Starless Sky [completed]

After having spend the summer with the Cullens, in LA and with Charlie; Melody gets back to Forks High School. it's a brand new year full of unexpected surprises and things you'd never thought were existing.

After a small incident, things go wrong - Bella gets depressive and Melody runs away.
But what happens if the past all comes flooding back? is there danger lurking?

What if she can't protect her family from herself and the ghosths of her past? And worse.. how will Edward react?

Starless Sky is the sequel to Moon Girl


This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- violence
- angst
- cursing
- sexual acts/ suggestive themes


3. Fiesta

As we sat into the roaring beast, my old rusty friend, we made small talk about school, teachers and weird people. I’d never been really the gossip type, but I just talked along with her. I must admit you couldn’t even call it talking – the frequent ‘Oh,’ ‘Yeah’ , I’ve seen’ and ‘uhuh’ weren’t really the magical gossip words she’d wanted to hear.

“So, are you nervous? I knew you’re not a party animal.” She asked as we turned into the offside road that led to the beautiful Victorian house.

I shrugged, not really wanting to let her know I was uncomfortable, angry and confused. “no, not really. You are not right though – I don’t like parties about myself. Those form other’s I like a lot.” It didn’t made sense to Charlie and never did to my siblings, but it did to me. Bella chuckled.

“Okay, well, I don’t get it but it’ll sure be important to you.” She said, shaking her head as we neared the parking space in front of the house. All three vehicles were parked in front of the garage – the Volvo, the M3 and Mercedes. I was positive there were more cars behind the metal doors.

Bella cut the engine and we got out. As soon as my feet hit the gravel beneath me, Alice was hugging my tiny frame.

“Hey girls! It’s awesome you’re finally here! Esmé and I’ve been so busy this afternoon! There are garlands, and candles and cake and presents and – “ I put a hand over her mouth, knowing it was dangerous since she was a vampire, but she’d already seen me doing it. I smirked.

“What about we go inside and see for ourselves?” I suggested. Alice rolled her eyes as I let go of her mouth. I regretted it immediately.

“Oh my god! I really need to see how those dresses look on you both! Get in and get out of the horrible coats! They’re só ugly! Really, Melody we should go shopping once for a nicer jacket! A trench coat maybe? Or leather? No, no that’s too cold for the human. Oh! What about – “

“Alice!! Shut the fuck up, will you?” I pleaded, glee filling my mischievous eyes. She looked at my face and busted out in a giggle fest. Bella rolled her eyes.

“She’s evil, I swear she is.” My half sister said as she hung up her coat, revealing the green satin of her gown.

I arched an eyebrow at the still giggling pixie, as I hung up my own coat.

“Evil? She’s the damn devil herself. Mayday!” I said, twirling my hands above my shoulders, acting like I needed to flee. Alice stopped, laughing that minute and admired our dresses for a while.

“God, Alice! if we have to wait another century, they sure as hell are not eighteen anymore!” I heard Rosalie yell from out of the candle-lit living room. I snorted girlishly, receiving a friendly whack on my arm, without ending up with a bruise.

As I entered the decorated living room, a feeling of nauseas erupted in my stomach. I was having to face Edward again. Edward who’d kissed me. on the damn lips. if he wasn’t making me crazy, I’d gladly did it myself. Loathed it.

As we stood in the room, all vampires appeared and started to sign ‘happy birthday’ to each of us. I smiled warmly at them. Maybe this wouldn’t end up so bad after all.

One by one the congratulated us, looking al fabulously pretty in their own party outfits. Possibly Alice’s doing either.

“Happy Birthday, Melody.” Carlisle said as he hugged me. It was astonished by his humanly gesture. He’d never done that. I nodded a thanks as Esmé’s arms were around me the second Carlisle’s left.

“Happy birthday dear! You look so pretty tonight! You both do!” she gushed happily before letting me go. Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper were next. When it was Edward’s turn, he avoided eye-contact with me and gave me a one armed hug.

“Happy birthday,” his voice floated, soft like a butterflies kiss. I melted at the sound and his breath by my ear.

I saw Jasper have a look of confusion straightening his composure. He didn’t understand the sudden distant way of behaving between us. We’d always been incredibly close in our friendship.


“Happy peppy b-day little Melody! You’re a real woman now! how does that feel?” Emmett smirked devilishly in a real Emmett way. It was funny to see how he got this hilarious face on.

“A real woman? Well, Em, that’s not quite right here, baby.” Rosalie said, having the same devilish smirk plastered on her angelic face. I knitted my brows together.

Alice grinned, “Em, she’s still a virgin. So, she not a real woman yet.” she stated, proudly in a weird way. I gasped, blushed darkly crimson and stumbled a bit.

The look on Edward’s face was priceless.



“You’re kidding!”Emmet exclaimed after his frozen goof face had melted. I was never, ever never going to live this down. and seriously – I was going to have a very long live.

“No, we’re not. Anyway enough with our favorite virgins – let’s cut the cake!” Alice enthused, tugging me at my arm further into the room. I gasped when I saw a whole lot of presents stalled out on a table. When Bella saw it she was surprised too. I was praying they hadn’t spent too much money on this.

“Bella, Melody, come here.” Esmé gestured with her hand, waving. We came to stand next to her, watching our birthday cake, which was quite huge for one human and a half-blood, in awe.

it was a lush pink cake that looked like an IPod. There were even ear buds made of white fondant. A few of our favorite songs were written on the white screen and the buttons were decorated with eatable glitters and rhinestones, making the whole cake complete.

“Wow! Esmé this is so awesome! Where did you get it?” Bella asked enlightened. She did really mean it – just as I did. Esmé’s eyes shimmered with an emotion I couldn’t quite place.

“It’s from your sister Melody, dear. She send the recipe to a pastry Chef in Seattle and called me so I could pick it up this afternoon. She said it was your favorite cake – chocolate. “ she explained. A gasp erupted from my throat followed by a bright, surprised smile.

“My choco-gasm cake!” I whispered amused. I couldn’t believe they actually contacted so they could make this cake special for us. I needed a few seconds to swallow away the knot in my throat.

“Your what!?” Emmett asked astonished. I smirked, even though my cheeks started to pink up.

“My choco-gasm cake. It’s chocolate cake with a really powerful taste. It’s like an explosion of sweetness. It tastes seriously divine! So my brother once joked that I got a choco-gasm, because of the…appreciating sound is made. It was embarrassing at the time really. Now we just refer to this cake as the ultimate choco-gasm.” I explained, as the redness still dominated the pale space on my cheeks. Emmett had an incredulous look on his face while the others were chuckling. I’d totally flabbergasted the strongest and most annoying vampire in the house.

“Al right, so? Can we cut it? I’d like to taste if it’s really that divine!” Bella enthused, winking at me because of the joke. She knew how it tasted – Layla made it for Charlie once when she and Nathan went with me a few years ago. Alice first took a picture, saying this should be important so we’d remember it.

“You’ll only turn eighteen once, right?” she joked. Every one cheered, as Alice cut through the pink fondant covering the crumbly chocolate heaven securely.

“Like this we can make sure no one will cut their fingers.” She winked as both Bella and I rolled our eyes. Of course she was right, though.

Esmé already had set nine plates on the table in the living room, where Alice placed a slice for each of us on. Bella and I gave them all questioning looks.

“It’s for the picture!” Alice stated, as if it was the most logical thing.

“And like this it’s as if we’re really having a human birthday party.” Rose added. I nodded in understanding while I briefly saw Edward’s apologetic smile. I quickly looked away, wanting to avoid the thoughts, feelings and memories of the afternoon.

Alice took pictures while Bella and I ate, and the Cullens pretended to in front of the camera. it was a funny sight to see how Emmett tried to ‘lick off’ his plastic fork with his tongue up in the air. Jasper just looked at it with a face that showed disgust, while Edward acted like he wanted to let a piece fall into his waiting mouth.

Now, there’s an image that did other things with me and didn’t involve cake.


After my half-sister and I enjoyed the divine slice of chocolate, Rosalie and Alice practically overthrew us with presents.

We started with the first ones – those from my family in LA. They’d all sent a present from each of them. One for Bella and one for me.

Alice handed us both a package, that was quite heavy. We tore the green paper away from it and revealed a staple of three books. It was the trilogy I’d wanted to read when I was with them this summer. Now I understood why they didn’t want me to buy it. Bella also got books, but from another genre – the last copies of ‘Gossip Girl’.

Rosalie came up with the next ones, wrapped in blue paper. The package looked strange and I wondered what might be hiding in it. no one knew who had sent it.

As I tore away the paper, I noticed that the strange shape was from the paper bag.

My faced turned crimson the second I saw what it was. I also knew immediately who’d sent it.

“It’s from my brother and Layla. Undoubtedly.” I stated, annoyed and still redder than ever. Bella got a white pair of panties saying “I’m the crowning glory”. Everyone laughed at it.

“Well? Are you going to take it out or what?” Bella laughed. I stammered a bit, mumbling unimportant words before turning my attention back to the pink paper handbag.

Under a layer of tissue paper was a pair of panties with tiger design and black lace on the edges. As I fished it out, feeling my eyes burn from the intensity that my cheeks blushed, I noticed the glitters on the back. Holy fucking hell.

“go get’m TIGER!” was proudly written on the back with rhinestones and glitters. I couldn’t known they would do something like this. The laughter roared through the room, except two voices that weren’t heard. Mine because of the embarrassment and Edward’s. his eyes were dark as his lips hung slightly apart from one another. The look in his eyes send shivers down my spine. Not from fear.

To make it all worse, Bella and I both found a gift card for Victoria’s Secret. Thank you very much, Nathan Swan.

When the laughter had died down a bit and Edward’s intense look had returned to the apologetic smile again, we moved on with the presents.

From Skye and Chris both got an empty photo album, designed by Chris himself. From my cousins we got simple little things – a necklace, bracelet and makeup.

“Now it’s our turn!”Esmé exclaimed, wringing her hands happily.


Rosalie handed us a package again. I shook it as I creased my brows. It sounded empty.

Emmett broad smile betrayed him, “All right! It’s already in both your cars! It a new stereo system. It’s from Jazzler her too.” He said, still smiling. Emmett often complained about the bad radio range in our cars.

“thanks Em, Jazz.” I nodded in their direction, grateful for their awesome thinking. It wasn’t like I couldn’t buy myself one, but I didn’t felt the need to do so.

“This one is form Rose and me!” Alice musical voice tinkled. We also tore this paper away, clearing the view to a two small boxes. In One were a few gift cards for a Spa and makeup articles and in the other was a small jewelry set – a ring, necklace and bracelet.

“Thanks Rosalie, Alice this is so cool!” Bella gushed happily, sincerely glad with their presents.

“Nice! Looks like I’m actually forced to suffer from mani-pedi’s now don’t I? “ I joked, giggling.

“That’s the point!” Alice all but squealed at me.


Before anyone could guess who was next, there was lying a small plastic cover with a red bow laying on my lap. I looked, seeing Edward retreat back to his place on the couch, opposite me. I turned it around and saw in graciously hand type writing, standing a song on the back.

Melody’s lullaby.

I gasped, just as Bella did. she however, got an expensive looking ring from Tiffany’s.

“did you..?” I managed to choke, as tears filled my eyes.

“Yeah..I... knew you don’t like big presents so I thought you might like this instead. If you don’t you can give it back of – “

“What you’re nuts! It’s fantastic! Thank you so much Edward!” I exclaimed happily, luckily being able to push the threatening tears away. I wanted to hug him so badly, but restricted myself – I didn’t want to what might happen I if did.


“This one is from Esmé and me. We hope you’ll like it.” Carlisle said as he handed us both a flat silver thing, that looked like an envelope.

When Bella started to open it at the side, a sharp piece cut alongside her finger.

A thick droplet of rich, rusty and divine smelling blood piled out, before it dropped on the white carpeting.

“Ow, shit, sorry, I’ll just – ”

Before she could finish her sentence, the room was filled with loud growls, thirst and seven pairs of wild, wanting eyes.

Six vampires and one Hybrid.


I panicked, not knowing what to do and how to protect my secrets. I held my breath, blocking my air to breathe in the smell. I never knew this would have such an impact on me.

I whimpered once, caught up in the memory of the drop falling on the floor, making it stand out in contrast with the white color beneath it. How the red spat, covering more pieces of carpeting. It was maddening.

In a flash, Carlisle stood in front of me, taking hold of my arms trying to silence my whimpers of the burning pain in my throat.

‘You’ll be OK! Stop breathing and just act like you get nauseas of it!’ his stern thinking voice pleaded. The tension in the room was way too obvious. Thirst roared through everyone’s throat, even Carlisle had it a little difficult. It was Jasper who unconsciously projected it through everyone. The silence was deafening. I thought it took minutes, hours to see what was happening, while it only took my overactive brain less than seconds.


Jasper tried, but couldn’t hold it anymore as his instincts took over. Without second thought, Edward pushed Bella backwards in my direction. The force his hands used on her to push her, knocked me over as well. We both yelped from panic and the adrenaline that coursed through our veins. Everything was startling my mind out.

I felt sharp things cut my healed shoulder, digging into the still sensitive flesh. I whimpered again, but not from the burn that the vampire side of me suffered from.

I blinked, seeing Edward, Emmett and Rosalie trying to drag Jasper away from us. I sniffed the air by accident, gasping and straining my muscles with the second the red smell evaded my nose.

There was blood everywhere. My breathing picked up as I tried to stay down and not to move. I didn’t want to kill my sister.


When they got Jasper out, I heard his fight from far. The guilt, self-loathing and aggressiveness flooded through him as he fiercely fled to hunt and calm his senses.

With scared eyes, Bella sat on the floor next to me in the pile of glass , blood en hundreds of red and pink rose petals. She swallowed thickly, looking at Edward, who still stood in the room before she passed out.

‘I can’t take this shit any longer!’


“Edward, maybe you should go and find Jasper.” Carlisle suggested as he tried to pick up my sister who sat against the wall like a ragdoll. Edward looked at me intensely, a lot of different emotions showing in his eyes and his face. I didn’t dare to blink once.

“Edward.” Carlisle said once more. Without a word he left the house, soundlessly. We did however, hear the door slam close. I wondered if it was even whole still.


Carlisle had crouched down in front of me, pity written is eyes, covered with a million apologies.

“Come on, let’s look at your shoulder.” He said before he stuck out his hand. I took it and scrambled up from the floor. I saw the cream colored fabric of my dress covered in blood, dirt and tears as I followed Carlisle to his office. He helped up me up on the desk, before picking out the right instruments to examine me.

I still hadn’t uttered a word. My throat felt sore, scratchy , but I was glad that the urge to kill and the painful burn had left.

Carlisle cut the strap of the dress so it wouldn’t stick into the wounds. “Sorry” he muttered. I knew he was trying to communicate with me, but I was in a daze.

“I left Bella on the couch. She only has a few scratches and a cut on the inside of her arm. She’ll be fine. I think the blood got a bit too much on her though.” He rambled as het cleaned the blood that had spilled out of the wound on my shoulder. I just blinked in reaction and winced once when he took out a small piece of glass with a tweezers.

Carlisle sighed. “Melody, you don’t have to worry about having bared your secret. No one noticed the way you reacted. And if they did, they probably thought it was because of the blood.” He said, still picking out the small glass crystals. I arched an eyebrow.

“Well, it was because of the blood, but they probably thought you were nauseas or couldn’t stand to be near it.” he added to clear his story. I faintly nodded.

Carlisle sighed deeply again, before it went awfully quiet. The silence freaked me out, like it always did.

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