Starless Sky [completed]

After having spend the summer with the Cullens, in LA and with Charlie; Melody gets back to Forks High School. it's a brand new year full of unexpected surprises and things you'd never thought were existing.

After a small incident, things go wrong - Bella gets depressive and Melody runs away.
But what happens if the past all comes flooding back? is there danger lurking?

What if she can't protect her family from herself and the ghosths of her past? And worse.. how will Edward react?

Starless Sky is the sequel to Moon Girl


This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- violence
- angst
- cursing
- sexual acts/ suggestive themes


15. Reading and Realizing + Fleeing + Homecoming

For what seemed like days, we were in the hospital waiting, crying and praying she’d be fine, that she’d live. Faith and Alana had come back with bandages at the places they ended up wounded and even though we all wanted to know the truth, we didn’t push them to tell us. it was highly possible there was some mental damage caused form what they’d been through that night.

                               When I came back to a normal state, back from my haze, I glanced at the clock hanging above one of the doors. It was past four in the morning – we’d been there all night. 
Adam and his team were still busy with making sure my daughter survived. We needed her. She was my little girl, she was her sibling’s sister, she was my grandchildren’s aunt.

                It made me angry that something or someone would harm such a pure creature. She never did anything wrong to anybody or anyone. She was shy, most of the time smiling and a pretty little girl. She was strong, different – an enigma.

                She’d fight. Melody would fight, I was sure of that. The question was if her body would let her.


                The swinging door of the surgery room flew open and all our head swung in that direction seeing who was coming through. It was Adam, all bloodied, looking tired and pained.

                The silence was unbearable as we all held our breaths for what he might say. His painful expression made me think of the worst. Seconds ticked, until his lips slightly turned upwards in a relieved barely there smile.

                That was enough.

                “Oh my God! She’s alive!” Scarlett flung her husband around his shoulders, as he enclosed his arms around her, chanting that she did. she survived surgery and her heart was still beating.

                My daughter was alive!

                Squeals, cries and sighs of relief and pain were heard through the aisle. Nathan however seemed tense. Adam got out of Scar’s embrace and looked at him.

                “What did you do?” Nate asked darkly, never losing eye contact with his century old vampire brother in front of him. Adam looked apologetic.

                “Nathan I had to…please understand it was the last and only thing that I could do to save her.” He pleaded with his brows furrowed and his wife and son at his side.  I saw Nathan swallow thickly as he nodded. I could see he wasn’t happy with it, but would accept it as long as Melody would be safe and alive.

                “You bit her.” I whispered, needing the confirmation. I didn’t know what it would mean for Melody or what would happen to her, but I got that it would be her savior. Adam nodded, closing his eyes. He started explain how tough it had been, how many time she had to reanimate her to keep her heart beating. At one point, his assistants and surgeons wanted to give up and eh sent them away. at that point he bit her, high on her leg, so it wouldn’t be noticed the bite mark sat there.

                “Guys, I think you should got to the waiting rooms for a minute.” He announced. We all were confused, thinking something went wrong again, but her reassured us that wasn’t the case.

                “It’s better if you go now, you don’t want to see – “ Adam was cut off but the doors swinging open again, as two nurses and a doctor, pushed forward a hospital bed. there were wires and machines everywhere all coming in contact with the battered body that lay almost lifelessly still on the bed.

                “Holy motherfucking hell!!” I exclaimed, not realizing it came from me.



                I cringed and shook my head, trying to clear it from the terrible memory. That had been the most terrifying night of my life.  Adam had tried to get us away from the hall so we didn’t have to see how she looked. I wish I had listened.

                It had been a good thing he assured us of her beating heart, because she truly looked like a corpse. Her skin was gray looking, with cuts, bruises and bandages all over her. Her whole torso was bandaged, as lots of wires and tubes were sticking into it a various places. It was awful to see, but good also. We all needed to face reality and know that danger was lurking somewhere.

                Since then we kept very close to each other, never alone. Melody got a room on ICU where doctor’s regularly checked her vitals or did something with the machines that were connected with her body. It was terrible to sit there, praying and waiting she’d open her eyes one day. If she would.

                After eight days, she woke as Scarlett was with her. She had been disoriented and terrified that Adam had to jump in and calm her, before she’d kill herself from the stress. Her body was too weak to survive such a small thing.

                She didn’t speak for a long time, but burst out one day, telling her siblings the truth. It was bad that I wasn’t there at the moment – I had to go back to forks for a while and promised to be back as soon as I could. It was stupid from me that I wasn’t there – I could have heard the story.

                Melody stayed in the hospital for a bit more than four months, to revalidate, get enough psychological help from Adam and learn to live with her scarred body.

                She was having a very hard time accepting the lighting like scars on her torso.  I cringed again as I thought of that night here in Forks, when she showed them to me and told me it was her mother who had done this to her. I still couldn’t believe Fiorenza had done this to our daughter. Sometimes I wished I could talk to her and ask about it, but I got the idea it might be very dangerous somehow. We never saw Fiorenza back again, and no one wanted to see pictures, hear stories or hear the word mother. They were to scarred by it. since Melody showed me her scars, I understood.

                I never wanted to see the shrew again and if I would, I’d end her in some way. She didn’t deserve to walk on earth.

                I felt beyond horrendous about it, but Melody learned to deal with it. if she could do it, I needed to. I was her father and  I always got her back, no matter what she’d do, go through or feel.

                When I heard Melody wanted to spend time with me in Forks, I was completely out of my mind. I missed my little girl and to have her around me again, seemed a great idea.

                I was beyond nervous when I got to the airport where I picked her up that day, but all fear and tenseness was forgotten when I held her in my arms again after such a time.


                “Charlie? Are you still here? The shift switch was ten minutes ago.” I turned in my chair, startled by the sudden voice from Mark. I cleared my throat and quickly set my feet back to the ground, which I’d laid down on the desk.

                “Ah, sorry Jones. I lost track of time I guess.” I replied, standing up and starting to gather my stuff. Mark grinned and shook his head. “Right, Swan. Relaxing in your ‘Chief-chair’ is an easy way to lose track of time. “ he joked, air-quoting about the chair. I rolled my eyes and walked past him as I threw on my jacket. I told all the colleagues I came across on my way out to have a good night and left the building. Once I was seated in my cruiser, I turned out of the parking lot and drove home. I turned on the radio, hoping for some nice music, but unfortunately there wasn’t anything for my liking so I pushed the standby button. The silence in my car, brought me back to the thinking again.

                There was something I wondered a lot about lately, making sure not to be any close to Melody in case she’d hear my ruminations. The thing was that I had no idea how I would be able to stay with all my children. Scarlett, Nathan and Skye had recently turned immortal. They didn’t age, being frozen in time, while the world kept aging, turning and changing. Melody would end up as an immortal eventually, but Bella was completely human. And I was too.

                I once asked Skye, if she knew how to make me one of them, a vampire. I’d endure the pain and difficulties that came with it, to be with them forever, but Bella wouldn’t. Bella didn’t know any of all this and I was sure she wouldn’t break up with Jacob to be with her half siblings, while she  didn’t really like them.

                As I thought more of it, I suddenly remembered the book Melody told me about a few months ago. It was about her kind. Maybe I’d find my answer there.

                I turned to my right, driving into our street and smiled a bit to myself. Even though lots of those memories and things that happened in the past were haunting, it always turned out right.

                After a few more minutes, I parked the cruiser in the driveway, noting that both my daughters weren’t present. I knew Bella was at La Push, having a so-said sleepover with Jacob. I decided to just believe that and not to think further about what actually happens at that o, so innocent sleep over. It surprised me Melody was out though. Stepping out of the cruiser I grabbed my keys, opened the door and got inside. The warmth welcomed me in and I sighed, already starting to relax somewhat. I went into the kitchen after having hung my holster above the peg, and saw a small note laying on the table.


‘Hey Dad,

 I forgot a few things earlier, so I’m out to get it. I’ll be home around dinner time.

X M. ‘




                I checked the clock for the time. It wasn’t much, but fifteen minutes would be enough for me to have searched through that book. Of course Melody told me it wasn’t wrong if I read it, but I didn’t want her asking me why I did. When I first mentioned that I was thinking about becoming an immortal as well, everyone got extremely mad at me. I didn’t get why they did though.

                As I let the coffee machine prepare me some hot chocolate, I went to Melody’s bedroom, hoping she’d have the book laying around there somewhere. I didn’t think it was very proper to search through my daughter’s room without permission, but it had to do for now.

                A is opened the door, it surprised me her room was so messy lately. Normally everything was neatly stapled and organized, but now there were clothes flying everywhere, books scattered on the floor and  various candy bar wrappers on the desk and bedside table. I sighed, thinking it would take too long to find the book, but when I spotted something shining from under the mattress, I realized it was from the silver characters on the black cover. I maneuvered myself through the piles of clothes and got it from under the mattress before heading back out.  What a ‘melody’ place to hide something.

                Downstairs, I got my steaming cup of hot choco from the kitchen and settled into the soft couch cushions before sliding open the book. When I read the prelude, I frowned. Such a strange old language, but figuring the book might derive from a very early time era, it was logical. I checked out the table of contents and thought it be smart to start with the first chapter since I knew a few things about the newly born stuff. I flipped to the right page and started reading.


‘Chapter One – Newly Born.


This is where it all starts.  A new life full of opportunities, even though the same life ends rather quickly, to start out for real and lasting forever. Vampire hybrids are immortal, but not right out from birth. It depends on who it’s parents are – both hybrid, mother hybrid and father human/vampire or vice versa.

                When both parents are full grown hybrids, it is possible to bear children, but the chance that it survives or won’t get any growing problems is very little. it’s caused by too much immortality in the deep red blood of said hybrids.

                When one of the parents is human or a vampire, you get relatively good functioning hybrids. The myths say something about incubuses and succubuses, the only way to conceive child with a human as a vampire. That’s not true though in this case – after the mating process, which consists of physical attraction, eye contact, love and DNA. At the point where this process is succeeded, both ‘lovers’ have shared each other with one another. When both mates stay close together, the faster the vampire in the relationship starts to change into an equal of the hybrid. Because the vampire became human, he/she is able to conceive children with another.

                The question always is – how long takes the pregnancy, what happens when the child is born and when does it stop aging?

                The most true answer is that destiny and fate make this decision. The average pregnancy takes three to five months, but this depends on generations.

                A later generation will have shorter pregnancies and younger children than two generations earlier. At some point a generation stops, before a new one will be created somewhere unknown.

                Hybrid babies grow fast and need lots of feedings and blood in some cases. Most times, a hybrid child skips a few age years. For example: one is born in 1822 at the age of zero. Three years later the same child has an age of a ten-year old.

 A hybrid mother can only give birth to one child, before she’s changed – the delivery is tough and quite dangerous. Sometimes mothers don’t survive. In order to save the mother, the father changes her into his equal. Later on, they fall back into their old lifestyle caused by the still lingering blood of a new born vampire.’


                I stopped reading, faintly hearing a car’s engine outside. Melody’s probably home. It’s strange to read such a thing, but I realized that my children are more inhuman, than human. the whole vampire hybrid being, is pretty complicated. I smiled somewhat satisfied I’d done some research on this. The next time melody  would be out, I’d read further. When I heard the key turning in the lock at the front door, I quickly shoved the book under the couch so she wouldn’t find it for now. I sat back with my warm drink and acted to be relaxing. I heard her footsteps and small curse as she probably let her coat fall or something like that.

                “Melody, is that you?” I called out as usual. As a cop, you’ll always want to be sure who’s entering the house.

                “Yeah, dad it’s me.” I heard her reply from out of the kitchen where she rummaged through the cabinets or in all probability through the refrigerator for food. I sat and waited for her to enter the living room, which she did.

                “Hey kiddo. Did you get the errands you needed?” I asked kindly. It was hard to make small talk with her since the Cullen’s had left. Luckily though, her way too depressive mood had been lightened up somewhat since a few days.

                She cleared her throat, seeming uncomfortable. I faced her, noting that her blush, which had been absent for weeks, seemed to be there on full blown. There was definitely something going on, but I didn’t want to push her by telling me things she wanted to keep to herself. My daughter was a lot like me – we hated expressing our feelings.

                “Yeah,..I forgot some things from the pharmacist earlier. Your meds are on the kitchen table by the way dad.” She stammered. I nodded, “I already noticed, but thanks for reminding me sweetheart.” I remarked. Then this awkward silence came. She avoided eye contact, and stared ahead of her, only speaking if necessary. I really tried to talk to her about the simple things, but Melody’s being was everything but simple. When I decided to ask her about her strange, distant behavior anyway, I heard the familiar chime of our house phone. I stood up from the couch to pick up on time.

                “Swan household, Charlie speaking.” I said through the speaker as I always did when picking up the phone.

                “Charlie! It’s Billy. I wanted to ask you if you’d like to come over and keep me some company. The new Mariners game is on TV tonight and since Jacob and Bella are out in Port Angeles anyway, I thought about asking you.”  Billy’s old man’s voice sounded through the horn. I wondered if I had an old man’s voice too. I hesitated, though. Of course I wanted to see the match, but I couldn’t just leave Melody all alone here if she wanted someone to talk too or just be with.

                “Wait a second Billy, I have to ask Mells if she’s okay with staying home alone.” I replied, already walking into the living room where she still sat on the couch, fidgeting with the hem of her way too large shirt. Probably a new fashion thing.

                “Mells, do you mind if I go to Billy’s to watch baseball?”

                She turned around and shook her head, “No, dad I don’t. I was planning on going to bed early tonight anyway.” She answered, shrugging her shoulders. I asked if she was sure, and she nodded telling me to go and have a nice time with my old friend. I went back to the kitchen and told Billy I’d be there in twenty and we hung up.

                I threw on my winter jacket, which was different than the one I wore to work, and pulled on a pair of shoes not really caring if they fit with the rest of my clothes.

                Just when I was about to go back to the living room to tell Melody I wouldn’t be home too late, she was already there, flinging her arms around my waist, hugging me tightly. I frowned not really getting why she did that so all of the sudden, even though I didn’t mind the hug, until I heard her sobbing faintly against my chest. There was something wrong, my conscience told me as I held her in my arms for a while, swaying back and forth. When she almost stopped sobbing, I made her look up at me, “Melody, what’s wrong? I can stay if you want – “

                “No, dad, nothing’s wrong…” she was shaking her head violently, still avoiding eye contact, “it’s know, monthly girl issues or hormones or – “

                “Ah, right stop, I get it. Hormones.” I interrupted her. That she was a woman was one thing, but I didn’t want to hear all the things that tagged along with all that.

                I let her go and opened the door to leave when she said something more.

                “I love you dad, you know that right?”

                I looked back at her, into her black eyes that held a ring of gold around the outer side of her irises and nodded, “Yes, Melody, I do. I love you too, Baby Swan.”

                She nodded as I saw her eyes water again, but I quickly remembered it was from the hormones, like she said. We said goodbye as I reassured her I’d be home before midnight, and I left for La Push.

                Sitting in the car I realized something. Melody was in danger every day. She could be followed, or spied on. she could be in an simple car accident or being violated by one of those vampires. What if the change was rejected by her fragile human body? What if she disappeared and never came back?

                Every hug, could be the very last. And that thought frightened me till no end.

Melody's Point Of View


I watched through the kitchen window as my father drove away. the traitorous tears were streaming down my blazing cheeks like there wasn’t going to be a stop. It was good luck that Charlie didn’t see through my terrible lies. It was the only thing I did lately – lying.


When I realized what the test told me earlier that afternoon, I went back into my numb daze again. Without a real conscience, I started packing a bag with the most important things to tag along. I needed help, that was for sure – I couldn’t do this completely on my own. I thought of all my options as I threw some clothes into a sports bag. I couldn’t tell Charlie since I was afraid of his reaction. How was I going to explain how this happened? I’m sure he knew what happened to get me in this state, but I couldn’t simply tell him who caused all this. It wasn’t only Edward’s fault of course – I’d been there too, obviously.

                The information leaflet of the pregnancy test told me to visit a doctor for a true test to make sure there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings made. But going to a doctor in Forks was risking revealing my secret, since I wasn’t completely human myself and seeing Bumpy was growing faster than any normal fetus would do, I decided against going to the hospital.

                So that got me only one option left – leaving.

                When I got my bag all packed and ready, I rummaged through my closet in search for my Forks High School sweat shirt. It wasn’t exactly mine – it was Edward’s.

                He’d given it to me once, when it was raining as we were outside. He loaned it to me and when I wanted to give it back to him, he said I should keep it. After they all left, I stuffed it far away in my closet, not wanting to see it, but now it was just the thing I needed. Reaching in the far back, I finally found the grey, soft material with the green faded letters on it. I was glad it didn’t have a hood, even though the neckline was pretty wide. Or I was just too tiny for a men’s shirt. I sniffed the cotton and felt the sting of familiar tears. Tears of bitter mourning, tears of intense pain and the tears of raw passion.

                It still smelled like him after all those weeks.


                Once I put it on, along with  a pair of skinny-legged boyfriend jeans, I went downstairs, taking the full loaded bag with me. in the kitchen I searched for the phone number of the small airport in Seattle and started planning my journey. When I was all set, I still had a few hours to kill until my plane would leave. I started writing a letter for Charlie, so he would know where I was and why I wasn’t home. I wrote another small note for him, saying I needed to run some last errands, and left to go back to the pharmacist.

                When I entered she smiled friendly at me as I closed the distance, stopping in front of her.

                “I eh…I need some advice I think.” I started. She looked down at me since she was longer than I was and her smile softened some more.

                “it was positive?” she asked in return, making me nod and avoiding eye contact. She didn’t need to see the wild emotions in my eyes. Her reassuring hand on my shoulder relaxed me somewhat, even though I didn’t knew her personally. I asked her if I’d need anything to make sure my vitals and those of Bumpy would be held at the right rate and she recommended me maternity vitamins. She wished me luck when I left and somehow I thought she knew that I was leaving.

                When I was back at the house, I saw Charlie’s cruiser standing in the driveway. I swallowed heavily as I was about to lie some more.

                When Billy called, this came as a relieve for me – I was planning to sneak out of the house, through the window at first, but this gave me the opportunity to at least be as safe as I could.


                With the letter in hands, I tore myself away from the kitchen window. I needed to get going or I would miss my flight and I couldn’t stand to lie another day to my father.

                I gathered some food to take with me since I still craved to bite on candy bars and other sugary things, and went back to my bedroom. I neatly made the bed and cleaned up, before placing the white letter on my duvet. My room would be the first place where he’d look for me.




First I want to tell you that I’m sorry for all this. I never intended to hurt you with my problems, so  that’s why it’s better that I left. I need some time to think and some space for myself.

                 You don’t have to worry about me – I’m perfectly safe. The reason I left tonight, though, was because I had to catch my plane.

                Don’t search for me, don’t call me – I’ll text you when I’m at my place of destination.


                I love you Dad, forever,


                x Melody




There was only one thing left, that I need to take with me, and almost forgot.  I tilted the mattress of my bed, but frowned when I realized the book wasn’t there. Maybe I left it underneath the couch the last time I read in it? it was such a long time ago…

                As I turned off the lights, I walked down the stairs for one last time and went straight for the couch. Sitting on my knees and bowing down, I saw the black book laying there. I shoved it out and held it in my arms.

                Picking up the small paper bag with food, meds and maternity vitamins, I put on my thick winter jacket and gloves, taking my car keys with me. outside I opened the trunk of the fiat to retrieve the sports bag, which wasn’t too heavy to carry all the way too Port Angeles. I secured the food inside, along with the book and zipped it close, locking the two small zipper rings. I closed the trunk, locked my car and went back inside the house to hang my keys back in its usual place. outside again, I locked the front door with the spare key that lay under a rock beneath the wooden patio, and turned to leave.

                I didn’t look back, ignored the car and crossed the street. Swinging the bag over my shoulders, I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and concentrated.

                I’d do everything for you I thought to Bumpy, who moved inside my lower belly.

                With that thought, I took off like bullet, through the dark forest of the small town Forks, leaving my new past behind and to start all over.

                And I would never be alone again.


When I neared the city borders of Port Angeles after three quarters of running, I slowed my fast pace a bit. I could still run, but close to the city, people might catch me easier. I sighed, feeling my legs start to ache, even as my shoulders. Still running, though, I finally found my fist destination – William R. Fairchild International Airport. From there I’d fly to my next stop in Seattle.


When I sunk back into the chair in the small plane, I looked around, praying I wouldn’t see any people from forks who could say they’d know me. luckily the coast was clear from familiar humans. There were mostly business men, flying out for their next trip in Seattle.

                We flew for a half an hour before the plane touched down in Seattle. There I needed to wait for a while before my next flight would board. With my bag along my shoulders, I headed for the Starbucks café to grab a coffee. With the warm cup of vanilla latte in my hands, I left the shop to leave for customs. Luckily, it wasn’t busy, so I didn’t have to wait much long before the let me through.

                Waiting for my flight, I sipped at the now tepid coffee. Suddenly I felt a kick from the inside out again, noting this one was stronger than the one from this morning. Bumpy was really having fun in there. Or it was mad I was drinking coffee? 

                Upon the last thought I felt another, softer, kick. Yep, definitely the coffee. I laid my hands down, as if I was warming the space where it was laying underneath my skin. Moving higher, up to my navel, I gasped when I felt it was slightly bigger, and tougher underneath. I’d always thought they were all joking with the fast growing stuff – they clearly didn’t at all.

                As my flight was called in, I stood up, following the mass of people who were headed to the same plane. Some people looked at me strangely, wondering why a young girl like me would be traveling by herself. I still couldn’t help it that I equalized a thirteen year old.

                I settled into my chair, sitting next to an older couple who smiled friendly at me. we made some small talk and I learned they were going to visit their children, to celebrate New Year’s together. That made me halt – I didn’t even realize New Year’s was in two days.

                When the plane started to take off, the stewardess started talking about all safety things and rules. I started to really listen when she neared the end of her talk.

                ‘…Now, I’d like to wish you all a safe and comfortable flight to Los Angeles, California!’



 “Miss? Miss, we touched down in Los Angeles.” I heard feminine voice exclaim at my side. A hand shook my shoulders, making me slowly come back to consciousness. I squeezed my eyes before opening them, my pupils dilating from the bright morning light. The sun was just coming up from above the ocean. Another pat on my shoulder made me aware of the stewardess who stood next to me with an irritated, fake friendly smile. I looked around and noted that the whole plane was empty.

                “My apologies, ma’am, I haven’t slept in a while so I think my eyes decided it was time for that” I rushed out, blushing and standing up. I felt the usual turn in my stomach, but ignored it – I could puke freely when I got to the house.

The stewardess led me out of the airplane into the halls where normally a whole bunch of family awaits their loved one. That wasn’t the case for me since nobody knew I was coming here. I turned my phone back on, cringing as I saw the amount of messages and missed phone calls. Seeing my siblings’ names standing on the screen a few times, I take it Charlie called them in worry. It pained me to ignore it, but if he’d call me right now, I wouldn’t be able to lie any longer.

I pushed the IPhone back in my jeans pocket and headed for the space where I’d get my sports bag. 

When I’d retrieved my bag, bought something to drink, and arranged a taxi, I went to the other side of LAX.


I was still shocked about what I’d found out and how I was feeling. the fact was that I didn’t even knew how I felt about it. it still seemed so impossible to me, but yet so logical. During the five hour plane ride to get here, a sudden realization hit me.

                My sisters had children.

Scarlett was like me a vampire-hybrid, even though I’m still in my human phase. Adam was like Edward, a vegetarian vampire. I figured a male man, vampire or human, would be able to conceive children upon dying – they never got menopauses or fertility cycles. I knew it had taken a while before Scarlett finally got pregnant, because her body was already part immortal and had difficulties with not rejecting the embryo.

I’d only had sex with Edward once, but I was much more human than my sisters were at the time, so it was much easier.

Not that the whole night had been easy. It had been one of my most favorite and the most horrendous nights of my existence. The extraordinary pain was still there, but somehow Bumpy seemed to ease it.


                I didn’t have to wait for my taxi as it was five in the early morning, and got in. I instructed the old man where I needed to be and he turned on some classical music before driving off to 904 R Crescent Road, Los Angeles.

                Not very much later, I asked the driver to stop. We’d drove upon Crescent Road by now, but not wanting to attract too much attention, I decided I wanted to walk the last five hundred meters. I paid and thanked the friendly taxi driver and got out of the car.

                “Let me help you, miss, a pregnant woman shouldn’t carry such a heavy bag by herself.” He said, standing next to me just when I reached out for my bag in the trunk. my breathing stopped as he said the word. I looked down and noticed my shirt had been clinging tight over my belly, probably from sitting in the taxi.

                It was thus big, it would be recognized.

I blushed richly and chuckled from the nervousness as the man handed me my bag and winter jacket. I nodded and thanked him again as he wished me good luck and a very nice day.

                As he drove away, I quickly smoothed my large Edward sweater, checking if it wasn’t clinging at any place and started walking.

                There weren’t many houses here, though you couldn’t even call them that. It were Luxury Estates, probably bigger than the Cullen estate was. As I neared, and saw my old house from farther away, heard the rise and fall of the waves that lay behind it. the woods weren’t far away from us and an easy way to escape for a hunt or danger. This was one of the most empty, but beautiful places of the whole city.

Getting closer and closer, I saw the light in the kitchen was already on. that was normal – there was always someone awake in our house. Bad luck for me was that I didn’t have a key anymore since I left for forks. They told me to keep it for when I wanted to come back, but I assured them I wouldn’t

                How things changed.


                I stood in by the front door now, nervously biting at my lower lip. How were they going to react? They’d be angry that’s for sure since I hadn’t let them know where I was. swallowing and taking a deep breath, I knocked silently on the door. I waited, faintly hearing footsteps coming into my direction. The minds in the house were quiet – my cousins were dreaming, even as Skye and Nathan were. Layla just woke up from her two hour sleep while Scarlett was in the shower. Adam was busy gathering his stuff he needed for work, which only left one person who was walking up to the door. ‘seriously, might be a vampire but which human is so fucking delusional to knock on my door at half past five in the freaking morning?’

                The door swung open, revealing Chris’ scowling face. However when he saw me standing there, his eyes went wide in shock.

                “Woah! I didn’t expect you here! Is there something wrong? Jesus, we’ve been worried about you, pigmy! You could’ve called! Charlie’s getting mad at his mustache man!” he exclaimed brightly, even though I could separate the angry tone. I smiled cautioned, casting my eyes downwards and blushing a light shade of pink. Bumpy kicked my belly violently as I snapped my jaw together. I’d need a bathroom sooner or later.

                “Come on in, we’re just waking up anyway.” Chris mentioned, waving his hand before grabbing my forearm in his hand and taking me inside the still partly dark house. I dropped my bag in the hallway, along with the jacket and sighed, taking in the all too familiar surroundings, smells and sounds.

                Home is where the heart is, they always say. And even though my heart was somewhere entirely else with Edward, this still felt like home.



                “Guys! I got a surprise here right down for you!” Chris yelled loudly through the house, rousing my cousins from their sleep and making everyone question what there might be happening downstairs. sure they had super hearing, but they couldn’t read minds or see the future to know I was here. The first to come downstairs was Adam. His eyes widened as he almost dropped his briefcase.

                “Oh my, this is unexpected…” he said with his brows creased. Scarlett walked up behind him, “Adam what’s going on? we don’t have time for jokes Chris, we both have a job and w – “ when she saw me standing there, she yelped in surprise just when my other siblings came in, followed by my cousins.

                “Pigmy? Is that you!? Come here and give your bro a hug!” Nathan was already walking up to me, wanting to wrap his arms around me, but I was alarmed by the fact that he might feel bumpy there. I stuck my arms out, wanting him to stop. With a hurt expression he dropped his arms. Everyone was looking at me expectantly for an explanation from all kinds – why didn’t I call, why did I leave Forks, why was I here and why did I suddenly refuse hugs. I sighed deeply as they all began arguing about me and against me, all together.

                “alright! please shut up! I’ll explain you everything, but first I’d like to take use of the bathroom and eat or drink something. I’ve pretty much got quite a trip behind me so I’m pretty much exhausted.” I said, looking at all their immortally beautiful faces sternly. They vaguely nodded and let me through so I could go to the bathroom. Bumpy was really getting jumpy inside my womb and I seriously needed to get rid of the awful morning sickness.

I went up the stairs, Chris following me with my bag in his arms, on my way to the second floor, where Denim, Faith, Alana and I had our bedrooms. There was a bathroom we shared, which was strikingly colorful of course, and a cinema room with those red puffy chairs and popcorn machine.

“Should I drop this in your room Mells?” I heard Chris ask behind me. I turned around, suddenly, wanting to ay it was alright, when my stomach couldn’t hold it any longer. My hand flew to my mouth and I ran the last meter to the bathroom, swinging open the door and practically flying to the blue colored toilet. I vomited heavily as I thought about what I ate wrongly. I knew I couldn’t eat everything, but not exactly what. the starbucks coffee was definitely a problem.

“Melody are you okay? What’s going on?” Chris’ voice sounded through the door as I flushed the toilet. I was becoming quite handy with flushing it in weird ways, since I kept throwing up every day.

I got out of the bathroom meeting Chris, standing there with Layla behind him. like this you could really see they were twins as they wore the same worried an confused expression. I’d already thought of my excuse during the plane ride.

“Sorry, I get nauseas from sitting on a plane. I’ve been holding this since I left last night.” I explained, shrugging to look nonchalant and walked past them to my room.

“I hope you’ll still have appetite though, we’re having breakfast with all of us together downstairs.” Layla informed me. I nodded ,”Yeah, I’m hungry.”

But truly – when wasn’t I hungry lately?


I entered my bedroom, noting it was still the same. They hadn’t replaced anything or changed it for one bit. I did think Scarlett might get in here to clean up the dust, though.

The room was so much different than the one I had in Forks. This one seemed to come straight form my own fairytale. It was light, open and decorated with soft colors. I wanted this room because of the high bed – instead of standing on the ground, my queen-sized bed looked like it was hanging in the air. Of course it was being held somewhere, and it was surprisingly stable. Surrounding the bed, was a layer of some curtain slash drapery idea. I used to love to hide myself behind it when I was younger.

I leaned back against the door and retrieved my phone to text Charlie. I let him know that I was fine, perfectly safe and that I’d call soon.

Then, I shuffled to my closet, which was even when I wasn’t here still full with clothes. Mostly summer stuff, but the Los Angeles winters weren’t too cold. Inside my walk-in closet, I searched for something wide. Once I found it, I left the closet and closed it, dropping the fresh clothes over a soft mint colored, elegant fauteuil. I made sure the door of my bedroom was locked since I didn’t wish someone to bark in and see me. seeing me wasn’t so wrong, but seeing me meant seeing Bumpy. They were already mad at me for not talking to them for the last month and if someone accidently assumed what was actually true, hell would break lose. And I was sincerely too tired for all that.


I pulled off my Edward sweater and dropped it to the ground. From my closet I’d gotten a long-sleeved shirt, which looked like a sweater but wasn’t as warm. It was wide, though, and pale pink with letters on it. it was long enough to go off as a dress, so I put on skin-colored maillot underneath. I didn’t forget the warm woolen socks for on my feet. before leaving for breakfast, I reminded myself to look like the old Melody – that girl with her long, curly brown hair and golden eyes. The golden eyes were going to be an issue at the moment since I wasn’t in the mood for hunting at all, but my hair could be worked on.

When I had it down, curled and like me, I went down the stairs to meet the others at the table.


They were all seated at their own chairs, which I still thought was funny, chatting hyperactively with each other. When I silently took my usual seat, they were silent. It freaked me out.

Scarlett took her spot next to me, handing me a glass of orange juice.


“alright, let’s drop the awkwardness here and just ask away.” Skye began, giving everyone, including me a stern look. “so Melody first thing – you look terrible.”

I rolled my eyes at her, even though I knew she was right, “thanks for the great compliment. Anyway, I know you want to know what the hell I’m doing here, so I may as well just explain it.” I started, receiving nods from the whole table.

“Great, first thing you want to know is why I never called. Simple answer – I was and still am depressive. I didn’t feel the need to bother you guys with my sick, painful and hateful life and crying jags. Right answer?” I practically growled. It wasn’t so nice of me to talk like this, but as long as I kept it emotionless for me, the better and easier it was to lie. Not that I was lying about this exact thing.  They were all silent, a bit taken aback from my reaction. This gave me the opportunity to move on without any arguments or discussions.

“Good, the second thing you were all worried about as why I left Forks. I know Charlie called you, I know I should at least have called someone, but I left a letter for Dad which said I was fine.” I kept sneering and growling, trying to keep the true emotions at bay, which was unbelievably hard when I saw their pained expressions and hurt scowls.

“I left Forks because I missed you guys and because everything in Forks reminded me of my friends.” My voice broke at the end as an old sting seeped through my harsh mask.

“so that immediately explains why I am here. Why I don’t hug people is not because of you, but because I don’t do that anymore,” I was lying hard as glass about this, but it was the best thing for now. I swallowed, avoiding contact with their prying eyes, “so can we please get over this, drop the subject and be glad that I’m safe and here?”

They pondered about this for a minute, but as the sun arose, their eyes lit up tenderly as they nodded done by one.  Except Scarlett.

‘I know something’s terribly wrong here, and I intend to find that out. Soon, Melody.’








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