Starless Sky [completed]

After having spend the summer with the Cullens, in LA and with Charlie; Melody gets back to Forks High School. it's a brand new year full of unexpected surprises and things you'd never thought were existing.

After a small incident, things go wrong - Bella gets depressive and Melody runs away.
But what happens if the past all comes flooding back? is there danger lurking?

What if she can't protect her family from herself and the ghosths of her past? And worse.. how will Edward react?

Starless Sky is the sequel to Moon Girl


This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- violence
- angst
- cursing
- sexual acts/ suggestive themes


4. He Knows

I was starting to lose my mind. first everything the surrounds Edward – what happened that afternoon made me so confused and hurt. What if it was just an experiment to him? what if he was caught up in the moment of helping me? what if everything was a lie – how would I know if I wasn’t able to read his mind.

And then all this. I hadn’t even started to think about what might happen if they all knew, Bella included. My status needed to stay anonymous in case of my own safety and that from my family. Nobody could know what I was and where I was capable of.

But every time, every action, made them moor suspecting. I was surprised they didn’t notice when I ran into the forest during that baseball game from a few months earlier. It was extremely difficult either, to hide most of my skin as I could. The shouldn’t see the scars and meaningful body art. They shouldn’t want an explanation.

And was Carlisle right in the first place? did they really think it was because some human nausea? I wasn’t even able to read their minds at the precise moment. And how in the world did he know? What exactly did he know? Was it safe for him to know, even though he was a vampire, possibly one of the strongest existing.

I needed to be invisible for the Volturi, if they’d find me there wouldn’t be any way back. It is the reason why I changed my appearance. The reason I didn’t hunt in the beginning and let my eyes fade to black. It’s one of the huge reasons why I left LA – they knew I was there.

And even the last time I was there, it came very close to ending for me.



The reason why they wanted me – dead or alive.


I was dangerous. Dangerous enough to make the most powerful vampire coven and rulers of the underworld back away.



“What do you know?” I asked, breaking the terrible silence. Carlisle had almost cleared the fresh wound of all the glass crystal pieces as he looked up at my face. It was tense, my jaw tight and my eyes stern, golden, but not as striking as they were earlier, when my true nature bared itself.

Carlisle looked me into the eye for a few moments, searching for something. His mind wouldn’t tell me – probably something he knew too.


“I know you’re not human. Not completely that is. When I first met you, I had my suspicious – you were different, looked different and reacted in a very other way than any other normal human. Bella is an exception too, but she’s family from you – it’s part of your genes. “


I frowned, urging him on to tell me more. This, I already knew. Alice knew that too.

Carlisle walked away and I started to get frustrated and my standard behavior with that had become aggressiveness. I couldn’t and didn’t suppress the low growl that rolled out of my throat.


“Melody, calm down. I’m only getting the right things to stitch up your wound. You need to learn to not lose your patience so fast. It’s one of the things that make you somewhat…interesting for …a very powerful – “


“The Volturi. I know.”

The incredulous look on Carlisle’s face and the fact that he halted his actions at my shoulder said enough.

“Melody please tell me you never got in touch with them? I know they’re supposed to be the rulers of the mythic world we live in, but they’re cruel.” He said sternly his eyes showing an anxious expression while his thoughts added the fear for me with it. I swallowed looking back into his eyes, all honesty written in those golden gems of mine. The sigh that eluded form Carlisle, was tired and somewhat shaky.


“Is there more you know about me? what the others don’t know and what they sure aren’t going to find out?” I exclaimed, my voice tight at the end, eyes striking.

“Not much. I know your aging is going to stop in a while, but I’m not sure how long that ‘while’ is going to take.” He mused as het bound my shoulder with patches and a bandage. It was silent again and I watched as he walked away from me to ditch the dirty tissues covered with blood in a bowl before lightning the whole thing.

“I’ve been trying to guess what you are, but you’re making it extremely difficult for me. and next to that…he wouldn’t tell me.” Carlisle mused further. I didn’t get the last part.


The young blonde doctor that was pictured of as the father figure of this clan, turned to face me as I hopped off from the desk.

“Carlisle who? Who told you this? How do you know?” I repeated, almost pleading.

“I know him for a very long time already. He’s only one hundred years or so younger than I am. We met in Italy, during my days at The Volturi. I inspired him to become a vegetarian vampire.” His eyes got an empty expression like he was far away, sinking back into the memories. He wouldn’t let me see them though.

“He was actually my first friend before I created Edward, my son. Last June, before the James incident, we met again. we got to talk and I asked how he was. he told me he got married and surprisingly got a son.” He told me further. I still had no clue where he was talking about, but a feeling told me I knew the man he was talking about.

“Melody, my old friend and I met again at the hospital, where you were treated. I was shocked when I found out his relationship to you.” Carlisle explained. I gasped. It possibly couldn’t! I was forbidden to speak about this and he just did? to someone outside our family, our clan? Not that I didn’t trust Carlisle , I did, but it betrayed me to not know this. Carlisle had known something for so long. I felt the anger boil underneath my skin as I balled my fists.




I jumped up and smashed my good arm onto the book shelf, roughly. A few fell down on the ground as a loud crack was heard followed with the sound of the heavy books falling onto the wooden flooring.

“Damn it! How could he tell me to shut my fucking mouth and then tell someone himself!? It’s not fair! I always did as they asked me! I always follow the damn rules! I’m not even allowed to tell you and the others!” I yelled hoarsely as tears of anger rolled down my cheek. And Carlisle just let me raze. I smashed with my arm again into the air but with enough force to knock the whole bookshelf down, before rubbing my face with my palms.


“Melody, don’t be mad at him. he meant it the right way. You should know he was struggling to tell me. he didn’t really want to, but when I confronted him with the fact that I thought you weren’t completely normal, he hinted a few things. The things I just told you. Nothing more.” Carlisle’s hand lay on my wounded shoulder, cooling the burn in the process. I turned around facing him again.

“I’m so sorry I violated your bookshelf…I didn’t think straight I’m very sorry.” I murmured, not really able to speak clearly enough.

“It’s okay. I’ll just place them back in before anyone will notice. And don’t worry – I won’t tell or let Edward hear anything from this.” He ensured me in a fatherly tone.


“Carlisle, do you also know about…Ehm…my gift then?” I asked unsure, as I followed him out of his office into the hallway.

“Yes, I do. But I did figure that out myself, though.” He smiled friendly at me. “I do think it’s strange Edward doesn’t seem to know. You would think he did since he’s a mind reader himself, but he absolutely clueless.” Carlisle mused again, tapping his chin as he thought about how that could be possible. Always the doctor.

“Good. Let’s keep it that way.”

“You have my word.”


We descended the stairs in silence, the tension from our conversation slowly sinking away as I felt my muscles obviously relax.

Carlisle went to Bella, who was just getting back from her faint. I gathered all our presents together and said I was getting them into the trunk of The Beast.

Sadly, I stumbled to the rusty red truck and placed all our birthday presents carefully in the cabin. It was cold outside, sending the chills over my body, eliciting goose bumps all over. I sighed deeply, resting my head against the door of the truck, which I just closed. I pushed myself away from the metal and went back inside. To my surprise, Carlisle had already bandaged Bella’s wrist and handed her a cup of steaming tea to calm down.

“Hey! Are you alright? Oh my god! Your shoulder!” Bella rushed when I came into view. I shrugged, wincing when I realized that wasn’t a great idea, when the pain stung through the wound.

‘would you like some tea too, Melody?’ I nodded slightly at Carlisle’s silent question in my head. He went to prepare a cup of strawberries tea for me while I sat down tiredly next to Bella. She felt crazy, confused and afraid, which was kind off surprising. She never was afraid for anything about the Cullens, as long as she tried to get Edward in her bed. Of course he was in her bed every night, but not in the way she preferred to.

Just when Carlisle set down the cup with steaming tea in front of me, Esmé entered the kitchen with a troubled face. Of course she was – she felt horrible for what happened even though it wasn’t her fault. It was nobody’s fault.

She stood there waving with her hands a bit wary without breathing. Carlisle nodded as he stepped out of her way to enter the kitchen. I knitted my brows together as I sipped the tea, testing if it wasn’t too hot.

‘She’s going to clean up the mess in the living room. The bleak will make sure the smell is gone…’ Carlisle answered my confused expression with a thought. One side of my mouth tugged upwards a bit in a small smile. It was actually nice to communicate with him like this. I always thought it was nice to do that with my siblings and with Charlie.

While Esmé and Carlisle cleaned up, Bella and I silently drank our tea. At some point I started shivering uncontrollably.

“Hey, are you okay?”Bella asked, reaching her hand for my arm. When she touched it, she gasped.”Wow! You’re ice cold!” she exclaimed. Immediately, we were surrounded by vampires again. three this time.

An over worried Edward stood poised at my side, gauging my temperature with the back of his hand on my forehead. I backed away immediately, feeling my cheeks starting to boil up and trying to make the sudden rise of aggressiveness slow down.

“It’s fine there’s nothing wrong with me.” I huffed, stepping off from my high stool at the kitchen island.

Edward’s furious expression didn’t make me act any less. “Melody you’re not fine! This is not normal! You should listen for a change!” he sneered, the fury undertone combined with the dark velvet, making his voice ultra stern and completely dazzling.

“Edward, it’s fucking November!” I yelled before stomping out of the kitchen with Bella on my heels. I threw on my coat, ignoring the vast sting in my shoulder as I winced. Bella hesitated, but my look told her she’d better follow.

“Melody, damn-it! Can’t you see we’re worried about you!? We almost killed you, drained you! You should at least let us check if you’re all right!” Edward wouldn’t let us leave without fighting and push through what he wanted.

I turned around to face him, front door already opened. My eyes were not black, but not golden anymore either. A glitter of shock crossed his black pupils.

“Fall dead anyway, Edward!” I razed before pulling Bella with me, who eagerly complied, and making my way to the truck. I turned around once more, when Bella was already seated behind the steering wheel.

“Oh wait! You already are!”


I slammed the door of the truck close behind me and waited for Bella to turn the engine. She didn’t.

“Where are you waiting for? Start the damn car!” I groused. I had no idea what was wrong with me. I sunk back against the headrest with my eyes closed. I knew Edward and the others whom had come back stood there at the front door staring. I didn’t want to catch a glimpse of the expression on his face after I’d said that. Bella started the engine that came up with a loud rumble and backed out of the driveway. After a while, Bella couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Where the hell was that for?” she sneered as we drove along the border of the woods. I huffed loudly. “He deserved it. End of story.”

“No, not end of story. This shit is ridiculous Melody. I was freaking scared when they wanted to fucking kill me!” she said chokingly. I turned my head to look out of the window.

“I feel guilty. I we weren’t human, this wouldn’t have happened.” I said softly as I tried to figure out how many trees stood alongside the road. I heard Bella huff. ‘If they weren’t vampires, this wouldn’t have happened. Why is such a beautiful guy such a creep?’

At that comment, I did my very best not to freak out or get aggressive.

She drove further as the silence crept into the mint-smelling cabin.

I did feel guilty. I felt awful. My feelings were getting away with me and I couldn’t control them. I started to feel even more horrendous with every single inch I was away from him. I craved his presence, his jokes, the feel of his cold hugs and I even craved for that kiss he gave me, even if it was barely there. in that moment everything felt so right. For the first time I got here in Forks. And I didn’t get it. he was with Bella – obviously not meant to be with me.

I wasn’t even worth his love if that possibility was there.


“We’re home. “Bella announced curtly before getting out of the truck. I sighed as I pulled of my seatbelt and followed her action by opening the door and jumping out.

Bella had left the front door open and I shuffled inside, fighting against the tears. The one moment I was extremely happy, followed by a rage of aggressiveness and now I just wanted to cry a river. In the hall I threw of my coat, kicked out my shoes and then I went into the living room.


“Melody? Is that you?” Charlie questioned as I entered the room. Bella was next to him on the couch, giving me a vile look for some reason.

“Hi, Dad.” I replied, nervously. I was wondering how long it would take him before he’d freak upon seeing the huge bandage on my shoulder. Again.

“And? Was it a nice party?” he asked, turning around slowly. I winced at his question.

“Yes, it was. we got nice presents and stuff and an enormous cake and eh..”

The look on my father’s face made me stop talking. ‘What in the world happened to you NOW?’ his mind screamed. I cringed again. his face started to get a purple shade and I wondered if he was still breathing.

“Well, dad, you know how clumsy I am…I ehm…fell against a glass table…and eh…Carlisle made sure to take all the pieces out and stitched up the wound.” I’d averted my eyes, while my face was blazing.

“and because of the fact she indeed too clumsy for words, she pulled me down with her fall.” Bella gestured to her underarm. Charlie followed her gaze and sighed deeply.

‘somehow, I get the feeling you’re not telling the truth Melodiana, but you always seem to get in trouble.’

“all right, I could’ve expected something like that in your case.” He yawned suddenly and I glanced at the clock. It was past twelve at midnight. The time had flown by very fast.

“Melody, make sure to check the wound enough or let Carlisle look at it once. Bella, for you the same theory here. I’m heading off to bed.” he yawned again, shuffling tiredly to the stairs.

“Night Dad.”

“Good Night girls.”


Fifteen minutes later I was in my bedroom. I’d shed the dress and other clothes and made myself comfortable by putting on my sweatpants and a shirt. The tears that had threatened were finally breaking free as I sat there, sobbing on the edge of my huge bed.

“Why is everything so difficult?” I whispered to myself. I didn’t know why but I just did. after a while, when the clock announced it was just before two in the night, I decided I was done with the crying fit. I got up and noticed my camera sitting on my desk. I picked it up, along with the USB flash drive Alice had given me last week. There was a small pink note beneath it with gracious handwriting on top.


Set them on your laptop and watch them. XOXO Alice


This were all photos from last summer until last week.

I started my laptop and stuck the USB into the right gate. A little web window opened and I clicked on it. immediately, lots of photos started to fill my screen. Ones I recognized but also a lot of them I’d never seen or heard from before. Of course was quite the sneak in the family. I wondered why she wanted me to see them now. All of this wasn’t here when I left earlier in the evening.

Alice had spread everything into separate maps with a title.

Picnicking in the woods, BBQ at the Cullens, girls photo shoot, weird pictures, rain dancing and then from every one of us another separate box and a lot more.

I started looking at them, beginning with the first box. We went picnicking in the woods with the whole clan, as we preferred to call ourselves. The weather had been pleasant during the highlight days of the summer as Esmé had packed all kinds of food with her for me to eat. Bella wasn’t with us – she’d spent the day at the reservation. There were pictures from almost about everything. I was happy there, I could easily see that. There was one picture of me and Edward, while we stuck a sandwich in each other’s mouth. The look on his face was one of utter disgust and laughter, making it look hilarious. I let pout a soft giggle when I remembered. After the picture, he spit out the bread as we all laughed.

During the barbeque at the Cullens they’d insisted on bringing Charlie with me. Esmé commented he should eat better, which was funny – he lived on fast-food, meat and easy dishes. I noticed Bella wasn’t with us then either – La Push was a place she went a lot to hang out with Jacob. I frowned. She always seemed to be there, while we created nice trips or funny days. And it was even stranger that Edward didn’t seemed to miss her at the slightest. There was a shot of Emmett and me while he tried to pick a spare-rib from the roaster with his hands, while I wanted to rescue him with the meat fork because I was afraid he might get up in flames.

There was also one day, where Alice wanted a few photo’s of the three of us. She and Rosalie used me as their Barbie doll again and we posed for the camera in the backyard, using the timer. It started out really cool, until Jasper decided to ruin the fun. I shivered as I remembered the cold water that he poured over us with the hose.

With the weird pictures, there were mostly ones of Emmett, Jasper and surprisingly Edward. He’d been brooding at the beginning of summer, being depressive about something and not wanting to come any close to me. I’d felt terrible at the time, wondering why. He never told me however. I laughed quietly as I scrolled through the amount of pictures with strange faces.

When I opened the last box, my breathing halted. I didn’t remember that there’d been a camera close by. it was raining in October and Edward and I got the mad idea to go dancing in the rain. I’d grabbed an umbrella, pulled on my old converse and we ran outside in just our T-shirts. The music that blared from the speakers in the garage made us dance in the ran as we laughed constantly. Apparently Alice made sure to freeze those magical moments. on the pictures, I was blushing non-stop and we both jumped into the deep pools of water, getting soaked through the bone. But we didn’t care – it was fun, awesome and lovely.

I gasped aloud when I came across a shot where Edward’s arm was around my waist, the umbrella behind my butt as he swung me around, while my arms were around his neck. The look on his face resembled to the ones you see in the most romantic movies existing. It was a look of devotion, contentment and love.

I look at the picture once more, twice even. It can’t be. He can’t be in love with me. He’s with Bella. She kept telling me all the time how much Edward loved her and how many times he let her know. I frequently seen them steal a kiss, looking away when that happened.

So I must been imagining it.

Or not?

Why was Bella at La Push so much, hanging out with Jacob? Why did Edward spent so much time around me?

It could be a right reason for why he kissed me.

I let my head fall into my waiting hands, sighing in frustration.

I remembered the way he acted towards me sometimes – coolly, uninterested and distant. As if he didn’t even like me. I never understood.

So maybe….

No. I thought about this a little more, but decided that’s what it only was – just a thought.


I shut down the laptop and turned off the big light in my room. I dropped on the bed and searched for my phone, which lay under a pillow.

There were nine messaged waiting for me. it was funny they went from old to young.


Dr.A.Z.Bright: Melody! Happy birthday little sister! I’m looking forward to seeing you again. We should think of a way to celebrate Christmas with everyone. x Adam


I deleted that one right away. I was still mad at him for what he’d done. I scrolled down to the next one.


Dr.S.M.S.Bright: Hey honey! Happy birthday! I hope you liked our presents! I miss you, we should talk soon once! Love, Scarlett.


N.C.Swan: PIGMY! (: Happy bitchday! ^^ I’m sure you loved the present Lay and I gave you! :D Ciao poco! XXXXXXXX Nate


I totally rolled my eyes at that. The guy was born to irritate me.


L.S.J.Swan: Hey brownie! Happy BDAY! Hope you’ll get thousands more! ;) did you like the cake? :$ XO Layla


C.J.Johnson: Little dude, happy birthday! X Chris


S.H.S.Johnson: Hi Melly! How’s your birthday without a number [do you still age anyway?] XD. We seriously need 2 chat soon! I want to hear nice stories! XO Skye


Anonymous: Hi! You probably don’t know who this is, but let me tell ya – I totally rock my new IPhone! This is the number! Oh, and happy birthday! X Denim


F.A.Swan: Hey! Did you like the makeup we gave you? I hope you do! Anyways, happy second fifteenth birthday! ^^ xx Faith


A.L.Jonhson: Hi, wanna wish you a happy bday [you probably heard that, like, a lot.] x Alana


I sighed. They didn’t even have a clue where I was going through at the moment. I could text them back – they’d be awake anyway, but decided against it. I was tired and school wouldn’t start on the afternoon tomorrow.

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