Starless Sky [completed]

After having spend the summer with the Cullens, in LA and with Charlie; Melody gets back to Forks High School. it's a brand new year full of unexpected surprises and things you'd never thought were existing.

After a small incident, things go wrong - Bella gets depressive and Melody runs away.
But what happens if the past all comes flooding back? is there danger lurking?

What if she can't protect her family from herself and the ghosths of her past? And worse.. how will Edward react?

Starless Sky is the sequel to Moon Girl


This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- violence
- angst
- cursing
- sexual acts/ suggestive themes


5. Facing Reality



School was shit. All the Cullens ignored me, even Alice. they’d look at me with the darkest of black eyes, shooting all kinds of hatred thoughts towards me. it was awful.

When I went to biology, Edward and Alice weren’t even there. there lay a note on my table, which I shared with Edward this year.

Meet me at the cliff close to my house.

I frowned. What could he possibly want from me, there? After school I left to drive myself to the cliff Edward wrote about. When I neared, I cut the engine and walked up the mountain. By the time I was finally there, I didn’t see him. The water beneath the rock was wild and restless. I started to panic.

“Edward where are you?” I blinked an when I opened my eyes, he stood in front of me in the same clothes he wore to the birthday party.

“Edward what’s going on? Why won’t you talk to me? I already said I was sorry!” I tried. He didn’t move an inch.

“We’re leaving.” He said coldly.

“What? leaving..ho- why?”

“You ruined everything for us. you don’t belong in our world.”

“but..I thought you were my best friend!?” I squeezed out of my throat. My breathing became shallow as my sight blurred. His cynical laughter made my heard shatter.

“oh, right sure.”

“I don’t get it Edward! where are we going then?”

“You’re not going anywhere but down.” he said back, snarling.

Down? what did he mean?

“Goodbye Melody. I hope you’ll have a long happy life. Without us.” he finished. I blinked and when I opened my eyes, he was gone.

Edward was gone.

“Edward! Please! Don’t do this to me! Please don’t kill me! NO!” I screamed, yelled and ran. When I didn’t know where I was heading anymore, I fell down, down into the wild water beneath me.

So that was what he meant.



“Nooo! Please, come back! Don’t leave me!”



The sudden feel of a hand on my shoulder, made me open my eyes.

“Melody, are you all right? The same again?” Charlie’s eyes stood worried as his mind told me what he’d seen and heard.


It had been a dream. A horrendous, realistic dream. Nightmare didn’t even suit it.

“Was it the same dream as a few months back?” Charlie tried to ask again. I hadn’t answered him yet.

“No, no. it was…just a nightmare. I don’t remember it anymore, I think.” I said hoarsely. Charlie squinted his eyes, checking if I meant it. of course I didn’t, but he was human enough to believe the lie.

“Alright, I’m going to work. I left some Tylenol on the kitchen counter for the pain.” He pointed to my injured shoulder,” don’t do strange things to make it even worse, got it lady?” he finished seriously, even though there was a small hint of humor there. I nodded and crawled out from under the duvet to get dressed for school. Charlie left my room, said greeted once more and went downstairs to get to work.

I pulled on a pair of jeans and a pitch black long-sleeved shirt with buttons on the front and my favorite converse – the blood red ones. I didn’t know why, but I had the feeling I was going to hate today. And tomorrow probably too and if would be that bad, the day after was having the honor either. I brushed the wild curls out of my hair and twisted the tresses into a messy ballet bun on the back of my head.

After having grabbed my bag, and leaving the act of applying makeup behind me, I went downstairs for a quick breakfast and without any goodbye or waiting for Bella, I left the house.

I didn’t fucking care.


When I got outside, Mrs. Farrel, our 72- year old neighbor, was picking up the newspaper. A wind of air blew her scent towards me. I gasped and held my breath. Mrs. Farrel waved friendly at me but I wasn’t able to move. I wouldn’t let myself. Good God, I needed to hunt.


The burn from the night before never left my throat, it only lessened a little. Just a little. I never expected to smell the sweet odor from such a distance. The woman lived across the wide road, for penguin’s sake!

I swallowed the pooling venom and made a bee-line for my car. I threw open the door, jumped in and slammed it back close as hard. I started the engine and backed out of the driveway to head towards school. I prayed things wouldn’t go mad there. I had enough on my mind right now.

As I passed Mrs. Farrel, she still stood there, a little astonished.

‘What’s wrong with the girl? She’s always so kind..’

Well, that’s a damn good question.


When I drove upon the school parking lot, this nagging feeling crept up in my mind. Why did everything suddenly go wrong? Since the whole James thing before summer, everything went fine. The Cullens ended up being my second family, I felt at home there, and now all of the sudden the magic seemed gone. I feared my dream might come true, but why? Why would they leave? Was I that boring to them?

No, that couldn’t be it – apart from Carlisle and Alice, nobody was aware of the fact that they should keep their private thoughts away from me.

I stepped out of the car, only to be greeted by the front of my sister’s…eh…chest. I stepped back a bit, before looking up. The look on her face was full of anger. What did I do now!?

“Damn-it Melody! This is all your fault. All of it. Edward doesn’t want to talk to me! He isn’t even here for fuck’s sake!” she groused. I pushed her aside a little so I could close the door of my car.

“You know, if you want to blame me for something you don’t have to push your tits in my face, Bella!” I growled. She huffed.

I started walking towards ‘our place’ – it’s where we met each other every single morning.

“Melody..” Bella called at a warning tone, following me.

I looked up, gasping. Wait! She did say…

“Bella they’re not here!” I squeaked, panic consuming me. I looked around, searching for the Volvo or the red M3. Even the Jeep would make me feel happy right now.

“No, that’s what I’m trying to tell you! What’s wrong with you lately? I mean come on! you go from silent shy nerd to wild angry bitch!” she sneered. It was raining and I didn’t care. What I did care for, was the fact that my dream seemed to become only more real.


Anxiously, hoping they would show eventually, Bella and I entered the building, heading for our first class of the day – mathematics.

Mr. Varner kept babbling about some formula while my mind drifted off to somewhere else – someone else to be exact.

Yes, I was angry , more than angry even. That awful dream only made me more mad at him – especially if it actually happened in my unconsciousness. Was he still mad over what happened the night before? I mean, it was risky and quite scary but not that bad? Well, maybe it was for them – the fact that I already went mad for the blood would make nothing with how they would feel.

I immediately felt bad again. It was our fault – we made them feel that way. I thought it was terrible to see and hear the embarrassment Esmé suffered from. Or about the restraint Emmett needed to get on his muscles to not jump and give in.

And then Edward – he’d been so carefree with me, so like himself. Alice told me once he’d been such a brooding mess, always alone and reading, listening to drama music and tinkling on his piano. Rose noted he’d changed a lot and that this was very notable.

But from the moment I refused to talk to him about the kiss and the time that blood started streaming, the joyful spark left his eyes right away.

Edward was gone, and it would take a long road to get him back to me. If that was even possible.

The thoughts made me sick in the stomach.

And where was Alice, my fairy best friend? I needed her to survive high school, or when I had problems with girl stuff. Or Rose with her confidence about how to act like a woman, and her attraction with cars.

I started to feel more and more ill.


“Melody, are you okay? You seem, I don’t know, off? And you’re so pale, so suddenly.” Bella noted worried. I was surprised by her sincerity, she was really worried about me and our friends who seemed to have disappeared in thin air. We were at the table now, only the two of us. Bella normally sat with her ‘army’ but today she thought it might be more fair to me to not let me sit alone.

Wow, maybe she was actually maturing.

“I’m fine, really. Just worried sick about where they are. Don’t you think this is strange, Bell? Something happens and they’re gone.” I choked , picking at my sandwich, like I always did.

Bella’s eyebrows creased, “Off course they aren’t gone. I mean…maybe they’re just a little overwhelmed from the amount of..blood..” she tried to find a reason to object but she definitely had the same feeling as I had.


Three days. Three days had it been and still no word, sign or anything from the Cullens. Absolutely nothing. I didn’t sleep and every time my mind would catch a dream, I’d bolt upright when I recognized the beginnings of the nightmare where Edward left.

I started to think the reality was even worse than the bad dreams.

I was completely on edge and refused to eat, call my siblings or watch baseball with Charlie. I was beginning to turn into the loner again, that depressive torn soul from after I woke from a two weeks coma.

I completely flipped when Charlie made an appointment at the hospital for my shoulder. It was ridiculous that I almost wanted to scream that I wanted Doctor Cullen to be my doctor and not Dr. Gerandy.

Carlisle hadn’t been at work since four days, having called he was suffering from a flu.

When we heard Bella and I exchanged looks as I felt the aggressiveness take over the wheel again. That evening I’d jumped out of my bedroom window and ran for hours to lose the adrenaline by violating a few trees.

I was getting lunatic and freaking the fuck out.


After another night of crying, sleeplessness and ticking clocks, I faced myself in the mirror. The fact that I wasn’t eating, hunting and the lack of sleep where taking a toll.

My skin was pale, almost gray looking, while dark shadows encircled my tired, black eyes. The blush that normally stained my cheeks hadn’t glowed for a while and my hair had lost its vibrant color. Just like I did. I was at a loss, not knowing where to find them and how. They had become a part of me, of my life, of my being.

The actual idea of living without Edward cut straight through me, ice cold.

Numbly, I worked myself into a pair of torn jeans and a black long-sleeved shirt. I only seemed to wear black lately. I didn’t bother with makeup and left my hair hanging down.

I was so tired of this.

When I stepped downstairs, Bella was seated at the kitchen table having breakfast and staring blindly into nothing. I went to one of the cupboards to grab some Tylenol for the headache.

“You should eat.”

I turned around, facing her while she stood up to place her empty bowl on the counter.

“Maybe I should decide that for myself.” I snapped, throwing the painkiller into my mouth and swallowing it with water.

Bella winced. “Melody you look awful. This isn’t healthy.” She stated.

“Like I said; I’ll decide that for myself.” I snapped again, heading for the hallway to throw on my coat, black vans and bag.

“Melody, the Cullens are proba – “

“I’m out of here!” I called, swinging the door open and slamming it close behind me. Once in my car, I drove to school while ice flowed through my veins. I had a bad feeling about today. When I cut the engine after having found a spot to park my Fiat, I let my head fall on the steering wheel.

“God, Edward where are you? Please, where are you? I need you…” I whimpered.



School was a drag. The lessons seemed to take hours and Bella didn’t talk to me anymore. she was pissed that I’d acted like that in the morning. At some point it was extremely hard to keep my eyes open while my sight blurred once in a while.

I really needed to sleep sometime.

When the loud chime of the bell finally signaled the end of a long day, I shuffled slowly and above all tiredly to my locker and after that to my car. I drove home, trying to make sure I got there safely. It was a good thing I could read minds.


When I got home, Bella’s truck was already there. I creased my brows – she was supposed to be at school for another two hours. Perhaps the last two had become due. I swung my bag over my good shoulder and went inside. The door hadn’t been opened and Bella never closed the door when she was inside. I turned the lock and got in, dropping the heavy bag on a chair in the kitchen before I went to search for my sister.

“Bella?” I called, walking into the living room. She wasn’t there which was strange. She always sat there after school, watching TV with some cookies. “Bells? Where are you?” I called again. nothing. No reply. When I went into the kitchen again, I noticed a white scrap of paper with Bella’s handwriting on it.


‘I’m out for a walk in the woods. I’ll be back home later. X Bella.’


A walk in the woods? The only time she went to take a walk, was when she was angry with me for not agreeing with her, when she tried to find out what Edward was. Maybe she only did that when she felt kind of awful. She probably felt anxious too, because we hadn’t heard from them yet. even though I still thought it was strange, I dropped the feeling. I’d wait until she’d get back and then I could ask her about it.

After two more hours there was still no sign of Bella. She must be taking a long walk then. Her action, however, made me think of an idea.

I seriously needed to hunt. I hadn’t eaten much and it started to get pretty difficult to be around so many humans. The tiredness wasn’t nice either and with only a load of blood in my system, that problem would be solved too.

I went upstairs to dress in some old clothes – I didn’t want to get the good ones all torn an dirty. After having redressed, I wrote a small note for Charlie saying I would be home later than usual. That way, Charlie knew I was out hunting. I placed the note next to Bella’s and left the house, locking the front door.

I crossed the street, watched if there was someone close and then jump into the bushes on the other side. The anticipation for the hunt, made the adrenaline race through my veins and I noticed that a small smile curved my lips. I was finally giving in.

I started running at vampire speed, surprised that it went smoother than before. Normally, I needed to concentrate first before shooting off, but now I only thought about wanting the blood, craving it so much that my mouth started watering – or venoming actually – that I could start right away.

I ran northward, up the hill, felling free and getting away from all the sorrow and anxiousness I was feeling. Running was a huge relief and I was happy I decided to go. I needed it, not just the blood.

Thinking about blood again made me run faster. I listened to the sounds of the nature and giggled when I noted that all animal fled away from me. they were the only ones who could feel that I was dangerous. I heard water flowing, somewhere nearby and smelled the sweet aroma. I licked my lips in anticipation, guessing which animal it was. it wasn’t a carnivore – those were still too strong for me and I wasn’t that indestructible yet. a mountain lion could easily harm me and even kill me if it turned out badly. It was one of the reasons why I didn’t hunt that often. I raced through the woods, jumping into a tree near by the lake where I saw a group of deers drinking. The first time I’d hunted, after that horrific hour biology before summer, I’d felt bad about killing an innocent animal. But the more I learned to handle with it and got used to it, I accepted it was part of my nature. At some point I wouldn’t survive without the blood.

I crawled forward until I reached the end of the branch, crouching into attack position. I went wild with each tug of air I breathed and the lush smell evaded my nose. I inhaled deeply once and jumped down. I pushed down two of them, while the other animals ran away, scared and only following their own instincts now.

The deers struggled against my grip, until I bit one in its neck, sucking at its jugular and sighing contently as I felt the thick, warm liquid stream down. the other deer still wriggled under my hands, but I kept it to the ground. There was no way I was letting it go now, not after I’d tasted the first drop. It was stupid form me that I’d let this waver in the background for so long. I hadn’t hunted in two months, while I needed to do that once a month, twice if I felt the need to.

The deer underneath me had become completely still, and when his heart had stopped beating, it didn’t take very long before it was drained. I shoved the carcass away from me and bit down in the other’s neck, drinking from that one as well. I heard myself moan frequently, as I submerged in the taste and how good it made me feel. I literally felt myself getting stronger and imagined that my face looked like normal again, alive.

I pushed the dead deer away when I’d drunk the last drop. I was gasping for air and somehow smiling wickedly. I felt a bit like myself again and closed my eyes while I calmed myself. Once my breathing had turned to normal, and my heart slowed its fast erratic beating, I chanced a glance at my clothes. There weren’t as dirty as before. Only my jeans were covered with mud and the sleeves of my shirt too. the only places that were covered with blood were my lips, chin and throat. I stood up and tottered to the thin streamlet to wash myself. I picked the leaves and twigs out of my hair and bound the tresses back in a ponytail whit a elastic band that I wore around my wrist.

“Aaah…” I sighed, content and feeling a little mushy from the warm fluid in my belly. I went back to a tree and sat back against it, resting a bit before I would go back home to wait for Bella and Charlie. It already started to get dark, which was normal around this time of the day since it was November after all.

After a while of thinking, resting and half like sleep , my phone suddenly rang. Its ringtone blared through the silent woods and I quickly grabbed it from my pocket. It was Charlie.

“Hey Dad.” I answered, creasing my brows. He never called when he knew I was hunting only in emergencies. Oh hell…

“Melody, are you alright? where are you?” Charlie’s gruff voice sounded through the speaker.

“Dad, I’m fine, I’m…well, you’ve seen my note right?” I replied. I didn’t say I was hunting – you never knew who was with him at the moment.

“Melody, do you know where Bella is?” he asked in return. My eyes flew open. Fuck. I was starting to have an idea about there this was heading.

“No, I only saw a note from her that she was out taking a walk. She’d be home later, why? Isn’t she home yet?” I knew it was a bit after or regular dinner time, but that happened sometimes.

“Melody, Bella is missing.”



A/N: Uh-oh! Bella's gone, Cullen's are gone? any guesses of what might happen next?

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