Kiss Me- A Harry Styles Love Story

17 year old Caila Malik takes a risk at dating 19 year old Harry Styles. She never thought dating a member from an international boyband would be this hard. Find out how she deals with it in Kiss Me...


6. Winter Snow

I looked out my bedroom window and watched the snow fall in light puffy clumps. There would be no way Harry would come over in this snow. Then again I never know the extremes he'll go to for love. The phone rang downstairs and Zayn answered on the second ring. A few minutes later I could hear Zayn running up the stairs. He pushed open my door and saw me looking out the window. "The boys will be over in a few," he said quietly. I hid my smile and simply nodded. He left the room knowing I probably wanted to be alone. I did I needed to sort through my thoughts. I pictured Harrys beautiful face in my mind and smiled. Something pulled me back into the process of organizing my head. I don't know what it was. Something about the way Harry looks at me. The way my body molds to his. The way his fingers intertwined with mine. Everything about him was perfect to me. God I need to talk to Liam about this. It was frying my brain. I slid my fingers along the window sill. My hot breath fogged up the cold window. Without paying much attention I began to draw on the window. I saw the boys all turn into our driveway and jumped away from the window. H+C was written in the fog. I ran into the bathroom and fixed my hair. Since I got home i changed into a white long sleeve shirt with a pair of Nialls baggy grey sweats. I pulled my hair into a ponytail and touched up around the edges of my eyeliner. I noticed there were puffy bags and tear stains under my eyes. But I was never crying. I grabbed my concealer and dabbed a bit under my eyes. Eh good enough. I walked down stairs just as the boys were walking in the door. Liam saw me and I knew my concealer couldn't fool him. Same with the rest of them. I could tell how bad it was killing Harry but he couldn't show it. Liam came over to me and wrapped me into his arms. I nestled my head into the crook of his neck. "I need to talk to you," I whispered into his skin. He nodded slightly and was replaced by Louis. "What happened love," he asked concerned. I couldn't answer because Louis was pushed out of the way by Niall. Niall hugged me tightly and I breathed in his scent. He smelled like honey and mint. Well he's been with Louis. That was what Louis put in his tea. Honey and mint. I glanced at Harry and a recognizable look of pain swept across his face. "Well I need to have a talk with Calia now so we'll be back," Liam announced suddenly. He grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the back porch. I wrapped my arms around myself to lock in body heat. "Liam I think I might love him," I whispered. "Well Calia you're right to, I honestly don't think Harry would hurt you think way Hunter did," he stated clearly. I shivered not of the cold, but of the mention of his name. Hunter. He was the best and worst boyfriend ever. He treated me like a princess at first then he changed. It all started on a hot Summer night when Hunter came home from the clubs drunk out of his mind. He stumbled up to mine and Zayns house and started banging on the door. When Zayn finally answered he was mad. Zayn asked me to try and calm him down. I tried to persuade him to go home. I had my hands on his chest in an attempt to push him back when he grabbed my hair. He pulled my to the ground, kicking my ribcage. He broke three ribs. I fought back, I didn't give up. He gave me a fat lip, bruised cheek, cut above my eyebrow, and a black eye. Plus the broken ribs. It was the most painful night of my life. "Calia, calia, calia," Liam called. He snapped his fingers in front of my face and I brushed my fingers over the scar above my right eyebrow. Zayn took care of me until every bruise was gone. He ditched tour for me. Of course they couldn't have a One Direction tour without Zayn so they put the whole thing on hold. He grabbed hold of my shoulders and looked me right in the eye. "Love i'm not telling you what to do i'm just guiding you on the right path. Give your heart to him. Trust him. Kiss him. Love him. Just keep on the down low. But trust me love I know he won't hurt you like Hunter did," Liam said quietly. I nodded and he walked inside, leaving me alone on the porch. I leaned against the railing, watching the snowflakes fall in front of my face. 

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