Starless Sky [completed]

After having spend the summer with the Cullens, in LA and with Charlie; Melody gets back to Forks High School. it's a brand new year full of unexpected surprises and things you'd never thought were existing.

After a small incident, things go wrong - Bella gets depressive and Melody runs away.
But what happens if the past all comes flooding back? is there danger lurking?

What if she can't protect her family from herself and the ghosths of her past? And worse.. how will Edward react?

Starless Sky is the sequel to Moon Girl


This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- violence
- angst
- cursing
- sexual acts/ suggestive themes


2. Happy Birthday

I opened my eyes, blinking a few times, as the bright light of the full moon shone into my bedroom. This was my usual time for waking up after four hours of sleep.

I did sleep well, but as lots of other nights, I had a strange dream.


I was in a maze, searching for the right path to take, tripping over roots from huge trees. As I finally neared the exit, I fell down from a cliff, landing on my feet in the end.

Out of nowhere there’d been, a lion who started talking to me about my future. He wore those old grandpa glasses.

I ran away from the animal, crashing from the high once again until I woke up on the concrete of the hospital floors.

A few meters away from me, was Adam. He was talking to a little girl with long reddish-brown hair. She looked at me with her blazing golden eyes before she quickly stood in front of me, smiling.

We looked at each other and suddenly we were in some kind of candy paradise. There were strawberry trees, ice-cream streams and cotton candy clouds in the pinkish air.

The little girl tugged me with her until we reached another cliff. The water underneath was wild and dangerous. The girl pointed enthusiastically to the other side.



After that I woke up. it was so weird – who was this little girl and why did we walk through cotton-candy-wonderland? And what had Edward to do with it?


I glanced at my alarm clock standing on my bedside table. It was half past five in the morning on the twenty-sixth of November.

It was my birthday.


I’ve always liked birthdays – getting presents, my family around and the great amount of cake of course.

This year was going to be different, though. Bella, my half-sister, and I were born on the same day and we would celebrate it together for the first time in our lives.


I got out from under the warm duvet and stretched. I still had an hour to kill, so I went to grab a book from the shelf to read.

I really tried to read the words, the pages, but the memories from the summer always came flooding back to me.


After I revalidated from the James incident, we all made sure to spend a lot of time together. We went swimming, shopping, picnicking even though only Bella and I were the ones to eat. The weather had been great, even for Forks, but we had to stay out of the spotlight a bit.

Those sunny days were not really good for my favorite vampires.

It was amazing to see the effect the sunlight had on them. Seeing Edward in his swim trunks, completely soaked through with water was an amazing sight too.

Over the months Edward and I had grown a lot closer. Bella went a lot to La Push to spend her time with Jacob Black. They had built a friendship also, even though the Cullens didn’t like it. something I still needed to find out, why they did.

Every time Bella left, Edward would stand on the curb and we’d watch movies, make crazy pictures or just talk and laugh a lot.

Hugging each other had become something very normal for us and I loved it. I loved the feel of his strong arms around me, pulling me to his muscled chest.

I’d also found out that my love for Edward had gotten a greater addition – lust.

Every touch, even if it was so innocent, would set my skin on fire, making me blush madly. Luckily for me, I blushed on a regular basis so no one would notice why it really was happening. Except for Jasper of course. It surprised me though, that he never once asked me about it. he just closed his mind from everyone and went on with what he was doing.

I’ve been to LA for two weeks, making up a bit for lost time. It was awesome to be on a real beach again and actually being able to sunbathe. It was even nice to be able to wear jeans shorts, tops and bikinis. I didn’t wore bikinis here – they would see my scars. In Los Angeles I was used to that, people knew part of the story. Not the whole truth of course.


The alarm went off, startling me a bit. It was time to get ready for school and I was extremely positive, that Alice was going to make this one hell of a day.


After my usual morning shower, I hesitated about what to do with my hair. It was straightened tied up in a knot every day. But today was my birthday, so I wanted it loose – like it used to be.

I remember thinking, ‘fuck it’ and blowing the long curls dry, letting it fall naturally down my shoulders. I felt a little like myself again. I applied a bit of natural looking makeup on my face.

On my way to my room, I came across Bella, who was all happy, dressed in something ‘special’.

I kept in on jeans, a cream colored A-line chiffon blouse with slightly puffed sleeves and my brown ankle-high HUB boots. My silver tag hung proudly around my neck and the Cullen Crest bracelet on my wrist.

I packed my bag and went down the stairs for breakfast before I would go to school.

“Happy Birthday, Melody!” she enthused. I was actually surprised she was particularly nice to me.

“Happy Birthday to you too, Bella.” I said back at a normal tone, nodding into her direction.

Our sister-relationship hadn’t gotten any better during the summer. She kept blaming me for the lacks in her relationship with Edward and that Alice and Rosalie didn’t like her.

If it were her choice everything would me my fault.


“Ah, My beautiful girls! Happy Birthday!” Charlie’s gruff, but happy voice sounded through the kitchen. He gave us both a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He’d made breakfast for today and together we enjoyed the meal.

After having eaten, Charlie handed us our presents. We both got a photo camera and a scrapbook so we could paste the photos of our senior year in it.

“Thanks Dad. It’s great!”


Charlie left for work and Bella and I threw on our jackets to leave for Forks High School. Outside, she went for the truck, while I took out the keys from my very own vehicle.

During the summer, Charlie got me a car – he said it would be a lot easier for us this way. I was head over heels in love with the black Fiat cinqucento he gave me. it was small, smooth and totally me.

I opened the door, threw my back on the passenger seat and waited until Bella turned out of the driveway, before doing the same.


I drove the familiar way, listening to the radio on the early November morning. I liked my life this way – sure, it would be even better if I had my family here and it was me standing next to Edward in those family portraits Esmé hung in the living room, but still.


I upon the school parking lot and parked my precious little car next to Rose’s M3.


Noting that the coast was clear, I sneakily opened the door, feeling kind of smug – no Alice to be seen! I grabbed my bag, locked the car and wanted to head to my group when suddenly, someone stood in front of me, blocking my way.

“Hi Birthday Girl!”

I shrieked of course….

“Holy fuck! Alice!” I growled as a warning. She really needed to stop that – she was getting better at keeping me out of her thoughts.

Alice giggled, ”Sorry Baby Swan, but truly – you should’ve seen your face looking al smug that you avoided me!” she enthused grinning like a maniac. I pinched the bridge of my nose.

“You’re such an energy-ball Alice.” I said in a hopeless tone.

“Yep! Buy you love your best friend! Oh well,…your girly best friend, that is. There’s your man.” She nodded, smirking.

I followed the direction her head had taken and smiled, then blushed and felt my heart beat wildly upon seeing him. it was like this every day.

He neared us, smiling brighter with every second while I could see the mischievous and amusement shining in his topaz eyes.

It wasn’t like I hated birthday’s but it weren’t my favorites either.

“Hey Tiny Princess!” His cold arms were around me in a flash and I immediately relaxed against his chest. He really seemed to like his new nick name for me a lot.

If anyone else would call me that I already would’ve snapped ones neck.

But when Edward said it, my heart and face, warmed up. It was cute.

“Happy birthday.” He said, smirking and clapping my shoulder lightly in a friendly manner. I rolled my eyes as the flush sunk away from my cheeks.

“I think I should say thanks.” I replied, grinning slyly. Alice and Edward both chuckled.

“Wow! You’re eighteen! It’s so sweet that you still look like a little girl!” Alice gushed as we started walking towards the school building.

Although a few of them now, knew I wasn’t completely human, they weren’t aware of the fact that I didn’t really age anymore either. Little did Alice know that I officially got sixteen but wouldn’t get much older than fifteen.


The other’s had already gone inside for their own classes and Bella had left to jump her friends around their necks. A few other girls from my class had joined their ‘army’ – they were with ix now.

Isabella Swan – my dearest sister. She may have Edward in her claws, but sooner or later her lies will surface. She convinced Edward that she was a virgin, just like him, and that she truly loved him and his family. She actually just wants to be the first to get into his pants, just like she did with lots of other guys from Phoenix. As long as Edward wouldn’t give in and have sex with her, she preferred to avoid his presence, which explains her visits to La Push.

Jessica Stanley – the jealous type that always wanted to know everything, tried to use Bella to get attention from Edward and is thinking constantly about how good everyone is looking before she burns them all down.

Lauren Mallory – suffers from superiority. She thinks she’s the best at everything, that she can get every guy she wants and that her parents will make sure every cost is ensured.

Angela Weber – changed into and ultimate shrew thanks to the others. During summer she cut off her long black hair – now it’s above her shoulders, with a blue dip-dye.

Tiffany Crew – her long, platinum blonde hair was almost white making her blue eyes look creepy. She wore everything in pink and even let her car be a sufferer from her obsession. Every time Lauren would gossip about someone, she’d say, ‘’s true, I know right!’.

Cammie Cast – she’s just the perfect example of a shallow-brained, blonde, fake playboy model. She likes telling her ‘wild’ stories to the bunch of sluts. Really they just were – there was no denying in it.


“Oh! Melody, you can use your new photo camera tonight! We are giving you both a party!” Alice gushed happily. I knew it.

I began protesting, hearing Edward sigh before he interrupted me.

“Melody…please? you know when it was the last time one of us had a real birthday?” he asked me in a serious, slightly sad tone. I frowned looking up at him.

“That was in 1935 – Emmett’s last birthday.” He explained, burying his hands in the pockets of his jeans. I suddenly felt bad. If that was the real last birthday party they’d celebrating, it was pretty logic that they wanted to do this. So I sighed deeply once and let them have their fun.

“Yay! It’s going to be so much fun! I already left your dress for tonight in your room! I can hardly wait! See you at seven!” she squealed before running to Jasper who was waiting for her.

Damn-it! if Jasper hadn’t used his powers on me, I wouldn’t have agreed at all so soon.

I glared at him and he smiled devilishly.

“Yeah, well, Happy…Never mind,” he said before Alice tugged him with her to their English class. I stood there, my mouth slightly agape as a huff of irritation escaped. Edward slung his arm around my small shoulders, chuckling. Just at that moment Bella joined us. Edward had changed his schedule to share classes with us – Bella and I shared every class now. Awesome.

“You can’t trust vampires, trust me.” he simply said trying to hide his laughter, but the hint of a smile didn’t go unnoticed. As we heard Bella huff out a breath and heard her thoughts, his arm immediately left me, not touching me anymore.

‘You can’t trust slutty sisters either. Why is she always with him!?’



During English class, we watched Romeo and Julia. I’d already seen it before a lot, lip-synching with the famous sections they spoke. At some point my tear ducts couldn’t hold it any longer. Secretly I wished Edward would say those words to me before he’d kiss me into unconscious. That would be really nice birthday present. I already imagined him only in his jeans, wet from the rain and holding a rose in his hands. Utter perfection.


When I entered the cafeteria after having dried my eyes and made sure the blotchy redness was gone, I made a straight line for the Cullen table – I was part of that now. sometimes it felt like the crest was some kind of password to get there.

“Hey birthday lady! How’s everything going?” Rose asked me, smiling her perfect toothpaste smile at me. I blushed, making Emmett giggle – really giggle.

“Fine. I just…I’m not a huge fan of birthday’s that’s it.” I told her. She frowned.

“Why not?“


I sighed, “Well, in LA it was always so…crowded and lonely. I never really liked that part. The real party part I mean. I did like the mornings and afternoons. I did the same every single year.

“I would wake up, and eat the delicious pancakes with sugar and cream butter Layla would make for me. Then I’d go to school with my cousins, “ I explained. They all got interesting looks on their beautiful faces as I told them the story.

“After noon, my sisters always had some kind of surprise for me, but not something like a real wrapped in paper gift – we would go somewhere or do something. Last year for example they took me out shopping and after that Skye took me to the studio and completely styled me for a photo shoot. It was really awesome.” I smiled, staring into nothing as I remembered the day.

My friends were quiet for a while, all taking it in an trying to imagine how that’d be like.

“Well, I guess we should do something like that next year?” Alice questioned, arching an eyebrow. I nodded.

“Sure, but for today, you’ll get what you want.” I grinned half-heartedly. This year I was doing this for them – I had a feeling I needed too.


“God, Edward! I want to do something special this afternoon! I don’t want to watch a boring movie with you, I turned nineteen for God’s sake!” I heard Bella grouse at her all too caring boyfriend. Now, however, his facial expression stood like he was about to snap and rip her head off. how I wished I was able to read his mind right now.

“What do you want then?” he almost growled at her, his jaws snapped together in utter self-control. His family thought it was ridiculous and dangerous for Bella – I however, thought it was sexy.

My hormones were complicit in these moments.

Bella jutted her chin forward, trying to challenge the almost century-old vampire. I couldn’t help but snort at that, earning six pairs of eyes in my direction all with a hint of a smile at the corners of their lips. Even Edward’s couldn’t hold his expression, knowing exactly why I’d made the snorting sound.

“You know what, Edward?” Bella spit out his name when she saw him looking in my direction, “go and irritate my sister – I’m hanging out with my friends this afternoon.” She snarled before rushing out of the cafeteria, leaving the tortured guy behind, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“See you at the party tonight!” she yelled from over her shoulder. I rolled my eyes – couldn’t she be more obvious? Her behavior to Edward and frequent visits to La Push often got me wondering what she was actually doing there. I guess I didn’t really want the details if they were true.



The bell rang, letting all students know it was time for another round of dreadful and mostly boring classes. History, though had become one of my favorites thanks to Jasper. During the time I spent at the Cullen household, watching movies or getting mani-pedi’s with Alice and rose, I noted that he was really into history. I’d asked him how he was changed once but he said that it wasn’t the right time to tell me that. He did talk and study about history and wars a lot. Like he’d been there, which he possibly was. it was fascinating to watch how he told things, which made me starting to find history a cool subject. It was even more awesome that I shared it with Jasper, who sometimes made fun of the teacher when she’d say something entirely wrong.


“Melody?” I turned around upon hearing my name from the one man I couldn’t read. his smile was a bit apologetic.

“Do you have plans for this afternoon?” Edward asked, unsure. I smiled reassuringly at him.

“No, I was planning to just hang out a bit before I’d go to the party at your house.” I said as we left the cafeteria.

“Do you..mind if we hang out together? Bella wants to go out with her friends so I’m alone this afternoon.” Edward said a bit wary. I didn’t understand him – he always seemed to change his mind so often. As if he wasn’t able to make a choice.

“No of course not! We won’t be lonely that way,” I chuckled as he went along with me. Edward let me know he would get to Charlie’s house right after he’d dropped Alice and Rose off at home. After that, we parted ways – he went to Spanish while I hurried to find Jasper at the history buildings.


Everyone was already seated as I entered the room, getting an annoyed glance from Mrs. Becker. I sat down next to an amused looking Jasper. Mrs. Becker started with her story about the second world war. When I’d grabbed my books, opened them and sat back in my chair I let out a huge sigh. Jasper chuckled at me.

I gave him a questioning look, “What’s so funny?” I whispered lowly.

“I think she’s not even aware of the fact she’s mostly telling all the story wrong. You should be glad you have me to tell the right ones, or you’ll get an F for your test.” He snickered gleefully. It was nice to see Jasper act like this – he’d always been an out stander in his family.


After an hour of class, we left the room and went to our own last two classes of the day. Of course, PE was my favorite of the day – it was awesome to hit Mike Newton with a racket again.

Luckily, coach Clapp didn’t let me play sports when it would be too dangerous. He did think it was funny though, to see me hit Newton on his head all by accident.

Well, everyone has a different taste of humor?


When he finally called that we were done for the day, everyone rushed to the dressing rooms. I slowly shuffled after them, walking to my spot in the back while other girls were chatting enthusiastically and showing each other their underwear. I always thought that was quite weird.

Silently, I redressed myself in my regular clothes. While dressing for gym and otherwise, I always made sure no one saw my tattoos – it’s not like I was ashamed of them, I just didn’t want to tell the stories.

While I was in LA, Layla came to the idea to get another one – for us as sisters. Skye and I thought it was a great idea so we convinced Scarlett she should do it too. after a whining at her for three days, she agreed, but only if hers was out of the spot, so to speak. Her boss at the hospital wouldn’t appreciate it, if she’d have a tattoo that would be seen by her patients. So when we knew what design we wanted, we headed to our ‘usual’ tattoo artist, Kayleigh, and got our new body-art done.

After a few hours, we stepped out of the shop, all big grins on our still red faces. Getting a tattoo wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t very pleasurable either.

Unconsciously, while slinging my bag over my shoulder, I rubbed the spot where the elegant ‘infinity’ sign was drawn on my right breast, closest to my still beating heart. Scarlett got hers on her ribcage, beneath her breast. It wouldn’t be showing, but still be close to her heart, just like ours.

I got four now – the symbol of my name, the quote on the underside of my upper arm, the words that covered my lightning scars on my waist and now the infinity sign.


After having dropped unnecessary books in my locker, I made my way outside. Edward had already left to drop off his siblings at the Cullen Estate and Bella had left with her friends to go shopping in Port Angeles. she said she’d be back in time for our birthday party.

I drove home, surprisingly jumpy. I had a feeling something wasn’t right, and I couldn’t quite place the finger on it. Perhaps it was just that I was nervous for the party.

Once inside, I called Charlie to tell him Bella and I wouldn’t be home tonight, but of course he already knew. Esmé had called him earlier today. While I was preparing myself a mug of hot chocolate, I heard the three curt knocks rasping on the front door.

“The door’s open!” I said, knowing he’d hear me anyway. Edward got in and shrugged out his coat, hanging it on the peg. Drops of water, fresh from the rain outside hung in his wild hair, making him even look better. Moments like this, when we were alone always got me wound up with anticipation. Like I was expecting something, I’d never get.

“You know, we all know I won’t kill you, but I could’ve been some serial killer and you just let me in.” Edward noted, his voice slightly raised from surprise. I pondered on that for a moment. I couldn’t really say, ‘yeah, well, you’re the only one I can’t read so I was certain it was you. Oh, and your smell by the way, is getting pretty familiar with me too.’

“Oh, well, I was expecting you and you always knock three times.” I sputtered, more suggesting than actually pretending it was the truth. Edward rolled his eyes and popped on the couch next to me. he tapped my shoulder, wanting me to snuggle against him and I complied. I’d never turn down the opportunity of free hugs, mind you.

I pressed play on the remote control and snickered at Edward’s sigh.

“Seriously? We’re watching the Hangover, again?” he complained. We’d seen it five times already. maybe more. I giggled, feigning innocence.

“Edward! it’s the Hangover part two! You haven’t seen that one yet, I’m sure!” I enthused, watching at the screen as the intro music started to play.

Edward laughed softly, “you’re so different.” he simply said, ruffling my hair once, making me slap his arm softly. Not that he’d feel any of that. Not that I was using my full strength either.

“What do you mean?” I asked, frowning, pausing the movie before it actually began. He seemed to hesitate for a minute clearly not expecting I’d ask about it further. His lips moved apart a few times, like he wanted to say something, but no sound eluded. I impatiently waited for his answer.

“Well, let’s look at you first – you’re natural, not plastered with all kinds of makeup. You’re just casual, not a fake. And the way you act. You don’t really seem like the party animal to me. you like reading deep literature and romantic poetry while other girls prefer to read gossip magazines.” He explained, a crease in his brow. I wanted to smooth it away with a kiss. I wasn’t sure if I should take his words as a compliment.

He seemed to notice my obvious distress, “it’s not that you’re plain,” he hastily added, then he mumbled something that sounded like, “far from actually, unfortunately.”

“What was that?” I wanted to know out of insecurity.

His face was slightly alarmed, quickly replaced by his cold ‘liar’ mask as I called it. his way to keep up the façade and stay away from revealing the truth. It was something he’d done from the beginning.

“Nothing.” He said. Of course not. I sighed, before pressing the play button on the remote.

We watched for a half an hour in silence. I hated the bad tension between us. As funny as the movie was, we didn’t laugh. Maybe a chuckle now and then. His arm wasn’t around me anymore and his face, where I’d sometimes steal a glance from, stood distant and pained.

Was I really that strange, even to a vampire?

Suddenly the moving screen stopped. I refused to look to my right.

“Melody, I didn’t mean it like that.” He started his voice miserable. I kept staring in front me, memories flooding back. I knew Edward would never do that, but the words Fiorenza used before she attempted to end me and during my life as a toddler, were flowing through my head. Bombarding me with her hatred and words that cut through me like knives. My breathing hitched.

“No, Edward it’s okay. You’re right. It’s not like haven’t heard it before.” I said on auto-pilot. I wasn’t thinking straight anymore. a tear left its duct, falling on my rosy red cheek. My hands started shaking and Edward arms surrounded me immediately.

“Melody! That’s not true! Don’t you dare to ever, ever think that again!” he stated firmly, his voice showing anger as I imagined his eyes standing cold as ice.

I hiccupped once, trying to push away the unpleasant memories as he gently stroked my cheek and hand with his thumbs. I needed him like this – to be with me when I couldn’t stand it on my own.

He let me sob for a few minutes, drying my shed tears and saying soothing words, apologizing. When I sighed, ending my panic attack a cold finger pushed my chin up high to meet his face. His golden-honey eyes were warm and soft now as a small but sad smile covered his lips. he gingerly drew my hair from my forehead and kissed the skin there once. Something he rarely did.

“Do you have any clue, about how much you mean to me? How special you are?”he began, still the smoldering look in his eyes. I tried not to sink away at his words and didn’t reply.

“You are different in a good way, Melody. You’re smart, you’re funny, you’re pretty and so trusting. It’s awesome how you can turn Emmett’s jokes down sometimes.” He chuckled shaking his head while I felt the pad of his soft thumb gently following the curve of my cupid-bow. I sat frozen in front of him, my face reddening deeply.

“You are truly amazing, Melody, never, ever doubt that!” he ushered softly, smiling crookedly. We sat there just looking at each when he slowly, almost unnoticed, closed the gap between us. my breaths came out in strong bursts. Was this right? Should I just give in? How does this work? Where are my over-sexual siblings if you need them to explain!?

Then, his lips briefly, brushed over mine, like a butterflies touch. He backed away a bit, gripping my neck with his hand that had been caressing my cheek and slowly getting back to me.

My face burned with anticipation of what might happen. some people had told me, that the electricity beforehand was sometimes even better than the kiss itself.

When Edward’s cold lips barely touched mine again, we heard the front door swing open, hitting the wall behind it.


We looked each other in the eyes. There was so much written there – pain, frustration, awe, disbelief, shock and something else I couldn’t name.

We broke apart quickly, pretending nothing had happened, while I nervously fidgeted with the hem of my blouse. My God, he almost kissed me!

“Hey! We’re back earlier. Tiffany felt sick. Anyway, Melody what are we having for dinner? I mean, god, I hope no fast-food, like, again? Seriously I don’t know how Charlie manages to live on that.” Bella came walking into the living room, plopping down on the couch between us. unconsciously, we both had moved to each end side of the couch.

“Hey baby! What are you watching? Do you know what I bought? For you?” she whispered seductively. I already knew. I didn’t want to, but her mind was busy with that one thing again.

Getting him into her bed.

“Uhm..Bella – “Edward started, but her jealous and impatient lips pushed onto his. My stomach rolled and the tears threatened to fall again. I pushed myself of from the couch and ran in the direction of the stairs.

“Hey! Where are you going?” Bella called after me in a sick sweet voice.

“I’m getting ready for the party. Alice is expecting me at seven.” I said, my voice breaking at the end, before running up the stairs.

I opened the door to my bedroom and slammed it close behind me, aware of the fact they’d hear it downstairs. I stumbled to the bed and let myself fall on it, not able to hide my conflicted feelings.

I’d been so good at hiding it, stocking it away and try to never look at it again. for months I’d tried to not even think about the way I felt. It hurt, but I managed it that way.

And now everything had turned again. my feelings for Edward were in front of my mind in a flash. I thought about him again, like I used to. Of course, the desirous feelings never left. But those three little words that meant the world had.

I love him.


I huge sob racked through my chest as I gasped for air, shielding my eyes from the outside world, like it was a way to protect myself.

He’d broken through my shield like it was nothing. Like it was soft butter he only had to heat down to a soft, flowing liquid. And he’d only briefly kissed me.

My emotions were in war all over again, just like they did when I’d first met them.

I sighed deeply once, brushing the tears away with my hand.

I sat there for a while, rocking myself and not wanting to think about it. as I glanced at the clock, I sighed. If I wanted to be on time for the party, I needed to get dressed. I grabbed the package that Alice had left for me and a towel. Just as I wanted to o for the bathroom, a whiff of air blew my hair in my face. I didn’t turn around to know who it was.

He sighed when I still hadn’t moved or said a thing, ”Melody can we talk about what just – “

I knew what he wanted to say, no mindreading needed for that, but cut him off.

“No, don’t. Not now. We can do that after the party, or tomorrow – I don’t want to ruin it.” I said, scrunching my eyes shut, wanting him to leave me so I could sob again under the shower. With a soft, ‘OK’ he left my room again. I noticed the loss of connection immediately. I didn’t want to talk to him and especially not if he was going to tell me that it was a mistake – that Bella was his world, love and life. I wouldn’t bear it if I’d hear that from him, even though I knew. But how was I sure now? Why would he even have the urge to kiss me at all? It was so confusing.

I stumbled to the bathroom, turning on the shower, undressed myself and stepped under the invitingly warm spray. No matter how bad I felt, the shower always seemed to soothe me somewhat. I rubbed and massaged my neck and shoulder muscles to relieve the tension.

After having bathed and engulfed myself in my favorite shampoo, I got out, dried my hair and dressed in my bedroom.

When I’d opened the present Alice had laid on my bed, I’d been afraid for some kind of slutty dress, with stockings and heels that make you fall over from their height. I was surprised when there was something my style in it.

The cream-colored dress had straps that crossed at the back. It was an A-line figure and it fell below my thighs. There were nude colored tights and a silver hair accessory that I stuck in the middle of the messy knot I’d made on the lower side of my head.

I snickered when I saw the shoes – also cream-colored but with the vast golden studs it was complete. Everybody loves Alice.

The Cullen Crest was once again proudly placed around my wrist, as the tag-necklace I’d inherited from Grandpa Draco hung at its usual place around my neck.

I made sure to put my phone, keys and other important girls stuff in the matching golden purse and went downstairs. Bella was already waiting for me in a forest green dress, looking like mine but with only one shoulder strap. Alice planned to make her wear high heels, which were black. Bella’s Cullen Crest was a small ring that she wore on her thumb sometimes. She didn’t dare to admit it, but she thought it was old, ancient and ugly. Typical Bella thing.

“Wow! You look…eighteen!” she giggled. I couldn’t really help the giggle that escaped. Seeing her made me think of what had almost happened that afternoon.

“Yeah, well you look nineteen then I guess.” I said, blushing form her comment. We stood awkwardly for a few moments before Bella picked up the keys. I wanted to grab mines as well but she halted me. ‘Ah, it’s our birthday after all. Let’s be nice to her once.’

“You can drive with me. We’re headed to the same house anyway,” she said, shrugging. I smiled at her, letting her know I appreciated the gesture, before we threw on our coats and left the house.

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