Starless Sky [completed]

After having spend the summer with the Cullens, in LA and with Charlie; Melody gets back to Forks High School. it's a brand new year full of unexpected surprises and things you'd never thought were existing.

After a small incident, things go wrong - Bella gets depressive and Melody runs away.
But what happens if the past all comes flooding back? is there danger lurking?

What if she can't protect her family from herself and the ghosths of her past? And worse.. how will Edward react?

Starless Sky is the sequel to Moon Girl


This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- violence
- angst
- cursing
- sexual acts/ suggestive themes


21. One Secret Revealed + It was Cullen +

Adam Bright POV

After having raced through the streets like a maniac, something that cause far against my limits, I finally arrived home. There were enough voices to know that every member of my family was home. I hurried through the front door, seeing Charlie chatting animatingly with Christopher. I let out a sigh of relief when I saw their genuine smiles. 
“Adam! It’s about time! you’re a tad too late though – the twin is already born.” My father in law enthused. It was new to see him happy with this. Since he’d arrived here he kept grumbling non-stop, saying he accepted it. it was kind of astonishing to me though, that they all handled the birth by themselves. Of course, the fact that my precious wife was known in this area was a great help. 
I smiled,” I take it everything went well then?” 
“yeah, it was freaky though. The screams and all, but I think they’re just fine.” Christopher said, nodding his head towards the medical room downstairs where they were still busy with my sister. I left both men in the kitchen and went down the stairs, my eyes widening when I saw that part of the doorpost was gone and the pieces crumbled on the floor. 
Hearing Scarlett’s anxious tone alarmed me, standing by her in a millisecond. She immediately took hold of my hand to renew our connection. When I focused on the hospital bed though, I tensed. This was different. 
Melody lay there, sleeping while her body made her an immortal during healing the inner wounds. That was to be expected. 
The fact that sometimes, while she trashed and struggled against the mattress, her limbs faded, was alarming.
I let go of my wife’s hand, checking if the others were out of hearing range and went to Melody. She whimpered, squeezing her eyes shut as if she was fighting someone, something. 
“I think she’s having a nightmare dear,” I exclaimed just to calm Scar’s nerves.
“a nightmare!?”she whisper-yelled harshly at vampire pitch, “if she’s having a nightmare, Adam why in hell is she being invisible the whole time!?”
I frowned. Her vitals, heartbeat and breathing weren’t in danger. The only unusual thing was indeed the invisibility. I thought about possibilities, while I suggested Scarlett to clean up the mess. 

Scar looked up from her work and stared at me, expecting an answer. ”yes?”
I turned towards her, scratching my chin in a thinking manner. “after you changed into one of us, did something change along with you? Like an extra element of power perhaps?” I questioned, looking over to the squirming teenager that kept fading and back to visible the whole time.
“You know I don’t have gifts, Adam. Why?” 
“Well,…don’t you think this could be another one of her gifts?” I replied, curious upon what she might say.
“Adam it’s already a rarity that she has one, already three let alone a fourth one.” She said, making me scrunch up my nose. It was indeed different – reading minds she developed during learning to speak languages. The lightning thing came later when she was eleven. The shield she used at times and to keep herself from being found by the Volturi started to out itself after the accident. So why would a fourth power, invisibility be stranger?
“Scarlett, we are strange to begin with. Melody’s conditions and changes are even more different than ours. It’s always been like that. She’s an enigma. That fourth gift would only keep her safer and further away for, the claws in Italy.”
My wife sighed, her eyes shimmering,” or more dangerous. Her shield only has to waver just a little too long and she’ll be a danger to herself with all those freaky gifts.”
She was right and I realized that myself. Luckily if that might happen, I always had someone who got our backs – Carlisle had been my confederate since the vampire attack before summer. We’d met decades ago and he helped me to get used to the vegetarian diet. When I saw him again then in the hospital in Forks, we spoke for a long while.
He would keep my family secret safe if I would keep his. He knew mine, I knew his. 
I was aware of it that melody hated me for setting such a rule. But it was for her safety from Aro, Caius and Marcus. 

“Hey Scar,” I suddenly thought, “I’m curious about my new pair of cousins,” I started checking the medical machines to make sure melody would have a safe change. I questioned myself if she realized that her human life would be over from now on. 
Scarlett started to scrub away the blood on Melody’s legs while she smiled brightly. Her emotion made me wish I was able to give her more children, but then again – Denim was our everything.
“Skye and Layla took them upstairs to get cleaned up and warmed. From my first opinion they seem healthy.” 
I nodded in understanding, looking over at Melody again. the wavering invisibility seemed to cease slightly. 
“so? A boy and a girl I guess? Both first names with an E?” I supposed, questioningly and focusing on my wife. Scarlett’s smile appeared again while getting rid of the bloodied towels. I chuckled at her expression when she wanted to brush melody’s just fading arm. It was interesting though – Scar touched her, so she didn’t just disappear. She just got kind of see-through. 
“No Adam. Two boys. Seems like our son won’t be the only boy in the house any longer. Oh! And Raven and Blaze are so awfully cute! You should look at them soon, baby.”

I was surprised. Melody’s great obsession with the letter E was a mystery to us. but I liked her choose of names.
“Scar? Need any help?” Skye was standing behind me making me turn around. “oh, hey Adam! I made sure to get the kids ready for bed. They still have school tomorrow. I thought it would be nice if we all had breakfast together?” 
Scarlett and I nodded, “yes that might fit for the occasion!”
“Adam, I think it’s time for you to leave now – Skye and I want to change Melody’s clothes.” My wife hinted, making Skye chuckle. I rolled my eyes and left to go up the stairs. I heard the shifting of fabric, footsteps and two heartbeats very clearly. I entered the small nursery that Nathan, Christopher and I had painted last week, seeing Layla busy with placing the two little boys in their cribs. 
“Handsome aren’t they?” she enthused, making nod even though I hadn’t laid eyes on them yet. she stood up, “I’m going to join Nathan. He’s trying to explain our children about the delivery but not exactly keeping it clean..” Layla winced, knowing my brother-in-law so well, “you’ll get by yourself?” 
I nodded again and she left, closing the door behind her. I shoved the sleeves of my button-down up to my elbows, stepping closer to the squirming baby’s. 
I saw pale faces, with hooked jaws and strong expressional eyes. Their hair was wild – one dark brown and one a bronze. 
And in a weird way, they seemed familiar to me. especially the hair and the eyes, the shape of them. 
I thought about it during my examinations – I wrote everything down. things like height, blood pressure, arm and leg lengths and eye colors. it kept nagging me, the familiarity I had upon seeing them. 

I never really wondered how they might look like, let alone their mysterious father. Skye and Layla believed he was a human, but seeing the vitals and hearing the fast hybrid heartbeats, that couldn’t be true. 
So it had to be a vampire. But how? Melody kept away from nomads, afraid for her anonymity.
And Scarlett told me the story, about the classmate. 
My mind reeled as I placed Blaze, the bronze-haired one and the youngest of the two in his crib after the last examination. 
I looked at him, his hole appearance, my eyes widening at the realization I didn’t expect at all.
Melody’s only, male classmate that was a vampire and looking freakily alike with those boys was Carlisle’s youngest adoptive son. 

Edward Cullen! 

Those two babies are Edward Cullen’s babies. Now I understood Melody’s reasoning. Why she didn’t tell. Why she was so anxious for the letter E. Why she was so extremely depressive. 

Those little boys were beyond obvious Cullens.

Charlie’s voice made me wake out of my trance. I’d been there, in the twin’s nursery for the remainder of the night to keep them in sight. When Melody would wake up from the change she could see them first thing. It was funny that these little hybrids seemed to have a connection with each other. It was fascinating to watch. They would look at each other, search for eye contact and make the weirdest expressions. I was curious if they might’ve taken over the mindreading gift of their parents. 
“yes?” I yelled back at Charlie, standing up and closing the curtains to avoid flashy morning light.
“Son, we’re having breakfast. Scar informed me that it was ready downstairs.” 
I appeared in the doorway immediately, startling my father-in-law somewhat, and closed the door to the nursery behind me where Raven and Blaze seemed to soundly asleep. 
I followed Charlie down and saw every member, apart from Melody, taking a seat at the large dining table. On top were the most delicious breakfast items, ready to be eaten.
I sat down, my wife and thirteen year old son next to me and greeted everyone a good morning. Us grown-ups would stay home for the day, but Denim, Faith and Alana needed to go to school. if they’d stay home to much, humans would get suspicious when we were going to leave in a few weeks. It was time to leave sunny Los Angeles for a change. 
“And? How are the boys?” Skye asked, curiosity coloring her tone as the others all listened. 
“They’re great. they grow fast but that’s quite normal. It won’t be strange if they grow even faster than our children – Melody is younger and carries an earlier fate.” I explained. My mind jumped back to Edward Cullen for a second. I was genuinely curious about Melody’s story that contained him. 
They all started cheering, eating and chatting animatingly. Charlie was absolutely gloating – he loved being a granddad. 

During the rest of the morning, while we counted the remainder of twelve hours, every member got to look at Raven and Blaze. They didn’t seem to like to constant flashing of Skye’s camera though. We were all doing our own things, mostly relaxing and falling in love with the small creatures our youngest sister had given to our family.
I was just reading a book when the clockwork hit half past eleven, and the heart monitor started to beat its regular pace.
Melody was awake.



Melody Swan POV

I’d been falling for a long time now, standing up each time over again before crashing down for another time. but I never knew where I’d land. Not then, not now. 
Leaving Edward in the meadow wasn’t making things better, but I’d do everything for my twin, even if that meant leaving him forever. 
The strange sensation that coursed through my body was difficult to explain in words. It was as if it hurt, like someone put a blade on your wrist but not yet cutting through the sensitive skin. But it also felt powerful, like I could murder a whole bunch of the red-eyed bloodsucking demons. Aro would be the last to snap along with Fiorenza, who would face a very painful end if that was up to me. 
I felt like new, but not completely. I missed a piece and deep in my shattered heart I knew which piece that was. But did that make me less strong? It did, but not enough to fall down into a black hole again. this time, I had Raven and Blaze to keep my head above the water to breath. 
My heart started to beat faster, near its normal pace. I liked normal in that sense.

The next thing I saw, was the ceiling of the medical room in our house. But it looked like I saw everything better. I saw the tiny cracks I’d never seen before and the color seemed to be whiter. 
I let my hands wander downwards, to feel my babies kicking inside my womb. However, when I reached the spot, it was flat. 
Where’s my Bumpy? Why is my belly as flat as before?
Had everything been a dream? Did I even go to Forks at all?
I was in a full blown panic mode. Maybe I’d been in a coma for a really long time? Where was my family, where were the endless wires? 
I recognized Adam’s voice immediately. I’d never been able to do that before. 
When his face appeared above me, I gasped when I suddenly saw his scar. The place where he had been bitten over a hundred years ago. It had a crescent moon shape. I shifted my eyes to his, seeing more colors in the golden orbs. It was all so strange.
Adam smiled friendly at me. “How are you feeling?” 
I didn’t exactly know. Strange, yes, but maybe that wasn’t the right word. 
“Can you say something?” my brother-in-law asked, while I heard shuffling from behind him. an exact count of eight minds were chatting curiously. 
I focused back on Adam’s question, saying the first thing that colored my mind.
“Where’s Bumpy?”
I heard a round of giggles and low manly chuckles. I frowned. Did I ask something weird?
“Melody, you gave birth to the twin. Do you remember that? Skye is with them in the nursery. They’re perfectly safe so there’s nothing to worry about,” he explained, throwing back memories as I remembered. 
“Raven and Blaze.” I said automatically, feeling a pull towards them. I wanted hold and see them again. I felt my body relax immediately as I blew out a tense breath. 
“Do you want to get up?” Adam asked me, making me nod. He and Scarlett helped me to sit up, while I cringed from a sting in my crotch.
Scarlett smiled apologetically, ”getting babies isn’t exactly awesome for the lady parts, dear.” She chuckled. 

Sitting up and more comfortable, I saw every member of my family standing behind Scarlett and Adam. Of course Skye wasn’t there – she was taking care of my sons. 
I saw my brothers study me intensely, for any danger or wrong things. My sister and nieces smiled at me while Denim just grinned. 
And then Charlie, who surprisingly suffered from a crying jag. The poor man had the thick tears rolling into his famous mustache.
“oh daddy!” I exclaimed, feeling my eyes get wet as well. Charlie hurried to me and enveloped me in his arms. It felt different at once – now I was a mother myself. I had children myself and wasn’t a true child anymore. 

Then the others hugged and congratulated me with the birth of my boys. My brothers joked this was the first and last time. they were going to lock me up and put a lock around the closure of my jeans. I just swatted their heads. 
When Scarlett was done examining me, she noted there was something different going on with my body. She explained I should’ve been like them now, full grown. But instead of that I appeared to only have changed slightly. She thought it might’ve been caused by the fact that my mate wasn’t here to make it complete. 
When she mentioned my new ability I frowned. That wasn’t possible. But when she started to suddenly yell at me and saying embarrassing things, I literally disappeared. 
I could get invisible and hit people without their knowledge.
Now that is what I call fucking awesome.
Nathan and Chris are going to feel so bad for nagging me all those years.

“Alright, are you ready to see the twin again?” Scarlett asked with a twinkle in her eye. Everyone appeared to be completely in love with the two baby vampires. I nodded vigorously and followed her off of the bed. the fabric of my baby pink chiffon dress fell softly upon the backs of my thighs. 
When we got up the stairs I felt extremely anxious to see them.
“Aren’t the kids supposed to be at school?” I asked Scarlett in attempt to calm myself. Scarlett shook her head, ”they went this morning. Their last hours lapsed so they got home just in time for you to wake up,” she answered, opening the door to the nursery. 
And there they were. I was astonished when I saw they’d grown a lot since yesterday. Scarlett made me sit down in a luxury chair and handed me a squirming Raven in my arms. His dark hair was slightly longer and his eyes a tad lighter.

“They’re going to have golden eyes.” I enthused, smiled widely while I held my oldest son. Scarlett giggled and picked up Blaze who was still laying in the crib before she sat down next to me, holding the bronze-haired chappie in her arms, next to his older brother. We sat there for hours, chatting cuddling and dreaming about how they would look when they were older. 
They were very alike in their facial features. Raven looked somewhat older though. I asked Scarlett about it.
“Adam thinks it’s because of the hour difference. It’s very difficult to reason the developments and change you, raven and blaze make. Fate has an enormous hand in this. I’m sure if you look at them in a week, they’ll be ever ‘older’. Probably one-year olds, maybe even two. ” she explained. It was kind of frustrating not to know what would happen and how they were going to end up. 
“so what’s with the fast growing thing? It scares me.” I whispered. Right in that moment, while Scarlett and I had already switched the twin so I was now holding Edward’s almost true clone, Blaze, the door opened and Denim stepped in.

“Mom, dad said I needed to call you for dinner. Aunt Layla has made taco’s for us because Melody likes them so much.” The low boyish voice sounded. Scarlett smiled at me.
“It’s completely normal Melody.” 

It was almost March, Raven and Blaze were a week old and looking indeed like one-year-olds. Charlie and I had decided to go back to Forks to keep up the charade for Bella and the citizens of Forks. I’d convinced him it was dangerous for Bella to know, which ended up in a fight between me and Charlie. He was angry that I never told anything and always kept those mysterious secrets. I also found out Adam knew about Edward being the father of the twin. He promised me to keep it silent though. 
My bag was packed and we were taking the last preparations to go when Charlie suddenly burst into the room looking like he wanted to bite my head off. 
Blaze was tugging at my long hair while I gave him milk from his bottle. The other family members, apart from my cousins, entered the dining room as well, looking all curious. 
‘I let Raven sleep in the crib,’ Skye thought to me, afraid to speak. 
What the heck was going on?

“I know. So don’t hide it anymore Melodiana!” Charlie roared loudly, making my cringe. I feared the worst.
“W-What do you know?” I replied, my jaw tensed and my fingers straining against the plastic bottle. Unfortunately, Charlie only seemed to get angrier.
‘they look like him way too much,’ were his hateful thoughts and then I knew – there was only one person apart from Fiorenza who Charlie hated passionately.
“I’m very, very disappointed in you Melodiana. I expected something better if you!” his voice bellowed through the house. I stood up, ignoring the confusion of my siblings.
‘Oh God, he knows it’s Edward..’ Adam thought with misery. 
“Why, Melodiana WHY Edward Cullen!?” Charlie yelled angrily. He was beyond furious at me. 
Silence and various gasps of surprise echoed through the room as I stood there, all alone with a baby in my arms. 

“Wait a minute..” Nathan started, pointing at me, “You had sex with Bella’s boyfriend!?” he growled. I winced again, shielding of Blaze’s ears reflexively from the language. 

“You mean Edward extremely handsome Cullen?” Skye said dreamily, earning a swat on her arm from Chris. “What? he is handsome. No wonder Melody couldn’t resist!”she argued, earning an eye roll from her husband. 
Charlie wasn’t thinking so funny about it and neither was Nathan.

“He cheated on Bella with you and then left you both depressive!? I can’t believe you did that Melodiana Helena Marie!” Charlie raged further. 
“Alright! can you LISTEN for a change!?”I growled, silencing them all. I was pissed about this, that they were jumping to conclusions without letting me tell them the truth.
“We didn’t cheat okay? After that incident on our birthday the Cullens left – “
“What incident!?” Charlie interrupted me.
“Let me speak first ALRIGHT!” I growled, holding Blaze protectively against my chest. They shut their mouths, furious and irritated expressions on their faces. Never before had Charlie and Nathan looked alike so much. 

“When Bella was missing and I was in the woods, I ran to the Cullen Estate, wanting to know if they weren’t just secretly home. No one was there, but then Edward was standing behind me. I was scared and I pleaded with to stay but he wouldn’t ,” by this time I was a crying mess again, clutching his son even tighter to me as he lay relaxing against my shoulder.

“he said I needed to let him go, just like Bella did. He’d broken up with her in the woods, and dad you know that…After that he asked me for forgiveness, for what I didn’t understand until he kissed me…” I whispered, swallowing the tears, “the rest is history. It was the most excruciating and most beautiful night of my existence. I would never want to go back in time and do it differently.” I looked at Charlie who seemed to have calmed down slightly,” I have no regrets. I only regret letting him go…” a loud sob racked through my throat, shaking my frame and causing Blaze to cry. I kissed his pale forehead and brushed his bronze hair, whispering soothing words to him. 

The silence was deafening and tense. Minds were raging, reeling and astonished by my admissions. 
“ What was the incident you were talking about?”Nathan spoke softly, sorrow in his golden eyes. I sighed deeply, asking Adam for permission with my eyes.
“when Bella and I opened our birthday presents we got from Carlisle and Esmé, Bella cut open her finger by accident. A droplet of blood hit the carpeting, and then everything went so fast…Edward threw Bella against the table behind us, tagging me along while I got panicked by the smell. Jasper wanted to kill her, us as we sat on the ground and covered in the glass that had shattered. They were able to get Jasper away from us, but the look in Edward’s eyes haunts me until this very minute. He left then and Bella passed out. Carlisle stitched my wounds and talked. He knows what I am, and promised to never reveal that to his family. Thinking back, I wish he hadn’t.” I explained, an old familiar fear gripping at my chest.

“But why? Why would they do that because of a tiny droplet of…” Charlie mused, confused, but then he realized something he never thought might be true.

“Blood? Charlie you must know that the Cullens are Vampires, that’s why this all happened,” Adam piped up, helping me out. I looked a shocked Charlie I the eye.

“that’s why Raven and Blaze are more vampric than you’ve all thought…”

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