Starless Sky [completed]

After having spend the summer with the Cullens, in LA and with Charlie; Melody gets back to Forks High School. it's a brand new year full of unexpected surprises and things you'd never thought were existing.

After a small incident, things go wrong - Bella gets depressive and Melody runs away.
But what happens if the past all comes flooding back? is there danger lurking?

What if she can't protect her family from herself and the ghosths of her past? And worse.. how will Edward react?

Starless Sky is the sequel to Moon Girl


This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- violence
- angst
- cursing
- sexual acts/ suggestive themes


20. Birth + Hummingbird Heartbeats + Edward Cullen

Nathan Charles Swan

I was just sitting on the couch, wanting to watch football with Chris, when I heard this strangled mewling sound from the kitchen, followed with a soft curse. I stared at Chris, who shrugged, "pregnant women - they do stuff like that."
I stood up to get something to drink and to see what made my little sister exclaim such a uncomfortable sound. When I entered the kitchen area, she sat on a stool at the breakfast bar, stomping her head against the table, muttering all kinds of cuss words in Italian and America. 
"Dannazione! Accidenti gravidanza troppo!" she groaned. I couldn't help the chuckle that left my throat, making her look up from the table. I only saw her eyes, framed by the lots of brown curls around it. it was creepy when she did that. 
"What? trouble in paradise?" I teased, pushing myself away from the doorpost and going to the refrigerator. Melody grumbled upon my remark, making me snicker again. 
"Culo." She murmured at a vampire pitch. My lips twitched to suppress a smile. I grabbed the two bottles of beer and stood behind her within a second. 
"Excuse me? could you ripetere?" 
Melody rolled her eyes and huffed, chagrinned with me. "I said asshole." 
"tut tut tut! You can't use such a language. You might never know how much your babies will here of this." I joked, smiling badly at her. She was so much fun to mess with. 
"Right whatever Nathan. Go watch football - you're irritating me."
I laughed, shaking my head and left her in the kitchen, groaning. It was February the twenty first. And Melody would deliver the twin in less than a week. The twenty-fourth was her due date and since my sisters and wife had delivered on the exact due date, Melody would also. Probably another characteristic of our kind. 

It had been difficult for me to accept all this. Melody was my baby sister and I was very protective of her. My wife said it was too much, but I thought she was just saying bullshit - you could never be protective enough of the enormous Queen of Clumsiness Melody. 
"Here's your beer." I handed it to my bro. Chris popped the bottle cap and took a swig. I settled into the couch and watched along with him as we saw our favorite team win the game.

Much later, around six o'clock, I wondered where all the others were. Denim, Faith and Alana had come home by bus this afternoon, but my wife and sisters weren't here. Adam was working the night shift again, saying he would take a few days of before and after Melody's delivery. 
"Where's Melody?" Chris asked, turning off the TV and gathering the empty bags of crisps and chocolate. "Upstairs helping the kids with their homework. Where are the ladies?"
"They're out for dinner because Skye got a part in some art studio. They're celebrating it in some tapas restaurant. Melody stayed home cause she felt bad." He explained as we went into the kitchen to clean up and start for our won dinner. Just when I wanted to find something to cook, Chris got a better idea.
I closed the refrigerator doors, "Yeah, definitely."

When the pizza was delivered I called for the children who were in the kitchen mere seconds later. Melody was a different story though. Since the twin had grown enormously the last week, she was afraid of going down the stairs on her own. While Chris made sure everyone got the right pizza, I rushed myself up the stairs to retrieve my highly pregnant sister. she smiled sheepishly at me when I picked her up cautiously, bridal style and carried her down without any effort. She was as light as a feather to me, even with the two babies inside her. 
I set her on a chair and went to grab her something to eat. Pizza wasn't really something you'd call healthy. When we were all set, we ate in a comfortable silence. Sometimes I saw Melody cringe or a wince would scrunch her facial features. 
" so stupid! It's just unfair!" Denim's voice made me look up from the remainder of my pizza. 
"Well, maybe you shouldn't have done it..." my daughter, Faith remarked wisely. I still didn't get what they were discussing. 
"Yeah, Den, you can only pull off shit like that when I'm close. And not pregnant." Melody replied, apparently understanding the conversation.
"What did you do?" I asked my nephew. He shrugged, squeezing his eyes in discomfort. 
"Well, don't tell my parents, but I got sent out today and I had to see the headmistress. Mr. Newton must really hate me now. especially since I accidently threw my milkshake on his suit." He explained, making Alana and Faith chuckle. 
"And he dropped his choconuts over him too. Accidently of course." Faith filled in. we all shook or head, chuckling. "Accidently huh? I hope for you that I won't accidently tell your parents." I threatened, not meaning it of course. It was enough to make Denim widen his eyes.
"Shit! Nathan please don't? Dad's already mad at me for destroying the gate." He pleaded miserably. I frowned, hearing the three girls snicker silently. 
"Eh...Denim what have you done with the gate?" 
Melody starts to laugh loudly, gasping for breath." Haven't you noticed that large hole between the bars?" he asked in a tone that doubted my capacity of thinking.
"Yeah...I think?" 
Maybe he had the right to doubt...
"I was being attacked and ran through it. Dad is pissed at me about it since this gate is quite new..." 
Attacked? Why didn't I know of this?
"And dad, do you know what attacked him?" Faith piped up smiling broadly with a devilish glint in her eye. Like father like daughter is what they always say isn't it?
"Well tell me, dear princess?" 
"It was a bee." 
The whole table fell silent as it thought about that. This was hilarious. Denim Bright, one of the strongest vampire breeds existing, destroys the large gate in front of our house because he's being chased by a bitchy honeybee. Now that's what I call a good story.
" was your dad actually mad about the gate part, or the fact that you ran away like pussy when a bee was hunting for the amount of hair gel on your head?"
That was it! I completely cracked up, letting the others join my flow. Man this boy was hilarious. Strange since Adam and Scarlett were two very 'neat' people. I'd say mostly boring. His kid though...seems like old Adam has done something right on the famous honeymoon...

During the evening, everyone got his own way - Chris went further with some office work eh had to finish, Denim got to gaming in his room, Faith and Alana had started their new 'fashion-line' and I kept an eye on Melody. 
In the literally sense.
"Are you seriously going to watch my every move?" she asked, irritated and brushing the top of her enormous belly. 
"Until my duty is taken over." I replied, making her frown. Just when I was about to explain I heard the car turn in the driveway. I was sure Melody heard t too. 
"I can be alone for five minutes you know...I'm not a toddler!" she argued, emphasizing with her arms and frowning. 
"No you're not. What's swimming inside you're womb though, are quite close to being toddlers." Charlie quipped from out of the hall while he hung his jacket on the peg. 
"You and dad are really, creepily alike. It's scary." Melody bashed, smiling slightly. Dad stood next to me now, smiling, tilting his mustache. He stared at my upper lip warily and I frowned deeply art him. 
"Ha! Nuh-uh! No way I'm getting a mustache dad! It's bad for my image." 
Charlie pouted," What? I'm sure you'll rock the Grandpa look." he said, clapping my shoulder and giving Melody a kiss on her cheek. My eyes widened in horror.
"Never! Only the thought of Faith being..."I made a gurgle sound making Charlie laugh. 
"Now you know how it feels, son." 

I was just done showering, putting on my jeans and a t-shirt when a loud, shrieking cry was heard from downstairs. I listened, located and found where it came from. I slammed the bathroom door open en rushed downstairs at vampire speed. 
Chris entered the same second as I did, while the kids followed, but staying behind us. 
Charlie came running out of the kitchen with wet a tea towel. 
And Melody was in the middle of it, standing doubled over and out of breath, clutching her belly. I saw the muscles of her body ripple under the thin materials of her pajama's before she cried out again.
Charlie rushed to her, dabbing the tea towel on her sweaty forehead. What was going on? Was there something wrong with the babies?
"SHIT!" Chris yelled suddenly, making my head snap towards him. and then I realized. my mind reeled as I thought of what to do.
"Dad! Call Scar immediately!" I yelled at Charlie who went back into the kitchen right away while I went to Melody who was leaning up against the dining table. 
"Denim, Faith Alana, you guys go upstairs and wait there until one of us comes to get you alright?" they did as I demanded, running upstairs fast and probably having realized what was happening. 
"Chris, get the medical room ready! We need to act quickly!"
And while Chris took off to the basement, trying to wreck open the room, since we had no key, I ran to my sister. she was crying, mewling from the pain in her belly. I held my arms around her in protection of what might come. She was in hysterics. 
"Yes? Scarlett finally! Listen, you need to come home RIGHT NOW! I've been trying to reach you multiple times but," Charlie was on the phone having joined me and my sister back in the dining room.
"I know, Scar, but Melody is going into labor." Charlie went on, while Melody let out another wail of the pain. 
"Yes, she is in labor right NOW!"

Charlie informed me that the ladies were on their way as fast as they could to get here. I let out a slight sigh of relief, even though I was completely stressed out about this - there were two babies on the way, it was past eleven in the evening and there was no sign of someone who would know what to do. 
A loud crack made me stop brushing my sisters shoulders. I turned around to see Chris walk p to me with a sorry expression. 
"I needed to crush the door - only Adam and Scarlett have the key." 
"Thank God for vampire strength..." I said, getting my attention back to Melody. She'd closed her eyes tightly to endure the pains in her lower regions. 
"Melody are the contractions close after one another or is there quite a while between them?" Charlie asked her, seriously. I was surprised. It was like he knew where he was actually talking about. Melody moaned from another contraction, "I think in between? Not fast after one another, but close enough to make me think I need to push soon!" she choked. 
"alright, Nathan, Chris, you need to move her to the basement and lay her on the bed. if the girls are not here in time we need to do this ourselves." Charlie demanded, making my eyes widen. I'd been there when Layla gave birth to my lovely daughter, but there was someone who actually helped her. Adam and Scar weren't here now so we had to do it all by ourselves. 
Chris and I made movement to pick her up, making sure she was comfortable enough in our arms before we brought her to the medical room. When we reached the, now door-less, door I raised an eyebrow at Chris, who shrugged. He hadn't only crushed the door, but also the frame. 
We rushed through and laid a still mewling Melody on the hospital bed. 
"I'm so scared.." she wailed, sniffling back the thick tears, "What if something s wrong with them? They shouldn't be here for a whole week!"
"Melody try to calm down! Scarlett, Skye and Layla are almost here and they'll make sure to make you all safe alright?" I said, sternly so she would understand that staying calm was important for hers and her twin's safety.
As she cried out loudly again, almost breaking my fingers with her hand, Scarlett sped into the room, followed by Skye. 
"Ok! Chris, you go help Layla prepare the eventual needed meds and other things upstairs. Charlie is there to help you guys and wait for Adam. Nathan I want you to help me with the delivery and Skye - you should support Melody!" Scarlett professionally ordered all of us. We did as she asked. She threw a scruff suit at me to wear so my clothes would get bloodied. 
"Melody how much time is there between contractions now?" Scar questioned while telling me to get her medical instruments. 
Melody cried again, groaning, "They're coming after one another!" she squeezed out of her throat when another contraction made her moan again. 
Skye stripped off Melody's leggings and underwear, spreading a sheet over that part. I didn't want to see that in my whole life. Ever. 
Scarlett was busy, down there, probably to check if she had dilated for ten centimeters. When she looked at me knowingly, I knew it was time. 

"Melody listen; I know this is going really fast and different than with human pregnancies, but you need to focus on the task at hand! You can't drift off in your mind, worrying about all this. I need your full attention!" Scarlett bashed sternly. Melody nodded. 
"We're going to help you get through this - When I say push, you're going to do that as hard as you can. When you feel a contraction, but I don't tell you to push, you won't. if you do it might cause you dangers or for the twin. You should also know, that after the first one is out, it can take a while before the other gets here. So do not panic when you only see one!" 
Melody nodded again, whimpering while Skye hushed her. It struck me, that it was the four of us. as a team. Only we siblings. In some way I thought this was special and something we were destined to do. 
"Melody PUSH!" Scarlett yelled at her, as my sister obliged, screaming from the obvious cutting pain. I winced of it, staying at Scar's side fro when she needed me to do something. I saw the pain etched on Melody's face while Skye helped her to stay focused and breath normally. 
After another round of pushing, Scarlett let us know the head was out. 
"Nathan get a sterile blanket fro0m the top cupboard on the left and unfold it!" Scarlett said before she asked Melody to push again. the piercing cries went straight to my bone and I wanted nothing more than to protect my sister. it felt as if I was back to a year ago. When I was too late to protect her from Fiorenza. It only made my urge to get her safe worse for ten times. This was excruciating for me, bringing back the memories I wanted to forget so badly. 

'Daddy help us! Help Melody!' Faith was yelling at me from the stadium. I got raged when Denim called me. A piercing cry shattered my ears and heart. My baby sister. I ran as fast as my legs could drag me to get to her. And when I did, the vision I saw would be burned in my mind forever. 
There was blood everywhere o her body and the tears wet her cheeks. Her flesh was torn. She was torn. And I was too late to save her. 
"What happened!?" I barked, without getting an answer from any of them. I saw the were wounded too, but their priority was their aunt, their sister. 
"PLEASE! Kill me! END ME! I can't take this anymore!" were Melody's desperate words. Words that tore me into pieces

"You're almost there! Push one last time Melody!" I heard Scarlett yell again, breaking me from my fearful memories and hurrying to her. I didn't dare to look down, not wanting to see that part of my sisters anatomy. 
"OH FUUUCK!" Melody screamed extremely loud as she indeed pushed one last time. Scarlett grabbed the paper blankets from my hands just in time to catch the in blood covered, wrinkled baby in her arms. 
There was a moment of complete silence as Scarlett struggled to hold the child in a comfortable position in her hands when it started to wail. A round of loud cheers was heard from upstairs, where the rest of our family waited anxiously. I let out a sigh of utter relief when this happened and looked at Skye who was next to Melody, with the tears falling down her cheeks. Scarlett wasn't able to stop her tears either as she dried the small child somewhat. 
And then there was Melody, laying completely spent on the bed, trying to control her breathing and following Scarlett's every single move. Her sparkling wide eyes were worth more than a thousand words. 
I wasn't at all surprised Scarlett was able to dry the baby without having troubles with the connection to its mother - hybrid babies, apparently left the navel cord inside the womb in the last stadium of pregnancy. They survive completely on blood. At least that is what Adam once told me. 
I stood next to Scarlett as she handed Melody the in blanket wrapped baby. My youngest sister swallowed thickly and I saw her eyes flicker with various emotions. 

"It's a boy. I'm not sure if this is the only boy, though," Scarlett giggled through her tears, followed by Skye and me. it was amazing to watch how Melody handled him, this little boy -her firstborn child. 
He had the right average length of those from a human baby. His skin was quite pale, but not as pale as ours - more like Melody's which was to be expected of course since she was his mother. His eyes were large, big-doe like and still very dark brown colored, just like mines were when I was only a few minutes old. The color would be changing in between a week. It was still funny to see, after having seen three other hybrid babies being born, that he already had some hair. Good thing - bald babies scared me. His unbelievably dark-brown, almost black hair, covered his head. It wasn't very long but even that would change soon enough. 
I focused on my sister again, as she held my new nephew in her arms, cradling it close to her chest while he stopped crying from the obvious heavy delivery. 
"He's so beautiful..." Melody whispered stunned by him, this situation, "I love you so much." 
And when I heard those words, I gave up. I wouldn't stop protecting her from any danger that might be caused, but it was time to let her go in some sense of the word. 
She was a mother of her own, having her own duties of protecting. And she could do it better than anyone else without even realizing this.
The exact reason why the Volturi, including Fiorenza wanted her, dead or alive. And Melody didn't even know that.
My sister, the incredibly innocent but also most dangerous and powerful vampire existing. 

And this was only the beginning.



Melodiana Helena Marie Swan

It was so overwhelming. All of it. When I noticed my water had been broken, the first thing that came into my head was - please, don't take them away from me. 
I thought something went wrong, changed or wasn't going as planned. But it actually was and not at the same time. Sure, the twin wasn't planned at all, but this was destined. 
I cried with the heavy pain of the contraction that constantly hit me from within while Scarlett and Skye supported me to get through it. Nathan was there too, but I understood he was nervous in some way. I pushed for what seemed way too long to last, but only lasted twenty minutes.
And then he was there. My firstborn child. My son. 
When the clockworks hit forty past eleven at midnight one of the greatest miracles had concentrated my focus on its midpoint. 
When Scarlett placed him into my waiting arms, my breathing stocked. He was mine, my baby. The product of a love that only existed from one side. But that didn't matter. 
And he was so beautiful. His somewhat pale skin, big dark eyes and great enough amount of cute, soft and also extremely dark baby hair. 
The greatest shock, even though it was a good thing, was that he was looking so much like his father. I could already see that - his slightly hooked jaw, intense eyes, pale skin and even more. The dark hair must be from my side of the genes I supposed. 
I was so busy with focusing on my baby that I didn't realize that my siblings were staring at me. When Nathan cleared his throat I looked up, blushing again. 
"We don't want to intrude of course, sweetie but two things - first," Scarlett, my motherly sister was smiling from ear to ear, "We're awfully curious about his name!" 
"And second - there's another baby ahead, but he seems to take a while...Which one of you was the lazy one?" Skye jokes, but having a serious undertone laced through her voice. I was probably the lazy one...Edward never slept, obviously. 
I smiled smugly to myself, scrunching up my nose and looking sideways to my siblings who were waiting with raised eyebrows. 
"Well, I want to wait for the next one - If it's a girl it might make a difference..." 
I chuckled -they knew I was just messing with them.
"Alright, this here is," I took a deep breath and looked down at my son's peaceful face.

"Raven Charles Zachary," I grinned like the Cheshire cat, knowing well enough I'd chosen a name no one expected. But this was just right for him - especially when I saw he got the dark hair. Skye and Scarlett cheered and from upstairs I heard a few squeals flowing down the steps. 
I'd chosen it with thoughtfulness. Raven was his first name, fitting perfectly. Charles was from my own father of course - Raven was my first son, just like Nathan was from Charlie whom took over the same second name. And Zachary descended from Adam - he'd been my help from all sides and above all the one who saved my life during that horrendous summer. 
"It's fantastic Pigmy! He's cool man!" Nathan enthused. He might look like and asshole at times, but he truly was a soft egg. Especially with babies around. 
Just when I rolled my eyes, seeing the green numbers on the digital clockwork hit half past twelve at midnight, I felt my belly contract painfully again. I groaned loudly, wincing from the now very familiar pain. 
My siblings were fast with me - Nathan took Raven with him and seemed to bring him upstairs to get cleaned up and dressed by Layla. Skye started to help Scarlett with preparing for the next delivery, while I saw Chris getting inside the room, taking Nathan's place. Normally I would be extremely uncomfortable, laying there, bare with a torn pussy and bleeding heavily, but right now I didn't care. I read from his mind he did his best not to catch any kind of glimpse from my 'jewels'. Not my words. 
"AAH! Babies are really great, but DAMN-IT! Let this be over!" I growled loudly, pressing my teeth together and arching my neck against the cushions behind my head. 
"Melody, you can do this - the second will be less painful than the first," Skye assured me and I nodded, squeezing her hand tightly while scarlet was busy with checking the time between my contractions. 
And while a lot of people I loved were here, I found myself yet wishing for that one and only man. 
And, damn, how much I wanted Edward here with me by my side, telling me that we had a beautiful son, that I was doing great and that we'd see our second child together. 
But he wasn't here. He wouldn't.



I was crying and screaming from the tearing pain. Scarlett was indeed right it was much less painful, but that proved how painful the first time was. Breathing became harder for me though, nearing hyperventilating. My head was spinning awfully while I tried to stay focused and not to push when I shouldn't. 
"Melody, there's another contraction on the way! I count, you push!" Scarlett yelled sternly from between my legs. Believe it or not but even during delivering a twin, I was wishing Edward was between those legs doing much other things....
"HOLY PENGUINS!" I roared when I felt the contraction hit, as Scarlett ushered me to push, which I did. now I understood why I needed to focus. 
I kept pushing, cursing and wailing again for another twenty minutes, hearing Skye telling me how far I was. When Skye informed I only had to push on last time, I mentally prepared myself again. I was so curious if it was a boy or a girl and if he or she would look like Edward even more than Raven did. 
The last contraction, the last sting of pain and the last bit of the chapter of my life I'd been through since my birthday in November. I wouldn't be pregnant anymore and walking around with Bumpy or Bumpette - I was a mother, having to raise my children. 
Scarlett's giggle of relief flooded through my ears, where I heard the blood pumping wildly through my veins. I was so tired from all the efforts I had to give, now and the last three months. If someone would ask me if I'd do it differently if I could get the hands in time, my answer would be a definite no. 
The desperate cry of a baby made me smile, as my eyes fluttered close, still dizzy from the whole night. 
"What is it?" I whispered, gasping for some breath while Skye wiped the now dried sweat from my head. Scarlett appeared above me, just like she did an hour earlier. 
"Faith and Alana are going to be in minority here - It's a boy, Melly," she announced gleefully handing me the squirming baby in my arms. And for the second time that night, I gasped in true wonder upon seeing him. 
It was obvious Raven was his twin brother - their facial features were almost exactly the same. His hair however looked shockingly much like Edward's making me panic a little. I was extremely positive that when he would grow older, he would be the spitting image of his father. I giggled while the happy tears flowed down my red cheeks - now I understood where E had been all along! His still short copper locks lay unruly on his head, probably from the birth just a few minutes ago. He squirmed in my arms, wailing because he too, had to give some effort at getting born. 
It had gone so fast - I fell in love with someone unreachable, ended up with him between the sheets eventually, got pregnant and now I was holding a part of all that in my arms. I was slightly worried though, how I was going to be able to hold both my sons. They were both beautiful, the best things that ever happened to me after those times of depression, pain and hatred. It was my turn to do everything right what Fiorenza had done wrong with me and my siblings. I would tell my boys how much I loved them every day. I would appreciate them and their wishes. I would explain them why we were different and that difference was beautiful. I would show them how much family meant. And I even might tell them about Edward, when they would be old enough and probably a decade ahead from now, when Edward probably found love in another vampire or moved on. And that saddened me, the idea of a life without Edward forever. It still made my chest ache excruciatingly. But with my twin here, I could make it bearable. I would be able to survive and maybe even try to live the life that had been given to me. 
But I would never, ever in a thousand years forget my Edward. 

"And...?" Skye questioned wagging her eyebrows. I frowned as if I was disturbed by her presence, before grinning. 
"Hands off, my baby!"m I joked, kissing the little boy on his forehead as he yawned, his mouth forming a perfect 'O' shape. 
"The name Melody! We have to make birth announcements!" Chris said, rolling his eyes at me, probably already having a design in his head for the said cards. 
"Okay so,...the first is Raven because of the dark hair and I loved the name...." I babbled, looking at the bronze-haired baby on my chest. I hadn't truly expected it to be a boy, having a girl's name ready and set. Off course I had a boy's name, but now I had seen him, it didn't fit anymore. so I had to improvise. 
"Raven and....Blaze? Blaze....Yeah?" I enthused. Raven for the dark, mysterious boy and Blaze for the firecracker. Definitely. 
"Blaze Masen Drake," I stated, smiling crookedly. Blaze for his hair color and because I thought it fit nicely next to Raven. Masen came from his father of course, since he looked so much alike. And Drake came from my grandfather, Charlie's dad, Draco William Swan. Me and my grandfather had been very close before he died a few years back. It was the same Grandpa where I'd gotten my tag-necklace from. 
Another round of loud cheers sounded through the house, as if I was having a déjà vu - only holding another baby this time. My siblings congratulated me, kissing my cheeks and wishing me love and luck. Chris took Blaze with him to accompany his brother while Scarlett would make sure I was completely healed, cleaned and recovered. It was a funny fact that, while it was a twin, they didn't look like copies of one another. They also seemed to celebrate their birthday after one another - Raven on the twenty-second and Blaze on the twenty-third. But I liked that fact. 
Scarlett started cleaning up my stuff down under while I winced when she hit a sore spot. Of course everything was sore, but some places hurt more than others. 
When she was done cleaning me up, she gave me a clean white tee and white boy-shorts for me to wear. She dressed me in the fresh clothes, brushed my hair while I felt my body slip slowly into unconsciousness. 
"Don't panic Melody - this is normal. You're going to change slightly - get a bit more vampiric. You will heal from the delivery completely. We'll be here when you wake up. Sweet dreams, sweet sister. We love you." 
I heard her words vaguely while I felt my body sink into a peaceful slumber and vibrating with a strange kind of energy. A new energy. 

Opening my eyes, I was surprised to not be in the medical room in our house anymore. Far from actually - I wasn't even in Los Angeles. I turned around, seeing the familiar circle of the meadow. Edward's meadow. 
But what was I doing here at this time? I looked down, gasping when I saw that my huge belly was gone. I smiled when I remembered I gave birth to them. They were alive, healthy and absolutely handsome. 

I stepped forward, noticing the beauty of how the meadow looked in the moonlight, after a rain. How droplets lit up and colors vaguely were seen even though the grey of the night. 
"You're so beautiful, you've always been." 

I quickly turned around when I heard that voice. His voice. The only one that could arise me from death if I wanted to. 
And there he stood, leaning against a tree at the border of the round circled open space. His hair was wild as ever, but dirty from mud. Also his jeans, bare chest and sneaker-clad feet were covered in dirt. He looked like an animal, one who should be ravaged. 
The intense look in his eyes made my heart flutter bringing back the memories.

How I'd nervously, not knowing what to do, opened his shirt with trembling fingers, inch by inch. How he asked me permission with his eyes making me nod to tell him I wanted it. How we'd both needed the connection to survive the time we had to be separate. His beautiful golden eyes, whose haunted me forever and yet even now when he stood against that tree. 
I remembered how he told me not to cry, the gentleness in his voice when he spoke. He was so very gentle with me even though that, during the moments that I completely gave myself to him it was extraordinary painful to me. 
And thinking back, we did make love - not in that exact moment, he wasn't in love with me, but what we created that night....that was love. The fruits of our passion. 

I smiled widely, feeling the tears as they sprang free from my eyes while I thought about my babies again. Our babies - Edward had been part in that and would always be even though I would never see him again. And yet here he stood. 
But I was doubting the reality of this situation. The here and now. 
"I miss you," he said, the torment clear in his eyes. I swallowed thickly as he took my face between his ice cold hands. I never backed away from the temperature nor his touch. I craved that touch, I was desperate for that icy temperature. I'd been for months, hours. 
"I..I," I stammered between sobs, laying my hands over his, whose were still enclosed around my face. Edward shook his head, silencing me. His hands left my face and I whimpered form the loss, but he shook his head again before wrapping his large, strong arms around my petite body, pressing me against his stone, muscled chest. I sighed in contentment and wrapped my arms around his waist, for as far as I could reach. This was what I'd needed in all those time. Just his presence was able to bring me completely upside down. 
We stood there for what seemed like hours, me stroking his back, his hair just like he did with me. the feeling of his nose going alongside my jaw, up high into my hair made my skin tingle. 

"I love you..." he whispered softly into my ear. My eyes widened when I felt the weight f his words crash down on me. This was not real at all. Only my mind would let Edward say this. The real Edward wouldn't. the real Edward wouldn't wrap me in his arms again. And he wouldn't at all whisper he loved me. I let go of his waist, squirming myself free from his grasp and taken a few steps back. I felt nauseas and dizzy all over again. he was lying. He was giving me a payback. My hands desperately found their way into my hair as I squeezed my eyes shut. 
"no..." I whimpered hopelessly, drowning in my own sorrow again. he shouldn't have said that. This wasn't real, Edward would never be with me again and hold me like that. 
"Melody please.." he tried, but I was too far gone. I'd already broke the connection. 
"No..Edward, no!" I choked, getting furious with very second. I snapped my teeth together and looked at him. 
"Liar! You filthy liar!" I screeched in desperation, fear and pain, before turning around and running off to nowhere in particular. As long as it wasn't going back to the past.

Edward POV

I ran after her, as fast as my legs could drag me. I almost got her, but she slipped through my fingers. Again. 
I sighed deeply, frustrated and ran further through the dark, thick bushes. There were animals enough here, but I wanted this one. She’d been irritating me since this afternoon and since I hadn’t hunted for a while too long, I was ravenous. 
I’d become the monster I always knew was living in me. 
When I saw the yellowish fur of the damn mountain lion again, I was done with it. I growled loudly, baring my teeth and squeezing my eyes – Why wasn’t there anything going right!? 
I sprinted into the trees, without the lion seeing me. I was sure the animal was smug she’d ran away from me, thinking I wouldn’t catch her. So naïve. 
I crept slowly to the end of the thick twig, hanging practically above her. I could smell the scent of her blood very clearly now. It had been such a long time ago that I’d endured any kind of pleasure. But thinking about it, this pleasure, the blood pleasure, was nothing in comparison to the best night of my existence. 
Everything from that night would be burned into my mind for another row of lasting lifetimes. Every sound she made was music in my ears, how she breathed my name in true wonder. And when she touched me…good God…it made me wild with my need for her. The need I’d suppressed from the day I met her. 
She was so special, so innocent. And I was so mad when I heard she’d never be mine. someone else had her. Another reason to hate Jacob Black. I was somehow grateful for Bella telling me this or I would have hurt myself even more, being the masochist I am. 

The mountain lion was still unaware of my presence while my inner rage took over my body. I leapt from the tree, making a scratching sound, just like the lion would have done If I hadn’t already bitten her. I struggled fiercely when I sunk my teeth in the soft skin of its neck, sucking the life literally out of her. 
Mine. Melody Swan should have been mine. I wanted it so, so badly but that damn mutt had to sit in my way. 
I sucked the blood harsher, moaning as the ripples of pleasure rolled over my spine. Fuck! Her blood, Melody’s….the sweet smell as if bathing in delicate flowers. And the soft scent of bananas that always seemed to come of her skin was delicious to me. 
I moaned louder as the feeling that was familiar to me as sobbing, overtook my senses. I pushed the lion’s carcass roughly away from me, being suddenly appalled by it. 
I was a true, vile, terrifying monster that wasn’t worth walking around here. 
I’d lusted after her while I had Bella as my so-said girlfriend. Sure I kind of loved Bella I guess, but not that way. Never in the way I wanted Mells.
I sunk back against the tree behind me in agony. I’d ruined everything I could’ve done right for once. 
Maybe if I’d left without letting her hear anything from me and let things get out of hand, it would’ve been easier. But I didn’t want to forget, especially not after what we shared that night. I hated myself for leaving her like that, hurting her, physically and mentally. 
But I was a selfish creature of nature – I wanted her body, her heart to be mine for once and that’s what I got. It not so strange they always say ‘be careful what you wish for’. 

I looked down at myself, my body, letting out loud sobs of the blinding excruciation. I was acting like an outraged animal. My bleu jeans were torn at various places and covered in mud and dirt. My once grey sneakers had become black by said mud and dirt. My shirt had been destroyed weeks ago, so I left it somewhere at the beginning of the Brazilian Amazonas. I was looking more animalistic than ever before and I was sure my hair alone was the great example for that. And even though I’d drunk from the lion mere minutes ago, my eyes were still pitch black. Just as pitch black as my own damned soul. 

After a while, I didn’t know how long that ‘while’ had taken, I got up from the ground, feeling miserable. The blood didn’t make me feel stronger at all. I felt as if my connection to Melody was getting weaker with the seconds. As if my memories would fade suddenly and I wouldn’t remember her anymore. I feared it to happen.

I’d left, the best thing to do – for myself but also for Bella and Melody. Bella was irritated with me all the time and my love for Melody was starting to get to dangerous peaks. Thinking about it, I’d already committed to that crime after all – It killed me to think I might’ve raped her. She might think that. She possibly ran back into Jacob’s waiting arms, his warm comforting arms to make her feel safe. She hated me, I was sure of that. 
I starting running again – even though she might hate me and want me to literally go to hell, I still wanted to protect her from everywhere I could. 
Victoria and Laurent were still on free feet. they could harm my girl whenever they wanted and it was my job to end both of them, for her. She should live in peace, not with dangerous myths and creature with extraordinary powers. I didn’t even get that she wanted to be friends with someone who read other ones’ minds. It was delusional to me. 

It sickened me how Bella told me about what Melody and Jacob did together. Sometimes she said how close they were, kissing and all. And every time I had to keep myself form going to La Push and rip off the guy’s head. Wolves couldn’t be trusted. But I couldn’t do that – If Melody was in love with Jacob, then I needed to let her be happy. 

But it confused me everyday – if she was in love with Jacob so badly, why did she eventually ended up in my bed with my sheets? With me, my body? Why did she breathe my name in pleasure and not his. 
And even stranger was the fact that she obviously was still a virgin until then. I didn’t know, didn’t expect it. I went completely insane when I smelled the blood, in combination with the soft, sensual movements of our hips. I became wild, afraid I would break her. 
I still felt horrible for the fact that I caused the painful expressions on her face. I hurt her body, I made her cheat on her boyfriend. I made her do that. 

I was so much in thought, still running at my fast speed, that I was actually startled when I was suddenly crashed against a tree. I felt the tree trunk tickle my back, before falling down and landing on my feet. I turned around to see whom had thrown me – it must have been a vampire. 
A few meters away from me, stood a woman – she was very tall for a female and her skin was tanned, even though it had a grayish glow over it. Her hair was long and black and her eyes a blazing red. A human drinker. 
‘Always the damn nomads! They should stay away from our territory..’
She stalked toward we, crouched into an attacking position while I saw two other’s flash next to her. They had the same skin tones and hair, but the one was taller and the other smaller than the first woman I saw. 
It was strange though, that they did not recognize me. 
They growl as they prey upon me, wanting to get me out of their way but I stand up, holding up my hands in surrender. 
“ I mean you no harm or intend to invade your territory.” I say, staying calmly as possible. I wasn’t strong enough to possibly fight off three Amazon vampires. Let alone Carlisle’s friends. 
When the middle one, the first woman I’d seen, looked me in the eye, I saw her red eyes widen before she smiled lazily, baring her flashing white teeth.
‘Well, well…a Cullen or a Denali..’
“Cullen. Edward Cullen.” I replied, seeing the other women stop their stalking and looking at Kachiri in the middle. 
“Aaah…Carlisle’s son, the mind reader I suppose?” Kachiri said with a Portuguese accent. I nodded at her and saw, and heard, the other two, Senna and Zafrina, realize who I was. 
“Edward!” the right one, Zafrina exclaimed happily. It had been a long time ago when we met for the first and last time. Carlisle and I had been doing research to myths close by. 
Their minds start babbling and trying to figure out why they did not recognize me at first. 
“You changed a lot, Edward,” Senna noted, drawing out the r in my name. I shrugged. I supposed I did. 
“But do tell us Edward Cullen, what brings you here, so far from home? Is there anything wrong with Carlisle or your family?” Kachiri questioned, standing in front of me now and being quite attracted to my…six-pack. ‘He’s still just as handsome as he always had been. I wonder why he doesn’t have a mate…’ 
Her thought stung a bit. 
I sighed heavily, ”That’s a difficult and long story…but to make it short – I’m looking for Victoria.” I said, starting to explain them the story as they listened with true interest.
“I know it’s unusual, but me and my siblings became friends with two human girls, “ I started, ignoring their shocked glances ,”they found out about our existence but swore to keep it a secret. At one day we went to play baseball with the whole group, they watched. Suddenly, my sister Alice, had a vision of three nomads passing through…” I murmured. 
“Everything went kind of wrong, making us chase James, one of the guys, not able to come after Victoria. Laurent, the leader, left to join the Denali’s. James had almost…” I choked, remembering how I found Melody all bleeding in the grass. My dead heart was scattered with the sight, “We eventually ended him, burned him into ashes. Victoria fled.” 
Kachiri, Zafrina and Senna seemed to ponder on my short story for a while. 
“and now…you want to destroy this Victoria? For what price Edward? Just two human girls?” Zafrina asked me a bit cynical. 
“It’s more complicated – I fell in love with one of them. Me and my family left Forks after an accident, leaving them on their own….but I feel guilty. What if Victoria returns and takes revenge, killing my love?” 
‘does he finally find love, appears she to be human…Edward, Edward, Edward….’ 

“Okay, I think you’re really stupid with this whole falling in love with a human thing, but nevertheless we’re going to help you hunt her down. right sisters?” Kachiri proposed, looking at her sisters who nodded without any doubt. 
I frowned, shaking my head, “no I can’t ask that from you. I need to do this on my own,…to grief over this. There is something I want to ask you though – I’d like you to keep an eye on the area. If you see her, end her. Or let me know in any way.” I proposed instead. Kachiri nodded, smiling friendly,” Whatever you want Edward.” 
“Well, I think I should head further then…it was great to see you again after all those years,” I said as in saying good bye. The women once nodded.
“Good Luck with your little Lover Edward!” Senna Yelled after me when I’d took off running again.

“And please let Carlisle know we said ‘hi’!” Zafrina followed her sister. I nodded at their requests, not knowing if the saw and ran further, deeper into the thick rainforests of Brazil. 

It was a good thing that running was a thing I particularly liked about what I was. it seemed, aside from the defeatism, the only I id lately. I was nearing Rio de Janeiro, a beautiful city from what I remembered. I’d been following Victoria’s scent for weeks now, but tracking was not at all my strongest skill – usually I trusted on my mindreading abilities. 
The distant sound of my phone ringing for the thousandth time, makes me sigh deeply. Alice keeps calling texting and irritating the fuck out of me. I tugged the small gadget out of my pocket, wanting to block the incoming call, but stopped. 
It’s Rosalie who’s calling. 
I frowned, deciding I could pick up once – Rose hated me for everything so it was a rarity that she called. 

I pushed the green button and pushed the phone against my ear. 
“Edward?” Rose’s icy tone filled the silence in the rainforests. The hairs in my neck stood straight when I sensed a tone of misery in her voice. 
“Oh God Edward! We’re so sorry! It’s our fault, from all of us!” my sister cried into the phone. I stopped dead in track. There was something hugely wrong. 
“I hate you so much! You did this to us! you killed them!” she cried even harder sobbing loudly. My breathing hitched harshly as a pain squeezed my chest. 
“Rose..what..what happened?” I asked her desperately. I didn’t even want to consider…
“Bella and Melody! That’s what happened!” she snapped. My mind reeled with all her previous words. My fault. I killed them. Melody and Bella.
“Rose WHAT happened to them!?” I yelled, my hand gripping at my chest tensely. A minute of silence passed, making me even more worried. If something had happened to my love, I’d go back this instant. 
“Remember the cliffs at La Push?” her snappy voice was right on, seeking for revenge in some way. I kept still. I remembered the high, sharp mountains all too well, which made me cringe even more.
“They’ve jumped Edward. Right off those DAMN CLIFFS!” Rosalie roared. 

“Please! PLEASE tell me they’re fine!” I wailed, drowning like a man with no future. They survived, they had to. Melody had to have survived her incredulous suicidal ideas! 
“I’m sorry Edward…they didn’t make it.”
And then, right there, my existence shattered into a painful amount of pieces. 
“NO! You’re LYING! She’s alive, my baby, she’s alive! She has to!!” I cried, sobbing and crushing everything that was in my path. My love, my life, my future. It was gone. 
Gone were the dreams she was the most important part of, the highlight. The dreams about her loving me back, marrying her. The illusion of daydreams of giving her the children she’d never possibly have from me. 
“Edward I’m not. Melody and Bella Swan are death by suicide.” 
I shattered the phone with just my fingers, screaming out in agony. my limbs actually hurt, my head wanted to burst up in flames of distortion while my heart desperately tried to find her. My beautiful Melody.
Images of her flooded my mind as she lay on the bottom of a sea with one of the most powerful elements of the earth caging her, pushing the life out of her. I couldn’t breathe anymore, choking the unneeded pressure of air out. 
No longer her skin would color a crimson red. Never again will that spark shine in her dark eyes when she’d discovered my lies. I would never again be able to touch her soft skin, or to hold her hand, kiss her rose petal lips. 
I’d never have the chance to tell her I loved her nor to say goodbye.

My body numbed, coiled. As if there was ice flowing through my toxic veins, freezing the possibility to live an undead life. 
I felt as if I could feel her pain, her fight to survive. The ultimate struggle. 
I was unable to move, to remember, to try to forget. I couldn’t. I could never get over this, this excruciating misery. The loss. 
I’d lain there for hours maybe days. I did not know. All I knew was, that the love of my existence, my other half, my sweetheart, had given away her life by my fault. 
And that’s when I realized there was only one solution left. 

To follow her.

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