Kiss Me- A Harry Styles Love Story

17 year old Caila Malik takes a risk at dating 19 year old Harry Styles. She never thought dating a member from an international boyband would be this hard. Find out how she deals with it in Kiss Me...


2. Truth or Dare

After we finished eating we all filed one by one into the living room. Me, Niall, and Louis all sat on the sofa. Liam and Harry took the arm chairs and Zayn stretched out on the loveseat. I leaned on Louis and stretched my legs out across Niall. Laughter erupted from each of the boys except for Zayn. "What," I wondered. "You and Zayn are so much alike," Liam laughed. You looked over at Zayn, he was blushing and you were probably doing the same. I looked at Harry and he nonchalantly winked at me. I glared at him and laughed with the rest of the boys. After laughing so hard you started crying, Louis suggested truth or dare. We all agreed and settled in. "So Zayn truth or dare," I asked. He gave it a thoughtful look then chose truth. "Do you ever wish that I didn't live with you," I asked. It was actually a question I always wondered about. "No I love you living with me," he said seriously. I smiled and looked down. I knew I was blushing, I always do when I hear something that makes me happy. "Louis truth or dare," Niall asked, nudging Louis with his elbow. "Hmmm dare," Louis sighed. "I dare you to continue the rest of the game with 2 carrots up your nose," Niall laughed. He walked into the kitchen, grabbed 2 carrots,and shoved them up his nose. Laughter filled the entire room when he walked back in. He sat back down next to me and the laughter died down. "Harry truth or dare," Louis asked. "Dare," Harry said immediately. "I dare you to kiss Caila for 2 minutes straight," Louis shouted. Harry glared at Louis then sighed. "I'm gonna hate this more than you," Harry sighed. "I doubt that," I scoffed. Harry leaned in and pressed his warm soft lips against mine. I refused to react even when I wanted to so badly. He shifted his position and slid his tongue against my bottom lip. He was teasing me. He was gonna get it later. Louis laughed. "Okay, okay times up," Louis shouted. Zayn glared at Louis and Harry winked at me. "God that was terrible," I screamed, wiping my lips. "I think a fish would be a better kisser than you," Harry said mockingly. I glared at him and he chuckled. Once again my thoughts flickered back to tonight. I would just tell Zayn i was spending the night at a friends. He would never know. We couldn't get caught. 

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