Starless Sky [completed]

After having spend the summer with the Cullens, in LA and with Charlie; Melody gets back to Forks High School. it's a brand new year full of unexpected surprises and things you'd never thought were existing.

After a small incident, things go wrong - Bella gets depressive and Melody runs away.
But what happens if the past all comes flooding back? is there danger lurking?

What if she can't protect her family from herself and the ghosths of her past? And worse.. how will Edward react?

Starless Sky is the sequel to Moon Girl


This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- violence
- angst
- cursing
- sexual acts/ suggestive themes


23. La Pericolosa Italia + Back to Forks + Let's Talk Pasts

I was frozen. My breathing had stopped, my heart skipped a beat. My eyes wide open. 
Never. Never in all those months had I expected this. That Edward left me, was cruel and devastating, but his decision to end his life had me shocked and silent.
I wanted to scream, to destroy everything and everyone who had taken him away from me. to make it all worse, would it be the Volturi to kill him. Aro with his fake smile that sickened me till no end. 
“MELODY! Stay with us! it hasn’t happened yet it’s a vision! He’s still alive!” I vaguely heard Alice plead in my ear as she held my upper arms, shaking me to conscious. I heard the words – it hadn’t happened. Yet. those dead eyes, they haunted me, sending shivers of vast fear down my spine. 
Edward would die. 
“Melody we can still prevent it! make a choice! Choose him! we’re going to take him away from Volterra! You have to answer me Mells! For Edward!” Alice words were louder now while I saw Bella packing her backpack frantically, just as mine. 
‘I knew it! I know you love him Melody, so please! Get up and be his woman! Now it’s your turn to save him!’ 
Alice’s thought made me snap back and jumping up immediately, startling the vampire. I leaned my arms against the kitchen counter, breathing hard, straining my fingers. 
“Melody…?” Alice stood hesitatingly behind me. my shaking hands enclosed a glass vase that stood on the counter. Without a second thought I turned around and threw it against the opposite wall with enormous speed and strength. At that moment the phone rang. Everyone fell silent.
Jacob the asshole Black ran up to it and picked up. 
“No Charlie’s not here, he’s arranging a funeral, leech!” he barked before hanging up. Alice was about to tear Jacob into pieces when I realized. 
“THAT WAS EDWARD YOU MONGROL!” I roared, hitting Jacob in the face. He grabbed at his eye which I sure was going to be turning Black anytime soon. Would sooth his damn last name more than perfectly. 
“Melody we have to go NOW! there is little time left!” Alice desperately yelled. I looked at her, my eyes pleading, asking and filled with agony. 
Then I looked at the bracelet on my wrist. 
Going to Volterra would be extraordinary risky and above all dangerous. But risking the Volturi laying a hand on Raven and Blaze some day in the future was clear enough to make the right choice.

“If someone has a death wish, it’s Aro.” I growled, baring my teeth. 

Alice's encouraging smile made me follow her and Bella, who was already outside with our 
backpacks. Alice suddenly disappeared, returning moments later with a starting engine of a Mercedes. 
“I rented it. Now, get in we have to catch a plane!” Alice said while Bella took the backseat, pushing our backpacks in it. I looked behind me, at the house, seeing Jacob, who was still clutching his eye running up to us. 
I made a small sprint and got in next to Alice. 
“Bells don’t do this! It’s not your business anymore!” Jacob begged with Bella. but she was determined.
“Jake, I can’t let someone die because I caused it! We’ll be back as soon as we can.” She spoke, motioning for Alice to drive.
With slipping tires we left Forks, leaving a howling wolf, a desperate father and promises behind us.

After Alice had stolen a Porsche and we all changed into weather fitting clothes, because of the Italian sun, we were speeding through the country. 
“Why Alice? Why does Edward want to commit,” I swallowed, “ suicide?” 
Alice shook her head,” that’s our fault – “ 
“everything seems to be your fault lately isn’t it!?” I snapped, putting on sunglasses.
“Can listen for a minute?” Alice asked incredulously, just in time dodging an oncoming car. I shut my mouth. 
“I forbid anyone of us to call Edward. But you know Rose…it was meant in a good way but turned out wrongly. She called and said you had died. Then she heard him howling in pain and a loud crash. We assume he’d thrown his phone or crushed it…”
I was silent after she said this. I still didn’t understand why he would let Aro rip him into pieces. 
“You still haven’t told me why you were in LA?” Alice made it sound like a question, eyeing the bracelet with the initials.
“No. and no, I don’t have a boyfriend there,” I answered her thought. I hesitated to tell her, “it’s much more complicated.” I sighed.
“Then tell me? You can trust me right?” She pushed while I checked the rear view mirror for Bella. she was listening to music. 
“I’ll explain when Bella sleeps. No one but us can know, understood Alice?” I demanded, staring straight ahead of me, seeing Alice nod through the corner of my eye. I wanted to be near Edward, but longing for Raven and Blaze’s baby hugs as well. After we’d touched down in Italy after a long plane ride, my phone was being spammed with missed calls, messages and voice mails. 
The most were from Scarlett and Charlie. 
But for their safety I never replied. I was sure I’d be grounded for forever but it was worth it. 

When I noticed Bella was asleep, her mind overwhelmed by a simple dream I just said the words.
“I was pregnant.”
Alice had to struggle to keep driving straight when she heard. to say she was confused was an understatement.
“But…that’s impossible! We’ve only been gone for four months! And you were a virgin before we left! How..?” she rambled. I didn’t replay. 
“So ehm…you ran away to hide and deliver the baby?” Alice guessed. I nodded, ”doubled.”
“Yeah, two babies. It’s a twin.” I said, a small smile playing around my lips as a tear leaked from my eye. Alice nodded still confused on how it could’ve been possible. 
“So that’s where the initials stand for?” 
I nodded, ”Yes. Raven and Blaze.” I answered, a little uncomfortable. It wouldn’t take long before she’d ask about the father. Alice fell silent as another vision appeared.

“The Volturi denied his requests! We have more time, but we still need to hurry. When the clockwork on the Palazzo hits one o’clock, the sun will stand on its highest..”
“And then he’ll bare the centuries old secret by standing in the sun…” I finished Alice’s sentence. It seemed better, but it was still terrifying. We hadn’t saved him yet. 
“I can’t leave the car – you and Bella have to run for the tower, across the plaza. He has to see you, doesn’t matter whom. When he sees you’re both still alive, he’ll stop.” Alice informed me the strategies. 
As Bella roused from sleep and I filled her in on the plans, Alice pointed at the old city walls. 
“That’s Volterra.” She said, with some kind of haunting edge in her tinkling voice.
“I know..” I whispered a soft pitch. ‘You’ve been there!?’ 
I nodded. ‘Damn..there’s a lot I don’t know about you Swan..’ 
“you should be glad you don’t,” I whispered back darkly.
At this point we’d reached the gates of the city and it seemed enormously crowded. I read from various minds that it was some celebration – the day that vampires were banned from Volterra. Those people would never realize they were living in the lion’s cave.
Alice stopped the car when we were in and Bella jumped out. “I’ll run, you follow me soon alright?” she yelled already wrestling herself through the in red dressed humans. I also jumped out, my grey sneakers hitting the wobbly stone pavements. I was just about to follow Bella when Alice asked me the question I’d wanted her to wait with.

“Melody, who’s the father of Raven and Blaze?” she asked with pleading eyes. And somehow, she knew. 
I squeezed my eyes shut before opening them and telling her.
Alice gasped, starting Porsche its engine again, “Melody run now! go after him!” 
I nodded, turned around and ran, ran as fast as humanly possible.
At the point where Alice still saw me, I faced her and winked once, before getting invisible without any human noticing. 
And then it was time for takeoff.

When I’d reached a place close to the plaza, where Bella was searching the right way, I reappeared in the shadows, running up to her. 
She turned around, startled, ”Come on! I know where it is, I asked for the way!” I yelled, tugging her with me. Bella followed me through the small passages and the thick crowds until we reached the plaza. 
There were humans everywhere, as we saw the vast clock tower at the end, with a gracious fountain in the middle. It was just as I remembered. 
The clockwork showed that it was one minute before one o’clock while Bella and I ran to the fountain, pushing humans away to squirm through the crowds. I realized the risk I was about to take – we might save Edward, but when the Volturi would recognize me, I wouldn’t get a chance to go home. 
And my children couldn’t lose their mommy no matter the costs. 
I thought of the best strategy when I got sight of Edward, standing in the doorway of the Palazzo dei Priori. My heart squeezed painfully before bouncing like a maniac. Bella had jumped and made her way through the fountain, while I slowed, in a battle with myself as the memories coursed through my mind. I was falling again, being chased by the hurt and cruelness of pain that halted my body from saving one of the most important things in my life. 
Bella reached him when the clockwork started to slam, announcing the time – our deadline, literally. 
And then I was haunted by Alice’s first vision. The dead eyes. 
I stood up from the ground and ran again, while I saw Bella knocking him inside. The surprised expression on his face when he saw her, alive and well, burned me. 

“Bella? I thought..” he mused, astonished when I ran closer, almost there. 
“No, Edward I’m not dead! Melody saved me, dragged me out of the water!” Bella explained to him as pushed him further inside to get away from the human attention.
He was inside. The sun wouldn’t hurt him anymore. Aro had no reason to kill him any longer.
He was save, and with that realization I stopped running and walked towards them, my breathing uncontrollable from the rush of adrenaline. 
“Melody? Where is she? Is she alright?” He pleaded with Bella while I took the steps up, into the Palazzo. 
“Oh! She was right behind me…There!” Bella had loosened herself from Edward’s embrace and pointed at me, as the sweat poured down my forehead. 
I could see him now, for real. No memory, no dream. 
He passed Bella and jogged towards me, pushing me against his cold, bare chest. I grabbed the hair in his neck and let out a huge sob. 
He was in my arms again. unharmed. 

“Melody…God, I missed you!” he mumbled in my ears. I listened to my heart rate that slowed with each breath I took and every second he held me. I was incapable of uttering a word, overblown with emotion. 
“You can’t imagine…how selfish I felt, how bad I felt..” he kept murmuring sweet words into my ear, softly kissing my cheek. 
“Thank God, you’re alive. I couldn’t imagine myself in a life without you…” 

Then the doors opened and Alice stepped in, shaking her head. I stepped away from Edward who refused to lose hold of my hand, to give Alice space to reunite with her brother. Alice stepped forward and enclosed her arms around him.
“If you EVER think to trick us like this, I’ll gladly kill you myself!” she growled, pulling her arms away from him now. a small smile captured his lips.
“I won’t Alice, I’m sorry.”

Then, I heard two minds, raging over the fact that they had to get Edward back to Aro. I panicked for a moment, but quickly remembered my plan.
“Ehm…I’m going to wait by the car, okay?” I said, looking at Alice. She immediately got the message, shielding her thoughts from Edward. ‘Get back in before the door closes!’ 
Edward and Bella gave me a weird look while Alice pushed me out of the door, just in time. I quickly faded and slipped through it again, standing next to Alice, completely invisible.

I saw Demitri and Felix walking up to us. Edward and Alice, pushed Bella behind them so she stood next to me.
‘Oh, now I get it why she’s outside. She could’ve warned us too you know!’ her mind was scared and irritated at the same time. 
“Aro wants to see you back.” Felix, the big burly one said. Edward shook his head.
“Alright, Bella and Alice go, join the festival.” Edward replied, looking in our direction. 
Demitri huffed a laugh, ”No, the human will follow as well. Aro wants to know your theories in all this nonsense.” 
We all tensed and followed the two Volturi vampires inside, through various corridors and doors. When we reached an elevator, I saw someone else that gave me shivers.
Jane and Alec. The witch twin. 
Jane’s baby face and blonde hair stood in stark contrast to her red eyes. I’d often met her in the past and was somehow glad for the faded memory from after the accident. Those were memories I gladly forgot. 
“Well, look at that! Weak vampires! This all because of that dessert you’re tailing with you?” Jane’s shrill voice echoed through the elevator where we were now standing in. 
N one replied, much to her dismay – she always got what she wanted. If not you’d be the victim to her ‘pain smile’. 
After leaving the elevator we went through the two enormous doors that led to the room where Aro, Caius and Marcus sat in their thrones. When we entered, I took deep breaths to suppress the fear. Never had I been so close after two years ago. 
I started to widen my shield, my protection, but it didn’t work. Only one person I guessed. 
I had to stop myself from growling when Aro clapped his hand and grinned. How I hated that asshole. More than imaginary possible. 

“Edward! What a wonderful surprise! You brought Isabel-la!” he drawled, glee filling his red eyes. I unconsciously stepped closer to Bella – Edward and Alice were stronger. 
“Aro.” Edward nodded politely at him, but the muscles in his back strained. 
After that Aro, Caius and Marcus started to get all difficult about what to do. In fact they just wanted Alice and Edward to join them. 
“Kill the girl Aro, she knows too much,” Caius, the blonde and frustrated one said. Aro made a sad scowl. “I’d like to read Edward’s mind first. I’m unbelievably curious about his reasons to get along with this human girl.” Aro slimed, motioning for Edward to step closer and reaching his hand. the last thing I wanted was for Aro to find out everything – especially about our night together. I followed Edward, touching his back with my arms, shielding him just in time. 
Aro’s hopeful expression faded quickly when he touched Edward’s hand. 
“Remarkable…something here is blocking my gift. I can’t see a thing, Edward.” he muses, letting go of Edward’s hand and fixating his eyes on Bella. 
“Marcus? Could you…read their relationships connection for me please?” Aro drawled further, walking around Edward and an unseen me. 
I stayed fixated on Edward, shielding him completely and making it extremely difficult for Marcus to see the bonds. 
‘There’s something strained around the young Cullen, blocking me..’ 

“I’m sorry, brother, but my abilities do not see anything else than three separate individuals.” Marcus informed with an old, raspy voice. Aro’s mind was starting to get extremely impatient with us. with me actually, even though he just didn’t realize that. 
“I think Bella is our jammer here…” he mused, still with the fake friendly voice, “Jane? Can you find out if human Bella is immune for your powers as well?” 
‘No one, gets me in the way! And especially not a simple human teenager!’ his mind raged. 
Jane stepped forward, her red eyes focused on Bella. And when she started to tug the corners of her lips upwards, everything went really fast. 

Bella squeezed her eyes shut, while Alice struggled to get away from Demetri’s grasp. Edward jumped in front of Bella at the exact second Jane’s smile reached its level.
“Pain.” She smiled widely, sending Edward the waves of cruelness. I watched, frozen how he sunk through his knees, fighting against the enormous amount of pain he was getting.
I moved, falling to my knees on the ground and hugging his frame from behind him, laying my palms flat against his chest. I empowered him with everything I got, pushing the peace into his body while I endured the pain Jane was still trying to give him. 
I’d had my teeth clenched together as my mind screamed for anyone to kill me, to stop the cruelness. It felt as if I was being burned alive, ripped apart, limb by limb. As if I exploded, my veins bouncing erratically in my body. 
When Everyone realized Edward could stand up without any harm, Jane’s smile turned into a scowl. My clinging arms around Edward’s chest, loosened and I dropped to the ground, breathing harshly and fighting the tears. 
The pain was gone. 

Thank the penguins. 

“So what to do with you? Kill you all? That would be such a waste…Just the girl then? I can’t ignore the laws, Cullens. She must die.” Aro informed us, closing the distance between himself and Bella, while Felix faster than possible, took hold of Edward, pushing him to the ground. 
And I just stood there, once again debating – risking my life and that of my whole family or risking Bella’s? 
None of them seemed fair. It was unfair. 

I was about to reappear and rip Aro’s head off ,when a vision hit me. 

The Cullen house. Everyone was there. Emmett, Rose, Jasper , Carlisle , Esmé, Alice, Edward, I and Charlie. 
Bella was on a hospital bed, closing her eyes. Alice stepped forward, taking Bella’s neck in hands and bit down, before being dragged back by Carlisle and Edward. I saw myself, watching with an apologetic expression on my face as my half-sister changed into one of them. A vampire. 

“WAIT!”Alice yelled suddenly, right in time. Aro focused on her, “Bella will be one of us! I’ve just seen it!”
Aro passed Bella and reached for Alice’s hand. he got access to the vision, watching in amazement on how detailed everything was. 
“I’m changing her myself, Aro.” Alice added, seeking already for the next revelation in the future. Bella looked completely scared. She didn’t want to become one – Jacob would hate her. 
“Alright! That’s a deal! When we visit next, Isabella won’t be a vampire anymore! Go home my young friends, greet Carlisle! We’ll wait for the news!” He was amused and extremely happy with the result – no matter how, he would get Bella, Alice and Edward to belong to him someday.

Well, not if it was up to me!


We quickly left the throne room, hurrying through the corridors. I ran past 
Alice at my vampire speed, racing outside towards the yellow Porsche before reappearing. We were all safe. 
I waited for them to round the corner, acting as innocently as I could. When they came in sight, Alice looked at me meaningfully,‘you really have to tell me EVERYTHING. I’m deadly curious about all your awesome mysteries, Mells!’ 
I fought the urge to roll my eyes.”Why did you guys take so long?” I asked, covering up my absence. Bella looked as if she might puke soon. 

“The Volturi wanted to speak with us. We’ll explain everything..later.” Edward said, opening the door of the backseats. Alice quickly took hers after the steering wheel and Bella in the passenger seat. 
Edward waited for me to step inside with a soft expression in his face. I blushed warmly and averted my eyes.
He settled next to me and buckled his seatbelt while Alice started the purring engine and left Volterra.

When we were on the road, I realized some things at once.
First – Edward was here. Safe and sound.
Second – he was still only wearing a pair of torn jeans and dirty sneakers. 
Third – I knew that there was nothing underneath those jeans….and it was the first time we met after having had sex together.

Okay, awkward…

I blushed bright red when I thought about this, earning a curious look from the glorious, practically naked, man beside me.
I glanced at him and quickly away again. the smile I got was not helping me either.
Now all the direct danger was gone, I was already lusting after him! Maybe I still got pregnancy hormones…

I winced at the thought, and suddenly felt Edward’s hand on my fire-red cheek. It startled me, looking at him wide-eyed.
He gave me a puzzled look, ”Are you okay? You seem a little heated? Do you need water or something?” 
I seemed heated? No kidding. 

My ovaries were about to explode. 

“Yeah?” I squeaked, my face scrunched up. Edward chuckled, dazzling me immediately again.

Oh sweet merci….we still had a ten hour flight to endure. 


“Hey Edward, I got a shirt for you. It might get really weird if you walk around the airport like that.” Alice said, rescuing my lady parts from snapping. Edward took the simple black V-neck tshirt and put it on. Even watching him put on a shirt was porn to me.
The way his muscles stretched…and rippled…

I was truly ashamed with myself that I was practically eye-fucking the father of my innocent babies.
YES! That would do the trick – Edward being a father might be a turn-off.
But that got me thinking about him playing baseball with two five year olds. And that made him even sexier…
I was so screwed.

During the whole drive I had to restrain myself from jumping on his lap and having my way with him, devouring his lips and tugging his hair practically out of the roots. 
Sometimes I’d caught him looking at me strangely before I blushed again and turned around.

But how ridiculous my lustful desires for him were at that moment – I was way too happy with just his presence, one meter away from me, that I could enjoy that for as long as it lasted. I missed him so much, craved him so much. And even if our night together had meant nothing special to him, I was euphoric. He was back in my life. 

I stole a peek next to me, through my hair. Edward was biting his lower lip for some reason. And it looked hot…

It were going to be a very awkward ten hours. 


at the airport, Bella and Alice suggested they would buy our tickets back home. I just wanted to follow them when a hand on my shoulder stopped me. I stopped walking and slowly turned around, curious why he would want me to stay here with him. it was all still very unreal to me, that he was back. I felt as if there wouldn’t be time enough left for us.
What if they only got back temporarily? Maybe the Cullens would stay away and would Edward go on his own again.
My head started to ache from the panic and fear.

I faced Edward wondering why he looked so sad. His eyes burned with an century old apology. 
We stared at each other like that for a while, as he kept holding my wrist, like he used to when everything was right. When we were just Edward and Melody, friends for as long as it lasted.
And now, even though he wasn’t aware of that, we were parents, friends with sexual benefits and kind of awkward.
“What’s wrong?” I asked, breaking the silence that started to get uncomfortable. Edward’s eyes were now fixated on my bracelet as he turned my wrist to read the initials. When he gazed at me again, something flashed through the black orbs. I could guess what he might be thinking.
“We need to talk.” He simply stated, a tense edge in his musical voice. Even when his emotion was clear in the tones and sounds of his voice, it was beautiful as ever. 
I frowned. Where exactly did he want to talk about? ,”About what?” 
I squirmed with my wrist indicating him to let go, and he did. I nervously started to tug at the hemline of my t-shirt. 
“Everything.” He said, shaking his head to clear the pain in his expression, “you need to know that it were all lies. The things I said…they weren’t true.” He choked. Fear tugged at my heart.
What did he mean? What were lies? When he told me I was his tiny princess, it was a lie? Or when he whispered the hot words in my ears when we both lost our virginity to each other?
Or were the promises of protection all lies?
It left me in a mind war. I didn’t get where he was referring to. 
“Wh – which…which words were lies?” I tried to understand. He quickly explained, now understanding I thought some different things.
“When I left that night. That Carlisle was staying to young for his human age. That we needed to stay away from you and Bella. I feel horrible for having done all these things to you…” he said, the words getting a softer pitch nearing the end.
It was a relief for me. he never had wanted to leave. But Edward was awfully stubborn when it came to our safety. He must’ve thought to be doing the right thing.
“that night shouldn’t have happened.” He whispered, looking away from me. 

And when I thought I could take an easy breath, he restricted my ability to do just that. And that pissed me off.
“Oh right! Why not Edward? Maybe if you alarmed me about the meaninglessness of that evening BEFORE you laid your guilty hands on me, your wish would’ve been come true!” I snapped, at the verge of crying. I turned around, wanting to leave and search for Alice and Bella, but he was right behind me.
“Melody that is not what I meant and you KNOW that!” he whisper-yelled, following me through the crowds of the Italian airport. 
“How can I know? We were friends, you had a relationship with my sister and then suddenly you – you know what? never mind.” I argued back to him. his hand was back on my shoulder spinning me so my face was aligned to his.
“Not never mind. we really need to talk. I need to tell you that I lov – “
“Fine! We’ll talk. But not here. We’re at a crowded airport, Cullen.” I groused back before he could finish whatever he was planning to say, and marching over to where Bella and Alice were standing at the desk.

I reached them, Edward on my heels, and Alice informed us about where we needed to go to get the right plane. 
Not much later we are settled in our seats and in the air – Me next to Alice and Bella next to Edward. I’d been ignoring him since the great mature ‘talk’ we had. 
During the long plane ride back, Alice bombarded me with questions about Raven and Blaze via her thoughts. She and I both made sure to shield them from Edward, so I could write down answers for her.

‘Okay, so…wow I didn’t realize you and Edward had a ‘thing..’ 
I rolled my eyes and scribbled on the paper in my fantastic weird handwriting.
No need to realize – we didn’t have a ‘thing’. 
Alice arched her perfectly trimmed eyebrow , ‘Uhuh, as if I’m believing that. Anyway; two boys right?’ 
I nodded, smiling crookedly – I had two handsome sons, no offense to other mothers. 
You better believe it, Pix. Are you done asking me all this? Can’t you wait until I’m telling him?
I frowned, just as Alice did when she read my answer.
‘You’re going to tell him? So…if he likes it, you know,…then they’ll belong to the family?’
I shrugged, even though a rush of warmth spread over my skin. If that would come true…
He deserves to know, Ali. And I think they will…if you’re staying that is…? 
After Alice had read my last scribble, she fumbled the paper and threw it in a sack. Then she smiled brightly and enveloped me in a hug, ‘Hell yeah! And if the other’s don’t for what fucked up reason, I’ll make sure Jazz will make them stay!’

We had only two hours left. My hair was a complete mess from sleeping against Alice’s shoulder.
“So? How have you been?” I heard Edward ask Bella out of the sudden. Both Alice and me perked our ears to listen. 
“I’ve managed. I hated it in the beginning, but Jake helped me get over you.” Bella answered in all honesty. 
“Oh? Well, that’s great. You must be great friends then.” Edward replied. I badly wanted to see his facial expression. He sounded strange. Was he hurt by it? he probably was – Bella was his girlfriend after all. 
“…ehm...we’re having a relationship actually.” Bella awkwardly said. 
“Wow! I didn’t expect that…but congrats you know. I hope he makes you happier than I did.” was Edward’s yet again weird reply.
“Thanks. And he indeed makes me happy.” 
There was a moment of silence before Edward spoke up again. 
“Do you know about..”
“Yeah, I found out.”
“Right, right. Be careful around young wolves though. You never know what might get wrong.” Edward warned her wisely.
“Says the vampire to the human.” Bella added, giggling. 

Now I didn’t get it anymore! Edward was OKAY with Bella and Jake having a relationship? What kind of guy does that? 
…Maybe he’s gay after all and happy there’s no girl attached to him?
I pondered on that for a minute, blushing when I recalled our intimate moments from months before.

Nuh-uh! Edward was definitely not gay! 

But seriously, what guy is okay with his ex-girlfriend fooling around and hooking up with the enemy? Was that something normal in 1918 or something?

I was startled by Alice voice. 
“What?” I quipped looking around me and seeing the plane was empty. 
“We’ve touched down. Come on! We’re home!” 

I smiled while standing up – Yep we were home.



“…you get how DANGEROUS it was!?” Charlie was roaring at us for running away like that. Of course he knew the Cullens were vampires now, but that didn’t make it any better for us. 
During the carried home from PA, I’d send and enormous text message to Adam, hoping he’d understand. Luckily they all did, but they were quite angry at me for doing all that while I had two babies to take care of. 
I felt a pang of guilt – Raz and Aze were only a two weeks old and I was already disappointing them by leaving and taking risky decisions. My heart leapt however, upon thinking I’d see them soon. Those circumstances however, might turn out not so great.
I was planning on telling Edward everything. To start with the feelings he evoked on that, what seemed so long ago, first day. 
I’d planned with Alice that I would spend the night there so Edward and I could talk it all out. If Charlie would let me, that is. 
“…I understand your reasoning girls, I do. But I’m not going to let this slide. You’ll both be grounded – kind off. no trips outside the house without my permission. If you do,” and now his focus was laid on me since I could silently sneak out easily,” there will be no outside trips at all!” 
Bella and I sighed and huffed. We were in the kitchen at this point already listening to Charlie’s preach for a half an hour. Alice and Edward had dropped us of around dinner time. 
And Charlie went completely insane of course.

“Alright, give your old dad a hug. he needs it..” Charlie grumbled, relief evident in the sound of his familiar gruff voice. Bella and I stepped forward and leaned against his chest while he draped his large arms around us. 
“and promise me to never, ever, EVER do that to me again, alright?” He said sternly, giving us a friendly tap on the back before letting go. 

We hang out on the couch with pizza, which tasted delicious after all these adventures, before Bella announced she was going to bed. She’d called Jacob earlier and to say he was mad was an understatement. 
“Dad?” I ask while Charlie was closing up and turning the lights of. He turned to me with a questioning look, motioning me to go on. “Is it okay if I spend the night at Alice’s?” 
Charlie’s first reaction was to say no – he wanted me miles away from Edward. I gave him a hurtful look and he relented.

“I suppose you’re not just sleeping there hmm?” 
I shook my a but hesitatingly, ”No, not really. We’ll mostly talk, I guess.”
“You mean you talk to the bloodsucker guy?” Charlie deadpanned making me gasp.
“DAD! Don’t be so mean! And in case you never noticed – your children AND grandchildren are all bloodsuckers. So quit with the awful nickname.” I spat angrily, a edge of disbelief in my voice. 

“Sorry. But I’m serious Melodiana – only talking which means no touching, kissing and most definitely: no sex. Understood?” Charlie winced with each word that entertained me and Edward doing much other things than talking. 

I was truly and utterly mortified.

“Holy penguins! Dad, you did not just say that!” I whisper-yelled, blushing like a firecracker. 
“I did…don’t make me say that again please…” he whimpered, pinching the bridge of his nose. Poor man – little girls get older. 

I promised Charlie to be on my best behavior, if I could…., and grabbed my overnight bag before locking the house and driving to the Cullen Estate. 
When I was halfway there, I dialed Scarlett’s phone number. They had settled in their house in Seattle yesterday.

“Scarlett Bright speaking?” 
“Hey, Scar, it’s Melody. Before you go crazy – I need you all to do a favor for me. You can get angry afterwards okay?” I spoke fast, not giving her the chance to interrupt me. 
“Fine.” She said curtly.
“I’m going to talk to Edward now. I’m telling him everything, but I’ll promise to keep the family’s secret if that makes it better for you. When I text you, I’d like you to come down to Forks, to our childhood home, and take the twin with you.” 
There was silence for a while, while I drove through the centre of Forks. 
“Alright – Adam and I will be there. But please make sure you don’t reveal anything. I know it seems unfair – you know his secret, he doesn’t know yours, but you guessed. It just theirs as our rule that we’re not allowed to tell what we are. The can guess Melody, more can’t we give.” 
I nodded, even though she couldn’t see that over the phone of course. 
“Deal. Wait for my text message.” I said before hanging up. 

How in the damn galaxy, was I going to tell Edward everything, without being allowed to tell him exactly that – the major part?

I arrived at the Cullen Estate, feeling a chill run down my spine. The last time I’d been here ended up changing my life forever. At the moment I turned off the engine of my car, Alice appeared in the doorway of the vast front door and waved. I got out and waved back, slinging my backpack over my shoulder. 
I walked up to and smiled awkwardly at her. Alice gave me reassuring smile back. She indicated with a nod of her head we’d get inside – the cold March air wasn’t to be equalized with those from LA. 
I followed my best friend inside and sat down in the kitchen as she prepared me tea. When we passed the living room before reaching the kitchen, I’d noticed everything was almost back to normal again.
The only things missing where the family members that belonged here. It kind of saddened me, that the picture that had hung proudly on the wall, were gone. I prayed Esmé would put them back as soon as she could. 

“Strawberry tea, right?” Alice asked, waking me from my inner musing and making me nod in answer “Do you like a chocolate cookie with that?” 
I frowned, ”I’d love too, but haven’t they passed the expiry date?” 
Alice shrugged, “No, I bought them for you while Charlie was bellowing his ass off at you guys…” 
I winced. She’d probably seen it beforehand. 

“When are the others expected to be back here?” I asked, taking a bite from the cookie Alice gave me.
“I guess with dawn, around six? I’ll get a vision soon enough when they’re close.” She answered, taking a seat next to me. we stayed silent during the time that I sipped at the steaming cup of strawberry smelling tea, until Alice’s patience was gone.

“Ok, you have to tell me about the whole ‘I was pregnant’ thing!” she practically bounced, curiosity winning from the silent seeker. I sighed deeply.
“Everything? I don’t think you want that…” 
“Well, maybe not the dirty details, but come on! give me a little credit! I mean, how in the world did you end up having sex with my brother? How did it happen?” she asked, her voice squeaking like those irritating pets toys. 

“God, quit it! Never had biology Alice? like; man plus woman makes babies?” I stated matter of factly, but not able to hide my blush by talking about this.
“That’s not what I meant, but how is it even possible? Edward’s a vampire.” 
“Yep, that’s true, but you also know I’m not completely human myself. But anyway, you want to know why?” I thought it’d be better to just get it over with. She already knew what we’d done and what came out of that. Know she just wanted to know why I let it happen.
Alice’s nod indicated me to move on. 

“Well, It wasn’t just sex, not for me that is…” I started, making Alice gasp and listen closer. I nervously twirled with the teaspoon across the table top.
“From the very first day…I felt attracted to him. I had feelings raging and swirling all through my body, but never realized what they meant. At least not then. But then that night in Port Angeles, when he saved me and Bella from those drunk rapists…I realized.” I mused, staring ahead of me and seeing flashes of memories before my eyes.

“Ever since then it was very hard on me to shake those feelings, especially since he seemed to be happy with Bella. I couldn’t interfere in that. But when you all left…I broke Ali. And Edward broke my heart, piece by tiny, shattered piece. It still confuses me why he let it happen that night. He could’ve stopped it if he wanted to. Maybe I should have, but it felt like the best option I could get.” 

Alice thought about that, yet shielding her thoughts from me. I waited until she was ready t speak again. she suddenly smiled wickedly, grinning from ear to ear and using her squealing voice.
“Aw! You were in love with Edward and he didn’t even know! I knew it!” 
I giggled along with her, brushing away the tears that had fallen. “How did you knew?”

“well I guessed. Sometimes you acted so hurt by his actions. Or the way you look at him when he’s not looking! No wonder you weren’t able to stay away from him – I sometimes wondered what kind of things you eat. I mean, maybe your mysterious kind eats vampires! How should I know!” she chuckled and I barked a laugh at het vampire eater comment. And they claimed I had a weird fantasy. Blame it on the mafia pasta restaurant movie…

“Wow….what a love story.” Alice stated, acting as if she stared dreamily up high, blinking with her eyelashes. 
“I’m not sure if that…how do I know his reasoning? Maybe he just…ah hell I don’t know!” I wailed frustratingly, swinging with my arms to empathize. 

“I know why. And I’m planning to tell you every single thing that belongs to it.” 
When I heard the male voice that sounded like buttery velvet, I gasped, twirling around to see Edward himself standing in the doorway. 

I swallowed thickly. This was the literally moment of truth. 
“Let’s go somewhere private?” he suggested, giving Alice a nasty glare. As if there was privacy at all in this house. I nodded anyway and followed him, with sweating hand palms, praying I wouldn’t faint. I followed Edward up the stairs not realizing where we were headed, until he opened the door. 

“No.” I said, my voice steady. I didn’t want to be in his room – it was left the same as it was when he left me that night. And it would get too much upon me to face that reality so soon.
“ The memories hurt. I don’t want to go there…yet.” I clarified. Edward looked somewhat offended by my reaction, but quickly closed the door behind him and turns in the direction of Alice and Jasper’s room. I once again followed him inside and took seat on the large bed. Edward kept standing close to it, walking a few steps to and fro. 

The awkward silence filled the purple colored room, making me anxious for whatever outcome might be the end of the conversation ahead of us. 
“I heard you telling Alice you were in love with me. I already was confused, but now I’m at a complete loss.” Edward started, facing me, his eyes a freshly golden from the recent hunt, “do you want to tell me? your side of the story?” 
I nodded, taking deep breaths.

“Well, you now know that I’m in love with you.” I started, uncomfortably and staring straight ahead while he still stood at the same spot, his eyes on me. 
“But you should know…that I’ve felt like that from the very beginning. But I didn’t recognize it at first.” I mused, lost in a year earlier. I faced him then, saw how his eyes were fixated on mine with an enormous frown in his forehead. 
“And then, that night when you had followed Bella and me to PA… that moment when you rounded the corner, I suddenly understood my feelings.” I went on. 
Edward stepped closer to me before slowly sitting down on the bed next to where I sat. he looked at my hands and then into my eyes with that smoldering look.

“What were your feelings for me than?” 
I swallowed thickly, feeling the bile rise, squeezing my throat. I had felt it then, had kept on feeling it while he was gone and still felt it in that precise moment.

“Love…” I choked in a breathy whisper, averting my eyes as soon as I uttered the short, meaningful word. It was hard for me to fight the tears this time. I’d said it. I had said that I was in love with him, having loved ever since then.

And how bad I wished to be able to read his mind right now, to know how he felt about my admissions. The silence made me panic more with every second. I was already waiting for a harsh laugh or snide comments on how ridiculous my teenage hormones were.

But then, I felt Edward’s hand slide from my shoulder to my back, until it stop around my waist. On top of my head I felt his lips brush in a butterfly’s kiss. After that he extended his index finger to tilt up my head at my chin, making me look into his eyes, searching his angelic face for any crude elements there. 
“I had that too, you know.” He murmured, his voice like crushed velvet, melting me. I saw the sincerity in his eyes. I heard and felt my heart pick up its pace, beating fiercely against my ribs. 
“The minute I saw your tiny, shy frame, something made me want to look longer. I wasn’t sure if it were your red blazing cheeks or those dark big doe eyes…” he whispered, brushing away a cold tear that had fallen down my cheek. The corner of his mouth tugged upwards. 
“But I did know you were special, in whatever way. I found out only minutes later when I wasn’t able to read your mind. It frustrated the hell out of me, as you know. “ the fierce frustration sparked his golden eyes, “And then I saw you almost getting hit by that van… I was out of my mind, getting to you without thinking of the consequences. It was so strange after that. I found out I liked it when you got angry, irritated or feisty at me. you get this gleam in your eyes.” He chuckled softly, grinning wide for a moment before his face fell suddenly and I felt him clench his fist at my side.
“I got to talk with Bella too…her interest in me was obvious, as was her irritation. Her irritation with me at some points are still confusing to me though. But as I said, we got to talking. At one time, when she was talking about the fact that she never had a boyfriend before, I asked if you did. I was really curious and that side of me won from the rational, smart one. I felt like a true seventeen year old, secretly asking someone else if you were free to make a move on.” Edward shook his while admitting it, but the coldness in his eyes and the harsh huff indicated there was something bad to come. I was listening breathlessly to his admissions though. He was telling me he’d liked me from the very beginning, just like I did with him. I had to prevent myself from getting cryptic and telling Edward that Bella had much more boyfriends in the past than Lauren Mallory did. and that explained a lot.
“But then she told me that you were already in a relationship with a guy from La Push. I felt my dead heart break and from then I knew my interest in you wasn’t just because you were so different. it was much more than that.” He looked away as I gasped for air upon what he just said. 
The next time I would see Bella, she’d probably need a pack of hairy wolves around to protect her filthy human being. 
“I was outraged when I hunted after that. The idea of you becoming and belonging to our enemy was terrible to me. I was selfish, wanting you for me and me alone. I envisioned you with golden eyes, red eyes even. I daydreamed about how it would be if you were already like me, or when I was human like you…those were the best times I had while you were with Jacob Black.” He choked, spitting out Jacob’s name as if vomiting it. I wanted nothing more than to actually do that. 
“Sometimes I refused to believe her, but when I came across Jacob in town, I’d see you in his mind. I saw how he kissed you, or touched your body..” Edward was growling by now, his face scrunched up in anger, his sharp and deathly teeth bared. 
“And then that night, after your birthday… I needed to leave. I was losing the strength to stay away from you. But when I saw you there my last string of power snapped. Every rational thought flew out of the window. I must admit that I never expected you to let it happen. you had a boyfriend after all.” He explained further, frowning deeply as the memories overtook his mind. 
“And Melody, I want to apologize for that. For acting the way I did. I don’t regret it though. I’ve always loved you, and I’ll always will in the future.” He said, the fire in his eyes reaching into my very soul. I vaguely nodded, dazzled by what he told me. 
He loved me.

In an attempt to hide my happy tears, I let my head fall upon his chest, feeling his arms encircle my waist automatically. We sat there for a while, just holding each other tightly. I was completely satisfied with where I was right now, but there were still a few things I wanted to make clear and out in the open. 
“Edward did Bella?” 
I felt him sigh, felt the gush of air whispering through my hair, ”I do, in a way. But different. more like a sister I think. I stayed with her because she was closest to you. ” He said, frowning as I looked at him.
“Can I ask in return then, if you loved Jacob Black?” 
I sat upright, sighing deeply myself. I was genuinely mad at Bella for pulling of something like this. 
“No. And believe me when I say that I’ve never had anything more with Jacob than a friendship. I don’t even feel attracted to him in the slightest.” I said, seeing Edward’s eyes widen and looking straight at me.
“What do you mean? Melody I saw it in his mind…he can’t possibly just imagine that – the images were to sharp for that and –“
“Edward you were my first in everything. The first time I was attracted to a man, the first to fall in love with, the first to dream about and have the strangest imaginations,” I told him, pleading with my eyes for him to believe me. He still seemed confused but surprised all the same because of what I said.

“..You were my first kiss, the first to make me think I’m beautiful, the first man I shared my body with..” 
I looked at him while he took my breath away every time his beautiful eyes would flicker with an certain degree of intensity. His face moved closer to me as the desire that was clear in his eyes seemed to sink to a softer pitch. 
“Edward, I think Bella wanted to deceive you. We’re quite the look-a-likes from one another. It’s easy for her to make you think it was me. but I assure you, baby, that you’ll be the first and the last man I fell in love with. You stole my heart Edward Cullen.” 
Edward’s eyes widened again when I mentioned Bella’s cheating behavior. “That lying…” he bellowed, almost flying away from me and the bed, standing at the doorway with balled fists. He felt betrayed and that was normal in this case. Suddenly he seemed to realize what I’d said after, flashing back next me within a millisecond and taking my face in his hands.

“So,..I stole your heart didn’t I, Miss Swan?” he whispered, somewhat cocky. I bit my lip, blushing again of the absurdness of this whole situation. We’ve been fighting for our love from both sides. We’ve wanted each other from the very beginning, struggling to find a way to enjoy each other’s presence. The connection of our souls must have been there in some way, at that time. 
“I’m not giving it back to you, you know. You’ve got mine, so it seems fair I have yours.” He whispered in my ear, making the hairs in my neck get up from the thrill. 
“Then don’t. Just stay with me, Edward.” I whispered back, fisting a handful of his wild, bronze hair, that made me think of my youngest son so much. Edward closed the last bit of distance between us, our noses touching, breathing in each other’s essence. 
“I will. I’ll only leave when you order me to…” 
And then, after months of struggles, grief and loneliness, Edward’s cold lips pressed against mine in a passionate kiss. A kiss true lovers would share. 
The feel of his soft, polished lips against my own after all this time was magical. I pushed him closer to me, tugging at his hair, making him groan because of the feelings. When his tongue traced my lower lip agonizingly slow but giving me shivers, I opened my mouth a little more, making him deepen the kiss by slipping his cold tongue inside my mouth, fighting with mine for dominance. I felt his hands move to my hips, ensnaring his fingers around it and squeezing, but not too harsh. Following, my hand moved down, slipping under the collar of his shirt, feeling the strong muscles I’d felt so many nights before, when the rippled with pleasure. I wasn’t able to stop the soft whimper that came out of my throat only by thinking back and still feeling his tongue caressing my lips. His hand moved higher then, cupping my breast from aside. I felt his icy touch right through the double layer of fabric, causing my peaks to harden. His thumb brushed over the pebbled bud making me moan, a high, soft sound. 

My thoughts, desires and body were getting out of control again and I needed to stop it, before there were no rational thoughts left. I couldn’t get this any further before he knew about our babies. 
With much reluctance, I pressed against his chest, tugging my face and lips away from his. He sensed what I wanted and stopped abruptly. His eyes opened and searched for any damage. 
“No, no Edward, I’m fine. I just think we should…take things slowly. Like much more slowly than we did the last time…” I reasoned, getting even redder than I was from our quite heated kissing-session. The expression in his eyes softened, before he let go of my waist, helping my tugging my shirt down, which had been sitting half over my bra without me noticing. I saw him suddenly eyeing the scars and large tattoo there, something he never did before. He tugged my shirt back up again, feeling the sensitive skin with his fingers. I saw him get furious, heard him growl like a real vampire. 
But he’d seen them before…he must have…

“Melody how did you get all those scars…Who did this to you!?” he roared, in a low dark pitch. I choked on my air and started shaking my head and pushing his hand away. 
“Don’t tell me you haven’t seen those when we…you know…?” 
He shook his head roughly, “ I did, but I thought I was imagining it. I thought I was doing that to you myself because I knew I was hurting you. But they are real. Deadly real. What happened to you?” he whispered now, anguished by the sight of them. The angry lightning scars.

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