Starless Sky [completed]

After having spend the summer with the Cullens, in LA and with Charlie; Melody gets back to Forks High School. it's a brand new year full of unexpected surprises and things you'd never thought were existing.

After a small incident, things go wrong - Bella gets depressive and Melody runs away.
But what happens if the past all comes flooding back? is there danger lurking?

What if she can't protect her family from herself and the ghosths of her past? And worse.. how will Edward react?

Starless Sky is the sequel to Moon Girl


This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- violence
- angst
- cursing
- sexual acts/ suggestive themes


17. Reasoning on New Year's + Memories + Baby Talk

    After I hung up the phone, I laid it on the kitchen counter and went straight to the balcony, ignoring my siblings. When I reached the French doors that where hidden behind the curtain in squeezed myself through them before closing it behind me and drinking in the sight of the ever living city Los Angeles. There were parties everywhere with loud music lights, drinks and a lot of teenagers. If I was normal I probably would’ve been there too, getting drunk hopping from one night stand to another and not caring about anything that presumed the future and only living in the YOLO aspect of living.

                But I wasn’t normal, certainly far from a slut and now completely at a loss for my future. What was I going to do?

                I had left Forks, which also meant school. winter break was obviously still going on but seeing I’d be a walking bowling ball for the next two months, I couldn’t just go back there.  going to school in LA wasn’t an option either for same reasons. My mind was at a chaos. How about my Senior Year? My grades? What would I do for college and where would I go? And more important – what would be happening with Bumpy and how was he going to fit in my future plan?

                I shook my head to try and bring some peace into my mind, so I could think straight. My first priority would be to get through those three months and set Bumpy safely on earth and staying alive during the complicated process. I tried very hard not to think about how the ‘setting Bumpy on earth’ activity was going to be, but couldn’t suppress the wince.

                I thought that when I had Bumpy, I could try and leave, find a way to take care of myself, in order to avoid danger, Charlie and the pain I caused by my loved ones. But I had no education and was only fifteen to begin with. But I had money enough to permit myself one.

                The sound of the glass doors scraping against its trail, I turned around to see my cousin Faith, Nathan’s daughter, standing in the doorway, looking worried. ‘Can I come in?’

I nodded at her and she closed the door. behind her in the room I saw my siblings, looking at us, but averting their gazes when I saw. Not that I didn’t knew they were wondering why I needed a moment for myself.

                Faith came to stand next to me, her light, caramel colored hair getting a shimmer in the soft lights of the far away centre of the city. She was just a tad shorter than I was, maybe five centimeters, and wore a soft pink dress from chiffon at short ruffled sleeves. It was really her style and along with her shoes, which she styled up herself, she was a vision.

                “Are you okay?” she asked cautiously, stepping closer and looking me in the eye. I smiled lightly, ”I’ve been better, but it’s nothing you have to worry about, sweetie.” I answered, facing her troubled expression.

                “Listen, it’s nothing, really. Maybe I’m going to get the flu. That’s nothing major.” I said, feeling a bit backward because she was so sad. Faith smiled at me as her mind got peace over it, believing what I’d said. I would have to wean from lying some day.

                “So, where did you get this pretty dress of yours?” I asked in an attempt to change the subject, making Faith’s smile brighten enormously when she started telling me how and where she got it and which dresses she couldn’t choose between. I listened, for real as we got back inside, and smiled and laughed with her. And then just suddenly, I looked at her – like, really looked at her. She was a hybrid child. She was born from a vampire and one of my kind. She had grown up to a twelve year old in three years. She was just like my baby would be. Because that is what Bumpy was after all – a baby. And then from in one moment I got an image in my head that couldn’t be burned.

                Denim, Faith, Alana and E, as a toddler just like I remembered him, playing together, laughing. And then he’d run up to me, call me mommy and say that he loved me.

                I gasped loudly as tears welled up in my eyes, but not those of grief.

                “Melody? What’s wrong?” I heard Nathan ask form behind me. I swallowed thickly and turned around.

                “I..I just,” I couldn’t find the words. I wanted to tell them, but I was scared. I searched for Adam and Scarlett, who looked at me with confused expressions. I gave my eyes the right intensity, asking if this was right. Scarlett’s eyes widened as she glanced at her husband and then they both nodded. I swallowed again, nodding also.

                “Melody? Could you enlighten us please? I’m getting crazy about this whole secret conversations thing,” my brother said again. I cleared my throat, preparing myself for what I was about to do.

                “I have to tell you guys something. But it’s quite….shocking. you might want to take a seat I guess.” I said, realizing I’d started and there was no way back now.


                Their minds were shouting through my head, all confused. Adam and Scarlett gave me a reassuring smile as they stood next to me.

                “We’ll help you out if it gets to crazy in here all right?” Scarlett said, rubbing over my shoulder in an attempt to calm me somewhat. Chris and Nathan sat down on a chair, just as Layla and Skye did on the couch. Denim, Faith and Alana  gathered on the ground and they all stared at me. they all had their own assumptions about what might be ‘so shocking’. I was hesitating between saying it right away or start at the very beginning.

                “All right, so, uhm…I’ll start at the beginning which was like a year ago.” I started, wriggling nervously with my fingers.

                “When I was new at school, I was totally mesmerized by this guy and – “

                “Wait a minute here. You were chasing some guy!? Melody what the fuck?” Nathan already interrupted me while I hadn’t even told the worst part. Layla chastised him for the language with the kids close. “Let her tell the story. she has the same right to be attracted to someone as you do, Nate.” She spat at him. it was good to know she was on my side. Nathan huffed but sat back in the chair, his eyes fixated on me as he started to think of a plan to snap the guys neck. I guessed Edward wouldn’t have been save if he was here.

                “Well, so…” I didn’t know what to day in between since I didn’t want them to know who Bumpy’s father was. that would make me very bad since they all knew Edward was Bella’s boyfriend. I pinched the bridge of my nose and searched for neater words but, hell, I couldn’t.

                “Let’s cut the crap! I’m sorry dear brothers I know you wanted to protect my virtue, but seriously…I’m not a virgin anymore.” I said, blushing a bright red and biting my lower lip, waiting for the outburst. Skye and Layla cheered and applauded which made me smile.

                “You go girl!” they said. My cousins knew about the whole sex part exists but didn’t want to deal with it so they were just silent.

                ‘Holy Mother of Hell...’ Chris thought, his eyes wide. Even though he wasn’t my real brother, he acted like one indeed. He didn’t think it was thus bad as Nathan did, which was why I didn’t dare to look at him nor to read his mind.


“YOU HAD SEX WITH A DUDE!!” he roared, standing up, getting my attention. He stood right in front of me, making me take a step back.

                “I had sex with a girl, happier now!?” I yelled back, seeing his eyes widen.

                “YOU HAD SEX WITH A PUSSY! SERIOUSLY!?” he roared now, even angrier than before which surprised me. I thought that everything was right, except a guy.

                “NATHAN! Stop it!” Layla yelled at him but he didn’t listen to her, neither did I.

                “NOOOO! That was a joke you dumb-ass!”

                “WHERE. IS. THAT. GUY?” he growled, completely lunatic. I shook my head.

                “Nathan, we don’t talk anymore. it was just once. Done.“ I said.

                “IT WAS A FUCKING ONE NIGHT STAND!?” he roared in a new tone, more angry than he was. I sighed heavily, letting my arms drop.

                “please, Nathan. I’m not a little girl anymore. you can’t protect me from everything!” I said defeated afraid for what he might do when I told him about Bumps. He didn’t reply but it was obvious he tried to accept it.

                Chris chuckled,” before we know it, she’s telling us she pregnant.” He joked, making Nathan growl extremely loud. The room became awfully silent at once. Seven pairs of golden eyes poised themselves at me. at me, who was blushing wildly, crying by this point and averting my eyes.

                ‘Oh my God…she is! She’s pregnant!’ Skye’s voice whispered in my head.

                “Aw, Hell! Melody! Is that actually true?” it was Chris’ turn to freak now too. Nathan looked like he was about to explode or too faint.

                “Yes. Yes, I’m really pregnant.” I whispered, at the exact moment the clockwork hit midnight, and sobbing from the stress this all caused me. Bumpy decided it was time to make its presence known, by kicking my insides. Firework exploded outside in the city where everyone was celebrating the new year.

                Skye was the first to get out of her shocked state and get to me, taking me in her arms. “How far along are you,” she whispered.

                “One month exactly,” I replied with my eyes closed. A loud roar and a crack of splintering glass made us all look up to see Nathan jump from the balcony. This was the second time he became so angry that he killed a door and ran away to cool down.

                “I’m so sorry! I understand you guys are mad at me, I do, but I couldn’t help it!” I sobbed as they stared at me. Skye and Layla were both crying, while Scarlett and Adam told my cousins to go outside to watch and light the fireworks.

                The silence was excruciating as I was left with Chris, Layla and Skye. When I couldn’t take it anymore, wanting to leave and feeling that I ruined New Year’s Eve, Chris spoke up.

                “Did you…love the guy?” he asked softly. I turned my head and nodded.

                               “Yes, I do. So, so much.” I whispered, making him nod.

                “Then it’s okay. As long as you are happy with this, that you’re having his baby, then I’m too.” he said, rushing to me and enveloping me in his strong brotherly hug. two other pairs of arms enclosed around us, as my sisters joined, saying all kinds of words to me, that they’d be there for me and support me. And just like that, even though Nate left and freaked out, I knew that going back to Los Angeles had been a good idea.

                “Come on, Pigmy, let’s go outside for the fireworks.”Chris said, clapping my shoulder in a cheering up manner. I nodded and smiled, wiping away the tear stains on my cheeks.

                As we went outside, Skye chuckled, “Looks like we can’t exactly call you Baby Swan now anymore, is it?”

                We laughed quietly together joining Scar, Adam and the kids as we watched the beautiful firework. Looking up to the sky I swallowed, moving my hands to my lower belly, brushing over Bumpy in a soothing manner.

                Wherever you are, Edward, Happy New Year…


     Scarlett's Point Of View  


      I looked at him in confusion. What was he trying to say? I creased my brows an crossed my arms, glaring at him.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this, love, it’s too danger – “ he explained but I already cut him off, standing in front of him in a flash and jabbing my finger into his chest.

“Listen to me, Adam, don’t tell me what is right or not! We’ve come this far already and now it’s not the time to ruin it!” I said, my facial expressions softening now. I couldn’t stay mad at him too long, or shouldn’t be at all, but since I started changing the aggressive moods where an awful extra. Poor Adam he had to deal with all this.

“Adam, I know you’re a vampire, I know you are so strong…” I told him, looking deep in his golden eyes which were shimmering with a kind of agony, “and I also understand your reasoning but I’m not human myself and you know that! We can make this work.” I said sternly, grabbing hold of his cold hand in mine. I swallowed thickly as I thought of the words I wanted to say.

“And if we do…we can get married, we can be happy. Forever. Isn’t that what you want? I mean, I might be only fifteen but, I…I love you.”

His eyes lit up at my confession. Sure he’d heard it before, but those three words always seemed to enlighten him. his beautiful smile widened on his pale, polished feeling face.  When he sighed, I knew I won.

“All right, you’re probably right, but…” he said, making me feel disappointed again. Adam with his ‘but’ all the time.

“…I’m only doing this – making love to you after we’re married.”

My mouth fell open agape.

“seriously? Why? My dad might actually want me to wait until I’m forty or something!” I squeaked, fearing I might end up staying an old virgin and having to resist this sexy boyfriend of mine. Even though he was twenty-seven, I knew we belonged together.

“Scarlett it’s how I was raised, which was a very long time ago. You know that. And next to that – you’re so young.” He said, emphasizing with his hand.

“You said you didn’t have a problem with that.”

He huffed, rolling his eyes, making a puddle of jelly from my legs, “Scar, I don’t, that’s true but come on – I’m not having sex with an under-age girl who is not my wife. It’s wrong in my world.”

I moaned in frustration and let my head fall against his stony chest, making him chuckle.”I take it, that trying to seduce you won’t bring me anywhere either, will it?” I tried for one more time. Adam chuckled a ‘no’.

When my phone rang I almost jumped through the ceiling form the sound. I didn’t dare to look, but needed to, for the safety of our relationship.

It was my father, sending a text, ‘Scar, I’m home late tonight. Can you tell your Mom? She’s not picking up the phone. X Dad.’

I sighed in relief, being glad no one busted us. our relationship was top-secret and especially for my parents of course. I snuggled into Adam’s embrace and blushed when he kissed me fiercely. I’d never get enough of that.

“I have to go. I love you, doc.” I said giggling at the doc part. He rolled his eyes at the nickname I used sometimes. “I love you too, Scar.”



I exited his apartment quietly and making sure no one saw me leaving. When I’d left the building I walked to the woods on a human pace until I was in, far away enough from the human eye. I knew the forest of Forks almost on every tree and started running. My running had improved since I met Adam, which made my younger brother and sister jealous. If Melody was, I wouldn’t know – she was only two years old. She was smart though, for a toddler but understood so less of everything still.

I neared the area that I knew was close to home and slowed my pace a bit, not wanting to waste too much energy – I still had homework to complete. When I smelled something familiar, I stopped, hiding behind a tree.

I was curious what it might be, seeing it was so obviously familiar, and peeked alongside the thick wood of the tree to see. I stifled a gasp when I saw my mother on the ground, more below, stalking up to someone. At the way she moved, it was obvious to me she was hunting a prey, but shaping my sight, I saw someone walking further ahead of her – the forester. Just when I started to realize what she was doing, a twig broke from under my feet, getting the forester’s attention. He saw my mother, who had turned her gaze to where I was hiding once again behind the tree, praying she’d just think it was an animal. My mother explained to the forester she was just taking a walk and she let him go, without trying to hunt him down again. I heard her run away to the house and I followed a few minutes after.

I was starting to get angry, so angry about what she was doing, that I almost yanked the backdoor out of its hinges. I stomped inside, throwing my coat and backpack somewhere on the ground and stalking quietly into the kitchen, where she was now, setting up tea. I listened for where my siblings were – Nate was doing homework, Skye was watching a Disney movie with Melody along as she giggled about something.

I stood behind my mom now with my arms crossed.

“What the hell were you doing?” I asked, my voice still quiet. The muscles in her back tensed violently and form then on I knew she knew I’d seen it. she turned around, making me face my almost replica. “Where are you talking about, sweetie?” she tried, but I saw the sides of her mouth twitch and her eyes flicker.

“Don’t act like you don’t know – I saw it. Everything. It was a good thing that I accidently stepped on the twig wasn’t it?” I raged, my voice even as I took a step closer to her. We were the same height, which made me looking into her golden eyes.

“I wonder if those eyes of yours aren’t secretly red for once in a while! I’m sure it’s not the first time you did this , is it?” I went on, my jaw snapped together. How dare she? How could she do this to us, if Charlie told us we could never, ever kill a human being. It wasn’t moral – we here partly human ourselves.

“What makes you think that you, my daughter, can tell me what or not to do?” she replied sternly. I raised an eyebrow and letting out a cynical laugh.

“Oh, you’re right I shouldn’t, but seriously, Fiorenza, you swore you didn’t hunt humans! I believed you until now!” I screeched, growling in between. Lion was out the cage now – watch out for claws.

“Scarlett Marie Swan!”

“How many!?” I yelled through her calling my full name, thinking she could still tell me what to do. No way in hell was I going to let a human-drinking leech direct my life.

A nasty, sneering grin appeared on her face, making her look like someone else truly. Gone was the always loving mother. Gone was the friendly Italian woman who loved to cook pasta and drink coffee in all kinds of flavors. But at the same time, she finally arrived. This was my mother – not the other one, the good one. This had been her all along.

“I don’t think I can count them, child.” She sneered. I vibrated with anger. She’d lied. Our whole life had been a lie, an illusion.



The last few days have been a drag. Since New year’s Eve, the day that my youngest sister told us she was pregnant, everything seemed to have changed. Everyone kept looking at her, asking her, but wanting to keep their distance at the same time – we all knew how those pregnancies felt and it wasn’t pretty, especially not in the second month. Layla had been completely worried about Nathan since he ran away so furiously. Melody felt enormously guilty about all of it and I heard her crying every night from her bedroom. ‘Bumpy’, as she liked to refer to the baby, had grown vastly and was now easily seen from underneath her shirts. When Skye remarked this, about her showing, she started to act even more distant than she already did since her friends had left. It was like she pushed away all kind of emotions again, just like she did after she was released from the hospital last autumn.

I tried to get her to talk, since I could sense and see she was not dealing with this very well, but she wouldn’t say a word. And especially not on who the father was.

I turned the page of the magazine I was reading, admiring the beautiful dresses of the brides. It got me wondering if Melody would ever get married after the baby was born. If she got back to her mate that is.

I wasn’t sure though if she was mated now, or not – she said it was a one-night stand after all and we all weren’t familiar with that.

She was pretending to be OK. But I knew she wasn’t. And that all started when she woke up all those months ago.



Eight. The amount of days that it had been so far. The days where my little sister still hadn’t woken up. on bright days like these, as the sun shone through the hospital windows, I still had the hope she would wake anytime soon. But when twilight hit, and the moon replaced the sun, casting darkness over the vibrant city of Los Angeles, I started panicking, thinking she’d never open her eyes again.

I opened the door of the room. It was quite spacious for one patient, but we wanted it that way. She lay next to the window, still stuck on all those wires and machines, as those helped her survive. She’d always been a very bright, crazy person which made it so awful to see her just laying there, doing nothing – only breathing shallowly.

I picked up a chair and shoved it next to her bed, sitting down. I watched the wall behind her, smiling faintly upon seeing the drawings and ‘get well soon’ cards hanging on it. My son, Faith and Alana felt so guilty about all of it that they kept making drawings for her. Strange maybe, for teenagers, but technically they were only younger than four years.

I just sat there watching, checking her vitals which were still working excellently. Her heart rate was weaker than it used to be before, but it wasn’t dangerous.

I wondered why it took her so long – Adam had bitten her, heard her heart start to beat again, but she still hadn’t woken up. normally this happens in between three days. But maybe the wounds had to be healed, slowly, making us to wait patiently for her return to consciousness.

I picked up the book I was currently reading and just enjoyed her silent presence in the room, the constant beep of the heart monitor soothing me somewhat.

An hour, three chapters and five pages passed, when I caught movement form the corners of my eyes. I looked at her, but didn’t see anything – I probably imagined it.

At once the heartbeat started to get faster, stronger. All kinds of machines began to work frantically as I held my breath, standing up and watching her enormously paled face.

My breathing stocked when I saw her eyelids flutter, squeeze and when small movements were made with her arms. A small whimpering sound escaped her throat as her facial expression was pulled into a grimace, probably form the immense pain she must be feeling. Suddenly she stopped moving all together, her heart skipping a beat.

And then, her eyes opened.

I was gasping as the tears streamed down my cheeks. There was so much relief, so much pain and happiness. She’d opened her eyes, she stayed with us.

“Oh Melody!” I exclaimed through the sobs. Her eyes were shooting from place to place frantically. She must be so disoriented from all this. When she hears me calling her name, the striking golden gems shoot to me. I smile widely but when a look of utter terror and fear crosses her face, making her pupils dilate, my smile falters.

The heart monitor gets frantic even as her breathing and blood pressure. I wanted to reassure her, by touching her forehead, but when is tuck out my hand, she began whimpering terrifyingly. She was terrified of me.

“N-n-no! s-stay away from me! You k-killed me! I-I…” she started screeching anxiously and now I got why she wanted me to back off – I looked so much like her. And she was the last persons he’d seen before passing out.

At that point her heart rate started get to a dangerous pace as her eyes were wide open, her body shaking all over as she cried from the pain it caused form the wounds.

I took my bleeper and called Adam, “Emergency in ICU room number fourteen! I need help NOW!” I yelled through it stepping away from my sister. I wanted to calm her down, but if she thought I was my mother, it would only worsen her condition and she could literally scar herself to death.

Faster than possible my husband rushed into the room, carrying a small tube with some liquid goo.

I watched as he hung over her placing the tube on her IV wire. When she saw him, she immediately relaxed a bit.

“A-Adam! Help me! please!” she cried helplessly as Adam soothed her by telling her she was alright and that no one wanted to harm her.

“Go to sleep, sweetheart, your sister and I will take care of you,” he said as the heart monitor got its normal beep back and her breathing its right pattern. Her eyelids fluttered before closing peacefully. Adam sighed deeply and turned around before walking up to me and enveloping me in his cold, lovingly embrace.

“Oh, honey, that must be so awful for you.” He said, brushing my hair with his hand. I swallowed,” I know why she acted like that….”

Adam pulled back a little so he could see my face, ”Why?”

“she thought I was Fiorenza. She said I killed her. No wonder she got so panicked.” I explained, averting my eyes form his.

“I told all of you that this was expected. That I closed the physical wounds, doesn’t mean she’s healed. I can’t heal the mental damage that was caused that night, my love. She has to do that by herself, with us helping her from all sides when she’s losing it.”

I nodded in understanding. This was all so risky. She woke up, so fearful that her terror almost became fatally. 


It was eleven o’clock on a chilly, sunny Wednesday morning in January. Everyone had left the house for their jobs and school, which left me at home, with Melody still sleeping. She did that a lot, sleeping, also belonging with her pregnancy. I smiled happily. Yes, I was mad at her for being so risky – and she was just fifteen after all. 
But when I thought about it, I noted that I maybe was a tad out of line. She was just like me, Nathan and Skye. So she also had the right to have a child, but I never knew if she dreamed of that wish. I was glad she got the chance to experience this before she changed completely. This had been her only chance in conceiving a child and I decided it didn’t matter how old she was and how long she knew the boy she’d shared the bed with. As long as she was happy, we were.

The crack of the stairs, made me aware that she was probably awake/ she’d started her second month, so Bumpy could grow through the nights. I set the coffee machine to prepare hot chocolate for her, since she preferred that in the morning. As she rounded the corner, she yawned, holding one hand across her mouth while the other unconsciously lay on the very top of her belly. And a is expected, the bump had grown fast, and vastly in comparison with one week ago, when I’d touched it for the first time.

“G’morning Scar,” she yawned another time and popped on the chair in front of where I sat. I placed the mug of steamy chocolate in front of her, “Morning Melody. Did you sleep well?” I asked, walking to the refrigerator now, to prepare her some breakfast. I knew she did that by herself, but I just couldn’t help it to help a pregnant woman – it was my job after all.

When I was done making her breakfast and had set a full plate in front of her, I saw her sigh. I wait for her to speak her mind.

“It’s still so…” she starts, looking at her belly which was now just a big as that from a four months old fetus. I laid a reassuring hand on hers, squeezing it,” believe me, I know. It’s very overwhelming and you’re not really realizing it all, but you will sooner or later.” I explained. I’d been in this situation either. The only big difference, was that I had Adam – she was a lonely mother already.

“He’s so huge…” she whispers, with an amazed edge in her soft tone. I chuckled shaking my head, “Well, I don’t want to frighten you further, but he’s going to be even bigger than this.” I said as she took a bite of her sandwich, scrunching her nose at my words.

“But, eh….he, huh?” I tried to keep her talking about this. She never really spoke about it, about becoming a mother and having a baby to take care of. She blushed pinkish and looked down, stroking over Bumpy almost automatically.

“Yeah,…I didn’t realize I was calling it a ‘he’ but, yeah…Bumpy might be a boy right? I mean, fifty percent isn’t it?” she said, smiling while I caught an unknown spark in her eyes as she spoke about it.

“And what if Bumpy is a girl?” I asked in return, curious what she might say. Melody shrugged, raising her brows, ”Well then I should call her Bumpette, shouldn't I?” she giggled, taking another vast bite of her sandwich. I grimaced playfully.

“Please tell me you’re not calling it like that? Bumpette, Melody? Please don’t do that to the child,” I giggled along with her as she scrunched up her nose again.

“Nah, that sounds funny now, but I’m not introducing her as ‘Bumpette Swan’. That sounds weird.” She replied making me think.

“And now it’s a girl?” I asked, noticing she started to call it a ‘her’. She rolled her eyes in a extremely Melody way. I was positive Bumpy, or Bumpette would take over the habit.

“….have you thought about names yet? I mean, it goes faster than you’d think,” I hesitated with asking, but it was a normal thing to ask. I’d caught the last name – she kept it at Swan. Melody blushed a brighter red than before and smiled sheepishly.

“Yeah…since I told you guys I’ve been thinking about it. but it’s difficult. What do you think?”

I smiled, ”hmm… I like Nikki or Rosie for a girl,”  I said, seeing her frown deeply, “and I think Josh and Dean are nice for a boy.”

Melody frowned even deeper, ”Uh…well since my baby is extraordinary, I’d like a name that fits with that as well. Something different.” she explained, blushing again. those cheeks might explode someday from the stream of heated blood that constantly ran beneath the skin.

“Well, what are you thinking about then?” I asked, honestly curious with what she might come up.

“For a girl? I don’t really know yet….something with combined names maybe? I mean, I like Elizabeth and Isabella, but calling her Bella is not an option you know?” she chuckled while I couldn’t help the irritated look on my face by hearing the name of our half sister. I didn’t like her and not at all since she had a relationship with Edward, Melody’s friend. I thought it was a chance for my little sister, but Melody assured me during summer that she only liked him as a friend.

“so….Elizabella? how does that sound?” she went on, deep in thought with a single finger on her cheek.

“I think I like it. it’s….old fashioned in a new jacket.” I told her, taking the dishes with me so I could wash them.

“hmm…Elizabella Anne Cu – Swan. I like it!“ she said brightly making me smile gladly. It was tough but she’d get there.

“Nice! And for a boy? Same theory? Charladam?” I joked, hearing her groan in disgust. “Good Fucking Lord, No! that sounds ridiculous, Scar!” she laughed, and just when I wanted to chastise her for the F-word, I suddenly heard a mewling sound. It made me turn around.

“What’s wrong?” I asked upon seeing her troubled, scrunched up face as she breathed harshly.

“I think Elizabella doesn’t like my choice of words….” She mewled, probably kicked again by the strong child inside of her. I let out an hearty round of laughter.

                               “But seriously, do you know a nice name that also starts with an E?” she asked, sounding shy and unsure. I wondered why she wanted the E so much, but like that I wanted something original too.

                “Let me think….Ethan, Enrique, Enzo, Eduardo, Estevan.. there are pretty much possibilities you can choose from.” I answered shrugging and placing the plates we’d used in the right cupboards.

                “I think Ethan fits E pretty well…”  she murmured. I dried my hands on a tea towel and looked at her.

                “Who’s E?”




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