Starless Sky [completed]

After having spend the summer with the Cullens, in LA and with Charlie; Melody gets back to Forks High School. it's a brand new year full of unexpected surprises and things you'd never thought were existing.

After a small incident, things go wrong - Bella gets depressive and Melody runs away.
But what happens if the past all comes flooding back? is there danger lurking?

What if she can't protect her family from herself and the ghosths of her past? And worse.. how will Edward react?

Starless Sky is the sequel to Moon Girl


This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- violence
- angst
- cursing
- sexual acts/ suggestive themes


16. Concession +

That night, I slept restlessly. Maybe it was because of the soggy warmth that was known here in LA, even during winters. But it could also be the fact that I wasn’t in Forks anymore. it seemed like I was only farther away from Edward, which caused the physical hurt. It was at times like these, when I lay hurled into a ball in my bed, fighting against the choking pain in my limbs, head and chest, that I wished we never mated that night. But thinking it, made the pain even worse.

I wondered for the first time, how Edward must feel. If he even felt it. what if I was the only one who felt this excruciating pain? I wondered where he was, what he was doing and why he left in the first place.

It had been a while ago that I got there – only over thinking and walking around like a skeleton.

At some point the pain started to ease as the sun rose beautifully outside my window, which was overlooking the sea. It was a very peaceful sight and a pretty start for the last day of the year. It had been a fast, strange, exciting and very different year. There’d happened so much things, all important for our lives. I let my hand brush over Bumpy, who was surprisingly relaxed this morning. Normally I’d already vomited twice by this time.

A soft knock on my door, made me aware that everyone in the house was busy with their morning routine. The parents had to go to work and the kids to school. And I was staying home.

The door opened slowly, screeching a bit at the hinges, as light shone inside. I turned around, facing it and looking down.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to wake you, but we’re leaving for work. Are you sure you’re fine?” Skye asked with her head stuck around the corner. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and sat up, nodding. “Yeah, I’m used to being alone so it doesn’t bother me.” I answered, my voice croaking. Skye’s face fell slightly form my answer and I immediately felt guilty for acting like this, but this time, I spoke the truth. I hated lying to them but I feared Bumpy’s safety. What if they wanted to get it out? Over my pile of ashes was that going to happen.

Skye told me goodbye and to keep calm and left. I waited until I heard the last car engine fade away in distance before climbing lithely out of the high bed.


After a shower and having inspected Bumpy from the outside, who hadn’t grew many more since yesterday, which was somehow a relieve for me.

Downstairs, I robbed the refrigerator form food and started eating happily. I was so glad I hadn’t felt any signs of morning sickness today, that I decided to bake cookies.

Since there lived a lot people in this house, there always was enough food and a great amount of ingredients for all kinds of dishes. I gathered what I needed for the choco-chip cookies I was planning to bake and set it all on the kitchen counter.

I did as the recipe in Layla’s Baking Book said and started mixing the dough. Once done, I made heart shapes of it and placed them on the baking tray. Setting the oven on the right time, I shoved the tray inside and closed the oven door.

“I think we should talk.”

I shot upright, letting out a shriek when I heard Scarlett talking so suddenly. I hadn’t heard her come in at all. Grasping my hand at my throat and breathing deeply for the right amount of air, I saw my oldest sister casually leaning against the counter with a nonchalant look.

“Jesus, Scar, you scared the crap out of me!” I hissed, shaking my head to take away the dizzy feeling form whirling up like that.

“Can be fair, but I said we needed to talk.” She hissed back. Scarlett wasn’t someone to anger very fast, but seeing the way she behaved and hearing her irritated thoughts, I took it she was quite mad at me. I must admit she did have the right to.

“Melody, I know something is up and I want to know what exactly that is. I want to help you whatever it is. That’s where I’m your sister for.” She said further as my resolve broke layer by layer. Maybe I should tell her. They’d find out soon enough when Bumpy started to show thus much that I couldn’t hide it any longer.

Sighing in ushered her to the seat in front of me. “Sit down, this might be shocking…”

With a frown Scarlett dropped her briefcase en sat down on the barstool in front of me, on the other side of the counter. I took a deep breath and tried to explain.

“Alright, so err….I….Well you see…” I stammered, not really knowing how I wanted to tell her this. I sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose in frustration. ‘Melody, just tell me. I’m a doctor, I’ve had quite the worse stories.’

“Well I get that, but it’s…difficult. You’ll hate me for this. I mean I hate lying, but I had too, I swear.” I pleaded, my hands in front of me.

“It’s okay, just tell me. I’ll promise not to tell anyone if that’s makes it easier.” She tried, her eyes wider and seeking for something. She was already thinking the weirdest things – drugs, smoking, having drunk the blood of a human and she even thought I might tell her I was lesbian. No, just no. She’d find out soon enough that, that wasn’t the case at all.

“Alright I’ll just say it – I’m not a virgin anymore.” I said, feeling the hot blush creep into my cheeks. Scarlett was silent but I sensed her shock. Well if she thought this was odd, the next news would be even worse. Scar cleared her throat, “So,…a guy right?”  she asked to be sure. I rolled my eyes, huffing a laugh, ”Obviously.” I murmured, making her frown once more.

“So there’s more to this? Do you have a boyfriend then? Oh, my, did you two break up? is that why you’re here?” she started guessing all kinds of things, grasping at straws. I was shaking my head the whole time.

“No, Scar I don’t. It was..ehm…you can see it as a one night stand.” I explained, not sure how to either call it. Scarlett nodded as her mind raced with thoughts.

“Okay. How was it?” she asked me, making me blush harder and letting my head drop into my waiting hands. Scar chuckled, a light musical sound.

“it was…life changing.” I decided to say, praying she’d take the hint. She stopped chuckling, thinking again.

“What exactly do you mean by that, sister?”



“Well, he ehh….”

“Just say it.”

“Well it’s not importa – “

“Now please!”

I shut up immediately and cast my eyes to my hands, fidgeting with the hemline of my shirt. I looked up at her as my eyes started watering. I was so scared.

“He…left me a souvenir I guess.”

I winced, waiting for the outburst, but Scarlett was silent, however in the meanwhile her mind whirled.

“Oh goodness, are you…?” she pointed at me, her eyes pleading, worried as realization dawned. I swallowed thickly and nodded as the tear left my eye.

“Oh Melody….” She sighed, rubbing her forehead. I sobbed,” I’m sorry, I didn’t intend this to happen, Scar.”

As her hand touched mine, I looked up seeing her watery eyes. I wanted to read her mind for what exactly caused it, but she wouldn’t let me.

“Did you test it?” she asked, making me nod sadly. then she stood up, taking me along with her by her arm. I followed her silently downstairs, to the basement where  was built a medical/hospital room.

The white room was a bit intimidating as I looked around. I’d been here for a month to revalidate from the accident. Adam had taken care of me here. 

I saw Scarlett walk over to a machine next to a small hospital bed. I went to stand next to her as she was busy turning it on. when I focused, I saw it was an ultrasound machine.

“Lay down and pull your shirt over your belly, Mells.” She said softly. I complied by wriggling myself on the bed and tilting up my sweater, revealing Bumpy for the first time. Scarlett’s soft gasp made my eyes shot to hers, but she already gathered her calm mask and professionalism.

“this might be a tad cold,” she explained before dribbling the, indeed cold, gel all over the skin. I shuddered from the anxiety for what was about to happen.

                Silently, Scarlett started to work over my skin with the small camera like device. I swallowed heavily waiting for her to speak. As she suddenly stopped, I followed her gaze to the screen. I gasped loudly when I, unclearly, saw the fetus like creature. That was Bumpy. It was so big already!

                Scarlett turned to look at me, searching my eyes and as I gazed into hers, we stared for what seemed a long time. at one point she spoke, proving what I’d already saw in Forks.

“Melody, you’re pregnant.”


Silently we moved back to the kitchen and sat at the counter again.

I swallowed heavily as I felt the need to cry. I just got confirmation that I wasn’t imagining all this – Bumpy was really there.

                And I was happy about it. I was ecstatic that there was really growing a child inside me. Edward’s child. Our baby. Maybe Bumpy would turn out to be E, since he looked so much like Edward.

                I wish Edward was here. That he could share this with me, but he wouldn’t. And if he was here, his reaction might be completely different from mine though. I was only aware of Rose and Emmett’s wish to have children. Esmé always wanted it too, but since her adoptive vampire kids came into her life, she felt completed.

                “Are you even listening?” Scarlett’s voice filled with disbelief sounded, rousing me from my daze. I looked at her and was surprised to see her mad with me after all. Her golden eyes stood harsh and cold.

                “Melody do you even realize what’s happening?  How did you get pregnant anyway?” Scarlett rushed, her brows creased as her hands swung around her indicating what she said.

Fighting the urge to roll my eyes at her last question I answered, “No truly, I don’t. all I know is that there’s growing a baby within me and that it grows unbelievably fast. And seriously Scar? Are you asking me how? I’m sure you know how it all works and th – “

                “I know more than you obviously,” she sneered, “if you had listened for once you wouldn’t have ended knocked up by a one night stand!”

                I winced at her words. She was right and she damn knew it. her last words did hurt though.

                “I want to know what went wrong which makes you pregnant afterwards.” Scarlett tried again, as I noticed she was trying to calm her voice. I thought about it for a while, probably too long as my sister started asking.

                “did you use a condom, Melody?” she urged, looking me straight in the eye, which I loathed. I shook my head no, because we didn’t. actually I still believed at the time that Edward wouldn’t be able to conceive. Scarlett sighed heavily.

                “Are you even on the pill?” was her next question which made me nod. I was indeed on birth control pills. ‘you probably forgot to take them once?’

                That made me look up sharply as I thought back to the harsh times. When I remembered I gasped, “oh fuck…” 

                “well fuck indeed, while I don’t like your choose of language however. So you forgot to take your pills?”

                “Yeah…I was stressed out, feeling like everything rushed past me that I forgot to take in the meds for a few days. Then I realized it wasn’t really a problem since I wasn’t sexually active anyway.” I answered shrugging and trying to ease the conversation. My cheeks were having a hard time caused by the burning blood underneath the surface.

                “why are you mad anyway? It’s not like you’re a saint or something. You got denim with a man who was seven years older than you at that time!” I suddenly hissed, getting angry at her. She didn’t even had the right to be mad at me at all. Her facial expression though told otherwise.

                “Yes, but I was married and in a relationship! I didn’t just jumped someone to take away my virginity!” she yelled, making me wince.

                “Are you telling me I’m some kind of whore now? that I’m just as shallow as Bella is?” I asked in return, completely in disbelief.

                “Well you’ve lived for quite a while with her! It’s not difficult for a human to take over the habits of another!”

                “Well for your information – I’m not a fucking human Scar! And I’m not a slut either! I was in love with him!” I bellowed, standing up and pointing angrily at her. Scarlett’s eyes shot to mine at the exact point I realized what I’d just said.

                “Melody who’s the father?”


                “Melody I’m only aski – “

                “I said NO! Why do you always have to act like you are my mother or something! You’re not! You’re my sister and you don’t have the fucking right to tell me what to do or demand me anything! It’s ridiculous that your angry with me about this! And it’s not that I chose this alright!? it just happened!” I shrieked, completely hysterical now as tears of anger and frustration adorned my red cheeks.

                “First of all – you don’t have a mother! And as long as you live under my roof, you follow my rules! And how in the world can it just happen that you have sex with someone! It’s clearly not the same as tripping over your own damn shoelaces!” she screeched back, standing in front of me now.

                “You should stop being so hysterical and listen for a change Melodiana Helena Marie! If you’d have listened to our very normal sexuality education where we frequently wanted to learn you about, then this wouldn’t have happened at all!” Scarlett growled loudly.

                “Oh, so now I’m not ever allowed to fall in love and have sex with said person!? What the fuck is this!?” I yelled back once more. In the back ground I heard the front door opening but I was lunatic and not caring about the damn thing.

                “That was not what I was implying! What I meant is that if you’d have listened, you would not be PREGNANT right now!”

                “Excuse me? Pregnant? Melody is that true?”

                Scarlett and I both shut up as we turned to see Adam standing there a bit away from us with a very astonished expression on his face.



                My first intuition was to lie about it, but since he already heard and would find out sooner or later, I nodded almost unnoticing. Adam’s eyebrows rose, as he placed his briefcase on a chair walking up to us, ‘Well, we didn’t expect that to happen when you said you were going to forks.’ 

                His hand touched my shoulder as he looked at his wife, sensing what went on as he came in.

                “Tell me from the very beginning, please.” He asked, urging us to the barstools where we jumped off angrily earlier. The three of us sat down again, Scarlett and I with our arms crossed. Adam cleared his throat indicating that I should speak.

                “Well, I’m sure you get what I’ve done to get me into this state,” I started, rolling my eyes, ”But how I got pregnant is because I more than probably forgot to take my birth control for almost a week. After that I was depressive because my friends left…and at some point I started throwing up every morning, dreaming vividly and eating everything that sat loose and fixed. So at Christmas Eve, I was dressing up for dinner, when I suddenly felt something kick me from inside. So my mind started reeling and I though just to be sure that I should test it. so I did and it came back positive.” I finished, my voice trailing off at the end. I looked at Adam who was studying me intensely and then nodded.

                “And I guess that you was afraid to tell the father of the child, to tell Charlie or go to a doctor?,”  I nodded at him, “ So that’s why you came here?” he asked further, making me nod again. a crooked smile crept upon his face.

                “Too bad, I thought you were really here because you missed us. I’m actually hurt, my dear sister.” he joked, faking a cry face. I giggled and Scarlett did too.

                “You are exactly right. I needed help with this and since I figured Bumpy is growing so fast, I knew you’d know how to get me through this.” I said, glancing at both of them. Scarlett started chuckling and I frowned. When I wanted to ask why she started laughing, she already voiced her glee, “Are you calling the fetus ‘Bumpy’.”

                My face burned as I smiled shyly, nodding, ”Yeah, well it is a bump, and I was afraid for the word ba – well you know what I mean so I started to call it Bumpy.” I admitted.

                “Melody, do you decide to keep it or do you want us to take – “ I interrupted Adam immediately when I sensed where he was heading.

                “I’m keeping it. No doubt about that.” I stated, maybe a tad harsher than I intended to do. They both smiled gleefully, which relieved me.

                “Well, in that case I think we should explain you how this pregnancy works. However, I’m curious why you’re expecting a hybrid baby – the father was human right?” Adam questioned. I swallowed and didn’t want to tell them that it was Edward for some reason. I just shrugged and told him I didn’t know why it would. He ignored his curiosity, picked up a paper and pen and handed those to me, telling me I should write down important things.

                “All right, so let’s start with the most important for now. A human pregnancy takes nine months as I take you know. With our kind however it’s three times shorter.”

                I gasped loudly ,”Three months…?”

                My brother-in-law nodded, ”Yes, indeed. In the first month you get the symptoms  you just described so I take it you’re already one month ahead. In the second month, the fetus grows even faster and we’ll be able to really see you’re pregnant. You can equalize the baby with a human baby from six months old. So you’ll be in the midst of the pregnancy. The last month is to equalize as the ninth for a human. you should prepare for it that you might have a huge belly by then and pregnancy pains. The baby is very strong at that time so it’s going to be very tough. But I’m sure you’ll be fine, Melody.” Adam finished explaining. I had it all written down, as I felt the blood flow form my face, as it paled.

                I was going to give birth to some human-vampire-hybrid-baby in two months.              


                “Melody, breath!” Scarlett admonished me suddenly, as I realized I was holding my breath. I wanted to cry – I wasn’t expecting everything to go so fast. I wasn’t ready for it yet. I’d have to get used to becoming a mother in less than two months. It was now, that I started freaking out.

                “I’m scared.” I heard myself wail as my jaw started quivering. How was I going to raise it on my own? What was going to happen? Would the Volturi come looking for me?

                “Honey calm down, I understand you’re scared, but you have to do this. It will be fine! We’re going to help you with this!” Scarlett said as I felt her arms around my shoulders. I snorted and dried my face from the fallen tears.

                Adam stood up from his stool next to me and went to the cupboards, taking out all kinds of ingredients. Scarlett gave me a kiss on the head and let her arms drop before following her husband.

                “What are you doing?” I questioned, stepping form the stool myself. They glanced at me at the same minute I winced from another kick in my belly. Bumpy was awake guys.

                “We’re going to make food for tonight. It’s New Year’s Eve remember? But anyway, what makes you look so difficult?” Scarlett explained as she started cutting chicken in strips.

                “Oh, I uhh…well that was Bumpy I guess. He’s kicking me. I think he woke up just now.” I said blushing and biting my lower lip. Their heads shot to me first, and then down to where Bumpy lay. Scarlett dropped her knife and stood in front of me in a flash, startling me and also Bumpy who kicked another time.

                “Can I feel?” my sister asked enthusiastically, her eyes sparkling with a strange emotion I couldn’t quite read. I nodded frowning, a bit confused by how she reacted to all this. First she’s fucking mad at me and then she’s all ‘I love this little fetus thing’.

                Scarlett lay her tepid hand on my lower belly and looked at me as Adam came to stand behind her, watching my face intently also.

                We waited a few seconds when I felt Bumps kick again. Scar gasped loudly and smiled.

                “Oh my god, Adam he’s so strong!” she exclaimed in amazement. Adam smiled at me and his wife.

                “well, then I take it he’s healthy.”

we all smiled from the somewhat awkward situation. There we stood, my brother and sister feeling at their fifteen year old sister’s belly, where a supernatural baby was kicking form inside the womb. It was weird, but our kind of normal.


The remainder of the afternoon, Scarlett, Adam and I, started preparing all the dishes for the night. We’d decided not to have dinner since we’d have enough food for the whole drag of the evening and made sure everything was done and set. During cooking, we made small talk as they told me all stories of what they’d done here and what I’d missed while being in Forks. We made agreements on, that they wouldn’t say anything about my pregnancy to the others until I was ready enough for that. Scarlett wanted to argue, but Adam said I was right, which Scarlett later agreed on. after that, we dropped the subject . even though I particularly liked it to talk about it, the glow and glee of expecting a baby, it made me agitated at the same time – it made me think even more about Edward and worsened the physical pain of the great distance between our souls.

                There was literally growing a part of him inside me. And how funny as it might sound, I was fucking proud of that.

                “Melody, hand me a dishcloth will you?” Scarlett said, holding out her arm as she quickly placed the last plate into the oven. I grabbed a cloth from a hook next to refrigerator and handed it to her. She took it from me, ‘Thank you’ and stilled as she faced me.

                “What is it?” I questioned, confused again. it something I had to live with I assumed.

                “I ehm…Melody I’m sorry for being so mad at you earlier. I shouldn’t have done it the way I did, even though I was angry at you for a good reason.” She admitted, casting her eyes down. I stood awkwardly in front of her, my arms folded around my chest.

                “Scar it’s okay. I did expect it on some degree.” I replied to her, looking up and seeing her smile apologetically. I grinned back and stepped forward to envelop her into a hug. when her arms were enclosed around my upper body, I whispered softly onto her shoulder.

                “Scarlett, you might not be my mother, but you should know, that for me, you were the closest to one.”

                I felt her smile into my hair as she kissed me on the head. I gave her one last squeeze before letting her go and letting her know I was going to take a shower. I went up the stairs to go to my bedroom, where I grabbed fresh underwear. Not much later I stood underneath the warm water and relaxed under the spray. Washing my hair and my body with a washcloth I fell into the imagination of Edward being here with me. holding me in his arms and whispering sweet words into my ears. That he’d touch my belly to feel Bumpy underneath and smile so brightly that it’d make me cry the bittersweet tears of pure happiness. That he’d be here celebrating the New Year with me and my crazy family.

                I missed him so much. How he’d ever thought that I might forget his existence. Never. And with Bumpy here, I wouldn’t even be able to start with it. 

                I rinsed of the shampoo and stepped out, noticing my blotchy eyes in the fogged up mirror. After drying off and swirling a towel around my hair, ii went back to my room in my underwear to search for a nice party dress. I had enough of those in my closet so it would be easy to get one. I remembered my satin blue cocktail dress from last year and searched through the hangers to get it. when I found it, I took it of the hanger and stepped in between the material before tugging it upwards. Finally having my arms stuck into the sleeves, I wanted to zip it close at the side. However, it wouldn’t zip close. I kept tugging and went to my mirror frustratingly.

                “Oh, no! not now! Damn it, Bumpy!” I whined softly when I saw the reason for the stuck zipper. I’d though the pleats in the dress would cover up Baby Bumps, but unfortunately, they didn’t. And now I was even to fat that the damn zipper wouldn’t close. Hell! All my dresses were quite like this, except for my sundresses which were all wide and with an A-shape. But if everyone was going to wear a nice dress I couldn’t just wear a simple sundress. I squirmed out of the blue satin, dropping it to the ground and tip-toed to the door, opening it so my head would stuck through.

                “Scarlett?” I whined, questioningly through the silent hall. I was sure she could hear me. I waited for a minute when I heard her footfalls close to my room. Second later she appeared around the corner at looked at me with raised eyebrows.

                “what’s wrong?” she asked as she faced me at the door. I blushed a bright red and looked at her pleadingly. “My dresses don’t fit…” I admitted, somehow ashamed. Scarlett smiled warmly at me and shook her head, ‘Ah, I get your problem baby Swan. Let me in,’  she said through her mind. I opened to door further and she slipped through.

                “Scarlett went into my closet probably searching for something that would fit better and hide my belly. When she came back out I scowled when I saw her lips downwards. There weren’t any party dresses that would be sitting great for tonight.

                “No, don’t get mad yet, just wait a little minute alright?” she said before leaving my room, shutting the door behind her. I waited, biting my lower lip and rocking from side to side. When Scarlett returned into my room she held a shopping bag from Calvin Klein. She walked up to me and took out a burgundy colored chiffon mini dress. It had crossed pleats on the heart shaped chest and around the waist from where it flowed down in an A-shape. It had thick straps and when Scarlett turned it around, I saw it had a low back as well. Scarlett handed it to me and said I should try it, which I did without arguing about the obvious expensive brand. I stepped in it just like I did with the other and tugged it upwards with a little help from Scar. She stepped behind me and zipped it close smoothly, making me smile. It fit perfectly and as I saw myself in the mirror, it was just like it used to be – so no sign of Bumps. I noticed the hemline fell upon beneath my thighs even as the cups of the dress were greatly shaped around my chest. Scarlett came p behind me and unrolled the white towel from my hair and whirled her hand through the wet tendrils, making me chuckle.

                “Well, what do you think?” she asked when she suddenly started brushing my hair with a fairytale like comb. I smiled sheepishly, looking at her through the mirror.

                “I love it. it’s awesome. How did you get this?” I returned the question.

                “I bought it for Skye last week, thinking that would be the perfect dress for a shoot she was doing, but then I heard she already had one. The size was too small for me, so I figured it must fit you instead. You can keep it if you like.” She explained, heading for the door. I looked down at the dress and then back to her.

                “Thank you, Scar. I’ll be down in a minute.”

                Scarlett nodded and left my room, heading down stairs to set the table and get dressed herself. I went back to the bathroom to dry my hair and touch up my makeup. the grey smokey eyes combined beautifully with my burgundy red dress. My eyes were still dark, with the ring of cold around it, but maybe if I found a way to hunt some time, that would change. I found myself wondering what eye color Bumpy might have, but thinking further, I figured they must be golden too.

                Before going downstairs to join the others, who had come in just after Scarlett helped me out with the dress incident, I tripled back to my room to retrieve my suede, burgundy colored high heels with silver colored studs on the sides of the heel.  I was glad I once bought those shoes somewhere for some vague reason. I had way too many shoes.

                I checked out myself in the mirror once more, being glad with the result.

                I wore the dress Scarlett gave me, with skin colored stockings underneath, followed with the shoes. My face was makeup in the exact right way for a New Year’s Eve party at home while my hair hung down my back in accentuated ringlets.

                Smiling I stepped down the stairs without any effort. When I entered the living room, I was surprised they were all already home and dressed. Seemed that that one minute ended up being much longer.

                “Hey sweetie! You look all pretty tonight!” Skye said, wanting to hug me but remembering my reaction from yesterday. Scarlett had hugged me of course, but she knew of Bumpy, so she could.

                “Thanks, you’re not so bad either, sis.” I replied, mingling myself into the group. Skye wore a strapless jade-green dress that sat tight around her curves. Her black heels were nicely combined while her long brown hair was bound in some French up-do she once told me about.

                I started chatting with all my siblings and played some board game with my cousins, which I lost as usual.

                When it neared eleven, Nathan came to me with the phone. I looked at him confusingly.

                “It’s Dad. I think he figured out you got here.”

                I immediately felt sick when my brother handed me the phone. Seeing his facial expression let me know he wasn’t pleased with this either – the fact that I didn’t tell Charlie where I went.

                I pushed the phone at my ear and walked into the kitchen to have some kind of privacy, even though they’d hear every single word we’d say.

                “Hello?” I said cautiously through the horn.

                “Thank God, I got you! Will you never, ever, but EVER do that to your old man ever again Melodiana Helena Marie Swan!” Charlie’s burst through the speaker. I winced at the loud sounds and kept the phone a few inches from my ear.

                “I’m sorry dad, really, but if I told you, I was afraid you wouldn’t let me go.” I replied, pinching the bridge of my nose. I heard a huffing sound from the other side of the line, like he didn’t believe me.

                “I don’t where you’ve been lately, but do you remember I wanted to send you off to LA and you were the one to fight against me, not wanting to go?”  he said back sharply. Shit, I forgot that. Thinking of  good tale to tell, or just another white lie, he probably thought my musings were taking too long.

                “when are you coming back, Melodiana?” he asked, retrieving my immediate attention. I hadn’t even thought about that. Everything had been so overwhelming the last few days that I never thought about what I was going to do in the future. And now Charlie cut the subject, I was starting to panic.

                “I…I don’t know yet, Dad. I just need some time to…get over it, to adjust it all. I promise to come back, but just not yet.” I said as an answer, hating the fact that my siblings could hear just about everything. Charlie was silent for a while as I waited for him to speak.

                “Is this why you hugged me while you were crying? Why you were so upset? You were already planning on it, didn’t you?”

                I sighed, feeling the tears ting and the panic about my future constrict in my chest. “Dad, I…Yes, that’s true,” I admitted almost unheard, “I just don’t want to say goodbye to people I love anymore, in whatever situation it might be. It hurts, Dad.” I finished, feeling a tear slip over my now warm, glowing cheek. I was seriously hating the new addition to my pregnancy – the mood swings and over reacting emotions.

                “I understand that Melody, but if you just told me this, there wouldn’t have been a problem. Just call me soon again all right?” he replied, his voice unsure at the end. I told him I would, but already decided not to do it – lying was difficult and if Bumpy was getting really ‘real’, it would be even harder. So if I didn’t call, I wouldn’t have to lie much more than I’d already done.

                “all right, I got to go – I made plans to celebrate at Billy’s tonight. Bella’s asking for you too. she’s actually worried Melody.”

                I frowned, “Okay. Just tell her I’m fine.” I replied.

                “will do. Happy New Year Melody.” My father said in a calm, reassuring voice. New Year. This new year was bringing much more new than just the year. Would it be happy? Hard, yes definitely, but happy? I should make bumpy happy, I promised him that.

                “Yeah, you too, Happy New Year, Daddy.”




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