shoes!” she chanted as I saw Alice’s eyes glimmer. I knew what was happening in that mind without having to read it. 
“And I’m Alana Lena Johnson and I’m eleven!” Alana said from next to Faith. 

The vampire family was honestly intrigued by the partly vampire children. they just weren’t aware of the fact they were more vampire than just partly. But as Scarlett and Adam wished, we all would keep that a secret for as long as possible. 
I waited impatiently as Esmé, Alice and Rose started to talk with my two nieces about their hobbies and the boys were busy with discussing sport results with Denim. It was Edward though, who broke the comfortable atmosphere.

“Adam what has to happen to your kind to become pregnant?” he asked, whispering but staring hard at me, his eyes blazing. I didn’t dare to look away this time, guilt, pain and secrets laid open in my own eyes.
Adam cleared his throat while Scarlett gave me a long look from aside, which I saw form the corner of my eye. 
“Just like humans – unsafe sex. Is there a reason for your question Edward?” Adam answered, slyly asking his last question, earning a short, but sharp glare from me. 
Edward was still fixated on me, his pupils dilating when he heard it. it was exactly what we’d done, giving him reason enough to get suspicious. 

‘…there are only three….but Charlie said?’ “Where are the other two?” Rosalie suddenly noted, taking away her attention from Alana and looking at my father. 
“You said you had five grandchildren. There are three here…” Rose went further. I felt my hands start to sweat as my breathing picked up. 
I was damn scared.

The room went silent waiting for an answer, expecting one, but probably not the one they were going to get. 
“We haven’t yet explained you, that after Skye, Layla and myself got our children, we exchanged our mostly human life for that of our partner…it stopped us from having more children.” Scarlett said, squeezing my hand while I restrained myself that I wouldn’t break hers.
“…so that only leaves..” Jasper mused, before settling his eyes on me, like all the others did. I swallowed thickly when I heart glass drop and shatter.

I faced its source, the man who’d dropped it in shock, the man who was staring at me wide eyed, unable to control his breathing. 
I couldn’t hold it any longer, laying my hand across from my mouth and feeling the warm salty tears droop down my cheek as I stared back at Edward. 

“It’s Melody…” Carlisle murmured also very surprised by this. But he didn’t knew whom their father was. 

“Scar? Can you..” I whispered, my voice breaking at the end as she was already out of the door to get my twin. 

“Hey Edward? are you alright? you don’t have to freak because your BFF got pregnant…she’s a teenager with hormones you know.” Rosalie remarked, pushing against Edward’s unmoving shoulder.
“What’s his problem?” Emmett said softly while Edward was still frozen, staring at me, first my face, then my stomach where once had sat two babies. 

“I…I’m s-so sorry..” I choked, feeling a sob leaving my throat when the front door was being closed again. two fast beating hearts were heard. two sets of lungs that breathed steadily. Two little feet that dribbled over the wooden flooring in the hall as Scarlett took their jackets off. 

I turned around, feeling my heart leap and yearn to feel their small arms around my neck, to smell their mild baby essence coming of the soft skin.

Scarlett re-entered, holding Blaze to her chest ,since he obviously wasn’t able to walk yet, hiding his head behind her hair. The air in the room prickled with emotions, astonishment, curiosity and everything seemed to happen in slow-motion. 
Until a little, black haired toddler toppled inside, wobbling on his feet. when he caught me in sight a wide toothy grin covered his chubby face.

“Mommy! Mommy! Ravy walk!” he exclaimed in a high pitched voice. I broke then, my legs giving out from underneath me, dropping to the floor just in time to catch him in my arms, kissing his red cheek. I felt so relieved to have him in my arms again, especially when I saw he’d grown so much. He’d learned to walk while I was away.

“Dude!...just..DUDE!” Emmett exclaimed staring at the toddler in my arms. 
“I never thought this was possible…” Carlisle breathed in disbelief and wonder. 

But yet no sign from Edward, which worried me. 

I looked up to see Charlie standing there with Blaze, who was still hiding his face, but now in his grandfather’s neck. I picked up Raven, settling him on my left arm and stood upright. 
My dad brushed through Blaze’s bronze hair, waking him, “Hey whipster, look who’s here?” 

Lazily, rubbing his eyes with his right arm, Blaze turned his head. When he sensed it was me, he was suddenly wide awake, reaching his arms towards me, making a whimpering wanting sound. Blaze wasn’t much of a talker. I smiled at him, stretching my right arm so Charlie could hand him over. 
And there I stood, me being a fifteen-year old mother, holding her twin sons in both her arms, facing a dumbstruck family. 
“Momma.” Blaze uttered quietly, biting his lower lips as his soft brown eyes stared at me. they weren’t golden yet, but getting lighter each day. 

All eyes focused on Blaze then and a choir of audible gasps was heard.

“Oh good Lord, he…they – “ Esmé stuttered.
“They look exactly like…” Rosalie whispered.
“It’s practically a clone!” Jasper chuckled warily.

“Aw shit Edward! losing your virginity without telling me!? That hurts my bro feelings dude!” Emmett acted as if to be really hurt, breaking the ice a little as some of us chuckled at his joke. 

I took a deep breath, making a brave move by stepping towards Edward then, who still hadn’t said anything yet. 
“Edward I’m sorry. I could’ve told you but you were gone! I didn’t know what to do so I fled! And if I’d only known this was possible I would’ve told you! It’s just that I– “ I started, but stopped when a small smile curved at the corners of his lips, getting wider each second.

“They’re mine? right?” he asked, whispering and taking a step closer as everyone surrounding us watched out reunion. I nodded, biting my lower lip.
Edward let out a shaky laugh, “They look so much like me…but also like you. A lot. Wow…this is so…” He mused in that velvety voice. That voice that used to calm me after a long day at school. 
“I understand. I mean, it takes time to get used to…i-if that’s what you want. To get used to them, I mean.” I stammered unsure of what his reaction might be. Edward chuckled though, much to my relief.
“why do you even ask?” he said, reaching forward with his hand and brushing away a lost tear from my cheek, like he’d done before in Alice’s bedroom when we talked. 

“Wait here! “rose interrupted out bubble, making us turn our heads toward her as Raven and Blaze lay silently against both my shoulders, watching what happened surrounding them.
“Melody you ravaged Edward!? That’s seriously the last thing I expected! No wonder you like that movie friends with benefits so much!” She giggled, finding it hard to believe Edward and I had shared much more than just our close friendship. We all chuckled.
“Well, it was more the other way around I think….” I flinched, Edward doing the same knowing well enough what I meant, “but we can explain that story later. When there aren’t any listening kids in here…” I suggested, peeking at my cousins.

“What? It’s not like we haven’t had biology or something.” Denim argued, shrugging

We all laughed at his comment, hearing Raven giggle along with us, silencing everyone at once again. I faced Edward, shyly suddenly.
“Do you..want to hold them? I mean they’re yours too you know..” I questioned. I didn’t take more than a second for him to nod fiercely, his hair bouncing on the top of his head from the force. I smiled brightly, looking at Raven. 
“Raz, mommy’s going to hand you to Edward now. Is that okay? Edward’s really not scary.” I coed to him, hearing Emmett’s faint comment on how scary Edward could be without clothes on. I decided not the reply on that. 
Raven nodded, reaching out his arms for Edward, who had this twinkle in his eyes again, the same as when Denim mentioned his car earlier. 
While Edward held his first born son, which was a true sight to behold for my entire life, I explained more about him. 

“So, this is Raven Charles Zachary. He’s the oldest of the two. I chose Raven because of his dark hair and pale skin. Charles comes from my dad and my brother who carries the same middle name. And Zachary is from Adam, as an oath. He saved my life quite a lot of times.” I said, extremely proud at that moment, seeing my son with his father. 
Edward smiled, ruffling Raven’s, now longer, hair, “ I love it. it suits him.” 
Then he wanted to hold Blaze, so we exchanged babies, as funny as it sounded, as I again gave description of how I came upon their names.

“And this is Blaze Masen Drake. I chose Blaze because of his hair. It’s the same color as yours is. And it’s just as wild. Masen is obviously from you. I wanted something from you there just in case. And Drake descents form my grandfather – Draco Swan. We were very close when I was much younger before he died.” 

“Man, this is so freaky – it’s like Edward but then much smaller cuter and less brooding.” Rosalie said, a little mean about the brooding thing Edward had done for over the past eighty years. He ignored her this time though.
“Raven and Blaze…sounds great together. But tell me – what are their last names?” Edward asked, curiously and a little anxious somehow. I shrugged.

“Well that depends on you.” I whispered, feeling Raven play with my hair. 
Edward raised his eyebrows before smiling wickedly, glee filing his eyes, his soul.

“Cullen. Most definitely Cullen.” 

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